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Imagine explaining how we measure time to aliens. "Yeah, months are thirty days. Some are thirty-one. One's twenty-eight, but every four years, it's twenty-nine."

When I was younger I didn’t understand how time worked or that months had an order, so every few weeks I would ask if it was my birthday month yet because maybe it would just pop up because while I ostensibly knew how to count, in reality it seemed like dates were arbitrarily determined by the Society of Adults Dedicated to Thwarting Kayt’s Desire For Many Presents and to the aliens you describe that’s kinda what the entire calendar is like.

BTS REACTIONS: Them celebrating your birthday for the first time at home. *REQUEST*

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! ~~ (I hope you don’t mind I change the scenario a bit for some)

JIN had locked himself in the bedroom for the whole morning. You wanted to know what was going on, but were too busy answering calls from your family wishing you a happy birthday to bother him about it.

When he came out of the room he went downstairs where you were. He sat across from you with his guitar in his lap with a piece of paper on the ground.

“I wrote you a song. Rapmon helped me with the lyrics, but its how I truly feel about you.”

A few hours later a delivery guy came with your food. You had told him months ago that you just wanted to stay home for your birthday…and he remembered.

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RAP MONSTER walked into the house with flowers and your favorite candies. It was your birthday and he was excited to be celebrating it for the first time!

“Y/N, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! What would you like to do today?”

You told him that all you wanted was to spend it at home and wanted to order from your favorite food place. He smiled and kissed you on the forehead.

“Then I’ll light some candles and order the food.”

You guys sat in the living room eating and talking for the whole day. He even told you that he loved you and hope that next year on your birthday you guys can do this again as a tradition. For your present, he gave you a very lustful night…

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SUGA sat on the couch next to you and asked you what you wanted to do for your birthday. You told him you didn’t want to do that. That you just wanted to stay home and eat take out with him. He was really confused, because he thought you would of wanted a party.

“Y/N, you’re always surprising me with something new about yourself.”

You proceeded to order your food. When the food came you both sat and grubbed and talked about everything, it seemed like it had only been a few minutes, but it was going on two hours.

Suga got up and headed into the kitchen. When he came back he had a gift in his hand and gave it to you. You opened it to find a scrapbook full of pictures of happy moments you both had.

Suddenly as you were looking at the pictures a big flash disrupted your focus. You look up to see Suga holding a Polaroid camera.

“This album is full of memories I never want to forget, like today.”

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J-HOPE had already asked you weeks ago about what you wanted to do for your birthday, so he knew what to expect. He had a surprise up his sleeve though.

“Happy Birthday, Y/N!”

He woke you up with a body slam. You both laid there talking for a few, but had to get up to take a shower and get ready for the day. For the whole day you both played games and ate as much food as you could, because J-Hope ordered way too much. As the day was ending J-Hope had one more thing for you.

He got up and head straight for a room you didn’t go in very much. He came out with a open box and placed it on your lap. You looked inside and saw a puppy!!!


“I honestly can’t describe how much I love you. I got us a puppy, we can have our own little family now!”

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JIMIN was stressed the whole week, because he didn’t know what to do for your birthday. Even though you told him all you wanted to do was stay home and eat he felt like he should do something.

The day before your birthday you were a little terrified that he was planning a big surprise birthday party, but you let it be and went to sleep. Your phone started going off, which woke you up. You slept threw the morning! You reached for your phone to read the message that woke you up.

Jimin: Y/N! Happy Birthday! Come down stairs when you’re ready!

You sprung out of bed and got yourself ready. Heading down stair, you noticed him wearing a coat and had yours in his hand. You immediately told him you didn’t want to go out, but he ignored you.

“Y/N, follow me!”

He led you to the garage where he had rented a big van and decorated it with a cozy comforter and string lights, along with big fluffy pillows and all the your favorite foods. Soft music was playing as well.

“I know you said you wanted to be at home, but this is our first time celebrating your birthday together. I promise for your other birthdays we’ll stay inside.”

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V was away filming a drama. So he couldn’t spend it with you as you would of liked. Even though you were crushed you didn’t spend too much time moping, because you knew all you were going to do was eat some of your favorite foods at home anyways.

That night V texted you and asked if you were busy. You replied that you weren’t doing anything and he responded by asking you to get on Skype. So you did and video called him.

“Y/N, Happy Birthday! Its my first time wishing you Happy Birthday and I can’t be there, I feel horrible.”

You explained that you didn’t want to do anything but stay home anyways. Somehow you both ended up joking around and talking for hours. After hours of talking you both fell asleep on the phone together. Even though he wasn’t there, he still wanted to spend a bit of your birthday with you.

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JUNGKOOK was not having it when you told him that all you wanted to do was stay in and eat your favorite foods. He didn’t even allow you to explain before he told you that you were going to your favorite restaurant for dinner and to get ready.

“Y/N, we’re going! So get ready.”

Despite trying to convince him otherwise, you decided to just do it, because Jungkook was Jungkook never let anything go. To make him pay, you took  extra long to get ready. As you headed downstairs you noticed rose pedals on the stairs leading to the living room.

Jungkook had turned your living room into your favorite restaurant, with your favorite foods spread out on the table. He even had a sign hanging from the ceiling with the restaurants name.

“I decided to bring the food to you. I love you and Happy Birthday.”

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Happy Birthday H | Bright Red | Harry Styles One Shot

Morning. Just a little birthday one shot seeing as it is a certain someone’s birthday. Hope you enjoy it. Ixx

The excitement really hit you as the plane touched the ground in LA, you were there. It had started when you first booked your ticket, what felt like months ago but really had only been days. It had increased when you finally sat down on the plane and had stopped you from getting any decent sleep the whole flight. But now, as you were sat in the passenger seat of Glenne’s car it was tumbling inside of you like a wave. It would settle for a few moments but then quickly rise before crashing down and giving you a shiver of anticipation.

You were glad for the sunshine that was warming your face that would have been numb from the January weather had you still been in London. It was a welcome relief, as you walked out of the airport with Glenne towards her car, to be able to forget about your coat and drape it over your suitcase. As soon as you’d stepped off the plane you’d grabbed the sunglasses Harry had bought you from your bag, and you hadn’t put them away yet. It wasn’t particularly warm for LA, it wasn’t summer after all, but to you who hadn’t been out of London for months it was positively tropical.

