it's like all her lines are so great

So wait...wait...

Plec is just gonna ignore the fact that:

Klaus wanted to use Caroline as a sacrifice and didn’t care if she lived

Klaus killed Tyler without caring how it would effect Caroline

Klaus kissed Caroline while in Tyler’s body, which is sexual manipulation

“You’re beautiful, but if you don’t stop talking, I will kill you”

Klaus had Tyler bite Caroline while he was sired to him

Klaus stabbed Caroline with a lamp because she hurt his feelings

Klaus basically holds his blood over her head to heal her

Klaus tried to kill Caroline on multiple occasions

Klaus was obsessed and manipulative to Caroline

But Julie Plec promotes Klar*line

Plec is just gonna ignore the fact that:

Damon KILLED Jeremy when Elena rejected him

Damon hurt Jeremy more multiple times

Damon compelled Elena’s best friend to sleep with him when Elena rejected him, again, sexual manipulation

Damon dated Elena’s mother

Damon tortured Elena’s friends

Damon was obsessed and manipulative with Elena

But Julie Plec had Delena be endgame

Plec ignores the fact that:

Kol literally never respected women, or ANYONE, before Davina

Kol stabbed Davina when he wasn’t in his right frame of mind

But Julie Plec lets them drive off into the sunset

Plec is just gonna ignore:

Elijah who’s done nothing but RESPECT Hayley

Elijah who’s done nothing but ACCEPT whatever decisions Hayley made regarding the 2 of them

Elijah who’s done nothing but STEP BACK when Hayley told him to

Elijah who IGNORED his feelings for her for the first 9 months they knew each other because he knew it would put her in a bad spot between her and Klaus; because he knew what Klaus did to the women he held in his heart

Elijah who RESPECTED Hayley enough not to push himself on her when she married Jackson or even AFTER Jackson died

Elijah who said “As a devout FEMENIST, I refuse to say you hit like a girl”(…so all of the sudden this isn’t true? We’re gonna assassinate his character because she’s pissed about Trump?)

Elijah who has done EVERYTHING in his power to defend Hayley and keep her safe

Elijah who WELCOMED Hayley into his family and swore to protect her from the VERY beginning

But the “feminism” line is drawn when Elijah hurt Hayley when he WASN’T in his right frame of mind behind the Red door?

So done with this show and its hypocrisy. Thanks for opening up my Friday nights, Julie Plec. You’re a great writer and director (sarcasm).

Kitty Kisses

A birthday gift to one of my very amazing friends, @ladyserendipitous <3333 Hope it was an amazing day, you sparkling sandstone! This is written off of something you said about reveal by kitty kisses a week or so ago!

Summary: Marinette sees if Chat Noir’s cat tendencies extend to slow blinks, or, as she liked to call them, kitty kisses.


It all started when the light of the sun began to fade, and the lights of the city began to illuminate the darkening sky. It had never been unusual for Marinette to be out past the the setting of the sun, for her parents understood her need for inspiration. So when she laid down on a bench in the park nearby her home, as she so often did, she hadn’t expected company.

A dark figure had leaped from the rooftops and landed nearby her, thankfully not startling her because she’d already been tracking its movements from some distance away. She gave him a nod of acknowledgement before returning her attention to the landscape of her city.

Chat Noir didn’t speak right away, but instead sat in front of the bench and settled himself so that his head tilted back, pressing into Marinette’s arm. He watched the city with her, enjoying the moment of peaceful calm that had fallen over Paris. Even with the comfortable silence, Chat couldn’t keep from talking any longer.

“You’re out pretty late, Marinette,” he commented, going the route of obvious observations.

She hummed in response, tracing the lines of the buildings with her eyes. When she finally spoke, her voice was quiet in a way that perfectly matched the atmosphere of the city. “I have art block. This usually helps.”

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Loud House Thought

So here’s something to think about.

We have just found out that Lucy takes after her grandmother Harriet in looks.

