it's like reading your horoscope where some things are right and others not so much


 Mystic Rainn weighs in on your future.

 Want to know what this upcoming month has in store for you? It all in the cards.

1. Aries

Don’t allow previous disappointments and heartbreak keep you from being all that you can be. Sometimes the disappointment can become so great that you end up feeling despondent or fearful to jump back into the deep in, but that is not a life worth living. Don’t allow yourself to turn cold and jaded, because a heartless existence is not in your nature.

2. Taurus

You are coming out of a period of feeling stuck and things will soon begin to look up. You are also coming to the end of the cycle with material and money problems. If any of you have been hoping for employment or more work opportunities, you can expect them in this month!

3. Gemini

You are currently experiencing a change of perspective when it comes to where you want to direct your life and how you are going to live it from this day forward, and you’ve dealt with this throughout your birthday month. I told you last month that you need to have the courage to follow your dreams and passions at this time, as they will direct you towards a more fulfilling destination; however, you’ve been doubtful! This is okay, as you just need to take a different approach. It is time for you to own your own beliefs, thoughts and feelings as to what is right. Stop searching for the approval of others because you will not get it.

4. Cancer

There is a lot of transformative energy surrounding Cancerians at the moment and as a result you feel more anxious and stressed.  Don’t allow panic or the fear of the unknown to throw you off your game. You can expect great change in the next upcoming months and if you want the process to move smoothly then you need to stop putting up so much resistance and allow the Universe to do its job. Relinquish control. For those that a worried about employment, paperwork or legal issues, that will be sorted in your favour.

5. Leo

Consider yourselves to have been smacked by the Luck of the Irish as you’ve got the Wheel of Fortune turning in your favour spitting out luck. This month will bring a lot of developments directly in your favour. Anyone that’s been toying with new business ideas, considering starting school in the fall, or even trying for a baby, this is the month to get on it.  If you’ve been looking to receive news, you’ll get it this month! With this being said, beware. Luck is never specified as being good or bad, and if you want to eliminate the gamble produce good karma to put yourself in its good graces.

6. Virgo

Expect lots of changes! For some it will be tumultuous and for those that know how to relinquish control it will be smooth sailing. You’ve been aware that life has been getting stale, but have neglected to do anything about it. If you don’t take control of your situation the Universe will do it for you and trust me when I tell you that it will be a much more painful process.

7. Libra

After coming out a particularly emotional time for Libra, you can expect a calmer month with the pieces falling into place. Sometimes your emotions can get the better of you causing you to think that situations are worse than they actually are. Consider taking a break and indulge in solitude to recalibrate. There are vacations and holidays on the horizon for some of you.

8. Scorpio

I can see that some of you headed my advice last month and have adapted a more positive approach and just like I said, the Universe would sprinkle some magic into your life. There are lots of blessings comes in, but make sure not to give up at the last minute. Your cycle of change is nearly complete and if you burn out before the finish line you will not reap any rewards.

9. Sagittarius

This month should be smooth sailing for you; however, watch those around you. There are people that aren’t being particularly forthcoming and I sense that there is some scheming going on behind your back. Be vigilant and watch out for your colleagues and ‘friends’ this month.

10. Capricorn

Capricorn has been working hard these last few months in an attempt to reach their ambitions. You will be rewarded for this and can expect a surprise opportunity. You are now in the space to make whatever happen as you’ve worked hard enough; just channel your will to manifest it.

11. Aquarius

 Don’t allow yourself to get lazy this month as July will require you to utilise your mental capabilities and make serious decisions. Make sure to be on the ball and stay alert as this will be beneficial to you pursuing your own goals and passions later in time.

12. Pisces

After completing a phase in your life last month, it is time to get going – chop chop! There is no time to waste and you’ve spent enough time wallowing in your nostalgia. It is time to jump back into the dating scene, apply for a new job, move houses, etc. You know what you’re meant to be doing so get moving!

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Horoscopes by Gil Hizon - Week of May 7-13, 2017

Nancy Drew Presents: The Case of the Spilled T

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

We rely on yo ass to be our rock and foundation and you’ve gotten used to that role. This week, it’s gonna be difficult for you to maintain a strong facade as you deal with shit from your past. Listen, queen. We are thankful for you for being our stalwart protector, but we are doing fine this week. Feel free to lean on us for a change!

GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)

So, your old ways of doing things ain’t gonna cut it anymore. It’s time for you – and I’ll probably regret saying this – to try on a different persona! Time’s a changin’, queen, and there were things in your life that didn’t seem crucial before, but now they iz. And don’t worry if this new identity seems shaky at first. Once you’re comfortable in your new skin, you’ll be sure to kick ass.

CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

As you set out into your new adventure this week, you’re in the mood to try something new by breaking free from the chains of your past a la Carnie, Chynna and Wendy (or Arianna Grande, for you fucking millenials out there). This is quite a bold move for you and something you’ve been needing to do for a while. But here’s the thing. The lessons of your past will always be a part of yo ass. In the end, that’s what matters.

LEO (July 23 – August 22)

You are in social butterfly mode this week… it must be something you ate. Regardless, just because you’re in the mood to get to know as many people as you can doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen the way you want it to. Your brain will only be able to hold so much personal information about the bitches you’ll meet. You bettah pick your best three hos to get to know. The rest will just be your fans.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

The future seems hella appealing to you right now and gurl, I don’t blame you, ‘coz you’ve been through some deep, psychological shit, whether it’s been broughten upon you by your life, your career, or even your pets. But gurl, the future you’re perceiving right now may not be the future you’ll get. You must figure out a way to make the present work for you so whatever the future brings, it won’t fucking matter.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

This is the week where all your shit, all the things you’ve been worrying about, will snap into focus. It’s like all of a sudden, errbody’s moving slow and you can see and hear errvything. This is the time to be taking advantage of this power. Get your shit done – no dilly-dally, queen! – before the world goes back into its normal state.

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

Being pulled in two different directions is only fun when two hotties are the ones doing the pulling. This week, a part of you wants to be in the center of the spotlight, while another part just wants to get away from it all. Is it possible to find a compromise between the two? Well, gurl. If you surround yourself with the right people (be as picky as you want), you can be alone and loved at the same ass time.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

Now that you’ve conquered a major obstacle, you will need to prepare yourself even more, as the shitshows and clusterfucks will get harder and harder from here on out. As you keep going, there will be a part of you who will want to give up. When this happens, you must ask yourself why you were on this path in the first place. Reminding yourself of the prize can only strengthen your resolve to keep going.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

There are things you know, things you don’t know and things you DO NOT NEED to know. The third one is most important as it speaks about timing. Timing can be learned. It’s all about not forcing the script that the universe has given yo ass. The more you allow the powers that be to use your body as a vessel for your true self, the more organic your learning capabilities will be.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

You are the future queen of America. And as future queen, you get to call all the shots in regards to how the other queens will behave. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility. The giggles you’ll get from being appointed Governor will be short-lived once you’ve figured out the actual duties that come with your power. So be careful, mama.