Glenne offered to take you back to hers first to freshen up but you declined. A shower could wait, despite the tiredness and clagginess you were feeling, you just wanted to get to Harry and see the look on his face when he saw you. You’d told him you wouldn’t be able to make it out for his birthday before he’d even left and again the previous day. You felt awful when you saw the saddened look on his face, especially when you knew it was a lie. Originally you weren’t sure you would be able to make it so you thought it would be best to tell him you couldn’t so you wouldn’t let him down. When you’d found out you would be able to make it out to LA for his birthday Jeff had suggested keeping it quiet and surprising him. You couldn’t resist, even when you heard the reserved understanding tone in Harry’s voice. He was understanding but if it was up to him you’d be by his side every single day but in particular on his birthday.

Glenne pulled up outside the recording studio. You’d been there before, Harry had recorded in the same studio with One Direction on the odd occasion and you’d been there with him once. You thanked Glenne, telling her you’d see her later as she handed you your bags and you made your way into the studio. You followed the corridor down to the room at the back. It was exactly like you remembered. The producer, who you half recognised from a brief introduction in London, was sat at the desk and looked up and smiled as you entered. Due to the design of the room, Harry couldn’t see out to the desk from where he was stood in the recording booth. The producer greeted you with a hug and asked all the polite questions, how are you, how was your flight? And you responded accordingly.

You sat down next to him and he handed you some headphones which you placed over your head, Harry’s voice filling your ears. He sounded as perfect as he always did. He’d told you he’d be recording this morning and you’d commented that didn’t sound like the best way to spend his birthday but he’d told you, as you anticipated, he didn’t mind too much. He enjoyed recording and it needed to be done. You’d hoped he’d be having a lazy morning at home so you could surprise him there but now you were in the studio and listening to him finally recording the songs he’d been writing and working on for months, you were glad he wasn’t.

‘That sounds great H.’ The producer commented as Harry finished and his voice faded away. The producer looked to you and winked. ‘Just one thing…’

‘Happy Birthday baby.’ You said into the microphone with a giggle. You looked out into the studio and saw Harry turn in the booth to look back at you.

‘Shit.’ You heard him exclaim through the headphones you were still wearing. You chuckled as you took them off watching Harry leave the booth and disappear out of the studio room. Seconds later her was bursting his way through the door and marching towards you, a large grin on his face and tears in his eyes. You were standing now and within two steps he was in front of you, his large, muscular arms wrapped around you and lifting you off your feet. ‘I thought you couldn’t make it.’ He said still holding onto you tightly almost as if he feared letting go of you. You chuckled and pushed back against his chest so you could look up at him. Before you could speak he pressed his lips into yours fiercely and you kissed him back with just as much passion. You’d missed him indescribably, life was always a little greyer without him around at home, it all seemed a bit brighter when you were together, feeding of one another’s energy and revelling in each other’s presence.

‘Pulled some strings.’ You told him with a wink and his smile only got bigger. ‘Jeff suggested surprising you.’ You told him and he rolled his eyes to which you chuckled.

‘I’ll kill him.’ He threatened before turning to the producer. ‘Do you mind if we call it a day?’ Harry asked taking your hand as he turned away from you. The producer nodded with a smile and you couldn’t believe how grateful you felt. ‘Thanks mate, I’ll let you know when we can get back in.’ Harry turned back to you giving you another hug before grabbing your suitcase and your hand and leading you out of the studio.

He took you to his car in the parking lot and you hopped in. You stopped to grab take out coffee and bagels and then drove straight to Harry’s house. He didn’t let go of your hand the whole way. Even when he pulled up inside the gates of the house he was out of the car and taking your hand, helping you step out before you could even unbuckle your seat belt.

‘I’ll grab your bags later.’ He told you with a smile, the same smile that had appeared at the sight of you. You followed him to the house that you’d finally grown accustomed to. It was large and imposing, but beautiful and very Harry - filled with artwork by artists you’d never heard off and beautiful furniture. It was lighter than the London home you now shared and more open, it wasn’t as cosy as your London home but for the short periods you were in LA with Harry it was a nice break. It always made time in LA feel like a holiday.

You sat together in the living room eating your bagels and sipping on coffee. You asked him how his birthday had been so far and he shrugged telling you ok, better now you were there to which you laughed. You made the normal small talk as you ate.Once you’d finished your bagel you excused yourself for a few moments telling him you needed the bathroom but sneaking out to the car to fetch his present from your bag. You were excited to give it to him and couldn’t wait any longer now the excitement of seeing him was settling down.

His eyes went wide as you entered the room with the large, brightly wrapped present. He chuckled nearly choking on his coffee.

‘What’s this?’ He asked putting the cup on the table and dropping his legs from it. He pulled them up under himself folding them as if he were a child. You handed the gift to him and he took it cautiously.

‘Happy Birthday H.’ You said with a smile giving him a sweet kiss before sitting down next to him. He looked from you to the present and back to you, giving you big doe eyes. He looked like a toddler version of himself, not sure whether he was allowed to open it or not, waiting for confirmation with eagerness in his eyes. ‘Open it.’ You encouraged with a giggle. You watched on nervously, chewing at the loose skin around your nails, as Harry pulled at the sellotaped paper. He seemed to take too long and you began bouncing your knee in anticipation as Harry finally unfolded the paper from across the centre to reveal the bright red fabric underneath.

‘Oh my god Y/N, is this what I think it is?’ You smiled as Harry pulled the fabric from the paper completely holding it up. The coat fell to its length and you heard his breath catch. You knew he’d been eyeing it up for a while and you couldn’t resist going into the store and purchasing it for him for his birthday. ‘Y/N you shouldn’t have.’ He said looking to you a mixture of happiness on his face and guilt. He never liked having money spent on him but that wasn’t what this was about. He deserved to be spoilt. He always ensured everyone else was spoilt that he didn’t always think about himself and he’d worked tirelessly recently, he deserved it.

‘It’s fine.’ You told him gladly accepting the kiss he was leaning over for. ‘Do you like it?’ You asked and he nodded wildly looking back to his new coat. ‘Try it on.’ You encouraged feeling nervous once again.

