it's like everything on this show must be done as dramatically as possible

Bts losing an argument

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 this was requested by @m-a-da-l-i-c-e, “ Hi, I was hoping that you Gould make BTS react to losing an argument with their S/O I loved your first react🎀 “

  thnx for requesting love ♡

seokjin- After such a long day, all Seokjin wanted to do was relaxed but as soon as he got home he couldn’t believe his eyes. His entire living room, a mess. And you were there in the middle of it, crying. He knew exactly what happened, you must have tried to clean the room but instead you made a mess. And you had the nerve to lie about it.

 “Seokjin i’m telling you, a bird flew in here and messed this place up!” 

He scoffed,“Well, where did the bird go then huh?”

Right at that moment a dove flew past his head outside the window and he didn’t even know how to react to this unlikely situation. With a small smile he said  “Found him..”

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yoongi- You called for the 6th time today and Yoongi was so done with you, that he turned off his phone and took some time to himself. However he only got 20 minutes of rest when he heard the studio door opening and your voice shouting at him. You were doing this intentionally. He was so stressed with the comeback and he just knew that you were doing this to make him mad. 

“How can you accuse me of not loving you? I do fucking everything for you!” He screamed, way too mad to even care about his tone. 

“If you love me so much, why don’t you come home to me? Why don’t you care about me?” you shouted, just a bit louder. And that’s when Yoongi just froze, he was speechless. Too stubborn to admit to his mistake, he just stood there.

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namjoon- “No no, i swear to god Rihanna wrote Diamonds herself!”

 Namjoon was so sure of himself. The two of you were in the car when diamonds came on and you told him that Sia actually wrote this song. Namjoon laughed in response because he was 100% certain that Rihanna wrote it. 

“Wanna bet? Whoever’s right buys the other one dinner.” you smirked. After a quick google search, the truth was revealed…. and you were right. (ofc) Namjoon looked at you with a defeated look and held his chest dramatically. You playfully hit him as you continued singing loudly.

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hoseok- “Hey babe? Can you give back my headphones now?” Hoseok asked. While trying to gather his stuff as quickly as possible. He has a concert and that means that he has to be in the car for over 2 hours and he wasn’t looking forward to the silence.

“I need them today, so i would appreciate you giving them back.” You calmly told him that you didn’t have them and that he probably lost them. You were busy with work so you couldn’t have had them. But Hoseok was convinced. “Listen okay, I really don’t want to get mad at you but don’t play these stupid games with me.” he said, his tone hostile. 

Hoseok left without his headphones and you were so hurt that he didn’t believe you. When Hoseok got in the car he saw what he had been missing, his headphones. Feeling guilty, he called you to ask for your forgiveness.

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jimin- His eyes were starting to water as he read the article. His everything was seen kissing a guy on his cheek whom he’d never seen before. The article mentioned that you had been close with him for months. “Don’t even bother to come home.” he texted you, and he called up his friends so that he could forget you. 

Jimin was absolutely wasted when he saw you sitting in front of your shared apartment. “We need to talk.” you said with a firm tone.

 Jimin scoffed as he started shouting at you about how you betrayed him. “He’s my brother you asshole!” you screamed while holding up your phone which showed a baby picture of the two of you. Jimin calmed down and begged for your forgiveness.

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taehyung- He was so confused, How could you not want kids? They were cute sweet and most of all, they were a mix of him and the person he loved the most. However you would not budge and you kept telling him that you didn’t have the time or the right mindset for children.

“Okay, but what about in like a year?” He asked once again. You didn’t want to get mad but you had to be in order to get your point across. “Listen Kim Taehyung, in the end it’s my body and i have to push out a child so it doesn't matter that you really want them, its my choice!” you looked at him but you couldn’t read his face very well. After a few minutes of silence he spoke with genuine regret “You’re absolutely right, i’m so sorry for pushing you.”

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jungkook- This was the third night that Jungkook wasn’t in bed with you. He’d run in to get his stuff, kiss you on the cheek and run out. You were so fed up with him and you decided to call him. 

“Hello?” You could clearly hear people laughing in the background. “Hey it’s me, i was just wondering if you’ll be home tonight, I really miss you” your eyes began to water. He responded with a short “don’t know” and hung up. 

You felt betrayed, neglected and unloved. you decided to text him. “Jungkook, i have trouble telling you how i feel so ill do it quickly. I can’t keep waiting for you to come home and I’ve been considering leaving, however i end up staying every time because i love you, and i know you love me too i just wish you’d show it a bit more. Sleep well x

The next morning you woke up to Jungkook sitting at the foot of your bed. He had tears in his eyes just kept saying sorry over and over again. 

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OK but what about a soulmate au with lotor but it's a really conspicuous one like the timer that rings loudly when you make eye contact the first time and tbh everyone on both side just kinda freezes and it's really awk bc reader is on team lion. Just imagine all the ridiculous possibilities, angsy,humorous, dramatic, romeo and julietish or otherwise



– Ryan

• So this is totally how I want this to go down:
• Y’all are in the middle of battle, right?
• You’re grounded, not airborne, but you’re fighting on uneven, almost mountainous, terrain
• So you’re on a surface lower than everyone else, but you’re all engaged in the same battle
• The Paladin’s are trying their best to get the upper hand as they knock enemies down to your level
• You take them out there, and they keep climbing
• At least that’s the plan
• And you’re really good at what you do
• Much like Hunk, you act as the tank, using heavy, blunt objects to take down your enemies
• Your weapon of choice, though, is something akin to a sledgehammer
• A much easier and lighter to wield than most battery weapons, but still gets the job done
• Now you’ve just smashed another droid’s head in, “Keep ‘em coming, guys, I’m getting bored down here!”
• “We’re a little busy ourselves here, [y/n]! If you have a better plan, you’re welcome to execute it!!”
• So you take matters into your own hands, and you begin to climb up, seeing Keith engaged in a fight with an individual you’ve never seen before
• Pidge, Lance, and Hunk are occupied with four women, of whom you’ve also never seen before
• But your eyes catch the icy eyes of a cold and calculated man, a glimpse into a soul that’s apart from any you’ve ever encountered
• There’s a loud ring in your head, and you feel as if something clicked in place
• Everything made sense
• There’s a tangible pause in the battle, one caught on both sides
• Lotor’s generals look at him as he clutches his head
• And the Paladins look at you as you cry out
• “Oh, you’ve gotta be fucking kidding me.” You curse, coming to your senses
• Lotor didn’t look all too pleased either, wearing a scowl that showed he had, in fact, just shared that same experience.
• “We’ve had enough here.” Lotor gives little explanation to his departure but makes haste
• They leave quickly, leaving you with questioning glances from the four Paladins
• “[y/n], is everything alright?” You grit your teeth at the question Pidge poses
• “Let’s go back to the castle.” You grumble, sliding your hammer into its holster on your side, making a rather long walk back to the Lions
• And back at the Castle is even more interesting
• “Lotor is your what.”
• “Let me get this straight, you look into his eyes, and you decided he’s your soulmate??”
• “I didn’t decide, some sick, twisted deity decided.” 
• “…Does Lotor even have a soul?”
• Everyone was just as shocked as you were, but you couldn’t deny the feeling that shot through you as you looked into his eyes.
• Lotor was currently having a similar discussion
• But with a lot more rage like
• He goes through a spectrum of ‘How could my soulmate be a Paladin of Voltron’ to ‘The Paladins must be holding my soulmate against their will’
• He knows you willfully fight alongside the Paladins, but instead of loathing you for it, he sort of admires you
• With only base knowledge of your existence, and nothing more, Lotor finds himself fascinated with you
• He seeks out battle with you, and though you feel equally drawn to him, you remain elusive, just out of his reach
• You want to be with him. You want him yours, and you want to be his.
• But it goes against everything you’re fighting to protect now
• It’s essentially an intergalactic game of tag

Imagine Rafael figuring out that you're his daughter

(A/N: Sorry this is going up later than usual! It took me a while to finish. I hope you enjoy this new installment! I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying it  so far) 

Masterlist with all the Parts HERE

Imagine Rafael figuring out that you’re his daughter

“Are you okay?” Will asked, eyeing you up after sipping up some of his drink heartily as you had barely touched your own.

You let go of the glass and pushed to the side, you had been playing with the straw and making circles in your milkshake instead of you know actually drinking it.

“Hmm?” He prompted, a concerned look on his face but the waitress came up to check on the two of you.

You watched him as he dismissed her with his awarding winning smile, a quick nod and a brief ‘thank you’.

“Y/N,” He persisted, narrowing his eyes at you, he probably knew by now that you weren’t saying anything on purpose, “What’s going on in that genius little head of yours?”