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

Current personal frictions in your life may be caused by you being a quirky ass bitch. Hey, gurr, that is not something you can help. As long as your intentions are pure and you’re not hurting nobody, then you can be as fucking freaky as you want. And here’s the thing. Certain bitches in your life may not like your methods, but gurl, they can’t take their eyes offa you!

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

When a shitshow slaps you in the face, all that positive, evolved demeanor you’ve been working on during the past few weeks will fall to the wayside. And you know what, gurl? That’s okay. Those attributes are boring anyway. What we like about you is your tenacity and speediness in getting things done. And if the duty of the day is to tell another queen off, then by all means, read her to filth!

(DISCLAIMER for all entries: This is all a shitshow!)

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I don’t know what you text to a girlfriend this morning and I sure don’t want to find out through trial and error. Last night, she never came over because an hour into the election, at the sight of the first numbers, she stopped knowing how to interact with the world and couldn’t get out of bed. I share that deeply private fact without fear of embarrassing her, not because embarrassing women was legalized in last night’s referendum, but because she’s numb. If I texted her for permission to share her numbness, I’d get the same response as if I asked her to eat a submarine. “Okay,” she’d reply. “I’m going to try to sleep. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

I had no part in doing this to her, right? My state is blue, we legalized weed and protected Riley Reid’s workplace last night, and between being called an MRA, a douche and a pig by folks that remember me comparing Season 4 of Community to rape, I’m more often these days called an SJW cuck, which I like, because it sounds like someone younger than me. I want to be relevant and woke and lit and Pokémon to the max. Which is why I quietly rooted for Bernie but saw the Democratic primaries as being too sensitive to benefit from my loud mouth, and when Bernie conceded, I quietly switched to the only candidate that wasn’t anti-vaccination, anti-immigration or that Gary guy. I played my part in this whole thing just fine from beginning to end. So I’m off the hook with my shell shocked girlfriend, right?

No, because I played my part begrudgingly. And if I had known these results were possible, I wouldn’t have put an adverb on my playing of it. Except maybe “humbly” or “apologetically” or “extra cuckily” Because, at the risk of riling up anyone that will only see the political aspect of this personal confession: I know this wasn’t about emails.

If you feel it was, nothing bad is going to happen to you if you walk away from this post. I can assure you, I’m not challenging or invalidating the results of an election you see as a win. Fair play and all that. I’m glad we didn’t have a civil war.

But I want to leave a message here to my numb girlfriend that can’t work as tweets or texts or my trademark pillow talk babbling. And I guess there’s a few ex-lovers and coworkers that I hope read this too. Women that have reason not to believe I’m on their side.

The message starts with the obvious, I’m sorry. But what I’ve learned in my cuck SJW workshops is that saying “I’m sorry” isn’t an apology. A full apology is an acknowledgment of the offense, an expression of remorse and a commitment to change.

The remorse, that’s easy. I feel bad she lost and that I assumed she’d win and therefore was a dick about it. I’m all remorse this morning, I’d cut a pinky off if it let my girlfriend face the world today, smiling the way she was the last time I saw her. I don’t know if I’d be capable of actually doing the pinky cutting, I think that’s something a full on Trump guy would be better at, and if it were possible, I would like to be knocked out or at least anesthetized for the removal, because I’m a cuckity cuckimus maximus beta mega cucksuck. But I’d donate the finger and more to make this unhappen. Remorse expressed.

Acknowledgment of the crime is the one that’s going hurt and upset people because it’s confession to a crime that is life long and confusing and that won’t stop just because I confessed it.

I acknowledge that until this election, I have always felt, on some level, that although women weren’t getting a fair shake, it probably “kind of evened out” in other ways. No I can’t tell you what that means in detail because I’ve never actually consciously parsed the thought, and that’s the crime, I’ve just walked around with it. “It’s clearly harder to be a woman in this society,” I’d think, “but it’s probably easier in other ways. And in any case, one thing we know for sure…it’s different.” I do a podcast every week in which I’m constantly running my mouth about race and gender but my goal in doing so, I see now, has always been less to investigate, grow or connect and more to figure out how to make people like me (yes that last 43 years was me trying to make you like me, yes I know how sad and funny that is). I’ve kept one eye on the ever morphing fashion of gender discourse and the other eye on my own survival as a primate and figured I was, underneath it all, a feminist because my thoughts about women were never “they suck” or “they’re dumb” or “I want to hurt them.”

Now I see the crime starts so much earlier in the thought process than that. In figuring out how to survive as a frightened man, I’ve built every thought about people on a foundational assumption that the sexually reproductive dichotomy we inherited from life as old as plants was a more important dichotomy, regardless of context, than any other difference between two humans you could name.

And hey, sometimes that emphasis on sexual dichotomy is fun, or benign, or even progressive feeling, like when two men of two different complexions are so busy bonding about how women be shopping that they’re accidentally something other than racist for a second.

And then last night this thing happened. This thing that we know was not about emails. And not about the tangled roots of semi-documented corruption and not about revoked promises of walls or recanted suspicions about birthplaces, or anything you could name outside of that one thing that has us more divided than all our divisive specialities put together. This thing that has had us all so divided since before this country was a glint in its explorers’ eyes, that last night, with no ways left to express the division subtly, we walked up to the concept of our first lady president, gave it some thought, and walked away having opted for the first President to call Mexicans rapists in the same year he was charged with raping a 13 year old girl.

And I really hope you’re not still reading this if it’s making you want to argue with me. I don’t want to argue. There is no debate here to be had and we can all agree debates have stopped mattering because we also just elected the first President to blame flaming out in a debate on the moderator’s menstruation.

There I go to my comfort zone. Anger, babbling, competition, show everybody what a dramatic underdog hero you are. That’s the part of me represented by this election, that’s the part of me that got our first David Duke endorsed President into an office where he has access to the camera in your laptop and that’s the part of me I want to apologize for, which means to express remorse for, acknowledge the existence of, and finally, most importantly, to commit to changing.

I’m never going to secretly suspect anyone of exaggerating again when they tell me they don’t feel supported, or that they feel attacked. I’m going to take everything people tell me about the challenges facing them at face value and make it my goal to help them get their elusive fair shake however they can. And I’m going to take that part of my thought process that recognizes another human’s gender or race, and rather than nobly ignoring it or hilariously calling it out, I’m going to remove it from the foundation of my thoughts and just put it over to the side, where it’s as significant as someone’s horoscope and says as much about their needs as their height or weight or number of limbs, which is to say, sometimes a lot, sometimes not at all, but never by default. I am going to stop trying to find meaning in chaos by categorizing people, no matter how optimistic or supportive those categories might seem. They’ll never be fair and they’ll never lead to me doing right by anyone.

