it's like he's missed those days with her

Makeup Marichat May, Day 11. Age-up Marinette!

Title: Change
Word Count: 1,934

It’d been a while since he really saw her last. After they’d gone off to university, he’d had a hectic schedule that didn’t allow him much time to socialize with his friends from middle school or high school. Plus, with Nino away in Spain, and Alya’s web journalism internship they hardly had a chance to all get together.

Seeing her now, sitting on her balcony quietly consumed in sketching, Chat Noir was hit with an overwhelming wave of nostalgia.

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Requested: My aunt passed away three years ago and she was my best friend in the whole world. Whenever I have bad days, I throw one of her old sweatshirts on and curl up in it because it’s giant on me. Could you maybe do an imagine where Shawn notices his gf is curled up in a sweatshirt that has the same meaning as mine, so he snuggles with her and makes her day better???


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Its one of those days, those days where you miss your aunt so much that you feel like the hole in your heart from missing her is going to destroy you. One of those days where you want to collapse into yourself because you miss her so much and you don’t want to have to exist without her. One of those days where you want more than anything for her to just be here with you. 

They say it is supposed to get better with time, but as time passes all you can think about is how she’s not here to see everything thats happening in your life. She would have liked Shawn, you’re sure of it. But that makes you even more sad because she passed away before you met Shawn, so she never got to meet him. She never got to tell you that you did good. Or tell Shawn that if he broke your heart that he’d have to answer to her. But you know she would have said both those things had she been around to say it.  

You’re curled up on the couch, wearing your aunts sweatshirt. Its big on you, and you wear it whenever you miss her. It makes you feel closer to her. The front door slams, signaling that Shawn just arrived home. You wipe a few stray tears from your eyes, not wanting him to know you’ve been crying. “Y/n, are you home?” You hear Shawn’s voice float from the entryway, although you can’t see him yet. You don’t answer right away. You just want to sleep, and you don’t want Shawn to worry about you if he finds out you’re sad. So you close your eyes, and pretend to be asleep as you hear Shawn’s footsteps approaching. 

You assume that Shawn will notice you’re asleep and probably go off to the kitchen to find himself food or something, but you’re startled when you feel his fingers gently thread through your hair. When his lips come into contact with your forehead, your eyes flutter open. “Hi baby,” He whispers, gazing down at you. 

“How did you know I wasn’t sleeping?” You question, knowing Shawn would not have reacted that way had he believed you were actually sleeping. 

“You’re wearing her sweatshirt, and theres still tear stains on your cheeks.” He explains solemnly before moving you slightly so he can sit down on the couch and pull you into his arms. He kisses you before puling you even closer, letting the comfort of his arms engulf you. You don’t respond, instead, you simply bury your face in his t-shirt, wiping the remaining tears from your eyes. After a few minutes of your sniffling being the only sounds between to you, Shawn finally speaks, “Its okay to be sad, you know.” You just press yourself closer to him, and he responds by holding your tighter. 

Sometimes there are no words that will make anything better. Sometimes its just having someone there with you that makes things better. And you still miss your aunt so much, but at least Shawn is here with you. It doesn’t make everything better, but it does make that hole you feel from missing her feel a little less like it’s about to break you in two and leave you crying on the ground. 

After a few more moments of silence, Shawn suggests, “How about we have pizza and watch a movie?” 

“I thought you were going out with Brian and Matt tonight, its boys night.” You respond, knowing that was what Shawn had planned for the night.

“My girl comes first. So pepperoni?” He questions, pulling out his phone and going through his contacts for your favorite pizza place nearby.

“Shawn, it’s fine. Just go, I promise I’ll be fine.”  

“I’m not leaving. Stop trying to get rid of me babe. So pepperoni?”

“I’m not trying to get rid of you, I just don’t want you to cancel on Brian and Matt on such short notice.”

“They’ll live.” He responds. “I’m going to get pepperoni pizza.” He calls the pizza place before you can reply. He made a decision because you wouldn’t answer. He knows you love pepperoni pizza. “And those bread things you like, what are they called? Cheese br– Hi, can I place an order for delivery?” Shawn orders the pizza, and your favorite cheesy garlic bread bites. 

When he finally hangs up the phone after placing the order and giving them the address, you lean up to kiss him, which he happily returns. “Thank you Shawn,” You’re so grateful for him and the way that he cares so much and knows just how to make your bad days better. 

A Lacklustre Day

Request: “Can I request Percival Graves x reader, where she has a terrible, stressful day at work and she comes home late and in a really bad mood, so Percy comforts her as much as he can and it leads to a gentle, loving smut and after that she just drifts off to sleep peacefully in his arms? I love your writing so much, you are EXCEPTIONALLY amazing”

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader

Word Count: 1842

Warnings: smut

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Have you ever had one of those days where you felt like the world was targeting all its anger on you? That some higher power was accumulating every negative experience and throwing it directly your way? Well, today was one of those days.

Firstly, you had woken up late and missed the bus to work. Next, because you were late to work by a mere 5 minutes, your boss had wasted 10 more minutes yelling at you for your incompetence, although you had never been late before. Just about every customer seemed to have taken out all their frustration on you, as well as your lazy co-workers. You had to stay back an extra hour, finishing up work that others had been charged with overseeing. The cherry on top was that, when you had gone to get a quick dinner before heading home, you had found that your favourite little café was shutting down. It took all your strength to stay strong as you walked home, not having the energy to even get frustrated with a group of men catcalled you as you walked round the last corner to your apartment. Your feet were heavy as you pulled your empty shell of a body up the endless flight of stairs. The elevator chose the worst day to break.

As you shut the door behind you, you spotted Percival sitting at the dinner table, waiting for you. He stood up, coming over to you with a concerned frown as he watched the blank expression on your face.

“(Y/n), what’s wrong?”

