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i’ve hit another hundred followers on my twitter account @getsteREKT so once again im posting another fic rec post!

as always these fics will be of all tropes so be sure to read the warnings and tags of all fics you wish to read to make sure each fic IS for you. x

my personal favourites will be marked with a **


i’ll always choose you (even when i’m drunk) by trilliastra

He looks at his hand curiously, he’s always had a ring? He can’t remember.

“Yeah.” The guy comes back into the bedroom, helps Stiles sit up and drink some water. “It’s your wedding ring.”

“I’m married?” He yells, making the guy flinch. “I’m married!” He looks between his ring and the guy with pretty eyes in front of him. Oh, no. “I’m married.” He repeats, sadly. He doesn’t want to be married!

“Are you – crying?” The guy asks, reaches out to touch Stiles’ face.

“I don’t wanna be married!” He cries out. “I wanna marry you.”

WORDS: 794


RATING: General


BYOP by   dragon_temeraire ***

Stiles helps Derek revive a family tradition.

WORDS: 2003


RATING: Teen and up


Second Chances by  rootbeer ****

“A lot of times the ‘markings’ were common, simple things you said to strangers all the time. ‘Excuse me’; 'thank you’; 'hello’. Some got extremely romantic things like 'it’s you isn’t it? I’ve been waiting for you’ or 'Wow you’re really pretty’. And they were always the first words their soulmate would ever say to them.

Of course, having 'You are the fucking worst kind of person in the world’ tattooed down your side, didn’t bode well. How fucked up was Stiles Stilinski that even his fucking Soulmate hated him? High School had been a special kind of hell when all the kids learned what his tattoo said—despite his best efforts to keep it a secret.”

WORDS: 2624


RATING: General


Oops by Little Spoon (JaydenNara)

Derek was the one that brought Stiles dinner when he knew Stiles had forgotten, and Derek was the one that massaged Stiles’ feet when he was stressed. When they watched a movie, Stiles snuggled up against him, and Stiles trusted Derek enough to fall asleep on his shoulder. When Stiles woke up in the middle of the night screaming, Derek was the one that held until he fell back asleep, and in return, Stiles would help him count his fingers when Derek wasn’t sure if he was awake.

Derek and Stiles were just friends. Oops?

WORDS: 2852


RATING: Teen and Up


Just a Hobby by kaistrex (weishen)

Five times Deputy Derek shelters his partner from the supernatural and the one time he discovers he’s just been making a fool of himself.

WORDS: 3014


RATING: Teen And Up


Soft Derek, Warm Stiles, No One is a Little Ball of Fur by tiedtogetherwithadagger

Stiles is wiping down the counters and humming California Gurls to himself when the bell above the door chimes and Derek walks in. The next notes of the song get stuck in his throat and he freezes. Stiles shouldn’t be surprised, really. The rest of the pack have already been by to visit him, even Jackson. Of course, Boyd was the only person Stiles ended up giving a free drink to, much to their disappointment. So what if he had favorites? How could he not when Boyd was the one to get him ComiCon tickets?

Derek swaggers up to the counter Stiles is stationed behind, because that’s the only way Derek apparently knows how to walk. He’s wearing a maroon knitted sweater today that looks unfairly cozy. Stiles slaps his own hand down from reaching out and touching the fabric because that would be weird. Although slapping yourself might be weirder. Oh well.

WORDS: 3728


RATING: General


So Color Me Green With Disgust (or maybe with envy) by lapsus_calami

Derek’s as straight as a ruler and he’s totally okay with that. He’s also okay with Stiles being as straight as a bendable squiggly straw. Or at least he thought he was. Recent events have him wondering if he’s secretly some sort of homophobe, and it’s seriously starting to affect his and Stiles’ relationship in a bad way.

WORDS: 3828


RATING: Teen and Up


Coaches Cupcake Coffee House by  ChildOfTheRevolution

Danny looked at him as if he were crazy, ‘It means he wants to ride the dick Stiles.’ He said slowly, as if talking to the mentally insane.

‘Ride the dick, my dick?’ Stiles asked weakly.

‘Figuratively speaking of course, Derek looks more like a topper to me. And you, my friend, are a twink of the most twinkiest standards, but I’m not one to judge.’

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ Stiles admitted, finding himself in a weird crouch-like stance that he apparently now adopts when he’s overwhelmed about finding out Derek Hotcakes wants to bone him three ways to Sunday.

WORDS: 4821


RATING: Teen and Up


something’s missing by trilliastra

Sometimes Derek still asks himself why Kate kept the baby. And then he just tries to shake those thoughts away because even imagining Michael not being here, alive, hurts too much.

WORDS: 5032


RATING: Teen and Up


Ghost Blanket and the Wolf by PaintedRecs **

Derek’s badly in need of hugs, Stiles decides shortly before Halloween. His pack is secure and stable, but he still hovers on its edges, as though not quite sure where he belongs. Will the magic of Halloween night, and a cherished Stilinski tradition, be enough to lift that weight off his shoulders?

WORDS: 6434


RATING: Teen and Up

WARNINGS: flufff

***Derek vs. Helen (SERIES) by thedevilyousay

Important OTP question: Which one aggressively argues with the suburban soccer moms at the PTA meeting and flips Helen’s 9x12 pan of betty crocker brownies?

WORDS: 8,730


COMPLETE?: Probably


****Painted Wooden Letters by DiscontentedWinter

All he ever wanted to be was Stiles Stilinski.

WORDS: 10,011


RATINGS: Teen and Up

WARNINGS: Rape/Non-con, Underage, mentions of child abuse.

(Not gonna lie, this fic hit me really hard. Its very brutal and you will cry most likely. PLEASE make sure to read the warnings before reading this fic, if any of the warnings are triggers to you, then please dont read this.)

My Boys by losingmyangelgrace

“Afternoon Sheriff, sir, what can I do you for?” he might as well try for innocence.

Something definitely wasn’t right though. He took a deep breath in through his nose. That scent…it didn’t smell like John Stilinski, if anything else, despite some of the layers being different, scents change as a person gets older and there were some he didn’t recognise, but the core of it? It smelt like-

“Holy shit! Derek Hale!”


Stiles was the Sheriff? Derek did not see that one coming.

(In which Derek returns to Beacon Hills after fourteen years away)

WORDS: 11,354


RATING: Teen and Up


Striking Matches by castielblues & eeyore9990

Stiles has only ever wanted to protect his family and his pack. That’s not easy to do when you’re human and sarcasm is your only defense. Now Deaton is telling Stiles he’s a spark, and if that’s a weapon in his arsenal, he’s sure as hell going to learn to use it.

All Stiles needs now, to complete his transformation into a true badass, is a training montage and a decent soundtrack…

WORDS: 14,923


RATING: Teen and Up

WARNINGS: Graphic Violence

Momentum by  TatsuKitty

“That’s how he knew where Erica and Boyd were.” He growled and stood to pace the length of the apartment. Melissa observed quietly while he processed and silently picked him apart. He was obviously possessive and protective but his facial expressions and motions were harsh, a bit wild, just a touch of the wolf showing in the man. Finding out that Derek was a werewolf had almost made a kind of poetic sense.

“I’d guess. I don’t know what happened with them. I know they died.” She reached out and placed a hand on Derek’s forearm. He went totally still like a rabbit caught in the eyes of a fox and stared at her. “I’m sorry.”

“Wh–¬what ?” he just blinked at her, still totally frozen.

WORDS: 14,934


RATING: Mature

WARNINGS: Underage, mentions of depression

Maggie May by Spikedluv

When Laura Hale died, she left behind a daughter, Maggie. Stiles (and his dad) have been caring for Maggie since the night Laura disappeared. Unbeknownst to Stiles, however, Maggie’s a werewolf, and she’s bonded with Stiles. Which means he feels extra protective when Peter Hale appears on the scene. (He may have also developed a little crush on Maggie’s uncle, the silent and brooding Derek Hale. Who said Stiles’ life was boring?)

WORDS: 24,997



WARNINGS: Underage

Adding You to My Future by NekoIzumi

“So, I’m Stiles.” he smiled warmly once he had put his unannounced patient down on the exam table. “I will poke and prod you a little bit to check for internal injuries, those that I can’t see because they’re inside you, and some of it might hurt but it will pass, I promise. I will tell you everything I’m about to do and why I’m doing it so just stay calm and this will go like a breeze, okay?”

Now, Stiles wasn’t stupid in any way, shape or form, he knew a were when he saw one… although he had obviously never seen a werecat before, and definitely not one as young as this one.

WORDS:  42,252


RATING: Explicit

WARNINGS: Graphic Depictions of Violence

The More That I Know You (the more I want to) by LadySlytherin

When death, in the form of hunters, comes for a family of Kelpies seeking refuge in the Preserve - in Hale territory - the Hale Pack is too late to save them. Before he dies, the male Kelpie presses a precious bundle into Stiles’ arms and begs the Emissary to take responsibility for it, which an initially reluctant Stiles does. When he agreed, Stiles had no idea what the sight of him with a baby would do to his esteemed Alpha, Derek. If he’d known, he might not have been so reluctant to agree.

