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Whenever I see you and Red reblogging eachother all I can picture is a soccer pitch with one of you at either end. Because you two are Goals

This is the cutest most fuzziest thing I’ve ever read thank you.

Story time, me and that betch met forever ago on the internets on a fanfiction forum. Like back in the day when forums even were a thing. Before social media and skyping and video chatting and all that nonsense. Like internet stone age.

We were long distance for a long ass time because we were messes and couldn’t get our shit together. But then we busted our asses and did. We’ve been living together for about 4 years now and its fucking magical.




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in our souls, we’re standing by

But for now, this is what they need. The unspoken, unbreakable bond that they share, the very bond that she feels now soothing her aching heart, energising her bones and comforting her soul. Post CoL, an exploration of their connection to each other, with a healthy dose of smut. Title from Pentatonix’s Standing By. ~2.5k

The darkness is murky and black and Clarke’s unused to the sudden, oppressive silence after so many days by the sea, unused to the stillness and inactivity that came after taking down the City of Light, unused to the lack of purpose that suddenly fills her body.

For so long, it had been a non-stop rollercoaster of action. And now… she knows that she should be grateful for this hard-won breather, these stolen moments of peace and quiet. She knows that soon enough, she will be back to strategizing and bargaining and fighting. But this loss of purpose and drive has finally left her with enough time to think about things she’d avoided for so many months. The things she’d swept into the innermost corners of her mind and left untouched even as they struggled to make themselves known.

Soft footsteps appear behind her and she’d know that purposeful but soft tread anywhere. Shifting on the log, she makes space for him and it’s not long before the familiar and comforting heat of his body brushes her side through the blanket she has wrapped around her shoulders.

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So this is a continuation of something I wrote before called “It’s You” you can find the first part if you didn’t read it here : I would love feedback on this, maybe I could do something after this one like the girls reaction.

Adam POV

As I saw her walk away with Ellie all I could think about was how glad I was she gave me her number. I had to do something special for our first date. I don’t think she wanted to go to a restaurant because of all the tabloids and paparazzi, so I would have to think of something romantic but discreet at the same time. She was going to be in LA next week so maybe she could come to my house and I would arrange something at my house. I could do something at night outside on my backyard. Candles, wine, food. Food would be a problem because I only knew how to cook chicken and vegetables. I would have to find a chef. As I was thinking about all the specifics, Emil walked up to me and said “Hey man! Where have you been all night? You look happy? Did you meet some chick?” “I didn’t meet "some chick” I met Taylor Swift. She’s so amazing, she’s nothing like I thought she would be, she’s attentive, kind, sweet, and just this incredibly person.“ "And she’s hot too.” I sighed “Yea she’s hot but I think I want something more than just hot right now and she’s exactly that. She gave me her number and I was thinking in my head how to ask her out.” “Mate, that’s great, I hope it works out.” “Yea me too.” Emil reached his hand out to my face, and started rubbing my chin, “What is that? There’s something red on your chin.” Damn it that must have been her lipstick. “Is that Taylor’s lipstick? Did you guys make out?” “We didn’t "make out” we shared a very passionate kiss.“ "Dude I have never seen you like this, you’re smitten.”

The next week I had figured out all the specifics for our date. I was so nervous. I just had to call her and ask when she had time to come, and then I would have to call the chef and tell her when to come and cook the food.

I held my phone in my hand and my hand was shaking, I was so nervous what if she didn’t want to come over because that would be too forward of me because inviting her to my house would insinuate something. Ok no, if she was nervous then I would just act like the perfect gentleman, no cheeky jokes, nothing, unless she wanted to. I wouldn’t even mention the incident at the Brit Awards after party. I dialed her number and called, after two rings she picked up “Hello?” “Hey Taylor, it’s Adam from the Brit Awards.” “Omg hi!” “How are you?” “I’m really good, how are you?” “I’m doing well, so are you in LA?” “Yea I’m here for 3 more days.” Crap, she would have to come either today or tomorrow. “So the reason I’m calling is-is I wanted to ask you out, while you’re still here. I already planned everything, and I remembered you have problems with the paparazzi so I made plans for something very discreet.” Crap I was starting to ramble. “Yea I would love to, what day did you have in mind?” “I was thinking today or tomorrow?” “Uh well, tomorrow I have plans with Ellie and the girls, so how about tonight?” “Great, that’s perfect, so I’ll pick you up at 7?” “That sounds great, what did you plan, so I know what to wear.” “Just dinner.” “Ok great, so I’ll see you at 7, I’ll text you my address.” “Ok see you tonight.” “Bye.” “Bye.” I hung up. Omfg tonight. She was coming tonight. Ok so what am I doing now. It’s 11am, so I’ll go to the gym, call my maid to clean, call the chef to come around 5:30, find what to wear, trim my beard, buy flowers to bring to her house, get my car washed, and I remembered she said she liked vintage and antique stuff so I could go look for a candelabra that has an antique vibe. Ok Adam you’re starting to freak out, just stay calm, you have time, and even if everything isn’t completely perfect it’ll be ok because you’ll get to spend time with her.