As his words came out so did your tears. You crashed finally, not pushed over the edge by another annoyance, but rather pulled into reality at the first act of kindness you had experienced all day. Percy brought you to his chest, coaxing you into a calm state with a steady, gentle hand rubbing your back as he shushed you quietly.

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Heyo! I know I’ve been kinda absent but I made sure to try and prepare something to thank all of you ♡ so, thanks guys


‘Why do I feel like this is not the place?’

Not that Harry expected Ron to enjoy the idea of changing their pub night routine after Hermione’s complaints that they had been going to the same bar, had been sitting at the same table and drinking the same stuff for the past two years, but somehow he understood what his friend meant the moment they spotted the building. No, it didn’t look like the kind of place Harry would expect to find himself after a tiresome week of dull work at the Ministry. He would be lying if he said he didn’t miss the burning feeling of adventure he had experienced countless times in the past. He obviously did, it was just that… he didn’t have that drive to take risks anymore those days.

‘It's… different. Stop looking so skeptic, Ronald, I bet they serve great drinks!’

Harry had known Hermione long enough to identify anxiety in her tone immediately.

‘Hermione, the tips of my toes must be blue from the cold, and that guy over there’ Hermione followed Ron’s eyes with her on, sighing. 'It’s on his boxers!’

Harry wouldn’t call those boxers, but he decided to keep that remark to himself. After all, the high heels the guy in question was wearing were for more concerning than the black leather shorts.

Harry thought for a moment he had an idea of what they were getting into, of what that place was, and deep down he thought Hermione knew that as well. So when Harry followed her past the two security guards which sent them odd looks, he tried his best to leave his preconceptions behind him.

And that was when Harry realized he was wrong.

To say the place wasn’t what he had expected would have been an euphemism. The small building from outside, all dark stained bricks with discolored painting, covered a majestic mansion, the ceiling so unbelievably high he had trouble telling if it was even there at first.

Feathers, glitter, neon painting flashed around him, everyone at sign dressed up from head to toe with the most absurd things, dancing and chatting, unknown drinks Harry was sure were spelled being passed from hand to hand. Harry turned his head to the side, his eyes meeting Ron’s immediately and even under the poor lighting he could see his friend was paler than usual.

What seemed to be a waiter - his all black outfit distinctive amidst everyone else - appeared in front of them before any of them could speak a word, the plate he had in hands sustaining more drinks than Harry would have thought was possible.

His features were flawless, white porcelain skin, hair as dark as Harry’s but perfectly combed. The outstanding creature turned his head to the side, blue eyes meeting green ones.

For a second Harry felt like his feet had lost ground, until Hermione’s hand brought him back to where he was. Somehow, a wide glass was secured in his right hand, a green, milky liquid, moving inside on its own.

'I think we better go’ Ron’s tone caught his attention, a deep crease forming between his brows. Harry’s eyes run the place but the waiter was nowhere to be found.

'I’m almost sure that guy was a half veela’ Hermione spoke with an odd expression on her face, eyeing her own drink suspiciously. 'But that’s not a reason for us to leave! Half veelas have the right to-’

'Where did this come from?’ Harry cut, unceremoniously.

He knew where Hermione’s discourse was heading and didn’t fancy a lecture on any bloody creatures rights on modern wizard world. His attention now was focused on what he had in hands, the liquid moving inside the glass something that should have seemed disgusting but only incited Harry’s curiosity.

'He said it was courtesy of the house’ Ron spoke, holding his own like it was some kind of poison. 'Hermione, I really don’t think we should- Harry!’

It burned.
Harry’s throat burned with the bittersweet taste of the drink, warming his way down his chest until it hit the bottom of his stomach. His lips, his tongue, everything was on fire.

And maybe it had burned his eyes too, somehow. Because he couldn’t believe what was in front of him.

'Are you insane?! That thing was disgusting, why did you drink it?’

Ron was shaking him, but Harry’s eyes were transfixed.

It didn’t took him too long to understand why. The club was crowded and the lights were low but it wasn’t impossible to distinguish people’s faces. It definitely hadn’t been impossible for Harry to recognize the blond hair, the sharp shoulders, so when Ron stopped talking abruptly he knew it wouldn’t be necessary to check if his friend was okay.

What was left of Harry’s drink dripped on the front of his shirt as his hand loosened it’s grip on the glass.

Harry was sure he had died and went to hell, he just couldn’t understand why his pants felt so tight all of a sudden.

Draco Malfoy stood with a shocked expression not far from him, his naked chest heaving up and down quickly. His skin shone in the dim light, long legs barely covered with a thin layer of tights that met stripes of leather wrapped around his hips.

When Harry’s eyes found the other’s gray ones again there were no traces of fear left.

They hadn’t met in years but the fire was there again, the rage, the hate.

Everything burned and, oh, had they both missed it.

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For the breakup au prompts, would you want to write, "you’re pretending we’re still together because my relatives will disprove of the break up so you’re being all sweet it’s reminding me of why i fell in love with you in the first place" for MC and Saeran? Bring the Saeran angst! >:D

A/N: For this one, Saeyoung and MC will be featured and it’ll be a Saeran x Reader, although it’ll be from Saeran’s perspective. :) Hope you don’t mind! 

I took way too long for this aaaahh I checked the word count and it’s like ~2.5k words??? Stop me. 

“So, how many children are you planning to have?”

“Saeyoung, I will murder you in your sleep.”

The older man cracked a huge grin, not taking his brother’s threat seriously. “Oh come on Saeran, you two are already engaged. What are you being so shy for?”

Saeran groaned in response, choosing to stuff his mouth with more rice instead of giving in to his brother’s annoying provocations. He could always count on Saeyoung to embarrass him at the worst possible times.

From the corner of his eye, he spotted her trying to contain her laughter as she chewed on her food, her cheeks round and cute because she tended to put too much food in her mouth at one go. Always said it was because MC’s cooking was the best.

“We haven’t thought that far yet,” she replied simply, which seemed enough to satisfy Saeyoung’s curiosity for now. The conversation continued between them, with MC now joining in. It had been a long while since they last saw her, hence the insistence of inviting her over to dinner today so they could all do some catching up.