He stood up and unbuttoned the jacket. You hadn’t wanted to take the coat out of the fine paper and bag that the store had wrapped it in but you knew he’d know what it was instantly if you hadn’t taken it out, you were just relieved it hadn’t creased. Harry pulled the coat on over his t-shirt and jeans. It looked incredible, you knew it would do, red suited him and he didn’t wear it enough. It complimented his golden skin tone and his dark hair and features. He looked regal as he stood before you pulling the coat at the collar until it sat just right.

‘Looks amazing.’ You told him sincerely looking him up and down.

‘Yeah?’ He asked. You nodded and silently egged him on to check out the pockets but he didn’t just looked down at himself and moved the coat around on his body.

‘Check out the inside pockets.’ You told him, he looked at you a little confused as you expected but he wasn’t going to do it unless you told him to. He did as you said reaching into the inside of his coat. His brow furrowed further and you knew he felt it. He pulled out the two rectangular pieces of paper and stared at them for a few seconds. Eventually he looked up at you his eyes wide. You smiled.

‘How did you get these? They were sold out?’ He asked the joy evident on his face. You chuckled.

‘Pulled some strings.’ You told him simply. Working in the music industry meant you had contacts, that was how you met Harry in the first place. You knew Harry had wanted to get to the Kings Of Leon show whilst he was in LA but he hadn’t been able to get tickets. You used all the pulling power you had to get your hands on the tickets and you owed someone a massive favour but it was all worth it for the look on Harry’s face. He looked like a child that had just been told they’d been given a sweet shop for Christmas.

‘Y/N you’re fucking amazing.’ Harry said with a huge grin moving quickly towards you and bending down to your level. ‘Thank you so much, I don’t deserve you.’ You giggled as he kissed you again. You took it upon yourself to deepen the kiss, there was just something about him in red. You prised his mouth open with your tongue before darting it against his. He groaned into your mouth and you grinned happy with the response. ‘I’ve missed you.’ He said pulling you to your feet placing the tickets on the table. He lifted you from your feet and you wrapped your legs around him and the coat.

‘Leave the coat on.’ You instructed as he began moving toward the bedroom your hands tangled in his hair as he attacked your chest through your t shirt with kisses. He chuckled darkly but you knew he’d comply.

If missing him and being missed by him was grey, then loving him and being loved by him was bright red.

Part 15 - Dear Cyrus 2

(Continuation of previous chapter Part 14 - Dear Cyrus)

Well that night I didn’t really drank much but he did. He was just leaning on my shoulder as the silence took over most of the time. I didn’t know how to react to him so I guess the best I could offer was being there for him.

Its funny how its our first time meeting each other (for the main reason of just having fun) but here I am with a brokenhearted man beside me. Man I told myself I’m digging in some deep shit that I shouldn’t here.

We didn’t really text much after that night, but I went on stalking him on his social media, basically just checking him out. My fragile memories could recollect of me asking him if he was free a night before his birthday and we both were horny and so we did made an appointment to meet at his place.

Cyrus : Need a fetch tonight ?

Me : Nah its okay. I can take the taxi, you could drive me home after.

Cyrus : Okay then. Becareful. Text me when you’re here

Me : Yeah about 15 mins. btw Do you like chocolate or oreo more ?

Cyrus : Oreo. Why ? 

Me : No la. Just asking. text you when I’m nearby

I get to know his birthday through his Facebook so I wanted to surprise him since tomorrow its his actual birthday. I went off to a bakery store and bought a whole oreo cheesecake for him and got him worried because I was late :

Cyrus : traffic jam ? took you 1 hour ?

Me : Im fine. Reaching soon.

As I was all excited and smiling walking up to his place to surprise him since he has no idea I knew his Birthday and he thought I came just to have sex, as I knock on his door.

Cyrus : (opening the door)

Me : Surprise ! (lifting up the birthday cake box with plastic) 

Cyrus : What ?! (Surprised and laughing)

Me : I know its your birthday I bought you a cake. (acting silly)

Cyrus : No wonder you asked whether I like choc or oreo lol

Me : (Walking towards the fridge and open it, putting the cake inside)

Cyrus : (hugged me from behind resting his head on my shoulder with his hands wrap around my waist

Cyrus : Thank you. (In a sincere tone) 

My heart was pounding fast in that heat of moment. I felt something again. I didn’t really utter any words that time. We were just indulging in the silence yet sweet moment of him hugging me from behind while the fridge’s was left open.

Me : Wanna have a slice now ? (broke the silence) 

Took a knife and cut a slice and handed to him saying :

Me : Happy birthday hehe ! (Acting silly)

Cyrus : (took the cream on top of the cake with his index finger towards my mouth feeding me) 

Me : (BLUSHING AS FUCK) (open my mouth and ate the cream)

oh dear god thinking back I was so shy and he was just laughing at me saying I’m cute with my face turned red…I lost count of how many time my heart beat in a second. Unconsciously I lean towards him and gave him a kiss with my eyes closed with my hands holding his waist. As I passionately kiss him on his lips slowly with my tongue tied with his, he put the plate away to the side of the sink. We were making out in the kitchen, kissing each other all the time. His fingers were running through my hair and gently touching my face. Eagerly lifting his shirt up and taking it off I push his body against mine close I move down to his neck licking it gently and slowly as he let out a soft moan 

Cyrus : Let’s go to the room.

As he shuts the room’s door. I found myself lying on his bed looking at him stripping off himself with his pants and undies. His cock is hard on. Laying next to me as we continue kissing my hands were reaching down to his cock stroking it. His rough hands were touching my body feeling my skin next to his, removing my shirt licking my neck, leaving marks on my shoulders as I let out a moan, he moves downwards to my sensitive nipples licking it gently drawing circles, flicking it with his tongue and suck it once in awhile. I felt so turn on. With his mouth doing the job, his hands slowly touching my belly to my wet cock and down right to my hole.

His hands were in between my thigh with his fingers touching my hole I felt even more turned on as if he’s molesting me with my pants still on.

Me : I wanna suck your cock please. 

Cyrus : I’ll rim you first. 

Removing my pants along with my undies he lift up my ass while he was in a kneeling position with his hands spreading my ass to give a better look at my hole. Diving in with his tongue licking my hole with his saliva covered like spreading butter on a bread. God I felt so good that I had to shut my mouth with my hands for trying not to moan too loud. Comes his finger poking my hole fingering me as I moan like a slut. 

