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Life in the Pack - Part 1

Part 2 is now up!

[Part 2]

Here is part 1 of my fanfiction, I am going to make a real effort to actually finish this but the updates are not going to be regular :( Thank you for reading and any feedback would be awesome!! (Approx 6200 words)

Kakashi thought that she looked so peaceful lying there with Bisuke and Ūhei curled around her protectively. Her pink locks swirled around her face and over her arms, which were brought up beside her head, as she laid on her side. She had let her hair grow since he last saw her.

As Kakashi stepped into the room clutching his side tenderly he made sure to avoid the other ninken littering the floor around the bed. He had sent the dogs to go live with Sakura while he was away on his diplomatic mission, they always preferred her company while he was gone and he knew that Sakura would care for them far better than Naruto. At least she gave the boys the correct food and not just ramen. If Kakashi was perfectly honest it had got to the point where he basically shared the dogs with the pink haired ninja anyway. They often visited Sakura of their own accord as they knew they would be supplied with belly rubs and treats.

“Boss. You’re back.” A gruff voice from behind Kakashi had him whirling around mid-step over Bull.

Pakkun had appeared in the door way, water dripping from his mouth. He had obviously gone to get a drink from the bowl Sakura always had in her kitchen for the dogs. Kakashi didn’t say anything just simply nodded and watched as the small pug trotted between the other dogs over to Sakura’s bed only to leap up onto it. Pukkun climbed over Ūhei and settled in the space next to Sakura’s stomach. The small dog gave a final look at the silver haired man then closed his eyes and let his head rest on the bed. In doing so the water from his mouth transferred onto the crisp cream sheets darkening them.

“I don’t think Sakura would be happy with you drooling on her bed.” Kakashi said with a sigh.

Pakkun opened a lazy eye at the man and sniffed the air. “I don’t think Sakura would be happy with you bleeding all over her bedroom floor.”

Kakashi looked down to his right side and pulled his hand slowly away from his waist. Blood marred his pale hand and continued to seep slowly from the deep wound. The jounin sighed again. “I suppose you are right.”

Kakashi then continued his journey over Bull towards Sakura. Seeing his friend make his way over to the bed Pakkun got up and padded towards the pinkette’s head he then nudged her cheek gently with his small slightly damp nose. “Little lady… little lady wake up. You have a visitor. Looks like he got himself hurt again.”

Sakura moved slightly and started to wake, pulling her arms up above her head to stretch. With all the movement in the room the other ninken started to return to conciseness. Upon realising that Kakashi was home he recived several lazy tail wags, to which he smiled in return.

By the time Kakashi had made it to the edge of the low bed Sakura had half sat up and was looking at the man with bleary and confused eyes from behind the pink hair that had fallen into her face.

“-Kashi?” Sakura spoke quietly as she rubbed a fist over her eyes. “You’re back?”

“Looks like I am.” Kakashi replied with a smirk under his mask. “By the way I thought I taught you how to be a good ninja. I snuck all the way into your bedroom without you waking up.”

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*slams fist onto desk*


I think this is my favourite episode so far! I also liked how Marinette realised that she was being selfish by beating Max just to spend time with Adrien, and almost gave up her place in the tournament! 


The lucky charm she gave Adrien??? Totally going to cause the reveal pls pls pls omg 
And Adrien as Chat saw how worried Marinette was about him and it was cute 

Summary - everything is perfect fanfiction and I’m dead