Saeran tuned out of the conversation though, choosing to train his attention on the food laid out in front of him. He glanced a couple times at the clock hanging on the wall, finding that time was passing all too slowly for his liking. He just wanted this to be over as soon as possible, for the sake of his sanity more than anything else.

Bitterness filled him as his eyes came to rest on the engagement ring adorning her finger, and the one that was on his. It made his heart ache again, and he tore his eyes away from it, hating that he wanted to lay his hand over hers, squeeze it and feel its warmth like he used to do.

But he couldn’t touch her now. Not anymore, now that things had already ended between them, which was something Saeyoung and MC had yet to learn of.

Which was why he felt incredibly uncomfortable sitting next to her here at the dinner table, having a meal with his family as if nothing had gone completely awry. It was hard to act like they were still in love with each other, to act as if nothing had changed. If she felt the same way however, she didn’t show it. Right from the start, from when he invited her for this dinner to picking her up from her place and then bringing her to the apartment, she never showed signs of discomfort or awkwardness. She was just… her. Simple, innocent, happy.

As if nothing had changed.

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[Hi! Thanks to the amazing @bloomsbury for the art here of Dany x Jon as Lizzie and Darcy! She inspired the hell out of me, and I’ve now gone down a rabbit hole and I cannot be helped! 

CH 1-8 are up over here on Ao3, and since I’m keen on keeping chapters pretty short expect one about every other day until I finish :) ]


“Oh, Dany, we simply cannot keep going this long without seeing eachother.” Sansa mused lightly as she hold Dany’s hands within hers, the warmth of her fingers brought surprise as she scan the bare arms before her, not a goosebump in sight.

The ball had come to its end and the crowds of lords and ladies dwindled to nothing as they disappeared into their respective carriages. Dany look to her gingerly friend with affection, doing her best to avoid the reality of her situation and their parting.

“I like it not either, sister…” Dany replied sweetly squeezing Sansa’s hands tighter within her own, a sad smile slipped her lips and washed the color from her face.“But we all do what we must.”

Daenerys composed herself once she notice Viserys approaching behind Sansa. He walk leisurely alongside Mr. Drogo sporting the widest and by far the most desperate of smiles she’d seen him wear. She watched as her brother placed a light arm on Mr. Drogo’s shoulder, as you would a long time friend. Both of their faces void of color from a long night of endless drinking and tireless dancing with cravat’s loosened modestly.

Behind her brother walked Bingley, who found Sansa’s eyes immediately; His face lighting with a boyish grin just at the sight of her. For a moment, Dany forgot of the duties and embarrassments of the evening and instead appreciated the love that blossomed before her very eyes. The smallest of smiles slipped her lips at the thought as she noticed a darkened shape steadily approaching.

It was Jon Snow… but of course it was. There was little a time he was not at Mr. Bingley’s side. Despite only having just met this man, Daenerys could confidently say she despised him just as strongly as he her. From his arrogance and pride witnessed and heard, she could confidently say she was thoroughly unimpressed with the man. Now as he walk towards them, that same air radiated almost as strongly as his indifference towards those below him. She could see on his face that he truly thought himself above them all and she wondered what it must be like to be so proud.

As Dany look back on the evening and all that she had noticed, it became clear to her that this Jon Snow was the proudest man she’d ever met. Pompous, presumptuous, wealthy and handsome… Dare she say it the worst of combinations. And now she noticed the way he held his hands tightly behind his back, walking stoically in that same confident side. That same lowered brow drawing attention to that same distasteful look he’d worn since she first saw him.

“I shall see you for hunting next week right, Mr. Drogo?” Viserys said with a toothy smile, his rat like features accentuated by the moonlight sprinkling over them. “I simply cannot wait.”

“Until then.” Khal nodded towards Viserys with a look of distain behind his almost blackened eyes.

Daenerys watched as he slowly slid his dark hawk like gaze over her body ending on her lips. Mr. Drogo looked at her like property, like he was sizing her up to eat for a meal and she did not like it one bit. She swallowed attempting to send that discomfort away and to erase any presence of its existence from her face; but she only felt that spiky prickle of fear sending needles into her skin and stomach.

“I’ll be seeing you again as well, Miss Daenerys Bennet.” Mr. Drogo continued in his unknown accent, the heaviness of his words burning into her like a hot day.

“Mr. Drogo.” Dany lowered her head softly with a heavy anxious filled breath, feeling the silence of those around her almost as strongly as she felt them watching. She didn’t lift her eyes until her peripheral promised Mr. Drogo and Viserys had began the final steps towards his carriage.

“You cannot marry that man, Dany… But perhaps I have a solution, even if only temporary.” Sansa whispered into her ear as she pull her into a hug. She tried for soft and easy, but by Dany’s silent reply she knew it had failed. Sliding her icy eyes towards the carriage her friend stare, she spoke now at a volume the others could hear. “I’ve a thought… and I may be out of my place for saying so but, I’m fairly certain that your father would allow you to stay at Netherfield a fortnight if Mr. Bingley,” Sansa paused to look towards him placing a hand on his shoulder continuing in her pearly voice. “—were to ask, don’t you think?”

Daenerys darted her eyes towards her white haired brother who watch as Mr. Drogo’s carriage rode off into the nightlight. “If you think it possible, I would ask for nothing again I assure you.” She smiled lightly looking again to Sansa and Bingley with hopeful eyes, forcing herself to ignore the very tall, very brooding Mr. Snow behind them.

“Of course you don’t overstep, Miss Stark. You are my guest at Netherfield… If I can help you in anyway, I will do so.” He smiled earnestly as he look to Dany with kind reassuring eyes. “I shall write your father at once.”

