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agents of shield season two extended scene: agent skye in quarantine

BTS: NOW 3 Interview ~ Jin

Where do you want to go right now?

What are you looking forward to the most right now?
Success of BTS. 

What are your five greatest interests right now?
A.R.M.Y., rice, chicken, meat, and guitar. 

What was Chicago like?
Chicago pizza was delicious! And they had the largest steak I have I ever seen. 

What did you like during your stay in Chicago?
It was really nice because I was able to appreciate the sceneries and atmosphere of the city. The food was good, but to me, that was just a nice extra. The sceneries were that good. 

You had a total of six concepts in the photo book. Which concept or story did you think suited you the most?
AWAKEN. I think the heavy and formal styling really suits me. 

Do you think you are a grown-up now?
Certainly, as the leader of the group, I experienced the world a little sooner than people my age, so I think I am a grown-up. I just act like a kid on purpose! I talk to my friends and they ask for my advice on life!

What was it like when you finally turned 20?
I felt a bit empty. I also wondered when did I become an adult…

What did you want to do the most when you become an adult?
I wanted to have serious conversation on topics of our society with my father. 

You in your imagination as a little boy 10 years ago vs. You right now - Are you the same person?
I thought I would be thinking about getting married. 

You released the cover song ‘Adult Child’ three years ago. Can you empathize with the lyrics?
I want to stay a child. Getting old is sad. 

Is there something you have not tried but want to do someday?
I haven’t done acting in a while now. I want to start again. 

What other people tell you the most these days.
Now I realize that you are a handsome guy. 

What you need to hear right now.
I am happy that you are here. 

For those who support you…
I don’t know how to repay you. It is such a blessing to have people supporting my dream. I become happier with more people sending me love. I really hope you know that I support your dreams too. 

Your goal in 2016.
I want to be a person who is loved by many people. I will practice harder and try to bring joy to people. 

Your definition of ‘dream.’
To imagine things that can happen? The great feeling you will have when you achieve the dreams is inexplainable. 

After the interview…What are you going to do now?
I will go eat-

Rap Monster / Suga / J-Hope / Jimin / V / Jungkook

I have been informed that this is not, in fact, shit. It didn’t turn out remotely how I thought it would, but … ya know, whatever. I’ve also been informed that if I refer to it as shit again, effie214 will kick my ass. Ergo, I hope you enjoy this (not shit) work of fiction.

Title: Icarus, Reborn. 

Spoilers: 3x07, some (wild) speculation for 3x09 and beyond.

FF: {X}

AO3: {X}


Oliver doesn’t say anything about going to visit Felicity that night. He doesn’t say anything about anything, actually, because his words are the most effective noose in these gallows. He has said too much and not enough; all the wrong words for the right reasons.

He refuses to release any more words into the ether. They will stay locked in the cage of his body, left to rattle around in there with the jagged pieces of his demolished heart, forever. Words have done nothing but fail him, and there’s no one left to hear them, anyway; no one that he wants to share them with.

Those words – Oliver’s words – are for Felicity, and he can’t give them to her.

She doesn’t want them.

So, Oliver doesn’t say anything. He dances alone in the limbo that he’s created, a discarded marionette with broken strings. This solitude and loneliness is his own fault and he knows it. He doesn’t resent it any less. If anything, he resents it more. Everyone had tried to tell him – Sara, Digg, even Felicity; especially Felicity – and he ignored all of their warnings. Oliver has been blind and selfish. Worse than that, he has been complacent. He has been so secure in what he and Felicity have been creating that he didn’t realize until too late that it needed to be protected. What they have, what’s between them, has always been there and he was foolish enough to believe that it always would be.

Only now that it’s gone does he realize that he should have fought for it, and that it needed to be fought for in the first place.

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I had a dream where Domhnall Gleeson was running for president of the united states and everyone was just like “yeah i mean he’s better than any of our other choices” so we ended up electing him and then in his inaugural speech he revealed himself to actually be General Hux, and the whole acting career was nothing more than an elaborate ruse. But he still ended up being better than Trump because sure he did things like take children to turn them into stormtroopers but he also did shit like opened up the borders because he wanted his forces to grow and all so everyone was pretty torn about President Hux and I definitely remember Donald Trump was so mad about the space ginger winning he actually started a smear campaign against him but like. Nobody listened and President Hux ended up publicly executing him

@Dante I am so sorry

There once was a poet from Florence
who traveled with uncommon endurance
to heaven, through hell
where fainting, he fell
but was bolstered by Virgil’s assurance

its day five of @leopikaweek2016! i am! on time! 

Thursday, October 6th: Scarlet/Passions [ie. doing/sharing something they enjoy, something they feel intensely/a drive over/about, etc]

also i like the colorless version juuussst a smidgen better so like idk 

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Ok story time

So me being French, I’m not used to a lot of the things that we call “french” (french fries, French kissing, etc.) being called that and meaning something totally different when you add French to the beginning of it. So for a long time I just assumed that whenever you said something starting with “French” you always just meant the way it was normally done/had in France- logical right?

So flashback to when I’m 11, and I am just this sweet and innocent little thing. I was hanging out with all of my sixth grade friends, and we’re playing truth or dare or something, and so someone asks me whether I’ve ever French kissed a guy.
It’s important to explain here that where I’m from in France, we do this sign of respect where literally whenever you see someone you peck them on each cheek, kids start doing this when they’re like five and its actually really rude not to do it.
So me being me, I go “what!! Yeah of course!! I French kiss everyone I know, girls, boys, family, friends, you know!?” And so my friends absolutely lose their SHIT, because they think I’m talking about hardcore tongue wrestling, but I don’t know that. So for like two or three weeks at school I go around bragging that I’ve French kissed so many people I’ve lost count, and my friends (being these weird sexual emos) are like aw yeah you get it girl. You have to remember the oldest among us was 13. And I’m just so fucking proud of myself because yeah who knew a few pecks on the cheek could make you so powerful??
So these few weeks pass and I’m just the beez kneez in our class, and then one week at the peak of my fame my best friend gets the brilliant idea to dare me to French kiss the “hot guy.” So I walk up to him and I hug him (we were actually close friends) and then I give him a peck on each cheek and I swagger back to my friends and they’re staring at me with this “uhoh” look that’s somewhere between devastation and anticipation. But I don’t notice and I’m like haha there you go guys. And my best friend just cries, I swear to god I thought she was going insane because she was cry-laughing so hard she almost fell over. And I’m like what’s up? And so they explain to me what actual French kissing is and for the rest of the day I felt so nauseous and I was in such a state of shock that my teacher actually sent me to the school nurse. English sucks guys. I didn’t talk to anyone for three days.



Ok, so we have Meredith’s hospital file: 

Zip Code 95351 = Modesto, CA

And its right in between Palo Alto (where Kira’s mom went for a trauma center) and the Stanislaus National Forest and the Sierra National Forest. Which is most likely where the majority of the running around in the woods is at. However, it is a bit of a drive so I looked for a closer woodsy area and viola: The San Joaquin River National Wildlife Preserve. Which is only a little more than ten miles away from the city. 

Don’t ask why I really want to know where its set at….. but I honestly just really want to know which city Jeff Davis based Beacon Hills off of.