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Coming Fall 2017
Falling Into Her
By Erin Zak

If you had the chance to grab on to happiness and not let go, would you? Kathryn Hawthorne, local Chicago celebrity, thinks everything in her life is just fine. She has friends, money, a job—everything she needs to survive. Except, of course, love, which, after getting her heart broken, she avoids like the plague. Pam Phillips, on the other hand, just buried the love of her life—her husband of twenty-one years. The last thing she wants is a new friend, let alone a new love interest. When the two women meet and swap witty banter, things start to change. Kathryn can feel that familiar tug of desire in her chest as she suggests—in a smooth-as-silk way—that they meet up again someday. In a moment of pure insanity—or desperation—Pam decides to take a chance. What happens next changes Pam’s life forever.

My first work of original fiction is being published!! I CANNOT EXPLAIN TO YOU HOW EXCITED I AM!!!

negotiations and commands

@bleachitwhite and I were talking about supercorp, Krypto, and then supercorp and Krypto. bleach is too nice and let me use some ideas, so this happened.


She’s come to expect certain things from her life.

Letters from Lex? Once a week at most if she’s lucky.

(It’s generous to call the mass of threats letters, but it’s easier that way. To act like she gets well wishes from her brother instead of attacks against her.

To act like he’s still the Lex who took her in when no one else would even though now, he’s anything but.)

She’s expecting her mother’s to join the pile soon.

(She could just shred them with the rest of her mail, but there’s something particularly soothing about watching them go up in flames.

Sometimes she thinks that’s the only ending for Luthors.)

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Alright, guys, I’m feeling so much better, and honestly, I think part of it is because I started writing again.

My love for writing is so deep. It’s a part of me. My senior year English teacher told me that writing is something I just have to do, and she’s right. I could write for hours and hours and hours (and I have). I mean, in the past couple days I’ve written a 23,000 word fanfiction that’s not even half done.

It comes so naturally, and I hope other people with creative outlets understand the way it feels. For me, writing just… happens. And it takes on a life of its own in the most wonderful way. Creative writing is so easy, because it’s like the story writes itself, and I’m just along for the ride. I mean, just now I was planning to write some filler scenes, just to space out the angst and make the cuts less abrupt. All of a sudden, this entire OFC introduced herself into the scene, so naturally, and now I’ve got a whole storyline, and a whole backstory, for her.

I just love writing. I really, really hope that everyone can experience this sensation at one point in their life, with one thing. It’s so all-encompassing, it’s so entirely elating, and as I’ve noticed, it really does seem to have turned my mood around and played a big role in shifting my depression. I just love it.

hoseokcchi  asked:

post 10 facts about yourself and pass it on to 10 faves✨

i have no idea what to do so uh yeah enjoy

1) I am Australian

2) My life isnt complete because Jhope doesnt have a mixtape

3) I’m trying to be multifandom like all the cool kids are these days

4) today someone removed me from a group chat of people i had only just met when i sent my first message to it - it was a here come dat boi meme

5) I have no patience to read fanfiction

6) everytime someone eats or drinks loudly i want to commit

7) my initials spell “KMS”

8) no, I am not suicidal, how could i end my life when its happening when BTS’ life is happening at the same time??

9) sometimes i use idols eyebrows to learn what they look like and by sometimes i mean alot

10) i start school in less than 2 weeks ;_;

I find it maddeningly frustrating that some fanfiction is just eh, not good but not bad, and some is pretty fantastic and you save it so you can read it over and over again…. And then there are those very few stories that suck you in and are so beautifully mind blowing that afterward you just sit there and stare off at nothing contemplating life and all the feelings you were forced to feel all at once.
Like that shit comes out of nowhere. I was just wanting something short and fluffy. I wasn’t expecting to have my heart ripped out!
So once again I say, even though I love it, thanks a lot fanfiction for ruining my life.

anonymous asked:

I ended up being her partner for a project and after our final we went out and I got a little too tipsy. Apparently made her laugh a lot and told her I wanted to take her on a date (after learning she's bi). Pray for me 🖤

This story just keeps getting better. You ended up as lab partners and got tipsy together and she’s bi?! It’s like a fanfiction come to life! You must keep me updated on this busty ET doppelgänger plot line in your life anon! I’m in too deep already and I have to know what happens!