I lean towards him an grab hold of his hard cock sucking it like nobody’s business. Eagerly sucking it so hard that I almost choke myself from it. As eager as I said : 

Me : Fuck me please.

He turn around and took a condom out of the box along with the lube. I hold on to his legs and said : 

Me : Cyrus. Do you wanna fuck me without the condom ?

Cyrus : (his eyes were widen and surprised saying) You sure ? 

Me : (shyly nodded my head and turn around in doggystyle with my ass facing him)

Hearing the sound of him squeezing the lube. He got hold of his hands on my ass from behind and I felt his hard on 7 Inch dick piecing through me. We were on cloud 9. Fucking me in and out from behind as we both moan at the same time he lean towards me from the back and smell me and kiss my neck while his hips are moving on its own. My wet cock was dripping precum all over the bed I felt it leaking.

As we slowly adjust the position of me laying fully on the bed while he lay on me with his dick still in me. Our body were sweating, so hot that we’re fucking in madness. My hard cock were begging to breathe so I gently pad on his thigh said : 

Me : Change (moaning)

Both of us woke up we were kissing each other I pushed him down and squat on his hard dick, with my hands holding his cock trying to fit it back in my hole. As it enters both of us moaned in joy. Slowly swallowing it fully in my hole as I felt the hardness I hold my hands with his, gently moving up and down riding him with my shy face expose to his. His hands were on my hips while mine was on his thighs. Riding it even harder as he said : 

Cyrus : Fuck you’re so cute you’re gonna make me cum

Me : I’m cumming too.

As I my hard cock were begging for me to stroke, I felt a hot wave of liquid rushing inside me as he moans :

Cyrus : Fuck fuck fuck !!

Stroking my own cock in a split second I cummed all over his body moaning together. That moment we couldn’t care less of what the neighbor heard.

With hole filled with his cum I was so worn out and lay on him with both our bodies covered with my cum panting :

Me : (breathing heavily , panting)

Cyrus : (hugging me even though we’re covered in cum) 

Me : happy ? (acting silly)

Cyrus : Yes..much better without the condom. Lets go clean you up.

As we were in the bathroom he kept nagging me to wash properly, making sure all his cum was out from my hole. Insisting to see the water comes out clean. I felt something again. For once a Top that is not selfish and actually care about me after the sex. 

As I got off from the shower I was kneeling down packing my stuff into my bag.

Cyrus : Don’t go first, come over here. (in a sincere tone)

Me : (Walk towards his room as he was laying on his beanie bag and lay right next to him with my head rest on his chest)

I couldn’t recall the conversation that we had that time…All I remember was gently touching his rose tattoo on his leg while he fell asleep with his hands around me. Looking at him fell asleep peacefully. 

After that night. We rarely text each other. Mostly he don’t reply my messages, even if he replied it would be a day later. I didn’t know what went wrong and I was just so puzzled that I stop trying so hard. But what I felt through things that I felt wasn’t fake. Well maybe the sad part was I was the only one who felt it but he didn’t. It all happen 3 years ago till one of the days I met him on the monorail on his way to work.

All we did was just pass by each other smiled. 

Dear Cyrus, its bitter. But yet sweet. Thank you. xo

Caught Off Guard // Im Jaebum (M) (AU!)

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Smut, Officer!Jaebum, Dom!Jaebum

Summary; After stealing an expensive bracelet with the intentions of pawning it for cash, you get arrested by the malls security officer - and you offer him a deal he can’t refuse.

This scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains smut - rough sex, handcuffs, general behaviour that you would actually go to jail for so please do not aTTEMPT THIS AT HOME YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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“Sometimes I look at Kelli O’Hara and I think all the girls in the fairy tales were based on her. She’s beautiful. She’s funny. She’s smart. She sings like nobody on the planet. She dances like Ginger Rogers— I don’t even think she knew that, but she does. She’s been in nine Broadway shows. She’s been nominated for five Tony Awards. She has an amazing husband, two wonderful children, and makes a mean grits casserole. She’s performed in everything from South Pacific to King Lear to our own The Bridges of Madison County, this season. She’s appeared with the New York Philharmonic, been on Sex and the City, performed at Carnegie Hall, and three times at the Kennedy Center Honors, But here’s the deal, folks: Kelli O’Hara is no princess. Bart Sher says that what makes Kelli so spectacular is that she is a woman on stage. She brings a woman’s understanding and emotion to every part she plays. She will not let a word or a lyric get by her that isn’t right. And when everything is right, she falls into your arms and you cannot imagine ever being loved by anybody else.”

Happy 41st Birthday to the best there is, Kelli O’Hara!

  • Patrick: Hey, do you guys know what day it is?
  • Pete: Thursday.
  • Patrick: Thursday the?
  • Joe: 27th.
  • Patrick: Of?
  • Andy: April.
  • Patrick: Which is?
  • Crickets: *chirping*
  • Patrick: Guys, it's my birthday!
  • Pete: *le gasp* What!?
  • Patrick: ... You knew, didn't you?
  • Joe: What ever could you mean?
  • Patrick: ... There's a surprise party, isn't there?
  • Andy: What!? No! No surprise party that I know of. Do you know about a surprise party, Joe?
  • Joe: I don't know about anything.
  • Patrick: Where's Pete?
  • In other room:
  • Pete: *whispering into phone* Houston, we have a problem.
  • Elisa: *over the phone* Boy, you better not.
All the boys

Dan is forced to go to the strip club for a birthday and he unexpectedly has eyes for one of the girls working there 

Warning: smutttt

inspired by this 

Dan’s POV:

“Dan come on it’s gonna be fun” Phil told me through my bedroom door which I had locked for the purpose of Phil not being able to drag me there. “Since when did you find stuff like this fun Phil” I retorted
“Dan you know I don’t but its just manners we show up” 
“Phil we’re gonna be surrounded by thirty year old horny men being pervs” I groaned 
“Dan just get ready you don’t have to talk just stay on your phone” 
“ugh fine but you owe me” I compromised getting up from my bed. 

