it's like petting all the cats in the world

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I love the Court of Cats. It's an awesome bit of world building. Quick question about it. Do you think any of them came across a human and been like, "Yes, this is my human," and just moved in as their pet? Like the little old lady who was lonely and adopted Handsome Jack, and doesn't realize she's waving a stick with feathers at a Fae as a cat thinking to himself, "She's not very bright, but I'd murder everyone in this city if they harm a blue hair on round little head."

Oh, absolutely.  It happens all the time.


This is so cute I want to cry, I am crying

  • Jimin would be a G R E A T boyfriend DUh
  • 100% your biggest fan
  • your his as well
  • Supports you through everything
  • would definitely be a shy boyfriend
  • but still cute as heck
  • and can turn to a sexy boyfriend in 0.0000001 seconds
  • like how is he human tbh
  • BUt would put his hands over his face when he gets embarrassed
  • or when you compliment him,
  • cause hes just too cutee
  • would LOVE skinship, but mainly in private
  • holding hands EVERYWHERE though because your hand fits perfectly in his
  • but, if your hands are bigger than his, you’d make fun of him, but he wouldn’t mind too much
  • cuddling
  • all the time
  • 25/8
  • take turns being big spoon
  • cause Jimin lowkey loves being a little spoon MY HEART
  • would love nuzzling his face in your neck when he’s stressed
  • would be super sweet
  • and
  • gentle dom during your first time together …
  • would be a rough dom further into the relationship though… BUt you love it
  • lowkey like being a sub once in awhile
  • he thinks its hella hot
  • You’d be like…
  • “Jimin no. STop.”
  • Sorry but also
  • k
  • the jealous type
  • would get jealous over the little things
  • but he tries not to show it
  • he doesn’t want you to think he’s too over protective
  • he trusts you and doesn’t want you to think he doesn’t
  • would try to teach you their choreography
  • “It’s too hard Jimin”
  • “You can do it, seriously, you’re almost there!”
  • would laugh when you mess up
  • and when you get mad
  • he’d tackle you in hugs and kisses
  • telling you that it was cute when you messed up
  • serenades you to sleep
  • while playing with your hair
  • loves your head on his chest
  • loves his head on your chest
  • begs management to let you go on tour with them
  • they say no :(
  • hates being away from you
  • facetime calls whenever he can
  • even in the middle of the night
  • but would feel bad if he woke you up
  • sends you cute letters with souvenirs in them
  • “I saw this and thought of you, I wanted to send it in a letter because, that’s cute, and I saw it in a drama.”
  • you surprise him at one of his concerts and
  • he starts CRYING
  • because you mean so much to him and he was having a hard time lately
  • you making sure he’s healthy and safe
  • and he does the same for you
  • you are both always there for each other
  • dates every night
  • calm dates
  • crazy dates
  • dates including the rest of bangtan
  • dates without jimin LOL JK
  • dates at parks
  • dates in cars
  • dates at the company building
  • dates dates dates
  • he would always make time for you
  • and when he’d get busy
  • he’d be so upset and make sure you know he still loves and cares about you
  • and you totally understand
  • a pet person
  • would want a cat
  • you would get mad because he spends too much time with the cat
  • and the cat likes jimin more
  • you get jealous
  • of a cat
  • but its okay
  • IS
  • Basically you would be the best couple
  • shipped by everyone in bts
  • overall the mom and dad of the world




Someone’s done with Daehyun (。・_・。)

Zwei: The Arges Adventure - Localization Blog #1


I’ve been working on this game for the better part of a year now, but have been unable to say anything about it for PR reasons – namely, that it wasn’t in a showable state, and we didn’t want to confuse prospective players by having two Zwei games announced but unreleased at the same time. Which is totally reasonable, but AAAAAAAHHHH I’VE BEEN WANTING TO TALK ABOUT THIS GAME SO BADLY YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

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im so glad that mario odyssey was so fun and creative after 3D World was so damn boring and sterile 

like, 3D World had its good points, the soundtrack was pretty good, but everything else about it was just kinda stinky 

i especially hated the cat suit and how it was basically mandatory to complete all of the stages. the game was designed around it and if you lost it, your best bet was to just hurl yourself off the nearest cliff and try again 

also the isometric camera angle led to a lot of depth perception issues which is ironic because yoshiaki koizumi’s biggest pet peeve in games is 3D cameras causing depth perception issues

whoops dude, turns out your solution actually made things significantly worse than just having a free camera 

anyway i kinda lost the thread here

i’m glad mario odyssey is practically the opposite of 3D world in almost every regard. it’s a much better game for it. 

