it's like he's actually getting into it

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Ik? I literally ship everyone on riverdale, including bughead. But I can't stand Betty x Archie. ITS A NO FROM ME

betty is such a kind, forgiving person who will always put other before herself, and archie abuses that. he doesn’t appreciate her the way she deserves to be appreciated. i feel like it’s pretty clear at this point that she was in love with the idea of them as a couple rather than actually being in love with archie. i also feel like if they were to get together and stay together, then in 30 years, they’d be alice and hal; or any small town couple that married because it was the logical next step or the “right” thing to do. they might not be unhappy, but they certainly aren’t satisfied. betty cooper deserves more than a lukewarm life and an ordinary love with someone who treats her poorly. 

Seeing quite a few people tearing Emori down (and thinking she lied about everything when I believe she only lied that it was that guy but the tragic backstory actually happened hence why John knew about it as well even though he wasnt in the room when she explained it to Clarke) for killing t survive like your guys favs havent been doing this for four seasons and wont continue to do this. Fuck, at the beginning of this season Clarke made a list of 100 people that would get to live and even though it was hard, thats still killing people to survive. The difference being Emori has never lived in a time where she hasnt had to fight for her right to live. Its always been do everything she can to survive and she still has that mentality which is what i think people dont like because she doesnt fall into this “this is bad but i need to do it” mindset they have given all these other people. 

I’m having that thing where I might like someone/think someone might like me but it’s almost entirely rooted in my weird self esteem stuff and distrust of people

like he’s cute but also he keeps trying to make eye contact and laughing really hard at my offhand comments and in general i’m like why. are you trying to get in my pants? do you actually think I’m funny? do you have no friends and so you’re trying too hard? are you new to the whole ‘dmitri is a sarcastic dick who doesn’t make eye contact’ thing? are you just genuinely nice?


it doesn’t matter but i don’t like it


So. I know I’ve only had Honey Bee a few days, but a conversation on Voice Call with @badluckpersonified resulted in this. I asked what I should draw and immediately she said “Akuma Bee” and actually came up with how he gets akumatised so if she tries to deny that it’s her fault she’s lying so this is a thing that happened,

This is Busy Bee and he is a very sad bee.

He was akumatised by a number of factors (just like Catastrophe; because Adrien is so used to disappointment it’s hard to get him to a low enough state to be akumatised). The major factors are just general stress and exaustion from is tendency to overwork himself as Honey Bee, then…

He does something to disappoint Gabriel and is directly told by him that he wasn’t good enough, and to make it worse Gabriel seems proud of Felix in that moment too, crushing Adrien’s self esteem further.

So with his Self Esteem even lower than usual, and general stress and exhaustion, one battle goes a little wrong. No one is hurt, be he feels like a failure, and in that moment of weakness, a little butterfly flies into his comb, and he becomes Busy Bee~

Busy Bee really isn’t an aggressive akuma AT ALL since all he wants is to be loved and for someone particularly his dad to be proud of him. 

And  nothing Hawkmoth says or does can make him fight Chat.

Ladybug on the other hand… Well Hawkmoth sounds an awful lot like his father, so all those hang ups about wanting his father to be proud of him suddenly attach hard to Hawkmoth, and he’s very, very driven to get Ladybug’s Miraculous to make him proud.

He won’t fight Chat though, and Hawkmoth is more than willing to go along with this for his fanatical devotion and effort towards getting Ladybug’s with no other goals, unlike other akumas. Especially since once he has Ladybug’s it will be much easier to get Chat’s. 

Chat could get the comb easily enough if he tried though, given Busy’s unwillingness to fight him, but not if Ladybug is around, because he’d just run from Chat.

