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MONSTERS AND MAGIC | The Decadent Intellectuals

None of them really seems to read much anymore. For intellectuals, they’re awfully lazy - light on the books, heavy on the alcohol. Post-intellectuals might be a better term for it, or so the professor obsessed with terminology might argue. But isn’t that just another way to prolong the ennui?

That’s the problem with intellectualism. Reasoned discourse turns meta, turns into meta of meta. Knowledge becomes an assumption. You stop being able to pinpoint where exactly you learned what. You forget to source your content. You end up spending long weekends on the river, wine-hazed and trying to remember how that sonnet ends, the one about the Bacchantes becoming the night.

You’ll never be a Bacchante, not in this culture. Go on. Keep critiquing; keep running logical circles around your own personality. It’s your life to waste.

The Chronicles of Narnia Meme

6 Characters: [3/6] Polly Plummer
""It’s a good thing one of us has some sense."

A Familiar Face (@ The--Dark--Magician--Girl)
Mahaad tugged the collar of his jacket up further and buried his nose into his scarf. It was a chilly day and the wind offered no help whatsoever. He’d decided to venture from warmth and comfort of his home to stop by the Game Shop. It was his day to work, and unfortunately, Yugi didn’t think weather was an acceptable reason to miss work. A strong breeze blew by, whipping his hair about wildly for a few moments before dropping the purple locks.

Mahaad put some speed in his step, if only to reach the Game Shop faster. He walked forward undeterred for a while, managing not to collide with anyone, but his luck ran out much too soon, and his shoulder connected with the body of another. He quickly turned to apologise, but was struck dumb by who he saw.


As prize of first place in my giveaway, here goes to theplotfairy a vectorized art of Arc V Magicians! Hope you like it!

Reading this book on Senna and Prost (featuring blobs of Hamilton and Shumacher too now!), and whenever there’s a quote from Senna I can’t help but get the impression that he was mad. But then, when you think about it, you’ve got to be a tiny bit mad to be a racing driver, haven’t you?

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“ok but klavier dating mid-transition trans guy apollo nd all the…”

trans man apollo is sooo real

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its so real tbh i love trans guy apollo