it's like dream team

ALSO with the Overwatch Insurrection leak being released earlier obvs it’s looking like a four-player PvE event, but considering the blackwatch Genji and Mccree skins it’s cool to think that maybe it’ll be a six-player PvE, maybe the strike team and the two blackwatch players have different targets or spawn from different places but still ultimately work together?? Especially since according to the comic Mccree is in London at the time?? Idk I’m just speculating but that’d be neato

honestly if you’re bitter about sasha and shea’s friendship and them rocking challenges together i feel bad for you and hope you can stop being a miserable grump someday

So I know I don’t do dream journalling anymore bc it was just a hassle tbh. But I’ve had two memorable dreams as of recent.

In the first one I took off my head to be able to clean it properly and slowly started to panic about how the hell to put it back on. 

In the second one, me, Seb, M and other people(?) were visiting R and L (the newlyweds!). I did something ~weird~ and R was like “I think kit is kind of little right now” and suddenly it just became this whole thing where we were all acting like (nice) children and it was the best time ever. it was just. i mean i feel embarassed talking about it now.

but the dream itself was so pure and nice???


“So you can’t tell us who would win in a match up between Mercy Graves and Lex Luthor, but who would win in a match between Jesse Eisenberg and Tao Okamoto?”

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I love it how louis goes and posts warning selfies for his husband its like the dream team or like he sayin i got your back i'll warn them for u

i’d call them less of warning selfies and more of alert selfies now or mayhaps lalerts (larry alerts)


15 Days Dream Team (Twilight) Challenge ― Day 1 ― Favorite character:
Edward Cullen.


❅ holiday icon dump ❅

if you’ve ever wanted to have hockey players in dumb holiday headwear representing your blog, you can check out the full page here!!

Kinda wish everybody just kept to Thomas’ original no-spoiler rule, instead of relying on spoilers to maintain hype through an extended hiatus downtime. Could have just as easily sustained things by putting more resources into the in between canon supplements like the webisodes and concept art. Instead they are letting the fandom draw their own conclusions which are, hopefully, not as good as what canon will provide later so that they form attachments to pre-conceived theories and story arcs and later rebel or chastise what canon gives them because of it. Featuring cosplayers, fan art, fan stories, and concept art alongside webisodes, canon still frame pictures of fun things with the characters (like Hiro Mashima does), quick projects utilizing voice actors and similar short-to-prepare canon supplements would arguably be more effective then teasing.

I’m not a network executive, I dont know anything about the business or how it works to have so many people working on a project with limited control as to individual actions but like

I’m a story teller. Laying the groundwork for future story elements is one thing, giving away entire elements in the hope of maintaining interest is another. They are doing the right thing now that they have an audience by attempting to prepare seasons 2 and 3 at the same time, something I really admire about what they’re doing. That can’t be easy and has to be a strain on the team but I think they know that sustainability through such a long hiatus is difficult and are trying to minimize that problem. I just wish they handled this one differently and cut it out with the teasers. I didn’t want to see a new hero coming, I wanted there to just be a quick pan up as a voice calls from off screen, showing a pair of yellow and black stripe boots at the end of an episode so that everyone can go ‘!?!?!?!?!?!’ instead of ‘Oh there is the bee miraculous holder!’ 

Know what I mean? I don’t mean to chastise, the story in ML is phenomenal and clearly one I admire, I just wish it was handled differently sometimes. I don’t think you can truly love a thing without attempting to objectively view it though. 

they call her artemis and you apollo,
but when you look at her
all you see is the sun.
—  sometimes she shines brighter // k.s.

Meryl Davis and Charlie White - Dream

I told Charlie in the middle of the program I felt like I was in a dream.