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okay but like as a native English speaker I’ve always found accent marks in other languages to be intimidating but like honestly English rlly shoulda had accent marks so ppl wouldn’t have to fucking guess how to pronounce names and words 

Forgot to post this, whoops. They’re skating on natural ice near Viktor’s home in Russia, or something like that.

purplehairedtaemin  asked:

post 10 facts about yourself and pass it on to 10 faves✨

ok i was asked to do this by @lacrimaex @tofnew @jjongoholic @peaceminus-nee @leejinklies @jjongeyed and an anon sorry i put it off for 2039482 years

1. i go by my middle name, caleigh, my first name is kristin but like its literally only used for like legal documents. actually 4/5 members of my fam also go by their middle name
2. im the oldest sibling, my sisters are 4 yrs younger than me and twins and are known on tumblr dot com as @shinypinee and @taeminning
3. im from austin tx which is nice bc it is warm but :/ bc its full of hipsters who think theyre better than everyone else.
4. im a senior in college in memphis tn getting my bachelors in psychology and anthropology/sociology
5. ive studied abroad twice, 6 months in graz, austria and 1 month in copenhagen. its allowed me to travel a lot around europe which im grateful for
6. im a ¼ mexican which isnt a lot but i have a lot of mexican fam (their fam sizes are no joke) and i really like it a lot when i get to hang out w/ that side of my family. i want to study spanish and get semi fluent in it. i lost a lot when i went to austria and started learning german
7. i do research at my school looking into mental health disparities in the transgender population, and im going to be presenting at a national conference in LA about research i did specifically looking into the effects of non-affirmation on social anxiety in the trans/gender nonconforming population. i get to hang out w/ kit @jjongeyed there for a couple of days and im super excited!!!!
8. i like dogs more than i like human children
9. i really really don’t like the cold and when the days get shorter. im a sun person, i like to just lay in it and relax
10. um idk i lov shinee

Currently working on a Swan Prince!Victuuri AU, and it’s not going so well so have a feathery Victor instead :’3c He’s so pretty, but so hard to draw….

this anime is killing me in more ways than one


Even + Isak’s sweatpants

casual Johnny sketches

ever since i was a wee egg i’ve been in love with the “Shattered World” type of fantasy worlds like theres floating islands in the huge blue sky and the people have adapted thru use of sweet lookin “probably shouldn’t be flying” flying ships and there’s settlements/old ruins/forgotten civilizations among the islands 

and usually there’s fucking sky pirates

Imagine Viktor and Yuuri practicing vals for their future wedding. Imagine Yuuri being all flushed because of their proximity and because he can’t ignore how good it feels to have Viktor’s right hand on his waist. Imagine Viktor staring at Yuuri as if he were the most precious and delicate thing in the world but Yuuri doesn’t notice as he is looking down at their feet because he doesn’t want to step on his fiancé. Imagine Viktor slowly lifting Yuuri’s face up with his left hand (never leaving the one that circles around his waist) so they are staring at each other and, after a few seconds, he starts getting close to his face to the point where their lips are almost touching. But instead of closing that gap between them Viktor guides his lips to his lover’s right ear and he whispers him to relax and to feel the movements the same way he feels their love and connection. Imagine Yuuri’s flustered face, his cheeks all flushed and him being unable to control his breathing. But then he follows Viktor’s advice and, closing his eyes, he slowly lets go of his own body and the only thing he can feel now is that special bond that they have, the one that makes them one when they are together. Now imagine them dancing as if they have done this forever, as if they were always meant to be.


Leave him alone Medic he just wants to do his job.

I should be sleeping.

What would this even be called? Sadic? Metan?….I kind of like Sadic tbh..

problematic fave yet again


So I’ve… Been doodling