it's like his body is being possessed and he's like wtf is going on

msa ch3 asks

Anonymous said: I love how msa Izuku comes across as an honest to god cryptid: can’t see his face, absolutely the kind of person you’d find at a gas station at 3 am, doesn’t want attention, most likely distant cousins with Mothman

msa au is just me fulfilling all of my ‘protagonist is a cryptid’ dreams by making msa izuku as cryptid as possible. favorite character archetype: cryptid 

Anonymous said: so the msa au is my life right now thank u for that & I just read through the update twice so thank you for that x2 and I had to go back and look for Izuku and Kirishima’s deal when it came up again and realized oh hey Kirishima agreed not to try and stop Izuku from leaving after 3 minutes and they didn’t put a time limit on that i wonder if that’ll come up again (& then my brain jumped to Izuku using that Forever. “we had a deal” every time it comes up. he cannot be stopped bc kiri promised)

got it in one!! izuku will abuse the wording of that deal forever if he can. good eye! 

Anonymous said: relatability of msa izuku: trying, doesnt trust feds, inability to sleep, ready to jump out 4th story window at a moments notice, anti-attention-

that’s msa izuku living the cryptid life of his dreams

Anonymous said: So wait you don’t have to answer this if it’s a spoiler but the collarbone blood tattoo™ is what’s making deku’s existence confusing to electronics, maybe?

yep, you got it! normally izuku is able to keep his presence from overtly affecting the electronics around him but scripting really starts messing with them. 

Anonymous said: quirkless msa deku anon and can i just say that deku looking eraserhead straight in the eye with lie detector policeman there and him saying “i don’t have a quirk” and said policeman not detecting a lie is arguably the best thing i have thought of today.

tsukauchi: wh 
tsukuachi: how did you even do all of [gestures at ch2 events] that without a quirk? 
izuku: it’s a special talent of mine.

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anonymous asked:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh absolutely no pressure but please write a part 2!!!!!!! The priest AU is killing meeeeee I love it

HELLO ANON, turns out this got WAY longer than I meant, and there is now a part 3,which is going to be the NSFW part. uh, pretty much a lot. sorry in advance, again. So, here is: The Gang Gets Exorcised, Part 2

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The Faces of Jason Voorhees

Happy Friday the 13th!  I figured for this special occasion I’d do a quick summary of how the villain in Friday the 13th changed throughout the original 10 movies.  Spoilers galore!

The fun part will be how we get to THE image of Jason Voorhees

But I’ll definitely keep going from there.  It’s not like it stops being fun.

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Gods of Egypt: “Looks like a whitewashing filmmaker had sex with an older, more whitewashing filmmaker.”

You’re probably thinking “This is an action fantasy movie, but that god with the square ears just turned that other god into a fucking kebab.” Surprise! This is, unlucky you, a sad story.

(A really sad story for Setians, at least.)

Problem’s only in PoC casting, inability to nail the material, inauthentic costume designs and an unfair treatment of Set. All things a movie can exist without.

Okayy! Enough Deadpool references.

You guys were probably wondering why I watched the movie? The same reason why other Kemetics would purchase and read The Kane Chronicles without having to end up liking it. (I have never read TKC, personally, but read the reviews other Kemetics posted online. I do not like the content, but I like reading the Set/Nebthet fanfictions based on that verse, Hahahahaha my guilty pleasure)

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Jenna Marshall & Nigel Wright

Inspired by the original post above by Tumblr user: plltheorygang, I would like to elaborate:

Something has stuck out to me since the premier of 4x01, and it’s been bugging me for a long time now. This something (or someone, rather) is Nigel Wright.

If you set your memory back to Season 4, you may remember that for a brief moment during Wilden’s funeral, we see Jenna show up on the arm of an unknown, yet quite handsome, 20-something year old man. We hadn’t been officially introduced to him yet, so if you blink, you might miss him…. but it is definitely Nigel Wright.

…or maybe you missed him because you were distracted by the fact that the Black Widow sat directly behind them.

[Just a quick side note on this scene: Jessica DiLaurentis was sitting with the Liars when the Black Widow walked in, so this cancels out any suspicion that Jessica could have been the woman in the black veil. She can’t very well be in two places at the same time… unless she is the one with the twin.]

Now back to Nigel & Jenna…

We didn’t officially meet Nigel until episode 4x07 (listed as 4x08 on Netflix), so this 7-episode gap between seeing him at the church in 4x01 & getting officially introduced to him at Hallowed Acres in 4x07 may have been just enough time to make us forget about him. (Out of sight, out of mind, am I right?)