I lazily chucked on some black skinny jeans and a black button up, not caring if I looked like shit, I didn’t want to be there and they probably knew it too. 
It was Joe’s birthday and Caspar had decided to take Joe to a strip club to celebrate. A fucking strip club. And they decided that it would be a good idea to invite Phil and I. If you’ve talked to us for more than five minutes, you’d know we’re not strip club people, heck if you’ve even looked at us. 

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Something (lafayette x reader)

summary : its laffy taffy birthday and u cook him somin and he duznt kno u speak french 

warnings : crappy french & fluff,, cussing?? and mumbaiya hindi- basically the slang of hindhi which is the only hindhi i ever learned,, fite me 

992 words m8 thats so little but f1t3 m3

a/n : i wrote this during math class bc i already know all this shit so excuse me if its bad. 

It was laf’s birthday. he was out with the boys celebrating, so you had decided that try to cook for him. He’d be back in 4 hours, so you decided to call your grandma in france. Laf was your best friend, so close you lived together, but you had managed to keep the fact you spoke french a secret from him. Laf muttered under his breath and talked to Alex in French, and never realized you could understand everything they were saying. You remembered last week, when you had overheard the most peculiar thing. 

“Je n'aime pas la façon dont elle regarde John” he muttered to Alex. (I do not like the way she looks at John)

“Qui voulez-vous dire, notre John?” Alex replied (Who do you mean, John?)

“Oui, bien sûr, notre John” (Yes, of course, our John)

“Que fait-il?” (What is he doing?)

“Regardez-les, tous amoureux, c'est dégueulasse” (Look at them, all love, it’s disgusting)

you snorted at this, and Lafayette turned red. “Connait-elle le français???” he practically screamed. (Does she know French ???) you looked away, hoping he didnt notice. Alex shook his head. “I don’t think so” he replied in English. 

“Don’t think what?” you asked, innocently. 

“Laf here was wondering if you speak french?”

“Oiu Oiu Baguette?” You laughed, trying to butcher the word and visibly seeing Laf cringe made you laugh harder. 

But you couldnt get the thought out of your head. Did Laf like you?

you were with your grandmother, cooking a wonderful smelling broth. she had recently moved to the city to help your mother get back on her feet after her recent run in with cancer. since you did not eat meat, she was cooking the chicken while you prepared the desserts and broth the meat was to rest in. 

you tossed in the potatoes and carrots, adding a bit of indian spices from your fathers side to spicen it up. 

“Vous faites tout cela pour un garçon?” she asked you. (Do you do all this for a boy?)

“Alors, que faire si?” (So, what if?)

“Rien, rien, juste vous deux peuvent vraiment avoir quelque chose de spécial” (Nothing, nothing, just you two can really have something special) she winked suggestively. 

“Amama(hindi)! Nous ne sommes plus que des amis” (Grandma! We are only friends)

“Est-il un garçon français?” (Is he a french boy?)

“Peut-être” (perhaps)

“Ensuite, j'approuve” (Then I approve). 

“Amama,Est-ce que je peux te dire quelque chose” (Grandma, can i tell you something?)

“Oui chérie, qu'est-ce que c'est” (yes, darling what is it)

“Je ne pense pas que je suis amoureux, mais je veux que nous soyons plus que des amis” (I do not think I am in love, but I do want us to be more than friends)

You heard a loud choking noise from the door and you turned to see Lafayette, mouth agape, red in the face. 

“Ye wala he?” your grandmother asked in hindi, knowing he could speak french. (Its this guy?) 

“hanjee. ye mera dost he” (Yes ma'am, this is my friend).

“both acha dekte” she winked. (He looks very good)

“merku malum. usku malum. sab malum” (i know, he knows, everyone knows)

“uska baal merku both acha lakte” (I like his hair a lot)

“me too” you said in English, laughing slightly at his confused face, then frowning. 

“wait- how long were you standing there?” 

“I just came- you speak french? what? wait?” he stuttered out. 

“enough to get by.”

“it is her second language” your grandmother adds. “hindhi being her first”. he can only nod slightly in response. 

“Merde, ma vie est un mensonge. Je ne peux pas y croire. Comment parle-t-elle le français? Elle le sait tout, n'est-ce pas?” he muttered angrily under his breath. You were only able to catch a few words. 

“Je suis désolé de ne pas vous le dire. Je voulais que ce soit mon petit secret” (Im sorry I did not tell you, I wanted it to be my little secret)

“its fine. I just- wow. wow. you speak french thats really… hot. did i say that aloud? I mean like its just cool like i can bitch about john to you and-” he stopped himself. 

“you’re cooking for me?” 

“yessiree. coq au vin and tarte tatin. i asked amama to come over to help prepare the meat. we are almost done. take a seat, Lafayette, its your birthday.” you say, pulling out a seat for him to watch you two cook. 

your grandma was telling laf embarrassing stories of your past. you laughed at the both of them, fluently talking in french, as you added the finishing touches. 

“dive in!” you exclaim, setting down the meal in front of him. he smiled as he finished it in one go. “reminds me of my ma’s cooking. la magnifique!” he laughs. you look at his eyes, twinkling with happiness. then you heard someone clear their throat behind you. 

“tera pedas or kya ne” she laughed. (your sweets or what not). you nodded and pulled it out, handing it to Laf. 

“Happy Birthday to my favorite boy ever!” you exclaimed, watching him almost moan at the flavor. Your grandmother slipped outside and onto her motorcycle, speeding away. what a badass. 

“so. about earlier” you knew exactly what he was talking about. 

“I’m sorry- i didnt mean it just,” you took a deep breath. “fuck it. I fell in love with you. or something like that. I noticed it the first time you punched Jefferson in the face for calling Alex’s mother a whore. Something fluttered inside me and its been growing. I don’t know if its love Laf- I just feel something, here” you say, and point to his heart. He looks at you, studying the lines of your smile and your hopeful eyes and realizes you needed an answer. 

“you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to hear that” he said, and brought his lips up to you. It wasn’t movie fairytale firework explosive everywhere kissing, but it was goddamn something. it felt good, and thats all you needed to validate this feeling. you pushed the dessert out of the way, and jumped onto the table, Laf continuing to makeup with you. His eyes were closed in bliss, and his hands made his way up your shirt. 

