it's like half the size of my head

Expedition to Sol2487-3 Pt. 2

The first encounter with life on Sol2487-3 - we called it “weeny wacky mudpot”, at least for the time being - would proof itself as one of the most gruesome experiences of my life.
We enterd the “field”, as Dr. Proaxl named it, but in fact it was a jungle. The stems of that cultivated grass reached far into the sky, almost as far as anyone could see. The soil underneath was brown, crumbling, muddy, and smelled like a space corps’ field latrine in Pjörecian summer.
Our expedition platoon consisted of in total four security squads members, including Loxxar Kraes, respectively two members of both medical and scientific squad, on top of that Dr. Proaxl, my first mate Xato Nexgrra and myself. Eleven trained and experienced ambassadors of the Intergalactic Federation of Peace in Space, half of our ship’s crew. The other half stood behind and secured the ship.

As we ranged the woods, suddenly a creature stepped out of the shadows. Our first encounter! Following the protocoll, we stayed alerted, but calm and peacefully. The creature was about our size, quite round and, well, fluffy. Its skin looked like it was covered of billions of the Grdklean Firewrappers poisonous prickles - hopefully it wasn’t as toxic as them. But our protective gear should grant our safety.
The creature approached us on all four of its limbs, and began to collect grains that were scatterd around the ground and nibbled peacefully on them while it peered at us. Its eyes were dark and round and full of… nothingness. Did it even see us? Did it even comprehend the fact that it had encountered life from outer space? This one clearly couldn’t be one of this planet’s sentinent races. I at least couldn’t remember of any sentinent race that used the same limbs for running as for eating. And this empty glance, uninvolved to anything on this planet and propably the entire universe and… for Xaleates’ sake, just how many of that grains could this thing fit in its cheeks?!
“Look how it’s stuffing itself” smirked Loxxar Kraes, “those grains must be quite delicious. Maybe we should take some, to…” As soon as he reached for one of the grains, the gates of Xyrrhos hells opened. The creature, just a second before dispassionate as a rock, jumped at him like a rabid Rjurcean Brooax. Fangs as long as my head burrowed into Loxxar Kraes’ breastplate. Fortunately it was designed for and tested in outer space, so there was no way it… it just broke. That beast just bit through one of the toughest armors the IFPS could provide.
Loxxar Kraes screamed in pain, but was soldier enough to take his gun and shoot the damn monster in the face.
I nearly had forgotten my position, as I pulled my gun and screamed on top of my breathing diaphragms “Fire! Fire! With all you’ve got!”
Beams of blazing hot plasma and bolts of concentrated electric energy whooshed through the air and hit the creature hard. It squeeked in such a high pitched tone and absurd enormous volume, that three of our team’s members - one security and both of the scientists - fainted immediately. But thank Xaleates the beast fled, leaving a scent behind that was even worse than the latrine soil we stood in.

“He is alive” answered Dr. Proaxl, “at least for now. If we returned to our ship, we could stabilize and propably save him, unless…”
“Unless?” I asked nervously.
“Unless those spineless worms that prefer crouching through the mud rather than helping in medical care of a wounded comrade can’t pull themselfes up again!” she vituperated against the collapsed crew, especially her own squad members.
The scolded ones flinched concerned, regardless the circumstance that Dr. Proaxl was the only one around who as a matter of fact had not a spine.
“Ok everyone” I commanded, “return to the ship! Weapons at the ready and all organs of perception at work!”

