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art from stream - thank you to @crescentmoonrider, @owlsshadows, @sonikku0691, @arodote, and anyone else who stopped by the stream!! ‘twas super fun doing ink and talking with yall in the chat. Very glad everyone likes the whales because hooo booooy am I into them right now. Majestic creatures. 

until next stream ;)

all those jokes like “oh if gay people are immoral freaks am i only half of an immoral freak if i’m bi/pan??” are fucking terrible to begin with, but do y'all really know how bad it hurts to read someone really sit down and types up real, genuinely awful things people have said about your identity because they think it’s funny?

like you know calling yourself “half of an immoral degenerate” because you’re bi is so ugly like my mother begged me to give men a chance my whole family did because then i’d only half as fucked up and disgusting. like at least if i ended up with a man nobody would ever know how much of a degenerate i was.

i know its all just jokes since our community is all suffering but please think about how bad it fucking hurts to hear the words “gay people are degenerates” and seeing people rush to make Funny Jokes about things that are extremely fucking triggering (in the most literal sense of the word) to me as a lesbian survivor of homophobic abuse

“hahaha im only haaaalf a freak not full freak lol!” like people really feel that way about gay people vs. bi people. people really have sat down and said that shit to me like “you might be normal still just try dating men” lmao

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Can we talk about how Jungkook played Lie and blasted it just to get Jimin to come back to his room? The little shit knew what he was doing. He was all smiles when Jimin came back. He tried to peek into Jimins robe. This kid is so far gone and I love it. What was that stare down? Like Jikook was about to forget they were live with thousands of people watching lol. That subtle lean in? Just kill me now! No wonder Jimin said he doesn't want to travel abroad with Kook because it's dangerous lol

OKAY BUT JUNGKOOK IS SO WHIPPED FOR JIMIN ITS SO CUTE I GET HIVES BC OF IT!!! Like, it’s amazing what he does to get Jimin’s attention. Like I get baffled every single time he does something like this bc it just screams thirsty. 

Jungkook didn’t just try to peek, he legit stared Jimin down, his eyes did not leave Jimin. Like he was so obviously staring underneath Jimin’s robe I’m- just look



Like, Jikook get so wild when they go abroad. Like they adopted a little lizard together, Jimin literally rubbed Jungkook’s chest on stage and Jungkook got all flustered, they slapped each others butts like 194045 times, and now… they almost made out live on video. Iconic. 

Ok, so we’ve all made headcanons about us being in fictional worlds, like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Etc etc..
So, reblog this and either tag, or add headcanons you’ve made and name the fandom(s).

kjlnkmljh; me and my mom are convinced that our house is haunted!! she called me in a panic this morning like “did you use a fork to eat breakfast or something, theres a fork just laying on my side of the bed!!! it wasn’t there when i woke up” and i was like “uuuuuuuh no omg” and she was like “shit!! i feel a presence in our house” and i told her about my door randomly closing and things like that and she called her friend who’s into spirit stuff to ask for advice jklh;mkj;y my dad thinks its soo funny 

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I am very tired... the new intracommunity meme is making fun of bisexuals. It's something like "Me: I HC this character as gay. A bisexual: uH WHAT ABOUT BI??? DID U KNO IM BI!! BIPHOBIA!!" And I am just....... so tired.... hello bi discourse 2.0

Fandom has always been biphobic af I’m so not shocked its trendy again

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I was rewatching BTS RUN but I can't get over EP 12 when Jungkook slaps Jimin's butt.... because I'm sure he has carried him that way many times. There's no way someone can do that so smoothly the first time tbh

Ok so this ask is really old lol oops. sorry for just replying now. but yes omg that butt slap saved my life. like it honestly made me believe in jikook 1244x more than I already did. Like, Jungkook just…. lifted…….. jimin off the ground……. and slapped his ass…….. all on video…….. wild. like ik jungkook is strong and all (boys biceps are bigger than my future) but theres no way he could lift jimin and put himover his should that fluidly,,,,, like,,,, ur going to mess up on the first try no matter what bc its just new and like arms are going places and ppl are being thrown and cop kink aus r being written and like idk i just feel like jungkook and jimin do this on the reg in the dorm like “hey jungkook im tired can u take me to bed?” “oh sure lemme just THROW U OVER MY SHOULDER!” im not saying that jungkook has some sort of kink where he does this but im saying jungkook has some sort of kink where he does this (that was the longest run on sentence if my life omg). and then jungkook legit slapped that jibooty so hard u could hear it loud and clear and like it was so beautiful. his hand gribbed jimins thighs so tightly and his hand like slapped the booty hella hard and i just IT MUST HAPPEN A LOT BC JIMIN DIDNT EVEN SAY OW HE WAS JUST INNOCENTLY TRYING TO CLOSE THE CELL OHMYGOD THIS HAPPENS IN THE DORM ON THE REGULAR, WITH A SLAP THAT LOYD IT MUSTVE HURT BUT NO JIMIN DIDNT EVEN FLINCH FUCK. and like the awkwardness after likw “fuck did we just do that on camera” “theyre gonna know our kink now fuck” like then jungkook wrapped his big strong arm around jimins waist and i just AMSO EMO OVER THE WHOLE EPISODE IT WAS A JIKOOK GOLD MINE BYE. 