But if you binge watch PLL on Netflix (like I’ve done more times than I’d like to admit), it’s easier to recognize him as being Jenna’s “date” to Wilden’s funeral.

In episode 4x07 “Crash and Burn Girl”, we see Nigel serving Lady Grey tea (Jenna loves tea) to a woman who wears black shades (Jenna wears black shades) and is in possession of a folded up walking stick (and we know that Jenna lost her eyesight again during the beginning of Season 4.) 

Although we never see her face, the fact that there is a walking stick on the table alone, gives us a major clue that Nigel is probably talking to Jenna here. But if you need even further proof, pay attention to the particular color of the walking stick on the table…. does it look familiar?

That’s what I thought :)

Jenna had a lot of people do her dirty work over the years, and Shana doesn’t seem to be the only one who thought she was involved with her at the time. The proof is in the pudding when Nigel calls her “babe”.

So all of these clues make me think that Nigel was definitely talking to Jenna during the scene in 4x07 and that he was probably a lot more involved than we may realize. (That goes for Jenna, too). 

After analyzing this particular scene, I began to wonder about Nigel’s involvement in other things.

It seems he would have done anything for Jenna (like most people she successfully manipulates) because earlier on in the episode, he lied to Caleb & Toby when they tracked him down at Hallowed Acres Landing Strip. After his first encounter with them, he calls a mystery woman to report to her that they had arrived asking questions about the night of the lodge fire & the plane that landed there. 

The second time the boys come back, Nigel tries to run. When they temporarily corner him, he continues his lies by telling them that CeCe Drake was the one who paid him off to spin a lie if anyone came asking about the plane used by Red Coat (Ali). But if I am right, he was working for Jenna, not CeCe.

Now my biggest question remains: If I am right and Nigel was actually talking to Jenna on the phone, not CeCe, then why would she ask Nigel to lie in order to protect Alison and the details of her flight plan the night of the fire? It is a question I have been wondering myself for 2 seasons now. 

[I must add that I am convinced Alison was the only Red Coat present during the fire. If there were 2 Red Coats present, then I think that Alison was definitely the Red Coat that flew in on the plane. I also think that Mona was actually talking to Alison on the phone before her arrival. Remember that Mona was fully aware at the time that Ali was still alive, due to the fact that she’s the one who helped her escape Rosewood after Jessica buried her, but the Liars still didn’t know. I think Mona either continued to lie about it so that Alison would stay gone & the Liars didn’t find out she was alive, or maybe there really is another Red Coat still out there… what the fuck do I know? lol there is definitely another Red Coat out there.]

Anyways, we know Jenna accepted Alison’s friendship offer the second time around (after Ali had already returned to Rosewood High in season 5), but that didn’t happen until Ali threw the Ice Ball during the Christmas Episode (5x13). The lodge fire happened way before that (3x24), so maybe Jenna had already known Alison was alive before she returned and was helping her? (Idk, just blurting out theories here… I am grasping at straws to try and tie in all of the tiny details we have been given since the premier of the show. There are so many!) I just don’t get why the woman Nigel was talking to on the phone would want to protect Alison & the details about her flight if it really was Jenna… so that definitely creates a hole in my theory.

Another factor that plays into all of this is that immediately before Toby was knocked out in the woods near the lodge, we saw a shadowy figure in front of him. This shadow looked a lot like Jenna (but could have also been Shana). You judge for yourself:

(I think its Jenna).

We know that Emily saw Melissa, Shana & Jenna meeting to discuss the lodge:

Then later, Melissa admitted to sending them out there to spy and see if they could spot Alison alive… so we know that Shana & Jenna were definitely both present… & according to all these clues, Nigel could have been as well.

(It has also been claimed that Wilden was there during the night of the fire, but at this point we have zero proof to back that up.)

The final clue hinting towards Nigel being involved (and I think this might be the biggest clue of all) is the lighter that was thrown at Toby’s unconscious body the night of the fire. Remember that it had the initials “NW” inscribed on it.

Hmmm… NW as in Nigel Wright? And the compass on the lighter could be symbolism for “pilot” which would work out since we know that Nigel works at a landing strip.

I do have a theory as to how Nigel’s lighter might have ended up at the scene of the fire.

