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porky why do a lot of tumblr users feel like it's an absolute need to have a theme that somehow makes the posts impossible to read one way or another

It’s like when plants/animals are coloured vibrantly to indicate they’re poisonous.

Proposal (5) Masterlist

part one, part two, part three, part four

30 Kisses For 30 Years - theaterkidlester

Summary: It’s Phil’s thirtieth birthday and Dan is determined to give him thirty kisses. Meanwhile, Phil’s been having domestic thoughts.

A Birthday to Remember - phananddragonsfics

Summary: It’s Phil’s 30th birthday, and instead of waking up to his celebratory pancakes, he finds Dan missing and instructions for what seems to be a scavenger hunt. What will be his surprise when he gets to the end?

Adventures Of A Black Velvet Box - daniactuallysnuffledthatpopcorn

Summary: Phil wants to propose to Dan in Japan.

A Festive Quest - outerspacehowlters

Summary: Phil has a plan. After their incredible 2016, he wants to make this the best Christmas he and Dan have ever had. And how does he plan to do that? By customising 24 different Christmas crackers, all hints leading up to a Christmas neither of them will ever forget.

Be The Phil To My Dan - extrememehowell

Summary: Dan proposes on stage at Vidcon, in front of the fans and fellow youtubers that didn’t even know they were together.

Dan and Phil versus the world (ao3) - realismandromance

Summary:  In an alternate universe (where Poe the cactus survived), Dan and Phil revisited Japan after TATINOF. Now they’re back in London, but something’s changed, leaving Dan tense and restless. Maybe they’ve been so busy selling Dan and Phil™ all these years that they’ve forgotten how to be themselves. Storytelling has a way of seeping into real life, but it only confounds things when you start to believe it.

Daniel James Lester - wilfullystrange

Summary: A big surprise.

Easter Surprise - isitcoldinhereisitjusthephan

Summary: A fluffy little thing about a ester egg hunt Dan has Planned for Phil.

Everlasting Moment - super-icy-phan

Summary: Phil plans to propose to Dan at the boncas and all the youtubers were in on it.

Gamos - snowbunnylester

Summary: Phil manages to get himself cursed by the God’s again, but this time he won’t tell Dan what he did wrong, and Dan’s left to figure it out for himself. Modern Day Greek Gods AU.

I Give My Whole Heart To You - crescendohowell

Summary: Phil is incredibly nervous to be proposing to Dan. It’s something he’s dreamed of for so long, he can’t help but ramble a bit as he asks Dan to marry him. But spending forever with Dan is something Phil is sure he isn’t afraid of.

Once I was 30 Years Old - outerspacehowlters

Summary: Phil’s 30th birthday brings a flood of growing up-related anxieties, much to his dismay. Dan, however, knows just how to fix it: by recreating the day they met, swapping out Manchester for London–and with a surprise Phil never sees coming.

Phil Lester: Marriage Proposal Expert (ao3) - Full_Moon_Lover

Summary: Or the five times Phil tried to propose and the one time Dan did.

sayyes.exe - queenofallcorgis

Summary: Dan isn’t pleased when Phil downloads a new .exe file on his computer for the gaming channel. It quickly becomes his favorite game. Proposal!fic

Sky Coloured Canvases - viiktorss

Summary: For Dan, the sky has always been his favourite thing to paint. The way it changes its colour throughout the day along clouds adorning its glory. Until he saw the sky in the man’s eyes.

The Notion of Us - princesslexi763

Summary: Five Times Phil wanted to propose, and the one time he actually succeeded.

Those Four Words - butterflyphil

Summary: “You absolute fucking prick.”

What dreams are made of - succubusphan

Summary: A surprise liveshow shows what the phandom always hoped to see but thought impossible.

You Can’t Say That Over Skype! (ao3) - notinclinedtomaturity

Summary: It’s late on a Saturday night and rather than relaxing with a bottle of wine and anime like we want to be doing, I’m sitting in from of my iMac in my room on skype with Phil, who is sequestered away in the office, working on our book on a shared google doc.“So I definitely think we should have a PINOF page. We can talk about how it’s our origin and kind of our legacy and everything and—oh hang on.” I disappear from the shot of the webcam and rummage through my bottom desk drawer. Finally, I lean back up into view and proudly hold up a wrinkled sheet of paper.Phil leans closer to his webcam. “What’s that?”I press the paper closer to the webcam to give Phil a better view. “It’s the list of questions we wrote for the original PINOF.”

YouTuber Whispers (ao3) - PastelPhanime

Summary: The day was October 19th, 2021. Dan and I were planning on going over to Joe’s house to film a giant edition of YouTuber Whispers with him, Louise, Connor, and Troye.