We know she was an occult 40′s goth girl. Back in those days magic spells and dark things like that were shunned, so she wasn’t likely popular.

Also its likely she was Lynn Sr Grandmother as her trunk found in the attic had an L marking on it, as in Loud family.

So that means, in all seriousness, she married Lynn’s grandfather… This guy…

Time lines match up. If she was a child in the forties then in the fifty’s, as a teen, her boyfriend could have been a greaser. However you have to wonder how these two wound up together and went on to have a son (Lynn’s father.)

It dose explain Lucy’s hair genetics. 

yerevasunclair  asked:

Hi there!...i'm in a prompt mood, though im not sure if this is gonna be a good prompt, but can you make a story of hannibal drawing bedelia and bedelia sees his drawing of her and really admires it? (i'm so tired and im cryin i have to read gross anatomy of the head and neck for the exam, then i have neuroanatomy and physiology, with your story it will indeed inspire me throughout the year) <3 <3 love lots :) and do take your time.

AN: This is a fantastic prompt, thank you! And thank you for your patience. Hope your exams went well.


Her finger moves slowly along the thick paper, tracing the outline of the pencil drawing. It is incredibly life-like; every curve, dip and line sketched with exquisite precision onto the sheet of paper.

She had found the drawing by accident, casually displayed on his desk. It is not like Hannibal to be so careless, perhaps he intended for her to find it. A drawing of her, laying naked on her back, draped in the satin sheets of their bed. Her first reaction is exasperation; she does not wish to be treated as a life drawing class when she sleeps. When she is exposed and vulnerable. But she continues to stare at the drawing, admiring its beauty; she does not look vulnerable at all.

Bedelia always took great care of her body, for her own benefit, rather than enjoyment of others. Although she can be critical of herself at times, in her pursue of excellence, she knows she’s an attractive woman. But here she appears perfect. She marvels at the skill it took to draw it, or maybe it was something else, something more.

Suddenly she senses him standing behind her and wonders how long he has been watching her. It seems to be more than just a habit, as proven by this drawing.

“Is this how you see me?” she asks, her earlier objections forgotten.

“No,” he replies, standing next to her,” this is how you are.”

A shiver passes down her spine, yet she remains unsure of his words, or rather herself.

“My eyes are closed.”

“Yes, I did not want to disturb your sleep,” he pauses,” And I do not think I am able to capture their brilliance,” his admiring gaze moves from the drawing to her face, staring enrapturedly into her eyes. Bedelia says nothing.

Few days later, she wakes up to a sound of scratching. It’s delicate, almost soothing; it takes her a moment to realize it is a sound of graphite on paper. She opens her eyes and finds Hannibal sitting in the chair with a pad on his lap and a pencil in his hand. He notices that she’s awake and the scratching stops.

“I am sorry,” he says in a hushed voice, looking away shyly. He sets the pencil aside.

Bedelia is about to pull the sheet closer to cover herself, but then she recalls the drawing; his vision, the way he sees her.

“No,” Bedelia says, surprising Hannibal and herself,” Please continue. Perhaps now you can draw my eyes.”

She shifts slightly to make herself comfortable and Hannibal waits until she remains still. He brings the pencil back to the paper, hesitant at first, but the strokes become more confident in time.

Bedelia stares at him, holding his gaze in all its intensity. It is an exhilarating sensation having him look at her this way, taking in all of her, like no one has ever done before. She is more aroused with each passing minute; his eyes are like a fervent caress, leaving hot imprints on her skin.

When he finally puts the pencil down and breaks the gaze, she feels displeased, regretting that it’s over.

“May I see?” she asks, still unfettered. He comes to sit next to her and shows her the drawing. It is as flawless as the previous one, even more so. What captures her attention are her eyes; they are wide, radiant and fierce. The image of a powerful woman.

And Bedelia knows it is true.

