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Seizure Writing Guide!

****This is the seizure anon. I apologize for the wait, I was really excited to share what I knew with you, but then I realized that not only did I write way more than I expected, but I also added comments based on that story you wrote that are denoted with an asterisk at the beginning and end of each comment. I figured you could probably take them out before you actually post it because the notes are explicitly to you. If there’s any way to keep my screen name from posting with the submission that would be awesome because I’m not ready to be “outed” in the community just yet, but if it’s too difficult that’s okay (I’m only 16 and a senior in high school).

So the entire reason why I know anything about what a seizure feels like is because I have grand mal and juvenile absence epilepsy. I had my first grand mal seizure when I was 11, although my neurologist suspected that I had been having absence seizures since age 8. As I went along with my treatment, things started going awry and I developed narcolepsy with cataplexy and a slew of other problems.

Even though I’ll eventually grow out of the epilepsy, I will struggle with severe narcolepsy for the rest of my life. It has robbed me of all control over my sleep wake cycle and made my life touch and go ever since. Lately, I’ve been experiencing a flare-up, something that makes my condition much worse. They occur when I’m stressed or sick, mainly because my narcolepsy is auto immune (which is why, in my opinion, it would make good fic material, but that doesn’t concern this rn). I’ve been battling fatigue all week, and I’m sorry submitting it just slipped my mind. If you want to know more about it, talking about it helps and I can take questions. (After all, you know who I am now.)

So, once again, sorry for the wait. Guide begins below the hash mark, don’t forget to take out the asterisk paragraphs before you post. ****

This is a guide to writing seizures! If you have any knowledge/experience to add, or perhaps if I misrepresented something feel free to add your thoughts as this is for the community as a whole to use!


General Information


A seizure is an excess firing of the neurons in the brain. This misfiring can be generalized (affecting both sides of the brain) or focal (affects one side of the brain, a specific area of the brain, etc). Of the focal onset seizures, there are two sub categories, simple partial (person is fully/mostly aware) and complex partial (some changes in levels of consciousness).

Generalized onset seizures normally produce the more obvious/well known symptoms of a seizure, whereas focal onset seizures can have some pretty weird symptoms.

The categories and seizure types that fit into them are as follows:

- Convulsive (myoclonic, clonic, tonic, tonic-clonic, atonic)
- Non-convulsive (absence-typical/atypical)
- Unclassified

Simple Partial (4 categories)
- w/motor symptoms
* convulsive/jerking motions, unusual head or eye movements, numbness, tingling, a crawling feeling on your skin, etc.

- w/sensory symptoms
* feeling weird pressure or warmth, seeing/hearing/smelling/tasting weird things

- w/autonomic symptoms (autonomic = things that the body regulates automatically, like temperature)
* usually things like sweating, stomach churning, nausea, unexplained sense of fear, etc.

- w/psychic symptoms
* warped time perception, dysmnesic (deja-vu sense), strong feelings of fear, illusion, hallucinations, difficulty or discomfort swallowing

Complex Partial-
- simple partial onset then impaired consciousness
- impaired consciousness at onset
simple partial evolving into second generalized


Types of Seizures


Grand Mal (Tonic-Clonic) Seizures

This is the main type, normally consisting of 4 stages; aura, tonic, clonic, and aftermath. Common triggers include the presence of epilepsy, flashing lights, fever, and head trauma. The victim needs to be monitored during each of the four stages to ensure safety. It is also important to note that any grand mal seizure lasting more than 5 minutes can result in permanent brain damage.

From the victim’s perspective, they may/may not know what is going on depending on whether or not they’ve had a seizure before. Many epileptics are able to tell when they are about to have a seizure based on how their aura phase presents itself. The most common forms are seeing/hearing/smelling/tasting/feeling things that aren’t there. For example, smelling something burning, a metallic taste in the mouth, or possibly even strong feelings of deja vu/turning of he stomach. For non-epileptics and people having their first seizure, it may present as just a feeling of uneasiness and slight drowsiness. It depends on what area(s) of the brain is/are affected.

After the aura, the tonic phase hits and the victim loses consciousness as the body stiffens, lasting 10-25 seconds for the average person. Then the clonic phase hits and the body convulses for an average of 30-50 seconds. The clonic phase is probably the most dangerous part of the seizure because of the possibility of injury. The most important thing to remember is that you have to get the person in a position where they cannot his their head on anything, and you should NEVER try to restrain them while they’re convulsing. It can cause a lot more damage if you try and restrain them than if you just let it take its course.

The aftermath can consist of anything from nausea to a fog-like confusion, and the victim should never be left alone until the stage is completed and the person has regained consciousness and functions normally. It is not uncommon for the victim to forget their name, nor is it for the victim to forget where they are.

Morning of my first seizure I felt abnormally drowsy and I had a mild headache, but I waved it off as the result of staying up late too many nights in a row. So I went to school anyway and made it two hours into my day when suddenly I began to feel extremely heavy, like a lead blanket had been placed over me. I put my head down on my desk, but I kind of knew that I wasn’t falling asleep; it was a different feel. I woke up in the hospital, thoroughly confused, disoriented, and slightly weak. I had woken up in the ambulance, but apparently I couldn’t remember my own name. It took me about 2 days to really recover, but only about a half an hour to an hour to become mostly aware.


Petit Mal (Absence) Seizures

This is about as close to unconsciousness without actually being unconscious. Can be caused by flashing lights and hyperventilation, but they are normally unprovoked.

Characterized by a blank stare, they are well described by the phrase “time traveling” because you have no clue what goes on during them. It’s like one minute you’re there and then a second passes and you realize a minute passed and you can’t remember what you were doing before. It’s not painful, just really annoying and confusing. They last 30 seconds on average, but can last longer.

Given the elusive nature of absence seizures, it’s pretty unlikely that a quick trip to Web MD would be able to diagnose this. Petit mal seizures are extremely hard to diagnose, especially without an EEG (stands for electroencephalogram, which is a machine that measures brain waves through electrodes applied to the patient’s head). They usually cannot occur in rapid succession, but having multiple absence seizures in a day is possible.

****That is precisely why I liked your story so much! Yes, the “cloud” would be more of an aura phase because you usually can’t tell when they’re going to happen, but as the seizure are a result of possible brain damage it totally works. It was an inventive way to approach it, and I liked the idea. It just makes sense for him because he can’t control how often/intense the ‘glitching’ is.****


Other, More Obscure Types of Seizures


Tonic Seizures

Seizure where the body goes rigid. Usually happens during sleep, but can occur when awake. Generally lasts for 20 seconds or less, minimal changes in consciousness. Can happen to any age group.


Clonic Seizures

Seizure where the body convulses in specific areas or full body. Usually only found in newborns/infants.


Atonic Seizures

Nicknamed “drop seizures”, it’s a sudden loss of muscle tone either in certain areas of the body or throughout the whole body. Normally lasts less than 15 seconds and person is conscious.

To the person experiencing the episode, it’s terrifying when to have the first one because there you are, going about your daily life and then BOOM you’re on the floor and can’t move. You want to move, but even if you will yourself to move with every fiber of your being, you can’t. Then, when you can move, you may realize you broke something on the way down, or maybe you lost consciousness because you hit the corner of a table on the way down. They are very dangerous, and many people (especially children) who experience uncontrolled atonic seizures are recommended to wear helmets to reduce the risk of injury during a sudden attack.

****I haven’t had an atonic seizure before, but I have had something very, very similar called a cataplexy attack. They SUCK. I developed severe narcolepsy w/cataplexy as a result of having abnormal neural activity (epilepsy), and my first cataplexy attack was TERRIFYING. I was standing up and laughing at something, next thing I know I’m on the ground in excruciating pain because I lost control of my muscles, landed wrong, and broke my tailbone. I was conscious the whole time but I couldn’t move for a good 20 seconds, was in extreme pain, and actually thought I broke my spine (I was 13). I wouldn’t be surprised is something like this happened during an atomic seizure. The important thing to note is that cataplexy attacks are triggered by emotions, whereas atonic seizures cannot be triggered by anything.****


Myoclonic Seizures

These are seizures that are shown through rapid jerking of the extremities. It’s like severe flinching, or like when a chill runs down your back, and it’s completely involuntary. They can occur at any stage in life.

