it's like either you hate one or the other

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Hey, I really love your account it's one of my favourites and I was wondering if you knew of any modern au's where Octavian and Clarke are roommates (maybe with Raven) and bellarke hate each other at first but a long one because all the ones I find are either to short or just not that good thanks xx 💖💖

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The only reason I'd ship pheaker is if it's an Au where George ain't an asshole and they're kind to each other and Phillip doesn't die.

you see, that’s what i used to say, but i think butchering characters (even if they are assholes) for the sake of a ship is not cool? i mean.. you said it yourself. “an au where george ain’t an asshole”. he.. killed philip, you know? and yes, i know i drew them. and, yes, i was wrong to have done so, and, yes, i will be the first to admit it.

personally, i don’t like aus where personalities are changed (unless it’s everyone like that one au by either ray or hui; i don’t have it on hand) but i mean.. if you’re going to change a character a bunch, why not just make an oc? ocs are fun and, yeah, you won’t get as many notes and stuff, but you also won’t be completely changing a character that wasn’t yours to begin with. also- i, myself, just don’t want anything to do with a ship in which the characters “hate each other but make out”. that’s.. yikes! on its own.

ship whatever you want. i’m not gonna fight you (i mean i have friends who ship pheaker. just bc i don’t like it, doesn’t mean i hate you or anyone else, but please don’t send me stuff about them). personally, i’d really rather just steer clear of the ship in general. i won’t delete my art of them (though i am tempted, i know they’ll still float around regardless). i, also, will not be drawing them anymore and you won’t see eacker in 2nd gen college au series on ao3. sorry if you’re following me just for them, but you’ll have to look elsewhere! 

why are some of yall so obsessed with the idea of the boys hating each other it’s truly sad

Keith’s Vlog & the Fandom’s Reaction

I have no problem with Keith’s vlog and I’m so glad it killed his fanon interpretation, it finally settled who Keith really is. But my problem with this is all of the Keith antis. Not fans that dislike Keith cause of their own reasons but fans that didn’t really care about Keith or wanted him out of the way because they wanted more Golden Boy™ time. Now they instantly take back what they said and actually care about him now.

Now it wouldn’t be the Voltron Fandom if Lance wasn’t mentioned somewhere. So of course, as always they have to shove Lance into things that don’t have to do with him. So Stans instantly went “Imagine LANCE’s vlog now!!!” Or “OMG lance was in several flashbacks in Keith’s Vlog’. Lance is irrelevant to this, let Keith be his own fucking person for once. Either that or admit that you think Keith is an accessory to Lance for your fucking ship. This vlog was about Keith and his problems not oh what about Lance???! Like always.

It just bothers me that people who hated him before now love Keith because he poured his heart out. And yet again Lance is the only thing the majority fandom cares about which is annoying. All the other characters are just as important and its never appreciated. Or in some cases, like this one, it is but Lance still has to mentioned.

Also. I highly fucking doubt Lance’s Vlog would have to do about your shitty Langst. Just saying.

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I can't see canon Yuuri being Slytherin. He seems more Hufflepuff. But I also wonder if anxiety and depression makes people more "cunning" about survival, because mental illness is its own war. And like your Yuuri, in a war, one must either survive or be defeated. Just an idea! 😁

I always see canon Yuuri as a Slytherin because he’s very driven and determined, hates losing as confirmed by Yuko, can be very focused on his goal to the point of being a bit of an arse to other people sometimes (aka Minami), ‘Viktor’s face when I started crying was priceless/if I say no will you actually leave’ he’s such a dick sometimes I love him so much, he’s fiercely loyal but only to the people he perceives as ‘his’ (not in a weird possessive way but more in a ‘these are my people way’) and he’s willing to do a lot to win because he has some serious ambition 

Genderfluidity isn’t real

People who believe they are genderfluid usually fall under one of two categories:

1. People who confuse gender expression with gender identity

2. People who feel more or less gender dysphoria from day to day and don’t want to admit that they are the opposite gender than they were born as.