Earlier on in episode 3x24, Jenna, who still had her eyesight at the time, meets up with Shana right beforehand to tell her this:


In regards to the actual fire, Shana already admitted to burning down the lodge herself (in episode 5x01 before Aria kills her)… so maybe Jenna was in possession of Nigel’s lighter and gave it to Shana to use during this meeting? Or maybe Nigel was actually there too, and he was the one to knock out Toby? But if he wasn’t there at all, Shana could have been the one to knock him out and she was just in possession of Nigel’s lighter somehow. 

None of this really adds up though, since Shana adamantly confessed in 5x01 that Jenna had absolutely no knowledge that she was seeking revenge on Ali & the Liars for “The Jenna Thing”. So if Jenna didn’t know Shana was trying to hurt the Liars, then why would she have helped her set the fire? Shana said she was acting alone because she was in love with Jenna, which is quite possible… but seriously guys, wtf actually happened that night?

With all of that being said, I think Nigel definitely had some involvement (although he may not factor into it anymore at this point, which could be why we haven’t seen him since). Nigel is most likely not endgame, but it still doesn’t affect the fact that I’ve been going crazy over his involvement since Season 4! 

Moving on from Nigel, I have yet another theory about little Miss Jenna:

plltheorygang thinks that all of this could mean Jenna is possibly A, or maybe the other Red Coat… but what I think it means is that Jenna was the one to pull the other Liars out of the fire. 

The main clue that led me to this theory is that when Jenna leaves town in 4x01, which is only about a day after the lodge fire in Rosewood time, Emily notices that she has a burn on her arm.

This has to mean that Jenna was definitely there at the lodge and she came close enough to the fire to get burned. As far as we know, Red Coat (Alison) saved Hanna from the lodge after she landed in the plane… but Ali later says that the other girls were already pulled out by someone else. Maybe this person was Jenna, and she didn’t have enough time to save Hanna because she got scared & ran off when she saw Alison approaching (we all know how terrified Jenna was of Alison). 

If you were to ask me, I think that my namesake, Ms. Jenna Marshall, has some serious explaining to do. Her involvement in all of this is definitely apparent, but I don’t know if I would go so far as to call her “A” (although anything is possible at this point). 

But I really do think that Jenna (although she is a manipulative bitch) is a victim in all of this. Remember that “A” has tried to kill her twice (first by locking her in the DiLaurentis house & setting it on fire, then second by knocking her in the back of the head and leaving her to drown in the lake near Paige’s aunt’s lake house.)

I am just trying to put all the pieces together here, so maybe there is another explanation for what happened that night.

Ugh questions, questions, questions!!! I wholeheartedly hope that this season we receive all the answers we are looking for. But like Spence says, “Hope breeds eternal misery.” so I’m not counting on it.

Maybe they will use Season 6B & Season 7 to do all of the explaining. I just pray that the answers will come somehow, someway.

Oh, Mar… how you love to torture us.

xo - J

Meta: because meta is fun, ok?

My mind? Blown into happy pieces of prolly-going-to-be-jossed-next-week-but-so-don’t-care meta happy.  In fact, this is probably in no way accurate but it would make for one hell of a story ( athenadark - this picks up a bit of what you mentioned in one comment thread, only flips it on its head a little…).

So. Let’s start with what we do know from Ms Wikipedia on this epi.

Kira: The thing is, in all of the stories, kitsune are tricksters. They’re mischievous. They don’t really get caught up in right or wrong or even understand it…If you somehow offend a nogitsune, it can react pretty badly…But if it’s doing something this bad, then someone really, really offended it.

So. Someone seriously offended the nogitsune. Because the nogitsune is not normally flat out go-for-broke bad.

D'awww … poor nogitsune.

Notice how the nogitsune is pulling a Jennifer/darach. He’s totally plying folk with lots of pain!juice, and then siphons it off like a creepy spider. It’s building up to something. It’s getting stronger. It needs power to fight whatever it is that offended it so it can take it down. So … it’s gotta be bad. It’s gotta be a huge offense. It’s gotta mean something.

Hold that thought. We’ll come back to that.

It’s not Mrs Yukimura, she’s trying to stop the nogitsune but the nogitsune is not after her. It’s not any of the pack. It’s not Chris because setting up for murder/death by murder/whatever is not taking down a big bad that offended it. Plus, Chris just showed up in Japan when he was a wee!hunter, he hadn’t had the time to seriously offend a dark spirit yet. It could be the Sheriff, for reasons I’ll get to later. But he’s all smooshy Sheriff and he’s dealing with his son being possessed. It could be Peter, because well, sassy!Peter. But I’m thinking not.

I’m actually thinking …

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