I’m not going to achieve this new thinking by typing it, I’m going to change it the way my therapist says change works: by behaving and speaking like a person that already lives in that world and letting my neurology gradually adapt. By slowing my thoughts down at the top of judgments and practicing the observation of my own brain in even the most common moments. By disrupting my mental routines even when I don’t perceive them as existing, in every encounter I have with every human being, even while I’m just laying in bed alone, running simulations of others. I’m going to stop expecting things like fairness and respect from the world and start seeing what happens when I become the source of those things. I’m going to stop making it my business to punish and reward others and defending myself. I’m going to try to figure out what the people that enter my life need in the moment of their entrance and make unique real time decisions about my relationship with them. No, I’m not going to be nicer to anyone on Twitter. Twitter is a fucking toilet. Don’t meet people in a toilet if you want to have a healthy encounter. I go there to shit on the planet and make jokes.

And if it takes me until the moment before I randomly die, I’m going to focus on making the space around me an effective advertisement for a decent world. Without expecting the world to buy into it. I don’t control the world. I don’t control other people. I control whether or not I surrender. I control when my walls come down, when the bullshit stops and whatever’s behind the walls joins whoever’s near me.

Whatever this is isn’t going to get better by getting longer. It also stopped behind honest in the last paragraph because my girlfriend came over and is now sitting next to me and I’m not interacting with her because I’m trying to finish this. I don’t know how to finish writing things. And I don’t know what people need or what they’ve been through or what hurts them and when it’s me. Cody, I’m sorry about last night, about the thing with the guy with the hair and the stuff. I acknowledge my role in it, I feel bad about it and I’m going to change the only part of it I can change. I love you. You deserve better.

Everybody reading this deserves better. Maybe this is how we end up getting it.

Or maybe this is how the statue of liberty ends up buried on a beach up to its armpits in Planet of the Apes. I always wondered what the hell could make that happen.

Advice For Beginners From a Fellow Student of Astrology

1. You will never understand everything about astrology. The reason for this is that it’s much bigger than us, and it’s also a skill. This means that it’s limitless and limited at the same time; there will always be progress to make through your research, but there will never be a finish line. I’ve been studying astrology for ~2 years and I don’t even want to say how little I know in comparison to the endless reservoir of information I don’t have.

2. Remain objective. This is so important that I would have made this #1 if the previous tip had been less relevant. I can’t stress it enough. It’s not possible to be 100% objective, but the result of that number dropping to zero is terrible, so keep your interpretations as neutral as you can, especially when reading your own natal chart (which is the most difficult). Identify your bias & manipulation of the facts when they arise and get rid of them. Astrologers are messengers, not dictators of reality. Don’t distort this craft if you want it to actually work.

3. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Astrology isn’t supposed to limit us, it’s supposed to help us grow, progress, and expand. Don’t confine yourself to someone else’s opinions, and don’t confine yourself to your own. There is always another way to look at it, and every (educated) perspective is valid.

4. “Thinking outside the box” is not the same as “disregarding fact and making shit up.” Learn to see the difference between the two.

5. Try not to rule anything out. Astrology is a massive subject that encompasses thousands of different practices and methods and uses; all of them are useful & insightful in their own ways. All of them are valuable. Learn what works for you, and then learn about what doesn’t, and see where that takes you. Struggles you will encounter with the field(s) you’re comfortable with may be solvable by other fields you don’t know how to use yet.

6. Observe, observe, observe. Watch your family and friends. Ask them questions. Analyze their words, actions, and feelings. As you get to know other people, you will get to know the signs and planets as well. You’ll begin to notice so many patterns; this is enlightening and helpful in so many ways.

7. Cut that arrogant elitist bullshit out. You’re not fooling anyone with a superiority complex about an art form. There is a structured, empirical side to astrology, but the rest of it is creative, personal, and flexible. You don’t get to decide what other people use astrology for or what beliefs they have about it. If they’re misinformed, inform them, but anything beyond that crosses the line.

8. Listen to other astrologers. Be wary of yourself when your first instinct is to say “no” to someone’s perspective on something, because that’s usually a good indicator of opinion getting in the way of actual learning. If there are no legitimate errors in their knowledge, you need to reevaluate.

9. Please don’t underestimate the value of books. The internet seems like it holds everything, and there is an immense, rich array of information to soak up online, but I used to assume it had everything I needed to know and this is plainly incorrect. There is a lot of great knowledge to find in books.

10. Try not to get into too many arguments with non-believers. Unless they’re willing to listen to you, it’s a waste of everybody’s time. The only way for someone to actually learn astrology is to seriously study it themselves.

11. Remember that astrology does have limits. Some things just can’t be explained astrologically. Biology, environment, upbringing, psychology, genetics, exposure, experiences, and countless other factors have just as much of an influence on an individual as the natal chart. When you disregard these things is when you turn astrology into a faith, and that’s abusing it.

12. On the same note, remember that there is an absolute side to astrology. Some things can’t questioned. The things that have lasted for thousands of years, such as the general meanings of the archetypes, aren’t up for interpretation. Astrology is only subjective beyond or within the frames of its structure. Understanding & accepting this is a key factor in objectivity, as well. (That said, it is still like 60% subjective. Don’t forget the other ~40%!)

13. Share what you learn, and don’t ignore constructive criticism. This is a very important way to expand, correct, and refine your knowledge.

14. In relation to #7: ignore destructive criticism. Some astrologers just want to feel ~correct~. Disregard people who want to take away the personal creativity of astrology; they’re ruining the beauty of it, and the usefulness.

15. There is no “right way” to use astrology. If you want to make memes about it, make memes about it. If you want to predict the end of the world with it, go ahead & predict the end of the world. As long as you’re educated & not trying to turn astrology into something it’s not, you’re golden.

There is a lot more to say, but I think I’ll end it here so I don’t overwhelm anyone. I may add more later, and if you want to add to it as well, you totally have my permission. I hope this gives you a better grip on the whole thing.
Ask me questions here if you need to!

stop the car

standalone; NC-17; fluff and smut; Scully/Reyes; post-Improbable; Monica and Scully have a girl’s night. 

A/N: happy Valentine’s Day! I’m gonna try and get the last part up to love you but you’re green but here’s something else. This is more romantic than I’d care to be but they’re too cute


“Why not go a little wild with it? Hot pink,” suggests Monica. Her brush strokes are focused and precise, because she will not screw this up, even though she kind of sucks at it.

“Agent Reyes,” Scully warns.

“Or maybe a pretty powder blue.” Her tongue pokes out at the corner of her mouth as she lifts Scully’s right hand to inspect her work. “ Or a sexy Camaro red.”

“Too distracting while I’m carving up the dead.” Scully pulls her hand back and hums appreciatively. “You colored inside the lines.”

“Gross.” They both laugh and Monica recaps the tan polish sitting between them.

It’s a Friday night and William is improbably, blessedly asleep in the nursery. They’d gone through Monica’s bottle of wine and pulled a little something from Scully’s stash before Monica had offered to help her with a much-needed touchup.