“Je veux vous baiser si bien” he growled and attacked your neck.  (google translate it its too vulgar for my innocent eyes)

  • [Hoseok's Birthday]
  • Yoongi: Happy Birthday Hobi!!
  • Hoseok: AWW THANK YOU YOONGI HYUNG!! *smiles brightly*
  • Yoongi: *shyly hands Hoseok a slim green box*
  • Hoseok: What?! You didn't have to get me anything! You are the only gift I need!
  • Yoongi: *looks down and blushes* just open it
  • Hoseok: [as he opens the box, he finds a Kumamon patterned sleep mask inside] omg....I love it...just what I always wanted? *fakes a smile*
  • Yoongi: That's not your gift, put it on *laughs*
  • [As Hoseok places the sleep mask over his eyes, Yoongi holds his hand, intertwining his fingers with Hoseok's, and leads the way]
  • Yoongi: OK, you can look now
  • Hoseok: *takes off the mask and observes his surroundings* Um, why are we in your Genius Lab?
  • [Yoongi takes a deep breath and walks over to his computer, logs in then clicks play. As the music starts, Hoseok immediately begins to move his body, getting lost in the rhythm of the beat. A moment later, Yoongi's first verse is playing, and he is now behind Hoseok watching him nervously. As the song continues, Hoseok finally realizes that the lyrics are Yoongi's true feelings for him. When the music stops, both are still. Neither can see each others face. It's dead silent]
  • Yoongi: ....H-Hobi?
  • Hoseok:
  • Yoongi: You don't like it don't you? *starts panicking* I-I just wanted to give you something meaningful for your birthday! [to himself] I knew I shouldn't have done this
  • Hoseok:
  • [Hoseok finally turns around to face Yoongi, and to Yoongi's surprise, Hoseok is crying]
  • Hoseok: *speaking through sobs* It's b-beautiful...I love it
  • Yoongi: Really? *takes a step closer to Hoseok*
  • Hoseok: *wraps his arms around Yoongi's waist, nesting his head on Yoongi's shoulder*
  • Yoongi: *wraps arms around Hoseok's neck* I wanted to express my love for you the best way I knew how, with music
  • Hoseok: This is the best gift anyone has ever given me *whispers* I love you so much, thank you
  • Yoongi: I love you more *buries face in Hoseok's neck and cries happily*


Happy Birthday (Harry)

Harrys POV

Its been 8 months since I last saw y/n. Since I last saw her smile, her eyes, her body and most of all it has been 8 months since I have even touched her or kissed her.

The tour still has another month left, but after begging and begging my management, I managed to get a week off for y/n’s 22nd birthday. Not like she knew or anything, as I wanted to keep this a surprise.

y/n’s POV

Not one text from Harry. Not one call. Not one gift. I would have thought that he would FaceTime me this morning to wish me a happy birthday, but I guess I thought wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I received plenty of gifts from my mates and I have had a lot of fun, but what is a birthday without the one you love most, without your best friend, without your soulmate?

It is about six in the evening and still no message from Harry. Guess he has forgotten then.

Harry’s POV

Damn Paparazzi. You can’t get anywhere without being noticed. SO much for keeping this a surprises.

My thought flooded back to y/n. Is she mad that I haven’t texted her all day? Would she forgive me when she sees me at home?

Rushing out of the airport, I see y/f/n’s car. Speeding towards it, I fling my hoodie on top of my head and jump straight in the car.

“OMG Harry, y/n will be pumped when she sees you, eeeeeek!” y/f/n squeals annoyingly.

“She looked really upset that you didn’t text her all day, or even send her a birthday message,” in a more serious tone, her less annoying boyfriend adds on.

“Well, lets hope that she forgives me when I walk through the front door, ” I said with hope.

y/n’s POV

Watching re runs of your favourite tv show shouldn’t be depressing, but when you haven’t heard from your boyfriend on your birthday, I guess that makes you sad.

Hearing the door, and presuming it is my mum, I get up and open it.

It definitely isn’t my mum. Unless she has short brown hair, that I love pulling my hands through; emerald green eyes that I could stare into for days, and plump rose lips that I could kiss all day.

Pouncing onto him, I crash my lips onto his and the familiar feeling makes me melt into him. The way his lips move in sync with mine. The way he gently pulls on my hair. The way he hold me gently by the waist when making out with me.

His tongue swipes against my bottom lip, and I gladly accept. His tongue dances in my mouth and we make out for a good few minutes until we hear coughing from behind us.

“As much as I am happy that Harry is here y/n, I do not want to witness a baby being made, thank you very much,” y/f/n says.

“Wait… you knew that harry was coming. Why didn’t you say anything?” I said with angriness in my voice, but everyone could tell it was fake.

“Babe, come on, don’t be mad at y/f/n and meeee,” Harry said in his beautiful voice giving me those adorable puppy eyes.

“Nah, you’re right, I can’t stay mad, ” I said with a slight smile.

“Yay!”, my adorable boyfriend screamed, “in that case, get ready for a date as I have everything planned.”

Harry’s POV

Y/n looked gorgeous in her dress. It hugged her body in all the right places. I knew I was doing the right thing proposing to her.

We had been together for 3 years and I think it is the right time for us to start settling down, and also the band was going on a hiatus next year, so that would be a great time to get married.

Wait. What if she says no?

y/n’s POV

Harry has been nervous for the whole of the date. It was the end of the date and we were getting ready to go when Harry got on one knee.

He brings out a black velvet box and suddenly I feel so curious. How long had he planned this?

“Y/n, we have been together for 3 years and I love you so much. I am shit at speeches so I am just going to ask straight up.”

By this time, I was trembling and the whole restaurant was staring at us.

“y/n, what I am trying to say is, will you marry me?” , he says, hope glimmering in his eyes. Unable to speak, I nod my head frantically, when Harry pulls me towards him, slides the ring on my finger and kisses me with everything inside of him. Around me, the spectators are cheering and some wolf whistling.

“I love you, my fiancée. ”

Forgive Me - Part 8

Summery: The reader is forced to work at Hydra on the Winter Soldier Program. What happens when she gets out?

Triggers: mentions of previous torture, cheese, alcohol (idk anymore), tiny bit of angst

Word Count: 2000+

A/N: I’m sorry, I didn’t proof read it. It’s late and I wanted this out asap. 

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“But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you. Not even close. Not even a little bit. Not even at all”

‘Hey Y/N!’

