it's like he is forcing it to look up

Okay but can we all agree that the character contrast in Wonder Woman between Steve and Diana was one of the best, most thought-out things we’ve seen on screen in some time? 

I mean, think about it. Steve is a spy. He is used to doing things covertly and subtly. He likes to find the secret passages, physically and figuratively. Diana, on the other hand, is a warrior. She does things with force, whether it be gaining information or taking out the enemy. She barges right in, rather than looking for a secret entrance. Where Steve would rather place a bomb, Diana would rather prefer by hand.

At the same time, Diana is still so fresh in this new concept of war. She is the best warrior, but she has yet to see battle. Steve has externally hardened himself against the roughness and heartache of war. Diana focuses on the details (the people enslaved in the village) and Steve looks at the big picture (Axis powers are planning on killing more than just a village with the gas). These differences alone are what makes their team work; Steve keeps Diana focused on the mission, while Diana makes sure Steve remembers why the mission exists in the first place. 

They are divided by method, but connected by their goal and their hope of stopping more death.

Their relationship, both working and personal, was so beautiful and well thought-out that I got chills watching them work together. Their differences didn’t create friction, but gilded together like a machine. They did have hiccups along the way, but they learned from them and adjusted accordingly. This is how characters were meant to be written.

Homie out.

the rough times of the day


Another wave on sickness rushed through Bendy as the last bit of his last meal was again rejected by his body now laying in the bucket before him which he was gripping for dear life. Tears where starting to collect them self’s at the edges on his eyes and the bitter sting left behind by the thick black liquid dripping down his chin made him want to throw up again but there was nothing to throw out anymore.

“come on Bendy big breaths” his brother said in a soft voice, gently petting his back to help him through the pulsing pain wreaking his body.

Bendy gripped the bucket a bit tighter feeling something all too familiar slowly crawl its way into his senses sticking his nerves with a fear of what’s about to come next

“oh no”

Boris pulled his hand back a little so it was hovering above Bendy’s back but not touching him.


A scream ripped itself from Bendy’s throat, a hot shot of crippling pain wreaking through his abandon as if his body was rejecting its own stomach. His arms shot out to his lower body gripping into his own skin so tight that if he wasn’t crippling under the pressure of his disease slowly destroying his body, he would have feared he tear open his skin.

Bendy was vaguely aware of the bucket tipping over and falling out of his lap, spilling the black stuff everywhere and leaving behind an gut wrenching sour smell.


Boris quickly placed his hand back on Bendy’s lower back and let the other find its way to the others knee, little tear welled up in his eyes, not being able to bear looking at his brother in so much pain.

“n-no Bendy don’t say that be strong oke, you’ll be oke.. j-just hold on”

Another scream was forced out Bendy, still gripping into his stomach, the red hot pain ripping both his mind and will apart like it was a piece of paper.


Bendy sobbed, it was too much to handle. The heat it was too much he was losing his damn mind, He couldn’t he just couldn’t.


A pair of arms wrapped themselves around Bendy’s shoulders, pulling him quickly but gently against Boris chest that was shacking from the sobs and hiccups going through him.

“please it’ll be oke brother just don’t lose hope please”

Boris held Bendy closer to himself like his was trying to squeeze away the illness that was wreaking his brother. 

Bendy breathing picked up some more, swallowing big gulps of air like he never had taken a breath in his life. trying to shut it out the feeling of his nerves burning and screaming out in bloody murder. Trying to push through and passed the crippling hot pain and the feeling his lungs where getting skinned alive.

If not for himself he was trying for somebody who still needed him, the person he cared about most in the world, “for Boris” he told himself .

Slowly ever so slowly relaxed even if it was just a tiny bit, the pain died down enough for him to regular his breathing and lean against Boris, too exhausted  to move.   

“it’s oke”

Boris squeezed Bendy a little closer to him, tears now freely going down his face.

“it’ll always be oke, I know you’re strong enough Bendy”

A little smile showed itself on Bendy’s lips when Boris started wiggling his tail happily, glad that his brother was more or less oke now.

