it's like he's questioning his whole existence

Being around kids is sadly validating that heteronormativity is so hurtful to lgbt+ kids or all kids for that matter

A 4 year old girl I babysat told me about an adorable girl in her gymnastics class that she likes. She literally asked me “are girls allowed to marry other girls because I wanna marry Abby?”

-I couldn’t say anything bc I met her parents through church and I’d probably lose my babysitting job

Same girl told me she wished she was a boy so she could marry a girl. Like the poor little girl isn’t allowed to know she can marry a girl she likes bc why?

I remember when my cousin was younger we had a “girl” elf on the shelf and our elf one night showed up in a little christmas tree with an elsa barbie and my cousin was convinced that our elf and elsa were married. Like it was the cutest thing ever but our uncle literally told her they cant get married because thats illegal. She freaking comes back with “ They got married in the north pole so it’s not illegal.” like kids can make shit up just like adults can. He just kept arguing with her. A grown man fighting with a 7 year old because she has a healthy imagination? ok.

My cousin who’s 6 has been begging me since he could talk to paint his nails and do his makeup. He has adhd and is literally the most energetic child, will not sit through a movie but will watch me do my makeup for an hour, mesmerized.

I played pretend salon with him the other day and he was so happy but the actual saddest thing when he heard my door open he jumped scared that someone would come yell at him for being happy and doing something he likes. HOW FUCKED UP IS THAT?

-I can’t let him actually paint his nails or put on makeup because when I do I get in trouble and so will he

Same little boy told me the other day he wishes he was a girl. He asked me if I ever wanted to be a boy. I answered honestly and told him yes.

-I tried not to elaborate much so he wouldn’t get in trouble for repeating it. Do you know how much I wanted to tell this child that he’s feeling such a common thing though? or that he doesnt even have to be a girl to wear makeup or paint his nails? or if he does want to be a girl then thats OK??

THE MOST FUCKED PART IS ITS ALL MADE UP. Gender roles/stereotypes are made up and they are hurting our children.

Like come on people! These kids have had only heterosexual media shoved down their throats their whole existence, yet they still have these questions and feelings!!! and I’m telling you the children i’m talking about are sheltered catholic kids who have no exposure to anything promoting positivity towards lgbt+ people. How are these feelings so unnatural if children who know NOTHING about gay people/culture have these questions.

Maybe parents don’t see this because they are so heavily clouded by their upbringings. or these kids trust me because i’m their babysitter/cousin and they know I won’t yell at them for asking valid fucking questions. Idk how parents are so blind that they can’t see they’re hurting their own children.

How does my mom still refer to my potential future life partner as he him your future husband man when I don’t even fucking know. Why can’t we let our kids discover these things themselves????

ps. I know gender identity is not the same as sexuality I’m not sure if I miss worded anything, if so I’ll change it.

RWBY Theory: Is There Psychological Torture at Work (aka Tyrian’s past)?

Okay.  We all knew from the start that Tyrian was a little messed up in the head.  Anyone with a laugh that psychotic is bound to be crazy. But from what we saw in Taking Control, I have reason to believe that he wasn’t always like that.  I’m sure that the showman/thespian part of his personality existed before he joined Salem’s band of misfits; as he continuously shows off in front of RNJR and Qrow.  

But the whole “she’ll forgive you” bit?  The whole worshiping Salem on his hands and knees?  And most importantly, his reaction to Salem’s disappointment?

That didn’t come on its own.  Salem planted that there.  She saw him, saw potential, and made him worship her, to the point that he would break down in the scariest way possible at the slightest hint of disapproval from her.  

The question is, how?

My guess is that Salem helped him when no one else would, and that was how it started.  To call back another one of my theories, I think Salem might have been the one to teach Tyrian how to “see” with metal sounds and vibrations in the earth, therefore being the person that taught him how to fight.  And if that isn’t enough, there are several things that pointed to him being in a circus/performance type thing before this (perhaps since he was a kid), and how Salem managed to get him out.