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Sometimes i think dogblrs and people in general are totally intolerant to other opinions. Like this is just MY opinion and MY preference. I dont give a flying monkeys what you fucking do or think. Provided you aren’t hurting anyone i dont care.Im not instantly shaming anyone or insulting them and theres no need to start arguments because you think you know better or act all righteous on me. You have an opinion. You dont get to guilt trip me or start calling any other opinion wrong. You dont even need to comment or send me hate on it. Just accept its another opinion and move on (but if you did that, how will people know that you’re better than me?!)  

Recently i made a post stating that I personally dont like to be called my dogs mum,  i didn’t birth those fuckers. At NO POINT did i state that i hate people who do like being their dogs mothers. At no point did i state that i thought anyone who did was odd, weird or fucked up. At no point did i do anything that hurt anyone, i just expressed an opinion. Yet i got a SHIT TON of hate on it. Like guys, its an opinion. I clearly love my dogs, they are obviously not being hurt because i refuse to think of them as ‘fur babies’ rather than my dogs. I still treat them like i’d treat any child - i provide love, attention, food, play dates, boundaries, food and all the mental stimulation their little brains could hope for. I just don’t call them my children. Calling them my dogs doesn’t mean they are any less valuable or important than kids. Dogs are awesome wonderful creatures and the word ‘my dog’ to me symbolises an amazing bond, a relationship formed out of choice on all parties and it can be a wonderful lifetime of friendship. My Dog is the highest commendation i could give. It is the highest level of relationship i could have. No one understands you quite like your dog. No one is there for you unconditionally quite like your dog - not even a child. I dont call them my kids because to me they are better. They are my dogs and that is the highest title i could ever give them. 

But obviously none of you give a fucking shit because you’re too busy being personally insulted that someone voiced an opinion you dont agree with. You can say you’re your dogs mother, brother, neighbour, third cousin twice removed or your dogs fucking pet budgie for all care. As long as you dont hurt the lil guy i dont care what words you use to describe your relationship. So lets stop with the hate ok?! I delete all messages anyway and move on with my life. Anon is now turned off :) 

Hey can someone help me? Normally this pic just has Tré and Mike in it, but I found it with Billie, and Tré’s cut off. I’m sad that I can’t find the one with just Mike and Tré now. I was gonna stick them together on a collage app like I did with the pic of Billie that’s in color now and whatnot. Does anyone have the pic of just Tré and Mike they can send to me, or reblog/tag me in? I’ll give you creds lol.

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We can’t live like this. We won’t live like this.

I MYSELF, will not live like this.

I will not leave my doors open to people who hate me, hate my culture, hate what I stand for, and want me to bend my knee to their stone-age, brutish idea of what’s right. Those who refuse to live by fundamental basic norms of modern Western society CANNOT be tolerated to just agitate for not only tolerance, not only acceptance, but SUBMISSION. I am open to limited tolerance, but never submission.

The West did not fight and have millions die over the past 500 years just to give up its hard-fought progress because some say they don’t agree and think it’s better we all go back to the glorious decades of ages past where bigots burned and stoned a man who dared bring enlightenment to the human mind.

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What if dean has a thing against gays because he was once gay himself and bullied by his father for it????