“I’m not strong” Bendy said with a weak voice that was still tuckered out from all that screaming. “you’re the only reason I keep fighting Boris” he said with a soft sigh, now relaxing fulling against the other, leaning his head against Boris chest.


i tried 

you probaly get a fuck ton of these already but meh i thought you might like this one

(sorry i’m a shitty writer)

anyhow this is based on that little comic when bendy was pretty much dying but not quite

welp here you go have fun with it 

fic by idk-likesomeone

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thank you for this awesome fic! 

actually I didn’t get any fanfic about this AU; you’re the first bruh!

I added a little art if you don’t mind ^^

Bucky Imagine #3 | Lingerie

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Author’s Note: I have so much other stuff to write but sometimes inspiration strikes and I don’t want to lose it. Enjoy Bucky learning about lingerie! 

Rated M for conversation topics and innuendos. 

Have an idea? MAKE A REQUEST!


Bucky wasn’t the kind of man who just went rummaging around in women’s underwear drawers. He was respectable - a true gentleman, if he said so himself - and yet here he was, eyes lingering a little too long on the lacy strap that had fallen out of the dresser. He had to admit he was curious; things had changed so much in seventy years. Women didn’t wear anything else that was similar to what it was in the forties, surely their underclothes were different, too.

He peaked over his shoulder, eyes scanning the room for any other sign of life before he allowed himself to walk a little closer. He was already invading your privacy by just being here, in your bedroom when the rest of the team was gone, so he just looked at first, studied the little black ribbon and titch of lace that was available to him. 

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Bygones of the Sun | 05 (M)

Originally posted by hobismole

Genre: Angst/fluff/(future)smut || dance captain!hoseok, bad boy!au, uni!au

Pairing: Reader x Hoseok

Length: 4.3k

Summary: Jung Hoseok was once the sweetheart of the school, the dance captain whom every girl, including you, can’t help but fall head over heels for. But like the force of the ever-glowing sun, everything that rises must also set. A year of inactivity later and he’s now the school’s resident bad boy. You’re a firm believer of allowing the past be the past, and yet you can’t help but wonder where the risen sun has gone into hiding—because perhaps its shadows have out-shined its own radiance.

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05

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Boyfriend! Jimin

Jimin would be the type of boyfriend that is really playful. He would try his best to make you laugh 

And sometimes, he would even tease you in public and around other members 

Originally posted by sugutie

But then pretend to be all innocent and act as though he did nothing wrong 

Originally posted by bwipsul

Overall though, he would be a really sweet boyfriend. 

He would forever give you little kisses and do his best aegyo for you ( even though its lowkey cringy when he tries to force aegyo)

Originally posted by jxnhyungs

But it always makes you smile, which is why he does it. 

I also feel like Jimin is a hugger and so you would always get hugs from him, OH! and LOTS of cuddles !!!

Originally posted by yanderelevifangirl

(ignore the caption ^^)

But let’s not forget, Jimin has a naughty side !

Originally posted by louizlake

Jimin is the type to run his hand up your thigh whenever he is in the mood. 

Originally posted by pocahontas-cd-4-daddy

And whisper dirty things in your ear. 

Originally posted by kpop-undertaker

And let’s not forget, his constant lip biting just to tease you and pushing his hair back because he KNOWS it drives you crazy.

Originally posted by amsimaria

And that look he would give you when he is needy:

Originally posted by kookies-for-taehyung

But he is a sweetheart at the end of the day, so every day spent with  him would fill your day with happiness. 

Bonus : Pink haired Jimin (ah~ i love it so much)

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Chirrut’s never been on an ocean planet before Scarif, never been off-world before Eadu, but he liked the salt smell and the feel of actual warmth from the sun, underneath the blood and metal, despite some of that heat surely being fire.

So after the battle is won, and their Rogue team is a thorn in the Rebellion’s side as opposed to the proud lapel bloom they had once been, they request some- shore leave, as it were.

They ask for somewhere tropical, to rewrite their sensory memories.

Cassian sleeps, at long last he sleeps, in the shade of K2’s new body, ignoring the complaints about sand and rust.

Jyn and Bodhi play a raucous game of volleyball: Jyn is far too competitive and Bodhi runs away from the ball every time she smashes it with fearsome glee.