Imagine a female version of Killing Stalking where instead of killing women Sangwoo would play out the goody two shoes sweet girl role but kills men and works the fuck out in her free time like some bad ass. She would be tall, beautiful, lovely long dark hair with some blonde hightlights.

She hates guys with a passion because of sexual abuse by her father and perhaps some physical towards her mother. But maybe at one point before it started happening she was a true daddy’s little girl who adored him before he became her own monster. The story would have gone the same way where she kills her father and her mother, she hates her mother because she was never believed or she never helped her. 

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I saw a post earlier about Liam/Vax’s post-Syngorn line, “There’s no question how much it affected you when Percival made his offer in that room,“ and I mean obviously just on its own it’s fantastic, and Laura/Vex’s face made it even more so, but it got me thinking, and like

How is marriage-of-convenience fic not singlehandedly carrying the Perc’ahlia fandom economy??  I’ve come across quite a few AUs about Vex getting married off by her father, lots of Cinderella-esque meeting at balls and arranged marriages and the like, and that is all GREAT.  I am ABOUT THAT.  But I hunger for some good old-fashioned “we’re friends and we got married to get you out of a bad situation but now oops we’re falling in love and desperately pining over each other,” slow-burn, will-they-or-won’t-they-jk-we-all-know-they-will fics.

Like, I keep having these thoughts in my head that Vex’s impending political marriage was what drove the twins out of the city to begin with, because Vex was equal measures infuriated by and terrified of the prospect, and like hell was Vax going to just let it happen.  We’ll leave, he whispers to her one night.  Just fucking–leave.  You and me, right now.  What’s stopping us?  Nothing.  And so they do; they run fast and far and they never look back, avoid their mother’s home in case their father goes looking for them there (and maybe, just a little, because they haven’t quite forgiven her for giving them up yet).  Years later they meet their father again in Emon, and they’re there and gone again before he can get in more than a half-dozen cutting remarks about the position that Vex left him in, the professional embarrassment, the shame she brought upon him.  He’s an asshole, and they don’t expect any better by now.  They have a new family, and together they’re in the wind, far away from any old ties.

But then it’s been years more on top of that, and the threat of the Chroma Conclave hangs like a pall over the entire world.  Syngorn has an army, and frankly it seems like the lesser of two evils.  Only their father didn’t get to the position he holds by giving something for nothing, and an advantageous marriage still has its value.

And Percy still drops the title bomb, makes it clear that the proposed matches–each one making Vex’s face and Vax’s knuckles grow whiter by the moment–would not possibly be befitting someone of her station.  Their eyes meet for half a second, just long enough to communicate please let me help, and also if you could keep your brother from murdering me where I sit it would be very much appreciated, before he says that, respectfully, he would like to submit his name for consideration.

Please, please just imagine with me: a quick ceremony and then off on their quest as though nothing unusual has happened.  Traveling and adventuring together, and nothing has really changed, except for rather more sly remarks from Scanlan about ~the marriage bed~ and disappearing rooms in the mansion because hey, you two are married anyway right, and an increase in pointed comments from Vax.  The two of them slowly, slowly drifting closer together, starting to drop casual references to each other as their wife or husband without even really realizing they’re doing it.  And then just sort of looking up one day, feeling a long-familiar surge of warmth and fondness when they see each other, and realizing …

Oh, shit.

I had a weird dream that they made another Percy Jackson movie but it was set like years after BoO. Apparently Percy had a fall put with Jason and Jason was back with the Romans so Percy has like beef with the Romans or something. Dark!Percy made an appearance because I remember there being a fight scene with a group that weren’t romans and he was literally just black Eyed and turning them into nothing but puddles. I also remember a part with a fight between Percy and Jason but I don’t remember the actual fight just the part with Percy runs off because he seriously hurt Jason or something. And for some reason Annabeth hadn’t been in the movie until after all this and she just walks right into a room where there’s a Roman meeting and she goes straight to Jason. Idk what she says but she storms off. There’s a search scene for Percy cuz no one can find him anymore. I remember the line “We broke up years ago, Chiron. I’m only here to keep him from killing anyone” was said and I wanna know what happened to Percabeth. They find him I guess because I don’t remember anything between that and the scene with the Greeks and Percy standing opposite eachother. Annabeth has a dagger in her hand and Percy asks if it’s new and Annabeth says she doesn’t have to answer his questions. The line “I loved you” was said but Idk by who. And that’s literally all I remember and I’m so mad because I wanna know how that movie would end even tho its so ooc but it would make a great fic if it wasn’t