Alright, I gotta say that from the bottom of my heart I just.. I’m angry. This ask made me so angry, and theres a lot of reasons for that but this isnt some sappy personal blog, this is a shitty anti dean blog. But either way you need to know that what you sent me was wrong. This is a shitty trope, the whole?? Homophobes are actually gay thing?? It makes shitty gross people the victim, when you know who is the victim? The people the homophobes abuse and berate. This trope excuses people, and it lets shitty people continue to be shitty, and thats fucked up and its wrong. YEAH yeah internalized homophobia is a real thing but.. Saying stuff like you just did?? thats going wayy beyond that and its giving an abuser an excuse

I havent even mentioned the part thats like?? “He was gay once” Because uh.. people dont just stop being gay. You dont get to pick who you’re into. Just- idk I’m done here. Don’t be gross please 

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You should confront her abt it-if she blocks you and ignores you like she did with the others, then she wasn't really a good friend in the first place. Also, it's pretty hard to ignore

thats a good point

let me just, wait for a moment and prepare myself, haha its like 7:30 in the morning where we are and its a Sunday, i dont want to start a rest day with confrontation

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blacklist bpd, ignore the community, do anything in your power to ignore it because nobody cares if you think it's wrong, it's not going to change anything, ok? nothing you say will change something so dumb. it's better to just block the bpd community from your life

Anon did you really think that I would believe that criticizing a community that has been comfortable with the normalization of a abuse for over 5 years would turn around and fix its issues in an instant??

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve had several people message me saying thank you for being vocal about my issues because they either struggled with seeing the problem themselves or were too afraid to talk about it .

Like enough with this “don’t like, don’t see” argument that’s childish and stupid as hell. Like by your logic, these people shouldn’t be trying to make retorts because I don’t care about what they have to say. Of course you wouldn’t wanna criticize THEM now would you ? 🤔

Just Yours - Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen: Not Like I Did

A/N: It’s short but whatevs. I’ve got some more exciting things coming up in the next one or two chapters. Let me know if you have questions or wanna be tagged I guess??
Word Count: 1,774
Pairing: Rafael Barba x Reader
Synopsis: Make up after last chapter’s events.
Tags: @sergeantdodds, @sweetsummertime99, @evs14u, @gibbs274, @standing-in-a-downpour, @camasy, 

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  • Me: Did it hail back home today? They were the size of golf balls here.
  • Mom: I left work at 12. It was hailing. I picked up carpets on the way home. It rained. I drove to the town centre. The sun shone so bright I needed my sunglasses. I went out after I ate. It hailed again. I don't even know what to think anymore...
  • Me: Finnish spring is just a delightful gift that keeps on giving.

hi i love the theatre but i am actually scared of it like im scared of it like when i did my theatre internships i had panic attacks every day how am i supposed to engage with something i love and could be good at if im so scared of it like i have so much talent and insight and promise and it’s so bizarre because i cant see myself not being in the theatre somehow but im so scared of it i am and people ask me what theatre things i do and its like next to nothing and theyre always like ???? and im like WELL KAREN I CANT JUST SAY THAT THE BEST THING THATS EVER HAPPENED TO ME IS ALSO THE SCARIEST MOST TERRIFYING HORRIBLE THING IN THE WORLD CAN I

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I will say it cuz its been bothering me since I watched 6x10 STYDIA kiss abd trust me m a mess since then but yesterday i unfortunately went into anti tag by accident and saw this written under the gif where STYDIA just looking each other ryt after the 😘 " when you are disgusted to kiss and try to remove the image of lips from your mind" LIKE SERIOUSLY I LOVE STYDIA BUT WHY DID DYLAN HAD TO MAKE THAT EXPRESSION, AND MAKES ME WONDER WHAT WAS GOING ON IN HIS MIND? IT'S LIKE HE DIDN'T WANTED

he looked so passionate though??? he was so desperate and into it that he couldnt focus on anything else but kissing her. i think youre confusing disgust with disbelief, concentration, and love I LOVED IT :’)


tonight i got serenaded by some guy that lowkey looked like arthur darvill rip hunter and i miss him. he just came over to me and grabbed my phone, took a selfie of us, then walked away singing. and then the second time, him and his friend came and sang with me and he took my phone again and started videoing us. i think i fell in love with him…

Song Analysis

So I was mostly joking when I said I was gonna analyze the lyrics of “Please Don’t Break Me” from Sunny Side Up, but the idea wouldn’t leave me alone so I finally went and did it. *insert ‘congratulations, you played yourself’ pic here* 

Now, disclaimer, I know there probably wasn’t any intentional symbolism relating to Milo in the song. I’m not even sure it was supposed to be from Milo’s POV (or anyone’s, for that matter). Like, its just one of their random songs that probably wasn’t intended to be taken this seriously, tbh.

But, anyways… ‘analysis’ of the lyrics, and how they apply to Milo personally, beneath the cut.

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