WORDS: 43,655


RATING: Mature

WARNINGS: canon-typical violence

Pale Horses by Dark_K

Being bitten had never been on his to-do list, but he could deal with that. Helping Derek Hale become a competent Alpha, though, that was so not in his job description.

WORDS: 56,071


RATING: Explicit

WARNINGS: Graphic Violence, Underage, Derek is a lil weird

Play It Again by metisket

In which Stiles goes along with one of Derek’s plans and ends up in an alternate universe as a result. He should’ve known better. He did know better, actually, and that means he has no one to blame but himself.

Laura wants to lure the kid in with food and kindness and make a pet of him, like a feral cat. Derek wants to have him arrested for stalking. They’re at an impasse. (And the rest of the family is staying emphatically out of it in a way that suggests bets have been placed.)

WORDS: 63,206


RATING: Teen and Up

WARNINGS: Graphic Depictions of Violence

It’s a mad, mad world by ElisAttack

“They call him the Feral Wolf.” The man laughs hysterically as Stiles backs away from him, fear coursing through his veins. “Feral Hale. Do you know why? Huh?” The man creeps closer, testing the restraint of his chains, white talcum falling from his skin, swirling in the air like the dust devils plaguing the wasteland. “Because he’s fucking mad.”

Or the one where Stiles is a prisoner looking to return home, but to do so, he may have to rely on a questionable drifter.

WORDS: 73,627


RATING: Explicit

WARNINGS: Graphic Violence

(Sacred) In The Ordinary by  idyll ***

The Pack, after college, graduate school and the starting of careers, comes back to Beacon Hills. Nothing’s gotten less complicated after all this time.

Based on a kink meme prompt that grew legs and got serious.

Note: This is a whole lot of pack!fic with a very slow build Derek/Stiles

WORDS: 78,759


RATING: Explicit

WARNINGS: Graphic Depictions of Violence

Didn’t See That Coming by knittersrevolt

Stiles leaves Beacon Hills in the dust after he catches his husband cheating on him.

He finds his way to New York where he starts working for the Hale House Nursery, accidentally adopts a werewolf baby (through no fault of his own thank-you-very-much), and somehow starts training to be an Exorcist Emissary. So, in general, life was going good.

Then he hears that demons have found their way into his hometown. Can he face his inner demons and go back to save the day?

WORDS: 83,838


RATING: Explicit

WARNINGS: Violence

A Life for a Life, Makes the Whole World Bound by augopher

Stiles was lonely; there was no other way of putting it. The Nogitsune had left the pack a wary of him, not that they thought it had been his fault. No, they worried it would happen again. Once bitten, twice shy.
The morning after his 18th birthday, his torso was covered in mysterious green tattoos. He hadn’t been that drunk. He’d definitely remember that. Great. Something else to make him feel like a freak. Insomnia led him to his mother’s diary and a tale of how she helped an odd man once who gave her the warning, “Be careful of your wishes three.“ Everything clicked into place.
So…he was a djinni. He subtly changed things about himself. More muscle? Done. Better hair? Done and done. End his crippling insecurity? Done, done, done. He hid his new gift until he found himself bound to Derek.
With Deaton’s help, they translated meanings in his tattoos, but they were incomplete. A passage of his 'Rules and Regulations’ was missing. Everything was fine dandy until Stiles’ new powers and penchant for mischief and karmic retribution threatened to destroy him, fracture his mind, and turn him into something which couldn’t be contained.
Could the pack save him in time, and at what price?

WORDS: 90,697


RATING: Mature

WARNINGS: Graphic Depictions of violence

Of Course It’s Fairies by  HelloWhyTheFuckAmIHere

While still suffering from the after effects of the Nogitsune, Stiles and the pack stumble upon and save a trapped fairy. The boy’s parents, not wanting to be in the pack’s debt, offer each member of the pack who assisted in the rescue, the opportunity to bring a loved one back from the dead.

Having been blissfully reunited with several of their once-lost friends and family members, everyone must work together to figure out how to function as a new pack, and how to defeat a new incoming threat.

WORDS: 100,267


RATING: Not Rated


When I’m Gone by MissYuki1990

Stiles is leaving. For good if he has any say in it. He gave everything to them and received nothing in return, so who can blame him for wanting to leave and find his place in the world. Apparently? Everyone and their uncle.

WORDS: 108,584


RATING: Explicit

WARNINGS: Graphic Depictions of Violence

I Know Where Babies Come From, Derek. (series) by  
DiscontentedWinter ***

Stiles finds a baby on the porch.It looks exactly like him.Well, this is awkward.

WORDS: 127,012



RATED: Explicit

Home by TheTypewriterGirl ****

January seventh. Seven days since the start of 2015, and seven days since his father’s death.

The bastard, he thinks bitterly. The past year Derek Hale had made it blatantly obvious that he hated his scrawny guts, taking every given opportunity to shove him up against a wall, growl threats in his ears and roll his eyes whenever he stepped into the room, muttering some snide comment about how spastic or idiotic he was.

So why did he fucking volunteer to take him in?

WORDS: 167,178


RATING: Teen and Up

WARNINGS: Angst, Character Death

ok so i see these all the time so I wanna do one now… so this is my break down of divide

Eraser: I forgot he could rap and I’m shook, “I wish that love was a currency and the whole was wealthy” ICONIC “welcome to the new show” aka buckle up friends 

Castle on the Hill: makes me forget that I do not actually like my small town but reminds me of how much I love my friends, “they raised me and I can’t wait to go home” I’m crying

Dive: I am so here for this!!!!! Honestly I’m speechless, i just love this and the line “Don’t call me baby unless you mean it” YES

Shape of you: I will never get tired of this song, what a bop. Anytime, anywhere, I will go hard to this. I sing it in the shower regularly ngl  

Perfect: The most beautiful. Makes me wanna get married right this second.

Galway Girl: WHAT A FUCKING TUNE I GO SO HARD 10/10 but also does he say he finishes doritos and another bottle of wine??

Happier: going from galway girl to this is emotional rollercoaster. So beautiful and mature

New Man: this lowkey gives me a boyband vibe but in a good way, I love all the dragging and pettiness like I wanna sit down and chat with him about the true story behind this because it seems spicy 

Hearts Don’t Get broke Around Here: makes me feel like I’m in love even though I’m not, also makes me feel like sitting in a field of flowers. So so so so so beautiful. 

What Do I Know: I don’t see enough love for this song. literal definition of good vibes only. “Just remember life is more than fitting in your jeans, its love, undestanding, and positivity” THIS IS SO IMPORTANT

How Would You Feel (Paean): I said this had a John Mayer vibe before I even knew he played the guitar solo bc its so John Mayer-y (which is a good thing, I’m a slut for John Mayer)

Supermarket Flowers: i def thought this was gonna be a love song just based off the title, oh boy was I wrong and oh boy did I tear up

Barcelona: back on the emotional rollercoaster, but this time its going up, this is so much fun! Makes me forget that I’ve never actually been to Barcelona 

Bibia Be Ye Ye: catch me jamming to this but also trying to remember the stuff I learned from high school spanish

Nancy Mulligan: another irish bop what???? i like how he says religion in this song. very theatrical,  like a story time break

Save Myself: another beaut. so so so so powerful. 

Conclusion: I’m either crying or jamming or both. 

anonymous asked:

Ahhh thank you for answering my rant with such sweet headcanons you have no idea how much I love soft!Tae it literally makes me cry like I'm not even trying to put him in a box, but it's so canon now he likes cuddling with members, he loves animals (esp the super fluffy kind!!) and he's always so pliant with the members and even other males (hwarang hyungs) and he naturally does aegyo everywhere like !!!!!! Cry with me pls ㅠㅠ and man just the hyungs and Kookie def baby him a lot!!

omg your welcome!! thank you for sending it in! i really loved it <3

Originally posted by taetaebts

soft!Tae is life i stg and i really don’t see it as putting him in a box or trying to force him into some sort of mold/ steriotype, i mean how can anyone deny that he isn’t affectionate and touchy af and so cuddly irl~ 

and yes that time he was on that pet show with that super fluffy dog will forever be my favourite thing (although his love for dogs in general is so precious)

Originally posted by jjilljj

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Originally posted by urbeautifulway

he’s just so good with animals <3

taehyung being the maknae of a group was something i didn’t really know i needed in my life until hwarang came around??? like to see everyone priaising him and doting on him and generally just showering him in all the attention and affection he deserves just warms my heart. they all just have such heart eyes for him esp jihan omg

i am definitley crying with you :’) they baby him so much and i won’t let anyone tell me kim taehyung doesn’t love it (side note taehyung making men fall in love with him and having 100+ guys on the side is the best thing ever and never ceases to amaze me) 


I talked to the Hageman bros who were so sweet and so excited to see more older female fans and talked a lot about their loyal fans (and also told me seliel was not associated with their show so QQ)

then i talked to tommy and got a little excited to hear him talk. Then I took the chance and was like “oh haha can i show you some of my art? i love making fanart for the show.” and he’s like “oh yeah, sure :D” then i showed him my screen and he was like “:0000 ohhh!!!! it’s you! i know your art! you make some really cool stuff and i check them on other websites all the time! ” and I. cried. and while i was trying not to get too excited, he was like “I have something to give you! “ he reached into his backpack and gave me this picture of nya like “ah sorry it’s crumpled, but here you go!”

and i seriously could not breATHE cuz like BRO its an original drawing from him that he gave me and he knows of me im overwhelmed i just wanted to show yall because i cant stop cry i ng ok b ye

A Walk in the Park

Characters: Tom Holland - Harrison Osterfield - Tessa - Y/N

Request: “one where tom is protective of you.” - anon

Notes: i didn’t think i was going to be able to finish this but I did! omg i really hope you guys like it!