honestly I would watch that for the drama of it all. Also let’s talk about Percy standing opposite the Greeks (and you could add in the Romans too for fun) and like… what a powerful moment!!!! All the Greeks nervously gripping their weapons, glancing at each other to see if anyone else is as scared as they are that they’re about to take on perhaps the greatest son of Poseidon to ever live. And Percy, who is drowning in a darkness that no one seems able to understand and he’s looking out at all these people who he used to consider friends, some of them even family, but whatever is going on inside him is bigger than mortal bonds. It is godly and fierce and untamable. And so is he. 

anonymous asked:

Thank you so much for saying some bellarke fans. most of us are just lumped in with the rest of the idiots. and its just not true

I love our fandom. I wouldn’t be active here if I didn’t love Bellarke and our fandom. The majority in this fandom are amazing but a few BC shippers were completely out of line yesterday. The awful things sent to Arryn made me so angry. She saw all of it and I understand her for getting pissed off. We need to call out people in our own fandom when we see stuff like that. There are bad apples in every fandom, in ours too. I saw a lot of BC shippers calling some people out yesterday and that’s great. We need to keep spreading love and keep being supportive.

NADINE’S CHILDHOOD , great ! Let’s talk.  I’m such an unorganized talker and thinker so let me just spill this all out ok? I’ll most likely write  a better one down the line but I just wanna ramble and get this out about my Nadine, its so  messy EW . Now honey steal shit and get your ass hit, don’t fuck with me. and dontreblog  For starters there isn’t much said about Nadine’s life as a child, or her life in general so it leaves a big grey area for me to play with. For the past few days I’ve been thinking about this and started coming up with different stories and events and I think I’ve settled on one. ( I wanted to make it as original as possible )

  • Growing up in the Ross household wasn’t easy to say the least, Nadine’s father ( who hasn’t been given a name by naughty dog so I did: Shaka , south African name meaning ‘Greak King’ ) was hard on her very hard, Not that he didn’t love her ( which he did, dearly ) it was just because of the type of environment she lived in, war: he wanted her to be just as strong and independent as he was.  Which meant waking up early in the morning, training - being taught the basic things to survival and even theft.  Now at this time Nadine’s mother was around, and GOD didn’t she hate the things Shaka was teaching their child. Lalia ( the mother ) Wanted Nadine to grow up as a normal child to experience life as a regular kid would But her husband simply didn’t allow that, Nadine was something the two often fought about and she knew that.

  • She always tried to please both her parents  ( still does ) , to be a young lady with poise like her mother wished. And to be a tough cookie like her father wanted, and that really is something that stuck with her today, she is both those things, and that’s what makes their daughter, but not Nadine Ross, to herself, she’s not even sure about where she feels like she belongs or what’s for her. ( she doesn’t question if shoreline is something that she wanted in life tho these guys mean everything to her ok )

  • Now Nadine’s father wasn’t a great husband nor was he a great father, that is Nadine’s view of him.  He often taught her of loyalty and to put family first ( her mother, shoreline ) because that was her family, and this incident that had happen involving him really effected her.  Before her mother died of breast cancer, Her father was unfaithful and cheated on her mother. This did not help resolve any issues they had as a couple , in fact it only made things worse, Her mother n’ father  fought more , separated at times and even tried making Nadine pick between one another. Being the only child , It was something that often stressed her out, left her feeling helpless and confused.  It wasn’t long after that when  her mother fail ill and things went down hill. Though her father did put all negative things aside to help his wife, reconcile & be a family again but that  lasted a very short time. Over time lalia died, leaving Nadine with just her father. That alone was probably the hardest time in her life. She cried of course she missed her mother and she will always feel and remember that emptiness she felt inside.