“Then perhaps this won’t be as long a farewell as suspected.” Dany pulled Sansa into a tighter hug, hoping heart and soul that her words were truth. After a moment she let her go bidding a final farewell. She watched as Bingley led her arm in arm towards their carriage; Noticing her brother already seated in their own waiting impatiently for her to join him.

“Miss Bennet.” Jon Snow’s voice was deep and smooth, pulling her attention towards him and away from her thoughts.

“Mr. Snow.” Daenerys turned with a quick bow stepping up the first step of their carriage. Suddenly she felt a warm hand slide lightly into hers bringing with it a soft ripple that stretched through her fully, both providing a moment of support and a moment of confusion as she make the final step inside.

There was something about the way his thumb closed over her fingers… something in the softness which he held her hand. Something in the look he gave her as he turned and walked away with fingers spread flexing wide at his side.


When the post was delivered the following Wednesday there was a letter addressed to her father. As promised Mr. Bingley sent word requesting her presence at Netherfield Park, and she tried to hide the excitement from her face as each thump of her heart brought her nearer a smile. The letter came as a surprise to both her father and brother, but not to Dany and they all knew when such a family requested your presence, it was best not to leave them unanswered.

The walk to Netherfield Park wasn’t long, just under two hours at her pace and she could hardly believe her eyes when she saw the estates beauty. Netherfield was beyond gorgeous, with gardens and small fountains alike lining the estate in full. As her eyes scanned each dark red brick used to build its two full stories, she wondered what it would be like to live in such a place. As she admired the large pillars that hold each balcony in place she pictured having her own home and as she gaze upon the wondrous white marble of the stairs she imagined for a moment being in love…

“I’ll never understand why you insist on walking everywhere.” Sansa stepped forward as she called playfully from between two wooden doors, both of which were held open by a pair of the Bingley’s servants. Her hair was half down and stretched to just above her hips in loose waves.

“If I remember correctly it was you that started this habit of mine…” Dany teased back closing the space between them, stepping up the smooth marble stairs and linking arms with Sansa in little effort. Her long white hair in nearly the same style as Sansa’s, her dress however was not and had light marks of mud speckling the train. “I was the torpid one until I met you… always dragging me around, forcing me away from my books.” Dany accentuated her last syllable as she ended with a laugh leaning her cheek to rest on Sansa’s shoulder.

“That may be so… but we were children and rather bored if I remember correctly.” Sansa laughed as they walk up the final steps of the estate and through the large polished reddened doors.

“And now would you look at us? Adults and we’re still bored…” Daenerys spoke with certainty at first, but upon entering the estate her words seemed to leave lightly as if carried on clouds.

The entrance of Netherfield alone was more gorgeous than any estate Daenerys had seen, and she didn’t even know where to start. Her lilac eyes danced from paintings to sculptures from ceiling to floor in awe with lips parted in confirmation of its beauty.

“I know… I looked the same as you first time I entered Netherfield.” Sansa smiled looking towards the painted ceiling with Dany. “But if you think this impressive, you should see Pemberley, Jon Darcy’s residence, or rather Mr. Snow’s—“

Daenerys stopped suddenly looking to Sansa with confusion behind her eyes. “I’m not sure I follow…”

Sansa surpassed her smirk as they continue forward again. “His name is Jon Fitzwilliam Darcy Snow…”

A small laugh left Daenerys’ lips at the length of his name and the curiosity of it seeming to match the size of his ego; and Sansa couldn’t deny her own laugher any longer. The sounds echoed around them as they walk down the wide set hall leisurely.

When Sansa spoke this time her voice was almost a whisper, “His mother and father— the Darcy’s, were killed when he was a boy and Lady Catherine Snow has had him as a ward ever since, for he is her grandson.”

Dany turned her head slightly eyeing Sansa narrowly as she returned the soft whisper. “He’s related to Lady Catherine?” She continued forward after a moment wearing a small smile. “It is no wonder he’s so dreadful.”

“You should have seen my face when Bingley told me.“ Sansa shook her head lightly, ending with a sigh. “I still don’t understand what all of that was about… Mr. Snow has been—well, rather proud since we’ve met, but I’ve never seen him behave so ungentalmianly before.” Sansa’s smile faded as she parted with Dany moving to look her head on.

“You think it in us to understand the foolish ways of men? They’re humorless poppycocks, and this Jon Willam Fitz… Darcy is no different.” Daenerys cooed her words with confidence, purposefully butchering his name as best she could.

“You are terrible, my dear, Dany. Just terrible.” Sansa replied affectionately, then look to one of the Bingley’s servant’s. “Reginald will take you to the lounge. I shall return with haste, you won’t even know I’ve gone.”

“Where are you off to, I’ve only just arrived.” Daenerys protested lightly, but truthfully it didn’t bother her to be alone.

“I’ve promised to alert Charles once you’d arrived. He’ll be most pleased to see you again.”

Daenerys slid her eyes around the walls, eyeing the doorways and the large curved staircase behind her. “I think he’ll be more pleased to see you, Sansa.” Dany ended with a wide smile as she watch Sansa walk back the way they came and up a flight of stairs. After a moment she took a deep breath in, nodded to Reginald and began her entrance into the lounge.

“Miss Daenerys Bennet.” Reginald announced from the center of the room as a second servant lead her through the doorway. Dany could not see the occupants of the room at first, but as she step curiously through her eyes were met by another’s instantly.

Jon Snow.

Or was he actually Jon Darcy? Whatever his true name be didn’t change the person he showed all at the ball. The arrogant, rude, entitled man…

Daenerys look to his amber eyes as she lower her head briefly in accordance of what is expected of her, unable to speak at the shock of seeing him there. Wondering why Sansa didn’t mention it, but also half expecting it given his closeness to Charles. She watched heavy eyed as Jon look at her from his seat for a moment too long. He then pull himself hastily from his chair nudging the table with a leg as he lower his head in a perfect bow. He was wearing a dark navy tailcoat, and she could see the black velvet of his collar clearly.

