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Terrifying Fanon Characters I've Come Across Scrolling The Homestuck AO3 Tag

JOHN: Cries. At. Everything. Also… clingy. Where is [person] ?!?! I need [person]!!! WhERE. Goes insane if left alone be because he lives for ATTENTION!!!! He will latch onto your leg like a 5 year old. Actually might be a 5 year old. Who knows. He doesn’t have enough character to tell.

ROSE: Weird Old Lady but in a young body. Cryptid. All you see of her is a glimpse across the Taco Bell parking lot at 4:13 am. She moonwalks back into the Taco Bell and orders a single dorito and then stares at you and offers cryptic advice.

DAVE: 100% bad boy stereotype. He smokes heroin behind your school near the dumpster. Everyone tells you stay away, for good reason. People say he’s an asshole. People are right. Also, where did the irony go. Its gone, much like my dignity after reading this certain fic.

JADE: Disgustingly happy or stereotype will-kick-your-ass-in-two-seconds bipolar. No in-between. She invites you to lunch with a heartfelt letter that pours her heart and soul into it, and when you arrive to the restaurant its a biker-gang-bar that she lives at. She punches a guy as you walk in.

JANE: Girl-who-bakes is her name, literally only baking is her game. Where is her character? Who knows. Did she bake it into her cupcakes? No. It’s just gone. Food is good though. Maybe because her character is only food. A good character arc for this Jane is dinner. That’s it.

ROXY: Eyyyyyyyyyyyy~ my man~. I use this~ at the end of evvvvery sentence~ cause im druuuuuuunk~. It gets old fast. Literally falls over other characters or any other person in the vicinity to shove her chest in your face. Has she ever even been sober? No. The answer is no.

DIRK: Suave. Sexy. Strider. Literally perfect, never is awkward, always knows what to say. 100% douche, 2000% of the time. No one mentions the anime shades, taboo subject. Anime is never mentioned once in the entire fic. Always cool, calm and collected. Ummm, no. Have you met the man in canon?

JAKE: Did someone say sport?!? I do sport?!? Watch me do sport?!? Sport!! Where did his ‘razz my berries’ talk go? It is no more. Generic jock. Football is his life, and it’s kinda sad to watch. He wanders around unaware of everything until someone says ‘Jake’ or 'football’ and then he smashes through 3 walls and a door to yell.

in honor of jesse's birthday these are my fave gifs/pics of him

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Bellarke scenes you want to see this season? :)))

  • “She’s not your Wanheda.”
  • “Hey. That’s not who you have to be with me, some legend or story or commander. That’s not who you have to be.”
  • At the end of the season: A kiss that starts ugly, after a fight, after too much passion - this brutal beautiful release before they’re torn apart. Then, later in the episode, Bellamy finds Clarke, and she’s already got a chart of all the reasons they won’t work, but he’s like, “Let’s try that again” and oh my God.
  • Clarke talking about Bellamy’s interests and personality, about his love of history and mythology. For once, just let them see each other as the spirit and soul beneath their blood and bones like we got a glimpse of in this episode.
  • “I forgive you.”
  • Please, lots of slow burn at its culmination. Fiery touches, long talks about something other than war, Clarke saying, “No one wants me here” and Bellamy staring at her a little too long after that.
  • Clarke unfurling, Bellamy the only one who gets it. “I can’t do this, Bellamy. Everywhere I go, death is right there, at my side.” “But I am, too.”
  • The click that happens when Clarke realizes just how much she loves him. I want to see it on her face. I want her to find him in a crowd.
  • I want a Bellamy and Lexa scene. From Bellamy: “This is what it means to love her.”
  • I just want my children to have fun and talk about memories on the Ark and laugh and be nerds. I’m tired.
  • Also, I want them to finally have that drink for me.
a one time thing (and other untruths) (14/?)

Captain Swan. Modern AU.

“She supposes the reason she tells him is the same reason she kept his phone number after all those weeks." 

Notes: So here we are. The next chapter. Sorry for the wait. Life stuff happened. You know how it goes. Next chapter’s partly written, but  - and don’t hate me for this - I need to buckle down and work on my grad school play. So from here on out, until I either finish the play or this fic (God knows which is gonna come first, good lord this fic is getting long) I’m not gonna work on new chapter until I’ve written at least one scene for my play. Then I’ll let myself write a chapter. Then a scene. And so on. So updates are gonna be slower, probably. Thank you all for reading and messaging and such. You guys are awesome. Hope you like this chapter. (And to the anon who just messaged me - your timing is perfect. I was giving the chapter a final read through when I got your message.)

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            It’s been two weeks. Two weeks of properly dating, and yet not much has changed, really. They talk more but see each other about the same, and since Henry doesn’t know (and he gets the feeling she’d never be one for public displays anyway) there’s not much in the way of hand holding or kissing or anything else. So it feels very much like it was except she’s kissed him and that changed things except nothing’s really changed and he—

            He’s not sure what to do with that.

            (They do meet for lunch, sometimes, and that’s nice. That’s—that’s when it feels real.)

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