  • Now growing up with only her father, Nadine didn’t feel like she had much going for her  she didn’t see herself having a future besides shoreline so she then began to train mercilessly, Day and night, even when she felt like she couldn’t do it, she pushed forward. Even in the hardest conditions she continued on.  All that time and effort SHE put in is why she Is the way she is today. not to say her father hadn’t playe a role , He did, But it really was her. Pushing herself, molding herself into this war. Her father was only there to watch, to see and my goodness he was proud. He saw that she took things he told her ( past things ) and applied them. He saw that in her since she was just eight all the way up into her teen years. he knew this about her.

You would not BELIEVE how many daddy jokes we make while playing overwatch, it’s unreal omfg some of my favorites are

*gets killed by Soldier 76*


* @l-sula-l who usually plays at D.VA sassing back @azzling who plays Soldier 76*

Azzling: I didn’t raise you this way, go to yoUR ROOM YOU ARE GROUNDED

*someone switches to Soldier 76*
“Just call me Daddy”/ “we’re all Daddies now”

*someone on the other team plays as solder 76*

Also bonus jokes on how we are massively gay for the female characters in overwatch like saying thank you after someone emotes as Zarya or commenting ’ ya know, this is probably the only time where I didn’t want Pharah to rain her justice on me" after she ults and kills us or just groaning at how UNF widowmakers “oh la la’ voice line is


SO “Control” by Halsey is a song for my favorite bird children.

“I’m bigger than my body”

This is all Blue Sargent. She even says this at one point. Its kinda all about her full of potential and she can feel it all around her and inside of her and its so great it pours out.

“I’m colder than this home”

Noah Czerny, resident ghost: “bae why ur hand so cold?” “it me death”

“I’m meaner than my demons”

I mean, come on, how Ronan Lynch can one line be? That boy both literally and figuratively fights his demons everyday of his life.

“I’m… [older]… than these bones”

So I replaced “bigger” with “older” in order to fit my purpose a bit more (plus it still works in singing it like that). Guys…. Gansey has that young/old look to him while at the end of the day he will die young having lived (like had solid experiences) more than most adults. He will just be bones… too soon.

“Who is in control?”

Adam Parrish is! HE got control of the leyline before Welk! HE worked hard to get control over his own mind while Cabeswater tried to take over! HE will control his own destiny! Bro, Adam is IN CONTROL….

My long overdue, super detailed, spoiler-y-ish review of The Fault In Our Stars movie!

Basically this movie was everything I ever wanted it to be. I know that sounds cheesy and you might be saying “you’re stupid, there must’ve been something wrong” but I can honestly 100% say that it is the best book to screen adaption that I’ve ever seen. I felt everything all over again, the happiness, the love, the anxiety, the sadness, the fear. No other book adaption has ever made me feel the same exact emotions in the same exact way that I felt when reading.

Let’s start with the overall feel of the film. I had my concerns that it was gonna be this goopy, cheesy, yuck-fest but everything was so real and genuine. Seriously, it felt like a true teenage love story, they were funny, awkward, they talked like kids (but in the intelligent way that we know they do), they acted their age. Nothing felt fake or forced, you believed that these were real people.