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Ok, I see how all of u think an I can understand that but tell me then how often do you take your cat outside on a leash. Since you competed cats to dogs I understand that you ether go out with your cat on walks or would close your dog at home and let it do it's business in a box with sand. A dog goes often outside to explore and play in the wide world but a indoor cat is basically a prisoner and all it can do is look out the window. This is only my opinion, I don't want do criticize yours.

I’m not that interested in comparing/contrasting dogs and cats here – some dog owners don’t take their dogs on walks or play with them often, just like some cat owners don’t provide adequate entertainment and exercise for their cats. If the root of your question is “can my pet be happy without going outside” then I think the most important thing is for us to reexamine whether people should own pets at all. My personal answer is no, because I believe that domestication is fundamentally cruel and that humans don’t have any right to ownership over animals or to keep them locked up. However I also live in the real world where domestication has already occurred, and there are many animals we have created that are not capable of surviving in the wild and should not be there, both for their own safety and for environmental reasons (because they are non-native and invasive). The most humane thing to do in this reality is to care for and provide homes for these animals whose existence we’re responsible for, but ONLY if we can do so responsibly, which in the case of cats means only if you can keep them safe and healthy and keep them from doing damage to wildlife. If you think it’s cruel to keep a cat inside, take that issue up with breeders, not people who are trying to protect wildlife.

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hello! i'm happy there's a new blog for bnha and i hope it goes well! :) may i get a headcanon of aizawa and shinsou (separate pls) with a female s/o that has a dog (say german shepherd) and it takes them a bit to get used to the dog since they prefer cats :) plus their s/o likes to tease them about it :)

I’m kinda the same way, I’ve only ever been around cats and funnily enough the only dogs I’m 100% comfortable with are German shepherds ^^ I love doggos though


Aizawa Shouta

• He knows of your dog, he’s just never particularly wanted to meet him. He doesn’t really do too well with animals that aren’t cats, but he can always try.

• When he goes to your house, he doesn’t act too different around the dog, but you can tell that he’s a little wary around him. Aizawa tends to keep an eye on the dog.

• He’d be a little more apprehensive if the dog liked to get really close to him. He’s not a huge fan of big animals like dogs getting in his personal space. You can see his eyes visibly widen, which makes you laugh a little.

• Dogs just aren’t his favorite animal in the world. That doesn’t mean he dislikes your dog, he’d just…prefer that you had a cat. He understands cats, he just doesn’t really get dogs. Hizashi reminds him of a dog. He doesn’t get Hizashi either.

• Aizawa would try really hard to get along with your dog. He knows it’s a really excitable animal that loves affection, so he’d try to pet its head a little or throw a toy that’s lying around.

• It turns out that he actually does kind of like your dog. Not all dogs though, just this one. The only types of dogs he doesn’t like are chihuahuas and other small dogs. He thinks they yap too much.

• If you teased him about it, he wouldn’t be defensive. He knows it’s a weird thing of his. He wouldn’t really say anything to you in response, he’d just shrug or nod.


Shinsou Hitoshi


• Not gonna lie, he’s much worse with dogs than Aizawa. It’s less that he doesn’t prefer dogs and more that he’s a tiny bit afraid of them.

• If there’s someone walking their dog on the street, Shinsou will move to the sidewalk on the other end of the street. He just can’t deal with dogs very well.

• When he goes to your house, he’s pretty much only thinking about the dog. You open the door and the dog comes running toward the two of you, yipping excitedly. Shinsou is terrified.

• You’ll have to calm your dog down a little before you go on your way. Shinsou isn’t going anywhere until he knows the dog won’t bite his hand off like he thinks it’s going to.