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Title: ‘Reunion’
TV Show: The 100
Rating: General
Summary: Marcus makes it back inside the bunker, but runs into a problem he didn’t expect. Totally baseless next episode fic that will doubtless be completely discounted by tomorrow :)

(I wrote this at work because it was a long day today and I guess this was at the top of my mind)

Marcus finds Abby pretty much where he expects, in the bunker’s version of Medical, deep in the lower levels.

She’s moving crates when he walks quietly through the door – medical supplies, he assumes, though whether from the bunker itself or whatever is left of their meagre stash scavenged from Mount Weather he can’t tell. They have years to set up in this place, but it’s typical of Abby that she would start right away, throw herself into her work without a second thought.

She looks tired.

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lost my mind

Chapter 2

Im Jaebum x Reader

Word Count: 1.8k

Genre: Angst

Summary: The one where Im Jaebum’s cold heart melts, just a little.

Author’s Note: This chapter was going to be much longer, but it felt too rushed so I kept this short. Not entirely sure anymore where I want this story to go so this is so shitty wow sorry bye

Chapter 1

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The Effect of Emotional Abuse on Each Type: ESFP

SUBMITTED by hannah-elizabeth-j

I’ve seen a few posts/requests on here about the effects of emotional abuse and the affect that it has on each Myers Briggs type so, as someone who works with a lot of domestic abuse victims I thought that I’d give my two cents worth. I wanted them to be quite detailed to give people a fair amount of information so this will be the general format; a general description of what it will look like, how this differs from similar types (ie. the ENFJ compared to the INFJ and ESFJ) and a character in fiction who acts similar to this (may not be for the same reason and I might not get one for each type but I’ll try).


There will be some variation depending on when the abuse took place in their life but there are somethings that will remain the same.

Now I know that on tumblr this type seems to be hard to come by but….

From my observations, an ESFP while in an abusive situation can essentially be broken down into three stages and fortunately, there is a fiction example that I know for each stage.

First let’s start off with stage one or what I call the ‘Early on Daenerys days’ (as I said in the ISFJ post never read the books so this is from the TV show). Think back to the first episodes of Game of Thrones what Daenerys was in the control of her brother. She was extremely timid, rarely speaking up for herself and when she did, there wasn’t much behind it. Well, that is essentially what an ESFP will look like when either they have only been in an abusive relationship for a few months (long enough for the person to be screwing with their heads but not long enough for marriage, kids, life, etc) or for the first chunk of their lives as a child if they are being abused by a parent.

The length of this stage will be totally dependent on the situation they are in but for those who haven’t watched Game of Thrones this is what it will look like; not an ESFP. Or at least not any ESFP image that is online descriptions. Since ESFP’s are naturally so engaged with the world and at that time the world is the very nightmare that they want to escape from, they will tend to go against their own nature and focus greatly on their Ni. Unlike most other types, the grip comes into play when they are in an abusive situation instead of after they have left it. For a while, while their Fi is screaming in their head, “no this is wrong I don’t want this!” the abuser is saying that those thought are crazy and they should feel guilty for having them. So, they go along with it.

Like everyone, they spend a time appeasing their abuser because that is what they are being made to think is the right thing to do. They get their moral system screwed with, hard. Even if you have Fi, trust me these people can still twist your entire worldview, it’s just what happens.

Now at some point, something will trigger a change in the ESFP. It could be anything really, but the point is they will end up seeing that what is happening is wrong. This is when we really start to see the ESFP come into themselves in the next ‘stage.’

This is what I have dubbed the ‘Sirius Black era.’ Sirius actually grew up in an incredibly abusive household so if you really want to examine an abused ESFP, he’s a good choice. In his later teenage years Sirius rebelled, hard. The bold nature of Se mixed with the outrage of Fi is really seen here. Picture a lot of sneaking out, partying, some are brave enough to cheat on their partner if they are the abusive ones.They will do anything just to show the abuser they don’t own them, they speak up, call them out on it, do anything to annoy them and sometimes leave. Now, if they can leave at this stage, that is great but the sad truth is that not everyone can and since the ESFP has just done everything they can to push the abuser, things will often get a lot worse for them.

Here comes the last ‘stage,’ have you watched The Tudors? Those last few episodes with Anne Boleyn when she really started to lose it that Natalie Dormer played to perfection? Because that is what you can expect. If they were unable to leave after the rebelling stage then expect to see something truly tragic, the loss of hope inwardly while outwardly they are a mix of Se recklessness and unhealthy Ni detachment from everything. Eating disorders are often common. I honestly find this really hard to explain so if you haven’t watched the show I’ll just link some scenes that best demonstrate what I mean.

( )

After they have left the abusive situation, it tends to go one of two ways, it depends on when they left. If they left during the rebellious stage, then even though they are no longer in the abusive situation, they often go into the third stage anyway. But if they went through the third stage while still in the abusive situation, what you tend to see is some intense disperse. Screaming, crying, throwing things, through to work through their emotions while at the same time not being able to express them effetely, not just because of the nature of Fi but also the havoc imposed on them and their emotional development at the hands of their abuser. They seem to completely fall apart in a very dramatic way while being unable to speak about it.

Until one day, quite suddenly to the people around them, they stop. They pick themselves up and, although often quite numb for a few months after, they piece themselves back together. They built themselves up into the person that they both want to be and are.

Now down the road of course there will be some things that are harder or flare up issues for them. They tend to identify very strongly with the people who went through what they have and often go into a full time job or volunteer position in something that will help victims of abuse like them. 


  • Look carefully at them while in the recovery stage, an ESTP will reach out to try and talk to people more, an ESFP won’t
  • Look at how they were in the abusive situation in the early stages, an ESTP will be more detached and ESFP will appear to be feeling it all and killing themselves to try and detach/not feel it
  • An ESTP is more likely to avoid forming their life to help people from this issue. Now this  is not to say that the ESTP firstly wouldn’t help anyone they happened to meet who was going through it, they 100% would, and they would care about the issue of domestic abuse, they just tend to be less focused on forming major parts of their life from that experience


  • ISFP’s rebel far less, if at all when in abusive situations. Compare Sirius to Harry in Harry Potter. Both spoke up for themselves at a point but while Sirius ran off to James and frequently and in any way possible annoyed his parents (like shoving it down their throats that he was Gryffindor, putting posters up of muggle things in his room, ect.), Harry just didn’t take their shit, but rarely went out of his way to annoy them and never went off to go and live with Ron (we know Dumbledore would not have let him but Harry didn’t always know this and he still didn’t)
  • Oddly enough since its higher for them, ISFP’s don’t get as lost in Ni as do ESFP’s (this is due to the grip)
  • Te grip all over the place for ISFP’s

As for fictional examples as I said; Sirius Black (Harry Potter), Daenerys Targaryen (Game  of Thrones) and late on Anne Boleyn (The Tudors), also if you want to see one that never recovered from the anger, rebelling but actually took it one step further and now must control everything so he is not controlled again character, Klaus Mikaelson (The Vampire Diaries/The Originals) .

Some Thoughts on Victoria’s Secret/A Letter to Victoria’s Secret

I say ‘a letter to Victoria’s Secret’ mainly for the way I’ll be writing this text post more or less, and not because I expect someone at the company to read this. Although I can’t deny that that is the general idea.

I’ve stated this numerous times before, but for this sake I’ll state it again. I am completely aware that Victoria’s Secret is a brand, a company, they’re not here to make friends—they’re here to do a job. So with that I can’t say that I’m surprised that they decide to hire models like Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid and, albeit not announced as apart of the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Lineup, Kendall Jenner. That’s not the problem here. The problem is that (again, this doesn’t surprise me nowadays) almost all of the focus involving and surrounding the show is around those three models. Going back to my previous statement; I understand that there is a job to be done, money is to be made and publicity is to be created, but why the sudden change? Sure, hire these models, but treat them like every other model, don’t give them special treatment because you want a couple of extra Clevver News videos about you. Because when it comes down to it, isn’t the most important factor here the fans? The customers? The people who could of been the reason why you didn’t have to stop making swimwear? Not be shady or anything, of course.

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Art Deco // Vatya // 2-? // MotelAdore

A/N: so I made a cover for this fic, not sure if I want to keep it tho?
Also, I know katya doesn’t drink but this is a AU, in which anything can happen.
This is hella long btw, enjoy the chapter babes!

Warnings: (pretty graphic) smut, cursing, mention of alcohol, slight dom! Katya
Pairing: Vatya, cisgirl au

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Chapter One: The Book

Spencerella Series

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Spencer x Reader

Warnings: none

Summary: Spencer is feeling down lately so he goes to a Halloween party to try and cheer up with the team.  He meets someone who leaves behind a book that will capture Spencer’s attention

Note: Ok, another series, another fairytale based series.  I now have 3 (Other Side of Beauty, Knights of Shame, and now this).  I have no timeline for this just assume the team is Hotch, Rossi, Morgan, Garcis, JJ, Emily, and Spencer.  I hope you enjoy!  Let me know!