  1. He’s a scorpion faunus.  And from what we’ve seen, arachnid fauna are really rare.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some shady racist circus troupe took him in because he was a rare breed of faunus.  This was probably where he learned to fly around like a little acrobat.  If Salem didn’t teach him how to navigate a battlefield, this is where he learned it.
  2. I’m pretty sure this circus troupe took advantage of Tyrian’s poor eyesight on more than one occasion, making it so he couldn’t escape.
  3. Also, the higher-ups gave Tyrian some kind of reward if he did well and a punishment if he did badly.  Salem would take advantage of this later.
  4. The other circus members (out of jealousy or out of spite) ridiculed him.  Of this I’m almost certain.
  5. So Salem goes to see the circus, and…well, there’s a bit of an accident, which attracts the Grimm…and conveniently, Tyrian is the only survivor.

From here, I can only assume that a new form of torture starts to take place: the psychological kind.  Salem taught Tyrian how to fight, but–and I’m not entirely sure how this kind of stuff works–she conditions him to be completely loyal to her and her alone.

In a TV show, the closest thing I’ve ever seen to something like this was the work done by this guy in Gotham…

…when he conditions Butch to be loyal to Penguin.  We didn’t get the full details of what Zsasz did exactly, and I doubt we’ll get the full details of what Salem did to Tyrian. 

But whatever she did to him, it wasn’t good.

I mean, look at him.

He staggers in, choking on his own sobs and muttering self-reassurances to himself that it looks like he doesn’t even believe, and throws himself to his hands and knees begging for retribution.

Not once does he mention that his tail is in pieces, nor that he was injured in any way: that much is obvious and he would be calling attention to himself (and it’s clear that he thinks himself a speck of dust compared to her).

All Salem has to say is “You disappoint me.”  She doesn’t even turn around and fully look at him.

And he breaks.

I seriously remember being scared for my life.  We all knew that RWBY was going to get dark…but this dark?  I thought we’d have to wait another few seasons for something like this.

Well, anyway…hopefully we’ll see more of Tyrian’s story in Volume 5.  Josh Grelle, in the AfterBuzz interview, mentioned that he knew how Tyrian came to be a part of Salem’s group.  If he knows, then that means that we will eventually know as well.

…I really hope we find out soon.

“Let’s make it official”. He smirked.

“uhmm… uh Sasuke-kun? But how and when? I-it’s embarrassing.“ she said red faced, feeling her cheeks with her hands. She swayed back and forth animatedly.  they were in the protecting shades of the trees where not much people were around.

“Follow me.“ 

He drags her hand across the fields of grass where almost all of rookie nine resided. She almost stumbled to keep up with him. Curious glances were given their way looking at their intertwined hands. Their eyes never leaving the couple, It was an intense moment for them. If it’s Sasuke and Sakura then surely something grave and serious might be happening. Those two do share a weird but deep connection.

Sasuke was acting all abrupt and too forward. He was usually a quiet person and never expressed emotions openly. He was a mysterious man after all. 

But why would he suddenly do this? He always hated days like these. Adding to the fact that he hated cameras and loads of people that asked very pressing matters. It annoys him to hell!

 What a normal thing he would do is to sit from the shades of a tree and probably avoid all of those annoying reporters. 

But now his actions somehow creates a scene something that people couldn’t even believe they were seeing. 

And Sasuke was fucking aware of it. He knew it and he still did it anyway.

 At this rate Sakura was already sweating.

 ‘What is he planning?’

“Sasuke-kun please stop. I don’t really feel good about this.“ She whispered as she met curious glances on their way. They were in sensitive grounds for fuck’s sake. There were fucking reporters and Annoying paparazzi’s. Every move and action you make  creates a diversion for them to make gossips, news,stories and other rumors that people could indulge themselves into. Although they were ninjas they were treated like celebrities to every nations. They were Heroes after all.

 Finally they stopped at a low stage like rock and he met all of their gazes. he stopped for a moment and finally he met her eyes and smirked.

Sakura was getting anxious. She didn’t know what was happening until she felt him grab her waist, pulled the back of her head and kissed her deeply in front of everyone. 

She was shocked at the sudden display and tried to push him away but his grip was strong. Sakura couldn’t believe in her entire life that this was happening ‘Sasuke-kun’s kissing me!!!’ and it sank in again ‘In front of everyone..!!’ she fought back again but he only dived in further and this caused to her gasp, he slipped his tongue…! ‘Kami…!! Sasuke-kun!!” her eyes widened.