• You should try to slowly ease Shinsou into becoming comfortable around the dog. Right now, he stiffens whenever it enters the room. You tell him that the dog is super friendly and won’t to anything to hurt him; it’s very well-trained.

• He’ll believe you, but he’s still not totally comfortable around the dog. You let him know that he can pet the dog if he wants, it won’t do anything other than wag its tail excitedly. He’ll slowly reach out to pet the dog and is surprised when nothing bad happens.

• He eventually becomes much more relaxed around your dog. He understands now that dogs aren’t vicious; they’re just really excitable. If you teased him about it, he’d laugh a little and halfheartedly try to defend himself.

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ereri + 5 + 50? ;)

((ok so before u read this u have to check out fortheloveoferen’s great tags on this post and then also this post which is also a+++))

5 & 50: “Wait, are you jealous?” + writer’s choice (”It’s just me, relax”)

As far as first dates go, Eren thinks theirs has been a success so far. Some coffee and pleasant conversation along with just a bit of flirting – they’d even shared a piece of chocolate cake using the same fork, which had definitely been the highlight for Eren.

But as it turns out, going from good friends to something more has its awkward moments, as well. Such as the fact that he literally cannot stop staring at Levi’s mouth.

Maybe going for a coffee date hadn’t been such a wise idea in that regard, though before this day Eren had never discovered his huge oral fixation. He’s completely entranced by the curve of Levi’s lips when he cracks a slight smile at Eren, not to mention what it does to him seeing Levi’s tongue to dart out and lick off the tiny spot of frosting caught on to his finger.

They’re on their first date and Eren’s already a mess, goddamnit. And to think that all they’ve done so far is hold hands and exchange a few vaguely suggestive one-liners.

It’s not like he hasn’t tried, mind you. Ever since he’d watched Levi lick off that damn frosting, he’s been gathering up the courage to close the distance between them and go for a kiss. It’s just a little kiss, he keeps telling himself, but then he’ll meet Levi’s eyes for the briefest of moments and what little resolution he’s managed to build up crumbles away.

Even after they’ve left the coffee shop Eren is still hesitating. It’s just a short walk to Levi’s apartment and he knows that their ways will part soon, so if he wants to make his move, he’s gonna have to do it within the next ten minutes or so. It’s just one kiss, but there are so many things that could go wrong – what if he’s too clumsy or eager, or what if he accidentally headbutts Levi? Damn, he’s never kissed a person so much shorter than him, what if there’s a whole different technique to it?

As his thoughts run off to goodness knows where, so does his mouth. Eren’s fairly sure he’s done nothing but chatter nervously during their whole date, and he keeps it up as they turn into a more secluded street, at the end of which Levi’s apartment building is located. While he’s yammering away, he decides that this is it, now or never. He’s gonna do it.

“Meow,” someone says, and Eren knows that it’s not himself, and it certainly isn’t Levi, either, since Eren’s fairly sure his vocal chords aren’t even capable of producing such high-pitched sounds.

Instead it’s a black and white cat, sat in the middle of the pavement with its tail waving absently behind it. The cat looks at the both of them curiously, its head tilted to the side as it sizes them up.

“Aww, how cute,” Eren coos as he crouches down. He should probably be upset at the cat for butting in at the precise moment he’d intented to finally kiss Levi, but it looks too damn cute as it sits there without a care in the world like it owns the whole damn street. “Here, kitty kitty.”

He’s always regarded himself as a friend of all wild animals, so naturally the kitty pads towards him. However, instead of coming to his waiting arms, it makes its way to Levi’s feet, rubbing its head against the fabric of his jeans.

Levi crouches down next to him, hands coming to pet at the fuzzy creature’s ears. “That’s strange, I don’t think any of my neighbors own a cat,” he wonders out loud.

“It likes you,” Eren states. He tries not to sound jealous, he really does, but he’s not sure how well he succeeds in it. What’s more disconcerting, however, is that he’s not sure if he’s more jealous of Levi getting along so well with the cat instead of him, or of the cat for getting Levi’s undivided attention and pets.