                                       ᴼᶰ ᴬᴼ³ ﹡ ᴹᵃᵗᵘʳᵉ ﹡ ᴳʳᵉᵇᵉᶜᶜᵃ ﹡ ²⁴ᵏ  

One full year out of Emory, Greg’s two years sober, and keeps on finding himself back in the city he hated all his life. But it’s not like he even has a good reason to keep on coming back. After all, everything major about West Covina is still the same. Only the little things that have changed.


There are so many great artists on Tumblr. I mean, like a million of them. And, something I like to do is have art commissioned by these amazing artists for my fics, just to help the story come to life. I couldn’t have asked for a better drawing than the one dkdraws made up for me. I told her the setting and the characters, and she really took it and ran with it. I love all the works I’ve had done for my writing, but this one just gave me so much life. I’m excited to work with her at some undetermined point in the future. I hope you all enjoy this work of art as much as I did, and be sure to head on over to her Tumblr and spread some love for her epic art work!

From Happy Accidents:

Santana didn’t say anything, and didn’t bother opening her eyes. She did a quick mental inventory to make sure she could feel all of her limbs. The voice got a bit closer.

“Are you okay?” it breathed.

Santana could make out now that it was a woman, and she seemed to be very close to her face. Slowly opening one eye, she made sure that the world had gone back to being stationary, and then opened the other. Gorgeous blue eyes stared back at her, and now Santana’s world was spinning for a completely different reason. Those eyes seemed as though they were staring into her soul, and they were filled with such kindness and empathy that she momentarily couldn’t breathe.

“I, uh… I” was all she could manage.

Suddenly the eyes shifted further down Santana’s body. “Can you move your toes?”

Without the blue eyes focusing so closely on her face, Santana found herself able to breathe, and even think again.

“Uh, yeah, I’m fine.” With that she sat up, and rubbed her hands over her arms and legs. Her eyes went to her bike, and her breath caught in her throat.

“Fuck.” Was all she could manage.

At her feet lay her bike, the front rim twisted sharply, almost all the way off the frame. Santana was on her knees in a second, kneeling before the broken bicycle. Before she knew it, the world was swimming again, and not just because of the rain that still gently fell around her.

If it’s Forever...Part 4

Originally posted by inlovewithacriminals

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warnings: Smut!

Summary: Pietro continues to hope the love of his life will wake before it’s too late.

A/n: This is the last part to my series If it’s Forever…! I loved writing this one and I hope you liked it as well!

“Pietro. Pietro, come with me.” he reached out for your hand but you were too far away. “Pietro.” you called again, “Don’t leave me.”

He was now running for you. The closer he got the farther away you would be. He tried moving his legs faster but they wouldn’t budge. No matter what he did you were always just out of reach.

Y/n!, Wait, Please!

He tried to shout for you but his voice failed him, as if it were trapped within. 

Move. Just move!

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A Chance at the Hidden Power.

So I’ve written fan fiction, just not on tumblr. So heres my first ever fan fiction. Part 1! (Btw it took like a hour to come up with this name)


Overall summary: You’re Ashton’s sister, the one of three siblings of world rockstar Ashton Irwin. You went to University and will graduate in photography. Photography was your life and you were lucky enough to have your brother ask you on tour to take photos of them. 

The band that is. Michael, Ashton, Luke and…Calum. Calum Hood. The worst person you will ever meet. He comes across shy and kind. Were as thats wrong. Calum is a massive douche, way to much ego and he thinks he’s the best bass player in the universe which he’s incorrect. You and Calum have never ever gotten along, not even when you went to school together and he was dating your best friend Amy. 