****I can see the most potential in this for writing purposes because when I had them, I would think ‘ey I’m glitching’ and I can see Jeremy and Michael freaking out over something like this. For me it usually didn’t feel like anything, but when it happened with my eyelids it was really weird (my eyelids would twitch and it Mede it hard to pay attention and sometimes got uncomfortable). It’s like muscle spasms, but without pain.****


Febrile Seizures

Not going to lie, almost forgot to add this to the list. Wasn’t sure where to put it, so naturally I just tacked it on to the end. So, febrile seizures are seizure that are triggered by fever. It mainly happens with newborns/small children, and it’s pretty much just convulsions.


Hope you enjoyed, feel free to add things!

Ok so I’m re-reading Harry Potter...

On the bus during my commutes to and from school. And as I read, I’ve been making little notes and internal dialogues about things that I notice as I go (or notice again because I have no idea how many times I’ve read these books. So many times…) And I figured I might share them as I go through each book, because honestly when isn’t there a good time to geek out over the Wizarding World? Kay? Kay :)

The Philosopher’s Stone

  • Why, why, WHY does no one talk about Dumbledore’s fabulous high-heeled purple boots??
  • You know what I never noticed before? Professor McGonagall actually left Hogwarts to go to Privet Drive the day that James and Lily died. Like I mean obviously, but think about it; the first book starts out on a Tuesday (says it a couple paragraphs in to the first chapter) and we know that they died on Halloween. So the school is well into its Fall term, and it’s the middle of the week. McGonagall left the school, and all her classes, to go and sit all day long on that garden wall of Privet Drive just to wait for any information at all regarding this family. She sat there literally for hours to hear any confirmation of these wonderful yet terrible rumors. She waited and waited just to see if Harry was alright. And after just barely witnessing a distant taste of how horrid the Dursley’s were, she was completely outraged at Dumbledore’s suggestion to leave Harry there.
  • Also, there was a full day between when James and Lily were killed and when Hagrid brought Harry to Privet Drive. Imagine Hagrid taking care of baby bean Harry, loving on him so much, while probably breaking into tears every few minutes. I’m getting emotional, Hagrid and McGonagall are too wonderful.
  • I love the fact that the very first thing Mrs. Weasley does when she hears who Harry is from the twins is to make sure they treat him like a normal boy rather than going off to gawk at him. She is an amazing mother, and already so ready to protect him in a way he hadn’t known for ten years.
  • Harry and Ron’s first meeting means the world to me. These are two eleven year old boys bonding over not having much money nor being very special growing up. Will I ever make it through reading this series without getting overly-emotional at random bits? Nope, probably not!
  • I’m honestly still confused as to how Peter Pettigrew was sorted into Gryffindor. I mean he really doesn’t seem to display any of the the house traits as far as I can see. The only possible thing I can come up with is that he must’ve befriended the other three Marauders on the first train ride and was so desperate to stick close to them that he insisted the Sorting Hat place him with them. I mean the Hat does take the persons wants into consideration, he must’ve been adamant. Either that or perhaps part of the Hat’s decision is looking at where someone’s placement would benefit them most? Like “this child could do with being around these specific people so hopefully they will grow to be courageous when circumstances call for it, as well as truly loyal to those who care for and are loyal to them.” Maybe the Hat doesn’t just look at who you are but also who you need to become. And in the instance of Pettigrew, it just wasn’t enough.
  • It’s actually canon that Dumbledore likes bowling. Why does no one talk about this? More importantly, why is there no art for this??
  • Still not over how Hagrid totally sent Harry a letter with Hedwig that first week of school to make sure he didn’t feel left out.
  • Can we talk about the fact that Neville took on both Crabbe and Goyle single handed while Ron beat up Malfoy? Because FRICK YEAH go Neville!
  • Every time they mention Charlie Weasley I re-realize just how salty I am that they never had him in the movies.
  • Hagrid says Dumbledore “borrowed” Fluffy, which makes me wonder where he keeps Fluffy when he’s not living on the 3rd floor? Maybe in the forest, like Grawp? I suspect it would need to be super deep in there…
  • Honestly Snape is such an ass. I know he was technically on the good side, but he was certainly not a good person. And any Snape apologists can fight me on this.

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More of a fuck coworkers, but I work with a friend and that might sound great, but really it's not. She always complains that she has no lunch and then says how she doesn't have time to make and....I'm sorry??? Get up earlier??? But bc I'm too anxious to tell her that she makes me feel like I have to give her some of MY lunch when we work...

I have learned to never work with friends or family. Because after a while you will resent them for one reason or another. I was sooo glad when my wife finished school and left retail. We had worked in three of the same stores in two companies. And we’re headed for a breakup if it lasted longer.


ok i need some answers from other gemini venus peeps like how do y'all like people?? 

bc I’m the type to get a million crushes at once or none at all and most of them usually don’t stick bc i find a really bad fault in the person. but i also have had this crush on this aquarius guy that never really went away since like freshman year of high school and whenever we meet its like??? we never left each other like i only have eyes for him whenever i see him and i just wanna know if I’m the only one who does this

Lost Lothlorien Princess - Part 1 - High School

Originally posted by every0ne-dies-alone

Warnings: verbal abuse, bullying, finding out your adopted.

Pairings: LOTR X Reader

(A/N) So this is one of the first Lord of the rings Fanfics i ever wrote. i hope you guys like it :D 


I’ve always felt like I didn’t belong. My parents always fought constantly about everything and I was always in the middle of their quarrels. As I grew from a child to a teenager I would always find solace from the turmoil in books of every kind. My favorite books always consisted of knights, elves, princes, and princesses. As I read these books it was as if my mind was always removed from its vessel and transported to these magical worlds it created.

My school life wasn’t much better than my home life. For some weird reason I had been born with pointy ears, and the other kids at school avoided me and mocked me for my ears. They would always come up behind me and jerk on my ears making hateful comments and then run off laughing. It was worse when I was a kid, but as I grew they had started to avoid me saying I was unnaturally tall and beautiful; it was also strange that when they hurt me I would always heal quicker than a normal person.

Today was just like any other day as I sat at my usual lunch table alone reading my favorite book “The Lord of the Rings” but this time as I read through it; it was as if the pictures in my head were coming alive around me. I could see the elves traveling through the woods as if I was standing next to Frodo and Sam myself.

All of the sudden the school cafeteria vanishes from around me making me jump from my seat in shock leaving nothing but a vivid wasteland of ash, rock, and molten rock. “What the?” I say as I start to instantly feel the feel of heat and the eye of something gaze upon me. I turn around to see as if I was standing there in front of his tower the eye of Sauron peering down at me. My eyes widen in fear as I fear his voice inside my head, “I found you, lost child of Middle Earth.”

Before I had a chance to reply I feel something shove me to the floor and I quickly blink my eyes to see that I am once again in my cafeteria. I look around at all the people staring at me as I look back to see who had knocked me over. I Notice right away the Abercrombie and Fitch blue blouse as that of the head cheerleader Susan Evans and let out an annoyed sigh as I push myself up off the ground. “Freaks should watch out where they are having their crazy episodes.” She says as she flips her long blonde hair and then turning away walks off laughing. I roll my eyes as I walk back over to my table and grabbing my books and backpack head toward the office.

I ignore all the judgmental looks and cheesy remarks as I quickly make my way through the hallway to the office where I see the receptionist on the phone. Taking a deep breath I sneak past her and make a break for the front door. When I am safely outside I take a deep breath of the freshly mowed grass and instantly feel my body relax. I feel tears start to sting the corners of my eyes but I quickly shake my head knocking all the bad feelings out of my head and then I start the long road home.