Suddenly the cat reaches up on its hind legs and licks a wet stripe along Levi’s jaw, and oh, boy, does Eren wish he could do that as well.

“You little menace,” Levi sighs, but picks up the cat nonetheless, bringing it up to his face. “You’re lucky you’re so cute.”

“You like cats?” Eren asks with a tiny smile. He’d never considered Levi with animals before, but now, upon witnessing this scene, he’s somehow all the more attracted to him.

“Yeah. I wouldn’t mind owning one myself some day,” Levi replies, sounding absent-minded somehow, far too focused on nuzzling the cat’s face. “It’s really fluffy.”

Okay, that’s another thing Eren never knew he was into: handsome, if somewhat serious, men with cats. Forget about porn, he’d be just fine watching Levi nuzzle cats for hours. On the other hand, he’s more than a little conflicted: while it’s too fucking adorable watching his crush interact with fluffy animals, said action is currently resulting in Levi paying absolutely no attention to him, not to mention that the damn cat had ruined their first kiss.

“Cats are nice,” he agrees quietly as he glares at the cat. Go away for just a moment, he tries to signal telepathically, I should be the one getting nuzzled.

The cat does not go away, despite all of his sulking. And yes, he’s entirely aware that it’s so stupid and childish to get upset at a cat, but that fact doesn’t ease his dismay at all.

Apparently he’s been quiet for too long already since Levi looks over at him, raising a brow when he notices his expression. “Eren?”

“Uh, yes?” he says, blinking at the sound of his own name as he tries to force that usual cheery smile on to his face.

Something shifts in Levi’s expression as he sets the cat down on to the ground. “Wait a minute,” he starts off slowly, as if he’s doubting every word. “Are you jealous?”

“No!” Eren answers, perhaps a little too quickly, hands clenching into fists as he stumbles up.

“Of a cat? Seriously?” Levi questions, sounding infuriatingly amused as he, too, stands up. “You could’ve just said something and I would’ve pet you, as well.”

This was not how it was supposed to go at all. Eren had it all planned out in his head – he’d swoop down in one smooth move and capture Levi’s lips in a gentle kiss and then pink flowers and floating hearts would materialize out of thin air and everything would be perfect. Instead of all that, he’s left bright red and stammering like an embarrassed schoolgirl.

“You’ve got it all wrong,” he tries to explain, but as Levi grabs on to his hand and moves to stand right in front of him, all excuses vanish from his head.

“So you don’t want me to pet you, hm?” Levi asks with a wicked smile.

“I do,” Eren blurts out and immediately wishes the ground would just open up and swallow him whole, “um, I mean, you don’t have to, it’s…”

He’s interrupted by Levi’s hand rising up and lightly carding through his hair, and Eren swears that if he could purr he’d be doing so right now. “It’s what?”

“I wanted to kiss you, but then the cat came along,” he confesses. Hey, it’s not like he has anything to lose by this point.

Levi doesn’t appear surprised. “Good, I was worried you wouldn’t want that,” he sighs, breath ghosting over Eren’s jaw. “So it’s fine, then?”

Yes, yes, it’s better than fine, he wants to scream, but all that comes out of his mouth is an incoherent mumble. After taking a few deep breaths and grabbing on to Levi’s jacket to stop his hands from shaking, he finally manages a nod. “It’s fine,” he says in what’s barely an anxious whisper, and suddenly all those worries that have been swirling in his head return at full force. Is it fine? What if he’s not a good enough kisser for Levi?

As if he’s reading Eren’s mind, Levi strokes along his neck with soft, reassuring touches. “It’s just me, relax,” he whispers, face only a fraction away from Eren’s. Just Levi, his lifelong friend who’s seen Eren at his worst and yet still stayed with him. “It’s fine. You’re fine.”

And when their lips finally meet, he really is.

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Possible Cartoons Watch list

Ok so, if you’re like me a young adult who avoids taxes and watches cartoons, you probably fall into the hiatus pit so I though I would create a list of all of MY favorite cartoons which some of you will obviously know and others you won’t. I am a shite writer and these are my interpretations.