“Okay, so your turn, Y/n.”

“My turn for what?” You ask from the backseat.

Tom and Haz sit in the frontseats of the Audi while you and Tessa take whatever little room is left in the back. The roof is down and the afternoon sunset is shining down on all four of you.

“To choose the next song!” Harrison turns in his seat to face you.

You smirk at him and then at Tom’s reflection in the rearview mirror. You wiggle your eyebrows and Haz rolls his eyes, laughing, before sitting back straight in his seat.

“How many more times do you have to listen to this song before you grow tired of it?” Tom asks as he hands his phone over to Haz so he can put the song. He glances at you through the rearview mirror before looking at the road.

“Never! It’s honestly the best song to listen to while you’re on the road like this,” you reply. Tessa barks her agreement and you laugh, scratching her behind the ears.

Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon starts to play but not loud enough. You push yourself forward and reach across to turn up the volume. Haz and Tom laugh at you just as you plop back on your seat. You start to sing along and soon enough, the boys join along with you.


Tom finally parks the car in an empty slot. You look around and see people with their dogs, people running, children playing in a playground.

You weren’t really keen to come to the park when the boys first asked you. They wanted to go for a long run when you could barely even walk to the fridge for a drink. But after Tom’s consistent begging, you finally agree but under one condition; that Tom brings Tessa along.

So now here you are, hopping out the car and grabbing Tessa’s leash. Tom and Haz begin to walk towards the beginning of a trail and you follow behind them, already regretting your decision.

“Can’t I just stay here with Tessa?? There’s a lot of people here just sitting with their dogs,” you say.

“You promised you were going to run with us!” Tom replies.

“I did no such thing!” You laugh, “I promised I would come here with you guys.”

“What if something happens?” Tom says in a serious tone that catches you off guard.

You make a confused face and then chuckle, “In a park? Where there’s a lot of people? I have Tessa with me!”

That doesn’t seem to convince Tom, though. You find it weird that he’s acting this way. You’ve been best friends for so long but he’s never given much importance as to if you were alone or not.

Harrison taps his chest, “She’ll be fine, mate. We won’t take long.”

You smile big and turn to walk towards the playground.

“Y/n!” You face Tom. “Just.. you know? Be careful and stuff.”

You roll your eyes and walk away from both of them,
Tessa trotting next to you. “Your human is acting really weird, Tessa.”

She barks and you laugh at how cute and adorable she is. You start to play around with her, throwing sticks for her to catch and even letting her jump into the small dog pool.

You don’t realize that time has passed and the sky was now turning a soft blue. The children are long gone and less people were now running past. You’re sitting on the grass with Tessa’s head on your lap.

“They’re taking too long,” you tell Tessa. “I wouldn’t be surprised if they got lost.”

You start to glance around, slightly worried, trying to see any hint of them. You spot a small concession stand on the other side and suddenly your throat goes dry.

“We should get them some waters for when they come back,” you speak out loud and stand up and make your way to the concession stand.

On your walk there, time seems to speed up as the sky becomes darker and darker and the people become fewer and fewer. You’re not someone who gets scared easily but you still notice the small creepy feeling from behind you as if somebody’s watching you.

There’s a line when you arrive and so you wait patiently. Tessa begins to growl next to you. “Tessa? Not another squirrel, please.”

You face forward again and it’s then that you feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. You feel someone watching you but you choose to ignore, convincing yourself that it was just your mind playing tricks.

“Damn, I’ve never seen such a perfect ass.”

Your heart accelerates and not in a good way. You keep facing forward, not giving it any attention.

“Hey babe! You with the tight ass! I’d like you to face me when I’m talking to you!”

You cringe at his words and step forward just a tiny bit.

“That’s not the proper way to say thank you when a guy is complimenting you.”

Fuck. It’s dark now. Tom and Harrison are nowhere to be seen and you had no idea what to do once you got what you needed from the concession stand.

It’s time to go.

“Come on, Tessa,” you whisper to her and pulled on her leash as you fast walk the path back to the car.

You can’t hear if he’s following you but you take no chance in glancing over your shoulder to check.

Almost there.


Your heart jumped up to your throat. A thick and strong arm wrapped around your shoulder. Only one person did that to you but this was not someone familiar. Tessa remained calm, apparently thinking this was someone close to you.

“Where you goin’? I wanted to talk. How about I give you and your… dog? A ride back home?”

You look straight ahead and shake your head. “No, thank you. I came here in my car and I’d really appreciate it if you took your hands off me.”

He laughed the cruelest laugh you ever heard. “You’re funny, babe. You should appreciate that a guy like me would even be touching you. Hey,” his fingers find your chin and they force you, painfully, to finally look at him.

His features are rough, his eyes dark and frightening. His sneer made him look like a mad animal. “Let. Go. Of. Me.”

You push him away and dart towards the direction of the car when his fingers close around your arm and he pulls you towards him. You collide with his chest and you cry out in pain. His hand finds your jaw and he holds your face steady. His musty breath washes over your face and it makes bile rise up in your throat.

“No bitch is going to tell me what to do. Huh? Did you listen? No bitch!”

His sneer was back and he was inching closer. You knew what was going to happen but every time you try to pull away, his hand only tightens its grip on you. You feel like crying but did not dare show weakness. So instead, you shut your eyes and suck in your lips.

You’re surprised when he lets go of your arm and your face and his smell completely disappears. You open your eyes slowly, still wary.

Tom pushes the creep hard on his chest so that he ends up on his ass. “You keep your fucking hands off my girl!”

The asshole just laughs as he gradually stands up. He fixes his shirt and steps closer to Tom. Tom’s hands are balled up into fists but he stands tall and firm. Even from here you can see the clenching of his jaw.

“Y/n, let’s go to the car.” Harrison whispers next to you as he takes Tessa’s leash from your hand.

You shake your head and stay still as you watch the scene in front of you.

“Oh really?” The creep continues, “Your girl, huh? Why was she alone? Seems like the bitch was looking for some di-”

He doesn’t finish his sentence as Tom’s fist comes flying across the air and makes impact with his jaw. You gasp and immediately run forward.

“Shut your fucking mouth, you low-life son of a bitch! I swear I’ll knock off every fucking tooth so the only shit that comes out of you will be from your ass!”

He had knocked him straight down to the ground. The creep was holding his face, not even attempting to stand up again.

“Tom,” you whisper to him. You reach out and grab his arm to get his attention. His head turns to you and nothing but pure rage inflames his eyes but they soon turn soft once they wash over your eyes and he realizes you’re okay. “Please. He’s not worth it. I’m okay. Let’s just go home, please.”

“Did he hurt you?” His whole body is facing you now, the creep on the floor, bleeding, long forgotten. His hands find your face and he caresses it gently, nothing compared to how someone was holding it not even ten minutes ago.

You try to smile a convincing smile and nod, “I’m fine. Now that you’re here. So let’s go, okay?”

He nods and you take his hand and pull him with you towards the car. Harrison and Tessa walk ahead of you.

“Did you get lost?” You ask, trying to take his mind off of what had just happened.

“Um, yeah. We tried to take a new route and lost the trail. I should have been here-”

You shake your head. “It’s fine Tom. We’re okay now.”

“Hey,” his hand squeezes your fingers gently and stops you. You turn around to face him and he walks up to you. “I should have been here. I’m sorry that I wasn’t. I’m sorry that I haven’t been for the past several months. If something had happened to you… Shit, I don’t even want to think about what that fuck would have done if we hadn’t gotten here on time. I just-”

He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath before he wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you to his chest. You feel his lips softly press on your forehead before his arms completely wrap around you.

It’s amazing how one person’s touch makes you feel so safe and comforted. Everything that had happened in the past half hour comes flooding back and you completely let go in his arms. You don’t hold back your sobs as you cry into his chest. You think about what could have happened if he hadn’t gotten there in time. What the fucking asshole could have done to Tessa if she tried to do something.

Tom holds you tightly against him, the stars and the moon shining down on you, his hand cradling the back of your head as he ushers sweet words into your hair, “I promise you that I will never leave you alone again. Mark my words that I will give my life before letting anything happen to you.”

“And Then She Ran” Daryl Dixon

Words: 2,023

Summary: After Daryl’s daughter dies, he finds her diary and learns more about her than he wanted.

Warnings: This is dark. Death, some swear words, angst

A/N lol I cried writing this

Link to part 2 here!


Daryl can still remember his daughter’s death like it was yesterday.

It was her on her eighteenth birthday. Daryl, not one to show his emotions, had gone out of his comfort zone that day to make sure it was a special one. He’d had Carol over to cook her favorite breakfast (at least, her favorite out of the few options they had), and while on a previous run, he found her a beautiful diamond necklace in a house that was still in good shape. He managed to find some paper to cover it with. He had everything ready to go. It was not often that she got to feel like she was special.