“No time to get a manicure with my class schedule,” Scully had explained, holding her hands out gratefully.

This thing where they dress up in their comfiest pajamas and talk about stuff they never really paid any mind to in real life, like Bureau gossip and celebrity crushes, has been going on a little bit, and neither of them knows just how much the other needs it. Scully cannot remember the last time she had another woman as a friend, and had never had one quite so much like herself, unmarried and ambitious and a little turned on whenever she gets to take her gun out. Monica knows she’s never had a friend like Scully, so radiant and mind-numbingly intelligent it rubs off on her in small and large ways, inspires her to be a better agent, a better person.

And so began a new weekly routine, a droplet of normalcy in a drought of the truly bizarre.

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The Signs
  • Just some things about the signs that are purely based off the people in my life.
  • Aries: You truly are such a caring person but your inability to think before you act causes people to constantly leave you. And your pride. You want to have a good time and enjoy things with others but your actions constantly get in the way of that. You have a deep loyalty and love for the ones you love.
  • Taurus: I know so many Taurus and all of them are so fucking chill and hilarious. Very talented people that have such a natural beauty to them. They have this ethereal aroma that makes their simplicity so inviting. Most def the animal lovers of the Zodiac. Yes, they're stubborn but their loyalty always assures me that they'll have my back no matter what. Every girl Taurus i know are absolutely gorgeous and extremely adamant about nutrition and fitness. Every male Taurus i know are amazing cooks and have the best sense of humor. I know a lot of Taurus that are stoners tbh.
  • Gemini: Every Gemini i know, i've met through partying. They are a hella good time and always just want to dance. I sometimes have an urge to punch you because of some of the things you say, but you quickly make me forget about it by showing me what good fun you are. You're extremely easy to talk to and never run out of conversation topics. Your also probably some of the best multi-taskers i know.
  • Cancer: You're so loving and compassionate. Every time i come over to your house all you want to do is make me a drink or food and take care of me. You have a nurturers soul which i think is beautiful. Although, one little thing a person does can flip you over and you often become blind to rational thought. You love and care for your family and all you consider your family so deeply. You just want to give unconditional love and be loved unconditionally.
  • Leo: You have a such a creative hand and are multitalented. I love it when you paint because it's one of the few moments where you're completely at peace and have a patience that only comes out through your art brushes. You're such a beautiful person that often lets their pride get in the way of many things. You truly care deeply about all your loved ones, you often get very protective over them. You're often extremely protective over me. You have a very large and dominate personality that i love to be around because you carry this energy that can make anything fun and exciting.
  • Virgo: You never give yourself enough credit for everything you do. You come off as an arrogant asshole to people that don't know you very well or people you don't care to get to know, but you're one of the most caring people i know. You can't help but live in your head, but I know you'd do anything to sooth the wars in mine. You're such a dork and one of the smartest people i know, i fear getting in debates with you because i KNOW you'll out word me. Pretty sure you read the dictionary as a baby. You're an exquisite soul that's fallen on hard times and i still think the world of you.
  • Libra: You're often too passive and that leads you to randomly snap at people and it hurts you. You try to avoid hurting the people you love so the thought of still doing so, breaks you. You have such a black sense of humor that people are often unaware that you're insulting them. You truly are a sweetheart inside and out but also posses a mischievous aggression that slips out here and there. You have such an alluring charm that has the people around you falling in love with you. You're aware of everything you do, but like to play oblivious.
  • Scorpio: The intensity of a Scorpio is like no other. Your one of the sweetest people i know, but if anything goes sour you can turn into the Devil in less than a minute. I've never had a friend care about me as much as you do, at times it's almost suffocating but i wouldn't want you any other way. You have a way of making me feel like an incredibly special person and for some reason your approval means the most to me. By saying or doing one thing you can anyone feel like they're ready to take on the world.
  • Sagittarius: Your honesty is appreciated but not always wanted. You're fucking hilarious and always know how to turn any situation into a party. Our one-on-one conversations are my favorite because you posses such great perspective that i love learning from and although you can't ALWAYS remain optimistic, you try your damn hardest to. I do wish you had more patience with people and could empathize more. But i'll tell you what... our adventures are some of the craziest stories and without you(the Sags in my life), i would't have experienced so many intoxicating walks of life.
  • Capricorn: Your determination is something i've always been envious of. Your will to succeed is something i've only dreamt of. You have such a bright and light personality with a cold sense of humor that i enjoy. There's this familiarity between us that picks up right where we left off every time we hang out and i think thats significant. You're weird af and i love it, i love that we've always been able to be weird and act like little kids around each other. At times, i do wish you could open your mind a more understand where another is coming from.
  • Aquarius: I love talking to you. Our conversations have incredible depth and you always intellectually stimulate me. You're far more sensitive than people think you are. You do so much for everyone all the time, your the one person i always call when i'm in trouble and you ALWAYS come and rescue me. You can't rest for longer than an hour, you have to always have to be doing something. I love it when you start inventing and making gadgets because you get so excited to show everyone your new creation. You're probably the craftiest person i know and you have the best sense of humor. You also have a lot of fucking friends.
  • Pisces: Your emotions are so deep and intense that sometimes it's hard for you to function. You care so much about your loved ones that you often carry their pain onto you. You're the cutest little button bunny and i just want to hug you all the time. You listen to me endlessly, i'll follow you around rambling nonsense and you don't even care. You're so dazed and oblivious, often in your own world coming up with new ideas for your writings or thinking about all the romance novels you read. You'd do absolutely anything to see me smile. I never want you to cry and i swear when i'm graduated from college and become rich and famous, i'm going to buy you a gigantic palace for you and dad to live in.
Things the signs need to hear

Aries: When people go quiet after you’ve said something intense in the heat of the moment, it’s not because you won the fight. It’s because you went too far. Apologize, don’t gloat.

Taurus: You talk more about the people you will never see again than the people you’re surrounded with now. Only talking about your past is really only talking about yourself.

Gemini: You have little annoying things about you that people don’t like, too. It’s the little things that irritate you. They. Don’t. Matter. Let them go.

Cancer: You aren’t as nice as you think you are. You need to transfer the sweetness of your words into your everyday thoughts.

Leo: You think that cracking a joke when someone’s sad or buying them a present out of the blue is being “in tune” with them but while you rush around trying to impress them you trip over all the hints you assume aren’t there. Start really listening.

Virgo: Why aren’t you ever satisfied? Never, not with your life, your friends, or even yourself. Why not? Haven’t you done enough for today? Turn off the bully in your head.

Libra: Everything can’t be exactly how you want it to be. If you want to be around other people so bad, then actually make an effort to learn to live with them. You need to, what’s that phrase… the one you use all the time… suck it up!

