it's like bursts of oh that turns me on

  • Velvet: Brr, it's so cold today! *hugs herself and shivers*
  • Yatsuhashi: I know- I'm going to make some tea to help me warm up. Would you like a cup?
  • Velvet: Actually, I could really use some hot cocoa, if we have some.
  • Coco: *bursts into the room and slides in front of Velvet, lowering her sunglasses while she cocks an eyebrow* Did someone call me?
  • Velvet: *laughs* I meant the drink, Coco- it's freezing in here.
  • Coco: Oh, don't worry, Vel- I could heat things right up. *winks at Velvet* If you know what I'm talking about.
  • Velvet: *turns bright red and hides her face in the blanket she has draped over herself* ... Put the kettle on, Yatsu.
  • Yatsuhashi: *shakes his head and chuckles as Coco makes obscene hand/mouth gestures* Sure thing.
Don’t Steal From The Bogeyman (John Wick x Reader)

For the anon who asked: a fic where john almost lost reader during a job or something, like saving reader then passionate smut ;D

Author’s Note: i hope you enjoy. I had a migraine when i wrote this one but i know how much people must be looking out for their requests so i finished it. i hope you like and enjoy it.

Pairing : John Wick x Reader

Don’t Steal From The Bogeyman

Originally posted by nojillnolife

I huffed heavily, trying to drag as much air into my lungs over the gag that covered my nose and mouth. The dank smell of my surroundings assaulted me through the rough fabric. I was seated in a rusting metal chair with my arms bound behind my back. I was placed in the centre of a dingy, darkened, abandoned warehouse. Weak, yellowed light filtered through dirt encrusted windows. Some of the glass panels were broken allowing the outside foliage to migrate within.

I couldn’t tell what time it was because I couldn’t see the sun and the quality of light shining through didn’t seem to change much. All I knew was that it was getting cold, fast, which meant the day was coming to a close. I shivered in the short sleeve, white blouse and trousers I had been taken in.

I had just arrived home from the grocery when two men jumped out from the bushes and pressed a cloth to my face. Instantly I fell asleep and awoke to the place I was currently being held. I didn’t know how many hours had passed or why they were doing this.

Two men dressed in tactical gear and face masks were propped in the back corners of the room watching me.

A walkie-talkie crackled “, any movement?”

“It’s quiet,” replied the man to my left.

“Just wait, he’ll come for his woman,” the walkie crackled again.

Did they mean John? My heart lurched at the thought. John, the love of my life, was probably going out of his mind looking for me right now. They couldn’t possibly mean him. He was a travelling business man and was currently on a break from work. This was all probably just a case of mistaken identity.

Tears brimmed in my eyes and I did nothing to prevent them from falling. My vision swam before me as the liquid spilt down my cheeks and soaked the gag. Quietly I sobbed.

One of the men walked out from the room, his weapon slung across his back. Footsteps echoed behind me.

A hand fisted in my hair and jerked my head back painfully, I winced “, he won’t be back right now. So how bout we have some fun?”

The tears stopped instantly. A wintry blast of fear filled me. I recoiled from his warm rotting breath and did my best to squirm away from him. His grip on my head held me in place. My scalp was lancing at the tension at which he held my hair.

He yanked my hair violently again “, stay still bitch. It’ll be better for you.”

I growled at him through the gag, hurling muffled insults and curses at him. He released my hair, walked around me, stooped to eye level and removed the gag. He smiled, only his teeth and obsidian eyes shining out from under the ski mask he wore. I screamed. Suddenly I found myself still in the chair on the ground, disoriented, the right side of my face on fire. I opened and closed my eyes a few times; a tear trickled from my right eye. I was vaguely aware of the chair being lifted and being set upright.

He stooped to eyelevel again, his blurry face pressed close to mines “, don’t do that again or you’ll end back up on the ground with much more than a split lip. Maybe I could fill your mouth with my dick so you won’t be able to scream.”

He stoked my hair caressingly, panic filling my bones “, now what am I going to do with you baby?”

His hand trailed lower, skimming over my neck, across my shoulder before cupping my breast. He squeezed. With all the strength I could muster, I slammed my head into his nose. He fell onto his back in a flurry of curses.

“Fuck you,” I gritted.

He sat up and laughed, blood coating his teeth making him look like a devil from hell.

“Oh honey, that’s what I intend to do with you.”

The wind howled ominously, battering the old galvanized roof and filling the room with its frigid self. Goosebumps broke out on my skin; a shiver crept up my spine.

Gunshots erupted from outside. I turned my head to the sound. The man swore again and tied the gag back on my mouth, grabbed his gun and ran to the shadows behind me. Various explosions were happening, the orange bursts momentarily increasing the amount of light in the room like camera flashes. Men were grunting and screaming in pain. The sounds of the gun fight increased.

The glass behind me shattered as a nearby explosion shook the building. I screamed and struggled against my bonds only to have it cut into my wrists. I sobbed and grunted, tugging and pulling at the ties. I rocked too hard on my chair and ended back sideways on the floor.

The noise from outside stopped, even the insects ceased to make a peep. I laid on the ground sobbing and hiccupping when the door to the warehouse squeaked open. I couldn’t see who it was through my cloudy vision but I didn’t care, I was going to die. Oh, John how I wish I had seen you one last time. I felt my insides crumple at the thought.