Let’s start with the biggies-

Spongebob Squarepants - I’ve found if you watch up to about season 7 the humor is still there and not such dumb or toilet humor. If you for some reason don’t know this show, basically a Sea Sponge will always get into destructive shenanigans whether with his best friends Patrick (a starfish) and Sandy the Squirrel, or while at his job at the Krusty Krab protecting the krabby patty formula from the antagonist Plankton. Also Squidward is all us and we are all him.

Steven Universe this show took awhile to get into, the first 20 episodes or so are kind of off the wall and throw you right into the mess, however as it progresses there is major plot development. Steven Quartz lives with his 3 guardians who are basically space rocks that personify themselves through magic. They can form to become even bigger gems and each one has its own personality and powers. The plot of this doesn’t really start until the end of season 1. The gem world has declared war and is trying to destroy Earth causing the gems to fight (or even make friends) with the gems that come down to destroy Earth.

Adventure Time - I don’t know how to really give a summary for this show considering it kind of goes through a lot of stories and themes. But it has a lot of good lessons, jokes, adult humor, and even though they wont state it directly a wlw realtionship. If you’ve read any of the comics or seen some episodes you’ll know that Princess Bubble Gum and Marceline the Vampire Queen used to be in some kind of relationship. (I mostly started watching it for that point alone). The animation is great and the colors are so bright!!

Gravity Falls OOOOHHHH MAN was this show good. And the creator really threw in as much adult comedy that he could. Twin siblings, Dipper and Mabel, visit their great uncle Stan in Gravity Falls.They find a book that talks about strange creatures and objects and a horrible power that wants to take over Earth. Season 1 is them searching for the author of said book. Season 2 they find the author and try to stop a horrible entity from taking over.

Avatar the Last Airbender This is literally my favorite show. It follows a boy named Aang the last of his civilization. He is the avatar, a person who can bend all four elements; water, fire, earth, and air. However, Aang was trapped in a bed of ice for over 100 years and the fire nation has taken over most of the world. 2 siblings, Sokka and Katara, find and release Aang and accompany him on his journey to master all for elements and defeat the fire lord. Iroh is the best character and your heart gets literally ripped apart in some episodes I swear. (I may have watched this 4 times all the way through..)

The Legend of Korra YAS QUEEN YAS. This follows the avatar after Aang, each season has its own antagonist, and holy hell the themes are REALLY DARK. This was made for the original audience of The Last Airbender, so young adults. Season one deals with nonbenders wanting equality to benders. Some even using violence to get it. Season 2 has civil war themes, the southern water nation wants to enforce spirituality on the north pole. Season 3, ooooh my goosh my favorite season. I wouldn’t call the antagonist a villain. He is a very intelligent being who believes the world should be put into natural order, which is chaos. (Which sounds villainous but I CANNOT HATE HIM FOR SOMEREASON) Season 4 is about a Commander trying to take back all of the earth kingdom. The show lost budgeting around that time and was forced online, but the animation is sooo brilliant and they could include more adult themes. IT ENDS WITH A BEAUTIFUL WLW RELATIONSHIP WHERE NEITHER DIES AND THEY ARE BOTH BISEXUAL. Korra is a bisexual woman of color who gets her girl in the end, fucking brilliant. (1000/10 would reccomend) (I mightve watched this 3 times)

Also any of the Batmans and Titans/ Teen Titans, Justice League.  If you like superheros uhm YAS WATCH THEM ALL I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO SUMMARIZE THEM JUST WATCH THEM.

Okay now the ones you’ve probably heard of but haven’t decided to watch or not

Miraculous Ladybug This show is literally the cutest thing. It focuses mostly around Marinette a school girl with a massive crush on her classmate Adrien, but when the evil “Hawkmoth” sets out and “hypnotizes” people in the city to wreak havoc, Marinette transform into the super heroine Ladybug. Her superhero friend Chat Noir, is always there to help and has a huge crush on Ladybug. Little does she know Chat Noir is actually Adrien. They done know each others identites and its the funniest thing so basically Marinette likes Adrien, but Adrein likes Ladybug. It was a low budget show it starts off slow and there are A LOT of reused animation and dialogue.

