it's like he becomes a little kid

i can already feel tfp becoming like that one annoying neighborhood kid who insists on hanging out with your children, and he’s generally terrible and his parents don’t bother to even try to discipline him and he has all these quirks that drive you up a damn wall and he constantly tells stories you know can’t possibly be true, but every now and then he’s unexpectedly funny or, on even rarer occasions, a little bit sweet, but mostly you wish he’d just leave your children the hell alone. but then he does and you don’t see him for a while, and you kinda start to wonder what timmy’s up to these days, if he’s still an annoying little hellspawn or if maybe you’d like him more now, maybe he’s changed after all, so you invite him over to play with your kids again, just to see, and he makes a mess of your house and rubs his unwashed hands all over the snacks and sucker punches your favorite child in the mouth, and you remember all over again why you didn’t like him in the first place…

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The locals say there’s monsters taking the form of humans these days, now that they can’t get away with being big as skyscrapers, big as death. They say there’s two men down by the shore who pick up the trash and debris and scream into the water because they get stuck like that, stuck on the shore. stuck in their heads. When you see them in town they don’t look back, or they do, but they aren’t looking at you. Its unnerving.

They’re war heros, says one person. Madmen says another. monsters says a little kid who watched the scruffy one pick at the fish on the dock like he was looking for something specific.

Be your own cryptid. Step one: become obsolete. Step two: wait.

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january 2017 - week four

1/22/17 - well, jon hasn’t gotten enough of carving alder yet. he started carving another big piece and has ended up with this nearly-finished pike. i get a bit distracted with my own projects, and it seems like half the time i look to my left and all of a sudden he’s got a nearly-complete project. so this fish is now sitting on our table, and over the next few days it gets its last little fine tuning and then gets sanded to a brilliant finish. hopefully someday it will become some kid’s beloved playmate.

meanwhile, we are suffering our way through winter hibernation with such intestinal delights as cast-iron skillet pizza. we ran out of mozzarella cheese (alaskan grocery stores have very… sporadically interesting selections of certain items), and so have resorted to colby jack, which is still, of course, delicious.

a few days later, as i’m going through one of my totes of craft supplies, i pull out an assortment of deer antler beads, buttons and toggles i’d made back in michigan. a few of the awkward shaped ones that i hadn’t figured out a use for yet get pressed into service on my fur hood.

i’ve been stalling for weeks finishing this. i’ve had the last piece of rabbit fur sitting right next to me on the windowsill the whole time, just waiting to become the nice upper face mask portion that will really make my hood The Best when it’s super cold out. so the new antler buttons get sewn onto the hood, and i affix braided yarn loops to each corner of the face mask, and it gets positioned so that the left side will more or less be ‘permanently’ attached, and the right side can be unhooked more easily when i want to just let the face mask hang down.

it takes a bit of adjustment to get the loops just right, since one or two of them were a bit loose to start with. but the face mask stays in place just fine. this is now the best hood ever. gods forbid i ever have to deal with warm weather again, because i don’t want to put this thing away.

later that same evening, i go crazy working on new rune sets - birch and willow this time. i had cut the discs for these several days ago, and now that i’m sure they’re not going to do any cracking on me, i’m safe to get them sanded, branded, and sealed. my little branding irons get set into the fire in the woodstove to heat, and soon another batch is marked up and ready for a salve to finish it off. branding wood is so much fun, and these rune sets look so beautiful when they’re finished. i’m so glad to be able to list them in my shop for folks who are looking for sets made with a bit more… authentic material, and of course lots of love and care.

the next day jon and i walk toward the lake to share a supper with the neighbors. on the way, we’re watching and listening to the feeding frenzy of a flock of small birds, one of many who feed on the abundant seeds up in the birch and spruce trees. as always, they knock down as many seeds as they eat, and the fresh snow is littered with them. this is my favorite form of winter tree identification - by seeds on snow. in the photo above you can see our three main kinds of tree represented: birch, spruce, and alder. we also have willow and cottonwood, but they drop their seeds during the warm season, and so aren’t represented well on the snow.