This wasn’t the first time I had left school and it seemed like neither the teachers nor my parents cared. For some reason the thirty minute drive seemed like such a short walk. It never took me too long to make it through the woods and fields until I made it to my sanctuary. My sanctuary consisted of a grassy meadow filled with wildflowers, a clear spring fed stream flowed right through the center, a few shade trees, and all the wildlife you could think of.

I walk up to the stream and tossing my backpack down on its edge throw myself down and let the tears leave my eyes. All I had ever wanted was a place to feel normal and loved but I was just wishful thinking, a place like that could never exist for a freak like me. I sat there for what seemed like hours when I finally felt the tears dry out. I look around to see that the sun had started to set in the sky and quickly grabbing my bag hurry to my house.

As if right on queue I walk through the door to my parents screaming at each other but this time something felt different. “You should have just left her in that ditch where you found her!” I heard my father yell at my mother and my heart sinks. “Are they talking about me?” I think to myself as I silently peek around the corner to hear more of their conversation.

“What did you expect me to do I could just leave a baby no matter what it looked like.” My heart drops as I hear the next words uttered, “Ever since we took that freak into our home everyone looks at us differently they mock us and call us names and I can’t keep a job because of that thing!” I reach up and covering my mouth backing up I end up knocking over a lamp and I instantly see my mother’s face peek around the corner and as her gaze finds me her eyes widen in panic. “_____?” Before she has a chance to say another word I turn and run as fast as I can leaving everything I knew behind.

Before I realize how far I had gone I look around to see that I no longer recognize anything around me. “Elvish Princess I have found you,” I hear that same voice from earlier say and I turn to see Sauron’s flaming eye peering deep into my soul. I suddenly feel fear and anguish overcome me making me fall backwards only instead of hitting the ground my body just keeps falling. I look around to no longer see a ground beneath me but a void of empty space. I let out a blood curdling scream and closing my eyes grab my arms and hold my body tight, silently praying for something or someone to save me. Then as if someone heard my prayer I feel a hand touch my face and I open my eyes to see an older man with a long grey beard his blue orbs gazing down into my (E/C) eyes.

My fears and worry melt away as he says, “My dear ______, it’s about time you find your way home; back to Lothlorien.” 

“Lothlorien?” I say as I suddenly feel the softness of grass beneath my body. “Who are you?” I ask as I feel my strength start to leave me. 

“My name dear princess is Gandalf, Gandalf the Grey.” Before I could even react I black out. My world goes dark but I still feel the presence of the mysterious old man who claimed to have the same name as Middle Earth’s Wizard.

Will Continue In - Rivendell 

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Hey there! I have a cat who eats wet food for his main diet. I was wondering if how he eats is something I need to worry about. During the week when I'm at school he sometimes doesn't touch his breakfast all day, and only when I come home around 6 p.m. does he start eating it. My grandma insists it's because he doesn't like his food, but then he eats totally normally when I'm around. Could this be some kind of weird attachment issue? The brand of wet food is Wellness CORE, if that makes a diff.

It might be an attachment issue, I can’t really say. Either way, you need to change that management pattern - wet food goes bad and should really never be left out for more than an hour, two at max. It’s definitely risky for him to be eating it after it has been sitting out all day. 

I’d suggest putting food down for him first thing when you get up, and picking it up and putting it away in the fridge when you go to school. If he’s crying from hunger later, your grandmother can put it down for him for a little while. Hopefully he’ll start learning to eat when it’s available rather than when he feels like it, and that’ll help him stay a little further away from risk of getting sick. 

Melting Snowflakes Part II (Draco Malfoy)

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairings: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Warnings: Draco blushing, more fluff than you can handle

Part I

Originally posted by mishchief---managed

One of my least favorite things in the whole world was getting sick; it was right next to spiders and History of Magic. Though, I thought as I stared up at the ceiling, I would gladly take one of Mr. Binns hour-and-a-half long lectures right now, if it meant I wasn’t stuck in bed, feeling like I was about to explode. My head was throbbing and, with every breath I took, my chest seemed to rattle with an oncoming cough. 


I didn’t mind the way I became sick, though. It was almost worth all of the trouble I was going through. 

A smile crept up on my mouth as I recalled yesterday’s events—they seemed like an eternity ago. Draco, the boy who nowadays seemed to make my heart beat furiously and my face flush, had found me playing out in the snow during dinner. He had brought me inside and handed me his cloak to use, since I was thoroughly drenched. My eyes shut happily as I remembered the feeling of the warm cloak across my body, the way that it was covered with his smell. After dinner, we had met up again, where he told me to keep his cloak, and where he also had told me that he thought I was pretty while we stared out at the snow.

And then I had sneezed.

That should have been my warning for what disastrous occurrences lay up ahead. I had told Draco that I was fine, that I had just inhaled a little dust, despite the chills that crawled up my spine. Before we parted ways to go to our separate common rooms, he had grabbed my hand and kissed it gently, making the chills disappear and be replaced by extreme heat from my toes to the top of my head. 

I spent the rest of the night in a hazy state of delight and happiness, and had fallen asleep with a smile on my face.

And then I had woken up.

As I opened my eyes, pain shot through my head, making me call out and close them again. My entire head felt like it was being smashed together by rocks. The chills that had disappeared the night before had reappeared, bigger than before. As I lay in bed, scrunched up into a little heap, the facts hit me—I was sick.

Hermione had heard me call out and came running over. When she had seen the state that I was in, she had pressed her hand against my forehead, checking my temperature. Sure enough, I had a fever.

She managed to usher me up and out of bed, when a wave of dizziness crashed over me, making me stumble. With my arm around her shoulders, we made our way out of the common room, heading for the infirmary. 
We had met up with Ron and Harry in the common room, both of whom looked at my dire state in surprise and panic. Harry wrapped my other arm around his shoulder while Ron ran back and forth, unsure of what to do.

“Open the door, you idiot!” Hermione had snapped at him, and he rushed forward, pushing the portrait open. Fred and George sat at a table to the side, snickering at us and we walked through. I tried to shoot them a glare, but my head pounded at the effort and I smashed my eyes closed. 

We walked like that for awhile, earning multiple stares and whispers from various students as they witnessed us stumbling down the Grand Staircase. 

My headache grew worse as the bright lights shone upon me, and I buried my head into Harry’s shoulder, trying to block out the light. I felt him shuffle uncomfortably, surprised by my sudden closeness. My eyes opened slightly as I tried to find a more comfortable position on his shoulder. As my eyes flashed open, I saw a brief glimpse of silvery-blonde hair from across the corridor. I blinked and, when I looked again, I saw that it was gone. Deciding that my mind was playing tricks on me, I closed my eyes tightly and buried myself deeper into Harry’s shoulder. 

When we made it to the infirmary, Madam Pomfrey had tsked at us and ushered me into a bed. The brightness and whiteness of the sterile room made my head throb more, and I situated my head against the pillow, which was a welcome change from Harry’s bony shoulder. 

Merlin, (Y/N). You’re hot,” Harry had said, rubbing his shoulder where my fever-struck forehead had touched him. Realizing what he had said, Harry blushed and stammered, “You know. Because you had a fever…”

Normally I would have an excellent comeback for this, but I was too tired and miserable to do much else then mumble incoherently into the pillow.

Coming out of her office, Madame Pomfrey had forced some potion upon me, of which she claimed would make me feel better within a few hours. I had chugged it willingly, despite the fact that it had tasted vile and putrid. Harry, Hermione, and Ron (who had gotten lost on the way there, somehow, but managed to find us) stayed for a few minutes by my side, but had left due to me urging them to have breakfast. While Harry and Ron headed toward the Great Hall, Hermione had gone back to the dorm to grab my school bag in case I felt better and I was struck by a sudden desire to do my homework. I knew that would never happen, but I appreciated the gesture. 