The figure walked into the room, and rushed towards me. I looked at the stranger through watery eyes.


“y/n,” asked John quietly and pulled off gag. His eyes were murderous as his finger carefully ghosted over my split lip.

“John?” I whispered in disbelief.

He pulled a knife out from his pants leg.

“Drop the knife Wick and the gun,” threatened a voice from the shadows. I had forgotten about him and stared wide-eyed at John. He was going to get killed.

Ignoring the man, he asked me “, who hurt you?” his large warm fingers smoothed my hair.

My eyes darted to the man appearing from the shadows. A dangerous calm settled over John as he stood to face the assailant. The man had his gun pointed on John, finger on the trigger ready to fire.

It happened so quickly, John rolling behind an old stack of crates, the man firing after him, and then a knife was sticking out of his neck and John holding a handgun repeatedly firing into what was left of the man’s head.

I couldn’t breathe; my lungs couldn’t draw in enough air. I did my best taking in the oxygen through my nose and mouth simultaneously. I felt like someone was squeezing my lungs. I began panting, shallow in and out breaths. The edges of my vision were darkening until black was all I could see and everything went silent.

John, my John had just killed a man.

I was jostled out of my slumber. I cracked an eye to see a blackened sky and pin pricks of silver light staring down at me. I was warm and vaguely aware that I was moving. The light from a street light flashed in my face. I squinted and tried to sit up, my whole world rocked and pitched. I swallowed hard at the lump in my throat and eased my way into a sitting position.

I was in a car. I rubbed the seat – leather. I looked more carefully at the interior, it was John’s car. I looked at his form in the driver’s seat, face impartial in the rear-view mirror. I shuddered remembering the events that had taken place probably not more than an hour ago.

Who was this man?

He met my eyes in the mirror, quickly I looked away “, we’ll be home soon.”

I didn’t respond but looked down at my lap at the crumpled jacket that had covered me. I picked it up and buried my face into the fabric. I inhaled deeply catching a faint whiff of his cologne, aftershave, burnt matter and copper pennies. I let my hands drop, still clutching the jacket and stared out the window.

Who was this man?

Sometime later we arrived home. Quickly he hopped out of the driver’s seat and opened the passenger’s door for me to get out. The sickly feeling had left me and I stood on steady feet. A light wind blew and shifted a piece of hair in my face. John raised his hand to brush it aside, instinctively I flinched. Instantly he dropped his hand, curling his fingers into fists at his sides, a wounded and tortured expression coating his features.

He walked away from me and opened the door to the house, motioning me to enter. The lights turned on automatically as I entered the sitting room. I stood in the centre of the room my back to John. I could feel him watching me, assessing my movements and reactions.

“Who are you?” I asked, my voice trembling slightly.

“You know who I am,” he responded quietly.

I spun. “Do I? You just killed a man!” I whimpered, my voice an octave higher and edging on hysteria.

John was still standing in the doorway, hands clenched in fists and a neutral expression on his face.

“Who were they?” I shouted, tears brimming in my eyes “, tell me Jonathon!”

His dark eyes dropped to my chin contemplative.

“Please,” I begged, clutching his jacket to my chest “, I need to know.”

He sighed regretfully “, relics of my past.”

I frowned and forcibly willed the tears on the verge of spilling back “, what?”

His eyes found mines once again “, I was a contracted killer, the best actually and I left the business but, it seems some people still have some personal vendettas against me.”

The words seemed to reverberate in the room. I was a contracted killer… John was contracted killer… john was… Suddenly I felt ill again and the world was slowly spinning. I forced myself to stay upright.

I licked my lips nervously “, you say, was – why did you quit?”

“Because of you,” he said simply, but there was so much love and devotion attached to the simple statement.

Unwillingly a tear spilt. Then another and another until I was ugly crying. All the trauma and painful truths spilling out on my face.

Warm strong arms banded around my waist. John pulled me to his chest. I fisted my hands into his blood splattered shirt and bawled into his shoulder. Soothingly he rubbed circles into my back and stroked my hair as I cried.

Eventually I stopped and just clung to him. His arms around me feeling so familiar, just like home. God, I loved him, I loved him so much!

“I’m sorry for keeping this from you,” he murmured into my hair and pressed a kiss on my forehead.

I turned my face to his “, the past is the past,” I said hoarsely, meaning every word I said.

He gave me a small appreciative smile and kissed my nose, my eyes and cheeks. Slowly and carefully as not to scare me off he pressed his lips to mines in a tender kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down to me deepening the kiss.

“Open your mouth,” I murmured against his lips and he complied.

I slid my tongue inside, running it over his bottom lip, thrusting slowly in and out of his mouth. A flame erupted in my core and slowly it spread consuming my entire body.

I pushed up on my toes and nipped at John’s ear “, I need you in me.”

He responded by ripping open my shirt, spilling the cream buttons over the beige rug. I kissed him hungrily. Urgently I grabbed at his clothes, clumsily unbuttoning them. I disposed of his shirt and raked my nails over his bare chest and back. I didn’t want his mouth to leave mines. I felt him rip off my bra and he tossed it somewhere across the room.

Hastily we undid each other’s pants, our mouths still joined. I fumbled with his buckle unable to remove it. Unwillingly I broke the kiss and looked down, his hand found my breast and squeezed it gently, kneading and massaging the delicate flesh. Goosebumps erupted onto my skin. He flicked a thumb over my nipple and I stilled feeling the pleasure emanate through my body and pool between my legs. John’s other hand was working my trousers down my hips. His lips sucked a trail down my neck and over my collar bone. I was barely seeing straight, the carnal instinct to mount him growing leaps and bounds.