When you decided to go on tour Calum protested, a lot. You never thought that after an innocent visit to a local physic (to prove your point that the boys shouldn’t believe in that stuff, as it’s not true) you would wake up the next morning in someone else’s body.

This is Part 1

Words: 2.2K

Warning: Swearing..

Graduation. The one day you shouldn’t be nervous, you’d already found out that you had successfully completed the course and now you were to receive your diploma. But for some strange reason you were more then just a little nervous. You were in charge of the ceremony this year and you’d already managed to mess up the colour of the balloons. Your university colours were a ‘Sky Blue’ and white. Not a ‘Navy Blue’. To some there wasn’t much difference but to me it was a lot. 

I was also nervous because what if I trip up. You always see them videos of people going up to collect there diploma and tripping and falling. Or even after that what if you’re singing and the stands collapse or someone falls into you. Those things I shouldn’t be worried about because the stands were pretty solid and the gowns weren’t long enough for people to trip. I mean theres always shoe laces that they can trip over but the only people stupid enough to not have there laces tied up would be the people who rant attending this ceremony. 

The main reason why I was nervous was my older brother was supposed to be coming. I say ‘supposed’ because he had never text me if he was or not, within this week. You’re probably thinking ‘what a shit brother’ but my brother being Ashton Irwin it was a regular thing. He was never around, he tried his best but he was famous now. Even though he toured the whole world he was still my best friend and my brother. He meant a lot to me and looked after me Lauren and Harry. I had reserved him a place along with one of his friends. Unfortunalty Lauren, Harry and Mum couldn’t come because of school and work so Ashton was my last pick. I had also reserved a seat for one of his bandmates since I know he wouldn’t want to come alone. 

I looked at myself in the university bathroom mirror and straightened out my hat. I was wearing a tight black dress which had netting down the sleeves and part of the back. It had a nice view of my cleavage and the skirt was just above my knees showing off my smooth tanned legs. Which they took a long time to get that smooth I’m telling you. My black dress was topped of with yellow heels, a black robe and my graduation hat. 

I walked out of the bathroom and down the blue and white corridors of my university. This will be the last time I walk down here after 3 years of spending my life walking up and down these halls. I walked out the double doors and onto the field. It was a sunny day thank god. People were still just setting up and graduates were arriving with there families. I walked over to the main stage and grabbed a hold of the banner which had to be tied around the podium in which the head of the University will be stood behind. I grabbed a hold of the string and tied it around the podium making sure it was tied on tightly so it would slip down. I grabbed the celotape and stuck it around the string on the banner, making sure it was neat.

“Oi fucker” I heard and someone jumping onto my back. I turned around laughing at my best friend who’s hat was now on the floor. She picked it up and gave me a hug. Amy was my best friend since we were in diapers, she had long brown hair and deep blue eyes. She was always there for me and I love her a lot, she’s like my other half, some say we’re inseparable. My favourite thing though was that even though she’d lived in Australia for 18 years she still had her irish ascent. 

“Can you actually believe we’re graduating?” she asks 

“Not really, I remember in grade 6 when you wanted a pet kangaroo. Your mum said no so we went into the woods trying to find a kangaroo, like we were actually going to catch one”

“Hey I honestly thought a rope and a cowboy hat would make us expert catchers” 

“Well it didn’t, look where our imagination got us though, me graduating in photography and you in psychology” We both laughed and made our way towards Amy’s parents. 

“Hey Y/N, how are you?” Amy’s mum asked 

“I’m good, thank you, aren’t you so proud of your Amy” I said squishing her cheeks

“Aw stop you’re making me blush” she spoked slapping my hand away from her face

“We’re proud of both of you, its a shame your mum can’t be here but don’t worry we’ll cheer for you”

“Thank you guys” I laughed

We took our seats next to the stage and the more parents came with there graduates. Me and Amy were chatting about old times, I looked over to the reserved seat for Ashton and he still wasn’t here. I guess I was dreaming thinking he would actually take his few days off from his USA tour to come to my graduation. 