Hazel-When I initially heard about Shailene’s casting, I’ll admit, I was really concerned, I had only ever seen her in an episode or two of that god-awful American Teenager show and I was less than impressed with her acting. But I have to say, I could not see anyone else has Hazel, she plays her so well, intelligent, humble, self deprecating, strong. She is book-Hazel. I was surprised to hear how much narration she has throughout the film, I thought they were gonna cut it out completely or pretty significantly but nope, all that dialog you hear in the book is there. She captures her whole essence so well, even her look. I know this mainly has to do with the costumers and creative directors but everything from her baggy, mis-matched clothes to her, simple hair, makeup-less face, unkempt eyebrows and even her mannerisms and line delivery are just absolutely spot on. Some of my favorite scenes were one’s that relied totally on her acting, not the love story. Like when she’s leaving Van Houten’s, after all the screaming, yelling, and douchepants-ing, she gives him a big “Go Fuck Yourself” and seriously I have never heard more thunderous applause in a movie theater. Also the Eulogy. Oh My God the Eulogy. That scene was flawless and where nearly everyone lost it. It was so genuine but still light hearted, it hurt so much to watch her say goodbye to someone who was sitting right in front of her. All it is her simply talking to Gus, no fluffy montages or crazy music, it’s just Shailene in her element. She was so believable, truly.

Augustus-Ansel Elgort, Jesus Christ this kid is probably the most beautiful human specimen I’ve ever seen. I was an exception when it came to him, I was never concerned with his lack of dark hair and light blue eyes but I was skeptical of his acting simply because he was basically an unknown at the time of his casting but he is undoubtedly the Augustus Waters. His line delivery is what probably got me to love him the most. He simply acts like Gus would, he’s silly yet direct, sarcastic yet genuine. He never delivers for the sake of the line, it’s all for the sake of the moment. I don’t think I can explain to you guys how he literally was born for this role, you’ll just have to wait and see. But seriously, my sister HATED his casting, she’s one of those casting-nazis, the kind that shits over an eye color or hair that is even a shade lighter than expected. But when I say that she left that theater in love, I shit you not, that’s exactly what happened. She fell in love with Gus allover again, Ansel did that to all of us, he brought Gus to life in a way that I could’ve never anticipated. Aside from the obvious sides of his personality, there are certain elements that really got to me. One of those being Gus’ limp. I know this seems small but I was so concerned that the fact that he had a prosthetic would barely be addressed or cut out completely (*cough* Peeta Mellark *cough*) but this kid committed, he was always aware of the leg, swinging it over, dragging it a bit, he never faltered. Also there’s his goofy side, the scene when they’re in the plane is totally adorable, he’s terrified and astounded all at the same time. He seriously provides so many laugh, the trophy scene, and the car-egging scene are some standouts. I’m not sure if you guys saw the b-roll footage, but the delivery of the 5 legs, 4 eyes, and 2 and a half pairs of working lungs" line was fucking great. Ands then there’s the gas station scene, it was so hard to watch, you’re seeing this guy who has been so idyllically built up only to be ripped down and forced to face his harsh reality in the worse possible way. He looks repulsive in the best way, he’s white with blue lips, has blood shot eyes, covered in his own vomit and just so broken to the point where he’s barely coherent. I was so impressed with Ansel here, he made me feel devastated and hopeless, my heart broke for him. You guys will have to wait to see the rest since he has so many awesome one liners that I can’t remember along with the lines we all know and love. But seriously, Ansel nailed it.

Isaac-Nat nailed this role, he’s a total scene-stealer. He’s not in the movie much, only 5 or so scenes come to mind but in each of them he’s the star. First of all the trophy scene. You start out all sad for him because of what Monica did but once we gets to the destruction it’s al laughs from there, he’s actually totally in the background, blurred out by Hazel and Gus who are having a conversation in the foreground but the way in which he goes about breaking stuff is so great. That scene as a whole is just perfect. Also the egging scene as well as his eulogy were spot on, again, everything is so believable.

Hazel’s Parents-I NEVER expected to like these two so much, in the book they simply felt like another element but I fell in love with her parents, their scenes were actually some of the toughest to watch, there pain is so evident yet they still maintain a sense love and hilarity. I was pleasantly surprised in what a big role they ended up playing, I loved seeing their relationship and even how they interacted with Gus. (also I have an old man crush on her dad…unf.)