They had a fight that day. This was not just any normal fight, not like the ones that they usually had. And they had fights often. This fight was different.

Everyone had noticed that she had been acting differently lately. Nobody brought it up with her, but everyone knew something was wrong. Daryl was the last one to catch on, and when he finally convinced her to tell him what was going on… It turned into the worst fight they’d ever had.

She had run off after that fight, but Daryl didn’t pay any mind to that. She had a habit of “running away” for a few hours. The first few times she did that, Daryl freaked out. He looked for her up and down until the minute she came home. Usually she came home drunk, which would just piss Daryl off more, but at least she was ok. So after a few times of her pulling that act, Daryl stopped worrying.

“She’ll be back soon.” Daryl told himself that day, not bothering to run after her.

She didn’t come back. As a matter of fact, she never came back. A few days after her disappearance, Rick, Daryl, and Glenn went out looking for her. In her place, they saw something they wish they never saw.

She was dead. She was a walker.

Daryl broke down after that, crying harder than he had in his entire life. He just lost his little girl. When he got back to their house later that night, he grabbed the necklace and threw it out the window, sobbing.

It took Daryl a while to be okay after that. In reality, he knew he’d never be okay, but he was okay enough to move on. It took almost a year before he could even go into her room again. It smelled like her; he could almost feel her presence in there. That was comforting for the first few days, until he realized he was never getting her back. She was gone.


This was the first time he’d been in your room since that night. Daryl took in the surroundings- it was a mess in here.

‘She was definitely not a tidy person.” Daryl thought to himself, laughing softly. He sat on the bed, taking a deep breath.

“I shouldn’t be in here.” He said out loud to himself, getting up to leave. But something stopped him. He noticed a notebook nudged in between the mattress and the floor. Hesitating, he picked it up and opened it to the first page.

‘I’d been caught with Carl more times than you could imagine.

At first it wasn’t anyone important catching us, only people like Maggie or Glenn who I knew wouldn’t say anything. Then, Rick found out. Rick was pissed, and told Carl to stay away from me.   “She’s too much trouble, Carl. Don’t get involved with her.” Rick had told him. I know he doesn’t like me. He only tolerates me because I’m his best friend’s daughter. I know he’d kick me out of the group if he could. So when he promised me that he wouldn’t tell my dad if we stopped while we were ahead, I agreed. I cried, and told him I’d keep it friendly between the two of us.

Carl didn’t listen. I didn’t either. I just played it up so he wouldn’t tell my dad. We just found other places to sneak around to and have sex.

But, oh boy. The look on my dad’s face that day when he saw me on top of Carl, clothes scattered everywhere. I hadn’t seen him scream that loud at anyone in his life. Daryl Dixon is not a man to piss off. I don’t know how often I’ll be able to write in this but I’ll try to as much as possible. Don’t exactly get too much free time around here.’

Daryl knew he shouldn’t be reading his daughter’s diary, but he couldn’t stop himself. Despite the conditions of the world forcing them to be together all the time, he knew absolutely nothing about his daughter except that she and Carl were together and that she was good with a gun.

A part of him knew it didn’t matter anymore. She was dead.

He turned to the next entry.

My dad is keeping me on a leash now. He’s mad at me. I don’t care. Carl’s the only person that genuinely makes me happy. My dad doesn’t make me happy. He just wants to control me.

I know this put a damper in his friendship with Rick. Rick’s saying it’s all my fault because I’m a bad influence. My dad stood up for me, but I know deep down he agrees. I’m a “problem child.” I have attitude. I’m dramatic. I like to venture out on my own and go explore, sometimes bringing Carl with me so we can have alone time.

I know my dad wishes he had a better daughter. Sometimes I wish I was. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t born, and that my mom gave birth to a different kid. A kid that wasn’t me. I bet my dad would love that. He hates me.

My 18th birthday is in two weeks. I don’t know if legalities matter anymore in this world, but I’ll be an adult. I want to be treated like one. I want off this leash. I want to be allowed to be with Carl without being told no.

I won’t stop seeing him.’

The more Daryl read that, the more his heart broke. He never knew that she thought he didn’t care. Tears starting forming in his eyes, but he wiped them away quickly. He refuses to cry about anything anymore.

‘I’m sick. I can’t stop throwing up everywhere. It’s odd, because I feel fine other than when it just hits me out of nowhere, and no one else is sick beside me.

I refuse to even think about the other option. I’m sick, that’s all.

I got to kill a lot of walkers today. I haven’t got to do that in a while. It felt nice to hold a gun again. Carl is sweet with me. He’s always making sure I’m okay, being protective and all. He loves me, he told me that today. I think I love him too.’

Daryl didn’t know Carl and her were that serious. He thought they were just hormonal teenagers, doing things that teenagers done. He didn’t know there was feelings there. That was an odd thing for Daryl to imagine, love. He hadn’t ever felt it for a girl that wasn’t family.

‘It’s confirmed. I’m pregnant. I did something to piss off my dad, so then it would start a fight, and I ran off without him trying to find me. If I ran off without a reason he’d be suspicious.

I found the tests in the town over. It wasn’t a long walk, but the coldness was getting to me. I ran home, and hid the box in my coat.

My dad didn’t even look at me as I walked past him.

I don’t know how I’m going to tell Carl. God, how am I going to tell anyone? My dad? Rick? I don’t understand how this happened. He pulled out every time. We didn’t use condoms, they’re not exactly easy for either of us to obtain, but I thought pulling out worked, too. I guess I was wrong.

I suppose I didn’t really have anyone to teach me this stuff.

I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. I’m sitting here writing in a diary like a little girl for God’s sake.’

Tears spilling, Daryl slammed the diary shut. He couldn’t read anymore. He stormed off the bed, and punches the wall near him.

“Daryl?” Rick appeared. Daryl turned his body to face him, ready to break at any moment.

“She thought I hated her.” Daryl says slowly, trying to keep his voice from cracking.

“I doubt she thought you hated her. She knew you loved her. You wouldn’t have gotten so protective of her if you didn’t love her.”

“Rick, I foun’ her diary… I shouldn’t have read it, but I did. She said she wished she wasn’t born because she thought she wasn’t a good enough daughter for me.”

Rick could see the man in front of him, broken to pieces. He felt for him.

“I’m going to finish reading it, I think.” Daryl said after a few moments of silence. Rick took that a que that he wanted to be left alone, and made his way out of the room.

Daryl’s hands shook as he reached for the small, brown notebook once more. Turning it to the last entry she made, he took a deep breath and continued reading.

‘I told Carl.

He took it okay. We were in the middle of eating breakfast that Carol had made for the group when I pulled him outside to talk. He was mostly freaked out. I don’t know if he was more freaked out at the fact that he was going to be a father, or the fact that he would have to tell HIS father. But in the end, he knew his father would be supporting regardless. He gave me a real big kiss and told me we would get through this together.  

I told him I didn’t want to tell anyone until I told my dad first. I’m telling him today. It’s my birthday. I figured it’s as good of a day as any to tell him.

I found the necklace he got me. The paper he had it all wrapped in was torn and it was falling out. It was beautiful. I’ve never seen anything to beautiful in my life. I don’t think my dad’s ever gotten me a gift. It makes me happy. Not because its material, but because it’s meaningful. I don’t get attention from him like this. It makes me want to cry.

Stupid pregnancy. Makes me emotional.

I can’t wait for him to give it to me. I feel like maybe it’s his idea of trying to open up to me. If he’s willing, I’m willing.

I have this idea that if my baby turns out to be a girl, I want to give the necklace to her when she gets older. I want to keep it in the family. If we live long enough for that.

I love this baby so much already. I’d do anything for him or her, I can already feel it.

I’m going to tell him whenever he gets back from doing whatever he’s doing. I know he’s going to kill me. I’m getting anxiety about telling him. I considered just not telling him at all, letting him figure out on his own that he’s going to be a grandfather. But I need to tell him. I’ll write in this later and-“

It stops mid-sentence, not continuing. Daryl notices stains on the side of the paper, a puke-ish color, like she got sick while writing that and forgot about it.

He slowly closes the journal, mind numb. He knew the rest of the story.


He had home early from checking out a possible un-scavenged pharmacy with Glenn when he saw her sitting outside, deep in thought.

“How did it go?” She had asked him, attempting to build up a conversation with him before dropping the bomb.

“Overrun by walkers, but mostly un-touched. Rick’s sending in a team tomorrow to clear the place out.”

“Awesome,” She had said blankly.

“Look, I know we’re not the perfect example of a father daughter relationship, but if somethings wrong I need you to tell me.” Daryl told her, taking a seat next to her.

“Dad, I’m pregnant.”

Daryl looked over at her in shock. Her eyes were rimmed with tears, and her stomach felt nauseous, although she wasn’t sure if that was from more morning sickness or the anticipation of waiting for his response.

“You’re jokin’, right?” He looked at her dead in the eye. All she could do was stare at him.

“Fuck.” He cursed, getting up from next to her. “How could you do that? What the hell is wrong with you?”

“It’s not like we wanted this, dad!” She was angry.

“I’m gonna kill him. I’m gonna rip his head off.” Daryl was fuming.