[fic] out on the moonlit floor

SEUNGCHUCHU WEEK Day 4/8 → free day

“As much as I enjoy being stepped on, it’s usually in a private setting, with cleaner shoes.” He ruffles Seunggil’s hair. “Do you want to get up?”

“I will if you give me a kiss,” Seunggil says.

(The entire world is an amusement park full of sights and sounds with you by my side.)

(on ao3)

Seunggil surveys the wide array of stuffed toys and plush keychains seated on the booth shelf, fiddling with the plastic gun. “So whatever I hit I can take home,” they say.

“That’s right!” Phichit says with a bright smile. “So long as you do it within three tries - ”


He blinks as the foam bullet lands squarely on his forehead and drops to his feet.

Seunggil turns to Guanghong. “I’ll have this one then.”

“Wait a moment - ”

“Coming right up,” Guanghong says cheerfully, stripping Phichit’s uniform jacket off him.

“Eh? What - ”

“It’s fine, it’s fine, you’re due for a break soon anyway,” Guanghong says breezily.

Phichit lets out an undignified squeak as Guanghong drags him out the booth and shoves him towards Seunggil, who catches him easily. Hoppang circles his ankles, yapping happily.

“Have fun!” Guanghong says, waving them off.

Well, he’s not going to complain about getting the chance to slack off. Still, he’s not entirely sure what Seunggil intends.

He turns to Seunggil. “So, what - gah!”

Without batting an eyelid, Seunggil sweeps Phichit up in their arms, bridal style. With his head pillowed against Seunggil’s shoulder, Seunggil’s cool, impassive face is just inches away from his.

“What are you doing?” Phichit asks, Snapchatting Guanghong.

“I’ve always wanted to walk around a carnival holding a big stuffed toy,” Seunggil says. They take a step, and promptly falls down on top of Phichit.

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Special post about Leo's live with Kitsune!Takumi. Dat fur, dude.. It's not just about being choked at night by multiple tails and Takumi's hair mane. That hair clings to him like cat hair. Worse, it's so much longer than normal cat hair and almost impossible to remove. Cue Leo dealing with jokes about how his boyfriend is "all over him" and "Oh look. You got boyfriend on you. *eyebrow waggle*" (mostly from Zero). Leo just sighs and only wears creamish colours from then on.

Aaaaaw and then Leo has to sit his very fluffy husband down and carefully brush Takumi’s hair and tails.

Takumi ends up finding this super relaxing and affectionate so he often dozes off when Leo does that and then Leo is stuck with that “Oh fuck, he’s asleep I cant move now” situation like when a puppy falls asleep on you.

Also, Leo would get extremely warm at nights from Takumi’s ultimate amount of fluff but he’d endure it and still hug and cuddle Takumi in bc cus he loved his cute kitsune husband and also Takumi needs those sorts of gestures of love.

I also like to imagine that when Leo himself is hit with neediness and insecurity, Takumi hugs him really affectionately and fully, with his arms and tails and all. It is a little suffocating but also makes Leo feel very wanted and loved.

Favourite colour No. 1
  • *Back then*
  • Shinoa: "Say, Yuu-san, what's your favourite colour?"
  • Yuu: "It's blue. Why do you ask?"
  • Shinoa: "Just curious~ So, blue in general or do you have a special preference?"
  • Yuu: "Hmm...I guess a bright blue that's neither the colour of the sky nor ice. The kind of blue that captivates you and you can't avert your eyes from anymore the longer you look at it. A could get lost in over and over again."
  • Shinoa*thinking back at Shinjuku*: "Ohh, could it be that you associate that colour with something or rather someone?"
  • Yuu: "What? No. That just came to my mind just now, nothing more."
  • Shinoa*sarcastically*: "Of course, Yuu-san, of course."
  • *Now*
  • Shinoa: "Hey, Yuu-san, what's your favourite colour?"
  • Yuu: "You already asked that a little while ago."
  • Shinoa: "Really? Oh, right, I remember. It was blue, wasn't it?"
  • Yuu: "Yeah, back then but...not anymore."
  • Shinoa: "Not anymore?"
  • Yuu: "No, I guess red more now."
  • Shinoa: "Red, huh? What kind of red?"
  • Yuu: "A red that's almost the colour of blood. The kind of red that seems threatening but at the same time so utterly beautiful that you can't help but stare into all day long. A shade of red that shimmers with so much emotion and is so full of life that it's impossible to look away from."
  • Mika*approaching them: "Yuu-Chan, I'm ready now, can we go?"
  • Yuu: "Yeah, we can.*sighs lovingly with a dreamy gaze* I love red."
  • Shinoa: "...You're so oblivious it hurts..."