In the first case, people are confusing how they choose to express themselves on a day-to-day basis with what their actual gender is. People who call themselves genderfluid and trans are implying they have gender dysphoria (caused by having a brain sex opposite of their body) but your brain can’t just change from day-to-day in its physical structure. You’re either born with your brain created to match your body’s sex (this happens 99.7% of the time and is considered normal) or it’s the opposite (0.3% of the time and causes discomfort/distress in relation to primary and secondary sex characteristics, this isn’t supposed to happen, but it does anyway)

In reality, these people claim to “feel” like a boy some days or “feel” like a girl other days or “feel” like both or neither.

Let me get one thing straight: feeling like you hate dresses and want to act all tough and manly some days does not mean you are a boy those days - it means you don’t want to conform to society’s gender roles those days. You experience no gender dysphoria and you are not trans. There is absolutely nothing wrong with expressing yourself and acting however you want from day-to-day. That’s super cool if you’re confident in yourself and how you dress.

“But Garrett, I’m genderfluid because I experience dysphoria some days and other days I don’t!”

Take a minute to ask yourself, is this actually gender dysphoria? Or better yet, go see a gender therapist so they can confirm whether or not it’s gender dysphoria because you as a confused teenager are not qualified to diagnose yourself.

If you find that some days you can cope with gender dysphoria enough to try to live as the gender you were born as because you don’t want to commit to transitioning, then taht s perfectly okay! But please go see a gender therapist or someone who can help you choose the path that’s best for you. You might realize that it will be better for you to transition. But some people with gender dysphoria have also figured out how they can cope for the rest of their lives and live as the gender they were born as.

There is also the issue of people with personality disorders. “Changing” your gender each day to cope is not healthy at all! These are again, things you have to work out with a professional.

The bottom line is, DON’T decide your gender identity based on whatever “education” you got on Tumblr or because some sjw with a gender studies degree told you to always question your gender. No one ever “feels” like one gender or another as much as you might think that’s how it works, but a few people do know that they would be more comfortable in their bodies if they transitioned. There is nothing wrong with dressing and expressing yourself differently than society tells you to. You don’t have to use some fake identity label to validate yourself.

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we should get some samsie headcanons bc i absolutely love them

((I’ve been making a list of random headcanons and scenarios, anon. You’ve given me a reason to post it. Lucky you.))

  • they both knew they had feelings for each other for months before they became Official™. there was an unspoken thing between them for those several months, they couldn’t figure out exactly what they were doing about it so they had a handful of romantic moments when they thought no one was around.
  • Sammy found her optimism annoying when they first met. Now he finds it cute. It’s kinda worn off on him and he never realizes until someone points it out, because he’s really not an optimistic person.
  • Susie’s lipstick has a tendency to rub off on things. they both know this. she thinks its cute to watch him get flustered as he tries to wipe it off his face/clothes/etc. he only does that at the studio/in public, he leaves them for as long as he can otherwise. they’re cute lil reminders of how much he’s loved.
  • They try to stay professional at work. And by ‘they’, I mean Sammy. Susie barely tries at all. He can’t figure out if he loves or hates it.
  • they don’t really call each other boyfriend/girlfriend, they’re just… Them. Boy/girlfriend only comes up if the conversation demands it. They do have pet names for each other, susie calls him sugar/hun/honey and sammy calls her dear or darling and sometimes “my girl/gal” when he’s drunk.
  • they might have slipped pet names in conversation in the studio a few times. in front of other people. and it might have happened once during one of susie’s recording sessions so its now immortalized on tape. they deny it happened but if you ask norman he’ll play the tape for you.
  • susie really likes playing with his hair.
  • hand holding in public isn’t exactly rare, but its not common either and when they do susie usually starts it. they prefer to have their arms linked.
  • one of the few reasons sammy would initiate hand holding is when they’re somewhere crowded. he hates people and he especially hates crowds. he casually slips his hand into hers while muttering “just… so we don’t get separated.” but she can tell by the way he’s gripping her hand that it’s a little more than that. she doesn’t say anything though.
  • their favorite thing to do together is just nap. best napping spot? sammy’s couch, even though he’s got a two-person bed. Couch Is Best.
  • they also love dancing together, they’re both amazing dancers.
  • susie starts out as the one who initiates cuddles the most. then it balances out after a few months. then it almost becomes a race.
  • they sometimes call each other at odd hours of the morning if one of them has a nightmare or can’t sleep. sammy does it more often.
  • once they were walking back to the music department after a break together and susie tripped. sammy tried to grab her and he ended up dipping her. there were like eight other people in the hallway. they stared each other dead in the face for a moment and she was .4 seconds away from kissing him, but before she could he pulled her back up with a “are you okay?” and an awkward glance at the small crowd that just witnessed Whatever That Was. someone laughed and he yelled at them. people still poke fun at them for it.
  • sometimes they leave gifts for each other at their work stations. she leaves chocolate on his desk, he leaves flowers near the recording booth.
  • Susie tells Alice all kinds of stuff about their relationship that she doesn’t tell anyone else. she’s the one person she trusts not to go off n tell the whole studio. Bendy and Wally have tried to get information out of her on multiple occasions but as it turns out, she’s harder to break than susie. that doesn’t mean they don’t try, of course.