We Bare Bears basically about 3 brother bears trying to fit into modern day society. No one questions them being bears and talking. Grizz- is the loud obnoxious bear who usually starts the shenanigans (personal fave). Panda- is the sweet one who has a general level head, but is so desperately wanting to be cool on the internet, and have a girlfriend. Ice bear- is a mystery who likes ice, sushi and knows everything in the universe…basically. He doesn’t show much emotion at all. Also THE DIVERSITY. Instead of generic background characters and sets, each person on screen is made to look different. Having different ethnicity and back stories and voices just uuugh its great.

The Amazing World of Gumball This show is so self aware and its great. It  is a mixed media show having animation to claymation to upside down facing. It follows two brother a cat named Gumball and his pet fish Darwin (whaat??? Just go with it right?) Gumball does something stupid, Darwin warns him how to avoid his problem, Gumball does it anyway. Pretty much the show. They have an incredibly lazy father that loves food, a mother that is literally superwoman, and an incredibly intelligent little sister. The show pokes fun at everyday life things, and never misses a chance to break the fourth wall. Each episode is 15 minutes and boy are they a wild ride.

Teen Titans GO OKAY OKAY OKAY DONT HATE ME. I looooved the original show. This one, while it strips the dignity away from the original show, its actually cute and funny at times. It will take any opportunity to poke fun at Batman, literally like every episode you’ll an easter egg in there. And it too likes to break the fourth wall.

Star vs The Forces of Evil I didn’t get all the way through this one yet, mostly due to stopping during the school year. This show is about a Princess named Star who has a magical wand and create anything she wants with it. However due to using it irresponsibly and for things she didn’t need, her parents send her to Earth in hopes of learning responsibility. She runs into a kid named Marco at school and decides to just live at his house (without him knowing) She finds his address and talks to his parents and just moves in without him even knowing its kind of great. The antagonist in this show is not the brightest. He goes with his gang of misfits to Earth in hopes to steal the wand, in which he never quite comes close. Its a super funny and sweet show.

The Loud House- After being super sick for the last 4 days I have binged this show whenever its on. Its so sweet and cute. It centers around a boy named Lincoln who lives with his 10 sisters. Rather than be a show about him being the “annoying brother who like pranking his sisters and making fart jokes.” He is the middle child and talks about his everyday experiences with his sisters. He’s actually quite responsible and doesnt harbor any bad feelings towards his sisters. (Also the sister that wants to be a musician talks in song lyrics and the funny sister tells puns in literally every line.)

 Shows you don’t know about or may have forgotten about

W.I.T.C.H - Most people liked Winx Club instead. I like this instead, 5 girls get thrown into a world of monsters and powers. Each one can control and element. Will -the leader that creates portals and electric matter called “quintessence” she also holds the stone that gives them their power. Irma- the water guardian the comedienne, Taranee - the fire guardian, who has many fears and anxieties, but is good at math (personal fave)  Cornelia - the Earth guardian, the diva, and Hay Lin -air guardian, little ball of sunshine too good for this world. The magical world of Candracar is thrown in a world of darkness while Prince Phobos is in power, he aims to steal the stone and use it to become and take over all worlds.

Gargoyles basically Gargoyles that inhabit a building in Manhattan come alive at night to fight crime. A little dark and has gothic elements thrown in.

Invader Zim - How Nick got away with this show is a mystery but they got Ren Stimpy too (tbh i hate that show, it was gross). A little Irken invader gets sent into space by his leaders who hoped to get rid of him. Instead he ran into Eart and plans to invade for his leaders. He enrolls into a school hoping to gain knowledge but meets an Earth child named Dib who saw through his (rather horrible) disguise. The show centers around Zim’s incompetence to take over Earth, and Dib trying to foil his plans. Also GIR.