’ Until soon she gave in and replied back shyly with almost as much force as he did. Then she thought ‘well it’s already happening.’ she smiled at the kiss She had to go along now would she? After all she did enjoy every intimate moment they had.

She never thought he could be this bold tho.

before Sasuke and Sakura even knew it. Ino was already taking pictures and people shuffled to take pictures and reports including journalists and official reporters from other villages. The hiding paparazzi’s without badges for ID’s however got out of their hiding spots to experience the scene themselves.

and all of rookie nine could do was stare in awe and shock. Hebi was there through coincidence since the village called them in from another phase of questioning. 

Lee was exceptionally disappointed and spilt manly tears as he had called it.

“My spring has left me with the thunderous storm like a passing breeze! And because I didn’t fight for my undying love for her I shall do 200 laps on the whole village, lift 3000kg of barbels, and push my body to its limits!! “ He shouted passionately. 

“That is how a real man should be! He suffers gradually with grace like you Lee! the will of fire never ceases to exist from you!” His Limped for a sensei urged in, as they share another one of those disgusting dramatic hugs with animated tears.

Sasuke smirked in the kiss as he felt shocked expressions from the people staring at them, plus the fact that Sakura was already enjoying it to the fullest just as much as him. He didn’t know why, but whenever he was near her he was always comfortable. He had always felt at home when he was with her. 

He would let his guard down just for her. And he thought that’s how this kiss turned out to be amazing. It just felt perfect. And he didn’t give a damn about the people watching them.

Others still glanced to drop their jaws at the scene. 

Karin could only flinch and point a cringing finger in front of them.

“W-w-what is HAPPENING!?“ She said in horror. As the kissing couple were continiously catcalled. 

“Yeah!!“ “That’s what I call a kiss!“ there seems to be whistles of support in the background as well.

“Welp I’ll tell you this…” Suigetsu began. “ I never really thought he had it in him”. Suigetsu he snagged an arm around the shocked rosette beside him. And surprisingly she didn’t hit him since she was too distracted from the open display the couple is making.

Jugo could only chuckle at the comment. “Ahh finally Sasuke finally opens himself to love.” He said smiling. “I’ve never seen him this peaceful and happy before. Even the birds noticed”

They could be put in the latest articles and magazines for Kami’s sake, and worst maybe even the news.

and all Shikamaru can say is “What a drag.” as he dragged a musing Temari out of the scene.

Only now did she realize that they really were official. The kind of official that even the whole world knew. And even though it may put her life to risk. He trusted her because she was strong enough to defeat all of the evil surrounding her. And if she couldn’t he already knew how to protect her.

yes there are already paparazzi’s that time. The setting is set during a rookie nine gathering including exclusive interviewers asking a few questions about their skills and their experiences during the war. And rookie 9 was a famous group among them. so here’s how it goes. In this time Naruto and Hinata have already wedded.

The heartbroken Fuckmonster - Cassidy (Preacher) + Reader Insert

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ok ok ok this is not Gotham BUT I do know many of you, who could/would/should enjoy some Cassidy smut anyhow !

After a long abstinence from SMUT (yeah you heard me right) I wrote this for @amandajuly81 and @muchsolo

I integrated some lyrics from “Flesh - Simon Curtis” - I simply had to !!!

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Warnings/TWs.: smutty mature content, rough sex, biting, blood

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Destihellers are the most embarrassing part of the SPN fandom. And the people who have tons of shit to say about everyone else but go mute when shit like this happens are just as embarrassing.

Seriously, what made you so self entitled? Writing and reading too much fanfiction makes you think that you have some authority over a TV show and its canon? Or that actors are supposed to be your puppets who say yes and no according to your wishes?

Why the fuck would you even go to conventions and ask questions (the kind that you have been politely told to not ask) and then throw a tantrum when you get an honest answer instead of more pandering?

If you already have your answers, don’t pester Jensen with your questions. Stay on twitter and tumblr and keep writing your metas.

Don’t dare to say Jensen’s opinions don’t matter when you have pestered him for years and keep trying to ask him the same question and now that you got the answer which was never going to be what you wanted- ‘oh Jensen is a white rich homophobe’, ’ he hurt our feelings and made us uncomfortable’.