I let out a triumphant squeak as I undid his pants and watched as it pooled around his legs. I yanked down his boxers and shoved him onto the floor, he fell backward with a heavy thud. I ripped off my underwear and tossed it over my shoulder.

I licked my lips hungrily as I watched the length of him. His cock laid back on his stomach, swollen, the vein underneath protruding through the silky skin. The cherry head was already leaking precum.

Wasting no more time I kneeled over him and pick him up in my hand. I pumped it a few times earning me a shuddering moan. Slowly I slid onto him, both of us groaning from the contact. I sat on him a few seconds letting my insides stretch.

Somehow with him being in me, I didn’t want to take it fast. John pushed himself up onto his elbows. I placed a hand in the centre of his chest “, no, stay down.”

He complied and laid back down, his almond eyes locked on mines.

“I love you,” he whispered.

I rolled my hips, we gasped together. He placed his large hand on my hips steadying me as I rode him slowly, working my hips backwards and forwards in a rhythmic motion. He let me take control, knowing that I needed this.

The electrifying feeling was building, churning in my core and numbing my legs. I was close. Planting a hand in the centre of his chest to brace myself I increased my pace, both of us groaning with each stroke. I came, my head through back, a guttural groan sounding from my lips as ecstasy bubbled and burned slowly through my body. I continued rocked my hips in no particular motion riding out the orgasm.  

I looked down at John, a satisfied smile on his lips. He pulled me down to him for a kiss and stroked my hair and slicked skin. I slipped him out of me and laid on his outstretched arm panting lightly.

Something seemed odd, I frowned at him “, didn’t you come?”

Absently he brushed my hair “, it’s alright, don’t worry about me.”

My frown deepened and I sat up “, I can’t have that, this is for both of us.”

I crawled between his legs and picked up his still engorged cock. I licked my lips and gave him a naughty smile before my head descended upon the cherry tip and a rasping grunt escaped.


Featuring: Kyungsoo, You

Written by: Admin V

That other guy might have been a no-show, but you had a feeling that this Kyungsoo–this Kyungsoo wasn’t like that. Not at all

Originally posted by nicelyjaythan

He wasn’t coming, was he?

You searched around the street one more time. One last time.


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Dean or Deanna? - Dean Winchester x Reader - Pt. 2

Title: Dean or Deanna?

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 2,269

Warnings: None

Original imagine: Imagine Dean pissing off a witch, only for her to cast a spell on him before she died. The result of it is Dean being turned into a woman. Hard days follow for you, Sam and Deanna.

Read part 1 here!

“I really don’t know, Dean” you let out a sigh, looking down.

“You’re kidding me, right?!” he exclaimed and you looked up at him “We-we… I… You… We can’t! You can’t stay like that! I can’t stay like this! No way I’m staying like this forever!” he started freaking out.

“Just calm down, Dean. I am sure that there will be some sort of reverse spell” you tried to reassure him.

“Really? Cause I ain’t so sure.” he shook his head frantically “Damn, I don’t wanna stay like this forever (Y/n)! I mean, look at me!” he pointed to himself.

“I… I… I…” he started stuttering, looking down at himself “I have boobs, (Y/n)!” he said looking up at you wide-eyed; cupping his breasts.

You merely rolled your eyes at the fact that that’s what he first pointed out… again.

“And it’s crazy. Cause I actually like boobs, love them. But not like this.  I like seeing them on other women but not on me-woman!” he all-but-shouted.

You narrowed your eyes at him “Other women?” you asked in a low, threatening voice.

Dean’s eyes widened in realization at the mistake he made “No, I- No, baby. You know I don’t mean it like that. I mean yeah I like them on other women but not like that. I mean yours are amazing. I really really love yours. They are the best. Like totally the best. They’re so- And so- And… And-” he said and started making funny faces and weird motions with his hands.

“Yeah, yeah. I got it.” you mumbled with a frown.

“Oh come on, baby. Please believe me! You know you’re the only woman for me!” he pleaded and you rolled your eyes.

“Whatever.” you said “We’ll talk about this another time, you’re still not off the hook. What we need to do now is find a way to get back to what we were. Do some research. Find a way to reverse all of this” you said and Dean opened his mouth to speak. Only to be cut off by another voice.

“You actually can’t”

You and Dean both looked at the door opening and Sam getting in.

“Morning guys. You finally awake?” he asked with a smirk and placed some old books and his laptop on the table.

“Where have you been?” Dean asked, completely ignoring the fact that Sam did not freak out at the way you and Dean were like.

“Uh out, doing some research for you… Deanna” Sam said and snickered. Dean just glared at him once he remembered what he actually was like.

“I don’t get it. Why aren’t you freaking out?” you frowned at Sam.

“I saw you in the morning, when you were both asleep. To be honest I kind of freaked out in the beginning but when I heard my uh, brother -” he pointed to Dean with a snicker “-mumble your name in his sleep along with… a few other things. Dean things” he said and cleared his throat “I realized the truth”

You glared at Dean you just shrugged and grinned innocently.

“So it didn’t take me much time to figure out what had actually happened. Went to a library nearby and did some research” Sam added.