Honorable mentions that I havent watched in awhile to give a summary or just have very fond memories of Codename: Kids next Door, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ed, Edd n Eddy (SERIOUSLY REWATCH THIS SOOO MUCH ADULT HUMOR) Powerpuff Girls (the original), Pepper Ann, The Weekenders, Goof Troop, Doug, Hey Arnold


wow how unexpected

The Best

Creature is such an awesome pet rat. I mean, sure he makes my life hell with his health and aggression issues, but in terms of just a lazy, laid back, lovebug who gets to hang around….he’s seriously the best. He doesn’t chew, and he is just so snugglyyy. He can be out in our room with basically no supervision. He just gets to hang out basically always. 

Most of the time I peak in the room and he’s plopped at the foot of the bed

Then I’ll go sit down, and he’ll plop on me for a bit

And then he usually eats something, takes a short bath, and next time I look in the room he’s chillin somewhere else (he likes the cat tree, snuggle box, and near the window)

Creature is probably as close to a “free range” rat that I’ll ever get. I hope he can pass on his lazy, laid-back, people savvy wisdom before he leaves this world (which I still pretend will be never). 

At any rate, its so amazing to have a rat who can just hang out all the time, with no concerns. I hope all yall rat lovers get to experience this someday. 

OOC. lmfao you know it’s bad when jag.uar wh.ite ti.ger’s response to being called controversial by media is to stomp thier feet and scream in all caps on their instagram “WE ARE CONTOVERSIAL CAUSE WE’RE SAVING THE WORLD” like lmfaoooo are you fucking five?????? 

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For a prompt maybe Yang rescues a box of abandoned kittens and Blake is so proud and happy of her girlfriend and they take them to a rescue centre. :D

Maybe it was Yang’s influence. Looking at the scrambling, meowing, tumbling, keening, crying,multiple-headed mass of fur and felines in the slightly warm towel on the table, Blake could only think of the word “cat-cophony.”

And how thankful she was she didn’t have to think of the word “cat-coffin-y”. Even if she was fond of darker humor, as a general rule.

“Mrow!” the red one cried as it leapt on – near – the white one. He was where the “tumbling” part came in.

It had been a cacophony that they’d come into Blake’s life in the first place, too. But that was more of Yang’s influence showing.

It had been nearly a scene from one of Blake’s novels – a bright flash of flame and light as the door burst open, and the red in Yang’s eyes and the glowing of her hair did nothing to show her divine rage at the world’s injustice nearly as well as the set of her jaw. Clutching something cardboard to her chest, Yang had stormed in like the storm behind her, a blaze of lightning and thundering anger that could only have signified that someone had screwed up badly enough to punish an entire city for it.

Anything left in that storm would be drowned within minutes.

But four familiar-seeming souls, held in Yang’s righteous fury made manifest,  were as dry as though they had protective ring of sunshine above its head.

Screw the universe and its storms. Yang had people to protect. And Blake had a towel and some warm milk to get from the kitchen.

They were safe, now, because of Yang. Safe, dry, warm little kitties, protected from the harshness of the world outside by the blazing of her soul.

The comparisons wrote themselves, really.

“How are our kids doing?” A towel-wrapped head poked over Blake’s shoulder. Hot showers always did wonders to help Yang calm down.

Blake didn’t let her eyes linger on the claw marks running up and down her girlfriend’s arm. “They’re, in a word, rambunctious.” A kiss to the cheek – she was still smoldering, a little. “Thanks to you.”

Yang shrugged. “Anyone would’ve done the same thing.”

Blake had learned long ago not to argue with Yang, even when she was absolutely wrong. She always won anyway. “The yellow one seems to think I saved it, judging by how affectionate it is.”

“Mew.” Little Yellow confirmed, rubbing its head against Blake’s hand.

“Hey.” Yang could never really fake anger. Her soul always crept through the cracks in the form of a smile. “Get away from my girlfriend.”

“It’s too late, Yang.” Blake held Little Yellow close to her cheek. It kept rubbing. “I have already been seduced.”

“Oh, that’s the way it’s gonna be, is it? Well, you’re not the only kitten I’ve got at my fingertips!” The black cat hissed and swung its paw at Yang’s outstretched finger.“Ah, fiesty! I like you.”

“I like all of them, actually.” Blake reached over to pet the black one. It purred, instead of hissing. Ha-ha. “They’re all absolutely adorable.”

