it's like eleven


Nine and Ten with some lil flowers :P

It’s finally nice weather here, spring and all of that, so you can say for once in my life I was ~inspired~ xD Also drawing them is fun :D

[Other Dr Who fanarts: Lil heads, 10th, 9th and 11th]

Embarrassed Mike headcannons

- El for obvious reasons has never been good with social cues so when Mike catches her staring at him, she doesn’t look away bashfully which causes his face to flush in that pretty pink she loves.

- Mike’s life used to be a perfect balance between school and friends until he met El which had caused an imbalance. He has to have a mortifying talk with his parents about his slipping grades and has to admit he’s been spending a lot of time with El while Nancy smirks from the kitchen.

- Lucas enters the Wheeler house as usual one Saturday morning only to be shocked at Mike, El and Holly cuddled underneath a blanket singing “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” and Mike slouches in embarrassment as he remembered what he wanted to talk to Lucas about

No More Secrets

The Clash was playing. She had no idea why she was listening to them, but Jonathan had made her a mix tape. ‘For Christmas,’ he’d said, when he’d handed her the cassette on New Year’s Eve. They’d gone to the Byers’, her and Mike - to get away from home, at their mom’s insistence.

That had been an odd conversation. Nancy’s mom had seemed torn at the prospect, but she had reiterated over and over that Mike 'needed to get out of the house,’ and 'be around friends.’

Nancy hadn’t wanted to go out. For the first time in a while, all she’d wanted was to be alone. To curl up on her bed and drown herself out with classic pop hits her father despised. She wanted to cry.

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Stranger Things | season 2 foreshadowing

“Something is coming, something angry, hungry for your blood…it is almost here.”



Fai looks so proud of his son for smiling and lying through his teeth. I WONDER WHO HE LEARNED THAT FROM. IT’S A MYSTERY. 

Sakura would probably punch him in the face if she realised. 

Ok no not really but I can dream

I want to say something witty about the Sandwich Battle going on but there is literally nothing I can say that could make it any better than it already is so just know that I’ve reread it at least six times over and counting. 

can i just talk for a minute about how Lucas was willing to go headfirst into the upside down just to bring Will back ? as soon as it was revealed to him that Will was trapped in this cold, dark space he had to find out how to get him out. and once Eleven, or Mike, or even Dustin didn’t seem to have the same drive he just decided to go on by himself. no matter what it took, no matter if he’d get caught, his priority, his mission was to find his friend and get him back. and honestly, he didn’t even understand what he was getting himself into. he hadn’t seen the demogorgon before so he had like no idea how high the stakes were. he just knew his friend was in trouble, and that they had to get them out. and he geared up for battle and marched himself over there to do it himself. because he couldn’t go on and possibly let Will die because they all were taking their sweet time with it. like just realizing he was willing to walk into another dimension solely based on the fact that his friend needed him says a lot about his character. and honestly people think that he’s selfish, or rude, but this is a kid with clear allegiances, who has a tight circle around him and if you’re in the circle he’ll do anything for you, he’ll die for you, but if you’re out of the circle he just can’t focus on your troubles ?? and while that’s a hard position to take, it’s very realistic imo and very mature tbh and I don’t feel like he should be vilified for it. another thing is, is that he actually realized he was wrong and sincerely apologized for it like– that’s so mature and aware of his actions and I just want this kid to be appreciated and loved and respected and yeah.

As much as I love the SasuSaku piggyback scene, must I remind whoever came up with that idea of this: