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im a scot-born, scotland raised person who was rather unwillingly dragged to australia aged 9 and lost my accent (along with i think a bit of my identity lol). every time i go back its like I'm a tourist more and more; I'm just wondering if you know any returned expat scots and what sort of climate there is for folk with an (close-to-english?) accent but are wanting to fit back in home?

I’m absolutely baffled by questions like these. It makes me wonder where you’ve heard you won’t fit in.

Anyone living in Scotland is Scottish if they choose to be. You’d be more than welcome.

yugi’s shirt and leather pants: become a crop top and capris
joey’s t-shirt and jeans: become the powder-blue hell that yugi now lives in

Kirk leans forward to inspect the field closer. His hand hovers inches from the surface and it REACTS, wobbling as if magnetized by his fingertips.

Of course, James “The guy who is half of my impulse control is not around” Kirk touches it. (x)

Let’s continue posting Star Trek: Mirror illustrations! Today it’s Kirk and the mirror

One might ask - why did I make Halka a snow planet if it’s not canon? First, I wanted to throw the crew in the worst conditions in the final scene, and having to spen hours in snow in a thin uniform serves this purpose. Second, all we have in the movies are summers and warm weather - a change of scenery would be interesting to see, plus we have some great locations to film winter. Although I don’t doubt if the Halka scenes were actually filmed they’d be made with fake snow and a green screen lol

…Also it was a chance to design some winter uniforms

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Would you be willing to doodle some rivalshipping?

I imagine them sneaking in the duel academy to watch some duels


Cat Grant Appreciation Week | day 3: favourite funny moment

Cat Grant & the other superheroes

lowkey pumped for camp half-blood confidential coming out in august

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Okay so in Batman Beyond there's an episode where Bruce and Terry go see a 'Batman Musical', just imagine that goes on in Gotham and Jason finds out and asks(forces/tricks) the batfam to go.

i’m finally answering this! i had a really rough week, which is why this took a while, but i kept thinking about this prompt and laughing, so thank you for that.

and on that note: are you serious, that’s amazing. i vaguely remember watching batman beyond but i don’t actually remember all that much about it. i’ll need to look this up.

but yes. yes. i want this to be a Thing.

i want to imagine it as something between holy musical b@man! and the ember island players. like. just picture the kind of crazy misinformed shit that these people are tossing into the mix because what’s the truth and what’s the lie, no one knows, they’re going to make a musical about batman and his however many kids/sidekicks anyway

(they people putting on this play are probably college students)

(stephanie has probably dropped by to help with set designs and laughed herself sick in the process)

getting back on track, how does jason find out about it?

there are two ways i think it could happen. one: jason loves lit. we know this. he collected first editions with alfred and bruce when he was a kid. in my personal experience, if you like lit, you almost definitely like theater in some sense as well. at the very least you’ve read plays. 

jason holds his goddamn red hood helmet like he’s hamlet and it’s yorick.

trust me, he likes plays.

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Unpopular opinion:

1-Bisexuality is a queer identity.

2-The word ‘bisexual’ is every bit as radical as queer and pan

3-Bisexuality is just as inclusive of trans people as queer and pan

(But I know I’ll get ‘BI MEANS TWO! TWO GENDERS!’ harassment over things and told ‘you’re really queer/pan!’ and even the bi community has started pushing that bi is a ‘lesser’ label and ‘not radical/queer enough’ because talking shit about our own identity is ‘extending an olive branch’ to other labels because apparently viewing us as equally radical and inclusive is beyond people’s capacity to understand so why do I fucking even bother at this point.)

I'm not "sick in the head" because I don't identify within the gender binary...

My deep-rooted psychological issues are completely unrelated to my gender, thank you.

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So I just want to say thank you for drawing Bakugou the way you do. As a closeted trans male, it means a lot to me to see this representation. And the way you talk about it too, is so nice. You talk about it like it's not a big deal, which is how it should be. For you, Bakugou is trans, that is the way he is, and that doesn't make him special or anything, it's just so normal and I appreciate that so much. I don't want to make it a big deal or anything, but it does mean a lot to me so thank you

hhhhhhh i’ve written like 20 different responses to this and gone back and forth on whether i should post it, cause i dont wanna seem like im giving myself props for something that should be completely normal, BUT,, i just, want people to see, this is why it’s so important my dudes

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if you're still doing the ship meme, season 1-2 stingy x season 3-4 stingy


  • who wakes up first in the morning

It really differs alot each time. Both try to wake up first, so they can claim the bathroom for as long as possible. 

  • who’s the first to fall asleep at night

Whoever manages to take/claim the most bed sheets. They’re usually too tired to ‘’fight’’ over them, so they usually fall asleep in each others’ arms.

  • what they playfully tease each other over

S1-2 Stingy has a much more bright pink blush, something S3-4 likes to poke fun at occasionally. 

  • what they do when the other’s having a bad day

Since they both like to be comforted in the same ways, it makes it rather easy for the both of them to comfort one another. They just cuddle up and sing their own songs in a lullaby-ish way.

  • how they say ‘i’m sorry’ after arguments. 

Theyre extremely formal and totally stoic abt it, but can get emotional rather easily, and then they hug it out.

  • which one’s more ticklish

They’re both equally ticklish, but s1-2 Stingy doesn’t know that yet. s3-4 Stingy has a plan though. A plan to beat s1-2 Stingy in a tickle fight SO badly, that he’ll become the king of tickling FOR ALL TIME AND ETERNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • their favourite rainy day activities

If they’re not counting money or cuddling up, they just go back and forth in who owns more stuff in lazytown. 

  • how they surprise each other 

s1-2 stinge will never cease to be amazed by s3-4 stingy’s weird echo he gets in his voice (when he says “gold”, for indtance). As for gifts, they’ll usually try to get eachother the best and most expensive gifts.

  • their most sickening shows of public affection

Where to even begin??? They constantly say the most sickingling sweet things to each other. And when they’re not doing that, theyre probably out there somewhere nose booping and pecking eachother. 

I’m tired of my identity being erased because I’m not the normal typical white Queer/Trans dude.
It pisses me off so much how trans people of color are STILL invisible when trans women of color are the reason why Trans/Queer rights exist in the first place.
I’m so tired of being so fucking marginalized and not being able to talk about it.

Literally the only reason white trans dudes have hit me up is to ask me about my beard because they can’t grow that shit lmao THAT’S IT

LaF not letting Perry change how they feel about their identity is very important