Scorpio: Why do you think that you’re so much farther ahead than everyone? That you’re so “in the loop” and you always know where you stand? Everyone is perceived differently. There are some people right now that are probably rolling their eyes even seeing your name on facebook. You miss social queues and you’re wrong about people just like anybody else.

Sagittarius: Stop pushing your agenda onto people. If someone doesn’t want to do something, you’ll rave about it and try to convince them to do it. But if they want to do something and it doesn’t fit your personal moral code then you swoop in and patronize them like the hero you are. Let everybody take their own risks.

Capricorn: Stop being such a… snob! It’s so easy for you to completely dismiss an entire person because of one thing about them. They aren’t below you because of it. Be as nice to everyone as you would be to wait staff at expensive restaurants.

Aquarius: You say you’re off to think, or to do homework, or read, but you’re really just staring off into space, talking to yourself, or watching netflix. Everyone can see through you. Stop lying and share your time more.

Pisces: There’s always someone you have to knock out of the way. Someone in the way of a favoured position, or friend, or partner. You’re always plotting, always pitting people against each other and never having to face confrontation. Stop making messes for people.


I’m not sure what caused me me to do a natal chart on Anne Frank or why. Maybe it’s because of the recent American elections and the United States has always had an infringing presences regarding other countries. Maybe it’s because when countries, America included, need all the help imaginable it is the last country to join ranks. Or maybe I got the urge to do Anne’s horoscope because I’m a fellow writer and in some way all creative types are connected with each other, in life and death. I don’t know but Anne’s chart is beautiful like she was.

In terms of WW2 and the Holocaust I’m not going to go into explicit details. Just know that this Horror shows us what cruelty humans are capable of creating.

Sun In Gemini (11th House) and Moon in Leo (2nd House)

“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.”  

The dual signs represent the multiple facets of the human being and Mercury rules the sign of Gemini and lives in the third house of communications. Gemini is a very writerly sign and want desperately to get their message across to people. 

Anne from a young age had always wanted to be a writer and her sun paired with her Leo Moon Anne would desire recognition and did. With the sun in the 11th house it tells the messengers that you cannot solely write for yourself that your words aren’t your own but a gift that must belong to everyone. With moon in the 2nd house the native will want stability involving the family and those considered to be family, something no one got during got during the war and Holocaust. Obviously Anne did not have this but she could a little security with her diary which was a gift she had on her birthday before she went into hiding. 

“I have one outstanding trait in my character, which must strike anyone who knows me for any length of time, and that is my knowledge of myself. I can watch myself and my actions, just like an outsider […] This ‘self-consciousness’ haunts me, and every time I open my mouth I know as soon as I’ve spoken whether ‘that ought to have been different’ or ‘that was right as it was.’ There are so many things about myself that I condemn; I couldn’t begin to name them all.”

Mercury and Jupiter in Gemini 

“Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!”

Jupiter is all about luck and expansion whereas Mercury is Hermes aka the Messenger. This is why air signs do well in these planets. Fire would be forceful in turn turning people off their message. Earth signs are too critical, too stubborn to allow other sides of the conversation. Water signs would be emotional and intense in a way people wouldn’t understand.

Air signs will take different forms to speak their words. They will be open minded so that they can pass their knowledge to the next person in line. Gemini is the open book, Libra is the profound painting, and Aquarius is the internet.

Anne’s diary is the open book just like her persona was in life and death. 70+ years since then and we still cling to her words. Perhaps if she survived the Holocaust she would have had a ling successful writing career, spanning across many books instead one one.

Leo Ascendant & Leo/Aquarius Interception in the 2nd and 8th Houses

“Riches can all be lost, but that happiness in your own heart can only be veiled, and it will bring you happiness again, as long as you live.”

Leo ascendants are exactly what they sound like. They are the warmth and the elegance that the sun–the brightest star in our galaxy–gives us. Leo Ascendants are pure energy. Everyone is drawn to them and we are just their audience enjoying the show. Anne’s loved ones always said that she was this silly sweet girl with high confidence. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and go after what she wanted. It’s not surprising that her book was banned, not for her depictions of the Holocaust, but because of sex, specifically her questioning her sexuality when she sees her mother’s figure and likes it.

However this ascendant does have a standoffish side about them which they hide their insecurities and fears behind, and its a wonderful mask they have. While Anne was open about her feelings toward Peter (a son of the other family hiding with the Franks) she also kept a distance with him. And when she no longer had romantic feelings for him she pretty much cut herself off from him completely.

“Everyone thinks I’m showing off when I talk, ridiculous when I’m silent, insolent when I answer, cunning when I have a good idea, lazy when I’m tired, selfish when I eat one bite more than I should.”

In my own readings I’ve seen more interceptions and duplicates than any other aspect and with interceptions the native has to create the missing lesson for themselves because this wasn’t given to them at birth. A Leo/Aquarius interception has all to do with the ego. This person will not be allowed the solo spotlight until they learn give the spotlight to others. And having this interception in the 2nd and 8th houses that this lesson will involve possessions, security, and sexuality. No one in WW2 had stability, every second was filled with the terror that the bough would break with this being a large theme in her journal. In order for Anne to shine she first had to consider others more than herself and in her journal she laments the fact that she is “safe” in hiding and her friends outside were in greater danger than she. However she did find contentment in her two years in hiding.

Sagittarius as Third Dominant Sign

Even in the camps Anne never lost her hope granted their were times where she definitely succumbed to the darkness but she have faith that things would get better. This is all very Sagittarius who see the beauty in everything. If Sagittarius were a Philosophical movement it would be Aestheticism. 

“People who have a religion should be glad, for not everyone has the gift of believing in heavenly things. You don’t necessarily even have to be afraid of punishment after death; purgatory, hell, and heaven are things that a lot of people can’t accept, but still a religion, it doesn’t matter which, keeps a person on the right path. It isn’t the fear of God but the upholding of one’s own honor and conscience. How noble and good everyone could be if, every evening before falling asleep, they were to recall to their minds the events of the while day and consider exactly what has been good and bad. Then, without realizing it you try to improve yourself at the start of each new day; of course, you achieve quite a lot in the course of time. Anyone can do this, it costs nothing and is certainly very helpful. Whoever doesn’t know it must learn and find by experience that: “A quiet conscience makes one strong!”

Title: The Day She Saw The Black Cat  / Hogwarts!AU (Chapter 2)

Summary: When Marinette is being followed by a black cat, three days after coming back to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she doesn’t know yet that this cat will probably change her life forever.

