it's like she's being possessed or something

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YES re: your response to the SC VF pic. I think C's arms are like that b/c she's deliberately trying extra hard not to wrap her arms around S, remembering their "story". Being drunk, it's hard for her & she doesn't have her usual model poise, b/c when do we ever see her stand like that?? Your "he’s behind her, facing towards her and protecting her all in one. something about his pose is very like…protective and possessive of her" also gets a YES. Because C's slightly drunk & S is protecting her.

YEP. ALL OF THIS. we rarely see drunk Caitriona and when we have, she’s usually leaning on Sam. just saying.

(^look at the pile of black next to Sam + the angle of his body. 99% sure that’s Cait’s hair right over his shoulder which means her head is on his shoulder.)

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What Is The Beef with hhrhtfjti13 other than them being a bad artist with a boring oc?

Its not really beef any more than it is me mocking the way she handles things plus she once drew this trans exclusionary comic about her oc getting possessed by bill on her period
Her oc boils down to a self insert and shes like in her late 20s what is she doing shipping herself with a fictional character. Go to a pub or something and meet people go be a useful white adult
In general though if people dont admit theyre obsessed with themselves it kinda ticks me off. I have no personal quarrel with her but shes interesting to judge

Could Be Anybody

I’m going to blame MichiruCipher for planting this idea in my head :-) 


This one-shot is part of the Demonology Student Dipper series, probably want to read the main fic first. :-)

Could Be Anybody

Elisabeth was perhaps a bit more sloppy than usual when drawing the circle. But weak bindings wouldn’t make any difference in this case and she couldn’t waste too much time. She had a job to do.

There had been some issues in the past about conventiongoers sneaking in cursed or demonic objects, either knowingly or unknowingly. There had even been a few cases of careless summonings. To combat that, they’d hired an expert who had to monitor the crowd and discreetly deal with any trouble that might pop up.

She was that expert. And trouble had popped up.

The circle was activated with a drop of blood and smoke bloomed in the center, revealing a floating figure, winged and wreathed in blue flames.

Alcor the Dreambender opened eyes of black and gold, and grinned at her.

“Why hello, Adams! How has life been treating you?”

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FDTD 3x06 Review:

Yes its that time again and jeez do I have major emotions after this episode. Much as I enjoyed last weeks B-movie SUPERNATURAL/Hitchcock inspired monster fest this was the second strongest hour of Dusk this season! We’re finally at the halfway point in the show’s riveting 3rd season and the stakes have never been higher. All the performances in 3x06 were stellar, the twisted humor was an added bonus, the creepy SAW atmosphere was fun as it was disturbing, emotions ran higher than ever and once again the action sequences were simply astonishing.The shining stars of this episode however were definitely Zane Holtz, DJ Cotrona and Madison Davenport.


Seth & Richie Gecko: this was probably the most emotional episode for these two so far this season and in the series overall. It was interesting to see how vulnerable they became; Seth fighting to control his anxiety and fear of losing Richie while remaining focused on the mission to rescue him and whether or not he has it in him to do the alternative. And Richie struggling with his sanity after the abduction as well as succumbing to Amaru’s power. As we go deeper and darker into the story the tragedy unfolding between the brothers becomes all the more apparent. Regardless of unresolved issues 3x06 demonstrated the unconditional love the Geckos have for one another. And its that very sacred bond that will be put to the ultimate test as the episodes go on.

Zane and DJ’s onscreen chemistry together has never been more flawless and spectacular. Its simply the driving force of Dusk. Both of them gave powerful performances in 3x06. I was in tears during every one of their scenes. Even their quick fight scene together was gut-wrenching. I felt their pain and their struggles with both Richie’s abduction and Xibalban possession. And I almost got the feeling they wanted to challenge Madison and Brandon’s Fuller siblings for who could tear at your heartstrings the most. If I was gutted anymore after this episode I’d be hollow because I swear the Gecko brothers are going to break my heart. If there’s one thing Zane and DJ really excel at together either than the humor its the emotional brotherly angst which I’ve been missing since season 1. THAT HUG BETWEEN THEM DESTROYED ME! MY GOD!

Zane was absolutely brilliant hands down in this episode too. He killed it again. Zane has shown so many sides of himself in this series and 3x06 was no exception. He scared the hell out of me with those Jack Torrance [The Shinning] vibes as he stalked the unsuspecting team Gecko! I seriously can’t get enough of this man’s acting. This was probably the most challenging material he’s had yet on Dusk because it was taking Richie Gecko to a whole other level of darkness while remaining true to the spirit of the character. What I loved about this episode was that it wasn’t just about Richie’s decent into madness but it also emphasized the daily battle with his inner demons. Demons that Amaru manifested turning Richie into a raging monster which is frightening given how much his good side has to fight to suppress that dark side. It only defines how much more of a tragic figure he is underneath all that sass, confidence and emotional armor. 

And even while possessed and somewhat soulless, Richie still maintained a piece of his former self [like refraining from killing any of his teammates but locking them all up] thinking of his brother above everything else who he still cared about in his own twisted way. Richie still wanted to protect Seth [locking him in that control room] and give him what he always dreamed [Elrey] even if it was with sinister intentions. 