Roslin is my lord father’s youngest daughter by Lady Bethany of House Rosby, his sixth wife. She has a gentle nature and a gift for music.
(requested by anonymous)

Colour and Meaning

((part of the Little by Little AU))

Sabine watched the setting sun, and contemplated the future. It wasn’t something she did often. Oh, she planned, that was unavoidable, but if she could get away with it, she tried to not think about what life would have in store for them all. She couldn’t get away with not thinking about it.

  Any oath required careful consideration of what it meant and why it was being sworn. And given that she was creating her own rituals, she couldn’t rely on previously-established forms and symbols. Everything had to come from her alone.

  Colour gave her direction, and a place to start.

  Red was for family, and blood, and the sun setting in front of her.

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Cacnea Variations/Subspecies
When I finally figured that the little crown of this pokemon is actually supposed to be a FLOWER, I just HAD to make these. Took me way too long to find the time to finish them…The original sketch was made long before Pokemon Variations became such a huge trend in the community, now Im almost a bit late to the party…oh well xD All Variations are based of existing cactus breeds (Integrated in the fake latin Names).

  • Domestic Breed: Smaller than the Pure Breed. Thorns and Flowercrown are a little blunt and its colours are slightly brighter than those of a wild Cacnea.
  • Pure Breed: Easily to identify through size of body and flowercrown. When not sure if either Domestic or Wild, Species can be identified by analyzing the shape of its petals.
  • Silver Breed: Treasured by trainers for its unusual silver colouring and unique flowercrown, this Breed has been spotted in the wild in various colourings through breeding with relatives like Cacnea Echinopsis or Indomitus.
  • Exotic Breed: Only known Breed to grow flowers on the ends of its arms. Prefers rather tropical climate and fertile ground. Only inhabits deserts when close to an oasis.
  • Fierce Breed: Besides of clear differences in body-shape and size, Cacnea Dolichotele is known for a very unusual aggressive behavior for its kind. It is almost impossible to tame, yet a lot of trainers try to catch it because of its extremely high stats.
  • Primal Breed: Originally thought to be a distant relative of the Cacnea Breed, Cacnea Hamatocactus is in fact the Primal Form of the Common Cacnea and was thought to be extinct. The Breed reappeared after the great shift in Hoenn, caused by the reawakening of Kyogre and Groudon. It is used to a volcanic environment and prefers a more fertile ground.

Cacnea (Pokemon) ©Game Freak
Art & Concepts ©eleanorbick

[ dream catcher, final | rated; M ]

PT. 1 | PT. 2 | PT. 3 | PT. 4 | PT. 5 | PT. 6

words; 14.4k (lmao it long)

genre; hmm tbh its a bit of a mystery, there will deff be some fluff and angst, and im thinking about adding some light smut along the way..

synopsis; a dream catcher; someone who captures their dreams by placing a memory inside an object that fits the setting. they are able to revisit their dreams by touching said object before they go to sleep, and can bring others into their dream by having them touch the same object as well.

the guidelines seem confusing to you when you accidentally stumble into your friends dream and meet an oddly charming yet sweet individual named joshua. while the experience leaves you feeling a bit shaken, you can’t deny the fact you want to see him again, and again… and again.

last part my children, rip 

It was no easy task informing Joshua of the complete mayhem that had taken place hours ago, the dispute nothing but a toxic exchange of words that came with a harsh whip. The result wasn’t unexpected, but it still came as an ungracious shock to see a lifelong friend lose themselves, liquid pearls of anguish rolling towards her chin and an opaque redness masking her cheeks. The pain was twisting your heart with an ironclad grip, your lingering sobs still dampening the fabric of the pink haired boys shirt.

Long and soothing strokes were passing up and down your back, the gentle hold of his arm cocooned around your waist allowing you to feel a real sense of security and warmth, something you desperately needed more than wanted after a fight filled with countless pent up emotions. Joshua sat you down on the couch, his arm never shying away from your side even once.

He suspected the dizzying ache you were experiencing was due to your best friend.

There had always been a suspicion within him that Maury would expose her true colours eventually, and that wavering suspicion only grew after Joshua first met you. Your head felt like it was glued to the boys shoulder, or maybe it was the looming heaviness that flowed through every part of you like tar that was keeping your head cushioned there. Either way, you were still endlessly appreciative of Joshua’s concern and the fact he was willing to listen to you through all the fresh tears and sniffles that would erupt in a matter of moments.

After tugging your knees up to your chest to practically resemble a ball did you commence in your story, the shaking in your fingers quickly returning.

“Maury was suspicious of us meeting up, so much in fact, she searched through my room when I left to get groceries. I guess she was looking for something that would represent you, and she ended up finding my guitar pick.”

You hated how there was a staticky rasp lodged in your throat and how your voice would tremble and crack like splintered wood. You never pictured a fight like this would shift under your skin so much, burning and pricking at you until your lungs were heaving for breath. Joshua listened intently, his hand brushing along your arm with every syllable that croaked from your lips.