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Here's a question. Would Faded Blue be any different if some version of the mostly (entirely?) defunct "Rose is Pink Diamond" theory were true?

Oh, Rose is Pink Diamond theory. I was very fond of you, back in the day. I absolutely love what we got instead, but it was fun to revisit you, nonetheless.

The background of this story was heavily inspired by the piece “Adamas” by @zombee

Also, this story is like, super, super non-canon.


Love Like You

The dawn of a new day rose on the countryside of the place humans currently called Beach City. A dark silhouette stood outlined by the rising sun, a smaller silhouette at her side. From the other direction came another pair, soft pinks and whites.

Blue Diamond looked across at Rose Quartz.

Neither could believe the other had come.

As the two pairs approached, Blue Diamond forced to keep her face cold, impassive. Rose Quartz tried too, but didn’t succeed. Her lips trembled, and her eyes were filled with a dozen emotions— fear, anger, discomfort, and above all else, hope.

The Pearl at Rose Quartz’s side was merely angry. “Why are you here?”

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Hey Angel


Daryl visits Carol in the infirmary whilst she is on some pretty strong pain meds
I’ve seen this done loads of times but what’s one more going to hurt? All the ones I’ve read were Daryl on the medication and making suggestive comments so I decided to put Carol in that place instead.

He was going to kill Morgan when he got his hands on him. How could he justify body slamming a woman with half his strength onto a concrete floor? And all to save the fucking wolf! Daryl had lost his mind when he returned to Alexandria and found out she was hurt, but when he found out how she had been hurt his worry had turned into rage. He had been hunting down Morgan for hours now but he must have been cowering away somewhere, with good reason too. Daryl was storming down one of the streets of Alexandria when he was torn from his mission by Denise shouting his name.

“Hey Doc, she alright?” His face was plagued with concern.

“Yeah she’s fine, she’s just asking for you. I told her you were probably busy fixing stuff up out here but she’s being pretty insistent. Won’t let me take care of her anymore.”

Daryl chuckled, he knew how stubborn Carol could be when something was on her mind. “Alright, I’ll go sit with her for a while.”

“I should probably warn you, those meds I’ve given her, some pretty strong shit. She’s high as a kite right now.”

He couldn’t wait to see this, nodding a thanks to Denise and making his way over to the infirmary. He peeked his head around the door to find her laying on one of the hospital beds, singing some incoherent tune to herself and bopping her head to the beat. Daryl tried to stifle a laugh and close the door behind him as silently as possible but she still heard him, her head snapping up to meet his gaze.

A huge lazy grin slowly spread across her face. “Heeeey Angel,” she drawled.


“Yeah. You’re my angel.”

He blinked at her unsure how to respond as he shuffled his way over to her bedside. She could see the cogs turning in his head trying to figure out where this new nickname came from.

“Your vest,” she lifted her arm to run her fingers down one side of the smooth leather. “You have wings. You’ve always been my angel.”

He grabbed hold of her wandering wrist as she reached the bottom of the vest showing no signs of stopping there.

“Alright fine,” he grunted. “That means ya gotta let me take care of you though. No fussin’”

The wide grin broke out across her features again. “Mmmm you gonna take good care of me?” She purred.


“I had a dream about you earlier. Do you wanna know what we did?”

He had a pretty good idea what kinda thing she was about to say. “Nah think that’s maybe something ya should keep ta ya self.”

She sighed and pouted dramatically, he walked over to the sink in the far corner of the room to get her a glass of water and she couldn’t stop her gaze from roaming over his beautiful figure, ogling him from head to toe. He turned around to find her stare fixed on the lower regions of his body, her mouth practically hanging open. His chuckle broke her trance and suddenly she was beaming again, he loved her smile. She crooked her index finger at him and motioned for him to come closer to her, he noted that she was putting on her best seductive gaze, her state of intoxication making everything slightly over the top. He walked back over to her bedside unable to stop the amused smirk forming on his lips.

As he reached her side another mischievous giggle escaped her, “See I made you come with just my finger, imagine what I could do with my whole hand!”

“Jesus Christ Carol!” Daryl felt the heat rush to his face at her words, his dick twitching involuntarily at the thought of her soft hands wrapped around him. She started laughing again as she caught the flush in his cheeks.

“I’m easy but it looks like you’re hard.”

“Stop,” he chuckled.

“Do you know what’d look good on you? Me.”

“Stop.” He took a seat on the chair next to the bed.

“Do you believe in karma? Cause I know some good karma sutra positions.”

“Stoooop,” he was still smiling but now he had his head in his hands, hiding his crimson face from her view.

She stared at him with a lazy smile on her face. “You’re so adorable when you’re flustered.”

He lifted his eyes to meet hers, locking their gaze for several moments. All the playfulness was gone from her features now, leaving nothing but a look of lust and adoration in its wake.

“Pretty romantic,” she spoke lowly, “Wanna screw around?”

“Ya already used that one remember.”

“I know. Maybe I just really want you to take me up on it.”

I held her stare once more, her look told him she was completely serious. He scoffed and started picking at the skin on the side of his thumbnail, a nervous habit he couldn’t seem to shake.

“Ask me again tomorrow. We’ll talk about it.” He didn’t expect her to remember this tomorrow, but if they ever did anything he wanted her to be in the right state of mind. He wanted her as bad as she wanted him right now, but he wouldn’t bring this up unless she did first, wanting to spare her any embarrassment in case this was entirely a side effect from the drugs.

He got up to leave telling her she needed to sleep this off but she grabbed his hand and yanked him towards the bed, almost making him topple down next to her.

“Please stay with me. I feel safe with you.” She was tugging him closer to her but he gently pulled her hands off him, keeping them clasped in his as he reclaimed his seat next to the bed.
She was pouting again but ultimately decided to accept this was the best she was getting tonight. “Promise me you’ll still be there when I wake up?”

“I promise, get some rest. G’night sweetheart,” he gently pressed his lips to her pale knuckles still gripping onto his hands.

The corners of her mouth twitched up in a sleepy smirk, “Goodnight angel.”

A Morning With The Queen of Terrasen

Hope you all enjoy! 

Aelin Ashryver Galathynius had never seen anything quite as amusing as Rowan Whitethorn bustling about her small apartment. It added to her delight that he was indeed shirtless, the rock hard planes of his chest and his solid biceps on display as if he were a piece of art at a show.

Thinking about it now, he was a piece of art. A broken, insufferable, pain in the ass piece of art, but art nonetheless.

“Shouldn’t you be getting dressed as well?” Rowan practically growled as he continued to search through her drawers. Aelin stretched lazily from the bed and released a yawn in answer.

Rowan turned and glared.

And then he stopped.

He was not expecting Aelin to be draped in nothing but a nightgown that was little more than a see-through scrap of fine fabric. This time, it was midnight black adorned with blood red accents. A sinful, daring little number that contrasted beautifully with her pale skin and infamous Ashryver eyes.

He was a fool. After all these months he should know better than let his guard down with her. Still, he found that no matter how high up his guard was, how desperately he tried to expect anything Aelin could possibly throw at him, she would throw him a curveball and he’d be rendered utterly dumbfounded.

The most devilish of smirks crossed her full lips and Rowan was almost undone at just that. A smirk that promised everything evil and nothing good.

Each time-every gods-damned time- she pushed him further, stretched his patience to its limits. Played with it like a cat would a ball of yarn.

“Aelin..” Rowan wasn’t entirely sure what he was going to attach to the end of her name. He just felt as if he should say something considering the amount of time he’d spent just ogling at her.

He dared a step forward, but stopped as she shook her head. Again, she was toying with him. He was the yarn and she was the cat. The one in control.

“You’re damned right,” Aelin answered aloud. Rowan growled, something that was not entirely of this world. It reverberated through her entirety. The scent of her washed over him in a mighty wave, quickly drowning him. Aelin was all that seemed to exist in that moment.

She was slowly driving him to insanity.

“We have somewhere we need to be right now,” He spoke silently.

She lifted an arched brow.

A sigh. “Shame to let all of this go to waste…”


“Tempting, isn’t it?”

“One of these days I will get you back for being the biggest pain in the ass all the world has ever known,” Rowan promised.

Aelin’s smile turned into a full-on grin.

“I look forward to it, Rowan Whitethorn. Then maybe finally you can put all of my many wonders to rest.”

Without another word, she rose from the bed. Rowan forced himself to screw his eyes closed and hold back another wild, animalistic sound.

So close. He was so close to giving in…

He felt something brush up against him and his eyes popped open to watch as Aelin swished past, walking sensuously to the drawers.

“What in the gods names are you doing?” Rowan asked. She answered without looking at him.