“Dad, please-“

“God, I don’ understand, why couldn’t you have just been a good kid? Why do you gotta run around causin’ problems for everyone. I shouldn’t even be surprised.”

He had hit a nerve. She looked at him, no response. He looked at her one last time before storming into the house, slamming the door shut.

“I’ll never let anything happen to you.” She talked to her baby, rubbing her stomach. She was so angry that she forgot to grab her gun.

And then she ran.

X men pref. How they react when you go missing in action

featuring : Alex, Kurt, Peter, Jean and Scott

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No Apologies

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Requested by anonymous: Could you please write a jughead x reader where the reader is new and has bright purple hair and dresses grungy and is a loner and jughead finds her playing guitar and singing in the music room xx

Pairing: Jughead x reader

Warnings: none really

A/N: this is the first request I ever received, I hope it’s what you wanted!! I’m sorry it took so long I have a crippling fear of failing and disappointing people but thank you for the request <33 

Also, special thanks to @thekillingquill for beta-ing this for me (u the real mvp)

“There she is,” Archie said quietly. “The new girl.”

Betty and Veronica turned in their seats, glancing at the counter of the diner, while Jughead mindlessly typed away at his laptop.

“Well,” Veronica sighed, “I’m just glad I’m not stuck with that title anymore.”

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ok maybe i’ve been playing too much persona but what if the girls ARE them?

not completely but like, an aspect of their personalities or an emotion that they have to come to terms with and learn to understand in order to love themselves??

what makes me think this is:

1) the ages

some of these girls are much too young for this to be a romantic thing, like there is no way that they would be cast for that role [for some of them] if that was the case.

2) hoseok “not having a girl”

hoseok actually DOES have a female counterpart, but y’all are looking at this in a “girlfriend” way [which doesn’t work for the reasons stated above]. it’s his mother who abandoned him. her absence IS what he is having to come to terms with, so her NOT being there and hoseok having to learn to deal with this emptiness in order to love himself is going to be the main point of this for him.

3) maybe its just me but these girls each remind me a LOT of bts

the way they look and their mannerisms, the things they are doing, and even their style just??? reminds me a lot of each member’s character?? [especially tae, jin, and suga’s girls??.. and heck jimin’s girl is so pretty she looks like she could be his twin sister].

4) the concept “Love Yourself”

i feel like with how much deep and abstract stuff bts has given us over the years, they would not boil their entire “love yourself concept down to “being in a relationship will make you happy and forget your horrible depression and insecurities :) ”. i feel like these boys, more than anyone, would understand that that’s NOT how life works. i trust them.

SO, looking back on the highlight reel with this point of view, it seems to start telling a story much more in line with the posters they released. some are obvious like hoseok’s, others we don’t have all the information yet but here’s some of my best guesses:

Jin: is gonna be the one that links all the stories together at the end again, the rest is still too vague to speculate on, but i feel like he’s gonna end up being our narrator at some point

Jungkook: its hard to say what the extent of his injuries are, he could just be recovering or perhaps he can no longer walk. he is barreling ahead and she brings him to a complete stop. this girl is also admitted to the hospital and she shakes his hand. she could represent his new reality after the accident, but considering that she brought him to such a sudden halt, perhaps she is the car accident making him stop running ahead recklessly, and actually thinking about his life and what he wants.

Suga: this one again is going to need more context and seems to tie in with jungkook and possibly namjoon, but im not sure how yet. and the girl, omg does she look so much like yoongi, and she appears very young. she stops him from smoking and takes the lighter out of his hand [we all know about the ongoing thing with suga and fire], then she walks over and picks up a guitar. this has to be something about him and his childhood love for music saving him from himself.

Namjoon: this girl is handing out fliers, trying desperately to be heard as everyone walks past and ignores her and she seems upset and frustrated over not being heard/understood. this is another one that will need more context before i can further speculate. Not sure how this is gonna tie into tae’s story quite yet but the posters are definitely hinting at a connection.

Taehyung: this links in to his character’s past of acting out and breaking the law as an outlet for his pain and the bad things he has done because of this. like having this girl stealing and tae stopping her just makes me more sure of these girls being these aspects of their personalities that they have to learn deal with. 

Jimin: (oh boy this one is loaded with symbolism). the color pallet of this section of the video seems to be very important. everything is pale and blue and washed out and there is hoseok shining like the brightest orange beacon you’ll ever see. your focus is immediately drawn to him, and unlike the other clips, the girl is not the first visible interaction.

its just jimin filming hobi dancing, then the girl enters the room and immediately goes to hoseok, again, him being the main focus and jimin blending in to the background. she gives him a cake and says “happy birthday!” to which hoseok replies “but its not my birthday”. the cake is white and covered in blueberries with one orange candle [mirroring the aesthetic for this whole clip].

jimin is still filming at this point and zooms in to get a clearer picture of her, when she turns to him he immediately gets flustered and stops filming. she then turns and beckons for him to join them. hoseok also turns to jimin at this point and smiles. now i may be reading too much into this and bighit may not allow them to explore a concept like this. but personally i think she is the representation of jimin falling in love with hoseok and trying to ignore those feelings and deny that part of himself.

you know that feeling where you are casually talking with someone [or in this case, filming them dancing] and suddenly there is this pang in your chest and it hits you like “wow i have feelings for this person” and you immediately try to cover them up? that is the emotion this girl seems to be??

because she is jimin’s character, but her focus is always hoseok, the focus of this whole clip was hoseok. and when jimin sees this emotion he tries to deny it but she is beckoning for him to join them. like maybe im wrong and it’s a love triangle but… the artist in me is yelling about the camera angles and the timing and the color pallet and i just can’t ignore it.

Hoseok: and as i stated earlier, the female counterpart for hoseok is his mother and the emotion he will have to deal with is the fear of abandonment and her absence from his life. and considering his reaction to the cake [if we’re going with the idea from jimin’s that its a representation of love and affection], it seems like he will need to learn to trust again. he was given this token of affection and instead of being happy, he was scared. as it is now he seems to fear that anyone who he lets in will abandon him just like she did. [im gonna cry for a week about this honestly bighit you’re trying to kill me here].

so yeah, that’s my take on all of this and honestly feels like a more likely route for this story to go than “bts all gets girlfriends who make them forget about their depression except hoseok, bye”. hope this helps some of the army’s out there who were upset at this highlight reel, it’ll be ok fam, trust in the boys.

I Just Called To Say

Wonho | Fluff | WC: 1.7k

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But what it is, is something true
Made up of these three words that I must say to you

“I love you.”

You blink slowly, trying to process the words you just heard. Moving the phone away from your ear, you squint your eyes to look at the screen, reading the name and time at the top of it.

“Hoseok,” you yawn, rubbing an eye and rolling onto your back. “Do you know what time it is?”

Your eyes widen a bit and blink a little faster to adjust to the pitch black surrounding you, and you wait for him to check and see that it’s four in the morning.

“Yes, I know I probably shouldn’t have called you because you have to wake up in a few hours for work but I—”

“Baby, slow down.” He’s talking way too fast, his words blending into each other and your brain is still in its waking up stages so you need him to talk a little slower.

He takes a deep breath before continuing.

“I can’t sleep, and when I can’t sleep I think about a lot of shit,” when he pauses, you hum. “And we’ve been together for a while now. Next week it’ll be six months, right?”

You hum again, switching back to your original position on your side, snuggling further into you comforter. “On Wednesday.” The smallest of smiles stretch your lips because you know he’s downplaying how he feels about this halfway mark in your relationship.

“I know you said you don’t want to do anything for month-anniversaries—”

You snort. “Because they’re pointless.”

Hoseok sighs. He’s always been such a hopeless romantic and you can be one too, but you grew out of celebrating each month of being with someone and prefer to go all out for milestone dates. But you know how excited he is for each month that you’ve officially been together and you feel kind of bad you let that slip out. You blame it on your brain still not completely functioning and not being able to filter your thoughts as fast.

“I’m regretting waking you up,” he deadpans and you snort again.

“So I can go back to sleep?” And when he sighs again, you roll your eyes. Your attempt to lighten the mood clearly isn’t working. “Baby, I’m kidding. Tell me what’s on your mind, I won’t joke around anymore.”

Hoseok hesitates for too long and you call his name, trying to prompt him to let everything on his mind and chest out on the table.

“I don’t know… I was just thinking about how happy you make me. Even when we were just friends and I didn’t even know I wanted to be with you… you’ve always made me happy and I knew I always wanted you to be in my future.”

You don’t think you’ll ever get used to how open he is with his feelings. Not that you’re incapable of expressing yourself, it just takes a little push for you to let it all out like he can.

“We don’t always see eye-to-eye but you balance me out so well and you’ve ruined my expectations for everyone else. I don’t even want to think about the possibility of having to find someone else.”

He’s barely getting started and you have a feeling your cheeks will be wet because you’re a softy for romantic confessions—especially when it comes from the man on the phone—and aching from smiling so hard because he always seems to know the right things to say, even when he’s unsure of his words.

“Ah, I’m getting off topic.” You almost tell him it’s okay and to stay on the mistaken topic, but you just bite your lip and let him get back on track. “Since you promised we could do something on Wednesday, I already have everything put together… but I’m second guessing it all.”