Note: Thank you all for your positive feedback on the first chapter. I’m so happy you enjoyed reading :)

You can also read it here | Chapter 1

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personal sign readings

Aries: i cant tell if youre evil or nice or sweet or rude idk you confuse me but ur gr8 and smart and i appreciate your existence in my life. thank you for taking care of my friend and make sure you stay patient with her, she isnt ready but you are. stay grounded. you are just such a nice person and i cant help but admire your intelligence and go get em attitude. dw aries, id fight u any day <3

Taurus: you literally remind me off chocolate and the colour brown, youre so stubborn but thats what makes you so special to me, youre not afraid to be real to me when im upset and i appreciate your honest. thanks for all the hot coco when im sad

Gemini: you are my source of wisdom in life, you are so smart and it makes me wonder why you even hang out with me. youre a true intellectual human and i like the way you dress lmao u remind me off computers and coffee tbh

Cancer: holy shit you are so emotional i cant handle it. youre so hyper and passionate but you know what, there are people out there who really love you, i wish i couldve kept you as a friend but life goes forth, have fun crying on people’s shoulders but be sure to make yourself comfortable, dont change who you are bc someone doesnt like it, you just be you. ily

Leo: ah leo, where do i start lol. you are such a drama queen, queen of drama, queen of the world. haha, you are the center of attention we get it leo so chill b. dont think others will out shine you bc trust me, they wouldnt fuckin dare. you are such a deep person and i appreciate your concern but i can do things on my own so take a step back, for your own good.

Virgo: i havent talked to you in forever, last time i checked you were still bitchy and a perfectionist but i miss you. i miss our talks and how much fun we had as kids. i loved going on adventures with you it was the most imaginative experience ever and i really miss that. its a shame i had to move but i hope youre doing ok out there in that big world we were so scared of. i hope we meet again soon. i wont ever forget you bc u remind me of the moon / stars and really anime lookin scenery ur that perf

Libra: where do i even start with libra… you are such a balanced spirit and i love the way you speak. i honestly love you. you are such an awkward and introverted person and its hard to tell youre even a libra. ur more like a pisces. i find the way you write and think so cute, youre so airy and weird lol. you remind me of soft pillows and sweets wrapped in gold paper. as for the other libra in my life, you sir are loud af, flamboyant and just all around a people person. its funny bc you look so happy all the time but no one really knows how you feel. no one quite understands your private or secret life like i do. you trust me and i trust you. you get on my nerves but i love your spirit and ability to change to subject when it you know it will hit close to home for me. thanks for caring

Scorpio: you are the prettiest person i have ever met. i constantly tell everyone you are the prettiest human in the school like holy shit youre hot. you make me laugh all the time and youre suprisingly not as vain as i wouldve expected from a scorpio but im totally ok with that bc you are hot af inside and out. im glad i met you but sometimes you say things without realizing youre hurting someone. dont go prodding your nose into peoples business and make assumptions based on reaction. dont give false hope to those who want real answers and just keep to yourself until you know the truth. you remind me off the colour black and red, you also remind me of sex and spicy food / underground nightclubs

Sagittarius: is it weird that a sagittarius doesnt have any sagittarius friends? i think it is… based on my brief encounter with a sagittarius male i was like hot diggity mother fuckin damn can i like touch u bc ur radiant and sexy af. in all honesty i wouldve wanted to talk to him more but we met once. it was like a distant dream. dw random sagittarius stranger, i thought you were funny when no one else did :^) i cant express my love for sagittarius’ bc they are just so unique and opinionated but at the same time they can be really cold and down right fukin psycho if you piss them off enough. some sags lack the empathy to care but dont take it personally, they are usually trying to hold back their past or how much they are hurting and are too afraid to seek help from anyone. they take on tasks by themselves which can leave them apathetic and self centered without even realizing it. most of the times sags are really outgoing and generally happy, they can make you laugh like a mofo and arent afraid to give it to you straight when you have a problem. they are the best advice givers

Capricorn: you sir, are c00l. like, way cooler than me im srs. you are goals. can i be you wtf????? you are so smart and quiet all the time but when you speak, pure genius or pure hilarity comes out. your one liners make me laugh or make me think. i love the way you function, youre such a mastermind. sometimes i wish i could find something bad about you but all i know is that you are most likely to take over the world and idk how to feel about that tbh. you remind me of books and really wealthy families with huge libraries and fuckin savage kitchens

Aquarius: aquarius you are such an important figure in my life, you have been through so much shit but you have learned from it all. the reason i am who i am today is from your real nitty gritty upbringing. you never held anything back from me and thats how i want to raise my kids, with pure honesty and love. i adore your concern but even as a mother, you need to back down. you may not know everything about how today’s society functions but thats ok, just chill. i got this. i will come to you when i need help. dont drop a pebble into the still pond bc things are balanced for once. dont fuck this up for me please. let me take care of this. i wont end up like her, i am who i am and i know what to avoid. i have learnt so much so please, let me put my knowledge into actions. your entity reminds me of magic and flowers, youre subtle but you are passionate and i love you

Pisces: ugh omg you are such a butt. you instantly remind me of scarves and well planned picnics. you were the one who would take us out and show us the world. it is so hard to tell you are even a pisces. you are more like a sagittarius and thats why i think we get along so well. like father like daughter, we are an amazing pair. i miss you, this family isnt nearly as entertaining without you here but youre off in another country, working your kind hearted butt off for us and i have accepted that. aquarius is having trouble with your absence but im calming her down, she will get used to it. dont forget about us over here ok? we all miss you. i definitely dont miss the constant clashes between us, you are just such a perfectionist it pisses me off. regardless of the bickering and stupid arguments, i love you and i want you back here with us asap

Erasing ISFJ Stereotypes

I won’t pretend my experiences are universal, but I am an … unusual ISFJ that certainly tears apart all the stereotypes, so … take it as you will.

ISFJs are dull and have no imagination or creativity.

This is the one I find most frustrating. Every person has an imagination; it is merely a matter of whether or not it has been sufficiently activated or allowed to flourish. This happens quite naturally in an ISFJ and often is ignited through reading. Books, particularly fiction, activate our Ne. The more we read, the more easily we can access Ne in daily life, and the greater a pull it has on us. Reading lets us experience and entertain new ideas without endangering our “safety,” but it may also make us more inclined to desire them in real life. 

Many ISFJs are intensely creative, in a variety of ways. The stereotype is that we knit socks for our children; the reality is that we write best-selling fantasy novels and have a healthy interest in novelty. ISFJs take such pride in their craft that they perfect it over long years of practice and, once obtaining the confidence to show their work to others, soon rise to the top of their field. Some choose handicraft skills and design, others choose to become writers. Many ISFJs wind up fantasy novelists, because what better way to explore their Ne than through directing it at taking what they know or have an interest in (such as tropes, myths, legends, archetypes, etc) and re-imagining it in entirely new or re-purposed ways? ISFJs possess Ne, which is the ability to see things “not as they are, but as they COULD BE.”

ISFJs cannot handle abstract concepts, cannot see through people, and are oblivious to symbolism and have no patience for it.

Wrong. At eight years old, I was sensing innuendo in old movies. I grew up reading C.S. Lewis. Not just his Narnia books, but his grown up allegories, which were all about abstract concepts and symbolism. I love discussing those kinds of things. Nothing makes me happier than to tear off the surface of a book or film or even a person and unearth its deeper meaning, symbolism, or greater significance. It’s true that I’m not all that fond of extremely abstract poetry that is open to interpretation (because I’m not always sure the answer the professor wants is the “right” or “only” one) and am not that fond of Shakespeare, but I know a ton of other ISFJs who love the Bard.