“Amy Lendrum, Physcholgy” the head teacher announces through the microphone. Amy stands up and waves to the audience, I laugh at her whilst she collects her degree walking off the other side of the stage. The head teacher laughs and calls out the next name.

“Y/N Irwin, Photography” I stood up from my seat smoothing down my dress. I walked on the stage and went to shake hands with the head teacher. 

“WOOO GO Y/N!!” I looked up and Michael, Luke and Ashton were stood on there feet cheering and clapping whilst the older people were giving them dirty looks. I laughed at them and grabbed my diploma walking off stage. I sat back down next to Amy and she was smiling at me. “Looks like they pulled through” 

“Yeah they did” I smiled, waving at the three lads. The head teacher went on about the graduates and what a successful year its been, the usual stuff that makes you want to throw up in your mouth. He finished the ceremony and called the graduates up to sing. We stood there singing our anthem holding hands once we were finished the audience clapped and we made our way to our families. 


“Ash” I shouted running up to him as fast as I could in heels and jumped into his arms. He hugged me back tucking his head into my neck. I heard sniffling and grabbed hold of his shoulders and pushed him back.

“Are you crying?” 

“No” He stated giving me his cheesy grin. 

“I missed you bud, haven’t seen you in over a year, you’ve grown up so much”

“Yeah look at them perky little tits” Michael moaned from behind, Ashton turns round swiftly glaring at Michael whilst I just laughed at the bright blue hair boy.

“Miss you too brother and I’ve missed you two idiot’s” I say grabbing a hold of Luke and Michael’s shirts and bringing them in for a massive hug. 

“We’ve missed you two Little Irwin” Luke spoke grabbing a hold of my ass. 

“Oh my god guys please stop flirting with my sister” Ashton groaned rubbing his eyes with his hands. I let go of the boys and faced my brother.

“Are you tired bub?”

“Yeah, we got straight off the plane and came straight here, jet lag mostly”

“Lets go home” I said grabbing hold of his arm walking towards the car park

“Oh one more thing” Ashton started as we walked towards the car “Calum’s driving” 

I stopped in my tracks hearing the person that I defiantly did not want to here on my graduation. My happy day. Calum.

“Come on it will be fine he promised not to say anything on your graduation day”

“Well I highly doubt that asshole will keep his promise”

“Y/N don’t let him ruin your day, you know better then that” I sighed walking towards the red car, black vans hanging out of the window with puffs of smoke coming from the lips of Calum Hood. He had black shades on the edge of his nose and was sporting a grey shirt and typical black skinny jeans. He whilsted at a pair of girls who walked past the car and they giggled, he had a smirk plastered at his lips. I rolled my eyes at them and him as he tucked his feet in the car and dropped his cigarette butt onto the floor. I opened the door behind the drivers seat and Ashton hopped in the front whilst Luke and Michael sat next to me.  

Calum had The 1975′s Settle down playing loudly on the radio, which was so loud I felt like my ears were bleeding. 

“Please could you turn the music down?” I asked as sweetly as I could, Calum smirked at me through the mirror and turned the music up. Ashton looked behind and at me I gave him a fake smile, probably showing my irritated state. Ashton laughed and turned down the radio as Calum was pulling away from the car space. He sighed and I smiled in victory.

Me and Calum. Well what can I say about that. We hate each other and its not one of those ‘hate’ where secretly they’re in love with the person it really is hate. I’ve hated him for such a long time, in fact I knew him before he met Ashton. You see Ashton went to a posh private school and mum didn’t have the money to send me to one so I had to go to public school.

I went to Norwest Christian college and it was a great school. Well apart from Calum. Me, Amy, Luke and Michael were friends. Amy usually hung out with Luke and Michael was my best friend. Also since Luke and Michael didn’t actually like each other until around year 10, it was always good to separate the boys. Michael always used to hang out with Calum and I didn’t mind. Until we actually spoke to each other, he was such a dick, he was always making snide comment here and there and it annoyed the hell out of me. I didn’t understand his problem because I never actually said anything to him.