We retreated as fast as Loxxar Kraes’ condition allowed. But as we reached the edge of the street, the next monster awaited us.
Right on top of our ship sat - IT FRICKIN’ SAT! ON MY SHIP! - a monstrousity unheard of. Not even the scariest tales of my homeworld’s pitchblack mythology would have prepared me for this nightmare. A creature, covered in dozens of long spikes, each of them encircled with black filaments, like leafs of a tree. And its size. It was as tall as half of my crew stacked over each other. Its two limbs each branched into four roots, three in front and one in the back, wrapped around the ships hull and left screaching deep scratches, for the giant claw at the end of each root, that would have put the ceremonial weaponry of the IFPS’ guards of honour at blank shame. Its head alone was formed like an ancient weapon, a gigantic spear, meant to impale one’s body at whole. And its eye. It was gigantic, wide opened, deep as the wide darkness of space itself, but nothing compared to that earlier one’s eyes. This here seemed terrific intelligent. It fixated us with its cold, taxing glance. Suddenly, from one second to the other, the giant turned its head and showed us another eye, identic to the other one. It even bent its neck and stared down to us. It was horrific intimidating. Through the windows of the ship I could see the rest of my crew, shuddering of fear.
Then the beast unbended two additional limbs one couldn’t have expected, it stretched those extremities as if it wanted to cover the sun and bring neverending darkness upon us. We could feel how the ground was shaking and from afar rumbling thunder approached to us. This was an incarnation of Xyrrhos himself and he was about to bring us doom. Then with a clash of its gigantic black limbs it jumped - No! It pressed the air beneth it! - it flew! It genuinly flew! Without any recognizable device, it flew! Away.
“What at my progenitor’s lappets was that?!” whispered Xato Nexgrra.
Then, the doom struck.

A mountain, taller than you could see, faster as you could think, with deafening uproar scorched through, black and silver linings hasted through my sights, a screaching noise of ripping metal echoed in my ears. Blazing storms dragged me along, hundreds of steps away from the point I stood before. When I could pull myself up again, the unimaginable had happened. My ship was gone. Obliterated. Pulverised. Half of my crew, shreds in the blasting winds. Exterminated by a might incomprehensable to my thoughts.

“This isn’t weeny wacky mudpot any longer. This is… Devil’s Playground.”

Dad’s New House

Anon Submitted:

When I was about five or six years old, my parents finalized their divorce and moved into new houses. My mom, who had custody of me, stayed close to where we had lived before, but my dad moved almost an hour away to Camano Island off the coast of Northwest Washington. I visited him every other weekend.
At first, I was really excited to be moving to an island, because I thought I would get to see whales and dolphins on the beach, and when I first visited my dad’s new house, it seemed great because it was in the middle of a big forest with lots of room to play. That first day I was there, most of the stuff was unpacked from the move already, but the bedroom my dad had picked for me was still empty, so I had to sleep on the couch.
Nothing had felt especially weird that day, but anyone who has slept in a house in a forest can tell you that it gets really, really dark. It was pitch black outside when my dad finally went to bed. There were no curtains up yet, and there were two big windows on one side of the living room and a double door to a balcony/porch on the other side, and those doors were mostly made of glass, so no matter which way I lied down on the couch, I could see the dark outside. On top of that, the living room opened up on the third side, from which you could basically see the rest of the house in the day time or with lights on, but in the dark it was like a cave. It was really creepy, and I was really afraid of the dark at that age. Needless to say, I started to hate going to my dad’s house, because it meant sleeping in that scary living room. Nothing ever felt safe or welcoming there, and it was always cold. Even in the summer when it was warm outside, the house would be freezing.
One night, I must have had a hard time sleeping (more than usual) because I remember sleeping in my dad’s room, which he didn’t normally let me do. His room wasn’t much less creepy than the rest of the house– it had big glass doors to another porch too, and windows all along one wall. I remember falling asleep, and then being sort of half awake when I saw something in corner of the room next to the side of the bed I was sleeping on. It was gray and fuzzy looking, like it was hairy, about the size of a basketball. It turned around on its own, really sharply. It was an old man’s head, grinning at me. It had sparkly black eyes and a big mouth, and it would have looked totally human if it hadn’t been disembodied, sitting in the corner of my dad’s bedroom. It started to open its mouth and move towards me, and then I remember a feeling like being jolted awake, even though I hadn’t felt like I was asleep or dreaming. I was crying, but my dad would have been mad if I woke him up, so I just sat in bed with a pillow over my head until morning.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 8/10 Okay that head really caught me off guard.  Nice.

32 - Creature of the Night

After weeks of drought, the skies finally opened up and bathed the town in rain. I was driving home from work down the back road, my windshield wipers desperately trying to keep up with the downpour, when something darted in front of my car. I slammed my foot down onto the brakes and the car skidded on the wet road, nearly swerving into the tree line. My heart was racing and my shaking hands were still holding onto the wheel tightly as I struggled to catch my breath. I looked out at the dark road in front of me, but could no longer see it. What on earth was that thing?

