it's like they are seeing him with blue hair for the first time

One Step Forward

“…really not gonna like what happens next.” Frisk looked up from their position curled against the wall to see… blue. They blinked.

“Piss off, short stack,” the blond human snarled. “This is nothing to do with you, so shove it.”

“Nah. Think I’ll stand here for a bit. S'a terrible view but what can ya do.”
It took a second for the insult to click, and then the enraged man took a swing at the other, new human.

Things happened so fast Frisk almost missed them. The blue jacketed human stepped smoothly, almost lazily forward to the side, the yellow hair human, Flowers they’d called themselves, travelling forwards in surprise and momentum… and then crashing down face first into the snow.

Frisk didn’t blink, didn’t dare take their eyes from the humans, and that was how they were able to see that, as the blue human stepped forward, their left hand and left foot had moved ever so briefly and slightly; just as nonchalantly as the rest of the movement.

“Whoops,” the human said, back still to them as Flowers cursed and spat. “Guess this snow is pretty slippery, huh. You want to try that one again?”

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One, two, three. She meets a stranger on the train who’s name is Raquel. Shiny blue eyes and hair even lighter than hers, daddy pretends that Maya is his niece.
Four, five six. She runs head on to a girl with hair the colour of the coffee her mother drinks and a mommy who’s work uniform isn’t covered in syrup.
Seven, eight, nine. A boy who looks at her like he’s seen the sun for the first time grabs her hand she doesn’t question it. When she hears him tell his daddy about how he’s fallen in love with a brown haired princess after school, she punches him.
Ten, eleven, twelve. She sees a boy wearing a jacket she’d seen on her best friends sofa sitting alone, typing on his phone and looking sad. She sits next to him and stares, and he looks up and smiles. He says it’s been awhile, and she’s in love.
Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. There’s a boy holding a map and trailing something along the paper with his finger. He seems to sense her looking, and he looks up with a smile. She wants to glare back, to snap because her best friends are together and her mother is on the brink of hell and she just failed history of all the damn things and father has managed to fuck her life up all over again (drop off a half-sister, why not) and to top it all off her ferret fucking died, but she smiles. She smiles and walks over. The subway only ever gave her hell. Maybe she could continue the tradition. “Hey, I’m Maya. You’re really cute.”
—  an au where lucas moves when he’s sixteen, and maya’s a little more bitter than she is in canon
New Beginnings |

Aeden’s heart was pounding through his chest as he walked the narrow hallway leading him off the plane. Millions of thoughts were running through his mind just then, staring at the blank walls. So he could only imagine how he’d feel when he’d finally see Greensville… Finally see Joel. At the end of a tunnel, a desk. Once all of his papers were in order, Aeden only had to go through security then he’d be all set. 

When he walked into the arrivals zone, he couldn’t hold in his giddy laughter. Joel had told him he wouldn’t even need a sign saying his name, that the hair would give it away nonetheless, but he was nowhere in sight. He took his phone out of his pocket, texting Joel for the first time in hours. “I landed, I’m here, where tf are you, mucker”. Even though he tried to play it cool, absolutely no blue head were into view. He looked behind, left, right, anywhere his sight could reach, and no signs of Joel. “Well shite…” he muttered, laughing nervously.