Like shut the fuck up already. Jensen’s opinion matters more in the canon of the show than the whole destiel shipping part of the fandom combined. He can change canon and manipulate it because it is his show,you like it or not.

And even without him, a fact is a fact. Saying that his 'opinion is invalid’ won’t change how what he said was a fact.

AND the question was asked to him about CANON. Him saying Destiel doesn’t exist is the 100% truth. Its not rude, its not disrespectful, its not homophobic. Its a simple fact. Destiel doesn’t exist. And will never exist in canon.

Jensen is extremely respectful that he hasn’t told you all to fuck off. He doesn’t involve himself in fandom shit. He didn’t tell you to stop shipping or stop seeing things the way you want.

A question was asked, a patronizing and stupid question and Jensen answered it without any jokes and pandering that you all have fed yourself on.

And for fucks sake, stop being overdramatic tragedy queens acting like Jensen, a 'white rich male’ invalidated your sexuality or something because he stated a fact about his show.

Did he tell you that being lgbtq is wrong? How is him saying that fanon ship doesn’t exist in canon of a fictional show invalidating your sexuality?

Maybe stop worrying about Jensen’s apparently 'fragile masculinity’ and stop worrying about your own sexuality and identity if an actor talking about his show and non-existence of a fanon ship in canon has you so shook that you feel your orientation is being attacked.

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Wincest? How about wincest in the south? Where its too hot and sticky and dangerous to stand and exist that close together but they do anyway? How, Dean especially, gets a thrum through his whole body when some redneck decides to question their closeness? And how Sam acts like he hates it but, oh god, he gets so hard watching Dean defend him, defend them? Did you mean that kind of wincest?

Dean’s thumb tucked into the back of Sam’s denim cutoffs, the five pale inches above Sam’s knee that infrequently sees daylight turning tan under the rays of the summer sun as they wander down the side of the highway from the one street town (no stoplight necessary) they’re squatting near. Until the sheriff pulls up on the road in front of them, climbs out of his patrol car in his tan shirtsleeves and aviators, all movie stereotype “What do you think you boys are doin’?” And Sam is still a little shy, you know, still just that little bit of sweetness left at the edges so he draws away, pulls back into himself and Dean can’t have that, can’t have his sweet Sammy feeling ashamed. If there’s anything Dean’s good at, it’s backtalk, but Sunglasses thinks he’s seen it all. And maybe he has, in this tiny town, this parched square of grass that disappears into the map, but he’s sure as hell surprised when Dean decks him, lays him out flat on the melting asphalt, and the two boys run until they disappear, laughing and whooping, as the road curves away.

Back in the abandoned barn where they’re sleeping, Sam kisses the bruises on Dean’s knuckles, and Dean licks the sweat off of Sam’s neck, uses his hands and his eyes and his mouth to say all the things to Sam he’s too terrified will stick if he breathes them into the humid air.

im bawling cause the first conversation ive had with my brother off his mission, he was basically like all your suffering is your own fault cause you cant be obedient

like i havent been to church in idk two or three years cause i got sick of having my faith questioned and treated like a pariah by the people who were supposed to be my support system. im sick of being made to feel like im broken and wrong just because i have a lot of love to give and it doesnt happen to be in the “right” way

cis/het/monogamous members dont have to choose between a lonely eternity of being single because they dont love right or a family. no, theyre encouraged to have lovely families unless, god forbid, you cant have children. then youre pitied at best (ive seen this first hand with my aunt and uncle)

all i want in life is to go back to church and feel like i belong. i miss the temple. its a huge source of grief for me that im not temple sealed and might not ever be at least in this life. ive prayed and prayed and prayed and i keep getting the same answer no matter how i ask. that answer is that i need to keep doing what im doing the best i can, to maybe even find a way to combine being active in church and being poly

like that’s it! that’s the whole answer basically! that i need to be with both of them for right now and even my boyfriend too if he consents. i keep getting told that this is what is supposed to happen

and it’s scary and confusing but it says in my patriarchal blessing too. it mentions very specifically a family due to dating in college and it’s very specific about it. it uses a lot of plural language. even when it mentions afterwards, it uses plural language. it talks about a huge family and even the one time there’s not plural wording it says “spouse”

like idk what to tell you!! i know what Official Doctrine™ says. i also know what ive been personally told through prayer and my blessing. and i keep getting told to follow my blessing even if its not an easy path

and like idk more than that, i really dont. all i know is that this is really hard and painful and lonely


and how the FUC K does Ginkotsu even exist like they live in a world befor any form of machinery and they literally have a fucking TANK MAN WHO IS SUPPOSEDLY ALSO 100% HUMAN and nobody questions IT???