Regarding people … while ISFJs are stereotyped as having no insight into them I beg to differ and again, for me this comes back to literature. When you have read as many books as I have, from all kinds of different genres, you gain insight into human nature and start instinctively picking up on things. Or at least, that’s where I think my intuition about people comes from. But where I differ from the INFJ is that I’m not confident enough about my “sense” of this person to articulate it as a fact; I COULD be right in guessing their motivations or there might be an unseen variable that I haven’t considered. I am sometimes right and sometimes wrong, so I wait to see how things unravel… but I often get a “sense” of people right off the bat that is fairly accurate. I may not know why I don’t like them or consider them trustworthy, but later they’ll prove themselves to be liars, or thieves, or manipulators. 

ISFJs cannot be logical or make rational decisions, and believe BS.

Some of us do believe BS. I’ll admit it. Low-order Ne is fascinated with the idea of ghosts, magic, horoscopes, etc.

But that we cannot be logical is false; we have a fairly strong grip on logic and whenever encountering anything new, can go into intense “question mode.” We will attack something new, tearing it apart until it makes sense to us. You might even find us in mathematical, scientific, or engineering fields, where our traits will be intensive research and follow-through. And because our Ti is close to our Fe, we are eternally in a struggle between emotion and logic (hence, the semi-accurate stereotype of us being “moody” – you try shifting between feelings and rationality sixteen times every hour, where your first instinct is to be emotional and a half second later you catch yourself and say, “Now, you shouldn’t be upset over this… they have a good point”).

There is also a stereotype that goes along with this that we just “fall in line” and do as everyone else does. No. We are not robots. In fact, if everyone is doing it, someone needs to raise their hand and ask, “Why are you doing this?” As introverts, we’re not comfortable with everyone blindly doing the same thing and we might even do the opposite just to make a point.

ISFJs never question their upbringing and cannot break with tradition.

Not at all. In fact, the older we get, the more in touch we are with our Ti and Ne, which inevitably starts to question our entire belief system and compare it with the greater possibilities we can see in our environment. My views have totally shifted on many topics just in the last few years, as I have re-thought them, met with new material, had new experiences, etc. I am comfortable fundamentally altering my worldview, so long as the new perspective seems logical to me.

Regarding tradition, I have a sneaking suspicion that upbringing has a great deal to do with keeping family traditions. If your parents believe in them, you might be taught to care more about them (same with pictures, keeping family heirlooms, etc). I have some traditional views but am not tradition-keeping or ritualistic in any way. I have zero interest in old family recipes or in preserving them, could care less about photo albums, and get bored eating the same things on holidays or going the same places. Show me something new!

ISFJs all just want to be spouses and parents, and are anti-feminist.

Gosh, you should have met me as a child. I was the biggest feminist on the block, telling all my friends they ought to learn to do things for themselves. It ticked me off that the boys always rescued the girls in faerie stories. I much preferred strong single women in literature to the sappy romantics, and actually got annoyed when people kept telling me that my enjoyment of being single would wear off “when I met the right guy.” And, “Oh, you’ll change your mind about not having kids when you look into his eyes.”

I’ll decide if I want kids or not, thanks so much. It’s none of your business.

There’s not getting around the fact that I would be a good mother. I’m attentive and compassionate and a peacemaker, who knows how to get things done and take care of other people in ways that make them feel loved. But it is only lately that I have entertained the thought of not being single. Humorously, the situation is reversed in my ISFJ friend, who grew up wanting to get married and as she has gotten older, now has more of a desire to stay single. In short, families are nice and I admire mothers a great deal, but it has never been my ultimate ambition to be one. I’d rather be a novelist if I have to choose (I bet I could do both, though, and a bunch of other things, too).

Remember, no two ISFJs are the same and if you find stereotypical ones, it often means they have not fully awakened their Ne yet. Give them a Terry Pratchett book. If anything will do it, that will.

We’re back with your favorite astroliterature just in time for spring


Aries, get on up! Your birthday month is full of promise and we mean in all ways possible—money, love, happiness, fitness—who ever said you couldn’t have it all? People are noticing you, and the attention feels great. The only thing to be wary of is to not let the good times get the best of you—imagine you’re in a convertible, top down, sun shining, racing down the highway towards the beach, going faster and faster and faster. Lighten up just a bit on the gas pedal and you won’t spiral out of control. Your destination is waiting and it’ll be so good.

Lucky book: MOTORCYCLES I’VE LOVED by Lily Brooks Dalton


Oh, Taurus. It’s your birthday and yes, you can cry if you want to. You’re going to encounter some trouble with your love life due to the fact that Jupiter is straight chilling in your house, promising more than what he can deliver. Kind of like your mom’s little brother who just moved in, swearing he’s going to pay rent. The good news is that this is an important year for your finances, and you’re going to have some big decisions to make. What you need now is a book that will help you forget all about why you spent your birthday this year locked in the bathroom, crying into your champagne flute. Repeat after us: It’s okay.

Lucky book: HELP THANKS WOW by Anne Lamott


This ridiculously long Mars transit carrying over from last month might make the beginning of April a bit rough. Still, this month will be nowhere near as difficult as last month, and you’ll find yourself feeling more satisfied with everything. It’ll be wise to remain optimistic and agreeable, even as you work out the kinks in your relationships with family and friends. Deep inhale. What you need is a book that’ll keep you focused on the bigger picture. Deep exhale. You got this.

Lucky book: HOW WE GOT TO NOW by Stephen Johnson


Hey, Cancer. We don’t like to do this, but it seems like we have to put on our Mom and Dad hat. When was the last time you got a physical? Your body has been taking a beating at work, and regardless of your financial situation, you can’t afford to keep putting your health off. Even if you don’t have time to go to the doctor, let literature nurture you. This month, read the book that traces the history of our healthcare system and makes the case against the frantic and rushed ways in which we search for cures to our ailments. By the end of this page-turner, you’ll have a completely different understanding of what it means to be cared for and cured.



The sun is shining on you, Leo! This is the perfect month for you to open your mind to new things and seize new opportunities. Going to museums will help you cultivate your intellectual pursuits, but this month you have the energy to go even farther. Want to take up a new hobby? Always wanted to learn how to computer code?  Take up basket weaving? Sail across the seven seas? The time to do it is now!

Lucky book: CREATIVITY: The Perfect Crime by Philippe Petit


Alright, Virgo. This isn’t going to be easy. Last month was full of problems that you thought would be over by now. Things don’t seem like they’ve changed much this month, and I hear you—you want answers. Let me explain. The planets are veering towards the west. Couple that with the March 8 solar eclipse and the fact that Saturn is squaring your sun transit while Neptune is standing to the opposite, and all the while Mercury, your ruling planet, is slowly moving BACKWARDS, and jeez Louise, you see what I mean? Our recommendation this month: use those hypermeticulous-detail-setting skills and make yourself a spa date.