‘Shush!’ Bucky and you were the only ones left in the tower since everyone was getting briefed for mission. It was a big deal so would take the best part of a day. Utilising the almost empty place you had put “10 Things I Hate About You” on the biggest screen in the tower, mainly to admire Heath Ledger. ‘Sit’ you patted the seat next to you.

You had only just realised how tense you were, your knees as close to your chest as possible. Cushion tucked under your arms.

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My neighbor put one of those fake owls on their roof, the kind meant to scare away birds. It is right across the street from where I have been leaving at least one peanut almost daily for my crow friends for about 3.5 years. The crow sat on the line right by the stupid fake owl. I nodded like I knew. I’ve seen groups of crows harass a barred owl, they don’t care about the stupid fake owl, even if its head turns around.

Things are always busy. here’s some stuff in no particular order:

  • Our shared warehouse that the button shop is in is having and open house on Thursday. We have a meeting tonight to finalize stuff. We are going to have a button making station. Gotta put my customer service face on for an evening.
  • My sister’s birthday is this week. She wanted a lemon tree. I got her a lime tree because they didn’t have any lemon trees yet. I hope i get some limes from her for tacos.
  • After my sister’s birthday it is 2 months til my birthday. I turn 40 which doesn’t feel weird, but sounds weird. I gave up bemoaning being old over a decade ago. The older I get, the more “me” I become.
  • My mom wanted to buy me and earthquake kit but I wanted a brick with my name on it put in Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland, aka: the living room of Portland. I pretty much have all the earthquake stuff like a radio and water and a crank flashlight. My mom sent me a text this morning to say she purchased the brick. “Alex Wrekk” will be on a brick and I’m totally going to take a photo with it every time I got downtown.
  • My BFF @stevelarder will be her in about a month and a half. I’m so excited! Last night I reserved a beach house for my birthday. The plan is to end my 30s while sitting on a beach drinking a beer as the sun sets into the Pacific.
  • I’ve been invited to be a guest speaker at the Salt Lake Alt-Press fest in July. It is the 20th anniversary of my zine Brainscan. I’m trying to write something to say about how zines have been the skeleton key into lots of rad experiences without making me look like a braggart.
  • I hope to FINALLY have my witch zine done for the event!
  •  We have a new postage printer at the shop and it makes me way happier than a postage printer should.
  • The next PDX Witch Guild podcast is about half edited. Maybe we’ll have a new one by this weekend?
The Great Gatsby {Sentence Starters}
  • "They're a rotten crowd. You're worth the whole damn bunch put together!"
  • "I was always glad I said that."
  • "I'm inclined to reserve all judgements. But even I have a limit."
  • "Small parties, there isn't any privacy."
  • "I knew it was a great mistake for a man like me to fall in love."
  • "All the bright, precious things fade so fast."
  • "In my younger and more vulnerable years, my father gave me some advice."
  • "My life has got to be like this. It's got to keep going up."
  • "That's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool."
  • "Well, I'm certainly glad to see you again."
  • "It's so sad, because it's so hard to make ____ understand."
  • "If there's anything that you want, just ask for it."
  • "I just remembered, today's my birthday."
  • "I never realized how extraordinary a nice girl could be."
  • "Why, of course you can. Of course you can."
  • "Oh no. My nerves are fine, thanks."
  • "We're gonna live here, in this house. You and me."
  • "Reserving judgments is a matter of infinite hope."
Topp Dogg Reaction: When their recently deflowered girlfriend get openly horny

P-goon: you walk in the living room swaying you hips and boldly say “let’s go in the back and f*** like bunnies baby”

“I don’t know what you did with the shy Little virgin mary i had two days ago but i kinda want her back now……”

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Sangdo: Not even a day to recover ,and you’re on his lap wanting more

“dang child was it that good? *clears throat* i mean yeah yeah cool okay

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Hojoon: its been a week since you decided that Hojoon was the one you wanted to make you a….”grown”women for the first time but, you were very stand off-ish about it before until you got a change of heart from this Lovely book called ‘Kama Sutra’. “babe i got us a new book”

“what do you want me to do with this? I’m not lumber enough for this. im one leg kick from pulling a ligament, im so stiff”

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Xero: You were still shy to ask for it but you know that if you dont sat anything know you wont be getting any. “You. Me. Bed. Now”

“you and me are gonna have a great relationship. I can See that now”

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Hansol: Its your baby boys birthday and you decided to surprise him with cupcakes and a little challenge that he needed to help you fix*wink wink*. Who knew this boy would be going in with tools

“when i know how i like to eat my cupcakes now”

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A-tom: so you two were walking and talking and you just couldnt stop think about that one special night and just out of nowhere you got this burt of confident and say: “you know what? we should f*** when we get home” and A-toms playfull ass says 

“Only if you beat me home! better hurry i dont want my little kitty to get dry”

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Bjoo: Two weeks after you two were intimate for the first time Bjoo was of couse asking to for another go at it, to where you replied jokingly “sounds like a personal problem” but after a while you were the one hit with the horny stick and to that he replied mockingly….

“awww you poor thing, Sounds like a personal problem soooo” (you still got the D later soooo)

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Nakta:Aww this little peanut wants it just as much as you but is more worried about your well being than his plesure (so sweet) “i you sure? your not sore? arent we suppos to wait more days? what if something cramps?”

you: “boy if you dont bury yourself in me now imma find something else to do it”

“ohh….. are you sure?”  (and nakta was never laid again jk jk)

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Jenissi: before you were quite shy when it came to sex, but one night with jenissi turned you into sexy beast (in a good way)”so you wanna have a little fun tonight?”

“ohh i see~ the saying is true! feed a kitty once and it will always come back for more”

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Yano: you wanted to tease him with some sexy dancing but you forgot that your dancing skills are weaker than a kpop fans knees when jimin and jungkook danced for “bts birthday”. “you want some of this baby boy?’

“yeah sure, but please dont do that ever again”

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okay okay yall know im lazy and im so sorry for that. Im getting things done graduatlly so stick with me and hold my clamy hands as we get through this together. okay 

here is the MASTER LIST this needs to be updated and ill get to doing that probily tonight sooo yeah 



*Lydia, Allison, Theo, Isaac, Scott, Liam and Kira.