((these piled up over the past few months, expect more eventually but here’s what I’ve got so far :’D I’ve probably mentioned a few of them already but w/e))

i watched a female comedian on netflix special and half her set was dragging other women and the other half was how hard it is to be a female in a male dominated field and i was like, maybe stop feeding the stereotypes with your work??? like jokes don’t have to be about hating women. it was reductive. i understand that she was trying to appeal to the male audience in look, i am like you, but it’s just so frustrating that her work is centralized about hating women and also switched on enough to complain that she finds it difficult to break through the glass ceiling - it’s an attempt to be one of the guys and it’s very prevalent in comedy to the point i find it hard to support female comedians when the bulk of their work is tearing down other women. male comedians already do that. always talking about their wives and crazy ex girlfriends and i am like, i don’t like those male comedians either but it like a double sucker punch when its a female comedian. like, you can be funny without tearing down women. you clearly know how hard this business is 

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I'm.pissed bc people are gonna hate on Keith for fucking trying to be the leader. They're gonna bitch about him making mistakes when its because he's new to this. We get it, your head is so far up lances ass that you can't see Keith could be an amazing leader that just need training. He's new to this, let him learn.

It’s the fact that they act like Lance would’ve done so much better like none of the other paladins were cut out to be leader either and Keith explicitly showed he didn’t want to be but didn’t have a choice bc he’s the only one the black lion would respond to like give him a break he doesn’t want to be a leader and clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing why tf do you expect him to suddenly know what he’s doing he’s not Shiro

“Compliment Shirayuki”  

“Huh!” Obi doesn’t mean to be this loud, but the last the thing he figured he would lose in a card is some money maybe his favorite scarf or knife, but not…. not this! He should have known, these are Suzu and Yuzuri after all.

“You heard me. Right now, go and give Shirayuki an honest compliment, not one of your vague ones” Suzu says, reordering the cards into their small wooden chest as Yuzuri clapped her hands together and nearly jumped from excitement.

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I’m not dead, promise!

Working on the Sandor oneshot I promised a few weeks ago. Should be out soon. Here’s a little taster:

Your presence in his mind was like a poison, soaking into the fibres of his very being, making him unable to focus on anything other than you. You were still a hindrance, still a bother, but his contemptuous mutterings and curses had become whispers of love. Oh, so fine was the line between love and hate, a line on which he had one foot either side.

What do you think? It’ll include NSFW and some feels, so be ready! :)

my opinions on the signs (aries sun/pisces moon/cancer rising/aquarius dom)

super duper biased (im so sorry leos…)

aries: ive only met a few other aries in my life but weve NEVER gotten along. always starting arguments but refusing to finish them.. and they have a tendency to be immature. they have trouble apologizing. every aries ive met has been very defensive and always secretly extremely insecure but youd never be able to tell until you really got to know one. I will say though that they are very passionate about what they care about and if theyre on your side they will defend you even if youre wrong. theyre also adorably spontaneous. brutally honest when theyre angry. dont have much of a filter between their thoughts and their words.

taurus: I have so many tauruses in my life that im extremely close to. the ones i know are HORRIBLE with dates, times, remembering things, being on time, etc. which at first came as a shock because everyone says theyre extremely serious and reliable. oh well! i love them anyways. when a taurus cares about you however, they will be willing to drop everything for you anytime. incredibly giving people with hearts of gold. theyre so silly and sweet and have great senses of humor but theyre serious when need be. are SO passionate about the people they love. such romantics and so incredibly sensual. theyre so protective and great at comforting people. lazy until they absolutely need to get shit done (but somehow they always get it done). Love ‘em.