I put up the hood of my raincoat and opened the car door. I was drenched within seconds, with the coat doing very little to protect me. I could barely hear the sound of the running engine over the pelting of the rain. It was such a dark night. The full moon was smothered under the thick shroud of clouds that no light could get through, only the headlights of my car could allow me to see anything. I thought that the thing, whatever it was, was gone now, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was watching me.

I looked in all directions, scanning the trees, but there was nothing there. It had been a long night at work, since game night was always busy at the bar, and maybe I was more tired than I had realized. I let out a long sigh, trying to steady my heart rate. I must have been seeing things. I could not wait to fall face first into my pillow the moment I got home. I was about to climb back into the car and continue on my way home, when I heard a cry over the sound of the rain. It was quiet, almost like that of a baby.

Two little eyes emerged from the darkness and began making their way towards my car. It was a cat, as black as the night, and completely soaked in the rain. I gasped. I wondered if the poor thing was a stray. I knelt down and reached my hand towards it. The cat walked towards me without hesitation and began sniffing my fingers before rubbing its face along my hand. It seemed friendly enough. I gave it a scratch behind the ear and wondered why it was out in weather like this. I felt so bad for it. I thought for a moment as I petted it, maybe I could take it home with me for just one night. I could take it to a shelter in the morning.

I put it down on the passenger seat and fished around the back seat for an old sweater that I had tossed back there a while ago. The sweater, which had the logo of my old university logo on it, was a little dirty from being on the floor, but it would do just fine. I grabbed it and began patting down the cat’s fur to dry it off. All the while, the cat remained perfectly still and never took its eyes off me. From what I knew about cats, they didn’t like strangers getting too up close and personal with them. I guess this little buddy must have been pretty desperate.

The cat watched me the entire car ride home. I was already starting to wonder what I should call it. Shadow seemed like a good fit, considering how easy it was able to blend into the darkness. Occasionally I would take my hand on the wheel just to give it another little scratch. I had never really considered myself a cat person before, but this one was just so cute that I could almost feel myself becoming one. Maybe I wouldn’t take it to the shelter after all. I didn’t see why I couldn’t just keep it.

Shadow let me carry it up to the apartment. I knew I had to be sneaky because the landlord didn’t like the tenants having any pets, but I decided that I was going to worry about that later. I placed Shadow down onto the bed and it let out a meow. It really was an odd meow, it didn’t quite sound like it should belong to a cat. I remember how when I first heard it back on the road, it sounded more like a baby. There was something about the sound that gave me the weirdest shiver down my spine, but I thought that I would just have to get used to it.

I changed into my pyjamas and climbed into bed. I was so tired at that point that I could already feel myself drifting off to sleep. Shadow stood up from where I had placed it onto the bed and walked over towards me. It laid back down beside me in a little black ball and I couldn’t help smiling. How could I give this cat away now? As I drifted off to sleep, I noticed that Shadow’s eyes were still open. It was still just watching me.

I had a strange dream that night. There was this loud sound like snapping twigs and this black shape that got bigger and bigger. The shape had these two little eyes that never stopped watching me as it grew. I felt no fear, in fact I even tried to reach out and touch it. The shape felt warm and soft under my fingers, though maybe just a little wet. I continued to pat the shape until I heard another noise, a sound similar to that of a baby. I opened my eyes to see my fingers entwined in black fur.

Shadow didn’t look like Shadow anymore. It had grown in size to that of a tiger, its features had become sharp and its claws were long. It could no longer fit on the bed, only the front half of it was resting on the space beside my face. I jumped back. It looked like a monster. Still, it only watched me. My hand was shaking, but I reached forward and scratched it behind its long pointed ear. Shadow tilted its head and rubbed its face along my hand. I smiled. I suppose that it was still kind of cute despite its size.

When I woke the next morning, Shadow was back to its normal size. It certainly was a strange dream I had last night. I got dressed and made the bed. There were a bunch of long black hairs on the white sheets. I brushed them off and put on my shoes. I looked back at Shadow, who was still watching my with those cute little eyes, before reaching for my car keys. I had to go pick up some cat food.

As I lay in my creamy cotton candy bed,

With my eyes half-closed, and which from the tears are red

My dreamy gaze starts to lazily roam the skies

And meets the blazing sunspectacle with its orange disguise

This golden moment has me in awe and then I–

I’m falling

I’m crashed in the painting-like green lushy ocean

To top it all, it starts raining, I should’ve taken caution

All of a sudden, I’m feeling blue ; I arise

And heads to the indigo mountains, big in size

On my way I see purple flowers so pretty they soothe my cries

But then, what a surprise

The clouds and the sun had decided to fill me with delight

When I’d look up to see a marvelous and bright


Here is my character from a 40k dark heresy game I will be playing in soon. She was born in a black ship of the inquisition and was raised in the pipes and ducting until she was found alone hiding amongst the city sized engines at the age of eight. Standing over the dead body of a eldar warlock with its head smashed in. Feral, half blind from living in the darkness, her mind burning like a star, she was taken by the inquisition and raised to hunt the alien threat.

I saw an arapaima at the zoo a few years ago and never really got over it. A fish I could climb inside and zip up like a sleeping bag and all of me would fit. It wasn’t just the size, though, it was how beautiful it was (in an alien, fishy sort of way)–how the iridescent head looked like some old hammered copper filigree, changing colors in the light, and its scales round and clear as coins layered on top of each other. You could see its scars, too, run deep into the flesh of it, scales ripped off here and there in dull half-circles amid all the black and copper of it. 

You can’t convey the awe of size in words, and usually not even in photos. Some of the most staggering things I have seen in my life could not even be photographed. 

All this is to say that not one but two people went “ARAPAIMA” for Mermay and I am here for this.

hi i got fifteen minutes of sleep between an eight and a ten hour shift (six and a half hours apart couldnt sleep) BUT i have justin mcelroys cover of that “jesse paint your pictures, about how its gonna be, by now i should know better, your dreams are never free, so tell me all about our little trailer by the sea, jesse, you can always sell any dream to me” song stuck in my head so im like, dead but also not bad

also! I’ve come to the conclusion that, as a dragon, i was very small in comparison to the other dragons on my world. But I also know that the world i was on was much bigger than Earth, in general. Like, uh..
If my dragon-self were to be here, on earth, right now, it’s head would be over a foot long from antlers to the tip of its snoot, maybe closer to a foot and a half. On the world i lived on at the time, however, i was the size of a ferret in comparison to many of the other dragons. Very small, little baby sized thing.

anonymous asked:

idea ofr off character: very tiny elsen, v small, its like half the size of a regular elsen, all he says is "i am a very SMELLY little man" and when you talk to him you fight him. hes a burnt and his head is a gun, his hands are also guns. anyone is allowed to use my fan character for their fangames. please use my character. please

Wtf the fuck

Hey guys! I’m Haylee. And yes before you ask Im a transgender male to female. And I’ve always struggled with body image. I was always so scared that no matter what I did, i was always going to look like a guy…and never be passable. If it wasn’t how thick my eyebrows where, to how big my nose is. Or to how my upper lip wasn’t full. or stressing if my adams apple was visible. Trust me I used to pin point every single flaw i have. I always used to talk about getting my nose fixed, to getting my upper lip filled in. and having my adams apple shaved back. But I finally realized that all my imperfections actually made me pretty and made me, me! And now I’m a 100% happy with the way i look, and how tiny my boobs are. Itty bitty titty committee FTW (lmao just kiddin) But yeah the way i became so happy in with and in my body, and this may sound corny but everyday when i woke up I always looked in the mirror and said to myself “you are gorgeous, no matter what the world thinks of you” And eventually after like a year and half of that it stuck. And now its part of my morning routine. But the moral of the story here is, that life is too short for feelin self-conscious, for not saying how you truly feel & for not going for what you really want. So live each day as though it were your last. now days I think simple pleasures are the best- like flowers, dancing & sunny days. I believe life is what you make of it & life is glorious! So always keep your head up love you are perfect no matter your size, race, sex, big, small, short, tall, your all perfect know why? Because god made each of you. So never forget that. 

<3 Love always Haylee