“And? What did you find?” Dean asked immediately.

“Well, there is no reverse spell but there is not one needed. The spell will wear off tonight at midnight. So you won’t stay like this… forever!” Sam ended saying dramatically, mimicking Dean’s voice.

Dean’s feminine voice.

You chuckled a little bit and Dean just glared at him “Shut up” he grumbled.

“Ok ok. I’ll just go now” he said.

“Where to?” you asked him.

“Library” he replied and Dean didn’t wait to say.

“You just were there!” he exclaimed.

“Yeah but I’d much rather prefer to spend my day there than in a room with my ass-annoying brother. Oh, sorry. I mean sister” he quickly added and both him and you laughed.

“Oh fuck off, bitch!” Dean growled at him.

“Sorry Dean, but I think that you are actually the bitch this time!” he said and you laughed more.

“Sam” he started saying, threateningly “Leave now or so help me” he pointed a finger at him.

“Sheesh relax. What’s gotten into your pants woman!?” Sam said completely ignoring what Dean told him.

Dean opened his mouth but was cut off by Sam “See ya in a few hours (Y/n)… Deanna” he added and quickly ran out of the door in order to avoid being hit by the pillow Dean threw at him.

Sam peaked his head through the door and looked at the pillow on the floor “Pff you know that you throw like a girl now” he said shaking his head and you fought back a laugh.

“SAM!” Dean roared and Sam chuckled.

He winked at Dean and then got out of the door, closing it behind him. You were trying to keep yourself from laughing and Dean glared at you.

“Will you just stop?” he asked through gritted teeth.

“Sorry, sorry. It’s just… You really did throw the pillow like a girl!” you burst out laughing and Dean just rolled his eyes.

“Whatever. I’ll just go have a shower” he grumbled and made his way to the bathroom, slamming the door behind him.


You got finished dressing and looked at yourself in the mirror. It felt so weird actually seeing yourself like this. Not only because it was no longer 100% you, at least on the outside, but mainly because it actually was you but male you. You were in the body of a man and that seemed so out of the ordinary for you. Strange but still a lot of fun.

“Hey, uh, need some help here” a voice said behind you and you turned to look at Dean next to the bathroom door with a towel wrapped around him.

“Why aren’t you dressed yet?” you asked him frowning.

“That’s the problem. I don’t really know what to wear” he said and you let out a sigh.

“Ok, ok. Since I borrowed some of your clothes you can wear mine” you said and he opened his mouth to protest “And do I need to remind you what you look like?” you cut him off with a raised eyebrow.

He let out a sigh “Yeah, no thanks. Just give me whatever piece you have.” he said.

“You mean whatever piece of clothing that you haven’t destroyed?” you said with a smirk and he chuckle.

“What can I say? I am a passionate lover” he smirked satisfied with himself.

“Yeah, yeah. Oh you passionate lover. I really hope you still remember that you have to get me a new dress for the previous you tore into pieces” you said and he nodded, chuckling.

You did the same and got closer to him, cupping his cheek and leaning in to give him a kiss. He pulled away though, making you frown.

“Sorry, it’s just. You’re…” he motioned to your body “…you. On the outside I mean. Dude and all that.” he tried to explain.

You rolled your eyes “Yeah, well, and you’re you!” you pointed out.

“Never mind” you huffed and made your way past him to your bag.

You pulled out a a pair of black jeans that would fit him, a simple AC/DC shirt and a flannel “Here” you said tossing them to him “And…”

“Here” you said and tossed him a set of underwear.

“Why are you giving me this?” Dean asked showing the bra you gave him.

“Well, because actually, I don’t know if you have realized but uh you basically… have boobs!” you said in the same voice tone he had phrased it twice before.

He sighed “Fine”

He proceeded to wear the panties and jeans. The bra following suit. When the time for him to clasp it came, though, you really had a hard time to keep yourself from bursting out laughing. Dean was turning around himself just like a dog trying to catch its tail. He was trying to look at his back and manage to clasp the bra.

“Oh man, I think I’m gonna throw up.” he mumbled, putting a hand on his forehead. Obviously dizzy from the constant turning.

“How the hell do you do it?!” he asked exasperated.

“I-” you started but stopped mid-sentence, shaking your head and laughing.

“Here, let me just clasp it for you” you said and made him turn to look at the mirror. You standing behind him.

“How do you do it though?” Dean asked.

“It’s not as hard as it seems, really.” you said and clasped it.

“Yeah, right” he rolled his eyes “You women are really heroes for managing to actually wear this things and put up with them. Damn they’re so freaking uncomfortable!” he said and shifted, fixing it with his hands.

“You sure it’s in the correct place?” he asked with an annoyed look on his face.

You laughed lightly and put your hands on his shoulder to stop him from moving “Yes, Dean. I am, so stop moving. All you need is to just be patient. You’ll get used to it.” you said with a chuckle.

“Like hell! This is worse than Alastair’s tortures!” he exclaimed and you laughed as he moved more.

“Yeah, well at least you will have to wear it just til tonight while I have to wear these every moment, every hour, every day of my life.” you said matter-of-factly and Dean’s eyes widened.

“Oh damn. Baby, I’m so sorry. And I’m really sorry for acting like such an asshole sometimes when you- you have to put up with these nightmares” he said in a sad tone.