Taylor POV

Tonight. He was picking me up at 7. Ok Taylor just relax. We were just having dinner. I know what would relax me, shopping! I could go get a new dress or a romper or crop top and skirt combo. And shoes. And maybe some new jewelry.

I didn’t want to go shopping alone so I called Ellie. “Ellie let’s go shopping.” “You only go shopping when you’re nervous, what’s going on?” “Well if you must know, I have a date with Adam tonight.” “Omg Tay I’m so happy for you. I’ll be at your house within the hour.”

We got home 3 hours later with 10 huge shopping bags.

“Tay, are you sure you’re ok? You bought so much stuff you had to split the cost on two credit cards.”
“I’m fine. My closet in LA was lacking.”

I did go a little nuts. I bought 5 pairs of shoes, 3 crop top skirt combos, 6 dresses, 3 sets of lingerie, 2 pairs of fancy shorts, and 4 bags. It was already 4 pm, and I only had 3 hours to get ready. “Ellie as much as I love you, I only have 3 hours to get ready and I still have to shower, wash my hair, dry it, style it, do my makeup, choose an outfit, and just little tiny date stuff.” “Ok I get I’m going. But let me tell you something about Adam to ease your mind, he’s gonna think you look perfect no matter what.” “How do you know that?” “Because he told me.”

Ellie left and I started to get ready. After 2 ½ hours I was almost dressed. I wore this creme colored dress that had a black sash running along the open back. And I wore matching creme colored heels. They were really high but Adam was a lot taller than me so I wanted to be as tall as possible.

It was 6:40, he was going to be here in 20 min, so I just went to get a glass of wine to ease my nerves, and turn on some friends.

At 7:02 the doorbell rang, and suddenly my heart was in my throat. He was here. I had one glass of wine so now I felt more at ease than before. I walked to the door and opened it. He was standing there with a smile on his face and a huge bouquet of lilies. He was wearing a button down dark jeans a blazer and sneakers. I wished silently he wasn’t wearing anything. My cheeks had gotten a little red. He spoke first “You look so amazing.” I giggled “Thank you so do you. And how did you know? Lilies are my favorite! Come in, I’ll put them in some water.” He walked in and stood there awkwardly. I grinned because he was like me, so tall and lanky and awkward. He noticed and said “Why are you looking at me like that?” “Because you’re like me, you’re so tall and lanky, and you’re standing there so awkwardly, you can sit down, I’ll just be a minute.”

I went into the kitchen, and reached to get a vase. I put the flowers in and went back to the living room.

He was sitting next to the fireplace looking at the photos I had on display. He turned around “You ready to go?” “Yea.”

We went outside and I saw this low very sporty looking car. “Is that yours?” “Yea.” He looked down at the ground. “Well you are gonna need to help me get into that car, because with my legs I’ll definitely fall or twist my ankle or something.”

He had opened the car door, and held my hand until I was safely seated inside. Then he went around to the other side and got in the car. He was so relaxed, when he got in the car his motions were so fluid. He sped off his car going from 0 to 50 in a matter of seconds. This was so exhilarating, normally I didn’t like it when guys drove fast but with Adam I got a thrill from it. He has a big grin on his face, I thought “boys and their toys.” He hit a red light and he didn’t stop like abruptly, it was a smooth stop, he drove really well I noticed. At the red light I noticed him staring at my legs. They looked endless in the dress and the platform heels. When I caught him he looked away, embarrassed. The ride to his place was short, only 15 minutes.

Then suddenly we were there, driving into his driveway. When we stopped he got out of the car fast, and ran across the front to open the door for me. He gave me his hand, which I gladly accepted. We walked up to his door, and he opened it and when I walked inside I was in shock. The whole place was covered in flowers and candles. “This is amazing, I can’t believe you did this.” I turned to look at him and he was rubbing the back of his neck. “It’s too much isn’t it?” “Are you kidding? No it’s perfect, I love it! I’ve never had anyone put this much effort into a first date.” Suddenly I had a lot of courage, so I walked up to him and kissed him. He was surprised at first, but then reciprocated what I was feeling. When we finally pulled away his face was in awe “Wow,” he said “That was amazing. As much as I would love to do that some more, the food is going to get cold.” He took my hand and let me outside to his backyard and there was the most perfect thing I has ever seen. A small table with a white tablecloth, candles, food, and a bottle of wine. This was on his terrace. It was perfect, it was like a restaurant but in his backyard. It was romantic but discreet, which was exactly what I wanted because including the media in our first date was just too much to handle. He led me to the table and pulled out the chair for me. All I could think about was how much of a gentleman he was with me. His parents raised him right. I heard him chuckle and I realized I said that part out loud. “I meant that in a good way, you’ve treated me exactly like a princess tonight, your parents taught you well.” “Well you look like a princess so that’s exactly how you deserve to be treated.” I blushed. “So what are we eating tonight?” “Ok well for appetizers we have chicken liver pâté with crackers, then for entree steak tartare and then for dessert chocolate mousse.” “Wow that sounds amazing. Did you make all this?” He started blushing like crazy “What, what is it?” “I, uh hired a chef to come before I picked you up, to cook all this.” “So let me get this straight you bought tons of flowers to decorate your house in, tons of candles, I know you bought that candelabra because the rest of your house is very modern and this candelabra is very vintage and antiquated, hired a chef to cook this incredible dinner, all for me? Why?” “I wanted our first date to be perfect, and because you deserve all this and more.” I started tearing up because it was so perfect. “Are you crying? What’s wrong?” “Nothing is wrong I just don’t remember the last time someone did something this nice for me.” I wiped away my tears and stood up and crossed the table to him, leaned down, and kissed him so hard like my life depended on it. He stood up and we had the most magnificent kiss. I pulled away and said “We should eat this lovely meal, before it gets cold.” He agreed.