“Helping you, you miserable oaf. What else would I be doing?” She picked up a shirt, held it up to eye it for a second, and then walked back over to him. “I think this’ll look quite nice on you. Here, hold it.”

She shoved the shirt in his hands and walked back over to the drawers. Aelin searched for a few moments more before returning victorious with a pair of trousers for him.

Something about it felt oddly intimate. Her picking out his clothes.

“Go put them on,” she instructed with her hands on her full hips. Rowan was disoriented enough that he went into the bathroom and stripped of his clothing.

He changed into the clothes Aelin had picked out for him.

Aelin whistled once he emerged from the bathroom. “Now I’m no stylist, but I must say I did a damn good job.”

Rowan rolled his eyes.

“Why don’t we focus on you getting dressed? We’re already late as it is and you know how long it takes you to get ready.”

She waved her hand in dismissal and then turned to her closet.

“Now for shoes. I was thinking the ones with…” And then a moment later, “Aha! Here they are.” Aelin handed the shoes to Rowan as well and when he didn’t reply with a snarky retort, she hesitated.

“Is something wrong?” She looked up at him, holding his gaze and piercing his soul.

Gods, this woman drove him crazy.

He couldn’t help the little upturn of his lips. Aelin gasped.

“By the gods! Was that a smile?” Aelin exclaimed. “I’ve done it! I’ve made the Insufferable Pain-In-The-Ass Prince smile!”

“It was hardly more than a smirk, Aelin,” He flicked her nose. “Now go on. Go get dressed.”

Aelin held back a snarl. “You know I hate it when you rush me.”

“You know I hate it when you waste half the morning attempting to seduce me.”

At that, Aelin had to laugh.

“I don’t attempt to do anything, Prince. I always succeed in my endeavors.” She gave him a long look. Her head cocked to the side. “Although…some do take longer than others.”

Rowan grinned, causing Aelin to smile.

“Your hair’s grown out again,” she mused and reached a hand up to touch the startlingly white locks Rowan sported. “You really ought to let me braid it.” Her fingers gently combed through it, lightly scratching his scalp in some places.

He held back something that would resemble a pur. He’d never admit how pleasant her fingers felt running through his hair.

“Aelin…” he warned. She sighed dramatically.

“Alright, alright,” she finally surrendered. “I’m going.” She backed away from him.

“And just where do you think you’re going?” Rowan asked when he realized Aelin was headed towards the bathroom.

She shut the door behind her before answering. “I’m just going to take a bath…”

He groaned. “Really, Aelin? You took one last night.”

Aelin was more than aware that she truly didn’t need to take another bath. But she did so just to spite him.

“You can never be too clean,” was her excuse. “Besides, not all of us prefer to roam the countryside smelling the back end of a donkey.”

Rowan walked over to the bed and lay down, propping his head up with his arms.

“You’re a prissy little thing, you know that?”

Aelin used a stream of very unladylike words underneath her breath, but his Fae ears caught every syllable.

The Queen of Terrasen may be one of the most difficult people he’s ever been fated to meet. She was stubborn and a complete and total mystery.

But Rowan Whitethorn knew full well that there was no other place he’d rather be than by her side.

Wings of Darkness [f.t V]

Originally posted by auriee

“Will you stay by my side?
Will you promise me?
If I let you go of your hand, you’ll fly away, you’ll shatter
I’m afraid, afraid, afraid”

- Butterfly, BTS

Genre: Bleeding lips & a kiss of Death…

Word count: 1000+

Earth is an unfair place and life always has its own unique way to show each of us that. To some of us, some struggle here and there is enough, while to others, the feeling of hopelessness, the urge to give up and to end everything keep toying with your head - messing up your mind.

You got to learn it the hard way.

They told you to spend your last 365 days on Earth as happily as you possibly could. 

What a fûcking joke. You felt like one too.

Getting all these sympathetic gazes made you feel sicker. All the whispers, careful words, thoughtful actions made you feel a child, someone who needed other’s protection in order to survive.

It messed up your mind.

You spended 127 days living so, with a messed up mind as you waited for each day to pass. Until he came along.

He was the type of person that made you wish for the time to stop ticking away. The type of person that made you wish for more time to spend with. The type of person that made you wish there were more than just 238 days left to spend on this dark place called Earth.

Kim Taehyung.

You wondered if his name would still stay with you once it’s time to say goodbye.

“When am I going to get my payment?” His voice was urgent, desperate and… tired.

“Once everything’s over. How are we supposed to know if you’d still treat her the way you do now once the money’s yours?” Your father’s deep voice responded. “Just keep doing your job and we might even give you more-”

“It’s been eight months! I can’t keep coming here every single day and spend it with your daughter, no offense but it’s getting quite tiring and I really need the money.”

“Keep your voice down-”

“____? C-Can you hear me?”

Your eyes fluttered open, only to close again at the blinding light.

“____? Are you okay? Pleas-”

His deep velvet voice sended chills all over your weak body, causing your aching heart to pound loudly inside of your chest.

What a pathetic soul.

“I’m fine.” Your response came out a lot harsher that you intended to, causing the guy to flinch slightly before you watched his face paled almost immediately.

However, the shocked reaction only last for a second before he quickly threw on one of his charming goofy smile and took your hands in his large ones.

Stop it.

“Do you know how much you scared me when we found you laying on the floor-”

You didn’t let him continue. “It’s funny, how you’re still playing this role of yours so perfectly.”

“I- I don’t know what you’re talking about-”

“Playing with my heart so carelessly. You really are something, Kim Taehyung.”

As his name left your lips, you felt like your heart started to bleed before it finally turned black. No pain like any other love stories, only one numbing heart.

You wondered which one was worse, the hurting heart or the dead one.

“____- I- I can explain.” His words were getting desperate and he used the same needing tone as he had with your father. “Please, I know how bad it sounded like but it’s-”

“Money. Is that what you want?” You whispered, looking at his tearful eyes. “Then take it, I’ll call my father-”

“You’re right.” He told you weakly, looking down at his clenching hands before standing up from his chair. “That’s what I want, that’s what I need but I also want you- I want you enough to throw all of those away- No, fuck it, I need you, alright?! 

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brogitsune  asked:

talk to me about minewt

this took a while, but i really do fucking want to talk about minewt, especially minewt and the death cure.
and i have the book beside me so let’s dive into that pain.

beware of spoiler friends, you know the drill
also be aware that i might just over analyze everything.

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MCU Karen Page’s Superhero Origin

    When the announcement first came that Karen Page would be in the Daredevil show we were delighted, but also frightened. In our concern. we saw only two possible fates for her: romantic interest/love triangle catalyst and death, with maybe some drug addiction along the way. After all, those are unfortunately the traits for which she’s primarily known. It would be so easy, we knew, for the show’s writers to just go for those aspects of her story, without making the effort of delving into the more interesting elements of her life and character.  

    Oh, how foolish we were. 

    Deborah Ann Woll’s embodiment of Karen Page has a power, complexity, and a depth of character unmatched by practically any of her appearances in the comics. She deftly avoids the love interest fate, laughs (well, not really, but you know what we mean) in the face of death, doesn’t use a single drug (probably…), and follows a character arc that we can only describe as superheroic. 

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Chapter One

When I was little, I thought I was going to grow old.  I was going to get married, raise a family, and grow old with my husband. I dreamt of retiring then moving to the outskirts of the city where I would sit on the front porch every morning and read the daily newspaper with a freshly brewed coffee cup in my hand. We’d rock back and forth and watch as our grandchildren ran around the front yard. I even thought that I would live to see my grandchildren having children of their own. What I didn’t think was that at the age of twenty four years old, I was going to be sitting in my car about to kill myself or someone else as I waited in stand still traffic.

“What the fuck!?” I screamed as a car without any turn signals on abruptly moved into my lane effectively cutting me off. Letting out my frustrations, I honked the horn multiple times while using a few choice of words that came from my colorful vocabulary. In response, the person in the car in front of me merely held their middle finger out the window before continuing on his way. The fucker. I huffed in annoyance as I checked the time, seeing that I only had twenty minutes left to get to my appointment.

Unable to do anything but trail the cars that only moved every few seconds, I took the time to multitask by reapplying the burgundy lipstick that already coated my plump lips. Just as I was about to reach in my purse for my whole make up bag, I heard the first set of rings coming from my phone. Looking at the caller ID, my grimace instantly turned into a wide smile.

“Hey, baby!“ I said after immediately answering the phone.

“Hey, Lex,” Anthony’s deep voice drawled out through the speaker. "How are you?” he asked.

“Honestly? Tired and frustrated,” I said bluntly. My temper which was at a middle ground seconds ago now rose back to its high levels.

“What happened babe,” Anthony let out a deep sigh as if he were the one with my problems. With a groan, I began to explain my hectic morning.

