it's like in this moment it really hits home that she doesn't belong

Blue lion's home
  • Okok so this is just a thing I was thinking about but just hear me out...
  • In the episode where shiro and the black lion go back to the lion's home planet we learn that it was also zarkon's, which means that there's a very high chance that each of the lions were created on different planets depending on their original paladin.
  • So this is going along the storyline that Keith's the new black paladin since shiro's gone,,
  • Ok so let's say that one night keith and lance get into a REALLY bad fight, which normally would end with the two storming off from each other, only this time the fight was about how lance wanted to return to earth. Keith brings up how lance's family is a part of the universe and if lance leaves voltron than he's almost guaranteeing their demise, to which lance finally cracks and screams at Keith for not knowing what family's like, stating something along the lines of "how would you know how I feel? You're just an orphan!". Keith obviously doesn't take this well and snaps at him some more, eventually leaving to the training deck to let off some steam. Lance realizes what he's said, and what he's done, and has had it. He's been so done with the team treating him like trash he'd finally snapped, and at this point he was over sulking in his room until the next mission, so he packs up. He grabs all his belongings, some rations to last him, and he gets in the blue lion and sneaks out.
  • He turns off the lions tracking system and they fly aimlessly for a bit until the lion suddenly jolts forward and goes into hyper speed, until they reach a water planet. For a moment lance has hopes that it's the earth but at a closer look he realizes it's not and continues to lay back as the lion takes him to his "destination". Another couple of minutes pass and they hit the surface of the water, quickly plunging deeper. Lance begins to freak out and does his best to stop the lion but it's no use.
  • Before he has a moment to process what's happening they're in an underwater cave, with at further inspection seems to be highly man-made. They finally turn a corner to be greeted with a unbelievably high tech, airtight room, where blue goes into the middle pad and shuts down, leaving lance alone. Scared and confused, he exits the lion to explore, and finds a door, or a gate. With a bit of force he opens it, to find himself in a large hallway, once again filled with water, only this time with the addition of merpeople, who seem to be just as confused as he is, just for a different reason.
  • One notices him by the door in his paladin armour and asks him if he is the blue paladin, and remembering his last confrontation he's hesitant. Nonetheless the merman puts two and two together and takes him to their king. The king's ecstatic that the blue lion has returned and reveals that this was the planet and colony that built the blue lion, and this was the home of the previous paladin. Lance tells the king what he had done and asks why the lion had brought him there, to which the king suddenly grows somber. He tells lance about the old paladin, and how she often has lashed out on the team, and in return became very untrusting and unstable. Due to this, to calm her down the blue lion would bring her here if she was ever in trouble of herself.
  • Lance takes a moment to think about the new knowledge he was given, and remembers how blue brought him here because of her instincts, and how she knew he wasn't ok even though he had not. The king then continued, stating that the paladin was far more unstable than anyone had ever thought or knew, and one night, the lion returned. When the guards entered the lion to see why it had returned, they found the paladin's corpse inside, the cause of her death being herself. Lance suddenly becomes unbelievably worried, wondering if he would one day follow in her footsteps.
  • The King notices lance's sudden worry, and continued. "The blue lion always chose the most compassionate to be her paladin. She never chose the best leader, or the best fighter, but she couldn't stand a paladin who worked solo, this usually resulting in the blue paladin to be the most well rounded. In its own sense that has both good and bad quirks, but you must learn that that doesn't make you any worse than your teammates, if anything that makes you more valuable." Lance takes this to heart and whenever he's not feeling 100% he'll head over to the planet to talk things out.
  • There's a bunch more stuff I was thinking about, like a prince or someone who works in the castle gaining a liking for lance, which is greeted mutually, creating a jealous keith. There could be partial alteans on the planet, like part mermaid, part altean, or maybe very distant strands of the species in them, since that planet did create the blue lion, and there'd probably be some of Alfor's people there back 10,000 years ago, giving coran and allura hope. I could go on and on it's just been a thing I've been thinking...

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HC that after hearing the prophecy, Snape goes to Lily himself and tries to persuade her to flee with James and baby Harry, but she won't listen because she doesn't trust him. "Lily, please!" pleaded Snape, his voice laced with desperation. "What, you think I'm just going to abandon everything on your whim?" Lily spat back. "It's common knowledge that you're in with You-Know-Who! You're probably just trying to draw me out so he can kill me!" A frosty pause. "James was right about you."

When Severus Snape heard the prophecy, he rightly assumed that the Dark Lord would find the information very useful. It had been his last chance. The Dark Lord already had all of Severus’ potion recipes. There wasn’t anything more that Severus could teach or show or bargain with other than the flying spell- the one that he and Lily had made together, the one that he had promised himself he would never teach to anyone.

The prophecy was vague.  His heart rejoiced at this.  It would be nearly impossible to sort through the number of people that the Dark Lord believed had defied him- after all, he believed that about everyone except for himself. The madman had grown ever more paranoid as time went on- there had been some whispers in the higher ranks that he’d even killed some of his most loyal operatives after accusing them of sabotage.  Severus had been looking for a way out for a long time, and this, he was certain, would be his ticket to do so.