“Maury knew I snuck into her room to use her dream necklace, she was pissed at me seeing you behind her back, saying stuff like; I met him first and you know I like him!

You subconsciously gnawed on your already swollen lower lip, the memory of your sharp accusations flying off your tongue at the speed of light. Maury may have not liked what you were addressing, but that didn’t matter. She didn’t like the words you chose to spit because they were the truth, and clearly Maury couldn’t handle what reality had to throw at her. After soaking up a few beads of tears that leaked down your cheeks with your sleeve did you continue, Joshua still focusing on every word of the story.

“She felt betrayed and just bolted and I get that, but… You can’t treat someone like that. If you have the mindset that they’re an object to brag about and not a human being, then… Aren’t you in love with them for the wrong reasons?”

Joshua swept his tongue over the petal pink flesh of his bottom lip, his hand ceasing in the comforting passes that glided along your arm. Maury being in love with him had always seemed like a joke and she knew that better than anyone. He couldn’t say he regretted the guitar sessions they shared, they were acts of innocence and friendship. Joshua was proud to have learned, and taught her plenty and Maury felt the same. There was another pass of his hand along your arm, his voice a stroke of satin compared to the croaks that shook from your throat.

“She’s got this idea that she’s the only one who can achieve something great. If anybody else threatens that, she doesn’t want to hear about it. I get that she found me as this little escape from reality, I was her secret that only she knew about because I wasn’t like an award.”

You blinked away the gloss that coated your eyes as Joshua spoke, your heart that use to beat so frantically and feel so swollen now falling into a much calmer rhythm. He pointed out something you hadn’t thought of, your ears almost perking like a cats.

“An award is something that you can show off to many people. They can’t steal what you accomplished, they can only hope to achieve it themselves. A person is different, they can be stolen unlike an award because your name isn’t engraved into them, you don’t own them.”

You swallowed the lump in your throat and continued to gaze after the movement of Joshua’s lips. It was suddenly making much more sense, the pieces to the puzzle you dragged yourself through the coals to solve now falling into place. The hand that reached across to Joshua’s shoulder tightened, his brown eyes flickering towards you.

“So that’s why Maury never mentioned you. She didn’t want anyone to steal you or sway you from her… And then I guess, I came in and she panicked.” You mumbled in your raspy voice. Joshua nodded his head in agreement, a deep sigh swirling from his lungs. Suddenly your head perked up, your features beginning to crinkle.

“Does she not realize you live your own life somewhere else and that you’re around all kinds of people everyday. I mean, to be honest, you don’t seem real… but still.”

Joshua blinked at you for a few seconds before cracking a soft giggle, a light smile reflecting on your own face at hearing the lilting melody to his voice. After all the clear streamers of salt had slipped from your eyes and all the sorrow that pooled in your heart did it feel quite good to smile, your conscience slowly clearing of its haze. The boy let his warm gaze fall over you, his coffee tinted eyes tracing every one of your features in admiration. He considered himself more than lucky to have crossed paths with you, and the tiny smile he saw shyly beaming at him only made his heart swell in a way he wasn’t aware it could.

it gets spicy below this point, have fun kids :)

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Concept: a setting where drugs and poisons operate through sensory vectors.

For example, you can have an ingested poison, but it’s the flavour itself that’s toxic, not any physical component of the substance. Anything with that exact flavour profile would have the same effect, and conversely, adulterating a poison to change its flavour may render it ineffective. Tasteless poisons are impossible, but there are exotic flavour profiles that aren’t widely recognised as poisonous. The poisoner’s art, then, consists of knowing how to combine otherwise innocuous flavours into a deadly whole.

The same principle extends to other senses. A scent can be intoxicating in truth, and a tactile sensation may literally make you sick - and yes, there are even poisonous sounds and intoxicating sights. The specifics vary with the species of the subject, and intelligent species like humans tend to be immune to being poisoned or drugged by simple sensations, so you won’t often encounter a toxic note or colour - but a toxic pattern or musical phrase are real and present dangers.

Thus, a deadly snake’s venom might lie not in its fangs, but in the pattern of its scales - if you’ve seen it, it’s already too late! The vibrant colours of a blooming flower can be a harmless attractant to the bees that pollinate it, but a powerfully addictive drug to hapless human travelers. And as for the sirens of legend? They’re out there, but the danger they pose is rather more straightforward than the stories suggest: their music is poison.

Of course, some dangers are closer to home, too. We’re talking about a world where “artist”, “poisoner” and “drug dealer” are the same profession. Not even the written word is safe - mind-altering or deadly effects can be concealed in the cadence of poetry or the ebb and flow of narrative prose.

What kind of human civilisation might exist in such a world?