After she left, I felt a little lonely. Though I was to one who persuaded them to leave, I still didn’t like being alone. The potion hadn’t started to work its magic yet, and I still felt miserably sick. 

Madame Pomfrey had retired shortly after to her office, and I was left alone with no company except for an unconscious third-year Ravenclaw. Boredom quickly crept upon me, despite my state of sickness and utter misery. I was one of those people who hated being bored, and always needed something to keep me busy. 

Hermione tended to get slightly annoyed by my antics, especially when she was trying to study. Therefore, being alone and bored out of mind, I was in quite the predicament. I found myself watching the clock tick as my stomach grumbled loudly. The night before, I hadn’t been able to eat dinner due to my time in the snow and with Draco. I didn’t mind that necessarily, but now I had missed breakfast too. I tended to have quite the appetite, and missing my daily three meals was really starting to take its toll on me. 

Tapping my fingers against the side of my bed, I resorted to talking to the unconscious student as a means of entertainment. 

“So, what are you in here for?”

Realizing that I (quite obviously) wasn’t going to get an answer, I began talking to them about the one thing that would make this whole situation better: Draco. Hoping that they wouldn’t remember this conversation when they woke up, (Don’t they say that coma patients can hear you if you talk to them?) I spoke on and on about Draco’s and my adventure the other day, assuming that they weren’t in a coma and that they were, in fact, asleep. 

When I got to the part about him allowing me to keep his cloak, I realized I was gushing. “He looks like he has really soft hair, you know. While we were standing out in the snow, all the little snowflakes were getting caught in it, and I wanted to touch it so badly.” 

I was starting to feel better. Warmth spread up my spine and to my head, clearing my head and stopping my chills. I was unsure if it was just the medicine kicking in, or if talking about Draco actually was making me feel better. Either way, I continued talking. 

“His eyes are also gorgeous, right? And he’s actually kind of sweet, once you get to know him. Everyone always talks about how cruel he is, but he was acting like a total gentleman around me. Gosh, he’s adorabl-“

“I am not adorable.”

I froze, staring in shock at my Ravenclaw companion, wondering if they were the source of the voice I heard. But, much to my dismay and fear, they hadn’t moved a centimeter since I had entered the infirmary. Also, the voice had come from behind me. Heat rushed up to my cheeks, and I felt as though my face was on fire. Clenching my fingers tightly around the sheets, I turned around to see who the source of the voice was.

Standing tall and elegantly a couple feet away, was none other than Draco Lucius Malfoy.

Embarassment was not a strong enough word to describe what I was feeling. It was worse than the time Fred pulled down my skirt in the Great Hall in front of everyone. It was worse than the time I walked in on Harry and Cho snogging in the Room of Requirement, tripping and knocking over a suit of armor as I tried to rush out. This was worse. This was a hundredth times worse. 

I looked around frantically, searching for an escape. The only available exit was either behind Draco (there was no way I could ever walk near him again) or through one of the windows. Considering that we were in one of the highest towers in the school, that option was a no-go. I was stuck sitting on my cot in complete humiliation, staring up at the ceiling.

Please leave.

Meanwhile, Draco was standing behind me, a smirk painted on his face. He was tapping his foot lightly, signaling that he was still there. “I am many things, (Y/N),” he said. “But adorable is not one of them. I did like the rest of your speech, though.  Please, don’t stop. Tell me more about how wonderful I am.”

When I didn’t say anything, I heard him walk closer, his footsteps getting painfully louder. I heard the sound of a chair screeching and I was positive that he sitting beside me now. “Carry on.” His voice was soft, teasing. 

Before I could stop myself, I blurted out the first thing that came to my head. “I have been drugged.”

Oh. My. God.

I had planned on explaining how I had been given a potion to help with my fever, and how the potion probably had strange side effects. Like giddiness. Or making you say things out loud that you don’t actually mean. (Though I did mean everything I said about Draco. I just didn’t want him to know it.

Instead, I had crossed the boundary and had said something that made absolutely no sense. He probably thought I was the biggest freak in all of Hogwarts. 
Longing for an escape, I grabbed my pillow and my sheet and dove under the bed, hiding from his piercing gaze. It wasn’t necessarily the most effective or mature way of handling the situation, but I was desperate.  Underneath the bed I stayed, trying not think of all the gross things that could be hiding under there with me. Like spiders. I shuddered.

“(Y/N).” Draco’s voice sounded muffled, due to the fact that I had the pillow wrapped around my head, covering my ears. “What in the world are you doing?” Amusement tinted his voice, and I was sure that he was making fun of me. 

“Nothing.” My voice sounded extremely high-pitched and I winced. “Go away.”

“That’s rude. I came here to check in on you. You could at least come out to say “hi”.” I could hear his fingers tapping against the end table impatiently.
“It’s disrespectful to keep your guests waiting.”

La, la, la. I can’t hear you.” Maturity and its finest, (Y/N). 

“You answered me earlier.”


“Go away.” 

There was a brief moment of silence. I heard the chair scratch against the floor once more, signaling that Draco was getting up. I snuck a little peak up to see his shoes a couple feet away. They looked new; shiny and polished. Draco had really nice shoes. Focus!


“…Yeah?” I bit my tongue, my heart racing.

“Are you really sure that you want me to leave?”

The truth was, even though I had told him to leave, I really didn’t want him to go. I wanted him to stay. I wanted him to sit by me and talk to me as I tried to get better. I wanted him to read stories to me in his drawling, beautiful voice as he played with my hair.

My eyes stung and my cheeks reddened, and I buried my head back into the pillow. “I don’t know.” My voice was muffled and I doubted he could hear me.

He tsked and I heard footsteps slowly retreating. “Too bad. I had brought you breakfast from the Great Hall, assuming you would be hungry. You didn’t have dinner last night, correct?” 

He paused, as if he had given away too much information. I could almost see him shake his head. “Anyway, I guess you’re not hungry. I’ll just be going then…”

His footsteps started again and I panicked. Get some courage! You’re in Gryffindor, afterall. 

I took a deep breath and stuck my head out enough that only my eyes were visible. I blinked back the sudden brightness and tried to focus on Draco. He was standing a bit away, closer to the door than to me. In his hands was a tray full of food that I hadn’t noticed earlier in my rush of embarrassment. Come on, (Y/N). You can do it.

“…Food?” I whispered helplessly. Yes! She can speak! 

Draco turned around and saw my head peaking out. A smile slowly appeared on his face, and I felt heat rise to my cheeks once more. Stop blushing. 

Draco walked a step closer to the door and my eyes widened. 

“If you want the food,” he drawled, turning back to the door. “Then you have to come out from hiding.”

As I weighed out the pros and the cons, my stomach grumbled. Deciding that I could put up with embarrassment for the sake of food, I stuck my hands out onto the floor in front of me and shimmied my way out. I sat with my knees up and my arms wrapped around them. “Food?” I whispered once more.

“You’re covered in dust, you know.” Draco turned around and grinned at me. He actually grinned. It wasn’t one of his signature smirks, but was instead an actual smile. 

He continued speaking. “It seems like every time I see you, you’re covered in something. Snow, and now dust.” His voice was muffled due to the fact that I was still focusing on the way he smiled a few moments ago. His smile lit up the room and paralyzed my mind, leaving me staring at him and possibly drooling. He should smile more. 

He walked back over to me setting the tray down on the table and sat back down. I continued staring at him wide-eyed, wanting to see him smile again. Draco tapped the cot, signaling me to hop back up. Grabbing my sheet and pillow, I scuffled over to the bed and plopped down, ignoring my stomach growling. Food was on the line here—I could worry about embarrassing body noises later.

Draco shook his head, smirking, and took the top off of the tray to reveal stacks of pancakes, bacon, toast, and a glass of orange juice. If I wasn’t drooling before, I was now. 

