it's like if you rammed his face into a cement wall while he's smiling

Tactic - [EXO] Dr!Baekhyun Au

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[A/N] Inspired by a real person.

A tactical approach. It’s a way of living. It’s the way most of us are living, whether we realize it or not… we are either thinking on how to make it happen and how to get there or– we will figure it all out along the way.

Either way, we are planning, in other words, using a tactic in order to have something happen in our way. But does that mean, we don’t believe in fate?

Not exactly. And Dr. Baekhyun knows exactly what it implies. Being a doctor wasn’t in the plan, and yet he stood fifth floor up, managing patients and catering to them. Baekhyun could thank his genius brain cells to have had pass five years of medical school.

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Nightmare // Winchesters

Warnings: angst, death, inuries, very discriptive/graphic, gore, panic attack symptoms i think, like organs getting ripped out, swearing

Words: 1,816

Summary: one of the youngest winchesters night terrors

A/N: this isn’t written as readers pov, gender neutral sibling, i wanted to write this for longer now, i hope you like this

Tags: @supernatural-squadd ; @winchesters-favorite-girl ; @thegreatficmaster

Opening my eyes, everything was black, I couldn’t see nor hear anything. It was a deafening silence, only my erratic breathing, sounding in my ears. Trying to figure out where I was, I lifted my hands above my head, only for them to come in contact with a soft surface. Pushing my hands against it once more, but it wouldn’t budge.

Slowly I laid my arms back against my sides, realizing I couldn’t get up. My limbs were getting heavy and it was getting harder to breath.

Rolling onto my stomach, I tried to crawl to the sides, but I only came into contact with the same material than above me.

Panic was washing over me. I was laying in a coffin. A fucking coffin. My breathing was getting more frantic, the air only getting thinner. I turned back onto my back. Lifting my hands over my head again, was costing me a lot of strength. I pulled at the cloth, trying to tear it, to come to the wooden lid of my prison.

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