it's like an awful experiment gone wrong

First Meeting

Band Member: Ashton Irwin

Word Count: 1,541

A/N: So this is the start of Ashton’s “Stages of Life” series. This one is AU with Art Major!Ashton.

You both had been frequenting the same coffee shop for some time now. You assumed that he had been going there longer, because the first time you had walked in he had been having a lively looking conversation with one of the baristas. Maybe he was just that friendly, but you didn’t think lively conversations like that could happen on the first visit.

But this guy fascinated you for reasons other than the fact that he was handsome as hell. He always seemed so happy and you wanted to know why. So whenever you went to the coffee shop to work on your homework, you’d watch him over your laptop screen. The table he usually sat at was across the shop, and your table gave you a perfect vantage point to see what he was doing. Like you, he had his laptop with him and spent most of his time working on whatever it was (except for when he was talking to the baristas).

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