LYDIA: “Y/N!” She yelled, running to your side. “Whats wrong?” She finished, wrapping her arms around you. She knew that you were on the verge of tears. “Nothing- it’s its noting.” You tried, but she wouldn’t buy it. “Babe, please.” You sighed. “(bitches name) won’t stop making fun of me because I’m gay.” “How about we go home, be lesbians and cuddle.” She offered, already coming up with ten different ways to kill (bitches name.)

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ALLISON: “What are the flowers for?” Her dad asked. Allison looked at him like a deer in headlights. “Oh, c’mon. They can’t be for me because its not my birthday, or fathers day. So who are they for?” “Y/n, she missed school because she doesn’t feel good, so I am going to be a good girlfriend and give her flowers.” She said, her focus going back to the arrangement. “I thought she hated flowers.” Allison froze. “Just messing with ya,” Her dad teased making her roll her eyes. 

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ISAAC: “Isaac,” Scott said angrily, marching after the tall boy. “You just can’t go around beating up the people who you don’t like.” The taller boy didn’t care. “He hurt y/n, he got what he deserved.” Isaac just wanted life to be perfect for his love. He wanted a smooth road to laid out for her, with no one to destroy her glorious smile. “Still-” “If he didn’t want a broken nose he shouldn’t have said those things to her.”

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THEO: “it’s okay..” Your boyfriend said, “Just because you got one bad mark on a test won’t ruin your dream of being my queen.’ He said as you both were cuddling on his bed. “Who said being your queen was apart of my dreams?” You joked. “I’m wounded.” He joked, “How ever will I recover?” 

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SCOTT:  “So being around werewolf’s that could possibly end you, doesn’t upset you but storms do?” Scott teased. It was in the dead of night, Scott had kept you up watching movies, the night was perfect, until a thunderstorm had to come and ruin it. “Oh shut up,” You mumbled, flinching a bit when a roll of thunder came. “Aw its okay,” He chucked, pulling you closer to his chest. “I’ll protect you.”

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Liam: “Hey,” You heard your boyfriend say, walking up behind you. “Are you still mad at me?” He took your silence as a ‘no’.  “Look Y/N-” “Look Liam, I am glad that you got that guy off my back but beating him up? I could have handled the situation by my self.” All he could do was look at the ground, knowing what he did was wrong the second he threw the first punch. “I got you a card,” He says, handing you a piece of paper that was folded in half. “I am sorry for beating him up and I love you so.” It read on the front, making you smile. “Hallmark doesn’t make those kinds so cards so I had to do it myself.”

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Kira: “Hey y/n are you okay?” Your girlfriend asked you, it was the end of the day and you wanted nothing more than to end the horrid day. “Yeah, I’m fine.” Kira knew you weren’t doing fine. Your happy smile wasn’t on your face, you were giving out short answers. “C’mon. please tell me.” “Why do you even want to know?” You asked her. “’Cause I hate seeing the woman I love upset.”

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Alec Lightwood Imagine; Prompt Series #15. “Dance With Me”
Requested by: @visionsaroundyou
*not my GIF
-    -    -
To say you had fun at this party was an overstatement. Clary invited you and Alec to her birthday party. You knew that Alec wouldn’t want to come, but to say that he wouldn’t show up?
You sat alone in a corner with your drink. You and Alec were suppose to meet here at 8 and it was almost 9. Alec had went on a mission earlier with Izzy and they promised they would be here. It was starting to worry you that they hadn’t made it back.
Trying to calm your nerves, you got up and went to fix another drink. You took several gulps and looked around for people you knew. A lot of these people were mundanes that you didn’t know. You felt like an outsider here.
A song by Nicki Minaj came on as you made your way to the living room and sat on the couch. A blonde boy looking around 19 sat down next to you. You furrowed your eyebrows and looked over to his brown eyes. He was a little close for comfort. You looked down to you hands and began to move the drink around in your cup.
“Can I help you?” You ask with a lift of your eyebrow.
“You could..” He said, trailing off, making you look up to him, raising your eyebrows at his smirk.
“That was a rhetorical question.” You said, smirking back.
“What’s your name?” He said with a chuckle.
“Y/n.” You say.
“I’m Jake.”
“That’s nice.” You say, about to get up, but Jake puts a hand on your knee, stopping you. You just stare at him right in the eyes. You couldn’t help but think his eyes were pretty.
His hand rubbed circles on your knee and you bit your lip for a whole second before you came to your senses. You gulped and moved his hand away from you. “I have a boyfriend.”
“Where is he?” He asked, placing his hand on your thigh now.
You gulp again, closing your eyes, the effect of the alcohol setting in on you.
“Right here.” You hear a husky voice say. You know it’s Alec. In a fast blurry motion, you see the boy pulled up from the couch and pushed away.
You hear Jake’s voice say, “Calm down, man.” before you head leans back and hits the couch.
Two strong arms pull you from the couch and you dangle in someone’s arms as you slip into unconciusness.
You wake up with a horrible headache in your bed. You crinkle your eyebrows and your hand flies to your head, like it would help.
“Hey, baby.” Alec says next to you as he leans over, kissing your head.
“Hey..” you mumble. “What happened last night?”
He sighed and brought you into his arms. “I was late to the party. When I got there, you were drunk and some guy was touching you. I flew off the wall, obviously. When I looked over, you were passed out and I brought you home.”
You sat and processed this information for a moment. “So, why were you late?”
He chuckled. “A mission took longer than I thought.”
You remembered sitting alone at the party wondering where Alec was. He promised you a dance.
“So, you got out of your promsie to dance with me then?” You asked teasing him.
He rolled his eyes and got out of bed, only wearing boxers, making you bit your lip even though you had seen it a million times. He went into the next room. In a second, you hear music. You start laughing as he comes back in the room, holding out a hand. “Dance with me?” He asks.
You just giggle and nod.
“You have to get out of bed, Y/n.” He says, sighing.
You just shake your head and look at him. “Fine.” He says, throwing the covers off of you to reveal that you have nothing on but a tshirt of his and panties. He picks you up and you wrap your legs around him. He buries his face in your hair, and hangs on to you like if he dropped you he would be dropping his whole world.
He swayed, holding you up. You smiled into his neck, placing a kiss there. “I love you so much..” You whispered.
“I love you more, Angel.”