My father who is currently working as a professor in London had to teach a class at ten this morning so I had to call him around two this morning in our timezone. The call was spent making sure he had his flight and schedule in check for his visit which, he didn’t. After booking his flights, I didn’t fall back asleep until it was almost four in morning but, still woke up for seven to get to my dress fitting.

Once I got to the place, I expected them to have my dress but instead, they unzip the dress bag and it’s an ugly baby pink mermaid dress (who the fuck gets married in a pink dress anyway?). Well of coarse, I freaked out because my dress was nowhere insight so, they managed to track it down and it turns out the dresses got mixed up and my dress got sent to the location in San Fransisco.
“If it wasn’t for the fact that you mom is friends with the owner, I would have gone to a place that was a lot more professional.” I concluded my rant with my phone positioned between my ear and shoulder as I watched the roads. Luckily what ever was slowing down traffic cleared up, allowing us to coast on the freeway to our destinations.

“I’m sorry, baby. Are they working everything out?”

"Yeah. They said they’d send someone out there right now to switch out the dresses and that they reschedule me in for the fitting tomorrow if I want. Also, any tailoring I need done to my dress and the bridesmaid dresses will be free of charge,” I hummed.

“So see! Now it isn’t so bad. And even if you did walk down the aisle in a pink dress you would still be my beautiful bride,” My fiancé complemented.

“Oh, it turns me on when you call me your bride,” I giggled.

“What also turns you on Mrs. soon to be Alexis Wright?” Anthony dramatically changed the tone in his voice to sound sexy. Just as I was about to answer him, my business phone began ringing. I took a peek over to see my assistant, Francis, calling. I quickly sent him to voicemail as I tried to set my focus back on my fiancé.

“What are you doing right now?” He asked before I got a chance to answer his previous question. In the background, I could hear masses of people talking in a jumble.

“Driving to Vortex. I have a consolation appointment today,” I spoke a tad louder so that he could hear me clearly over the noise.

“Who with?”

"Someone who can afford the confidentiality fee,” I laughed. I charged eight hundred dollars to privately consult with someone who is interested in my venue. Time is money and I am not going to potentially waste my time for free.

“Oh! you must be dealing with someone big time,” Anthony’s voice got high pitch to further hype up the situation.

“That possibility is the only reason I’m going in today.” Normally, I’d let Francis handle consultations but I can’t luck out on a top paying customer. The only way to make a good impression upon a customer is if they think you actually care. The best way to show that the company cares is if the boss actually shows up.

“Well, what time do you think you’ll be done?” he asked, nonchalantly.

“Maybe an hour,” I shrugged

“Well, it just so happens that I finished up in New York a day early and I just got off my flight hoping for a chance at taking my beautiful fiancé out for lunch today,” Anthony hummed into the phone.

“Well, I don’t know how any girl could pass up on that offer,“ I swear you could hear the smile in my voice.

"Good. I’ll pick you up in an hour.”

"Oh can we go to that little Italian restaurant I like? The one with the cute little-” the ringing of my personal phone interrupted me. I pulled the phone away from my ear to see that it was Francis calling, again. “Babe, I got to go. Francis is blowing up my phones.”

"Alright I’ll let you go. See you soon. I love you, baby,” he playfully made a kissing sound into the phone.

“Love you too,” I quickly hung up and accepted Francis’ call.

“Alexis, where are you? The client is in the parking lot now,“ Francis’ voice rang out. His tone was borderline hysterical as if, it was his first time for a private consultation.

"I’m seven minutes away. Traffic was really bad. When the client walks in just stall for me. Get them drinks, food, whatever. Just make it work,” I ordered.

“But-” before my assistant could say anything else, I hung up and focused on the road. I swiftly took some back roads and made it in five minutes. Upon arriving at Vortex, I noticed an exquisite 2014 Escalade along a couple of Porsches parked in the front of the entrance. Knowing that the client could actually afford me, motivated me into waste no more time. I pulled up to my nightclub and parked behind the Escalade. I quickly made it inside with my purse and briefcase in tow. From inside the main room of the facility, I heard claps of laughter and multiple male voices echoing in the currently empty room.

“I’m saying J-” I tuned into one of the voices, “You use this place and shit this party would be so lit. You could have a open bar, a few strippers…” I rolled my eyes at the generic suggestions. Every young man that has an event planned here, always request the strippers but then again, I don’t have two stripper poles for nothing. I merely shook my head at the request before deciding to make my entrance. With my caramel skin glowing and my tight dark curls bouncing with every step, I strode into the room wearing my favorite blue dress that hugged my curves perfectly.

I had to pause in order to take in the image before me. In the center of the large room on the leather couches that were currently set up, a group of young men and women were lounging in the seats. Some white, some black but what really drew my attention was the fact that Justin Bieber was sitting in the center of them.

With a pair of ripped up light washed jeans, a leather looking t-shirt, and his hair styled to perfection, he turned his attention from his friend to me. As much as I wanted to turn my head, my eyes were locked onto his as he looked me up and down, drinking in my image. I blushed like a teenage white girl and nervously adjusted my dress. For fucks sake, I am a grown ass woman getting starstruck at the sight of a young asshole celebrity. I need to get my shit together, immediately.

“Goddamn, Justin! See! This what I’m talking about,” the boy to the right of Justin motioned toward me once I caught his attention. “We could have bad bitches like her serving drinks butt ass naked,” the boy laughed. Immediately, broke the eye contact with Justin at his friend’s words.

“Excuse me?” I cocked my head to the side with my hand on my hip.

“Aye, baby. Could you get us some drinks while we wait?” the douche bag spoke up again. His friends cackled beside him, hyping him up. A cocky grin spread across his face as he quirked up his eyebrow and leaned further back into his chair. Even the ends of Justin’s mouth turned upwards at his friend’s remark. Just as I began to open my mouth, Francis entered the room with bottle of champagne and a tray of glasses in tow.

“Actually this is the club owner and event coordinator, Alexis Sullivan,” Francis piped up, stepping between me and the group to set down the drinks. Their laughs immediately muted at his words. Francis frantically placed the tray on the table while looking back and forth between the clients and I.

“Let me just ask you,” I started after a moment of silence staring at the man who looked up at me sheepishly. “Who raised you? Because I know, no mother would raise her son to treat a woman this way,” I questioned the idiot.

"I’m sorry, I didn’t know-“

"Is that supposed to make this better?” I cut him off before he said something even stupider.

“You will not demean or harass any of my employees. I don’t care if my strippers and bartenders are walking around naked, you have no right to disrespect any woman. If this is how you are going to act then, you and your friends can leave. I will not serve a misogynistic asshole in my venue,” I crossed my arms.

“Francis put the champagne back in the wine chiller,” I commanded before turning to walk into my office. What I’ve heard about Bieber and his crew were obviously true. They are pompous assholes that think they can treat people any kind of way and I will not subject myself to deal with that.

“I’m sorry! He takes things too far sometimes,” the blonde girl on the other couch quickly began to explain. “He doesn’t mean anything about it. He’s just an asshole that doesn’t think before he speaks. Khalil apologize now,” The girl pleaded with her friend. Khalil fixed his unhealthy posture before opening his mouth.

“I’m really sorry. You came in and I thought you were a dancer or something,” He weakly explained his previous behavior.

“This is all just a misunderstanding,” Justin finally spoke up. His voice was smooth but had a bounce of rhythm to it that draws you in. No wonder his albums sell. I would buy one of his songs even if it was just him talking about peanuts the whole time.

“One more misunderstanding like this and I will refuse to service y'all. Understood?” Khalil nodded at my words. I walked back to the area they were at and stood before them all.
“Allow me to introduce myself then. I’m Alexis Sullivan, I own and operate this venue. I opened Vortex three years ago and it is currently ranked as the 6th best nightclub in California and the 3rd most grossing nightclub in Los Angeles. Since you are here for a consolation, I would assume y'all are looking to book it for an event,“ I questioned.

“Yes,” the blonde spoke up again. “Oh, um, first off I’m Hailey, that’s Za,” she motioned to the  yellow boned boy who was at the far end of the first couch. Next, She pointed out the asshole who goes by Khalil. Hailey turned to the next couch and pointed out a white boy with strong features called Ryan and then, a hispanic girl that looked so very bored to be here called Yovanna and then a mixed looking boy named Alfredo. I took in their names and shook each of there hands but noticed how she failed to introduce Justin.

“Justin here’s 21st birthday is coming up soon-“

"I’m Justin Bieber, by the way,” Justin interrupted Hailey with cockiness dripping off his voice and held his hand out towards me. I quickly met his hand and shook it while he briefly looked me in my eyes. The hispanic girl, Yovanna scoffed at the sight before pulling out her phone.

“Nice to meet you all,” I smiled before taking a seat in the center of the couch opposite to Justin.

“Nice to meet you as well. We are interested in having Justin’s birthday party here,” Hailey continued were she left off before she was interrupted.