Van Houten-I’ll be honest, I never truly developed my own idea of this character so I was kinda open to what they had in store but Willem Dafoe is exactly the kind of douchepants I never knew I needed. You seriously want to clock this guy in the face. The scene in his house just makes you hate him and it plays out exactly as it did in the book. You get a sense of his craziness, the point where he starts blasting Swedish rap is hilarious but you still want to hate him. Even when you start to sympathize with him after learning about his daughter, you still think, “yeah, I feel bad for this guy and he’s nuts but still, he can go back to his hermit shell now”

Specific scenes

Support group-There are two support group scenes, the first one, we learn about Patrick and his balls and the miserable life he leads, It’s hilarious! and we even get a look at his life through a little montage. The second is the one where Gus is introduced, the awkward staring is done perfectly.

Gus’ Driving-This was not omitted, Gus drives like a crazy son of a bitch and he and Hazel discuss cancer perks

Any scene where Hazel and Gus simply talk-There’s a ton of these so I’m just gonna clump them all but every conversation driven scene is great and they help lay the foundation for the relationship. Some of my favorites were actually their text conversations, pretty much all of them are in there and their text bubbles actually pop up to make the conversations easy to read, some goes for all their phone conversations, They’re all there and done exactly as they were in the book.

The trophy scene-I mentioned this one before but again, it’s hilarious, a ton of great one-liners by both Gus and Isaac.

The Disney World discussion-It’s there along with the “I can’t believe I have a crush on a girl with such cliché wishes line”

The plane to Amsterdam-this scene is shortened from that in the book but the way that Ansel conveys Gus’ nervousness with amazement is priceless

Orangee-Such an adorable part, when Gus proclaims his love you’ll feel like a puddle of goo

Van Houten’s house-A great scene where Hazel’s strength really shines. The “Go Fuck Yourself” line that I mentioned before is one of my favorite moments,

The Anne Frank House-This part is SO beautiful, every element works so well. The emotion of the setting mixed with Hazel’s drive to make it up the stairs and the spoken dialogue (done by Anne Frank, not Otto Frank like in the book) just leads up to the kiss which is so beautiful and passionate. You can just feel everything changing at that specific moment, it’s truly the films turning point.

The sex scene-real, honest, sexy, tender and sweet. There’s nothing gratuitous. Some of the book dialogue is there but most has been simplified, those omitted are not missed though, their chemistry is at its height and they still feel like teenagers. Also the speak so softly during this scene, which is why I think I loved the dialogue so much.

Gus reveals his remission-Heartbreaking. The second he says the “lit up like a Christmas tree” line, the sobs started and never stopped

Eggs-FUCKING HILARIOUS, great moments from all three

The Gas Station-I covered this before but your hear will break, there’s no avoiding it. This scene was done perfectly.

Hazel discussing the future with her parents-A great scene, you feel every emotion that every person involved is feeling

The Eulogy Scene-Top notch acting my Shai, Ansel and Nat, you will cry. You will.

The Call-Hazel never actually picks up the phone, she just breaks down and so will you

The Funeral-You never actually see Augustus in the casket, which I’m actually really thankful for. Hazel doesn’t say the “I love you present tense” line but she leaves the cigarettes and gives the bullshit Eulogy about his parent’s encouragements 

Van Houten at the Funeral-He’s still annoying, but you do feel pity when he talks about his daughter. He gives Hazel Gus’ letter but he spews some bullshit and she blows up on him, leading her to crumple up the letter.

Hazel reading the letter-This scene plays out a bit differently than in the book. After the funeral (same day) Hazel and her dad talk and then Isaac comes over to discuss things and mentions Gus’ correspondence with Van Houten thus leading Hazel to go to her car and find the crumpled up letter. She reads it, Gus narrates and a montage of their best moments shows, it’s not cheesy at all though and you see him sneaking into the ICU to see her when she’s unconscious. The movie ends the same way the book does with the letter finishing up and an overhead shot of Hazel holding the letter. Ed’s song plays and you will cry yourself to death.