But things, as it turned out, were not that easy.

They never were.

He sat at his desk the night after the September 15th Death Eater meeting, his quill quivering in his hand.  Steeling his jaw, he placed pen to parchment and began to write.

Dear Lily,

I know we haven’t spoken very much, or really at all, as I have done my best to abide by your wishes, but I must beg you to please reconsider staying in Wizarding Britain. Please take your husband and son out of the country until the war is over.  You were the only person who ever called me a friend, and for that, I cannot sit idly by while your family is in danger.

Please, talk to Albus.



He handed the letter to Albus, his hand quivering with fear.  The headmasters eyebrows furrowed for a moment and he cast a spell on the envelope to check it for dark magic.

“You still don’t trust me,” Severus grumbled, shoving his hands in the pockets of his traveling cloak.

“Severus, I am merely following your wishes and keeping them safe,” Dumbledore sighed in reply. “I shall deliver the letter.”

Severus finished giving his report and Apparated back to Spinner’s End, his mind consumed with depressing thoughts and a sense of self loathing. 

He stared at the knives hanging over the kitchen stove for a long moment before turning away.

No. Not tonight.

He still had work to do.

Severus was not expecting the letter that Albus Dumbledore handed to him the next time they met. Even without bringing the envelope up to his nose, he could smell Lily’s distinct rose-and-lemongrass scent, which was unchanged even after so many years. It made him feel pathetic with longing, and he forced himself to shove down the anguish until his eyes were hard and black and empty.

“She is doing well,” Albus said simply, without being asked. “The baby keeps her rather sleep deprived, but she’s healthy and happy.”

“Thank you, sir,” Severus said, his voice bereft of emotion.

“Off with you, then,” Dumbledore said cheerfully.

Severus went.


I’m not sure why you seem to think that you can change my mind, but it is at least very kind of you to show your concern. This is my home. I belong here, and so does my family. I won’t be run out for being the “wrong sort.”  You should understand how that feels, Sev. You spent a lot of time being run out of shops for looking like the wrong sort as well. But instead of understanding you joined up with the very man who wants me and everyone like me to be dead. DEAD, Sev. Do you know what that means?  Did you think that he didn’t really mean it when he said that? That the power, fame, and glory he promised you was somehow worth throwing the rest of us in the fire? Albus told me why you did what you did. I know I must be happy that you had at least the tiniest shred of decency to help us hide, but let’s not kid ourselves. If it had been anyone else but me, you wouldn’t have done it.

Hah. I meant to write a short note, and here you have me writing a missive. I guess that’s what happens when the baby is teething and refuses to sleep. I tell myself that I can see the good in anyone. After all, I did marry James-Fathead-Potter.  Even though you were a bit rough and I didn’t always agree with your methods, I used to know that your heart was in the right place, Sev, but now I’m not sure you have a heart left at all.

I’d better stop writing. The words are beginning to blur from sleep deprivation.


Severus didn’t realize he was crying until the first few tears hit the parchment and the ink began to smear.  Her scent, which was pressed into the parchment filled his head with bittersweet memories.  He hurriedly folded it and slipped it back inside the envelope, casting a Stasis Charm on it.  He knew it was pathetic, but at that particular moment, he didn’t particularly care.


I know I shouldn’t keep writing to you, but you must know that I have done my best to atone for my sins. I know I have made many, many mistakes.  Believe me, nothing you have to say to me is nearly as harsh as what I tell myself, but I am doing my best to make up for what I have done wrong.  The Dark Lord is going mad, or he has already gone. It’s hard to tell the difference nowadays.  He is paranoid, he looks for reasons to maim or kill even his most ardent followers. Even Bellatrix Lestrange got subjected to his Crucio at the last meeting for speaking out of turn to praise him.

I am not telling you to leave because you are not welcome here. I am telling you to leave because regardless of what has happened, I want you to survive while Albus works to defeat the Dark Lord once and for all.

I shouldn’t say this. If the Dark Lord were to find out, I would be executed.  But I need you to know.  I need you to understand.  Please. My life is worth less than that yours and that of your family….your happiness. 

I will pay out of pocket for the portkey myself if that will convince you.



Save yourself.



Lily’s next letter was brief.


Spoke with James. He agrees that we can’t trust you. The charm we’re using should protect us. Albus suggested it, and we all know that You-Know-Who is scared of his power. And, on the off-chance that your portkey is a trap, I have asked Albus to destroy any subsequent letters or items that you send.

Sorry, Sev, but I can’t take chances with my family. Maybe we can talk when this stupid war is finally over.



Severus stared at the word above her name, his heart thudding so quickly he thought it might burst.

She loves me. She still loves me.

He didn’t have any delusions that it would ever be romantic. But with his mother dead more than a year, and his father lost to drinking a few years before that, Severus had no one to love.

No one but Lily.

And she loves me.

He held the note to his chest, willing himself to breathe and wanting nothing more than for the war to be well and truly over.

But it wasn’t that simple.

It never was.

It never would be.