In those moments she almost didn’t notice the steady stream of dark ink that began dripping beside his boots…

That look Jon gave her was enough to make her forget the things she thought she knew of him.  The man she saw before her was elegant. Handsome. For a moment she even forgot what he had said about her… All she could think of was the way his eyes locked with hers when he held her hand lightly within his. It was that very same look he wore for her now, but as the seconds pass even his pale eyes couldn’t keep her from hearing those words again. Seconds trickled by and she remembered his apparent distaste for joy or dancing… His indifference to her and those in her class. All that he had shown her slipped back into her mind like garden snakes slithering though the summer flowers.

Daenerys lowered her eyes and parted her lips just enough for an uneasy smile to form in the corners of her mouth. She moved her eyes to watch the steady stream of ink drip from the table he previously sat, feeling the weight of silence upon her.

“I’m sorry but, where is Mr. Bingley?” She asked suddenly, pulling her eyes from the ink and back to his. Knowing the answer to her question didn’t stop her from asking it.

Jon opened his mouth to speak unable to move his eyes from hers… unable to notice the mess he’d created both within her and around him. Something told Dany that this was something he frequently was oblivious to. She watched as he opened his mouth to speak, and as another voiced her own reply.

“My god, Miss Bennet. Did you walk this whole way?”

Dany turned quickly from Mr. Snow to face the voice that addressed her. The quiet condescending tone came from a tall, thin woman- the splitting image of Charles Bingley, no doubt the twin sister she’d heard of. Her bright red hair was locked in place in a fashionable updo and her dress shined in a deep blood red, screaming of wealth.

“I did.” Dany still held an awkward smile as she replied, glancing between Mr. Snow and Miss Bingley uneasily. “I rather enjoy it.”

“Charming.” The woman stepped closer, holding a pungent smugness around her as strong as her perfume. “I don’t believe we’ve yet had the pleasure… Cersei Bingley.” She raised a clear glass near her mouth as she tilted her head curiously before speaking again. “How long will you be joining us, Miss Bennet?”

“A fortnight, I believe.” Jon answered from his post at the table. If he noticed the ink running empty besides him, he didn’t show it on his face.

“Well, Miss Bennet. I hope you enjoy the perks of your time here.” Cersei looked down her nose at her, sipping her drink slowly and pausing diligently between words.

“How very kind of you.” Dany forced a smile as she bow a head and watch as Miss Bingley left the room.

Once the door closed stiffly behind her, Dany looked to Jon feeling the room grow still around them. Not a sound could be heard aside from the rhythmic drip of ink as she drift into a maze of amber.

The Unicorn.

I met my buddy Pat in the early 90’s when I was a sophomore in high school. He was a ‘Nam vet, living in a dilapidated old apartment in a crummy small-town on Florida’s west coast. The units were pretty run down, with cars, young bare-footed ill-watched children running about, and the various kind of yard detritus one might suspect. I guess he’d taken a shine to me because I was intrigued by him working on various cars, boats, and the fact that he’d sneak my 16 year old self beers, just to have someone to chat with.

Also, Pat was in the midst of a nasty divorce. Sometimes these things happen when you decide to cohabitate with a cocktail waitress 20 years your younger, but such is life. She’d taken him for nearly everything (which wasn’t much to begin with), leaving Pat almost completely broken hearted. Almost…because she left him Moose, a white poodle-ish dog of questionable lineage. Moose was great, Pat would take him to bars, dye him green for St. Patrick’s Day, and they were always inseparable. If Pat was working on a derelict boat while sucking down a Parliament and mainlining Busch Light in the 90 degree heat, Moose was right there with him, all day long.

About 3 months after the divorce, Pat’s ex called, demanding the return of a beloved childhood stuffed animal, a small unicorn. Evidently, her father had given it to her, he’d recently passed, and she realized it was the only remaining item she’d forgotten to abscond with. I’m sitting there witnessing the phone conversation, wondering what the hell she’s b*tching about, when Pat closes the call with “Fine you worthless whore, I’m going out of town but will be back in a month, you can collect your f*cking unicorn then.” Slam. Pat looked at me and a devilish smile crossed his crocked teeth.

After explaining the call, he leaves the kitchen to fish through some dusty closet boxes and retrieves the plushy unicorn. “MOOSE!” he calls, and Moose comes running, per command. Eyes wide and tail-wagging, Moose sits and awaits master’s command. “Moose, here’s your unicorn!” and Pat tosses it down to the runt dog, who eyes it for a moment. It may be fair to mention at this point that Moose is not neutered. He then proceeds to doggy f*ck the ever living hell out of that unicorn like the antidote was lodged somewhere in its fluffy soul.

Word travels fast in shitty communities and soon “Moose, go get your unicorn!” was the favored saying. Damn near everyone would pass by and mutter those words, only to have the poodle run inside, get the stuffed love toy, and proceed to befoul that thing like nobody’s business.

A month passes and poor Unicorn was looking haggard, missing an eye, and all dignity. B*tch Cocktail Waitress finally pulls up one muggy Florida day in her Chevy Celebrity to collect her prized possession. After some unpleasant words exchanged, she demands her Unicorn.

