it's like ur movies are so bad

Hey mutuals i need a valentine so we can love at first kiss this shit and hook up rn eh (;

Age- turning 15 in march
Race- puerto rican/ latina 🇵🇷✌🏽
Interests- movies series, musicals
Religion- idfc
Gender- anything u want me to be (;
(I gotta virginia and tiddy)
Height- 5'0
Appearance- ugly lmao (ill send ya a pic if ur interested)
Mental illnesses- adhd, ocd, possible autism (has been said by doctors n shit but we broke for the actual diagnostic)
Favorite food- im picky af but i love chicken
Perks- im bilingual, imma cartoonist, im also a thespian, memes?

My kik is theaterhoe 💋✌🏽

Edit: read my reply to clear things up (Still accepting ppl to ask me out i ges) Edit of the edit: you should know that im also a dog im a dog