dinner with the neighbors is a treat. andrew brought back a ham when he went to town back in december, and now it comes out of the freezer, gets studded with cloves and pineapple chunks, and comes out of the oven with mouth-watering smells wafting off of it. we enjoy a meal of this ham, its attendant pineapple, some winter squash, mashed potatoes, some of my red sauerkraut, and some herbal infusions (the options today are raspberry-ginger or licorice-mint). YUM.

as if all this good food wasn’t enough for one week, a few days later jon and i get to talking about, for some reason, philly cheese steaks. i was born in philadelphia, lived there as a young child, and continued to visit family there for a number of years. my tongue still remembers the excellence that is a genuine philly cheese steak, so when we started talking about them, i couldn’t help it… we Had to try to make some.

i knew they wouldn’t be perfect. they’d simply be the alaskan bush version. but boy did we try. jon made up some dough and baked nice long, fluffy hoagie buns. we warmed up and seared our delicious moose meat (which jon had marinated in a bunch of seasonings), and i grated probably a pound of cheese to melt in with the meat. we don’t have mushrooms, fresh onions (though dehydrated onions were in the marinade), or peppers. we don’t have those perfect german hoagie rolls, or sirloin, or the right cheese. but these cheese steaks were Huge and Cheesy and Meaty and Delicious. boy, winter is Hard. i’m not sure we’ll eat tomorrow… we’ll need time for our stomachs to recover.


“What was it you guys said? We humans are ‘ugly’? Trash that would sell out anybody if our family’s been taken hostage? Ha! Sounds like you’re real familiar with that little ploy. You’re right. Humans will do anything for their families. We’ll happily lie, cheat, make deals with the devil, or even become demons ourselves. If you want to call that 'ugly,’ then fear human ugliness when it kills you, bloodsuckers!”

replaying pillars of eternity more like how deeply can I fall back in love with these kids again

and how much can I hate myself for not playing a priest and having to drag durance around

anonymous asked:

Yeah same goes for Chris Martin from coldplay, he had admitted that when he was young he would find himself attracted mostly by male members of boybands/groups, especially Take That, and that he struggled with coming on terms with his own sexuality because of religious guilt. Also some other hints but again, we never know whats the truth and tbh thats okay its not our business

oh really? i didn’t know that about chris martin, that’s sad :( i hope he’s at peace with it now, regardless of how he identifies

yeah like…. i GET why people care so much? especially lgbt kids because it’s not like we’re drowning in representation out here so you cling to any evidence that your favorite celebrities might be like you but…. there is a point where i think it becomes a little creepy and invasive. (and for straight people, that point is the INSTANT they start speculating, imo.)

that said i don’t generally have a problem with lgbt kids speculating on the sexuality of celebrities? as long as they aren’t like, doing it where said celebrity could easily find it or actually directly harassing them about it

you know it always gets to me that rin never expected haru to share a future with him

it was definitely something he wanted, even when he was little he chased this idea of him and his “shining” flying side by side together into the future

but that was something close to something silly like a kid dreaming of becoming a superhero or something, it was just a little crazy ideal that he wished for while pursuing his own goals

and its like, as he grew and actually got to the point where his dream was getting closer and closer to becoming attainable, he saw the person he admired most of all, the person who helped get him to where he was in the first place, this person with all this potential to do whatever his heart desired struggling

he still wanted to swim with haru, he still wanted to share a future with haru, but most of all before anything else he wanted haru to have something of his own to shoot for, his own dream

“What would you do?” ; “What do you want to do?

rin gave haru the opportunity to really look and see what he wanted for himself, a chance to search for a dream and capture it just like rin had been doing for himself all this time

rin told haru what he wanted to do, what he was shooting for, how he felt.

but now it was time for haru to decide. and rin finally giving haru this opportunity to step out of his same world, and see something new, and finally find something for himself is so beautiful

because we get to see haru’s smile become much brighter and his outlook for the future become much clearer

and in the end, they both still get to fly together side by side like it was all some sort of fantasy

Can I Have a Private Dance? | Closed RP

Talon walked out of the bar while trying to get his keys out. Today was the last day of finals, and a bunch of the professors had went out for drinks after the last test to relax and loosen up before they had to start grading. Becoming a college professor does have its benefits. Unlike high school, their are less kids disrupting classes for no reason, almost every student in his classes find what he teaches interesting, and the best part, he is able to assign more challenging reading. He loves it.