And Suikotsu’s whole FACIAL STRUCTURE changed when he goes from little doctor MAN TO BIG BAD DADDY for N O reason

The Band of Seven Arc is so upsetting like please

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fuck you, there is no god, if there was why does he let bad shit happen? the whole world is a fucking pile of shit.

Hi friend,

Reread what you wrote and ask yourself if it’s the voice of someone that really believes it to be true.

To me it sounds like you’re very aware of a common good that is violated by humanity falling short of its intended purpose. You wouldn’t have that conviction without an awareness of God. You can’t be angry at someone you don’t believe exists.

Now at least a thousand times a day someone tries to answer questions about why God allows what he allows and none of us are God so our answers are incomplete but since you’re interested I’ll add some ideas to the discussion.

God is fully just. One day he will judge evil once and forever more. The reason he has yet to do so is because if he were to destroy evil He’d be legally required to destroy it all. Not just the evil we think deserves being destroyed. He’d destroy the liar with the murderer, the adulterer with the genocide offender, the complainer with the pedophile.

God has chosen to withhold his wrath, not as an affirmation of evil but as an expression of his patience with you. He endures evil to give every single one of his beloved ones every possible opportunity to turn to him and repent.

I wouldn’t expect anyone to be fully satisfied with that answer but here is more of what I know to be true.

While God may appear to be overly tolerant of evil, he has still chosen not to isolate himself from it, when he very well could have. He chose to become like us and experience torture beyond our ability to comprehend. He doesn’t just say the world is a jacked up place so deal with it. His death on the cross not only saves us from sin but shows us that he won’t let you hurt alone.

He’s with you beloved. In everything. Whether you acknowledge him or not, he feels the pain you feel, cries the tears you cry for he cares for you. He cares for us all. Maybe he hasn’t destroyed the things that hurt you but he won’t let you hurt alone.

Come to him today.

Be blessed

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Also, how do you (try to) make sense of God? I've grown up in the church my whole life, but there seems like such a lack of intellectual thought in Christianity, and I don't know how to (or want to) believe something based on a feeling or instinct alone. I don't really doubt God exists, but I'm questioning what God means and what that looks like in my life. I just feel stuck - not Christian enough, too Christian, etc. Advice? (And I'm also from Minneapolis. It's the best. Mosquitoes and all. :D)

[ part two of two ]

{ Hi, darlin’. I’ve asked a friend of mine ( to respond to your message simply because I believe he can put it better than I can (I tend to ramble, which is something I’m working on, ha), and I want to make sure that your questions are being answered. }

I understand where you are coming from. In my first few years of college, I also began to question the faith in different ways. I was surrounded by people who told me that my faith in God was just based on an emotional experience; that it didn’t really make sense rationally. I knew I believed in God, but He began to play less and less of a role in my life. I knew that if I was going to remain Christian, I would have to make a decision. If God is real, then I have to give my whole life to Him; if He is not, I need to find the truth and leave the “God delusion” behind. Jesus says in Matthew 7:7, “Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” Seek Him with an open heart and you will find Him. That is Christ’s promise to you, and if He truly is God, then His promises are true.

As far as resourses you can use to learn more about the intellectual side of the faith, know that the Church has some of the most intellectual men and woman of the last 2000 years; Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Teresa of Avila, Therese of Lisieux, and C.S. Lewis (check out his book ‘Mere Christianity’) to name a few. Jesus Christ is a man of common sense. His teachings hold deep wisdom and truth, but are also very simple and understandable. Christianity is not meant to be based on instinct or emotion, but so often in out culture we put emotions or feelings in place of thought and intellect. There is a balance of both in the teachings of Christ. My prayers are truly with you. I hope this response has helped you as you have hoped. God be with you!