it's like moon moon all over again

exo as things my friends and I have experienced while drunk
  • baekhyun: "like george washington famously said in the year 1776 'take another shot bitch'"
  • jongin: *jumps off bed* "i'm literally a professional parkour-er now holy shit"
  • suho: "you know....i think life is really pulling thru for me right now. everything's working out and I'm so happy and relaxed and *spills drink on self* life is over"
  • sehun: *flicks off creepy guy for 5 minutes straight with wild hand gestures* fuck the patriarchy
  • chanyeol: "do you ever think about how the moon goes through changes every month but it's actually the same exact moon like....holy gonna cry"
  • yixing: *points at blue solo cups* "if these cups arent red does that mean we're not actually getting drunk is it all a social experiment"
  • kyungsoo: *stomps away* *stomps back* *stomps away again before stomping back and poking chanyeol's chest* "you are so fucking cute what the fuck"
  • jongdae: "dicks are so weird man like they just" *sticks out arm and wiggles it wildly until he falls off the chair*
  • minseok: "its sober up time bitches *mixes tequila and water shots*
Deleted lines from the Thor script #216
  • Laufey: It's said you can still hear and see what transpires around you. I hope it's true, so that you may know that I'm about to moon you right now.
  • Loki: *(suddenly waves butt in Laufey's face)*
  • Loki: And YOUR mooning came from the butt of the son of Odin!
  • Laufey:
  • Laufey: It's... You've got to pull your pants down to moon someone.
  • Loki: Oh. Oh, right. Well, um... It's just that I've got this one-piece gold leather jumpsuit and it's difficult to undo all the loops and buttons at the neck and then pull everything down...
  • Laufey: You don't have a zip fastening on the groin?
  • Loki: No. I guess that's not how we like it in Asgard...
  • Laufey: Oh, it's way more convenient. All the Frost Giants have zip crotches.
  • Loki: Really?
  • Laufey: Oh yes, there's a lot of mooning on Jotunheim.
  • Odin: *(awakens)*
  • Odin: Why does it smell like butts in here?
  • Odin: Ugh; this is just like 965 AD all over again.
  • Odin: *(falls back into Odinsleep)*
cancer sun // _____ moon + a song
  • aries moon: maybe you dont know, but your mind is quick like the flash of lightning. use it at your advantage, let your presence be known. dont be afraid to fight for whats right, and dont stop having your fun // firestone - kygo
  • taurus moon: a beautiful force of nature, yet soft and and steady. creates a history like no other. you read it back over and over again, like a good book. you know your mistakes, you know your accomplishments. no one will be able to control you like the strings of a puppet ever again // stay - kygo
  • gemini moon: you are here, yet you aren't. where are you, really? nothing is quiet, nothing is unmoving for you. you want it all, and you will get it. its as if your life is too short to explore all of it. there are so many great things out there, you hope you can continue exploring it in your next lives // desire - years & years
  • cancer moon: the knight with a thousand shields, always at the ready. protecting yourself and your loved ones, even when you don't really have to. sometimes you don't need to protect, but attack. let down your guard, show who you really are. i assure you that you can do it // dancing in the moonlight - toploader
  • leo moon: the sun and the moon; the dusk setting at night. the great entertainer of the stage of the universe. no one is left out, because you know what it is like to not be included. you love, and love to be loved. dont forget that life is full of lessons you need to learn from // love me again - john newman
  • virgo moon: as the tree of life, you always seemed much older than others, even though they are the same age as you. you know yourself, you know the people around you. you provide and give care, but you dont feel like doing it for yourself. relax, give yourself the appreciation you deserve // lemon tree - fools garden
  • libra moon: you are larger than life, you are the shining stars that lighten up the gloomy universe. yet something holds you back. people will love you, people will hate you, people will be indifferent about you. just so you know that it all won't matter in the end; what matters is what you think of yourself and in how many things you are capable of // king and lionheart - of monsters and men
  • scorpio moon: the vicious bite of the snake will hurt someone almost fatally, no matter the size of the animal itself. you appear cool and collected, but we both know that you aren't always like that. you remember and know everyone, you know how to hurt them if you wanted to. but instead, you won't. because you also know how to love them, and it's more freeing that way // everybody wants to rule the world - tears for fears
  • sagittarius moon: you seek a home that doesn't exist. you could travel the many stars and planets, yet you wouldn't be satisfied. you want to go everywhere, because why the hell not? you love the feeling of it. the great memories you leave behind... that is the real definition of home // lush life - zara larsson
  • capricorn moon: the mother and the father. the bluntness, the sensitivity, the apathy, the empathy. you've got it all. it is truly amazing how you are handling it. though, it is important to acknowledge your strengths as well as your flaws. dont let past failures stop you from doing what you want // reality - lost frequencies
  • aquarius moon: change the world, or die trying. thats just how you roll. the waterbearer will show the painful and bitter world, but the crab shows the sweet and beautiful part of it. both these sides will motivate you into making the earth into a better place for others and that is something i admire about you // stranger in moscow - michael jackson
  • pisces moon: the world is much, much more beautiful in your eyes. i wish i could do that too. despite knowing about the harsh reality, you don't hide yourself; instead, you put yourself out there and play as someone else. you swim along. and sometimes, it is the best way to do it // on melancholy hill - gorillaz

What Battler saw before his eyes… was Bernkastel shuddering for the first time in centuries.