gemini: I LOVE geminis. my best friend is a gemini and she is by far the sweetest, most understanding, and diplomatic person ive met.
the geminis i have met have always been extremely fair and level headed. some tend to be overly worried about appearance, but others are the exact opposite. when it comes down to it they can internally be very petty but they will very rarely let it sway their opinions externally. every gemini ive met has had lavender as their favorite color?? odd but a cool little fact. tend to be hilariously sarcastic. very reliable. EXTREMELY intelligent.

cancer: yall are FUCKING CRAZY but i cant help but hang out with you guys. quick storytime: one of the cancers i know cut off the top of her sisters finger with scissors because she messed up her drawing, and another cancer i know lit a public toilet on fire and just left the restroom because they were “just really angry that day”. the cancers i know are TERRIFYING PEOPLE. emotionally you guys scare me because you feel everything so intensely. backstabbers to the max. SO FUNNY because theyre constantly roasting the hell out of people but constantly make me so so nervous. so quick to talk shit. i will say though you guys are really interesting and ive had a lot of really deep conversations with cancers. i appreciate them for the way they are and im sure there are some totally sane cancers out there.

leo: im so sorry to all the lovely leos out there but the leos ive met have RUINED this sign for me. they have always matched every leo stereotype. they are so whiny and live for being the center of attention. incredibly dramatic and jealous. some of the biggest gossips ive ever met. they never stop talking and when they are talking its always about themselves! SUCH inflated egos. so self absorbed. just very stereotypical negative leo behavior. im sure not all leos are like this so im sorry to all the amazing ones out there, but wow the ones ive met are just mean.

virgo: Ive never met a virgo???? where are you people? do you exist? youre probably cool. im going to default to saying that i love you guys. virgos = cool probably. idk

libra: I either love or hate libras. on one hand some of them are very fair and thoughtful, bubbly and loved by everyone. on the other hand though theyre a pain in the ass to deal with. they always want the very best, and tend to be extremely rude when that isnt what they recieve. such flirts. some of the libras i know are such good people though, and they give REALLY thoughtful gifts. a reoccuring stereotypical thing ive noticed is that they all love glitter for some reason. very crafty people. they can be super manipulative in order to get what they want. mixed feelings. judgemental as hell but only behind closed doors. the libras i know love making other people happy.

scorpio: I dont know many scorpios but i hate seeing how cynical and untrusting the ones i know are. very brutal people. but with the negatives aside, their intensity is invigorating and they turn heads like no other sign. SO intimidating but its only because they seem so well put together, mature, and otherworldly. genuine people though, and they are the most real people ive met. loyal and passionate.

sagittarius: ahhhhh! I know a lot of sags and I love you guys for the most part. always up for a good time and so creative. hands down the most fun sign. so exciting and interesting, intelligent and quirky. honestly, the most fast-thinking sign ive met. the most funny sarcasm out there. the people i know with this sign are such comedians and they live to make people laugh and brighten peoples day. its hard to make them mad because theyll brush you and your lousy opinions off so quickly, but that means theyre really difficult to sway when they believe in something. they tend to be right about things, and always have a “gut feeling” about any situation. just really warm, nice people. sweet smiles, too.

capricorn: some of my closest friends are capricorns. theyre the definition of ride or die friends. most loyal sign ive met. theyre the masters at hiding their emotions and their emotional seriousness has a tendency to scare me a lil bit, but theyre just really cool people. you can come to them with absolutely anything and theyll always want to help. such memes tho. good taste in music. theyre so complex but appear so simple. SO GOOD at storytelling and writing. brutally honest, but in a productive way. doesnt take bullshit. ever.

aquarius: ive only met 2 but theyre such aliens i swear. theyre so cool though. very spacey, cute senses of humor, VERY chill. theyre really clever and creative too. independant as hell and sometimes they just want to be left alone. they always seemed a little detached from reality. cool as a cucumber.

pisces: and the award for most passive-agressive goes to pisces. honestly though i love you guys. youre so empathic and caring, and THE ABSOLUTE BEST to talk to about problems, deep thoughts, or just random stuff with. just the best people to carry on conversations with. the pisces i know arent shy at all, but just naturally quiet. i will say that you guys are so difficult to talk to when youre upset because you have this tendency to shut down and block out the people around you. very sensitive and you tend to take things to heart very easily. extremely intelligent and innovative people. you always seem lost in thought, and im always curious about what youre thinking about.