Draco grabbed a fork from the side of the tray and turned to me. He motioned for me to lean back. Confused, I did as he asked, looking from the food to him. He stuck the fork into the stack of pancakes and cut out a bite-sized piece. I glared at him, wondering if he was going to eat my food. I started to growl a little in the back of my throat, but then I stopped, blushing. Nice. Now I’m acting like a wild animal.

Draco gave me an amused smile before lifting the fork up to my mouth expectantly. 

I stared at him in surprise. “You’re feeding me?”

He rolled his eyes, annoyance flickering in the gray pools. “Obviously. Now eat, or I’ll throw it away.”

Not wanting to let the precious food go to waste, I didn’t state that I could feed myself. I opened my mouth and he plopped the pancake into my mouth. It was probably the best thing I had ever eaten. We continued like that for a while until most of the food was gone. By then, I was blushing fiercely, trying not to make eye contact.

“Well,” Draco said slowly, putting the lid back on the tray. “What do we do now?”

I tried not to melt when he referred to us as “we”. Instead I tried to focus on the obvious. “Shouldn’t you go to class?” I looked around to find a clock on the wall. My eyes widened. 

“First class started twenty minutes ago! Draco, you have to go!” I tried to usher him out of his seat, but he refused to move, glaring at me.

“Why are you so convinced on trying to get me to leave?” He grabbed my hands and I jumped, my hands tingling where his touched them. “Anyway,” he continued. “It’s not a big deal.”

“’Big deal?’” I was trying not to focus on our hands, which were still entwined together, and instead focused on the problem at hand. “Draco! It’s class! I don’t want you to get in trouble over me! You could get detention!”

Draco rolled his eyes and held my hands against the cot, looking into my eyes. “Merlin, (Y/N), calm down. I told Flitwick that I was told to come here and check on you for the whole of class. It’s fine.”

I blinked. “You did that for me?” A big smile crept up on my mouth, the kind that takes up your whole face and makes your heart flutter. I was sure that I looked like a demented pixie, but that didn’t bother me. 

Draco shifted uncomfortably in his seat, taking his hands away from mine. I pouted a little inside, but tried to keep a straight face on the outside. Draco kept his eyes away from me and instead looked out the window, leaning back in his chair. 

“I thought that was obvious,” he said after a few moments of silence. “I mean, I’m involved. I was with you when you were in the snow. If I had given you my cloak earlier, maybe you wouldn’t be sick. By the way, are you feeling any better?”

I smiled wider than a kid on Christmas, my heart rushing. Draco’s worried about me. 

“It’s not your fault,” I said, trying to remain calm. “If you hadn’t come along and dragged me away, I would have been out in the cold longer. Who knows how much sicker I would be now, if that was the case.”

Draco squinted at me. “Dragged?”

I ignored him.  “Also, I’m doing very well, now that you’re here.”

I watched him as a bit of pink tinted his cheeks. He tried to hide it from me by looking away, and I grinned.

“Anyway,” he continued awkwardly. “You didn’t answer me. What do we do now?”

“I don’t know,” I chirped, leaning back. I wracked my brain for possible things to do when one was stuck in the infirmary with an adult not too far away.
Suddenly, a thought hit me. I turned to him, batting my eyes innocently. “Draco, can you do me a favor?”

He looked at me out of the corner of his eye, his eyes squinting as unease crept over him. “What do you want?”

I tried to make my smile less mischievous and more soothing. “Can you read to me?” I tried to muster as much eye-batting and swaying into asking him, trying to persuade him. 

Read to you?” He asked incredulously. His fingers were tapping against the end table again, and I began to notice that it was a nervous habit of his. I smiled to myself. As much as he wouldn’t admit it, one thing was true—Draco Malfoy was adorable.

“Yes, please,” I said, laying down and snuggling into my pillow. I looked up at him expectantly.

He cleared his throat. “What the hell am I even supposed to read?”

My eyes lit up and I turned to the schoolbag that Hermione had brought in earlier. I pointed. “There’s a book in there.”

Draco turned to me helplessly. “Please tell me you’re joking.”

Nope,” I said, popping the ”p”. I bit my lip excitedly. “Get reading, hotshot.”

Draco glared at me as if to say, don’t call me that. He got up and walked reluctantly to my bag, searching through its contents. Through my mess of schoolbooks, he came upon the book that I was talking about. Turning it around, he read the back cover. His eyes widened. “(Y/N). This is a Muggle book.”

“Aaaandd?” I tried to ignore his attitude. “It’s my favorite book.”

He looked up at me, his eyes dark. “You can’t be serious.” (A/N: Sirius Black, anyone?)

I patted his chair and motioned him to come over. “I’m dead serious.” (A/N: Sorry. I had to.)

We spent a long time staring at each other, each person trying to get the other to back down. After what felt like eternity, Draco groaned and dragged himself over to the chair, plopping down loudly. He turned to me, his eyes steel. 

“If anyone hears about this, you are dead. You hear me?”

I nodded excitedly and held out my pinkie expectantly. Draco stared at me blankly. I sighed.

“It’s a pinky promise. It’s like shaking hands or making a deal or whatever. You interlock pinkies and it means that you have to promise to keep a secret.” I grabbed his wrist and forced our pinkies together, smiling triumphantly. “There. Now read.”

Draco Malfoy had one of the most beautiful voices I had ever heard. Listening to him read to me was like reliving a dream, the kind of dream that settled into your heart for only you to keep. As I watched him read to me, I locked this moment into my memory, never wanting to let it go. No matter what happened after this, I wanted to always have this moment with Draco, to remember him beside me like there was nothing else more important to him in the world. I memorized every detail of his face, every eyelash and every breath. I never wanted to forget that moment. I wanted to be in that moment forever.

“Are you cold?”

I was shaken out of my fantasy and I turned to Draco, who was drumming his fingers against the arm of the chair. “What?” 

“I asked if you were cold.” His cheeks were turning pink again, bright in comparison to his pale features. 

Though I was actually slightly warm, I decided to play along. “Uh, I guess.”

Draco nodded and got up from the chair, stretching a little. I tried not to blush at the fact that his shirt rose up a little as he did so, but I wasn’t very successful. Draco pulled the sheet back and I look up at him, confused. Ignoring me he sat down next to me, spreading his legs out and pulling the sheet back over us. Very slowly and gently, he raised his arm up and brought it over my shoulders, pulling me close to him.

My face was on fire. 

Draco’s body was warm against mine and I could feel every contour and dip of his side. His smell took over me, making me dizzy and ecstatic. He smelled like soap and pine, surprisingly, and something a little bit sweet. I fought back the urge to grab his shirt and pull him closer to me so that I could smell him better. I became aware of the fact that if I leaned in a little bit more, I would be able to hear his heartbeat. That fact was so personal and vulnerable to me, that I couldn’t help but feel honored and special that he let me that close to him.

“Do you want me to keep reading?” His voice came out soft, almost like a whisper.

I looked up at him to notice that his cheeks were bright pink and I grinned. “Draco, you’re blushing.”

He stiffened a little. “Malfoys don’t blush,” he said whilst blushing.

I shook my head, grinning at him. “You’re adorable,” I whispered gently.

He stiffened even more, and I had to hold onto his shirt to make sure he didn’t pull away. “I am not adorable. Malfoys are not adorable. We are dangerous and regal and mysterious, but we are not-“

“Just shut up and read,” I said, cutting him off and snuggling in closer to his side. I felt his breath hitch and I grinned, loving my new-found power over him.

And he continued reading.


At around noon, Madame Poppy Pomfrey walked out of her office to check in on (Y/N). As she rounded the corner, she stopped in her tracks, surprise washing over her. Next to (Y/N) lay a boy with silver-blonde hair who had his arm around the girl. 

“Mr. Malfoy and Miss. (L/N),” she began. “This is not a brothel that I run.”

But, even more to her surprise, she realized that they were both asleep, a book discarded in Draco Malfoys lap. Upon further inspection, she realized that it was a Muggle book, which caused her to raise her eyebrows slightly, knowing that this was unusual behavior for the boy. 