“That and wax depilation” you said and laughed “Oh yeah, you should try that. If you think bras are a nightmare then wait to try that one” you chuckled and Dean’s eyes widened even more.

“No, thank you. I don’t like the sound of that” he mumbled and you laughed more.

“You’re really lucky I am a sweet girlfriend and love you, otherwise I would force you into every sort of ‘torture’ I go through in order for you to enjoy this body. Or, well, my previous one anyway” you said.

“Yeah, good thing that you are the best girlfriend in the world and would never do that to your boyfriend that loves you just as much” he said and smiled cheekily.

“Sweet-talking me won’t get you anywhere Winchester, you know it already” you said in a serious voice.
“Just sayin’ the truth. It is already a torture that I have to wear this thing. And by the way, are you sure it’s the correct size?” he asked and you frowned.

“Yeah, yeah it is. Why?” you asked him back.

“Don’t know, it is just really really uncomfortable. And I thought that it might be a smaller size. I mean look, even my boobs look big for it. They’re obviously biger than yours” he said matter-of-factly and you had a really hard time keeping yourself from slapping him right there and then.

“No, Dean, I can tell you that they’re the perfect size. And we are the same size” you said through gritted teeth.

Never insult a girl that way.

He obviously did not know that.

“Nah, I still think mines must be bigger” he said and squeezed them.

You shook your head rolling your eyes.

“Hey” he added “I have a brown belt for those jeans. They can fall from your hips easily. They’re a little bit loose, hm?” he said and you smiled.

“Oh yeah they are a little bit loose around the waist but don’t worry they won’t fall off. Unlike you, when you were still in your body, I have something that will keep them from falling. You know, something bigger than yours” you winked at him and his smile immediately vanished.

He started mumbling something under his breath. You got the shirt and handed it to him.

“Damn where do you wear this thing?” he said once he wore the shirt with the long v-neck.

“Uhm places” you shrugged.

“With men?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, why-” he cut you off.

“You’re not wearing it again. Nope. Sure as hell are not going to wear it at a place where there will be men drooling all over you!” he said in classic jealous-Dean style that when the words came out from his female body looked so much different.

After a few seconds of silence both of you erupted into a fit of laughter.

They soon dyed out as both of you stared into each other’s eyes in the mirror.

“Damn, we look so different” Dean mumbled

“But it’s still us” you added and he gave a small nod

“Yeah” he mumbled and smiled, locking fingers with yours “You’re still the woman I love and would give my life for… or, well, the man as far as appearance is concerned” he said and you smiled.

“And you are the man I love and would give my life for, or woman” you chuckled and he did the same.

His chuckled was cut short though. You immediately stopped too. Looking at him with concern.

“What is it? You ok?” you asked him, seeing the deep frown on his face.

“Yeah, just-” he groaned lightly “Something. A small pain. Don’t worry. It’s noth-” he started saying but was cut off by a bigger groan.

“Damn it hurts!” he groaned and shut his eyes tightly.

“Dean? What’s happening? Dean!” you shouted frantically but he did not respond.

First Impressions

Request: “Hey hey hey!! I just got an idea for a Markilpier imagine (cause I’m obsessed XD) anyway, imagine you take mark to finally meet your family and your mom instantly likes him but your dad thinks you could do better and your older brother just doesn’t like him but when you burn your finger helping your mom he helps you and your brother and dad soon like him! I know it’s loooong! Anyway thanks and I love your blog!”

For: xxximaginesxxx

Word Count: 1177

A/N: Hey! I made the older brother into older brothers XD twins
I kinda just had fun with this one xD
I also may or may not have based them off of Hikaru and Koaru from Ouran Host Club.
Oooooops. Hope you liked it tho!
Xx ~Taylor