DISCLAIMER before my opinions bc SOME people are probably going to take this as ship hate which it is NOT, it is simply my confusion so there. Anyway,

I think it is incredible that almost every popular TFA ship is with characters that either never interact or interacted very little, without having even a real conversation


And then the other popular ships are ones where the interaction has always been negative


Prowl/Jazz is like the only popular TFA ship that makes any gotdam sense

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Dakota said “We hate each other and we’re having an affair, so everybody’s right. How about that?” I understand that it's as if we fight, but we also love each other what the problem is ... my question is how you interpret it.?

She pointed the absurdity  of both rumors about her and J going on at the same time. Like ‘’which one is it? make up your mind!’’ She is not confirming anything but she is not denying either. Just that those 2 rumors co existing make absolutely no sense. She was making fun of the situation. Smart reply.

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how can you still try to defend someone after they did such a horrible thing? i can't even look at grayson the same anymore. that was so mean and heartless of him to do. ethan would never do that. i'm no longer a fan of grayson, team ethan all the way!

I’m not defending him. If you say the last post I made, & the last few post I reblogged, I stated that I felt like what Grayson did was wrong! It was an asshole move. (sorry not sorry) For him to unfollow the fan, then DMed her saying he’s trying to be “fair” to other followers was the stupid asf! I 100% do not agree!

But, I don’t like how people are coming at him, calling him rude & disgusting names. Calling him worthless, or saying he’s fake, or that he doesn’t give a shit about no one but himself. & then there are people like you who sit there & say they don’t like him anymore, they only like Ethan, & that Ethan is the better twin… ETHAN UNFOLLOWS PEOPLE TOO! but for some reason when he does it, nobody makes a big of a deal about it, as when Grayson did it. EITHER ONE who unfollows their fans because of “ratio” is wrong. How are you gonna stan one twin, but not the other? How can you be a fan of Ethan & not Grayson? Their THE DOLAN TWINS not TWIN 

He unfollowed someone,& YES ITS WRONG but some of you guys are acting like he fucking spit in someones face or something, like holy shitttttt!


So this is a Marvel appreciation post I wanted to write about for a while now. Last year a major X-Men character “came out” as being gay in All-New X-Men volume 1 issue #40. It was Bobby Drake known as Iceman who came out or was force to come out. It wasn’t the present day Bobby who came out but his younger self from the past who is currently stuck in present timeline along with the other original members of the X-Men: Jean Grey, Cyclops, Beast and Angel. Eventually in Uncanny X-Men #600 the younger Iceman confronted his older self about his self discovery. Eventually the conversation leads to revealing the Present-day Iceman was also gay but choose to keep that side of himself hidden all these years. Older Iceman’s reason for keeping his sexuality a secret and suppressed was he couldn’t handle being a mutant and a gay man at the same time but his younger self showed him that maybe he can and inspired him to give it a shot. Even the young Jean Grey shares that if he accepts himself fully, it could make him a better X-Man and teacher. After this revelation and new self discovery for the character of Iceman has inspired me to collect comics again. I’m starting small and working my way up with just collecting X-Men titles like Extraordinary X-Men and All-New X-Men volume 2. Growing up Bobby was always my favorite X-Man and I love his powers and personality. But I always felt like he was in the closet. And when I first learned of his coming out last year, I had the biggest smile imaginable and I almost wanted to shed a tear of joy. I was so happy that a character like Iceman can be gay. As a Queer Gay man myself I can easily identified with Bobby. Its great to know that someone like me can be represented in older established characters not just newer ones. And yes there are other LGBT characters in the X-Men universe like Northstar, Mystique, Karma, Anole and etc but none have had a consistent long-term membership in the X-Men like Iceman has. I am aware that since coming out, opinions have been mixed about Iceman. Either people disagree and hate the idea, others are indifferent and last people are open and happy to the idea of Iceman being a gay man. You can’t please everyone. I just want to say thank you Marvel for allowing Iceman to be gay, if not I would have not been inspired or motivated to be collecting your books again. And I support your push for diversity in your comics. Please Marvel don’t ever be discouraged in making your characters more relatable to more demographics in terms of race, nationality, gender identity, gender expression, sexuality, religion, social status and etc. Everyone and anyone can a be hero or villain in comics. And I am looking forward to how much more storytelling and character portrayals in comics continues to evolve and develop. Even though Iceman is gay now, he’s still the same guy in terms of personality. He can still be shallow at times but he also has his jokester, heroic and good heart qualities still intact. Iceman got me back into collecting comic books again! If you read all this, thank you very much! :D 