“You’re more interested than I am,” Justin looked at Hailey.

“He’s just being pissy because he doesn’t want a big party but he’s turning twenty one how can you not go big?” Hailey explained.

“No, Hails. I do want a party, I just wanted it to be at Vipe,“ Justin stated bluntly. I visibly shuttered at the name on my biggest competitor. I refuse to lose Justin as a client to a place as awful as Club Vipe. I slightly smiled at the fact that Justin was obviously challenging my ability. It make this all a bit more exciting. I laughed before meeting Justin’s eyes.

"I can guarantee you that anything that I produce is superior than what Vipe can provide for you. There’s a reason as to why my club is rented out so often and why every night the entree line is wrapped around the building. Each night, we have a big turn out because the drinks are cheap, the facility is clean and the music is good. Simple as that. But feel free to go to Vipe if you want your birthday party at the small VIP section where it is dirty, the bartenders are less than friendly, and bouncers who let in anyone who can afford to bribe them well enough,” I crossed my legs and tossed some of my hair over my shoulder. Justin smiled at my confidence.

“Well I like Vipe better, regardless,” Yovanna spoke with a condescending tone.

“Who asked what you liked?” Hailey scoffed rhetorically before I could retaliate.

“Justin, are you just gonna let her talk to me like that?” Yovanna looked to Justin for help.

“Oh please. Just because Justin’s been fucking you lately, doesn’t mean that you have any say in what goes down around here. You probably won’t even be around for another month let alone, for his birthday. I don’t even know who invited you in the first place?” Hailey spat with the roll of her neck.

“Justin did. Right after I sucked his-“

"What exactly can you provide for the party,” Ryan asked quickly before Yovanna finished what we all can infer what she was going to say. It’s strange to see that Justin didn’t even blink at their back and forth as if this was an often occurrence.

“Anything Justin could possibly want: I will make happen,” I stated confidently.

“I was actually here when Pia had her party. It was really good. One of the best I’ve been to actually,” Alfredo complimented at the memory of Pia Mia’s 18th birthday party that was a little over a year ago. Pia requested that I turned the club into a fashion wonderland. The venue was that night transformed into any teenage girl’s wet dream including hot men and knee high boots.

“Thank you so much. Working with Pia was such a good experience- one of my favorite nights actually,” I spoke truthfully about the down to earth upcoming singer.

“How does the club normally look?” Za asked.

“Well it’s a bit hard to visualize with everything set aside. But I’ll tell you what, all of you come tonight so you can see the full potential of Vortex under normal circumstances. All drinks will be courtesy of me. If you like the vibe of my club, we can further discuss what exactly you would want for the party,” I offered.

“Would y'all like a tour of the building to get a taste of it?” Justin nodded as he stood up and the rest followed behind him as I showed them the bars, stage, dance floor, and the private lounges. I ended the tour upstairs at the vip section and while they looked over the balcony that revealed the dance floor, I adjusted all the light settings so they can see how aesthetically pleasing Vortex is.

“This place is so nice” Ryan said as he took a picture of the handcrafted chandelier that hung above the dance floor.

“Bieber, this could be so good! I’m telling you this venue is perfect,” Hailey pushed again.

“Oh please, Hailey. We all know you’re rooting for this place so bad because you fucked all the bartenders at Vipe and the last time you went, you got kicked out,” Za put her on blast.

“Shut up, before I tell Justin what you got up to the other night,” Hailey smiled evilly before quickly glancing at Yovanna who currently had her arm draped around Justin’s waist as they overlooked the balcony again. Za quickly held his hands up in surrender after Hailey shamelessly blackmailed him.

“Yo moms just texted and she’s frying fish,” Khalil announced after looking at his phone with a smile.

“That’s our cue to go!” Za started heading back down the stairs and the others quickly trailed behind him. The fish must be that good.

I turned back to see Justin still looking at the dance floor. With a nervous sigh, I walked over and stood next to him. I looked down to see Ryan and Khalil chasing after each other and Hailey taking selfies with Alfredo as Yovanna scowls at the them. I laughed as Ryan tripped and effectively made an ass of himself.

“Justin, let’s go! The fish won’t be as good if we wait around!” Za called up. Justin let out a delightful laugh before finally looking at me.

“I think I like you and your club,” Justin stated with a glint of something in his eyes.

“Well, feel free to come tonight to get a better feeling for it,” I verbally ignored his comment about me. “I’ll put all of your names on the list. Also, our security is really tight so don’t worry, tonight will be very exclusive.”

"Will you be here tonight?” Justin looked me up and down again just like he did when I first arrived. This time, I squirmed even more at his attention because we were up here alone. Once his eyes finished roaming my body, his eyes poured into mine again and I tried my hardest not to get lost in them.

“I’m here every night,” I confirmed with a small smile.

“It’s a date then,” Justin smirked smoothly before shaking my hand once again and following his friend downstairs. I don’t know if my dark complexion allowed it to shine through but I instantly felt the heat of my blush rise to my cheeks. I can see why Justin is successful. He’s talented, charismatic, and hot.I followed them towards the exit were we said our niceties before parting ways until tonight. Once they were gone, I called Francis into the room.

“Yes, Lexi?“ He asked happily as he came into the room with his perfect silver hair and a great stride with his steps. The best way to describe my assistant is a ball of pure, innocent happiness. Everything about him make him a delightful person to be around. His whimsical silver hair, skinny frame, strong cheekbones, and Filipino features made him visually appealing but it was his personality that really draws you in. After speaking with him for three minutes, I hired him as my assistant and now he’s been working with me for two years now. He’s effective, pleasant and the best person you could possibly work with.

"I need you to go on a booze run,” I informed him. “Take the truck and pick up the order. Damon should have all of it by the time you get there. I’ll send the list of what else I’ll need you to do in a bit,” I tossed him the keys to the company truck so that he could pick up the alcohol.

“You want me to get lunch for you?” he offered.

“No thanks. Anthony’s taking me out. He should be here any minute in actually,” I nodded.

“Oh, speaking of hot men! Can you beliebe I shook hands with Justin Bieber approximately fifty one minutes ago,” he sighed before dramatically caressing his face with the hand Justin touched.

“You’re such a mess,” I laughed as he began to kiss his hand.

“All I’m saying is that if Trevor wasn’t my boyfriend, Justin would be smashing me at this very moment,” Francis said confidently.

“Is that so?” I scoffed as I made my way into my office to get the paperwork that needed to be signed by my lawyers.

“It is. Trevor better treat me right before I leave him for the Bieberconda,” He called after me. I laughed again before telling him to fuck off and get to work.

“Lexi!” My name was called after a few minutes of reading over the new terms of the contract with alcohol provider. Closing the folder, I walked out of my office to see my fiancé sitting on the couches that were occupied not more than ten minutes ago.

“Hey, baby,“ I greeted before entangling our fingers and pressing my lips against his. I smiled looking down at our two left hands. His complexion is darker than mine but, the glittering ring on my finger made most of the visible contrast of them all.

"I missed you,” he smiled before pulling me into another kiss, this one lasting much longer.

“How was your trip?” I asked between kisses.

“Long and boring. All I could think about is you. Your smile. Your lips. Your body.” Anthony grabbed my ass at his words and pulled me in so that I was straddling him.

“I think you deserve a present for working so hard,” I murmured before getting off the couch and leading him with me. I pulled out a chair and sat it at the very end of one of the walkways with the pole on stage.

“Want me to dance for you, baby?” I purred while patting the seat. Anthony smirked before taking his seat. Plugging my phone into the aux cord, I put Skin on repeat.

I strutted onto the stage and spun a few times around the pole. I seductively grinded against the hole while shaking my curly hair dramatically. I knew I was no expert at this but, according to the tent forming in Anthony’s pants, I was doing something right. Teasing him more, I stepped to the end of the stage and shook my ass directly in his face. That motion earned me an unexpected slap to my butt.

“No touching,” I tutted in disapproval before stepping off the stage completely. I lightly swayed on beat to the music as I lowered myself into his lap. He let out a string of profanities as I pressed down harder against him as the bass got louder.

Plots: General overview with exercises

“Complete Guide to Writing Fiction and Nonfiction and Getting Published” by Pat Kubis & Bob Howland

Article by SC (scarletcougar)

What is PLOT?

It is what keeps readers from asking “Where is this story going? Because it seems like it is rambling on endlessly…”

Plot is the harmonic design of the actions or events in your story. It is the pattern and frame, also the destination. Every good story has a plot. This means it has a clear beginning, middle and END. Your plot is the structure that keeps you from going wildly off topic. Plot is the answer to “What comes next?” and “Why did this happen?”

The protagonist is your hero and the key figure of your plot. This character has a destiny, something that must be done and will face challenges in the story that work toward that goal.