You paced back and forth, furiously gnawing at your, now, non existent nails. Tonight was it. It was the night Mark met your family. Mark seemed more laid back about it than you. You were a bucket of nerves. A pair of hands wrapped around your waist, pulling you back into his chest. “You okay?” Mark asks, smiling slightly.
“Mhm…” You reply. “Are you ready to go?” You counter, covering up any previous nervousness and anxiety your body held a few seconds earlier. He nodded and you both retreated to the car, speeding off towards your house.
As you arrived the memories of your childhood flooded back. Your bothers teasing you, having family movie nights, helping your mom cook dinner… A small smile played its way onto your lips before it was smacked away as the anxiety crept back into your mind. Mark got out, jogging to the other side of the car to open your door, even though you were fully capable of opening it yourself. You thanked him with a peck on the cheek before you walked up the small path leading to your house. Once in front of the door, you grabbed ahold of Marks hand, giving it a gentle squeeze before knocking at the door lightly. Shuffling and a bang was heard followed along by a chorus voices screaming “I got it!” The door swung open to reveal your brothers. They blink twice, their faces reflecting one another’s before they both break out into a grin. “[Y/N]!” They scream tackling you. A chorus of laughs erupt from the three of you in the group hug.
“Kael! Kyan!” You grinned before gesturing to Mark who looked like the nerves just hit him. “This is my boyfriend, Mark.” You smiled. Mark offered his hand, each of the boys shook it.
“I’m Kael.” Kael shook his hand firmly, Kyan doing the same. The boys looked the same. Same eyes, hair color, haircut, almost identical voices too. It almost seems like they try their hardest to make everyone confused on which one is which. Though being their sister you could tell by their voices and personality. Their voices were slightly different if you listen closely but they usually sound almost the same. Kael and Kyan also had this habit of talking in unison, like some freaky super power. It annoyed the hell out of you sometimes.
“Come on In Nerd.” Kyan opens the door, ruffling your hair as you stepped inside. You and Mark didn’t take but two steps into the house before your mom burst through the kitchen.
“[Y/N]! My baby!” She wails, enveloping me in a hug. “Oh my goodness, you must me Mark!” She says hugging him. “it’s so nice to finally meet you! [Y/N] talks so much about you!” Mom gushes, making you blush slightly. Mark laughs lightly, hugging her back.
“It’s nice to meet you too Mrs. [Y/L/N]!” He smiles as a blush spread its way onto your cheeks for most likely the first of many.
Soon following your mom was your dad. He scoops you up in a tight hug before turning to Mark, pokerface in play.
“Daddy, this is Mark, my boyfriend.” You introduce, biting your lip nervously. Mark offered his hand, your dad firmly shaking it.
“It’s nice to meet you Mr. [Y/L/N].” Mark says. The night goes on, your family sitting in the living room, socializing and sharing embarrassing stories. After a while Mark announced that he had to go to the bathroom. As soon as he left the room the judgements started flying.
“I think you could do better.” Your father comments. It felt like a slap.
“What?” You ask, disbelief written across your face.
“Yeah, me neither.” Kyan adds waving his hand. Kael and Kyan exchange a few looks, as if communicating telepathically before looking back at you and saying in complete unison.
“We don’t like him sorry not sorry.” That felt like another slap.
“Oh come on I think he’s a sweet young man!” Your mom tries to defend you.
“No. I don’t approve.” Your dad shakes his head. That, was a shot.
“But dad-” you started to protest but Mark walks back, looking chipper. “I’m gonna help mom with dinner, you comment as you and your mom retreat to the kitchen.
Your mom instructs you what to do before leaving as you turned the stove on, snatching the ingredients frustrated as all hell. You stomped open to the cupboard, swinging it open, with a little too much force. You stumbled backwards, your arm hitting the stove as you try to steady yourself. The skin hadn’t touched the surface more than two seconds before a strangled inhuman noise escaped your mouth. You collapsed to the ground, cradling your injured arm as the door swung open, Mark rushing to your side.
"Oh my god [Y/N].” He gasps, panic filled his voice. Mark scoops you up bridal style, rushing you out of the kitchen, past your now chaotic family, and to the bathroom. Setting you on the counter, he took your injured arm lightly in his hands, holding it under the sink. He turned it on, causing you to hiss at the sudden contact. Tears streamed down your face as you sniffed. “SHH…. It’s okay… I got you. You’re okay…” Mark cups your face with his hands, wiping the tears away with his thumbs. Leaning forward, he kisses your forehead before pulling you into a tight but light hug. You wrapped your uninjured arm around him, sniffing again before smiling and mumbling an ‘I love you.’ He said one back before helping you put aloe gel on your burn before wrapping it in a gauss bandage thing. You advert your attention to the door. The whole family was standing there, staring. A blush made its way onto your cheeks again. “Uhm…” You were trying to come up with something to make it less awkward when your dad interrupts you.
“Mark, I give you full permission to date my daughter.” Both you and Mark stare at him in surprise.
The twins exchange a look before smiling into the bathroom.
“Yeah, you’re cool Mark. Welcome to the family.” They simultaneously speak yet again, sending a grin your way.
“SEE!” an outburst erupts from your mother. “I TOLD YOU! DIDNT I TELL THEM [Y/N]?!” She smiles smugly, earning an eye roll from you.
“Well I think that went well…” Mark grins.

BTS reaction to finding a scar on your forehead-

This is cute guys, hope confidence with any scars on your body isn’t an issue! <3


Your wearing your hair in a bun, in your pyjamas and your watching a film with Namjoon. A dramatic completely unexpected moment happened in the film. You sigh, shocked. And you pull your fringe back in disbelief.

Namjoon: Whats this! *jumps onto you pulling your fringe back* A SCAR! OH!

You: ow! Namjoon! You’re crushing me! *you push him violently away and he flies to the other side of the sofa*

Namjoon: ohhh.. your sensitive about it!

You: im.. im not!

Namjoon: you are! Don’t lie!.. When did it happen? *he shuffles closer to you*

You: you’re not gonna let it slide! *he shakes his head* I feel off my bed when I was little.. it was bleeding a lot and had to be sown up and stuff okay! *Namjoon shuffled even closer to you*

Namjoon: my baby was a silly baby! *he strokes your forehead and kisses your nose, you feel your cheeks heat up and as he pulls away and winks at you*

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Your out shopping with jin and you’ve walked into a shop with lots of hair accessories and jewellery. You are looking at the earrings when Jin calls your name, you turn swiftly and see jin standing very closely in front of you. He swiftly slips a head band on you, pulling your fringe with it. Jin looks at your forehead noticing a scar.

Jin: oh..? *he goes to touch it but you swat his hand away remove the head band* what is it? *you walk away not answering* fine then.. don’t tell me.. * a few moments of silence pass until he is standing next to you again.* I think its looks cool! You look like Harry Potter! *you turn to stare at him*

You: Expeliamus! *pointing at him with an imaginary wand*

You both burst into laughter.