You aren’t hard to please. A simple dinner and movie are enough to make you the happiest girl in the world. Some cuddling and kisses added is the perfect date. Not saying going all out wouldn’t have the same effect, but you’re sure that anything he puts together will be just fine. Knowing he took the time and energy to do something for you is enough to have you okay with anything. He knows what you don’t like, so you’re not worried in the slightest. But Hoseok is such a caring and loving person who always wants to make sure others are pleased and he second guesses himself up until he realizes they’re more than content and he was worried for nothing.

But, you’re not going to tell him he’s over analyzing it. After years of knowing how he works, you know he hates it the most when people tell him something isn’t that deep and to stop thinking so hard.

“I just don’t want it to be a total flop because I’m really excited about it,” he sighs.

“If you’re so excited about it, I love it already,” you speak softly.

“Like I was saying before, you always make me so happy and I want to have the same effect on you, you know? I know you say I do but I can’t help but doubt—”

“Hoseok. I will hang up on you if you continue that sentence.”

Hoseok isn’t clingy. He doesn’t crave your attention every second of the day. He doesn’t have an exaggerated need for validation, but every once in a while it’s good for him to hear how much he means to you, how much you love him.

“As cheesy as it sounds, from the day we became friends you’ve made me the happiest I’ve been since I was a kid. When I realized I had feelings for you I didn’t get scared like I always had in the past. Do you think I’ve ever confessed to a guy first?” you chuckle, remembering how abrupt and unprepared your confession was. The look on his face was priceless and you wish you would’ve caught his reaction on camera. “Just hearing your name makes me smile and makes my stomach feel weird, and you have the audacity to doubt if you make me happy?”

You’re wide awake by now, his uncertainty alerting your brain. It’s not even like you did something to make him feel this way, but you feel like you have to let him know he has no reason to feel that way without telling him he’s over analyzing things because his nerves are getting to him.

It’s quiet for too long after you open your heart up to him a little. “Did you fall asleep on me?”

The sniffle you get in response has a wide smile slowly making its way on your face.

“Are you crying?” You try to sound worried but the amusement can’t be shielded. Maybe you aren’t the one meant to cry tonight.

“Shut up.”

You openly laugh, apologizing when he starts mumbling under his breath that he can’t stand you and an empty threat of hanging up on you.

“Seriously, though. I know I don’t say it as often as you do but I love you so so so much and I’m so happy I snatched you before Jihyun did.”

He chuckles, followed by a long inhale.

“Thank you.”

His voice is the softest you’ve ever heard and it makes your tummy do a little flip.

“For what?”

“For putting up with me. I know I’m a mess sometimes and I really try to control my emotions but sometimes…” he struggles to finish his sentence, so you jump in.

“Hush. You’re perfectly fine and I wouldn’t trade you for the world.”

You know he’s smiling on the other side of the phone and keeps your smile in place. You don’t mind getting woken up at the asscrack of dawn when it comes to Hoseok, and you love your sleep. So if that isn’t enough proof of how whipped you are for the kid, you don’t know what else could be.

“If these are your thoughts on a restless night, I can only imagine what your vows will be.”

Shrugging the cover off, you swing your legs off the bed and slip your slippers on. You make your way out of your room and into the kitchen, turning on the hallway light as you pass it for some guidance because you just moved and you don’t have the place memorized yet.

“I guess you’ll just have to wait and see,” Hoseok chuckles, voice a little deeper than before and his words and tone have you biting back another smile as you grab a water bottle and take a few sips. All this talking after being asleep for hours has your throat as dry as a desert.

Months in and it still feels like you’re in your honeymoon phase because you’re always smiling when you speak to him, or even when he simply gets brought up by a friend or a parent.

“Mm, can’t wait.”

Leaning against the counter, you look up at the clock on the stove and the time reads a quarter past five. You can’t see yourself falling back asleep anytime soon and all you can think of is cuddling with your boyfriend while the sun rises in an hour or so, watching a movie or continuing your heart to heart.

“Do you have work tomorrow? Or today, whatever.”

“I don’t go in until two-thirty, why?”

“You should pack a bag and come over,” you propose, twisting and untwisting the bottle’s cap with your forefinger and thumb.

“Don’t you have work at—”

“No one said I work tomorrow,” you laugh.

There’s rustling on the other side and a grunt, followed by a clicking noise you’re assuming was his light switch illuminating his room.

“Say no more, I’ll be there in twenty.”

This is so fluffy and sweet my tooth hurts omg idk how I’m managing to write all this fluff bc I suck at expressing my feelings asjukldlk; enjoy 

it’s 1am nd i’m out here thinking about how whenever mj sits beside jinjin he’s always touching his leg. and not even in like a romantic way just in a “hey we’re friends” way. nd it’s just so natural for them?? like he does it every time and jinjin isn’t (or doesn’t seem) upset or uncomfortable it’s just a casual thing for them, it’s become normal. and that’s so cute that they’re so close and comfortable with one another that mj literally grabbing jinjin’s thigh is casual bc i doubt there’s very many people he would let do that. it’s just adorable that each time he wants to say something to jinjin and get his attention he just reaches for his leg like “hey pay attention to me”. and jinjin always listens whenever he does it bc he knows by now that it’s mj’s way of trying to make sure he’s listening. i just love myungjin’s friendship so much nd i should be sleeping but here i am crying over it instead.


i’m up to ep 9 of hxh now and i tried doodling kurapika on my phone heh,,

anonymous asked:

hey have u read any good peraltiago fics that u could recommend? I'm just getting into it so reccing the popular ones would be gr8 too

hey! it took me a while to find some of my faves fics, but my dude, i’ve got u 

so here are some of my top picks for u, 10/10 would recommend: 

  1.  for you are my fate by Lymans (Rated T): Amy has had a lot of great ideas in her lifetime. Telling her cousin she’s dating Jake Peralta and he’ll definitely be attending her destination wedding is not one of them.Aka the one where Amy and Jake pretend to date while pretending they’re not really madly in love with each other. If you are a fan of fake dating fics then this one is for you. I absolutely love this fic; I’ve read it at least five times already. The characterisation of Jake and Amy are so on point and I am completely obsessed with all of Amy’s brothers in this fic (spoiler: there is a lot of Santiago fam in this) 
  2. I Think Girls Like Being Deceived by queenamyrulez (Rated T): A different version of the ‘Boyle-Linetti Wedding’ episode inspired by the dialogue ‘Jenny’s going to think I’m married’ in which Terry is unable to remove the ring and events unfold slightly differently. Another of my ultimate fave fics. This is exactly how I wished Boyle-Linetti Wedding was because it just so god damn good. 
  3. just another girl who took my breath away by jakepurralta (Rated T):  Rey Santiago-Peralta was a wonder to behold, and Jake Peralta was having the best day of his life. This fic is just straight up adorable. I just have so many feels about Jake and Amy having babies okay. 
  4. just a little bit fearless by @phil-the-stone (Rated T): okay so i had mention the dreaded Single Dad AU that completely destroyed my soul and made me cry for a thousand years, but holy shit, this fic is amazing. (also special s/o to phil bc everything she writes truly amazing and she is just a wonderful human being) 
  5. Broken Toys Make No Noise by Talking_Bird (Rated M): Three months have passed since Amy Santiago put her heart on the line, three months since Jake Peralta asked for a new partner, Three months since they last looked each other in the eyes.But the 99 needs its best crime-fighting duo back because a new killer has hit the streets of Brooklyn and he doesn’t show signs of stopping any time soon. Imagine that you were watching CIS with the characters from B99 and you get this fic. Its so dark and mysterious and nothing like the show but it is still amazing. 
  6.  i’ve been sleepwalking too close to the fire by @elsaclack (Rated T):   Amy goes undercover immediately following the events of Johnny and Dora. Jake and the others try to deal. Once again another angst fulled fic that makes me cry for a thousand years but equally an amazing fic (another s/o to em bc oh my god her fics legit are 100% and i am just overwhelmed by how amazing they are.) 

okay so they are some of my faves that i suggest you reading, but there are so many other amazing fic writers out n i feel bad for not mentioning them all, but i love them all just as much as the rest. hope this helps! 

Got7 cuddling

Scenario: Got7 has a rough day and needs to cuddle

a/n: this wasn’t requested bc I have no request but I am in a soft got7 cuddly mood



You flip through the channels quickly, eyes focusing for the show you are looking for as you hear the front door close. You were filled with excitement as footsteps became louder. “Babe?” You called out with a small smile on your face, eyes on your show.

With no answer you began to worry. “Ba-”, you started but were cutoff as you felt a weight against your shoulders. Mark let out a long sigh, causing more worry to flow through you. “I’ve missed you” He mumbled against your neck as your hand roamed to tangle in his hair.

“You were only gone for a couple of hours” You giggled, turning to face him. You saw his face was pouty and he didn’t look happy at all. “Mark” You spoke more quiet as he buried his face back into you neck, not wanting you to see how upset he was.

You became equally upset seeing your boyfriend just as upset. He moved swiftly as he climbed onto the couch next to you, you quickly pulling him into your arms. Mark is usually the big spoon but today he just wanted to be held.

You could tell he wasn’t in a good mood and didn’t want to push him into a worse mood so you just laid there and held him.

“You smell so good” He said quietly as you giggled, causing a smile to paint across his face. Just being here with you, laying here with you, talking or not, Mark felt better.