“Darn tootin’!” Double pistols and a wink, in the direction of the most special snowflake there. “Most cutest little balls of fluff in the world, yes they are! Yes they are!”

“Meow,” the little white one acknowledged, even as it dodged another flying tackle from the rusty one. Multi-talented, that cat.

As Yang picked up the white one and tickled it under its chin – best to constrain the ego while one had the chance – Blake supposed it was her turn to say something. And she knew what she wanted to say.



She took a moment. Looked at Yang. For a bit.

She looked at the scratches on her limbs – one on her cheek. She looked at the sparkle of her eyes. She looked at the way she held the kitten in her arms, so soft and, she knew from experience, so warm and safe. Like home.

She remembered a pure-hearted and protective fury that could burn down empires.

Blake had never believed in heroes – and then she’d ended up dating someone who literally stopped to save kittens they found on the sidewalk.

The thought made her heart race, somehow.

Best to drag reality into the situation before she gave the kittens a show their innocent eyes weren’t prepared to see. “Unfortunately, as much as our little bundles of joy may redefine the phrase ‘cutie pies’, we can’t keep them. This is strictly a one-cat household, after all.” A twitch of her own faunus features emphasized her point.

“So that means I can keep one of them, right?” Yang’s grin was, in a word, rambunctious. “I mean, not like either one of us are cats!”

Between Yang saying stuff like that and the cat rubbing her cheek, they were going to be able to make orange, soon, here. “I am certain the two of you planned this, somehow.” Blake passed the tiny yellow kitten over to Yang. Best to hedge her bets. “Alright, fine, you can keep one of them, and the other three can go to the rescue center. On one condition.”

“I’ll feed him, and clean up after him, and make sure he has plenty of exercise, and -”

A roll of the eyes – but Blake’s heart was never in it. “Alright, fine, two conditions. The second one is: I don’t want to hear anything about you having named him ‘Blake Jr.’ or ‘Yang Jr.'”

“Aw, come on, Blake.” Yang grinned like, well, like a Cheshire. “'Course I was planning on letting you name him!”

Sometimes, Blake’s girlfriend simply didn’t leave her with any other options but to kiss her. “Yang Xiao Long, you are positively the cat’s meow.”

Reasons why Ryan Ross is an adorable piece of shit

1. All his pets and cats and dogs n’ stuff. He loves animals so much like I don’t even know how many cats he has its so cute like what???

2. um can we talk about his voice like have you heard him laugh like it’s so damn cute and dONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE SINGING HE IS THE VOICE OF EVERYTHING PURE AND GOOD IN THIS WORLD

3. His smile His smile I repeat, his goddamn smile. And like the way he’ll lick his lips sometimes before he smiles Like its so cute when he looks happy hnnng I just wanna hug him

4. His hands are really really nice like holy fuck he should probably strangle me kinda nice

5. Can we talk about the beard thing going on currently? Pls I am desperate

6. He is such a hippy flower child at heart and he’s never growing out of that like he is so sunshiney and smiley an like just rly a d o r a b l e

7. Okay so I know we all think of him as our son and I worry if he’s eaten his veggies today or if he’s hydrated enough but like I think sometimes we over look how much of a lyrical genius he is like his words are some of the deepest shit I’ve ever heard and they’re really catchy to like tell me your secrets pls

8. How he likes the Beatles so much like they’re his favorite band and he fangirls over them so hard like he would drink their spit it’s precious he needs to be protected


10. The way he looks shorter than he is??? Like is that only me idk but I swear he looks shorter than 5'11" idk he just looks smol


12. How he can look amazing in literally any hairstyle like he’s done everything from hippy flower child to edgy emo cabaret thing and it sTILL LOOKS AMAZING

There’s so many more things but he is the cutest person alive like I JUST WANT TO HUG HIM FOREVER I LOVE HIM SO MUCH FIGHT ME

lokiarmygeneral  asked:

Hey there! I adore your blog! I am dying over here thinking about Kuroo in a flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled to the elbow, a slouch beanie, de-stressed skinny jeans, and black Vans. Be still my heart!

This is great timing because the precious nya’s birthday is today!!!
Here you go friendo: