it's like i don't even care what he's saying

imagine vampire jiyong refuses to turn seunghyun into a vampire and as a reason he would say ‘you are too handsome right now, i can’t handle people fawning over you forever. I’m going to turn you when you are older and have wrinkles’ and seunghyun would say ‘what would ppl think if i’m older and you still look like 25?′ and jiyong would answer ‘they would think you are my sugar daddy even tho we both know it’s the other way around’ and seunghyun would glare at him but jiyong wouldn’t even blink an eye. and 5 years later jiyong would suddenly go to seunghyun and say ‘i will turn you into a vampire now if u still wat to’ and seunghyun would answer ‘i don’t have wrinkles yet’ but jiyong would shake his head ‘no you are getting more and more handsome as the time passes by. this won’t do i should’ve turned you years ago’ and he would be like