it's like she was bred for me

She came as open medicine cabinets and empty fridges,
half buried, dark clouds rolling in like rocks in the sky.
She came with bottles of pills, apologies bred into her.
Wearing pink ribbons spiraled into her hair
she only loved me until the sun was down.
Then its just rain darkening sidewalks again.
Air hanging heavy around my throat.
Yesterdays naming themselves.
—  The second time you kiss her, by Marin Boyle

Yeah so thought this would be fun. Shepherd and husky people have fun with Noodle’s conformation. Its not the best stack, I couldn’t see what she was doing and I couldn’t stack her like a shepherd because all she was doing was bleeding on me and barking. Its the best I’m going to get while she’s in heat and annoying.

Keep it nice. Noodle is not being bred, was not bred by me, was found on the street. Do not use this as an opportunity to be a dick. 

why are old people so succeptible to being prejudice against anything its honestly wild like??? my grandma once read a headline that pit bulls were bred to kill all living things and now she thinks they are disgusting monsters who will rip out her throat if she sees one on the street, despite the fact that i personally work with pit bulls and assure her that they are some of the sweetest dogs she will ever meet and have videos of them running around happily and cuddling with me. lets not even get started on racism and homophobia