it's like an unhealthy compulsion or something

Head canon/theory

So I am gonna talk briefly about something I have avoided talking about for awhile- 

Marinette’s “Adrien schedule”, the where, the how, and the creepy factor of it. 

Now a lot of people have a lot of feelings on this matter from “Its just a joke who cares” to “This is the start of some seriously dangerous behavior,” and people have made really good arguments on both sides as to how should we be looking at this dynamic.

First off I will 100% say- Marinette WTF girl take a chill pill. She has clearly let her crush turn into a full on obsession and that’s not good for her. Regardless of HOW BAD it is, this is not good behavior and I do hope that Marinette’s obsessiveness gets addressed as this is just one symptom of a larger problem. 

But for this argument we are not going to look at her crush in its entirety and just talk about the schedule. 

It brings up the question how did she get this? Is she full on stalking him now? 

As others have pointed out and agonized over there is information on there that isn’t just his weekly activities (particularly there is a box that talks about having an “Appointment with his father”) Other things being Vacation, the Roller event- what we saw in timebreaker presumably, “Going out with friends”, Volunteering at the anime shelter (with a picture of a cute cat face), and several lunchs including with Thomas (subtle there hawkdaddy) and with Adrien AAAAAAAHHHHH (yes it actually has little screams there) 

The first big question we have to ask is this: Is this schedule ONLY Adrien’s schedule, or is it hers as well that she has superimposed his on top of? 

Based on some of the things we have seen above I am inclined to lean towards the latter. As much as its easy to assume that things like Vacation and Volunteering at an animal shelter could be Adrien’s, especially since we always assume that cats= Adrien, it actually makes far more sense if these were Marinette’s activities. Marinette has no reason to associate Adrien with cats at present, and at least for my mind I have trouble imagining overprotective Gabe letting Adrien do such a thing. Similarly the Vacation section is full of cute illustrations of beach themed things- an unlikely thing for Adrien to be doing with his family. Plus if this was simply a stalker calendar wouldn’t it make more sense that if he was going on vacation that would be viewed as a sad event since he would be gone. Not to mention “Going out with friends” seems fairly generous for the Agreste household seeing how hard Adrien has to struggle to get the freedoms we see in the show. 

The other telling one to me is the “Lunch with Adrien AAAAAAAAAA” 

That seems like a very odd thing to write if it is his schedule >_> 

This takes us to the most arguably problematic thing: “meeting with his father” with a little picture of a sewing needle. 

If you want to be generous there is the possibility that it is in point of fact Marinette meeting with his father- she did after all win a competition. However it is just as possible that it is a meeting Adrien is having with his father. Especially as nothing I have said thus far negates that she absolutely has written down his weekly activities. 

This take me to my personal interpretation of what we are seeing and that is another manifestation of her obsessive behaviour when it comes to Adrien. I don’t think she had tracked down his schedule months in advance so much that she is writing down everything she learns about what he is or will be doing. Whenever she learns something new about what he is does- she adds it to her calendar. 

Now- regardless of how extreme her calendar is, whether it is hers or just his, Marinette’s compulsive behavior in this regard isn’t good and should be addressed. As much as its fun to see it as a joke, obsessive behavior like this should not be thrown out just as a joke, it should be shown to be unhealthy. She needs to work on her issues, not just this but her other bad behaviors she had adopted in pursuit of her crush. But at least for me personally I see it more as an obsessive documentation than preemptive stalking

That’s my thoughts on it anyways ^_^