I loved Seth rising to the occasion in this episode as well not just as an established leader of the team but also in his affection for Richie. The beautiful thing about the Geckos was that even in Richie’s monstrous state of insanity Seth still loved him. He still defended Richie when his team disregarded him. And he tried to use that love and devotion to fight for Richie’s soul even if he wasn’t enough. I was cheering the whole time because this was the Seth I’ve always wanted to come through. God that scene where Seth sets his brother on fire to save him had to be one of the most difficult things he’s ever had to do. The expression on his face when he did it just annihilated me. 

Another eerie thing about this episode was it further foreshadowed Richie’s fate; that my theory of him sacrificing himself at the end of S3 will happen and how much its going to hurt Seth. Richie’s guilt over Ximena’s death and the death of that asylum inmate is only going to provoke that crucial decision all the more. The pain is coming guys and it won’t be merciful.  

Kichie/Amarichie: aside from the Gecko brothers and the Fuller siblings my other favorite Dusk relationship is and will always be Kichie. Though Kate didn’t reach out to Richie in this episode I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the interaction between Zane and Madison the whole time. They really turned up the heat. Despite playing a different character either than Kate and Richie being under a Xibalan possession the chemistry between them has never been more fiercely electric than its ever been. They simply carry that connection into their dark personas so genuinely that it almost makes you root for them as much as you would actual!Richie & Kate. 

There was something strangely erotic about their scenes in 3x06 from that moment where Amaru took a hold of Richie’s hand telling him “remember what we shared” to the scene where she stuck his hand in that hell doorway. It felt very much like I was witnessing a demonic sex scene with Richie all sweaty under that exhilarating look of pleasure on his face matching Amaru’s. At the same time watching the Richie/Aamru scenes was heartbreaking for me because Amaru was actually using Kate’s memories once again as a way to compel and manipulate Richie’s thoughts, feelings and emotions. I couldn’t help feeling Kate’s pain through it all. Trapped and forced to watch a person she cares about mangled against his will.

I even felt a twinge of anger watching the Amarichie scenes because it brought back all those painful memories of what Santanico had done to Richie in the first two seasons of Dusk. Yes guys if you think what Amaru did to Richie in 3x06 was bad might I remind you of the hell Santanico put him through in S1 and S2? there’s no comparison. This isn’t the first time Richie’s head has been messed with. I don’t care how evil and wrenched Amaru is, it doesn’t change the fact that Santanico used, abused, manipulated and forced him to murder an innocent person against his will. It doesn’t erase what Santanico put Richie through mind-f**king with him [just as Amaru had done] and nearly driving him crazy all season 1. So yes I still have a lot of resentment towards Santanico’s character and Amaru’s torture of Richie reopened those wounds. It was disheartening to watch. 

That said the Amarichie scenes had its entertaining moments, especially that quick scene where they were both red-eyed grinning at each other in the car like the power-couple-from-hell; after the car rammed into Sex Machine lol. I could tell Zane and Madison had a blast working together in this episode and it showed onscreen. I hope the writers continue to let these two interact on the show because their scenes are always fantastic. Zane’s best work on Dusk is with DJ and Madison period. Those dynamics are the most interesting of all.

I still hope Kate comes through I haven’t given up hope our girl will reach out to Richie. I’ve been really missing Kate all season even though Madison is slaying it as the demon queen. But at least we got a few Kichie references in 3x06 including the moment where Amaru echoed Richie back at the pool with Kate. 

We also sort of got another Kichie [Amarichie] hand scene. I just hope we get actual Richiekate scenes soon because I’m dying for the follow up of that “I hope you burn in hell” moment they shared before Kate’s death in 2x10. Another thing I found interesting this season is the writers have managed to show us not one but TWO romantic relationships between a human and a culebra. First there was Kisa/Santanico & Manola. Then there was Freddie & Ximena. While both of them ended in tragedy I couldn’t help getting the notion these relationships hinted at Richie & Kate’s future together; a future where they will make it work. Because if there’s one thing I know  those other couples didn’t have; its Richie and Kate’s unique simple human connection.

However I have this tormented feeling that Richie’s sacrifice is going to do with Kate and not just saving the world or Seth. Its being made very clear by the writers how significant their connection is and that it may play a pivotal role in rescuing Kate. Richie is going to save her no matter the risk. I guess this means my Romeo & Juliet of the Underworld nickname is gonna stick after all.

Other episode highlights in this episode include the hilariously growing animosity between future brother-in-laws Scott and Richie. That fight scene between Brandon and Zane was bananas insane! I especially loved that moment where possessed!Richie gives Scott the finger lol. Also we said a heartfelt goodbye to one of Dusk’s newest additions Ximena [who I really liked as well as her scenes with Freddie] carrying with that the added angst between Freddie Gonzalez and Richie. 

Buckle up guys the storm is coming and its going to hurt a lot. 

“He’s so bad but he does it so well.” - Taylor Swift


“You want me to do what?”

Klaus’ mouth curved into a wicked smile, his dimples dancing. “You heard me, love.”