We sat down and we ate. The food was so good and later I was stuffed and my head was spinning deliciously with rosé. This night was perfect. We had the most amazing conversation. We were talking about how I was an awful dancer. “I’m sure that’s not true. You know what, let’s dance right now.” “Yea? What kind of dancing? The kind that people do at your shows?” “No, just waltz.” We went into his spacious living room, and he went to his speaker system, plugged in his phone and turned on Clair de Lune. He went over and pulled me towards him. My heels were high enough so that I could rest my chin on his shoulder. “I never expected you have this song on your phone.” “I have over 5,000 songs on my phone you would be surprised.” We finished the song and he glanced at the clock. It was already close to midnight. “I should get you home, it’s almost midnight.” “Yea, that’s probably a good idea.” I didn’t want this night to end, but I was pretty tired so I agreed with him.

We went outside and we were about to get into the car when I heard someone rustling in the bushes across the street. I froze and he noticed. I ran back up to his door and rushed back into the house. Someone was trying to get a picture of us. I didn’t even know how they found us here. I was sitting on the couch, with my hands covering my face. I noticed Adam wasn’t coming in to the house so I got up to check through the door where he was. He was across the street talking to some guy. The guy was holding a camera and I saw Adam punch him and take his camera. I started freaking out. Oh my god. Then Adam came through the door looking so angry he startled me. When he saw me he visibly calmed down. “Are you ok? What happened?” “I’m fine I can’t say the same for the guy across the street. The things he said about you when I confronted him, I swear to god I was about to kill him.” “Adam calm down, it’s ok.” “No it’s not ok. God how do you live with that? Them tracking you 24/7. It’s insane.” “I’ve gotten used to it.” He looked at me in a way like he felt bad for me. “Look you can stay here tonight. In the morning we’ll sneak you out somehow without them finding out. You can sleep in my bed upstairs and I’ll sleep on the couch.” “Adam no it’s ok I’ll sleep on the couch.” “No I won’t be able to sleep knowing that I’m in my huge comfy bed and you’re downstairs on the couch.” “Ok then you’ll sleep in the bed with me.” He looked at me in a guilty way. “I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.” “Adam it’s fine, we’ll stick to our own sides, it’ll be fine.” “Yea ok.” He led the way upstairs. His bed was huge. I was thinking about what it would feel like to make love in that bed. Taylor now is not the time to be thinking about this. I can think about this later when Adam is sound asleep and can’t read my expression. He came out of the closet with a tshirt and sweatpants. “Here, for pajamas. They might be a bit big on you but it’s all I have.” “Thank you this is perfect. I’m just going to go to the bathroom to wipe off all my makeup.” “Yea it’s through that door.” I went into his bathroom and started to look for stuff to wipe off my eye makeup. He had some cotton swabs and lotion. After I was done changing into the clothes he gave me I looked at myself in the mirror. I was wearing his clothes and my face was completely bare. I came out and he was laying in bed looking through his phone. “Adam?” “Yea?” “Promise you won’t laugh?” “Ok.” I came out and he smiled. “What are you smiling at?” “You look perfect, without makeup and in my clothes, you look just as perfect as you did 5 minutes ago.” I blushed. I got into bed on the other side. I couldn’t get myself comfortable in a stranger’s bed. I looked over at him and admired him for a second before saying “Can you do me a favor?” “Sure.” “Can you hold me?” He looked me with hesitation, “Ok, but that’s it I’m just going to hold you, nothing else, and tell me if you feel uncomfortable, okay?” “Okay.” We scooched to the middle of the bed, and he wrapped his big strong arms around my waist. “Is this ok?” “Yes it’s perfect.” I kissed his lips softly and nuzzled my head into the crevice of his neck. That night I slept so deeply I couldn’t believe it.