To Bernkastel, it hadn’t even looked like Battler rushing at her and punching. It was as though she had been sucked towards where he stood with his furious fist raised. When her eyes had opened wide in terror, Battler’s massive fist had been all that she could see.

True, trying to hit Bern was like enviously trying to hit the reflection of the moon on water with a stone. No matter how often you try, you can never erase its reflection.

However, he smashed it. And again. Over and over. To prevent the moon from showing again.

A fiercely thrown pebble sent ripples across the water’s surface. It broke through the moon’s image, broke through the water itself, leaving even the bottom of the pond bare… breaking through everything.

His certain willpower… broke through to a miracle.

Got7 reaction on taking care of a baby

got7love328 said to reactionsthatigot-7:
Got7 reaction on taking care of the baby pls 😘

Ahhh this sounds too adorable not to do :) 
Hope you like what I’ve done ^_^ 
Sorry for the long wait
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we all remember what happened during the baby book episode, look after the hectic got7 boy he can do, but babies… he can hear them already crying. he’s terrified, hell still do it, but he knows its going to be a long day.


is in love with the idea right away! he’s over the moon, and can’t wait to see them, and start playing all sorts of games.


equally over the moon, but more that he gets to become a child again, and have fun playing with the kids, not forgetting all the junk food hell end up eating.


made to be a dad, jinyoung is so prepped to do this! he has the day planned all the way to the songs he’s going to sing to them.


he’s excited, and takes you up on the challenge but he knows its going to be a slight challenge, be he can do it!


let the day long baby dance class start! bambam is ready, and can’t wait to drain the kids of all energy. it might just kill him in the process but he is ready for it


can’t help but laugh at your idea, hell do it, but he knows its going to be a complete failure, but at least he’ll have fun throughout the day.

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this is so fucking important to me. one of my followers told me years ago that I reminded her of alaska(I used to be brunette. it was badass.) and basically I was her real life alaska and she comes by every now and then to remind me of it. and other followers would sometimes chime in too. and it’s been a while since I read it, but I was mesmerized with her character. how mysterious it was. and this little memory is something I cherish and think about all the time. she used to tell me to go to the casting call for it so I could really be alaska and now finally after years of sitting around on a shelf they’re finally doing something with it. I’m so excited to see it come to life. I so look forward to seeing who they cast and how they do the screen play. I’m ecstatic. they’re finally doing it. Looking For Alaska is going to be a movie.

egg-tampon  asked:

theres a post circulating about the animation in DBZ saying "you cant complain about DBS!!!" and its just like pride side all over again it seems. (theres also a difference between a few frames being fucked up and a few seconds being fucked up, is there not? thats why you have so much material?)

There will always be a pride side in every fandom.

The whole fight was a mess.

This is what it should’ve looked like:

Basically like the 90s.

A month of eulogies that taste like ochre

Grief as a peach stone in your throat and everyone is howling.

Colonies of wolves staring at the moon for an explanation and the moon staring back.

Giving empty giving tears giving there is no answer only this thing we call life

and its terrifying fragility.

Reflections of the doctors pale faces as they say there is nothing they can do

as they realise the enormity of what they have missed.

Mortality is something even your mother cannot fix

and her tears are bloodstains across her cheeks.

The sudden insignificance of all that came before

and day changing to night in a dizzying blur over and over again

falling in a darkness that stains like ink

as the blue glass doors close to the echoes of jazz music and sobbing.

Voices like gravel and grief as crashing waves above your head.

And it’s a wonderful life

and those remaining smile in the soft rain

hands clutching at shreds of memories

until their nails embed in their palms

and it’s a wonderful life

and time is shallow as breath

heavy in anticipation of a Spring that will never again taste their skin.

(Written and submitted by @aninsomniacsink)

How everyone in the Sailor Moon fandom seems to have forgotten the difference between criticism and complaining. Criticize Crystal for its flaws all you want, but do so in a helpful manner that explains why you don’t like it (“I feel like the writers aren’t giving the characters enough room to breathe”). Just screaming “EVERYTHING ABOUT CRYSTAL SUCKS” over and over again for six months makes you look really obnoxious, and you’re practically inviting the inevitable wave of “don’t like, don’t watch!” rebukes (which aren’t exactly wrong either).