Baze floats in the gentle shallows, because feeling weightless is something he hasn’t allowed himself for decades.

And Chirrut- well, Chirrut can’t swim (where on Jedha would he have learnt? the kyber salt pools were waist high at best) but he wades in after Baze anyway, bare chested with the skirts of his new robes hiked to upper thigh, because he’ll be damned if he misses an opportunity to conquer something new. Plus Baze is enjoying himself, and Chirrut likes to enjoy Baze enjoying himself.

Swimming is a lot harder than he’s been led to believe. He swallows a lot of seawater, but by the time Baze drags him back to the beach, Jyn has shyly produced… a buoyancy aid.

“What does it look like?” he asks, croaky and delighted.

“A Corlassian seadragon,” says Baze, voice wavering from panic turned to mirth. “A pink one.”

They float together, hands clasped so that Chirrut doesn’t drift away.

“Oh,” he sighs, “it’s like being swept up in the Force. Surrounding us, warm in its current. Why didn’t you ever take me swimming somewhere?”

Baze snorts, fond. “Like you would have left your beloved sand. Besides, you say that of everything. Dust storms are like the Force. Fresh soup is like the Force. Sex is like-”

Chirrut dunks him, and paddles away laughing.

gospel around his fingers

Dex slams the door shut and presses against the wood, leaning his head back and sucking in a deep breath. He stares blindly up at the ceiling and–

“Nurse, I dare you to kiss the prettiest person in the room. Not counting me.” Lardo pretends to flip a lock of hair over her shoulder. “We all know I’d smoke you bitches,” she adds, grinning. Her teeth flash in the low lighting, and she knocks back the last of her drink as the gather group lets out joking boos.

They all “ooh” at Nursey as he raises a challenging eyebrow and smirks at Lardo. He makes a show of looking around the room, leering slightly at the other players of spin the bottle – Holster, Dex, Tango, Ollie, Wicks, and a few members of the volleyball and soccer teams. Bitty is grinning from his spot on the floor next to Lardo and Dex, watching as Nursey catches the eye of each person.

“Dex!” The memory is abruptly interrupted as Chowder’s voice comes from beyond the door. “Come on, man!” Dex tries to straighten up, but his legs refuse to work. He sinks down to the floor, back still pressed against the door, trying to suck in deep breaths of air. He drops his head between his knees, squeezing his eyes shut and–

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Summary: In which Draco becomes friends with the golden trio in first year and seven years later he’s hopelessly in love with Harry.

Word Count: 14.6k

Includes: smut yo

you can also read on ao3

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Imagine: Giving Daryl His First Blowjob and It Leading to Rough Sex

(A/N: Well, it’s official, Norman Reedus has made me complete trash. Enjoy this other lil one shot thing I had to write out).


Daryl had secured the room and he stood there awkwardly as you walked up willfully to him and pressed your body suggestively into his, rubbing your chest up and down his, done with any subtle clues, needing to show him tonight how much you wanted him.

Daryl had recently confessed to you that he had never been given a blowjob before, this leaked out one night during a drunken session of truth or dare between you. You had been hinting at Daryl for months now, trying to get him to see how much you wanted him. After that night, you knew you had to make it up to the man, you planned to do it when the time was right. By looks of this old secure house, you had just found it.

Daryl noticed your eyes on him, his jaw tightened and he stared at you like he didn’t know what to do.

You smiled playfully in response and squared his shoulders, pushing his body back onto the bed behind him, his legs dangled on the edge.

You smile and kneel down in between his legs as you graze your hands up and down his muscular thighs, watching as your hands rub his blue denim jeans harshly, causing warm friction to be created. You lick your lips and rub your thighs together as your eyes lock on to the button of his jeans and his hard cock, throbbing inside its prison. You run your hand over it and intentionally rub it up and down, looking innocently up at Daryl, who is biting his lip and groaning to himself, trying to keep control.

“Shit, Y/N…” Daryl half grunted, half moaned, as his eyes close at your touch.

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You and I (1)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 3308

Warnings: Smol Angst..Smut..Cursing..Metal Arm!!