When he met my brother and they started a band things got worse. It meant he was always round for band practise. He always picked on me and after 6 years of taking his insults, I had had enough. So I started to fight back which Calum hated even more as he would start to physically push me around and mess with my head. When we reached 16 he even tried to use sexual remarks, there is no way in hell I would go there. He’s a massive pile of shit and who wants to fuck that, apart from the few sluts that cling onto his arms. 

I haven’t seen him in over year and I was hoping that Ashton might have kicked him out of the band for being a dick. But no here he was driving into my driveway in his shitty red car and a boot full of suitcases. We parked up and Luke and Michael were bickering about who was getting dropped off next. I got out the car Calum and Ashton doing the same. 

“Wow haven’t seen you in over a year, still ugly as fuck huh?” Calum whispers

“This coming from the poster child for abortion” I smiled, he gave me his signature smirk and opened the boot of the car grabbing hold of Ashton’s suitcase. He lugged it on the floor with a groan and closed his boot giving Ashton a bro hug. I walked past and made my way to the door.

“So I’ll see you guys tomorrow?”

“Yeah we’ll be here at 10-ish”

“Ok” Ashton bro fisted Calum and walked after me as I opened up the door. Ashton waved to the car as it drove off into the distance and closed the door. I took off my hat and my robe and neatly folded it into a neat pile on the countertop. 

“So you’ve been on tour and with the boys for over a year and still they’re coming round tomorrow and you can’t spend time with me” 

“Hey, thats not true I’ve came home twice for at least 2 weeks and both times you were at Uni” he sighed flopping onto the couch.

“I’m sorry, but if I want to become a world famous photographer I got to study, not everyone is lucky enough to just get stuck in like you did” I grouchily said slumping in the sofa Ashton wasn’t laying on. 

“World famous huh? Whens mum coming home?” he yawned

“I don’t know Ash..these past couple of weeks she’s hardly been home” Ash looked at me confused and with sleepy eyes

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know, I think she’s met someone else and she’s been staying late at work and I’ve had to look after the kids”

“Well if she has he’s going to have to get my approval or I’ll kick his ass”

“Sure you will” I giggled 

“Im so proud of you Y/N”

“And I, proud of you” I whispered as he slowly fell asleep. I grabbed a hold of a blanket and placed it over his body kissing him on the forehead. Even if he was only back for a few days I’m still going to make the most of it and I still love my big brother as much as anyone who had a brother by there side 24/7. 


Bad by kenzier 

Post-series. The blows keep coming for a grieving, insomniac Spike as the ISSP plans to make an example of him to put an end to syndicate crime on Mars. A newly-motivated Faye hatches a scheme to help Spike (and herself, of course). Jet attempts to assist the pair meanwhile questioning the wisdom of his continued involvement in their lives.

rated e for eternity infinity
word count: 2,039
ship: namjin
for milkt-ea and kookie-time 
prompt: larger than fiction 

Namjoon has always been an avid reader. When he was little, his mother used to run her finger beneath the lines of words as she read to him, tracing them to life, and later, when he was a bit older, he would too–feel the words come to life beneath his finger as he spins them about his lips.

Until one day, he read and read, spun and spun, traced and traced till the words danced right off the page, danced into the air in front of him, stepping to the music of his voice. That night, he sat on the floor of his room with the world’s greatest thinkers and philosophers and played chess.

Namjoon won.

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Somebody I Used To Know

Summary: In that one year he was gone, in that one year she was alone, a year full of secrets, tears and bottled up emotions. They have never felt this distant…till now. Nalu.

I swear my music player has a life on its own when it comes to things like these, all these angsty songs keep popping up one after another… Like how it plays stuff like ‘Nothing Helps’ and ‘Ending Story’ when I’m studying for my exams. *glares and waves fist in the air* Oh well, inspirational angsty music for angsty fics, what can possibly go wrong? *laughs nervously*
Warning tho, the characters may be slightly ooc, so I apologies in advance to those who feel offended or ticked off by it.