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Who do you think would initiate the idea of Elain being the Dom? Cause all I can imagine is seemingly sweet, bashful and blushing Elain really awkwardly tying to hint to Lucien that she's really into the idea and being hella embarrassed, and either Lucien is completely oblivious and needs her to literally spell it out for him (and he goes tomato too because ELAIN YOU LIL MINX YOU!) or he tries to tease and coaxe it out of her and is absolutely delighted by the idea ? Or would lucien initiate?

hahaha well I’ll probably eventually write this scene so #spoilers lol but I think it would be like…. Elain is trying to bring it up but she’s embarrassed to actually say it, so Lucien has to tease/ coax it out of her a little. I think his reaction is less delight and more like… bemused intrigue? He thinks its adorable that she wants to try but he also secretly thinks she won’t really get into it/ she’ll be too embarrassed to really go hard with it. he approaches it as indulging her more than anything.

(But ofc HE IS WRONG after some initial hesitance on Elain’s part they both get really into it >:) )

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Tell me about my sweet boy Grantaire and Mr. Needs-To-Stop himself Mercutio


general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life (r’s a weird one bc hes my entire soul so its kind of like being in love with myself)
hotness level: get away from me | canonically meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would pine after
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: the amount of love in his lil heart, bombass cook
worst quality: doesnt try so he can never fail (how familiar)
ship them with: take a farouche guess; also love me some ferrejoltaire, baz
brotp them with: joly + boss, eponine, chetta, courf, bahorel omf
needs to stay away from: pinterest
misc. thoughts: sometimes i get annoyed by how he is (or is made into) the classic lazy genius archetype but thats like,,,, his only flaw. he is my heart


general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life (dont think i could handle him tbh, also sometimes hes an ass)
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang (the globe’s cutio ruined me)
hogwarts house: gryffindor (poor impulses) | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: hes always carrying glitter
worst quality: no self preservation, died
ship them with: benvolio, rosaline, maybe tybalt but idk, he totally hooked up w hamlet too if ur asking
brotp them with: the montague boys are back in town, him and juliet are rly close they keep going to ikea together
needs to stay away from: sharp objects, oscar wilde
misc. thoughts: i go thru phases of mercutio bc sometimes i think im over his pretentious ass but he always fucking finds me

send me a character!!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine characters as Pokémon Go teams. What team are you on?

Y'all, Hazel and Nico are not actually 70+ years old….

So, I finally watched some videos from the blue boi @crankgameplays, and now I just really really really want to be his friend??? I like him

The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater 

I’m sitting here snickering at the idea that poor little Yurio keeps getting crushes on older skaters and then his stupid rink-mates keep coming in and breaking his fragile teenage heart. Like he totally had a puppy crush on Yuuri after the banquet but then fucking Victor has to fly all the way to fucking Japan in order to practically throw himself into Yuuri’s arms and then act completely disgusting and rub it in Yurio’s face- no he isn’t jealous, he isn’t, he swears- they’re just gross and seriously need to cut back on the pda because for fuck’s sake, they are on LIVE TELEVISION do they have no shame???!!!.  But then he meets Otabek, and is immediately like ‘damn he rescued me on a motorbike he’s so cool’ and totally charmed, only for fucking Mila to come in and start flirting with Otabek as if poor Yurio hadn’t already had his heart ripped out once. And Otabek is just completely oblivious to everything but doesn’t seem to mind while Yurio is like ‘what the fuck is this?!!’ and silently sulks in a corner because his life sucks, being 15 sucks, everything is terrible, and he’s going to turn into Georgi at this rate..

Imagine if Michael was your math teacher.

daddy 😍😍 I want him to grind on me fuck viktor lol. can he choke me w his tie!!!!!!! ily who r u DRUNK  BANQUET YUURI IS MY BF I WANT HIM TO STEP ON ME HOW DID YOU KNOW???? 😰😰😰 ily I don’t deserve him wtf zeph please kill me /KISSES U THANK U SM <33333 JUST THESE SKETCHES ARE FUCKING BEAUTIFUL & A BLESSING sobs grossly ily


the number one argument i hear being used against romione is ‘they’re not intellectually compatible and hermione wouldn’t be satisfied with ron’s mediocrity’ like ?????????? what books have you read????? where are you getting these ideas?????? why are you dismissing someone’s intelligence just because it’s shown in a different way??????? why are you acting like the only way to be intelligent is academically??????? why?????

like there are so many different ways to be intelligent, just because it’s not shown in an academic sense doesn’t mean it doesn’t count. please stop.