Summary: You broke up with your boyfriend and you try to distract yourself by listening to loud music and cleaning your room. Bucky lives on the same floor as you and hears the music. Curiosity gets the best of him.

A/N: I’m still shit at summaries. I honestly think this obsession with Bucky’s arm and hair is just going too far but what the hell!! Use protection people. Better safe than surprised! Still new to smut writing…so ya! Leave comments pwetty pwease. Send me a message if you want to be tagged in anything.

Permanent Tag List:  @meganlane84 @mizzzpink @bringmetheemobands @kimistry27 @fireandicewillsuffice @vacam79 @amrita31199

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The Labyrinth Chapter 30

Originally posted by bts-we-are-bulletproof

Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU

Pairing: Reader/Jimin ft. all the members

Length: 6.5k

Summary: Looking back on your past, your life has never been anything out of the ordinary. Although your parents had left you on one mysterious night, leaving you little to no explanations, you live out the rest of your years residing in a new town under the custody of your aunt. That is, until you return to your hometown to investigate the whereabouts of your parents during your senior year in high school. It was that fateful decision that led you to find a boy collapsed on your front porch one night, wounds gaping and life fading when your entire life is spun out of control. Somehow being dragged into a life of crimes in the underground business of his, you discover the twisted secrets hidden behind the world you thought you had known all along. 

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

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For No Reason

Originally posted by youdovethroughaholeintheuniverse

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Spider-Man Homecoming spoilers, some blood

Request: Could you do one where the reader is in the washington monument when the elevator breaks?

You followed the your academic team into the Washington Monument, laughing at a joke Flash had just told. You all were riding on the success of your latest win at nationals- Flash still held the trophy proudly at the front of the group. You grinned, standing beside Ned while the group waited for the tour guide.Then you frowned, noticing Ned’s narrowed eyes and worried expression.

“Are you okay?” you asked.

Ned nodded. “Of course.”

You sighed, remembering how Peter had bailed the night before. No wonder Ned looked so worried.

“I’m sure he’s okay, he wouldn’t leave for no reason,” you said.

Ned got a strange look on his face. “Yeah, no. Definitely not.”

“Everyone’s belongings in here!” called a security guard.

You began to move toward the metal detectors behind Ned, shrugging off your backpack and placing it on a belt. You also slid your phone from your pocket, checking one more time to see if there was anything from Peter. No matter how much you tried to deny it, you were a little angry that he had left. But he had to have a good reason, right?

You stepped through the metal detectors, picking up your backpack and phone. A woman who must’ve been the tour guide was waving the kids toward an elevator. You checked over your shoulder involuntarily before squeezing in behind one of the other kids on the team. It was as if you almost expected Peter to run through the doors at any moment in his normal haphazard way. But still, nothing.

“Okay, everyone here? Good.”

You drowned out the tour guide as the elevator began to climb upward. You stared out of focus at Ned in front of you, the joy from the win fading as the elevator climbed higher.

You jumped when a bright purple flash blinded you momentarily. Your mouth fell open.

“Uh, Ned… your backpack!”

You weren’t able to finish that sentence. Ned’s backpack exploded in beams of violet light that sliced through the top of the elevator. You lurched back into the elevator wall, holding in a scream. Everyone around you began to panic. The tour guide tried unsuccessfully to calm everyone down.

You glanced up at the smoldering ceiling. A jagged circle was cut in the metal, the edges glowing orange. The tour guide reached up, pushing open a hatch. She lifted herself out with the help of a man on the floor above the broken elevator. You tried to stand on shaky legs, moving forward to go out the hatch.

Flash shoved his way to the opening, throwing the trophy through. He was yelling something that you couldn’t hear over the sound of your pounding heart and the groaning of metal. You had read about this type of stuff and seen it on the news, but you never expected to be in a situation just like it on your academic team’s trip to nationals.

You yelped when the elevator suddenly lurched, plummeting downwards. You were pressed against the wall, your screams dying as your stomach seemed to try and force its way up your throat.

With a great groan, the elevator jerked to a stop. You fell to the floor, wincing as your chin smacked against the cool metal. You looked up to see the ceiling gone. Your eyes widened when you saw the Spider-Man braced against what was left of the ceiling, his arms straining as he held onto a string of web.