A weak plot is one where outside forces have to fix everything and resolve your story. For example, God steps in and flattens the enemies for the hero, end of story. People will be disappointed and say, “So what?” Your plot should encourage people to CARE about what happens to your characters and what goes on in your story. Another characteristic of a weak plot is when the plot is unbelievable. The events and actions have to be believable for people to care about them. If they are unbelievable, people will doubt the possibility of the story, and again stop caring about what happens in it. So, a weak plot is that which is unrealistic, unmotivated, and unbelievable. Solution: research and make your story seem real!!

Strong plots are tied into your hero’s flaws and faults as well as his/her/its merits. A hero with a problem faces challenges that may be physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual.


  • Beginning: The initial action of a situation. Often a problem that has to be solved is introduced.
  • Middle: The part of the story that shows the hero’s attempts to solve the problem.
  • Ending: The natural result of what has happened in the middle. At this point, the hero either succeeds or fails at solving the problem.


  • Reverals: events occur which move the hero from good to bad and from bad to good situations.
  • Dicoveries: Various revelations throughout the middle of the story. The hero learns about themselves.
  • Emotions: the reversals and discoveries should stir strong emotions.
  • Complications: suspenseful incidents that occur and help move the story along, turning points that are followed by change, the challenges your hero faces.
  • Catastrophe: the lowest point in the story that shows your character at “rock bottom” their greatest despair. The only way to go from there… is UP!
  • Climax: The AHA! moment or the turning point in your story. This is tied to the catastrophe and the recognition scene.
  • Recognition Scene: Key scenes where the hero understand the problem and knows where to go. This might also be called revelation scenes. Your hero comes to understand his place in the universe.
  • Resolution: This is the aftermath of the turning point in your story.

Sometimes a story has several smaller plots that are tied into the main big plot of the story. If the subplot does not connect to the main plot then it is useless or worse, confusing to your reader.

These are the dramatic challenges or barriers your hero must face. They are the obstacles in your story that must be overcome to get to the goal. Consider them as hurdles. The introduce conflict and help increase suspense. They help teach your hero what he needs to achieve his goal.

This is good for something short. It carries your story up to a single truning point (the climax/epiphany) and concludes with realization.

This is a plot with several highs and several lows. These high turning points are large climaxes but they keep the story rolling with your hero moving into and out of small challenges.

This is a plot that deals with two people’s lives that eventually intersect.

This is where an event is the focus of the story and wee how each character perceives the event.

FINALLY, a last note… your characters (especially your hero) are defined by their actions. They live an imitation of life. Bring them to life with realistic or believable events and actions and a plot that can be followed.


  • Read a novel, story, watch a movie or a TV show (series). Note the first challenges. How did the hero overcome them? What is the hero’s ultimate goal? What are the turning points? What is the climax of this story? Was it a strong and clear plot? Why? Was it a weak plot? Why?
  • Read a collection of short stories. Can you pinpoint the epiphanies or clamaxes?
  • Watch a film about an event and see if it is a circular plot? Who are the characters and what are their main perspectives of the event? (LOST is a good TV series like that)
  • Read a novel. Can you identify the subplots within the main plot? What are the relationships of the subplots to the main plot?

Happy Writing!

~ SC

EXOs Reaction to You Surprising Them With Their Favourite Meal

Thank you for requesting~! I had a hard time deciding whether “you” should be a good cook in this situation, or not. Obviously the reactions would be entirely different depending on your skill, right? Sooo, I did one reaction for both possibilities. xD

Kyungsoo: If you’re a good cook: He’d definitely be surprised, ‘cause he’s the one who normally cooks, but he would be very happy about it and eat with a large smile on his face. “Mmm, Jagiya, this tastes amazing.”

If you’re a bad cook: He’d take a big bite, looking up at you while he chewed. “This is an…interesting way to make this.”

Tao: If you’re a good cook: He wouldn’t hesitate to stuff his face. He’d start to compliment you, but you’d scold him for talking with his mouth full, so he’d just happily nod his head in approval.

If you’re a bad cook: He’d hold the food carefully in front of his lips, taking small bites, in hopes that would make it taste better.

Chen: If you’re a good cook: You’d be nowhere in sight when he saw the food sitting on the table, and he’d immediately begin eating, only to be scolded by you for not waiting. He’d say sorry, but it’d be hard to believe him when his mouth was full of food.

If you’re a bad cook: Chen would be happy at first that you decided to cook for him, but after a few bites, he’d smack his lips, his expression blank. “This tastes different than normal. Are you sure you remembered all the ingredients?” But, despite his comment, he’d take a deep breath to prepare himself and then finish his whole meal.

Lay: If you’re a good cook: He’d thank you with a kiss, then proceed to happily eat his food, being so engrossed in it that he would ignore everything else around him.

If you’re a bad cook: Lay wouldn’t care whether or not you were a talented cook. He’d happily eat anything that you put in front of him, but may offer to give you some cooking tips afterward.

Kai: If you’re a good cook: Kai would take one bite and then look at you in amazement. “Ah, Y/N! I had no idea you were such a great cook!”

If you’re a bad cook: He’d try his best to stomach the food, regardless of its taste, but you’d be able to see the clear dislike written on his face.

Suho: If you’re a good cook: He’d be so grateful to you for cooking something that he loved so much. He would eat it slowly, trying to savour it, and stare at you with a look of admiration.

If you’re a bad cook: He wouldn’t say anything negative. He’d be thankful for the thought behind the meal and would simply try to down it as fast as he could, making you think the poor guy was starving.

Kris: If you’re a good cook: As Kris ate, his expression would be hard to read because he’d be so blown away that you’d even remember his favourite meal, let alone cook it for him. But he’d be sure to show his thanks to you once he was finished with his food.

If you’re a bad cook: He’d see the food in front of him and take a small bite, then look to you. “Ohh, Y/N, you shouldn’t have gone to all this trouble. Like, really…”

Xiumin: If you’re a good cook: The moment Xiumin took a bite of the delicious meal that you prepared, he’d be super over-dramatic about it, clearly loving every moment that the food touched his tongue.

If you’re a bad cook: “You’re certain this is cooked enough, Jagi?,” he’d question, the suspicion in his voice going unnoticed by you. When you assured him it was fine, he’d collect a bit of it in his chopsticks and raise them to you in a mock toast. “Wish me luck~”

Luhan: If you’re a good cook: Luhan would make a total pig of himself, indulging in your cooking. He’d definitely find a way to pay you back for the sweet gesture.

If you’re a bad cook: He’d take a bite and start chewing as the unique flavours spread in his mouth. He’d furrow his brows as he tried to think of something to say about the meal, but he’d come up with nothing good, so he’d keep his mouth shut.

Baekhyun: If you’re a good cook: He wouldn’t go straight for the food, but instead compliment you on how thoughtful he thought you were being. “Ohhh, Y/N! You’re so adorable, cooking all of this for me!”

If you’re a bad cook: He’d chew his food quickly, hoping that would speed up the process. But, he’d probably be the type to complain about stomach aches after eating it.

Chanyeol: If you’re a good cook: “I can hardly believe you’re such a good cook, Y/N. You need to cook for me everyday!” Chanyeol would eat his food with a smile, giving you a thumbs up as he chewed.

If you’re a bad cook: It would only take one bite for Chanyeol to realize you must have done something wrong with the recipe, as the food was unbelievably spicy. “I’m sorry, Y/N, I don’t think I can do this!”

Sehun: If you’re a good cook: The moment the food touched his lips, Sehun would have to struggle to hold back a smile as he teased you. “Wow, Jagiya, I didn’t know you were capable of cooking.”

If you’re a bad cook: Sehun would look at the mess that you presented to him with an unimpressed glare set on his face. “Nope. I’m not gonna eat that, Y/N.”



[TRANS] Tiffany’s Interview in Grazia, March 2016


As soon as she stepped into the Arrivals Hall, there was impenetrable security, police protocol while transferring to the hotel, and the thousands of fans who waited at the event venue. <Grazia> exclusively joined Tiffany’s Bangkok Emporium Dior Boutique visit that took over Instagram with the hashtag #WelcomeTiffanytoThailand

[From beginning to end, she looked out for <Grazia> staff. Even getting into the car, she did not lose eye contact.]

[Event venue that was tangled with fans and press. That night, Tiffany responded with the words, ‘Tonight was magical’ and the hashtag #TiffanyHeartsThailand.]

[The secret behind this lovely cut is bare feet. Words she left while changing clothes. “Wasn’t I ugly when I was eating the apple before?”]

You came to Bangkok 2 weeks ago for the concert. How is it visiting again?

It feels different. It doesn’t seem like the Bangkok that I knew before. Isn’t it fascinating? I arrived at the hotel and went out onto the terrace. I exclaimed “Ah~”. I even like just looking outside.