A small crowd had gathered and Pat’s moment had arrived. Finally, after losing everything, it was time to mutter the sweetest words of redemption I’d ever previously, or ever will hear again:


Bts Reaction: They Finally Realize Their Feelings for You (Hyung Line)

Sorry for the gifs. I’m not entirely sure how to put them under each section yet cause I’m using my phone but I hope you all enjoy. -Cierra❤ //// Namjoon(Rapmon): Namjoon and Jin were sitting in the dorms when Jin brought you up. “Joon what do you think of Y/N?” Jin asked with a smirk because he already knew the rapper’s true feelings towards you. “I don’t know. Y/n just makes me feel Happy whenever I see her. Its like I can’t get enough of her. She’s always there for me and supports me. She’s the sweetest most caring person I know. And I.. I love her.” Namjoon said as he smiled, now realizing his true feelings for you. Jin: You and Jin had been hanging out with the boys at their dorm all day. They had invited you over because they missed you and haven’t seen you in so long. You guys were in the living room watching a movie. It was a scary movie and you hated those, everyone knew that. So when I scary scene popped up you didn’t hesitate to yelp and shield your face with Jin’s body. He laughed and leaned to whisper in your ear. “Don’t worry Y/n I’ll protect you.” As he held you, he wished that you two could stay like this forever. And at that moment, that’s when he realized he had feelings for you. Yoongi(Suga): “Tae cmon give me my phone back! I was in the middle of something!” You yelled as you ran after Taehyung because he had stolen you phone. “You’ll have to catch me first Y/n!” Tae said while running faster. You were close behind him when suddenly he tripped which caused you to fall on top of him. You two were laughing when you had heard the chuckles of the rest of the members behind you. Yet the only one who wasn’t was Yoongi. “Taehyung give her her phone back. Now. And get from under her.” Yoongi said with a tinge of anger in his voice but mainly…jealousy? “Yes hyung.” Tae said as he got up and gave you your phone. You looked at Yoongi but he just turned and walked away with Hoseok. “Yoongi-hyung you made it pretty obvious that you were jealous.” Hoseok said with a chuckle. Yoongi just ignored him but knew that he was right. “Why do I feel this way for her?” Yoongi said to himself. He slowly started to realize his feelings for you. Hoseok: “Hobi cab I talk to you for a second?” Your had just recently broken up with your boyfriend after finding out he cheated on you. You had nowhere else to go and didn’t trust anyone but your best friend Hoseok. He has been through a lot of things with you and was always there for you when you needed it most and you did the same for him. “Yea what’s up Y/n? Did something happen? You look sad.” As soon as he asked, you broke down in tears and told him everything that happened. How you walked in on your boyfriend and some random girl and how you left your shared apartment and had nowhere else to go. “Don’t worry jagi, you can stay with us for as long as you need. And as for your ex, I’ll deal with him. You dont deserve someone like that. You deserve someone who will treat you like the princess you are. Someone who loved you for you and someone who will only ever have eyes for you.” Hoseok had pulled you into a tight hug and told you everything would be alright. Once he had gotten you to stop crying he let you go to the bathroom to dry your face and fix your makeup. As you were walking away he said something that you couldn’t exactly hear. “What’d you say hobi?” “Huh nothing.” He smiled and waved you off. Once you were out of ear shot he said it again. “You deserve someone like me.” Thats when he realized he had feelings for his best friend.

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I will miss you all

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a mother's love

ok ok ok, this is supposed to be a birthday gift for cacatuasulphureacitrinocristata (c/p-ed that, ngl). So happy birthday, love! I’m really glad we met, and I hope you’ll like this!

“Mama! Mama, up, up!”

Glancing downwards, feeling the slight tugging on the bottom of her skirt, Yoshino smiled at the sight of her toddler son, asking for attention. He had been particularly good today about being quiet and, even though silence was nice, it was getting a bit heavy. She wasn’t used to the lack of noises anymore, always aware of the surroundings and possible bonks and crashs that would indicate a soon crying child.

“Yes, dear?” she said, before bending down to pick her son up, as he already had thrown his little hands towards her. “Mama’s cooking, kiddo. Dinner, for when Dada comes home.”

“Dada?” his little voice asked. “Dada?”

“Yes, Dada. He should be home soon.”

Apparently, the answer satisfied Shikamaru, since he smiled with his newly acquired teeth — what a pain they were to grow out, the kid hadn’t stopped crying — before letting his head fall on his mom’s shoulder. With a small amused smile, keeping him against her and completely forgetting about the still uncut carrot on her cutting board, she kissed his temple softly.

“Is it time for a nap, my love? You only got your morning one today. What about we lay you down until your father comes home?”

The toddler didn’t seem to appreciate the idea a lot, as he frowned, grasping and clenching to Yoshino’s apron. She chuckled, before shifting him onto a more comfortable position in her arms, where he settled back almost immediately.

“No nap.” he grumbled in his baby sleepy voice and she knew he needed to sleep, even for a bit. Slowly, she started rocking her body, along with his, to the absent notes of music. He was particularly heavy; which meant it wouldn’t be long before he’d fall asleep on her.

“No nap, but yes sleeping on Mama, huh? You’re your father’s son, that’s for sure.”

Shikamaru let out another grumble, his face nuzzling against the skin of her neck, indicating he was getting to the border between dreams and reality. With another slight smile, followed by a sigh, she carefully proceeded to exit the room, keeping him very steady in her arms so he wouldn’t start waking up, before walking into his.

“Nap time, kiddo.” she murmured, more for herself than for the now asleep child in her arms. With gentleness she didn’t know she had until she held him for the first time, Yoshino put down her son in his own bed, before he rolled on his side, as if he never tried to avoid napping. Covering him up and placing his favorite stuffed animal between his little fists, she stayed, looking at him, hearing his calmed down breathing.

He was such a gift. A present Gods she wasn’t sure existed had put on Earth for her to take care of, an angel she was supposed to raise and help open its wings. Every time — every. single. time. —, she would stop for a second, watch him toddle around, play with his favorite toys, sleep in his bed and wonder what good she had done to the world to be granted with him.

She didn’t know if she was being a good mother. After all, she had grown up only to her father’s care. She remembered the late night worries when she learned about the baby growing inside of her. Fragile, tiny life she wasn’t sure she was ready to welcome, small beating heart she needed to protect. Many mistakes would be done — many already made, probably —, but she knew that he’d forgive her, even if she didn’t.

Letting her fingers linger on his chubby cheek, she bent down, kissing his forehead. He didn’t react much except from his little body rolling again, hiding his face away. She smiled, before straightening up.

“Sleep well, baby boy.”


“Ma? Ma, I want up.”