You could only stare openmouthed as he pulled the elevator up to the nearest door. Spider-Man didn’t look very big at all, you wondered how he could be lifting an entire elevator.

The doors were forced open with the sound of breaking glass, the elevator finally having come to a floor. Everyone started to push their way out. You struggled to get to your feet, almost bumping into Liz.

Right when you and Liz were about to step onto the floor, the elevator shuddered, then started to fall again. Liz screamed, you reaching up to try and vainly grab at the doors. You winced when broken glass cut into your palms, your flailing fingers grabbing onto nothing.

You screamed when your body jerked, the elevator continuing to fall beneath you. You looked up, seeing Liz dangling just above you. One of your hands was covered in a sticky web. You looked up at Spider-Man fearfully, trying not to think about the very long drop below you.

He hauled up Liz first, helping her through the door. Then he grabbed you. You winced as the web stuck to the cuts from the broken glass. Soon enough, you were through the door. You felt a hand on your back as you stepped onto the solid concrete floor with a sigh of relief. You turned around to see Spider-Man looking at you.

“Are your hands okay?” he asked.

You glanced down at them, cringing at the sight of the blood staining your fingers. “I-I think so.”

“No problem,” the superhero said. You frowned. His voice seemed awfully familiar.

You turned to ask Spider-Man one thing, one simple question, but he was gone. You looked at the empty elevator shaft, shuddering when you thought of what could have happened if he wasn’t there.

“Thank you,” you whispered. “Thank you, Spider-Man.”

The Matchmakers - Part 7

Art made by the amazing @bambz-art

@setthestarsxnfire​ and I wrote this one together! Hope you enjoy! This one is long so more under the cut~

MC: It’s a beautiful day!

Jaehee Kang: We should do something together

V: Agreed, it’s been awhile since we went out as a group.

ZEN: Like what?

707: Let’s go to the fair~!! ✧◕ヮ◕✧

ZEN: We’ve already been to the fair

Yoosung★: Oh? Since when :3

Saeran: ‘We’?

ZEN: Since
ZEN: Ehm
ZEN: No no, I misspoke
ZEN: I’ve never been there

Jumin Han: …

MC: Great!
MC: Then it’s settled, let’s all go!

Jaehee Kang: I don’t know if it’s something for me.

MC: Jaehee, it’s not the same without you (;﹏;)

707: MC’s secret weapon has been activated!

Jaehee Kang: Ah! I will go, MC!
Jaehee Kang: Don’t cry!

MC: Yaaayyy!!

Jumin Han: I really should finish writing these reports.

V: Come on Jumin, it’s Sunday.
V: Zen, you will be there, I hope?

ZEN: Hah… I suppose I can’t refuse if everyone wants to see me

Jumin Han: Alright, I’ll join.

MC: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Yoosung★: Saeran, you’re not going to protest as well, right?

Saeran: Saeyoung is already dragging me out the door ⌐.⌐

707: Whoo~!

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Just Do It, Daryl

Request #1: Can you do a one were they hate each other with a passion, Rick sends them on a run together but they just keep arguing and smut happens (angry sex)

Request #2: Can you do one when Reader meets everyone in the prison and everyone sees right away how many things in common she has with Daryl but they both deny it and are arguing all the time or ignoring each other (whatever you prefer) until one day smut happens and they admit their feelings for each other?

Summary: Season 3 Prison Era. Daryl and the reader don’t get along and haven’t since she joined the group. Daryl thinks she wants Rick and he has a crush on her. Little does he know she feels the same way about him, she just doesn’t want to let him push her around. After yet another epic throw down fight, Rick has had enough and sends you two out on a run alone to figure your shit out. On the run Daryl finally decides to show you how he feels and angry, lovey-dovey smut occurs.

AN: I was in a lot of different places while writing this one, but I think it turned out well. Let me know if you like it! :)


Damnit! There he was again! You complained to yourself in your head as your eyes met the dirty redneck that thought he could just take and do what he wanted.

You huffed, wincing your eyes as he walked toward you down the long corridor or the cell block, you of course just had to be walking the opposite direction, so your paths were forced to meet.