Looking back and forth between the two, she couldn’t help but smile. Turning on her heel, she walked away, leaving the teenagers to themselves.

“Kids,” she whispered under her breath.

My Heart’s Flora - Lindir

Based off of “Imagine finding out that Lindir has never been kissed” from @imagine-all-the-elves

A/N: I know I said that I would have this up like three nights ago, but I had two projects for school that needed my immediate attention so. BUT IM BACK NOW! (Hopefully).

Warnings: None

Words: 2000 (its worth it, I promise).

It had been a long day preparing for the feast that was to take place this evening and I was quite worn and had no enthusiasm left for the activities that were to take place. I was in charge of the decor, which would seem easy enough to some, but when one had to take into consideration all color schemes and preferences of the Lord Elrond’s council, decisions became debates that I had no wish to take part in. My only pinprick of light that had shone through the void of chaoticness was Lindir, my dear friend who had accompanied me in my decisions by request of the Lord of Imladris himself. It had been as if he had known.

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Watching 1x21, which unlike all the other seasons, is pt1 of the 2-parter and has Carry On Wayward Son at the beginning, and there’s some other song on the season finale… Kinda by the by to talk about what episode but anyway.

When they use it as the recap, they’re very careful to lay this line over the clips as the lead in to Sam’s visions and what they’re singing over the top of them:

I set a course for winds of fortune, but I hear the voices say

Obviously that line is pretty well-placed to remind us Sam is psychic, and though Dean teases him about hearing voices, Sam’s visions are actually prophecy, which means when it goes on to the chorus -

Carry on my wayward son
For there’ll be peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don’t you cry no more

this is a prophecy seemingly laid out for SAM.

I find it really interesting because in the context of season 1 these songs were chosen fresh for the purpose. Of course Carry On Wayward Son is an amazing song for the show in some ways and especially with the “peace when you are done” bit being used on season finales for the endless ironic dragging on and on of season renewals, I can feel future!Me watching what I know WILL be the ACTUAL end of the show and hearing that line and crying that they’re actually going to maybe get to lay their weary heads to rest :P

But yeah here it’s picked to tell the story of season 1, and specifically that it’s not for the last episode but the second last, even within season 1’s context it’s ironic that there’s still definitely an episode to go and this isn’t the end yet, and the last chorus is over John and them being like yeah wooo we’re gonna go kill the thing that killed Mom now we have the Colt, so it’s also warning them it’s not that easy.

I do like that it ties in the lyrics to Sam and prophecy though, because as much as some of the other lyrics seem to be custom made for Dean (and 10x05 especially with the very clearly sung version of it, after all the songs like “single man tear” where the entire play is telling us ABOUT Dean in Sam or Cas or Dean’s “own” words (seriously, for a Sam!girl, Marie really made that play all about Dean because season 10 theeemes and an answer to everything demon!Dean said in 10x03 :P)).

I think it’s probably best to compare the chorus, assuming it’s metaphorically telling us it’s a prophecy for Sam, with this speech of his which is also laden with irony about finishing the job and having peace:

SAM: No. No way. (They are silent for a few seconds.) God, could you imagine if we actually found that damn thing? That demon?
DEAN: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, all right?
SAM: I know. I’m just sayin’, what if we did? What if this whole thing was over tonight? Man, I’d sleep for a month. Go back to school—be a person again.

If you overlay it with the chorus it’s a pretty much perfect match, of course laden with irony, especially that they’re still at it and every year the repeat of this mantra seems more and more taunting :P I re-watched 12x22 and 12x23 with my friend last night (she had been in Bulgaria and we never got a chance to finish catching her up until now) and 12x22 seems to be such an emotional conclusion, 12x23 really does come on its heels like it’s just stomping in with all the left over plot threads to smash everything up again after it seemed like some sort of peace and resolution had been reached for the blood Winchester family. Heh. Should have waited until Cas was there to hug it out in safety and you know for sure you can make a Winchester sandwich and there’s no spare family member off in Dire Peril.

Anyway. Kinda beside the point :P Except that season 1 Sam seems to have foretold the entire grim march of the show per the dark irony of mixing the chorus of the song with his prophetic ability.

It does make it more of a promise to me, though. The idea that peace - real, non-creepy peace that isn’t in the horrifying “peace or freedom” catch 22 that the show has operated on for years - waits on the far end of it. The kind where you can have peace AND freedom. It was a sort of grim irony back in season 1, but the further we get from that the more it seems like something juuust out of reach.

This year has been the hardest of your whole life.
so hard you cannot see a future, most days.
The pain is bigger than anything else.
Takes up the whole horizon, no matter where you are.
You feel unsafe you feel unsaved.
Your past so present you can feel your baby teeth.
Sitting on the couch, you swear your feet don’t reach the floor.
You keep remembering the first time you saw a bird’s nest.
Held together by an old shoe lace and scraps of a plastic bag
You knew the home of a person could be built like that
A lot of things you’d rather throw away
You keep worrying you’re taking up too much space.
I wish you’d let yourself be the milky way
Remember when I told you I was gonna become a full time poet
And you paid my rent for three years?
Best Friend,
Angel of the get through.
All living is storm chasing.
Every good heart has lost its roof.
Let all the walls collapse at your feet,
Scream timber when they ask you how you are.
Fine is the suckiest word. It is the opposite of HERE
Here is the only place left on the map
Here is where you learn laughter can go extinct
and come back
I am already building the museum
For every treasure you unearth in the rock bottom
Holy vulnerable cliff
God mason, heart heavier than all the bricks
Say this is what the pain made of you
An open open open road
An avalanche of feel it all
Don’t ever let anyone tell you, you are too much
Or it has been too long
Whatever keeps the stutterer from stuttering when he sings a song
you are made of that thing
That unbreakable note
That photography of you at five years old,
the year you ran away from school,
because you wanted to go home.
You are almost there.
You are the same compass you have always been
You are the same friend who never left my side
during my worst year
You caught every tantrum I threw
with your bare hands
chucked it back at the blood moon
said its okay, everyone’s survival looks a little bit like death
I wrote a poem called “say yes” while I was cursing you
For not letting me go.
Best friend, this is what we do.
We gather each other up.
We say, the cup is half
yours and half mine.
We say alone is the last place you will ever be.
We say tonight lets stay inside reading pema chodron
while everyone else is out on the town
pema will say “only to the extent we expose ourselves over and over to annihilation
can that which is indestructible in us be found”
You’ll say Pema is so wise.
And I’ll say yes she is, and we are too.

Angels of the get through. We are too.

—  Andrea Gibson, Angels of the Get Through



On Tuesday during the after-school program, I can’t get my brain to shut up. I look towards the door every five seconds starting right when school ends, anticipating the moment when April walks in to pick up Alaina. Prior to this, I spent the whole day hyping myself up and going over how this interaction would play out. If she just follows her parts in the script I made up in my head, it should be fine.

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My New Stepbrother!

