it's like being in total silence almost

@jercmevaleska remember that time 4 billion years ago when i said i was going to write sirius @ jilys wedding angst?????? you probably thought i forgot about that and you’re RIGHT i did but then i remembered it again and i was going to post in on your birthday as some kind of horribly upsetting birthday present but i didnt finish it on time because exams, so like whatever this is belated but ily xxxx

‘You look shite in dress robes.’ says Sirius from the doorway, even though this is a definitive lie. James ignores him in favour of trying to sort out his hopelessly twisted collar.

‘You can either help me sort this bloody thing out or you can piss off.’ he says eventually, and Sirius snorts but obliges, walking over to straighten out the collar and button it up to the top. 

‘There,’ says Sirius once he’s finished, clapping James on the shoulder, ‘Very pretty.’ 

James just grins and puffs out his chest ridiculously. ‘Why thank you, Padfoot.’

‘Quick drink before we leave? Calm the nerves?’ 

James checks his watch. ‘Better not, hey? Would rather not be late to my own wedding. Besides, I don’t get nervous.’ 

‘You’re late too everything else. It might be fitting.’ says Sirius, trying to sound casual and teasing, but coming off as a little sulky instead. 

James, to his credit, just laughs easily. ‘C’mon, I can’t be late. Lily’s sister is going, pretty sure she’s waiting for an excuse to murder me in cold blood.’ he says, so Sirius follows him out. 

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