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Any advice for someone wanting to avoid cosplay drama but still make friends? The community where I live seems to thrive on causing so much drama. I don't want to seem stand-offish or elitist as I fear I am. But just seeing it unfold again and again makes me just dread being around any of them. But they are huge gossipers I fear being made out as some snobby bitch.

This ones harder than you think. Drama exists in all communities everywhere. I don’t care if you are in a quilting circle, I guarantee you there’s drama there too. 

I can only give you our own personal policy, as we do not approve or partake in drama either. And that’s 100% DO NOT ENGAGE. 

No opinions, no vague posts, no replies, no answering hate mail, no rants on controversial issues, no standing up for one cosplayer over the other. 

It’s a tough policy at times. Especially in hate mail or call out posts, but its the only way for people to give up on wanting you to enage. we’eve learned over the years that ANY response what people want who like drama. Good or bad, curteous, intelligent, nice or trolly, ANY response at all feeds the people looking for drama so you gotta be RADIO silent. 

This counts for public, in person interaction. You gotta be the wall. “Did you hear about so and so doing so and so for that thing? So and so is so mad.” “Oh, haha nope, I dont know anything about that, but hey I love seeing you! What are you working on lately?”

“I can’t believe so and so said that stuff to me, I hate her she yad ayada yada.” “Oh man, I’m sorry to hear that. Hey lets do something to take your mind off of it, have you been to the dealers hall? Or theres some cool panels coming up today.”

100% no engagement. no sides. no conflict. move on, change topic, detour. 

And if the person refuses, and only ever talks about drama? Goodbye. You don’t hang out with that person anymore. We’ve dropped a LOT of potential friends because we realized all they did was shit talk other cosplayers, and thats not why we do this hobby. 

You can’t let someone distract you from why you do this crazy thing. For fun. 

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Can I have SFW and NSFW hcs for Rohan w/ a girl acts just like him (even the tempers & the hate for social interactions), and really loves drawing or does artistic stuff?


  • He LOVES you. Rohan loves a girl who is like him (its actually kind of a turn on for him tbh).
  • Be prepared to be treated like a queen, he won’t bother you but everday you come home there’s either a drawing of you on your bedside table, or just some other type of gift.
  • This relationship is amazing…besides the fights.
  • Rohan is stubborn and if your like him your also stubborn. These fights will go on for hours until one of you have enough and there isn’t a apology just cuddles and makeup sex.
  • Some fights are worse than others (Josuke and Okuyasu had to stop you two from fighting each other once.) and some are simple disagreements (ones where you/Rohan stop and force yourself to agree with the other person)
  • He loves drawing with you (he starts a comic book with you at some point where he draws one page then you draw the other) it relaxing and he’s always amazed by your drawings (he’ll never admit this though.


  • It depends on what kind of mood he’s in.
  • If he’s in a good mood there’s almost no teasing and its very loving and slow.
  • If he’s in a bad mood I hope your ready to get destroyed. He’s gonna tease you until you start crying and begging for him. And he will pound you into the bed. 
  • He doesn’t seems like the submissive type so I highly doubt there’s even a point in asking him.
  • He’s not very kinky, although he does seem like the type to want to see his s/o tied up completely his under his control.
  • Your first time he let you be the dominant one(he complained after and denied he even liked it even though he was a moaning mess).
  • Make up sex no matter what is slow and loving, because he loves you and is scared to lose you.

Hope these were okay!

biggest pet peeve: when fans use winning a voting competition as a reason to put other fans of other groups down and act like theyre superior bc they like bts and not exo or whatever. like thats literally so fcking childish??? you shouldnt be like “yay bts won the voting thing!! army is so powerful this is why everyone either hates us or is scared of us lol” you should be like “im glad our voting helped bts win that thing! thats really good! im glad i was able to help them succeed!” hate and egoism should not be your first instinct upon winning smth for your group. low-class, army. low class.