A/N: Well hello my lovebugs~ how y’all doin? Admin A here bringing you my very first fanfaic! OMG! Yes this is going to be my first long chapter fanfic! I am sooo excited to share with you all and I hope you all enjoy it as much a I enjoy coming up with the plot! I do have some ideas where I want to take this scenario but I don’t want to give anything until you read my first chapter! Kekek 

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"Little Shop of Horrors" sentence starters
  • "Feed me."
  • "What a creepy thing to be happening."
  • "Why this whole thing strikes me as funny, I don't know..."
  • "There must be someone you can 86, real quiet-like."
  • "Here I come for you!"
  • "Don't tell me - you got a little tied up."
  • "I need blood, and s/he's got more than enough."
  • "[Name] is not a healthy girl/boy."
  • "If I can move and talk, who's to say I can't do anything I want?"
  • "I am flyin' now!"
  • "I think I need a root canal."
  • "Bear in mind, I'm not immortal!"
  • "It really is a rotten way to go!"
  • "What we have here is an ethical dilemma..."
  • "No thief would look in there, right?"
  • "The mask - it's stuck. I can't get it off!"
  • "It wouldn't be terrible at all. It would be a miracle."
  • "[Name], I don't think you understand..."
  • "I'll make it worth your while."
  • "If we fight it, we've still got a chance."
  • "Jesus Christ, I could asphyxiate in here."
  • "The guy sure looks like plant food to me."
  • "All I ever wanted was you and a sweet little house."
  • "Am I dreaming this?"
  • "[Name], that's thousands of dollars! Where is it?"
  • "It's the one gift I can give you."
  • "In a way, we'll always be together."
  • "Something is very wrong here."
  • "Can you hold, please?"
  • "Christ, what a frickin' scatterbrain!"
  • "Depression's just status quo."
  • "Relax. It'll be easier that way."
  • "I keep asking God what I'm for, and he tells me, 'Gee, I'm not sure.'"
  • "Just go with it, doll!"
  • "Well, get your ass in here!"
  • "I chopped him up, but I didn't kill him!"
  • "It's your professionalism I respect."
  • "Oh, [name], you're the most wonderful person that ever lived."
  • "No shit, Sherlock!"
  • "I couldn't sleep."
  • "I liked you from the day I came to work here."
  • "All my life I've always been poor."
  • "[Name], sweetheart, what's been going on?"
  • "You're a monster - and so am I!"
  • "You mean you'd still like me, even if I wasn't famous?"
  • "What'd I ever do to you?"
  • "I need some water in the worst way."
  • "It's an antique. They don't make 'em like this anymore."
  • "You kids should be in school!"
  • "How do you intend to better yourself?"
  • "She deserves a prince, not a sadistic creep like him!"
  • "Daddy left early. Mama was poor."
  • "I'm feeling strangely happy now..."
  • "I tried to be on time, but..."
  • "[Name]'s first radio broadcast!"
  • "Are you dumb? Or hard of hearing?"
  • "It's what you did to her."
  • "I've done terrible things, [name], but not to you. Never to you."
  • "Come with me to the police and tell them that."
  • "You remember that total eclipse of the sun a week ago?"
  • "Get a move on, you little slut!"
  • "I don't like that guy, [name]."
  • "With the right advertising, this thing could be bigger than hula-hoops."
  • "It talks."
  • "Believe it, baby!"
  • "I'd meet a man and follow him blindly."
  • "You should hear the way he talks to [name]!"
  • "Don't die, [name]. I need you. Please, please, don't die..."
  • "I don't know. I have so many strong reservations me..."
  • "You love her madly, don't you, schmuck?"
  • "You watch your language!"
  • "What the hell's that? A gun?"
  • "Look out!"
  • "It's true. I did it."
  • "Lots of folks deserve to die!"
  • "That's disgusting."
  • "What am I supposed to do? Kill people?"
  • "I'll take it straight."
  • "Do we have a deal?"
  • "That's not a very nice thing to say!"
  • "Don't feed the plants."
Of Leo and Lily

provocative-envy‘s birthday bash actually starts tomorrow, but i am trash and hate editing  am really excited about rare pairs so i’m posting this now. (regulily coffeeshop au that needs a lot more worldbuilding/actual backstories of characters/a coherent timeline/i played so fast and so loose with canon/it was only meant to be a drabble, i cry 2500 words later)

He is literally reaching behind his back to untie his apron springs because it is finally time to close—good God, he hadn’t realized how much work this would be—when a girl storms in like a hurricane, getting mud and snow all over his just swept floor and he watches in horror as she rips the beanie off her long dark red hair and collapses onto a bar stool.

“Er—” he starts, but she is already speaking.

“Look, I’m really sorry and I know this is an awful thing to do because you’re about to close and I’m so sorry but can I please please please have whatever kind of coffee has the most caffeine because this has been possibly the worst day of my life, like a three-flavor-shots kind of bad day and I—I can make it myself, if you want, I used to be a barista in high school or I can help you close—actually I would love to do that because I have a very great need to clean something but I currently have an even greater need for coffee so—please?”

And then she’s staring up at him with bright green eyes—and seriously are those real because no one has eyes that green—and he gives a beleaguered sigh before retying his apron, measuring out espresso, pumping three different flavors into a cup. “What kind of milk?”

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anonymous asked:

Not sure if you're taking prompts but if you are... I have this hc that Viktor is freaking obsessed w tatu like all through high school and his 20's and still low key is and yuuri stumbles across his albums when they first start living together 😊 Your blog is amazing btw I love everything you write!!!

((I deeply apologize I have been terribly busy with real life!!

While Yuuri was cleaning around the house, he nearly tripped over a box that Victor left out. Grumbling about Victor leaving stuff out again, Yuuri opened the box to see what was inside.

“T.a.t.u…?” Yuuri didn’t recognize the albums. He had mostly listened to soundtracks and Japanese pop growing up. 

Yuuri pulled out one of the albums and inserted the CD into the player that rested on top of the bookshelf. Yuuri started to listen to the lyrics and even sway his hips a bit to the rhythm. It seemed pretty catchy, but Yuuri was surprised to have found a whole box of this genre of music considering Victor’s age.

“Yuuri I’m home!” Victor stepped into the house. He immediately heard the songs playing from the living room and dashed in. “OH MY GOD IS THAT T.A.T.U. I HEAR?”

“Ah, you’re a fan of them?” Yuuri asked curiously.

“I was back in high school…and well maybe college too,” Victor laughed. “I even considered using one of their songs for a skating program, but Yakov had a fit about it saying it didn’t match my image.”

“True…I can’t really imagine you being into this kind of…music,” Yuuri agreed.

“Well we all have our different phases in tastes. You should’ve seen Georgi’s taste in music during his junior years.” Victor shuddered at the memory.

Victor put the box away, but kept out a few of the albums to listen to whenever he felt like it.

I present to you, the ultimate Bechloe fic rec list.

this list consists of the best bechloe fics i’ve read, dating back to when i first discovered the ship (january 2013). fics that take place during/after pp2 will probably be towards the bottom, since i’m adding these in the order i have them bookmarked on my laptop. there probably also won’t be a whole ton of them, since i’m still working on reading a bunch of the new ones.

PLEASE NOTE: most of these have a set plot or premise. i didn’t add any of the “smut without plot” fics i’ve read. if you’re looking for one of those, feel free to ask; i can recommend a few.

fics with a * after the title are oneshots!

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For what it’s worth, I never truly forgot you. You were always a buzzing thought in the background of my busy, busy life. You moved away for 5 years. That’s a long time in the life of a teenager. It’s been odd trying to talk to you after all these years. I apologize for being so awkward. I guess I missed you more than I thought. Who knows what the future will hold, but you’re back and only a street a way.
—  5:04PM// it’s been a while

                                                   Soul Mate 18

“The voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time.”

A/N: Sorry the update took a while, I’m trying not to rush through this series as before as its quite difficult to write with school getting in the way and the fear of getting writers block! Thanks for sticking with me through this, I see this series having like maybe having seven more parts…or possibly until part 30, we’ll see! For now, enjoy!

Word Count: 3.2K+

Warning: Slight mentions of smut, but nothing of major detail…y’all are safe.



There was one thing that Ben solo–Kylo Ren–never did, and that was lie, and when he did lie…you could tell. But now, the moment those words left his mouth and the sudden change in tone when he said ‘loving’, it was clear he wasn’t lying. And that made you gulp. Kylo admitted he knew he would never stop loving you, but did he? Did he ever have a moment that he didn’t love you? Was there a moment the dark side had blinded him to a point where he had forgotten what love even was? It was hard to tell when this situation was still quite fresh. After all, you two hadn’t had a proper conversation until now.

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Dazed and Confused - HHJ/LJS

Translation note: Tried to do it all in one go on the plane, so it became so long… a sweet convo between the two. :3

D&C: How is today’s photoshoot? It must not be easy to wear such thick clothes in such hot weather.