His eyes hardened when you narrowed your eyes at him and his jaw clenched, as he continued to walk your way, not giving an inch or a moment of hesitation.

You both walked toward each other dominantly until your bodies finally met, both of you standing slightly more toward the center than was needed to pass by each other. Your shoulders met with impact and you both cocked your heads over toward each other, with angry eyes.

The moment was filled with tension, but you would not allow yourself to back down, he had been pushing your buttons since the minute you joined this group. He always was blocking your path, wherever in this place you seemed to be, dominantly swooping around you, like he owned everything. You had always pushed back, showing him you were the only boss of yourself, no one else.

You peered into his eyes, yours hard as nails, as you pivoted your right foot around and planted it firmly to the side, squaring your shoulder and your body into his.

He growls a little in the back of his throat, pivots his right foot and squares your body back in retaliation. He eyes squinted and he looked you up and down, “Better watch where you’re goin, Y/N.” He growled lowly and pushed his body into yours.

You shoved your shoulder into his in return and glared up at him, “You better watch who you’re bumpin into, Dixon.” You growled defiantly and forced your body to stay in its defensive position as you glared him down.

You both stood there for what seemed like an eternity, neither one of you budging, until you heard Rick’s voice echoing across the drab concrete walls.

“Not this, again…” Rick said loudly to himself, shaking his head and putting his hands on his hip.

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  • Keith: (excited because he's finally allowed to go look through Lance's knife collection)
  • Keith: what's...this...
  • Keith: (holds up a pastel pink knife with Hello Kitty print on the blade)
  • Lance: (forced laugh) ha ha yeah so I totally bought that as a joke...It's funny. Isn't it funny? Totally funny. Anyways-
  • Keith: (raises an eyebrow)
  • Keith: (pulls out several more Hello Kitty in various pastel shades)
  • Lance: (sweating) It...It was a pack, okay, thEY DIDNT LET YOU BUY JUST ONE STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT
Jeff Atkins #3

Request: first of all i love your writing!! can you do like a ‘7 minutes in heaven’ at jessica’s party with jeff? y/n and jeff know their names but they dont really know eachother but they get chosen and it gets a little heated if you know what i mean ;) you dont have to do smut if you dont want to

A/N: Thank you so much! And thank you everyone of my 1143 followers. Crazy shit happening here :D
Sorry for the delay, but I hope you enjoy xx
Also tagging: @brandlarracuente @jeffatk1ns

Originally posted by lovershub

“Jess! Jess wait, stop. NO!”, I try to hesitate but soon after my so called friend closes the door behind me, forcing me to face the person behind me.
“Hi.”, I smile awkwardly and lean against the door behind me, while resting my head for a minute.
A stupid round of '7 Minutes in Heaven’ caused me and a boy named Jeff Atkins, to end up in the closet with each other.
Even though its not a closet but more like a pantry with very less ability to move around.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. This is stupid.”, Jeff suddenly sighs and I shrug my shoulders while looking at the ripped boy in front of me.
It can’t be denied that he is indeed very handsome.
Big, brown eyes and a smile that could convince anyone to do anything.
But other than that, that’s it.
I know absolutely nothing about this guy and now I am forced to spend 7 minutes in this room with him.

The first two minutes pass and none of us is saying anything, just me looking around and him staring at me.
“What?”, I  finally ask and Jeff shakes his head with this particular smile on his face.
I can’t help it but laugh a little bit as well while I keep looking around.
After a few minutes I can feel Jeff’s look on me again and let out a bugged smile while facing him one more time.

“Seriously, could you stop looking at me? God!”, I growl and rest my head at the door again and Jeff walks the two steps possible over to me.
Seriously Y/N, could you relax? We’re stuck in here together so we could at least make the best out of it.”, he shrugs his shoulders and I raise an eyebrow while looking him in the eyes.
“What are you thinking about?”, I ask mockingly, knowing exactly what he’s suggesting because the sexual tension in this moment can’t be ignored.

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Also, just so everyone knows, I’m posting these to my ao3 as well now so that people can read them on here as well as on there

“Good morning, Blue.”