Does it feel like you’re resting?

Yes. Work this time is a dream schedule. These days, I’m in the middle of preparing for my solo album so I’m focused on music work. It’s not my style to unveil that area so I haven’t been Instagramming and I’ve been quiet, but I can unveil all of this work. I can share in real time with fans so it’s a happy schedule.

When we met you at the airport yesterday, the first impression was ‘more adult-like than we’d thought’. But today, you became lovely again.

Haha. I’m 28 now. And I was dressed more like a girl yesterday?

Not your outfit, but we meant your way of speaking and acting is more adult-like so we were surprised. Today, you came here because you’ve been invited to the Dior store opening event, what are your feelings and impressions?

I have a lot of interest in fashion. And Dior is one of my top three favourite brands. I’m fond of the spring/summer collection full of pastel colours and pink, which I especially like. Before I came here, I studied up on the history of the Dior house. Not only the patterns, colours and designs of the collections, but I also examined the jewelry, beauty and the sensibilities of the creative directors who change according to season.

I think you suit Dior very well.

Fascinatingly, all of the muses of the Dior house are artists who give me inspiration. Sophie Marceau, Monica Bellucci, Charlize Theron, Natalie Portman, Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, Mila Kunis – they’re all female figures I like. The side of them where when they’re strong, they’re strong and when they’re genial, they’re genial resembles Dior’s look.

We heard there was a story with the outfit you wore when you departed?

Originally, I was going to wear a hot pink knit, but I wanted the silver bag to stand out more so I changed. The striped outerwear that I wore that day is a product that isn’t in Korea so on the day I left, we dramatically had it flown in from an international store. I matched the outerwear with white jeans and the slip-ons I normally wear. I wanted to do a look that went with this season’s Dior collection, so I chose the texture of the fabric and the details on the bottom edge of the pants after deliberation.  

The clothes you’re wearing now suit you well too.

It feels even more perfect because the outfit fits with Bangkok’s current weather. Normally you end up shooting wearing thin clothes when it’s cold and thick clothes when it’s hot.

For the evening event, we heard you’re planning to dress up your outfit with a jacket?

I’m nervous. Dior is known for jackets. It’s an item that’s difficult to pull off in a cool way, but thankfully I found a design that suits me perfectly. It feels like 28, and it’s not an obvious look like a dress and pumps; I wanted to add a mood that’s a bit more stylish and mature.

Are you in a time where you want to change your style?

These days, my hands go for classic items. As I get older, I think my tastes lean in that direction. When I wear that style, if I get reactions like ‘you’re like an adult, you’re like a woman’, I’m satisfied.

We can’t refrain from talking about Instagram; when we see Tiffany’s account, it feels very sparkly. What is the main keyword that you have in mind?

Pink. If you look at a person’s SNSD, you can know that person’s sensibilities. In my Instagrams, there are a lot of pink hues. Pastel toned, cotton candy-like photos.

You must like the colour pink?

Yes. So that’s why there are a lot of tones like that naturally. These days, I’m trying to use other colours. For instance, colours like purple…

We saw the video you uploaded yesterday. (Translator note: Interviewer is referring to this video.)

When I went into my room, there were presents sent from Dior with my name written on them. I wanted to share my mood at that time with fans. Dior fans can see me, and my fans can be introduced to Dior so it’s a happy thing for everyone. In reality, there are fans who say ‘I don’t know fashion that well but I like that I get to know it through Tiffany’.

You’re good at capturing photo angles. When you post, do you have any know-hows or habits?

My nickname is ‘SNSD’s In-House Photographer’. Of SNSD members’ SNS photos, 80% of them are ones I’ve taken for them? It’s fun to bring to life the dimension and presence of colours or of people. It’s about capturing the pretty features of members that a photographer we’ve met for the first time can’t know. Members say, “If you weren’t here, how would I do SNS”. I take a lot of photos and know-hows just get created.

We saw your tattoo photo too, when did you get it?

I have one on my side, and recently I got one on my finger.

We’re curious why you got it in those places and the meaning of the tattoos.

The tattoo on my side is ‘Toujours Belle’, and it means ‘forever beautiful’ in French. My Korean (Hangeul) name is ‘Mi’ meaning beautiful and ‘Young’ meaning forever. I was too fed up with Forever Beautiful in English so I got it done in French. It’s kind of like the name of a perfume… For location, I chose my side below the chest, where it can be covered with underwear, and while planning the tattoo, I realized that I’m more conservative than I thought. When thinking of marriage, I wanted it to be in a place where it can’t easily be seen, where only very close people can see.

The second tattoo reads ‘Dreamer’, right?

I got it on the inner part of my fourth (ring) finger on my right hand. When I gather my hand, it’s the side visible to me. Since outer part can be a problem if it’s visible when shooting editorials. But it really hurt. Don’t get more than 7 letters tattooed, for real.

Do you shop a lot?

Yes. I completely shop a lot. This year’s motto is ‘Work Hard, Shop Harder’. Haha.

Sometimes after you shop a lot, aren’t there times when you feel a sense of guilt?

That’s right. But trying on these heels and those clothes are all processes that make who I am now. I hope that people who are in this line of work don’t feel guilty. There’s a lot you can learn. If you buy and wear clothes, you naturally develop an eye for it. Since you understand it. At award shows or at special events, your attitude definitely changes.

While promoting as SNSD, you wear clothes that fit into a variety of concepts. At times like that, is there a method unique to Tiffany to make yourself stand out?

I show my neck and legs. Relative to my height, my legs are on the long side so if I stand beside a tall member, I need to show more of my legs to appear taller. These days, everyone knows my size so I have let that go (laughs).

You seem to be filled with a happy virus. You also seem like you have a lot of playfulness. You always tend to be fun-loving, right?

I try to be optimistic as much as possible. I go by ‘Things that aren’t meant to happen will not happen no matter how hard you try, and things that are meant to happen will happen’. From airport outfit, to the shoes I’ll wear today, it didn’t seem like it would work out but they ended up working out. I think the dramatic aspects of life are fun.  

Then what’s most fun for you these days?


Do you have time to travel?

Today is travel too. Next week, I’m going to Hawaii for a photoshoot, and the week after, I’m going to Paris.

You are shooting a lot. Today, you’re also filming videos; each one has its own charms, right?

Photos are fun because you can create it, and videos are fun because it’s honest. A video unveils everything. What’s fake and what’s real. In a photo, I like that I can check everything, like from where the light is falling and how much green is in it. It’s interesting that the feeling changes depending on the staff that is with me. A new side of me that I didn’t know appears.

Now you have to leave in two hours.

It’s refreshing that I’ll meet fans in a department store and I’m looking forward to it. In Bangkok, I always met them in performance venues. Since I’m showing myself in clothes like this and not on the stage, fans can see me in a new light.

[While getting her makeup done, she found a Dior ad in the newspaper and took a photo for proof]

“These days, my hands go for classic items. As I get older, I think my tastes lean in that direction. When I wear that style, if I get reactions like ‘you’re like an adult, you’re like a woman’, I’m satisfied.”


When departing from Incheon airport, Bangkok was already overexcited. The news that Tiffany will visit the Emporium Department Store Dior Store Re-Opening event became known and airport fashion look started appearing on timelines with the hashtag #WelcomeTiffanytoThailand. On the day of the event, thousands of fans waited from the morning behind the barricade that went past the photo zone after getting out of the car. Endlessly continuing cheering from the fans and flashes. Tiffany paused in the middle and waved her hand, she took a selfie and a video in front of the store logo and communicated with fans. On February 18, Emporium Dior boutique had its renewal opening, reflecting the elegance and modernity of house brand Dior. With two dramatic entrances, one side had ready-to-wear, accessories and watches, and the other side had an area for VIP so that they could shop comfortably. The Bangkok boutique, in the same league as the Seoul flagship store and Tokyo Omotesando boutique, has a dramatic exterior made of sparkling glass and chrome, showing off its luxuriousness and urban style. Another special point is that furniture designed by international artists is scattered throughout the store. Tiffany, who visited the store, looked at the spring/summer shoes and bags with Bangkok’s socialites in the VIP room and enjoyed the unique space.

  1. She gathered both hands and after giving a Thai-style greeting, she captured everyone with her eye smile.
  2. Making her way through an incredible number of fans and crowds
  3. The gold version of the same bag that she carried at the airport.
  4. She arrived at the airport wearing the outerwear that was airlifted in by the Chungdam boutique at 11 am on the morning of departure.
  5. Dior VIP who came to the store. She greeted Bangkok’s It Girls with a smile and left a commemorative photo with a group selfie.

Scan credits: GGPM

The Inseparables Chat logs (EPISODES 1-23)

Did you want to read the inseparables’ messages but you couldn’t while focusing on watching the show? I’ve got your back.

(i put them under read more because they’re pretty long)

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