She didn’t feel the tugging just as much, since he was much more steady on his feet and didn’t need to clench onto her skirt to keep his balance. Though, she could feel his head against her thigh — he was still too short to reach her hip. With a smile, a loving one but a bit more tired, she looked down to him.

“What’s wrong, love? You might be getting a little big for me to pick you up, you know.”


The very well-known gesture of his hands thrown up towards her made her give up. Bending down, she placed her hands beneath his armpits and — oh, he was much heavier now — brought him towards her chest. Still manageable, she mused, but she wasn’t going to be able to hug him as tight, as close, for much longer. As usual, his head found its place on her shoulder, his arms almost carelessly thrown around her neck.

The same grumble, the same way of searching for her warmth — yes, those didn’t change. She doubted they’ll ever will, she didn’t want them to change. Precious memories, small remembrances of how small he used to be, how easy it was for him to fit between her arms, how his giggles, unexpected, would brighten the day.

“When is dad coming home?”

“Soon, kiddo.”

Even the same exact way to grasp onto her apron, twisting its fabric between the tiny hands, before nuzzling his face closer to her neck. A warm feeling — nostalgia? — invaded her and she hugged him tighter, pressing her cheek against his head, completely forgetting about getting dinner started. They didn’t hug like that much more; he was getting too big, too old for getting affection so directly from his mother, at least in his opinion. But the way he didn’t climb back down when she tightened his hold showed her he wasn’t always sure he didn’t want those hugs anymore. Slowly, her body started rocking back and forth, to the same melody she often seemed to hear every time she’d held him.

Shikamaru didn’t move, his legs and arms still around his mother, without showing any signs of wanting to get out of their embrace. Even though he had grown up, he still was her little boy; nothing would change that. Not time, not age, not the usual mom-don’t-hug-me-i’m-six speech.

She silently wished she could have kept him pocket-sized.

Dinner wasn’t started when Shikaku came home; instead, he found his wife cuddling with their son on the sofa. And he joined, despite the young boy’s horrification — my dad doesn’t cuddle, who are you? —.




This time, she isn’t the one throwing arms around him or bringing him to her chest but he is. The gesture is gentle, just like she was when he was younger. It’s surprising; so surprising she, at first, doesn’t know how to react. He’s much older, much, much older. Married. With a son. He isn’t a baby anymore, but he’s still her boy. With a small smile, her arms answer the embrace, her chin barely making it onto his shoulder.

But he does just the same as he used to; his head finds its place on her shoulder, nuzzling into her neck, his warm breathing tickling the skin. She asks herself if he, too, misses those days sometimes, the ones where she was carrying around, where he wasn’t big enough to grab things in the kitchen’s cabinets. Those days where they used to play, on the living-room’s floor, with alphabetical cubes he already knew the letters from, reading those children’s books that would have him frowning at the ending’s logic. Why does the prince marry the princess, already?

She knows she isn’t going to be here much longer and she can hear the clock — tick tack — trying to break their moment. But if there’s something time can’t change, can’t touch, it’s the way she loves him, with every part, every atom of herself. It’s the way she can see the man she calls her soulmate in his features, holding pride into their similarities but even more in their differences. It’s the way she loves him for who he is, not for who he wishes he was.

There’s nothing stronger than a mother’s love. Not time, not age, not mom-don’t-hug-me-i’m-forty-five speeches.

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I was just realizing we haven't seen much of Gwen on tv for a bit now and going with the forever theme, remembering during this last Voice season how in interviews, clips, and her SM, just how easily and freely she used "us" and "ours" and "we" to describe her and Blake and their life. I kinda miss it to be honest. Even GR knows what's up, and he's very likely in denial to this day. If something is so apparent it breaks through the alternative reality the state of denial brings, its for real yo!

I miss it too…those little pre-Voice red carpet interviews gave us a glimpse at their everyday life, like when they hit Gwen’s home gym together. So cute! As for GR, I think he’s resigned himself to the fact that Blake has a permanent place in Gwen and the boys’ lives. I will give him a tiny bit of credit, although it makes me want to barf to do so…he doesn’t seem to be throwing up any road blocks to make it difficult for the boys to spend time with Blake. For instance, Zuma had to miss a day of school to attend the Ole Red grand opening. GR could have said it wasn’t an appropriate reason for him to be absent from school and refused to let him go, but he didn’t. As far as we know, he hasn’t challenged Blake living at the LA house with them or them spending weeks in Oklahoma. So, thank you to GR for being a decent person for once in his life, I guess. 😕

– M

Jasico: In the Eye of the Beholder

This was an anon request for an AU where Nico is left blind after an accident. If you’d like to read it on, click here. As always, reviews are open! (And yes, it’s suppose to be written this way)

hes the only one that doesnt treat me like im disabled.

sometimes, when were alone, hell describe the day to me. what the weather is. how the sun shines through the leaves and how the city looks from outside the apartment.

i dont go to camp much anymore.

im an invalid.

whats a demigod without their eyesight, their reflexes? useless. i cant dive and twist and turn like i was once able to. if any of the furniture is moved im screwed. we tried the walking stick, but it reminded me more of my condition.

i snapped it in half.

most days it doesnt bother me. i sit on the couch and listen to my records, or talk radio, or listen to the news. i sleep. there’s not much difference anymore between awake and asleep except for how much i hear.

he got me a seeing eye dog. he tells me she’s a black lab with big brown puppy eyes. like mine, he says. except they work. her name is chiara. i call her chi. she sits with me and sleeps next to me and opens the door when its one of those days when i cant seem to get myself out of bed. she can feed herself. and doesnt drink out of the toilet.

i miss being able to see him. i miss seeing the way the sun glints off his hair and the tanned warmth of his skin and the tattoo on his forearm and the scar above his lip. i miss being able to ogle his ass when he bends over or not miss when i try to kiss him. he knows lots of adjectives though, which is about as much as i can ask of him.

at night when he comes home from camp or work or whatever, the same time each day but the exact time i dont know, chi will get up to greet him. let him know im ok. he cooks, he orders pizza, i help when i can.