You placed your lips against his forehead and moved to his cheek. “Thank you for being here for me” He mumbled before falling asleep in your arms.


You folded your clothes neatly as you set them in the draw next to Jaebum’s. You had been cleaning for an hour or so just to tidy up and get things organized before he came home. If the house was less messy you thought maybe he would be able to relax easier, so its the least you could do.

You grabbed a pair of his vans and set them on the shoe rack as you heard the front door close a little louder then normal. “y/n?” You heard his voice call out as you walked to the door, bumping into him in the process.

He walked up the stairs quicker than you expected.

“Hey b-”, before you could finish you sentence, his arms were around your waist, pulling you into the bed next to him. You were a little shocked at first, not that he wanted to cuddle, but that he didn’t eat or change right away.

For the longest time, his eyes remained closed, and you began to think he was sleeping. With a few things still needing to be done, you tried to crawl out of his grasp only for him to hold tighter.

It really caught you off guard as he opened his eyes with an exhausted look. “lay here with me please”, he said in the quietest voice possible as you nodded immediately, crawling back next to him.

His eyes closed again as you rubbed his cheek with your thumb lightly. A small smile grew on his lips as he grabbed your wrist and kissed your hand. His eyes flashed open to shine at you as he snuggled closer, if possible.

“A bad day doesn’t matter if I have you”


While Jackson was working, whether it was practicing, interviews, or photoshoots, you found it hard to keep yourself genuinely preoccupied. Today was no different.

You shifted in the covers as your earbuds played your favorite got7 song, smiling slightly to yourself as Jackson’s rap came on. With your eyes closed and your music in your ears, you didn’t hear Jackson calling your name.

He was a little nervous you didn’t answer but smiled as he saw you curled up in the blankets. Feeling sluggish from the day, he kicked off his shoes and got in the covers, pushing himself so your arms were around him.

You jumped lightly, smiling when you see Jackson centimeters from your face. He pecks your lips lightly as your pull out your earbuds. “How was your day?” You asked as you played with his hair.

He groaned. “Honestly babe, it was one of the worse days so far. For some reason I just felt out of place today” He frowned slightly as you did as well. “That was until I remember I had you to come home to. You always make me feel special, y/n”.


You pulled the hot pan out of the oven as you prepared the dinner for your boyfriend. He was always hungry when he came home and it was a tradition for you to cook dinner on Wednesday nights.

You placed the dinner on two plates before carrying it to the table, waiting for Jinyoung’s arrival. On time, the door opened but instead of his cheerful help, you were met with silence.

“Jinyoungie?” You called out as he ignored your call, continuing his walk to the kitchen. “Babe, what’s wrong?” You asked as he stopped in his tracks, turning towards you with a exhausted expression.

“I am fine, y/n” He said, grabbing a glass and filling it to the rim. “Jinyo-”, he turned towards you abruptly. “I said I am fine!” He raised his voice, something he never did, making you flinch.

You stood there in aw, not being able to say anything as he sighed and set his glass on the counter. Before he could apologize you turned on your heels and made your way to the shared room.

You didn’t want to stay in the kitchen with him, especially if Jinyoung was upset.

You laid down on the bed as Jinyoung sighed and began to walk to the room. He knew his tone of voice hurt you and he never wanted that. You squeezed your eyes shut as he laid down next to you.

“I know you aren’t asleep” His deep voice filled your ears as your eyes remained closed. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you onto his chest, your stomach against.

You nuzzled into his touch, not being able to resist him as he let out a sigh of relief. “I am sorry I yelled at you” He said, voice cracking with emotion as he looked at the ceiling.

“I had a bad day…I shouldn’t have taken it out on you” He explained as you sat up on your elbows, still somewhat laying on him. “I just wanted to help you Jinyoung” You said as he nodded, kissing you. “And I am so thankful to have you in my life”.


Coco jogged slightly ahead of you as you picked up your pace to keep up with her. It was your daily routine to walk Coco around your neighborhood once before Youngjae came home from work.

Today you were running slightly behind as you walked up to the door, Youngjae’s car already parked in the driveway. “Daddy’s home” You cooed to Coco as you picked her up, carrying her inside.

“Youngjae?” You called out as you set Coco down, letting her run throughout the house. You heard no response as you made your way upstairs. He laid in bed with his hair tussled and eyes closed.

A small smile grew on your lips as you inched closer and climbed in bed behind him. His body tensed as he felt you against him, but he stayed with back facing you.

You thought he was sleeping until he let out a deep sigh and turned your way. His cheeks were red and he looked like he was trying not to cry. “Youngjae”, you said as a whisper before he pulled you into his chest.

“This lifestyle I have” He mumbles into you neck before taking a deep breath. “Its so hard sometimes…I’m glad I have you to support me”.


You laughed into the phone as your boyfriends sister Baby told you a funny story about him. You and Baby were quite close and you could even call her one of your bestfriends.

“That’s the thing about Bambam though, he never shows the weaker sides to him, sometimes not even to our mom” She explained, making you slightly worried about him.

You didn’t want to sound rude but you thought that your relationship with Bambam was different. You thought that if he needed to talk to you he would, or at least you hope he would.

You were so absorbed into the phone call that you didn’t hear the front door close or Bambam coming up the stairs. You locked eyes with him and smiled, it quickly disappearing when you noticed how upset he seemed.

“Baby, Bambam just got home. Can I call you back later?” You asked as she agreed and you said your goodbyes.

You set your phone on the nightstand as Bambam climbed into bed and laid his head in your lap. “Was that my sister?” He asked monotone as you smiled, rubbing the hair from his face.

“Yea, we were talking about you”, he nodded but had no response. He kept his eyes on anything but yours. “Bammie? What’s wrong? You can talk to me, you know that right?” You asked as he sighed, looking into your eyes.

“Its hard seeing everyone with their family everyday and knowing that mine is in Thailand doing things and making memories without me” He croaked, eyes slowly filling with tears.

You’ve never seen this side of Bambam in your two years of dating. He never cried in front of you unless it was because he was laughing too hard. He took your silence as an opportunity to continue.

“Sometimes I feel so alone, even with my got7 and igot7 family…” He trailed and then sat up, inching closer to you. “You…You make me feel like I’m back with my family… y/n, you gave me a home to come back to” He whispered as you snuggled into his arms.


Yugeyom was always very upfront to you about his feelings, even if he felt weak. You were someone who he could confide in and it made you feel special. So when Yugyeom walked in sad and you asked what was wrong, he immediately answered.

“There are so many people watching me… So many people I have to please… I feel like if I make one wrong move that they will all be disappointed in me” He confided in you as he laid his head against your chest.

“None of us could ever be disappointed in you Gyomie” You reassured him as he placed his legs over yours, snuggling closer. “Not even igot7′s?” He asked, looking up at you.

“Especially not igot7′s”.


a/n: I am sorry some are longer than others, it was easier for me to write for certain members lol. My got7 merch came in yesterday and it all fits so good I’m so happy :) I hope you guys enjoy this!

Dating Taehyung would be like..
  • taehyung our sweet child
  • tae baby
  • he’d be the literal cutest ok you get me
  • youd bond over cute animals
  • even if you hate animals, you’re gonna love them when you meet him
  • and plus you cant hate animals bc tae is a puppy 
  • he’d be the sweetest with you ?? like i feel like he’d be the cutest romantic 
  • he’d go out of his way to set up a nice fancy candlelit dinner with rose petals in the living room that probably has like chip bags everywhere lmao
  • jin would probably have a hand in helping cook the dinner tho because he wants everything to be p e r f e c t
  • he would totally be all over you in front of the boys
  • in more public places hes still all over you but in a slightly more appropriate way
  • i feel like hes a cheek and nose kisser? hes so cute omg im melting
  • but when he isnt smothering you in cute lil pecks on the cheek, hes probably cuddling you or rambling about something while you try to cook or smth
  • tae wouldnt be too experienced in kissing? like with the cheek kisses yea hes down for that
  • but the first times you guys make out or whatever he’d be really shy and probably giggle alot 
  • at first you thought it was your skill but then he was like !!! no bby i just have no idea what im doing !!!
  • which ofc you found really fracking cute and wanted to squish his cheeks 
  • you werent that experienced either but you two molded together perfectly anyways so it was fixed in no time
  • he is a squish but he is also a sin bc his kisses make you feel like youre floating on cloud nine 
  • sometimes itd be cute and youd start to cry bc of your love for him or sometimes it’d get a lil frisky
  • or not this bby wouldnt pressure you into anything hes too sweet
  • moving on from kissing (sorry spent w a y too much time on people sharing saliva)
  • (im sorry if i grossed you out im just trying to be funny ignore me)
  • he’d probably sign yall up for some couples yoga class or some crazy shiz like that
  • ‘ i read online its good for the b o n d i n g of the couple! ‘ 
  • ‘tae, no’
  • but youd end up going anyways and youd have a blast 
  • rinse and repeat
  • he would be one to waltz into the kitchen before dinner and take over from your cooking 
  • ‘ah~ jagiya let me try that!’ and with that your kitchen is transferred into the hands of one overgrown 5 year old
  • hes learned alot of stuff from you tho so now you take turns :’)
  • he would spoil you too
  • like he would go to another part of korea and see this cute lil plushie and buy it even if it was $50 
  • for a freaking plushie
  • hes a suga daddy
  • lmao get it bc suga and yoongi yea ok i need to stop putting my lame jokes into these
  • but yes during every single tour he gets you at least one things from each of the places he visits
  • there would be equal amounts of cheek squishing in this relationship
  • theres no way youd have insecurities while dating him literally no way
  • he will find a way to rid you of all sad thoughts and replace them with happy ones
  • also
  • couple everything
  • you will literally have matching hair colors or something 
  • if you need to go somewhere fancy nancy he’ll go out and buy a damn gucci suit and buy a matching dress 
  • there goes the bank acc oops
  • if you tell him he looks good in something hes gonna be such a smiley baby ok
  • he wouldnt stop for the next week
  • also this boi play too much
  • he probably takes one of your old dresses and wears it around the house just for kicks
  • he would also wear his fancy gucci stuff around the house 
  • just out of the blue wearing a $5000 jacket and be like ‘hey babe whats for dinner’ (also someone pls tell me your opinion on gucci stuff bc i dont see the hype but i also have no fashion taste at all so)
  • he steals your phone alot too?
  • 60% of the apps are his and alot of your messages are him sending pictures he took on your phone to his
  • in restaurants, libraries, the studio, wherever you choose to go that night, chances are youll annoy everyone to death bc you two are so loud
  • but also look at that young couple theyll get married one day
  • so yea youd be the cutest couple to exist 
  • sorry if this isnt the best im exhausted oops 
  • hope i didnt leave anything out
We May Have Scars, but We Are Not Broken