HHJ: It’s actually more like autumn back in Korea; you can really feel the end of summer there.

LJS: It was a little hot, but a fun photoshoot nonetheless.

DC: It’s the first time you met after ‘W’ wrapped up, how does it feel?

HHJ: We spent all our time together on the set, but yes, this seems like the first time we’ve seen each other’s face since it ended.

LJS: Yeah, it’s our first reunion in two weeks!

D&C: Both of you have some connection with Tokyo. Jongsuk-ssi just finished his fanmeet here last night; you really have great popularity in Japan. As for Hyojoo-ssi, you had a movie with Aiba Masaki last year, ‘Miracle Debikuro’s Love and Magic’, and it was filmed completely in Japan. How does it feel to come here?

HHJ: I like it a lot since there is lots of good food. I personally like looking out for good restaurants.

LJS: Yes, it’s good that there are lots of food streets. Personally, Tokyo was the very first place I’ve ever traveled to back in high school. I like simple and quiet neighbourhoods like this one we are filming at.

HHJ: It’s great that there can be such a nice travel spot at such close distance to Seoul. It’s a charming city even if you spend the whole day walking around.

D&C: ‘W’ has ended successfully and received many compliments on its fantastical plot that has never been seen before. It must has left a strong impression on you as actors as well?

HHJ: Since the genre and script are both very fresh and innovative, it was a very meaningful project for me and it must have been interesting to audiences due to this factor as well. Due to the structure of TV drama production, we had to film for many full days and throughout the night, which was very tiring but actually caused me to immerse into the character even more. Spending such a long time on set caused me to focus on work without even knowing it. I also built up great relationships with the staff members so it was hard to part with them at the end.

LJS: Noona seems to really miss it very much. It was my honour to be able to be in such a good project together.

D&C: Were there times that were especially challenging?

HHJ: In the beginning, the script was written up to episode 10 so we started filming in semi-pre-production mode. But since we didn’t filming episode 1 to 8 in order, the amount of dialogue we had to memorize was so very very much… so that was particularly hard in the first half.

LJS: Yeah, there was so much dialogue. (laughs)

HHJ: That’s why we couldn’t put down our scripts even when it was rest time. 

LJS: Right, since there was so many pages of script that it was impossible to read through all of them at once, so we would divide it into parts but once we run though parts 1 to 4, it was so tiring that we all felt like collapsing.

HHJ: But it is also because of that that we were able to be well-prepared so it was a good thing.

D&C: In the drama, Kang Chul and Oh Yeonjoo are both characters that can go back and forth through reality and fiction; there must have been so many interesting things during filming. Is there any that particularly stuck to your memory?

HHJ: In this project, there are many scenes where we jump through time and space. I particularly remember the scene where it suddenly jumps two months from night to morning. To be honest, I thought we could film these easily with CGI but we actually did it in a series of shots like photographs and then strung them all together; it really shocked me. It was way more analog than I expected. We would film 30 minutes of the night scene and then come back the following day to film 30 minutes of day scenes, then put the whole hour together and then run it at hyperspeed… the ultimate scene lasts for less than a minute but it took us two days and a whole hour of film to get that effect.

LJS: The scene where I say “I summon myself” and them enter the comics where it is already dark, but it is actually daylight in reality (laughs). The drama itself is already full of twists and turns, making you lose your head.

D&C: It’s because of all this hard work that you created such a well-made drama. The chemistry between you two is especially great; what would you say is the secret to this?

HHJ: It’s probably because we communicate a lot.

LJS: Since the project poses a lot of difficulties, there were quite a number of instances when I couldn’t be sure if I was choosing the right emotion for the scene. In these cases, there was no one I could ask but the people closest to me, so I really relied on Hyojoo-noona. Especially when I had been following Kang Chul’s emotions rather well up until the 9th episode and he suddenly says, “Oh Yeonjoo-ssi, please forget me” and reset his memory. I was really troubled about how I should portray Kang Chul having lost his memory so I kept asking Hyojoo-noona for her advice.

HHJ: Usually, actors don’t really ask their partners how they act, but Jongsuk asks very actively so it’s memorable.

LJS: When I ask other people, most of them will find me strange or just say that it’s fine, but noona really replies me honestly (laughs). When she says “it’s okay” then I would realise “so it’s just average”…

HHJ: I don’t want to give thoughtless answers…

D&C: Perhaps you both share the same feelings as actors?

HHJ: I just want to tell him honestly about how I feel. I actually asked him a few times (about my performance) too.

D&C: And what did he say?

HHJ: He was very straight-forward as well. After we did three takes of the scene, he would tell me, “The second one was good, noona~” (laughs).

D&C: As expected, having good communication is very important. If you had to ask each other to do one thing for you as an actor, what would it be?

LJS: Before this collaboration, my impression of Han Hyojoo as an actress is that she has a quiet and static image which gives you a sense of melancholy for some reason. But after I met her in real life, she is actually a person bursting with a bright aura, so I was very surprised. I hope she can portray this image more in her future projects.

HHJ: From my perspective, Jongsuk is an actor with a lot of strong points and he has great potential to continually display good acting for a long time in the future. However, he finds it hard to be content and always worries, which makes one feel sad for him. He has better and more powerful acting than he is willing to admit. So I hope he can act with a more relaxed attitude, since he is already doing very well.

D&C: What a heartwarming conversation between the two of you! There is a high level of synchronisation between the comic and reality in ’W’, causing the two of you to gain the nickname of ‘man/woman-ripped-from-manhwa’.

LJS: Eh, isn’t this all just promotion tactics thought up by the production company? (laughs)

HHJ: In comparison, being praised for acting or the project itself makes me happier.

LJS: Yep, that really affects my mood.

HHJ: If there is praise for acting, my mood becomes good; but if it is negative…

LJS: I become all shook up. (T/N: 휘청휘청, really like these Korean words with repeated syllables, so cute)

HHJ: Broken to pieces. (T/N: 너덜너덜) But probably no one can say they don’t care, right?

LJS: Probably nope.

D&C: Fortunately, your heart must be so light and relaxed after the successful ending of this project. Now that you get to rest for the first time in a while, what do you want to do?

LJS: I have to start filming for a new project in about two weeks so I can’t rest for now. I will be playing the role of a serial killer, but I want to portray a psychopath in a way that has never been done before so I am worrying about that a lot. I’ve given it a lot of thought but still haven’t come up with a groundbreaking idea.

HHJ: I intend on resting a while first. For the first time in my life, I want to do nothing but rest. I was obsessed with running before, but now I’ve started to understand the importance in giving myself a break.

D&C: Taking a break is fine; just treat it as a gift to yourself and use the time in that way. Even for people who work in companies, they will have a phase like this every three, six, nine years, etc.

LJS: That’s right.

HHJ: Next year would be my sixth year after debut, so it seems that’s true (laughs).

D&C: There’s only two months left in this year, is there any particular wish you must fulfill in the time left?

LJS: It’s been quite a while since I did a movie… I’m honestly a bit scared to begin a new project straight after the drama. Although it is a challenging role, I want to complete it well. My wish for this year is to present some ‘life-time acting’ (T/N: acting that is so good that it’s representative in his life).

HHJ: I just want to put everything down and let time pass. I want to focus on each new thought that comes to my mind so I don’t want to force myself to plan anything.

D&C: The best plan is to have no plan.

LJS/HHJ: That’s right.

Do you guys think that Wu gave the ninja Morro’s old room or do you think that he kept Morro’s room, locked, as it was in hopes that Morro would one day return?

I just like imagine the ninja trying to get into the room to see what Wu’s hiding, and when Zane asks him about it, Wu just gets kinda sad and quiet, saying that there’ll be a day when he’ll talk about it.. I dunno if he would keep Morro’s room as it was- But its been years since Morro left, Wu definitely had to move on and accept that Morro’s probably never going to come back..

But at the same time, I can see Wu having that tiny bit of hope that maybe, just maybe, Morro would one day return…