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Youre in bed one evening just reading your book and suga walks in.

Suga: the boys think I should get a hair cut! *he sounded up set as he got undressed into his pyjamas and got into bed* do you think I should? *you shook your head and ruffled your fingers through his hair and put your book down*

You: you look fine *you kissed him on the cheek*

Suga: what about your fringe does it annoy you at all?

You: sometimes.. not as much as you annoy me though. *he looked offended*

Suga: what would you look like without a fringe? *he pulled your fringe back and glimpsed at your forehead, you jolted back* Was that a scar? Oh babe.. are you self conscious about it? Im sorry.. *he goes closer to you* I won’t ask about it.. you look fine babe, im sorry.. *he held you in his arms silently* im so sorry..

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Your in the bathroom doing your make up, you pull your fringe back and start to aply make up on you cheek. Suddenly j-hope walks in.
You: J-Hope get out! *you scream at him but he focuses on your forehead, you quickly cover it with your hand. J-Hope pulls your hand away and you don’t resist because you know hell be annoying other wise*
J-Hope: how did you get this? *your eyes dart around* it looks recent?
You: don’t freak please.. *he nods his head* I fell of my last boyfriends motorbike and well yeahh, I was wearing a helmet but I still got scared.. im sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. *you look at him and he bites his lip*
J-Hope: youre with me now, I wont let anything like that happen to you.. I Promise *he kisses your scar*

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Your doing work for your boss and your fringe was annoying you so you grip it back. V walks in and you just greet him normally, he walks closer to you.

V: you have a scar! *you realise and look to the floor. V lifts your head* How did this happen?

You: oh I just walked into a wall when I was drunk.. im sorry I forgot to tell you. * you laugh at him*

V: your so stupid.. but in your defence you were drunk.. but still *you smile at him and he kisses you* ahh my stupid girl..

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Your in the middle of a heavy makeout session and jimin runs his hand through your hair. He opens his eyes and look at your face, he then notices your scar. Rubbing his thumb on it he looks into your eyes.

Jimin: what is this..?

You: oh nothing * you push his hand off your face*

Jimin: NO.. seriously.. tell me now.

You: *sigh* please don’t flip out okay? *jimin doesn’t make any promises* My dad hit me with a bottle when I was younger, he was drunk and didn’t know I was there. It wasn’t purposefully. Just an accident.

Jimin * his face was so grave and he felt so bad* Im so sorry I asked! You must feel really uncomfortable talking about it because .. people may get the wrong impression. Oh im so sorry * he kisses the scar and then your lips*

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You were fiddling with Jungkooks hair and so he started fiddling with yours, noticing the scar you have on your forehead he stopped.

Jungkook: is this serious?

You: oh its nothing I was bitten by a dog when I was younger.. *you smile at him and hold his hand. He smiles back*

Jungkook :is this why your scared of dogs? *you nod and he ruffles your hair* aww ..guess the dog wanted to kiss you that badly right?  *he kisses you*

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Fade to Black - Chapter 7

Sequel to Black Velvet. Dean is no longer a demon, but he’s still cursed with the Mark of Cain, and the lure of that darkness grows stronger as time goes on.

Missed the beginning? It’s here

“Dean?!!” You stagger back a step or two, and you notice absently that you and Sam are wearing the same expression – shock.

“Yeah, yeah – I know. But it’s me. For fucking real.”

It is completely disconcerting to hear Dean’s speech – if not his voice – coming out of that mouth.

You stumble back towards the table and almost fall down onto the seat of the chair. “What the hell? How?” at the same time Sam is stuttering, “W-wait a second. Y-you’re a…”



“No clue. Some scarface-looking dude, bright light.” This – kid – the kid with all of Dean’s mannerisms - is loading Dean’s gun, stuffing it into the back of his jeans under his – hoodie? You shake your head, trying to clear it, as he continues. “Next thing I know, I wake up looking like Bieber.”

“Why would someone turn you into…”

“Don’t know. Don’t care. Hey, we got any grenades?”

“What?” Sam reaches out to stop him as he tries to walk past, clearly focused on something other than answering questions. “Wait. Wait a second. Talk to me.”

This small version of Dean stops and fires off a bitchface that would do any fourteen-year-old proud. “Really, Sam? Now? I got no grass on the infield, and a girl’s gonna die. Sorry if I’m not in a chatty mood. Now, come on.”

Your wide eyes meet Sam’s, and as mini-Dean opens the door and heads out, Sam gestures with his head to follow. You blow out an incredulous breath and rush to join them, pulling the door shut behind you.

Riding in the back seat with Sam at the wheel, you are now struggling not to laugh at the ridiculous situation. Watching Sam thank the woman at the motel when she told him how polite his ‘son’ was, and then seeing Sam folded up like origami as Dean moved the seat up for his much younger, shorter legs – well, you can’t help but see the funny side of it all.

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Like a Damsel in Distress (Gabriel x Reader)

Character: Gabriel
Warnings: Some cursing, sickness maybe?
Words: 2431 (*sweats nervously*)
Request: The reader comes across Gabriel sick in bed and takes care of him.
Note: Hola, Twicksters, and sorry for the massive delay! This request was sent to me a whole month ago and I’m so so so so sorry for being so late! School is a hell and leaves me no time to write. But! I apparently made it, so, well, hope you like it! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
As usual, English is not my mother tongue, so I’m sorry for any eventual mistake uwu Enjoy!