Anon requested: Idk if requests are still open but if they are can you please do an imagine where percy and annabeth are living together and one night percy has nightmares of tartarus when he was like dark!percy and when he wakes up screaming he accidentally hurts annabeth but annabeth comforts him and says its okay (plus point if it makes me cry) 

It starts off like all the others. He’s back in that place, feeling as helpless as can be.
“Percy!”He hears Annabeth’s voice echoing. He’s back on that cliff again and he’s slowly trying to kill Akhlys, not wanting to stop. “Some things aren’t meant to be controlled!” He hears her yell. Percy blinks, confused for a moment before he resumes controlling the liquid. “Stop!” Annabeth shouts, and before, where Akhlys stood, is his girlfriend.
The son of Poseidon tries to stop, but finds that for some reason he can’t. “Percy, please!” The blondes voice breaks at the end, begging for him to stop. Just as he’s finally able to get in control of his body once more, he finds himself too late. Annabeth’s form turns to dead looking one that the Death Mist once transformed her into. Before he can react, his sees his girlfriend’s form stumbling off the cliff. “Percy! Why did you leave me?” are her last words as she falls out of sight. He runs towards the edge, yelling and punching at the sky, seeing nothing but darkness below.

“Percy. Percy! PERCY” A voice shouts. The boy awakens, shooting up. After getting a bearing of his surroundings he realizes that he is in his cabin at camp, and Annabeth is there with him. 

“It was that bad, huh?” The blonde whispers.

“Yeah, it was terrible, I was back-” He pauses when he notices a bruise forming on his girlfriend’s check. “I-did I do this?” The boy asks, motioning towards the mark.

 “It’s nothing.” Annabeth answered quickly.

“It’s not nothing, Annabeth, I hurt you!” Percy snaps.
 “Perc, I’m fine, really. It’s okay, you didn’t mean it, besides it’s my fault, I should have known better than to try to touch you while you were so deep into your nightmare.” The daughter of Athen says.

 “It’s not okay! It’s never okay, Annabeth!” The boy yells, but the anger is not directed to his girlfriend, but instead at himself. “Hurting someone, someone you are suppose to love…it’s never okay.” He says quietly to himself, voice breaking at the end.

The blonde moves closer to him, putting a hand on his back, trying to soothe Percy, but he moves away from her touch. “Don’t-don’t touch me, I might hurt you.”

 “Percy, I know you, you would never, ever, hurt me.”

“What if I turn out like Gabe?” The son of Poseidon blurts out his worry. 
 “You are nothing, like that monster. You hear me Percy, nothing like him.” Annabeth says firmly.

 “That might be true now, but I worry, I-“Percy sighs, “some days I’m filled with rage that is just so intense, that I scare myself, and then I think about that moment in Tartarus…where I was trying to kill Akhlys. You were yelling at me stop, but Annabeth-” The boy’s looks into the blonde’s grey eyes as his own tear up. “I didn’t want to stop, I wanted to see how much pain I could inflict on that goddess, and gods, if you weren’t there…I don’t know what would have happened.” He pauses for a few minutes, trying to calm himself. “It scares me so, so, much, what I’m capable of, because if I have that ability within myself to be that cruel, then I’m already a little like Gabe, and I pro-promised myself every time that he beat me or my mom, that I would never, in a thousand years, allow myself to be like him, that I would never hurt someone that I’m suppose to love or protect.” 

 “Listen Perc, we all have a dark side and are capable of unspeakable things. Just because you have a dark side does not make you like that asshole, and you want to know why? Because while you may be capable of being a bad person, you choose not to be. You choose to put all your energy into helping others and saving the world. You choose to do good, even after society has continually told you that you can’t, that you have to settle for less, you rise above, and that’s why I love you.”

 “How can you love me? I’m so broken, and you-you deserve so much better.” Percy’s voice breaks.

 “You are not broken, Percy. You might have a few scars, but above all else you are a survivor. Don’t you dare think for a minute, that I don’t deserve you, because you are the most loyal, loving, person I have ever met. Besides-” Annabeth smiles, “whose to say I don’t have a few scars myself?”

 “Gods, I love you.” The son of Poseidon responds.

“I know and I love you too, now go try to get more sleep, I can tell you’re tired. We can talk more in the morning. The blonde urges.

"Yeah, I suppose you’re right, as always. Goodnight.” Percy says as he kisses her and lies down. Annabeth follows and slides into the other side of the bed, and soon after the boy starts falling asleep in the best way: feeling loved.

A Rough Day

Summary: The reader has had the worst week, and it’s only Wednesday. She calls Sebastian over and talks to him. 

Pairings: Sebastian Stan x Reader 

Warnings: Reader has a shitty boss and a shitty co-worker 

Word Count: 1000ish

A/N: This was requested by @firstgal34, 18 and 21 with Sebastian Stan. I hope you like this, sweetheart 💕​ 

Originally posted by mylastlove-mylastsong

It has been the worst day of your entire life, it felt like someone had put a curse on you. First of all, the elevator in your building was out of order, making you take off your heels to save time and run down the flight of stairs. Second of all, your boss is truly the devil. He asked for a report and you stayed up late the night before to finish and when you went to hand it in, he simply said that you were too late and handed shoved the report back at you. You just stood there in shock, how early did he want it? The office opened thirty minutes ago, at this point you were twitching, you felt as if was coming steam out of your ears. It felt as at any moment you were gonna start ripping your report in front of his stupid, smug face. Instead, you quietly left his office, holding back the tears that were threatening to come out. While walking through the office, one of your stupid co-workers spilled coffee all over you, not even bothering to apologize. Finally, the time came for you to go home, and maybe that was the only good thing that happened today.

Arriving at your apartment, you threw your heels by the door and dragged yourself to the kitchen, looking for something to suffice your headache. You knew you had to change but you were too worn out to do so. As you were rummaging through your cabinets, you found some cookies that Sebastian had brought last time, mentioning that you never have the good kind. Smiling at the memory; you knew what, who could make you feel better. You reached for your phone and dialled Seb’s phone number, waiting impatiently while picking at the cookies.

“Hello Y/N” Sebastian’s sweet voice instantly making you feel better.

“Hey,” your voice coming out chalky, clearing your voice you continued, “Are you busy?”

“No, not all. I was just looking over some scripts, the usual. What’s up?”

“Guess what I found?”

“Mmmm, my cookies!” He answered excitedly and correctly, “You better not eat them.”

“I won’t, don’t worry.” You responded with a chuckle while shaking your head.

“What’s wrong? Don’t say nothing because I know you and I know that you would say something sassy just to be funny, so what’s wrong.” Sebastian confronted, knowing that something is truly hurting you.

“I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with..” You said with a sigh hoping he would be able to come. It made you sound selfish, needy but you didn’t care, not now.  

“I’m on my way sweetheart, just stay there. And don’t worry I’ll get the drink and more of my yummy cookies,” Sebastian said without any hesitation, grabbing his coat and car keys. You both said your goodbyes and you told him to prepare himself to use the stairs. You headed into your room to change out of your work clothes and into a pair of sweats and a over sized sweater that belonged to Seb. 

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Auld Lang Syne


One night of uninterrupted slumber had somehow managed to cleanse my mind of the horror that greeted both of us when Harry’s dreams took control.
The night we’d been drinking, of course our sleep had been peaceful, and lovely, but one more day had passed, a day without even a drop of alcohol passing his lips, and his nightmare had returned with vengeance.

“YOU WAKE THE FUCK UP!” I screamed, tears streaming down my face as pounded my weak fist against his chest, straddling his hips. “HARRY PLEASE WAKE UP! PLEASE!”

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