i never realized how nice he smelled before i got two eyefuls of drakon venem. he smells like a warm summer day when the land is baking in the sun and the air is fresh and everyone should really be outside in the sunshine. he smells like sunshine. hes warm, like sunshine.

i feel the stubble across my back in the mornings. when im awake and he isnt and i can hear him, feel him, breathing, deep and slow. he never keeps me from touching. he holds me when i have nightmares and lets me listen to his heart beat. he whispers i love you, louder than before, into my skin as he helps me out of my clothes at night.

he keeps me close. he tells me im beautiful, even with two eyes that dont work. he leans back when its the end of the day and we finally get to be joined in the most intimate way possible and he lets me touch.

he holds me when i cry. i cry often. easily. i get frustrated with myself. humans were supposed to have two eyes that see. i dont get out of bed sometimes.

and yet

hes there.

hes the only one that doesnt make me feel disabled.


im not


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Unnie~ can u make me a Jungkook fluff story? Its that his GF lives on the other side of the world, and he wants to surprise her on valentines day so he fly's all the way over to her country. Thxx unnie xx❤️

I hope you like this one because “IF YOU WANNA BE MY LOVER!!!” *you better like this XD *gifs not mine*

“I miss her” was the first words that came to Jungkook`s mind. He took a deep breath and dried is forehead with his sleeves, he haven`t seen her since last summer and Valentine`s were on it`s way. He remembered all those sweet things the did together on Valentine`s, like eating their favorite ice cream and have a movie night at home. He missed those times when he could hold around her and smell her perfume.

He missed her so much, he could not bare this any longer. He had to see her. Jungkook asked his elder hyungs for advice, none of them would help his sadness. The boys tried to cheer him up by saying “c`mon you will see her in no time!” and “she will come back to Korea soon, so dont worry”. But he did worry. He wanted her to know that she still had a special place in his heart.

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Jungkook thought about anything “JUST GIVE ME SOMETHING!” he thought. He had to do something incredible spectacular to let her know that she was still in his thoughts. But what could he possible do? He had a busy schedule and she was overseas. “Wait” he got an idea. *I WONT TELL YOU, SO KEEP READING XD*

“I miss him” was the first words that came to her mind. She missed him so much and Valentines was coming. She texted him and tried to call *no answer* she sat down on the edge of your bed. *pling* it was a text from him “Go outside” it said. She stared at her phone not sure if she was dreaming or just gone straight mad. She walked outside only to see a car *pling* “Yes, you need to sit in that car” she smiled and sat herself in the car.

“Where am i going?” she thought to herself. The car door opened to see man or it was BTS manager, she tried to say something but he gave the sign of her to be quiet. She got blindfolded before she could look around the area, she got lead into the darkness not knowing what was about to happend. Finally the blindfold came off. There he was in a suit and a rose in his hand, she had tears in her eyes and ran up to him giving him the biggest hug ever. There were lanterns everywhere and flower pedals too.

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Jungkook smiled and kissed her before going on one knee and picked up a small box from his jacket. She covered her mouth with both of her hands in shock of what was too come “y/n” he said smiling “yes” she said. Jungkook opened the box and said with a firm yet sweet voice “will you be my valentine?” he asked, she giggled a little before reaching her hand to Jungkook and saying “i would love too”. Jungkook smiled and put the ring on her finger and kissed her more, but this time more passionately.

In the background they could hear some cheering, it was the rest of the boys running around and smiling like idiots for their young boy maknae. Jungkook tried to act cool about it, but it was hard when they started to make kissing noises. Jin finally said “we will leave you two alone, have a happy valentine” the boys left with big smiles. Jungkook looked at her “i`m sorry about that y/n,you know the boys can be a little crazy” she nodded and smiled. the rest of the day y/n and Jungkook spend their Valentine together arm in arm,lips against lips and heart to heart.

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I think there is a notable 'continuity gap' between those shots with the family where 'Freddie' is present (either in holder or stroller) and where he is suddenly missing. In the former DC has her hair tied back under the hat, in the latter loose and brushed. In the former Ernest is wearing his backpack and in the latter pics he is not. It's like they got shots with the Doll out the way, put him away again, then got more pap pics to fill out the family day out story.



If I were Mandy I would wonder what the fuck he’s looking at instead of giving me the grateful eye contact I deserve for coming to get his delinquent ass. But I’m not Mandy and instead my knowing heart is all aflutter and I need to lie down. 

Five things about the scene above:

One, this moment belongs to Ian and Mickey (sorry, Mandy) and they say a lot without speaking. 

Two, Ian’s shy little head tilt means a lot and is the impetus I need for even throwing my two cents at this well-tread scene. Blink and you may miss it, but it’s there. In its cute and sheepish glory. What could Ian do? He’s been so excited these months, weeks, and days, perhaps even hours, minutes, and seconds leading up to this reunion (like those of us at home watching—I seen those countdown clocks on your pages, people). He’s been waiting to take the perverse pleasure in seeing the look of shock on Mickey’s face. Listen again to the way he answers Mandy’s questions about tagging along. He’s a little short with her and hurries over his words, like Please shut up, This Is My Moment. It makes me laugh. He wants no interruptions, not even his own nervous energy at the moment of truth, when he deploys that look that says Hey, I bet you’re surprised.

Yeah, Mickey’s surprised. Annoyed, too, like The fuck you playin’ at? I was not prepared and I do not like not being prepared. He throws the question “The hell’s he doing here?" at Mandy all the while not taking his eyes off that little punk. That’s Three

Four, Ian gets his satisfaction. What a triumph! He got one over Mickey Milkovich, made him lose his cool for a second. But he holds that coy smile to reassure Mickey that this is still their secret. No big deal here. ("Hey, Mick.”) And Mandy confirms this: “He thought I needed protection.”

So finally, Five, Mickey gets it and relaxes. Their game continues. And the crowd goes wild.