Allura’s voice had startled not only Lance, but also the Blue Lion, the two having been in a deep conversation. He had gone to her only a few vargas ago, his mind racing with thoughts of what exactly was going to happen in the future. Was he going to be stuck on the castle? Be forced to haunt his friends? His family? Would he finally be allowed to pass on once they reach Earth once again? Normally he had been able to ignore the thoughts, but he had been sitting in the kitchen as Hunk cooked when the Yellow Paladin began to murmur to himself about the future and he just needed to get his thoughts off his chest, he needed to talk about it. So, naturally, he went to Blue. He was always able to talk to her and even though it was possible to speak to the other lions now, Blue was his. She would always be his lion, so of course he would go to her over one of the other lions.

“I was hoping we could talk?” Allura’s voice was hopeful as she approached the lion, multicolored eyes staring up at Blue. A questioning purr rumbled through Lance’s mind and he let out a soft sigh before smiling softly, standing up.

“She’s your paladin now, too, Blue.” The lion let out a sound that sounded almost like a huff and a laugh forced its way from Lance’s lips. When he had started to leave as Blue lowered her head to let Allura in through her large maw, Blue’s voice stopped him. 

‘Stay. Just this once.’

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“Love, please focus. This is no time for juvenile drawings or… whatever you’re doing.”
Patton looked up from the paper labeled “to do” and held it up for Logan to see. Next to the plethora of hearts and stars he had drawn, there were now two stick figures holding hands; one stick figure had a tie around its neck, and the other had a cardigan over its shoulders. “Look babe! I drew us!” He flashed his signature cheerful beam.
Logan raised his eyebrows and took the paper, holding it closer to inspect the drawing. “You drew… something.”
Patton’s face changed to a slightly discouraged frown and he grabbed the paper back. “Like you could do better,” he mumbled.
Logan said nothing, aware of the fact that, objectively, he probably could do better. He forced a small smile. “Good point, dear.” Patton picked up the purple crayon he was using and looked back to Logan for further instruction. “Okay, next write the number 2, then a colon, and the number 30.” He nodded and scribbled down the number 2, then paused. “Patton? Are you okay?”
“Um… What’s a colon?”
“You know what that is. It’s the two dots, like this.” He took the purple crayon from Patton’s hand and drew a colon directly next to the number 2.
“Oh!” Patton exclaimed, smiling. “Time dots! Of course I know what time dots are!”
“Time dots? That’s a colon.”
“Okay, whatever you say Mr. Sanders,” Patton mocked, not realizing that Logan actually loved that name.
“Okay…” He almost left it at that, but he felt an overwhelming need to make sure Patton knew the proper terminology. Quickly, he added, “But it’s not time dots. I don’t… That’s not what that is. It’s… it’s called a colon, Patton.” The other trait stared at him blankly. Logan felt a little mean, and was sure he sounded ruder than he intended, but he still had to be right. He always had to be right. “…Dear,” he added in a quiet voice.
“Why does it matter? It’s just a word. Just a made up word,” Patton reminded him, “All words are made up.”
Logan took a deep breath. He was right about that. He watched as the other returned to doodling stick figures in purple crayon, always giving one a neck tie and the other a cardigan. Logan didn’t know why, but he wasn’t satisfied. Although Patton’s statement wasn’t wrong, it still wasn’t what he was looking for. All he wanted was for Patton to learn; whenever he was able to teach him something, he felt real joy. (Maybe partially due to the fact that Patton would shower him with compliments about his intelligence the whole time.) Coming off as a bit of an asshole was Logan’s specialty however, so over the years he’d been learning to tread carefully with Patton when it came to logical things. Even still, Logan admittedly had little to no filter.
“Patton, I see what you’re saying, and you’re right. All words are, in fact, made up. But I think you’re… I just think you’re missing the point.” Patton looked up from the paper. “The word ‘colon’ was created to serve as a label for this symbol.” He pointed to the colon on the paper. “It has a specific meaning and purpose. And ‘time dots’ is… It describes only a small fraction of what colons are used for. It’s offensive, really. Colons are used following subjects or headers, to introduce an item or series of items, they’re also useful in coding, playwrights use them between a character’s name and their dialogue, and…” He looked up to see Patton staring at him. Logan read his expression as confusion, although there seemed to be a range of emotions displayed on his face, including a hint of a smile across his lips. He decided to try explaining in words that Patton would understand. “What I’m… what I’m saying is… if colons were people… it’s like you’re calling them ‘walking machine’ or ‘talking machine’. It’s… They have names. Humans have names and you resort to calling them a different name that sums up a tiny portion of what they are capable of. And… in this hypothetical example of colons being humans, this hurts their feelings. I presume.” He finished and Patton was staring at him with the same expression. “Sweetheart? Say something.”
His tiny smile grew into a beam and he broke out in laughter. Logan furrowed his brow. Had he said something wrong?
Patton threw his head back and closed his eyes as he laughed.
After a moment of this, he took a deep breath and sighed, still beaming. His gentle hands reached out to grab one of Logan’s.
“Patton, I don’t understand.”
“Oh, Logan.” He ran a thumb across the back of the other’s hand.
“Did I make a joke? Why are you smiling like that?”
“Because…” He chuckled. “Because I’m so in love with you. I’m so in love with you, Logan, and I just don’t know what to do about it.”
Logan’s confused expression went blank, then a smile tugged at his lips. He let out a silent, breathy chuckle, staring at Patton, absolutely starstruck. “Patton, oh my goodness.”
The more one laughed, the more the other did, and it continued like that in a seemingly endless cycle. Calming slightly, Patton gently cupped Logan’s face and moved closer so they were a centimeter apart. They were both smiling, ghosts of laughter still on Patton’s lips. “I just don’t know what to do about it babe,” he whispered. He leaned forward and their foreheads touched. They stared into each other’s eyes. Patton was still letting out soft giggles here and there, and Logan was speechless.
No, he wasn’t too good with feelings. But he knew this was love. Somehow he’d stumbled upon someone who accepted him for exactly who he was. Logan’s whole life he’d been told he was emotionless, a robot, other petty things that stung more than they should’ve. When Patton first confessed his love for him, he finally felt… normal. If someone could love him for who he was, maybe he could learn to love himself too. Maybe he was more than just Logic. Maybe he wasn’t such a robot after all.
“Patton…” he whispered, a smile still present on his lips. “How did I get so lucky?”