He was just about to get into his truck when heard a male’s voice coming the neighboring parking lot. “Come on baby, you can’t tell me you shake you little ass like that for everyone.”

Talon looked over to see a strip club parking lot. The source of the voice was middle aged white male, holding a girl against one of the cars. Based of how he was talking, Talon assumed that the girl worked at the club. By the looks of it, she didn’t like what the man was doing. He walks over to them.


So I’ve been thinking...

So as any Gravity Falls fan knows, there are a few Lord of the Rings references here and there. The two obvious ones are when Stan had the Eye of Sauron.

And the second one was the famous LOTR meme, “One does not simply…”

However, I’ve been thinking. In Gravity Falls, Ford’s 3 journals have been taken by several people. The journals contain a vast amount of knowledge of seemingly-impossible creatures. Let’s focus on the main holders of them though. Dipper, Gideon, and Ford.

Let’s talk first about Dipper.

Before finding the third journal, Dipper seemed like your average kid. He loved to read and was overly curious. But once he found the journal, he ended up burying himself in its secrets.

As the show went on, we watched little Dipper go from being a normal, fun-loving boy, to something rather different. As he read more into the journal, and experienced the horrific creatures that were recorded in it, we saw him become more impulsive and irritable and anxious. He would spend hours at a time attempting to find answers to his questions. He made the deal with Bill Cipher in order to get the password for a computer, even though he knew there would be dire consequences. This all caused him to become paranoid, and corrupted him over time. He even threatened to erase Ford’s memories because he feared Bill Cipher was possessing him!

Dipper engrossed himself so deeply into the journal and its secrets that he began thinking everything that happened around him would lead back to it.

Now, putting Dipper aside for a moment, let’s talk about Gideon.

Gideon is only about 12 years old. But he is clearly one of the most messed up characters, if not, then the most messed up. He found Journal 2, and lost all his sanity to it.

Gideon became obsessed with trying to find the rest of the journals once he found just one. He summoned Bill Cipher in order to enter Stan’s mind and get the deed to the Mystery Shack because he knew it would be there. He yelled at and abused his parents to get them in on his plans as well. Because of his obsessions, he grew manipulative, and tricked all of Gravity Falls in order to build his giant robot.

Gideon wanted to take over all of the town, and possibly more. And he ended up being thrown in prison for it. He grew so frustrated with it that he went so far as to possess his own dad to get himself out of jail! When that failed, he summoned Bill Cipher to make a deal, even though he knew the hell it caused last time he did something like that.

Now, steering away from Gideon for a bit, we have one last person. Ford Pines, the author.

Ford used to be your average child, running around on the beach and playing with his brother. Nothing was wrong at all with him.

But then came the idea of the journals. Ford chose to travel to Gravity Falls and collect data on all the strange beings he could find there. Over the years, he grew suspicious and secluded himself inside the shack.

And long story short, he ended up going too deep into his research and befriended Bill Cipher to find all the answers that he could. It seemed like a moment of glory until he was betrayed, and left alone with nobody to turn to. This caused him to become paranoid and skeptical of absolutely everything and everyone, including his own family.

It’s clear from this that all three of the journals have caused people to lose their minds in some way, ranging from minor to major. Depending on how much they’ve been exposed to, it causes more damage, and even obsession.

Now… what do you think that sounds like?

Uhuh! Yep! Think about it!

The ring causes anyone who holds onto it long enough to lose their sanity. Take Gollum for example.

Gollum held onto the ring for so many years. He thought of himself as two people in one body because it corrupted his mind so much. He even called the ring “Precious”, and considered it his most prized posession. Once Bilbo entered the cave, and stole it, he tried to chase him down and eat him alive!

Similar things happen to Frodo and basically anyone else who gets a hold of the ring. All bearers become corrupted, and this leads everyone to the conclusion that the ring must be destroyed by taking it to Mordor.

Mordor basically seems like a vast hellscape. And what does that look like?

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