The room was smelling like roses and honey and a pleasant warmth had started to spread in the air. You let the robe fall from your shoulders down to the floor and slowly slipped the tip of your toe into the water, testing its temperature. «Perfect», you whispered as you laid yourself into the tub.
The whole week had been a mess, a particular dangerous vampire hunt stealing your very time, and, forced to sleep two hours a night and to eat only what little of food you had in your fridge, you’d almost gotten yourself killed because of the stress and tiredness you’d endured during the past days. Now, covered in bruises, aching for a sprankled ankle, but at least certainly alive, you’d decided to allow yourself to take a couple of days of break before heading toward your next hunt, and nothing would have sounded better than a hot and placid bubble bath. You laid your head against the edge of the tub, closing your eyes, and you let yourself slip into a pleasant half-sleep, your worries instantly melting into the relief of the bath. The moment, though, was roughly interrupted by the buzzing of your phone, laid on the washing machine beside you, making you wince in surprise and open your eyes at once. «Oh, really?», you groaned, quickly bending your knees in an attempt to raise. Your nuisance for being interrupted, though, was instantly cut off and replaced by the unpredicted pain your swift movement had caused. «Shitfuckmerdeporca–», you cursed, a countless number of profanities in even more languages you thought you knew slipping from your lips while you tried to reach for the phone withour moving your ankle. Finally, after performances of stretching an olympic athlet would have surely envied you, you managed to get to the device, and you instantly replied without bothering to look at the caller ID. I don’t care who dared to interrupt me – I will personally kill him or her anyway. «Hello?», you muttered, biting on your lip to prevent any howl of pain from slipping from your mouth.
«I’m dying», someone wailed into the phone. «I’m dying!».
Woah, there– not so litteral. «Gabriel?».
The archangel let out a muffled whine, his voice so filled with pain your heart started to race like a hummingbird’s. «(Y/N)», he barely managed to blur out through his moans, «you have– y-you have to come here. I’m, I’m dying».
«Gabriel?», you repeated, trying to get out of the tube without bumping your ankle and miserably failing. «What the hell’s happening?».

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karatam  asked:

I would like a scene where it's just Carmilla making tall-people jokes under her breath, loud enough for Danny to hear but quiet enough that Laura over at the computer is oblivious. And Danny's just getting more and more irritated before bursting out with a short-person jab, but she doesn't keep her voice down and so Laura hears and slowly turns around with an "excUSE ME?!!?!??" and Danny's like "oh no" and Carmilla's like "oh yes"


poor danny 

Magcon Preference: Youtube Videos Together (3/9)

Magcon Preference #6- You make a youtube video together

Nash: (The Boyfriend Tag) You were already a pretty famous youtuber when you started dating Nash, all of your fans begged for him to be in a video. So, who decided to do the classic boyfriend tag. Since you were filming it in Nash and Cameron’s apartment, Cameron would pop up in the video every minute or so, basically it was The boyfriend Tag+ Cameron. ‘’Do I have any weird obsessions?’’ You asked, raising and eyebrow at Nash. ‘’Well, you like chocolate..‘’ he said trailing off. ‘’That’s not weird, almost everyone loves chocolate,’’ you huffed. Cameron burst out laughing from behind the sofa, and Nash rolled eyes, grinning.

Cameron: (The girlfriend does my makeup challenge) ‘’Stay still,’’ you say, turning his head toward you. You grabbed your liquid eyeliner and did your best to apply it to Cameron, who was jerking away every 5 seconds. ‘’Babbeee this hurts, you’re like jabbing me in the eye,’’ Cameron groaned. You rolled your eyes and grabbed the fiery red lipstick. ‘’Aww hell no,’’ he whined. You bursted out laughing, while smoldering his face with lipstick. ‘’There all done,’’ you said, handing him a mirror. ‘’Oh my god I look totally hawt girl,’’ he exclaimed.

Matt: (The boyfriend does my makeup challenge) ‘’Hey guys its Matt here and today I’m going to be doing my lovely girlfriend (Y/N)’s makeup!’’ He said, smiling mischievously at the camera. ‘’I was tricked into this!’’ You grumbled, folding your arms across your chest. Matt just laughed and grabbed your makeup, which he somehow managed to steal. ‘’Let’s get started,’’ he said, rubbing his hands together. You closed your eyes and soon felt an eyeliner pencil on your cheek. ‘’Matt what the hell?‘’ You said, genuinely concerned about what he was doing. ‘’SHHH!’’ He said, ‘’I know what I’m doing!’’ ‘’I doubt it,’’ you mumbled. By the end of it Matt, hadn’t done your makeup, but instead turned you into to ‘’Harry Potter’’. With the glasses, scar, and everything.

(A/N): something i found hidden deep within my old drafts of my computer and I hope you guys like it? idek and don’t worry the other boys should be up tomorrow 💜
pls request imagines guyss

The Strongest Magic

A little dark castle fluff for taintednightstar because she’s a cutie. Belle is being sneaky. also this may count as day 2 of christmas fics. we shall see >_>


Rumpelstiltskin was paranoid, to be sure, but he knew he wasn’t just being paranoid this time. Not only was Belle ignoring him, but she was actively avoiding him to the point where the tea tray was starting to arrive at his table without her. Rumpelstiltskin couldn’t decide if he was hurt or annoyed.

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