Daddy’s Girl

Titled: ‘Daddy’s Girl.’ 

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x daughter!reader 

Summary/A/N:  “Imagine You are Jensen’s daughter and you guest star on Supernatural and Uncle Jared and Daddy play with you on set.” You should make a fic out of this. Well, sure! This was requested by @chrisssyym and I really hope you got what you wanted! 

Warnings: Single Daddy!Jensen, little angst, but lots of fluff! Italics are flashback. The bold is the flashback within the flashback.

Tagging: @sis-tafics @mysteriouslyme81 @winchesters-favorite-girl@daughters-and-winsisters @spnsisimagines @winchester-writes @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @sincerelysaraahh @ilostmyshoe-79 @abaddonwithyall@winchesterwhisper @waywardsons-imagines @winchester-writes@winchesterfics @winchesterenthusiast @winchester-clique @soaringeag1e@spnfeelstrain @msimpala67 @ivvitm1109 @mkay-chan@the-mrs-deanwinchester  @one-shots-supernatural @mysupernaturalfics@supernatural-jackles @bringmesomepie56@youwerelikeadream@mysteriouslyme81 @zombi3gyrl07@beatlesobsessionlove @wanderer-08@madelineannmolder @feelmyroarrrr@girl-next-door-writes @oh-goodness-loki @chantillilace @mysupernaturalfics @castiels-sweet-little-grace @supernotnaturalcas @atc74 @mommaton@ilostmyshoe-79 @my–heroine@curliesallovertheplace @blacktithe7@pureawesomeness001 @little-red-83@deansbaekaz2y5 @ellen-reincarnated1967 @chaos-and-the-calm67 @tardis-full-of-fallen-angels@therewillbeblood @meeshw777 @intimeandspacewithyou

Jensen didn’t appear the least bit surprised when at their next con someone asked after the latest Supernatural episode if that was his daughter who was the guest star. Jensen was more than happy to talk about his baby girl. 

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