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THE 100 HP AU: Bits and bobs.


The Blakes are both nerds, Lincoln is too pure, Monty has to deal with Octavia & Lincoln’s awkwardness, Raven goes to the infirmary a little too often, Clarke & Lexa are gross in every universes, and the Gryffindor’s 7th year class might be the worst that Hogwarts has ever seen.

Other students existing in this AU: Maya, Murphy, Emori. Edit: cute tiny second year Aden.

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(IMPORTANT: I can’t please everyone with the sorting of their houses, this isn’t open for debate anymore. Sorry if you don’t like it. ♥)


Since that day, Brienne had been like one half-dead. Even calling her “wench” failed to provoke any response. The strength is gone from her. The woman had dropped a rock on Robin Ryger, battled a bear with a tourney sword, bitten off Vargo Hoat’s ear, and fought Jaime to exhaustion…but she was broken now, done.

- Brienne’s reaction to Catelyn’s death

i couldn’t last long


but remember from here on in
history has its eyes on you


just for you, sweet anon



the hot, athletic, Russian, “I look good without trying”, “Don’t you touch my sister or I will murder you”, “You know you want me in your pants right now” one,

and the cool, rocker, ahead of his time, “I look badass and I know it”, “I steal random shit because I can and what else I am supposed to do”, “Doing crazy shit gives me a thrill” one (that got a super sick slo-mo scene).

I think I speak for all of us here when I say I definitely can’t pick between them.

(side note: evan’s version was anti-authority and liked to nick things and was a fast talker, literally, and aaron’s version was quite a cocky piece of shit and protective as shit of his sister and between the two of them they got the impatience and the running down pat so I think that’s why I can’t pick one. They both make up the entire character so you can’t say one is better.)

she’s a handsome woman // panic! at the disco



“I don’t think that I had an unbroken record of artistic triumph, but there were enough good pictures, and I think the thing that is gratifying is when they still have some kind of a life twenty-five years or more after you made them. And I have a few like that, that when they’re seen people still enjoy them and get something from them - entertainment, information, a little bit of illumination of the human condition; they still find something of value. In a way, it’s an actor’s vanity to imagine that he’ll be remembered or his work will be appreciated in years to come, but in another way it’s not a bad ambition to try to do some work that will stand the test of time.”

Soldier Game x Guilty Kiss

what she says: im fine
what she means: the exodus album has been out for a month now and i still can’t listen to Beautiful because that was supposed to be suhos song and he did it so well at their concert yet they barely gave him any lines on the album version he literally gets like 2 words and then the last line and it’s just really unfair because his voice is underrated as it is and as if baekhyun and kyungsoo don’t sing ENOUGH in every song!!!!! this is why we can’t have nice things


Still going by Devereaux?