He barely felt Happy’s tears on his skin, the salty droplets evaporating the moment they brushed the back hairs of his neck, or swept away by the wind at the speed they were flying at.

But the acrid smell of his burning fur lingered nauseatingly around him. Happy’s scalded paws trembled with effort as he carried him away from the scorched wasteland of the battlefield and hurtling back to the building by the hill.

Back home.

With a hiss, the last vestige of Igneel’s power faded from his arm, and Natsu shuddered, grabbing the spot where the black mark used to be as a treacherous chill crept up his veins.

Zeref was his brother. The one responsible for the sorrow and tears of his nakama.

He was E.N.D. He was a demon from the Book of Zeref.

If he kills Zeref…

He would die too.

As he came down from his battle high, his brain finally registered these facts and a torrent of different emotions ran rampant in him ­– anger, horror, guilt, the whole magnitude of it all threatened to swallow him whole.

When the guild finally came into sight, a single figure stood vigil at the entrance, and his stomach dropped.



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If we had the technology to record our dreams then just image how amazing shipping would be. It would literally be like slightly incoherent fanfiction come to life. 

Say it ain’t so!!!??? Am I actually submitting something?! Wow…

This little doodle was mainly just an old sketch I found in one of my neglected (full) sketchbooks. The lineart of Raph and April watching stupid videos on her phone in the middle of the night was just sitting there in my documents until I came across it one day and decided “what the heck?’. And since school is nearing its end, I thought y’all deserved a treat for being SOOOOO patient with me. I know I’m slacking like crazy, but life does come first, so sadly, spending hours on fanart has to fall to the back burner for now. But when I do find time, I’ll happy delve in and get some more out for you guys.

Also, I KNOW I’ve been slacking in the 2k12 department lately. I just have lost gusto with the 2k12 universe and I’m not sure why. I think I need to reed more 2k12 raphril fanfiction and start watching the new episodes to get my blood pumping for it again. Until then, you’ll have to stick to the 2k14 stuff I’ve been submitting lately, but I promise as soon as inspiration hits, I’ll start submitting 2k12 again. Just continue being patient with me. :-)

As much as it pains me to say it, this probably the last thing I’ll submit until after graduation (2 Weeks!!! YAAAASSS). Hope y’all understand. :-) xoxoxoxo

Remember that time period when Blaine (not-yet-given-a-last-name Anderson) was this mysterious, dashing older guy and everybody wrote fanfiction about what they thought his life was like at Dalton? Like with the Warblers and how things worked there in regards to housing and friendships and everything? Or how there were multiple stories about the Warblers themselves because people became obsessed with them and had their own headcanons about a bunch background characters that nobody expected to blow up?

I really miss those days. Those fics were glorious!

The Price of Magic

nitavonteese requested a story where Robin is the only member of the Hood-Mills family without magic.

Like any child growing up in world of magic, Robin grew up hearing the popular mantra that all magic comes at a price—and it was always reiterated that the price would always be far too steep to pay, magic should be avoided. But he didn’t have to be told; he wasn’t curious about it, never caring to learn its way and dabble in it for a chance to better his lot in life. Instead, he was leery of it, seeing most of its practitioners as shady figures that used their magical power to further their own wants, never using it for the greater good. They were selfish, fueled by greed and cheaters who bent the rules to fit their favor; they were not to be trusted.

Twice he’s strayed from his steadfast aversion to magic—once to save his wife and unborn son and once when he fell madly in love with one of the most powerful sorceresses known to any realm. The first was an act of pure desperation, the second was an act of much deliberation, but both of these instances were of an act of love.

Before Regina, he would have never believed he would be so comfortable in the presence of magic that he’d invite it into his life or encourage it—yet, he has and he does. He is the only member of his family without the ability for magic, but it doesn’t make him feel like an outsider, it’s treated as any other trait—and wouldn’t change them for anything in this world or any other.