Lucky book: A WHOLE NEW MIND by Dan Pink


Dynamo! Libra, you are bouncing off the walls, and everyone’s feeling the good vibes from your radiant energy. Now is a good time to do just about whatever you want with minimal repercussions. Score! Just make sure you don’t burn out too quickly—utter exhaustion is the flip side of superhuman productivity and strength. But mostly, keep being amazing. Just make sure you eat some vitamins or something and stock up on Emergen-C.  

Lucky book: TOO BAD TO DIE by Francine Mathews


Leave it to Scorpio to go on breaking the rules. We were shocked to see what lays ahead for you this month—life-changing encounters, secrets unveiled, even office romances! You might want to indulge in these new opportunities but some things may be better being avoided, and you’ll have to weigh decisions carefully. Hard-headed Scorpio, you might always think you’re right, but this month, let your best friends know that you’re putting them on speed dial. We’re prescribing you a book about catastrophe. Take it as a lesson learned.

Lucky book: GOLD FAME CITRUS by Claire Vaye Watkins


Haven’t you heard? April is the new June! Time for ice cream, bare feet, and wild flings—you’re feeling passionate and adventurous, Sagittarius, and no matter where your love life stands, it’s about to get a whole lot better! Even your wallet is looking a little bit fatter this month and it looks like it’s all due to karmic reasons. The next time the world is going to treat you this kindly is in August, and that’s like, forever from now. So go crazy, Sag! No fear! Be brave! You have our Riverhead blessing.

Lucky book: SOME NERVE by Patty Chang Anker


Capricorn, do I hear you giggling all the way from here? Due to Mercury’s long transit, this month you feel like a teenager—in all the good ways and none of the terrible ones. April will be a month of bliss and ease, and if you aren’t careful you might even find yourself bored. Don’t let the idleness lull you! This month, we are prescribing you a book full of wonderful stories set in so many places across the globe, that even after reading one, you will be lost in thought like a love-struck adolescent for days.



Stay home, Aquarius. Your closest relationships are in need of attention and the hearth is crying out to you! The first week of April is looking good for your career, but once Mars starts its retrograde on the 7th, you might want to redirect all that energy spent at the workplace towards other things. Like people. Family. A cooked meal. The good stuff. Forget the job, we’ve got a book for you that will inspire you to start taking inventory of the simpler things in life. Who knows where that might lead you?

Lucky book: THE MAN WHO QUIT MONEY by Mark Sundeen


You might find yourself thinking more than once this month: what is everyone smiling about? If Sag’s dress is made out of pure gold, then yours is uncontestably blue. Sorry, Pisces, but your Mars transit is taking really long, and the results are more than annoying. Looks like there might be karmic reasons to blame for your mood, so you might want to schedule a few extra visits to the therapist this month to address some personality flaws that are making everything harder. But nobody’s perfect, and you should remember that. This month, read the book that will make you feel a little better about yourself—remember, a little goes a long way.

Lucky book: THE PSYCHOPATH TEST by Jon Ronson

Horoscope for July 18th, 2016
  • Aries: The current aspects encourage cultivating your spirituality. However advanced you are on your spiritual journey, there are revelations, awakenings, and new experiences waiting. Visit a church or a secluded spot in nature that speaks to you and soak up the energy. Indulge in some investigation. Check out some books on spirituality and symbols, and pay attention to your dreams.
  • Taurus: A new opportunity could come your way today. It might seem like a dream come true, the chance you've been waiting for, but you'll still want to think about it a bit. The reason is that it could well disrupt your life, including your romantic circumstances. Before you commit to anything, check the facts carefully to make sure it's as good as it seems. Either way, you'll be glad you did.
  • Gemini: New communications equipment may make whatever work you do that much easier to do. You might have some doubts about your ability to use it, but don't worry. You'll be able to deal with it as well as anyone. You'll find that it will open up new doors for you, both with regard to compiling information and staying in contact with old and new friends. Go to it!
  • Cancer: A long-term friendship could suddenly develop into something more now. You could see this person in a new light and realize that this is a very attractive human being. It might come as a shock to you, however, and the idea could take a little time to get used to. Don't ignore it for that reason. Just approach with caution and see where it takes you. Go with the flow!
  • Leo: Too much is on your mind right now, and so you could have trouble sleeping. When you do manage to drop off, you could experience bizarre dreams. This is the only downside to your present situation, however. Everything else should be going very well. It might help to take a walk at night before you go to bed. This clears your head, gets the endorphins going, and works off excess energy.
  • Virgo: Some enlightening conversations could occur today with a partner, possibly romantic, possibly career-related. New methods of operation could come to your attention, perhaps involving modern technology that could speed up the process and increase your income. Bear in mind that some of what you hear may not be feasible for a while. Other ideas may never be practicable. Remember to remain objective and check out the facts.
  • Libra: Hard work on a particular enterprise for too long a time could finally lead to an increase in income. Creativity or innovation could be involved. Don't be surprised if you find yourself on the receiving end of compliments. You'll be feeling proud and confident, and you certainly have good reason. Buy yourself a present. Take your partner out for a celebration. You deserve it.
  • Scorpio: You tend to be adventurous at the calmest of times. Today you could be feeling especially daring. You might be tempted to make some radical changes in your life, particularly where your profession is concerned. You could decide to make your living in an offbeat way, or possibly move to a place you've never considered before. Think about it for a few days. The impetus might pass. If it doesn't, then follow your heart.
  • Sagittarius: You tend to be rather intuitive, but today your psychic abilities could seem more focused than usual. You're better able to tune in to thoughts, feelings, and events. If you give readings, this is a good day for it, because you're apt to be more accurate than usual. Don't do too many or you could lose your focus and not do anyone else any good. Work steadily and pace yourself.
  • Capricorn: Today your mind is apt to be turning to discussions of money. Conversations, perhaps job related, perhaps social encounters with friends, could turn to the subject of new income opportunities through modern technology. This is a good time to look into such matters, although you'll probably want to consider several before making a decision. Unless you absolutely know what you want, shop around!
  • Aquarius: New opportunities, perhaps involving writing or speaking, could appear on the horizon along with the current planetary energy. You aren't one to take risks on the spur of the moment, so you might want to take all the information into consideration before committing to anything. It isn't a good idea to wait too long. Things could change! If what you hear appeals to you, look into it so you don't miss the boat.
  • Pisces: Letters, phone calls, or emails from afar could put you in touch with new, interesting people. These people could well bring some fascinating ideas your way. Shared knowledge can lead to mutual advancement on material and spiritual levels. This process just might turn a casual acquaintance into a firm friend. Expect a lot of contact with these people for a long time to come. Enjoy your day.