Bonnie narrowed her eyes, waiting for a punchline that never came.

“You want me to kiss you?” she forced the word out, feeling her face and ears flush hotly. Glancing at his lips by accident she quickly looked away, directing her gaze past his shoulder, past the crew of vampire minions around him, to where the bar exit loomed tauntingly out of reach.

“And all these other people,” he gestured to the bar full of smoking and drinking patrons, “can leave here unharmed.”

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So I saw your headcanon on Hau being possessed by Nihilego, and I know this is extra angsty, but what if Nihilego possessed Lillie? Enjoy the angst!

i LIVE for the angst….

it would be really hard for a Nihilego to get its hands on Lillie, considering she tries her best to stay away from UBs as possible. the only instance i could see her getting captured somehow is if it snuck up on her, somehow free from it’s pokeball. she’d look something like this! (excuse the rough sketch)

(full image here)

Nihilego would have to make DRASTIC changes to her personality and morals to really bring out lillie’s full potential! considering her morals and personal feelings were strong enough to cause lillie to steal a cosmog and book it, Nihilego would have to work really hard to keep Lillie under control. in the end, if Nihilego is able to gain control, lillie changes from sweet, calm, and passionate to someone a bit more like her mother she was under control

lillie holds a lot of untapped potential due to her fears holding her back. so when Nihilego’s neurotoxins remove these fears, she becomes a powerhouse, much like lusamine was. she loses all traces of gentleness from her personality, amplifying her desire to be strong and resourceful…she’s almost unrecognizable like this. 

out of everyone who could get stung, she’d be the hardest to control and would need a lot of neurotoxin to actually keep down. when she comes out of Nihilego’s power, it would be smart to rush her to a hospital, she’ll be heavily poisoned

nihilego AUs are the best thing ive ever come across fam

I know the bottom, she says. I know it with my great tap root:
  It is what you fear.
  I do not fear it: I have been there.
  Is it the sea you hear in me,  
  Its dissatisfactions?
  Or the voice of nothing, that was your madness?
  Love is a shadow.
  How you lie and cry after it
  Listen: these are its hooves: it has gone off, like a horse.
  All night I shall gallop thus, impetuously,
  Till your head is a stone, your pillow a little turf,  
  Echoing, echoing.
  Or shall I bring you the sound of poisons?  
  This is rain now, this big hush.
  And this is the fruit of it: tin-white, like arsenic.
  I have suffered the atrocity of sunsets.  
  Scorched to the root
  My red filaments burn and stand, a hand of wires.
  Now I break up in pieces that fly about like clubs.  
  A wind of such violence
  Will tolerate no bystanding: I must shriek.
  The moon, also, is merciless: she would drag me  
  Cruelly, being barren.
  Her radiance scathes me. Or perhaps I have caught her.
  I let her go. I let her go
  Diminished and flat, as after radical surgery.  
  How your bad dreams possess and endow me.
  I am inhabited by a cry.  
  Nightly it flaps out
  Looking, with its hooks, for something to love.
  I am terrified by this dark thing  
  That sleeps in me;
  All day I feel its soft, feathery turnings, its malignity.
  Clouds pass and disperse.
  Are those the faces of love, those pale irretrievables?  
  Is it for such I agitate my heart?
  I am incapable of more knowledge.  
  What is this, this face
  So murderous in its strangle of branches?——
  Its snaky acids hiss.
  It petrifies the will. These are the isolate, slow faults  
  That kill, that kill, that kill.
—  “Elm” by Sylvia Plath


Give Em Hell

Bill Cipher’s day just wasn’t going well at all.

First, he hadn’t gotten much for breakfast. And breakfast for him was between the hours of 12 and 9 am, when most of the creatures in his territory were asleep and dreaming. Dreaming delicious, lovely morsels, from thick salty nightmares that kept him fed for months, to velvety rich wish-fulfillment dreams that had dollops of hopes and wonder topped on them like heavy cream.

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I always thought that Yen wasn't in first two games because of copyright issues (well, she was in second, kinda). Something about Sapkowski forbidding using Ciri and Yen in original agreement. I'm pretty sure I read about it all these years ago when I was playing the first one...

Hm, never heard of that before. I thought copyright was all encompassing. Like The Witcher and all its characters were a package deal under it? Idk. But yeah, not sure about that. I do love the idea of Sapkowski being possessive of Yen and Ciri though :)

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if da painting in "TOGETHER BREAKFAST" is as u say then y did Garnet need 2 break&burn Steven's phone?

We’ve seen Gems be able to possess objects in the world around them, like in “Horror Club”, and the smoke monster made from the scroll possessed the together breakfast so we know this is something it can do. Perhaps Garnet was afraid that the monster possessed Steven’s phone, its transfer ‘invisible’ due to the camera flash (Gems are beings of light afterall) so she couldn’t know for sure if it possessed the phone or not so she decided to play it safe

But also maybe its because the painting is made up of crushed dead Gems so its disturbing and she doesn’t want Steven keeping it on his phone but she’s Garnet and she has extreme reactions to things sometimes so she broke the phone instead of just deleting the picutre