Regina’s magic was always obvious to him—after all, she was the Evil Queen who cast the Dark Curse, a sorceress known to most for ripping out hearts and crushing them, who used magic to terrorize; but to him, she’s a woman who used magic to change, a woman who uses the power she has to defend her small town; she’s a woman who uses magic to heal her children’s scrapes and bruises, who uses magic in moments of impatience when washing dishes or when she’s running late and finds herself in need of an easy transport. When he looks at her, he doesn’t see the evil sorceress who used magic to harm, but a woman who used magic to piece herself back together as best as she could after enduring more heartache than any one person should ever have to endure.

“Does it make you uncomfortable?” She’d asked him one night as they lay together in their darkened bedroom.  He’d peered down at her, her eyes looking up at him wide and filled with an emotion he couldn’t quiet pin down. “I know you’ve never been…comfortable with magic.”

“No,” he’d replied easily. “There’s nothing about you that makes me uncomfortable. I love you—magic and all.”

She’d smiled gently before nuzzling against him, holding onto him a little tighter, exhaling the breath she’d been holding.

While Regina’s magic was born of fear and loss, of a broken heart that wasn’t allowed to heal, their sons’ magic came from something else entirely, making him question everything he thought he knew of it.

Henry, with his empathetic heart and unwavering faith, has the ability to change fate with stroke of a magical quill. In the wrong hands, such magic would be dangerous—and has been dangerous—but Henry understands better than most the weight in which the quill carries. There is no doubt that Henry would never abuse such power. Once, in a memory that feels much more like a distant dream, Henry’s quill had saved them all, restoring them to their lives, memories and loved ones. And if he’s being honest, he can’t think of a more fitting role for their eldest child—a boy who, even without knowing of the power he possessed, was able to make others believe and take control of their own fates; a boy whose mothers’ love had broken curses, and a boy who always sees a silver lining and believes that no one should be denied their happy ending.

Roland’s magic came as more of a surprise, all of the sudden  one evening after dinner a bowl of ice cream magically appeared—topped with hot fudge and sprinkles—in a effort to cheer his brother. Their eyes immediately fell on Regina, but her own eyes were wide and focused on the messy haired boy who was staring at the ice cream in awe.  Robin would have been lying if he said he hadn’t been taken aback, but it wasn’t because he feared it. Neither he nor Marian had any magical ability whatsoever, so it seemed impossible that their son would. But Regina easily explained it away—residual magic from the wand Robin had stolen from Rumplestiltskin to save a pregnant Marian all those years before. The wand had the ability to heal—and now, so did the boy it healed.

And then there’s their daughter—a happy baby with big blue eyes and a toothless, dimpled grin, who enjoys entertaining herself by tossing her sippy cup to the floor, then watching as it flies back up to her before dissolving into a fit of giggles, then doing it all over again. Her magic revealed itself early, but came as no surprise to anyone.

 “I don’t want her to fear it,” Robin murmured as his eyes met Regina’s, as he held the tiny girl against his chest. “I don’t want her to feel like she needs to hide it.”

Regina nodded, coming to sit beside him. She placed a hand on the baby’s back, rubbing softly as their eyes once again met. “She won’t fear it,” Regina says gently. “I’ll teach her.”

He’d smiled warmly, and pressed his lips to her temple, murmuring his gratitude and his love.

And now, when he looks at his family, he can’t imagine a life without magic. They’ve changed his life in so many ways—all of which were for the better; and he’s well aware that he wouldn’t have them if it weren’t for magic. He smiles, and thinks to himself that they are the price of magic, then it’s a price he’s more than willing to pay.

so maybe he’s not so good with words...--camsten

This is a short drabble I wrote based on this text post I wrote like a week ago. Hope you enjoy :)

Cameron couldn’t believe it had come to this. Just a mere five years ago he and Kirsten were bickering co-workers, and now he was about to marry her. It’s strange how life works out sometimes.

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