Some specific things I can remember off the top of my head

-The movie starts the same way the trailer does, the whole “you can sugarcoat it blah blah blah” thing

-You get a hilarious montage about Patrick and his ball cancer along with some songs about his undying love for Jesus

-The Staring scene during the second support group scene is GOLD

-The metaphor scene is longer than the one that’s already out there

-Isaac grabs a whole lotta boob when you see him making out with Monica

-They don’t watch V for Vendetta but there is a poster in Gus’ room

-As I mentioned before, Ansel walks with a limp throughout the whole movie, he also lifts up his pants to show the prosthetic, wears shorts, lies in bed with it clearly showing and there’s a shot of his stump after the sex scene when they’re cuddling naked

-The text conversations are shown by these little text bubbles that pop up, they’re white line art and are hand-drawn so they go with the motif of the movie art. Emails are also shown by popping up on the screen

-There’s one tiny little complaint have and that’s the use of “tumblr-language” I’m gonna call it. There’s multiple occasions where lines like “what is this life?” and “I can’t even” are used. It’s not an issue, it just came off a bit forced 

-Kaitlyn has been totally omitted but you won’t miss her

-Same goes for Gus’ siblings so there’s no “seeing me naked took Hazel Grace’s breath away” line

-John’s Cameo did not make it in thus no little girl asks about Hazel’s cannula

-The blind video game scene is gone so no “Hump the moist cave wall”

-The swing-set selling this is omitted and it is never referred to as “the vaguely pedophilic swing-set of tears”, just “the swing-set of tears.” You don’t see them selling it but it’s gone at the end of the movie.

-Gus’ ex-girlfriend with brain cancer has been totally cut out

-Gus comes to hazels house before they go to the airport so you never hear the fight between him and his parents thus his remission is a total surprise…well for those who haven’t read the book

-You never see them in the airport, it leads straight from Hazel’s house to the plane

-Hazel says “Go Fuck Yourself” to Van Houten before leaving his house

-The girl who plays Lidewij has great hair (just a thought) she also comes of extremely caring

-Anne Frank narrates during the kissing scene instead of Otto Frank. It’s an absolutely gorgeous scene

-The sex scene is very tender and soft, some dialog has been omitted but there’s still a ton there. You don’t see any actual sex but Gus is shirtless as well as Hazel who takes off both her shirt and bra, they later snuggle naked which is when you see Gus’ stump

-There’s a ton of beautiful interactions between Gus and Hazel when Gus is sick

-The Eulogy is almost word for word exactly the same as the book

-The movie actually feels a lot longer than I thought it would, which I’m really thankful for :)

That’s all I can think of for now but I promise you, everything about this movie was done right, seriously no major complaints whatsoever. By biggest tip is to not go into it wanting to find differences, and if you haven’t started already, DO NOT re-read the book before seeing the movie, I think that’s why I loved it so much because I wasn’t focusing on changes, just the story itself. 

You will leave this moving feeling everything that you felt while reading, I've never had that before with a movie but I promise, it’s everything you’ve ever wanted the adaption to be.

I can’t wait for you guys to see it.

If you guys want to know anything else, feel free to message me.



A few thoughts after watching Ghostbusters 2016 (spoiler alert: I loved it)

-I liked how Erin, despite she was scared and in denial with the ghostbusting at the beggining, she just rushed to catch the first ghost.

-Patty was such a great character. Very smart, sweet and super passionate about history, I know there was so much controversy about her not being a scientist but I liked how she was the data brain of the team.

-I disagree with some critics saying Melissa underperformed, No way! Every character she played before on the Feig-logy  are similar like in assertiveness, but they are very different, Megan its not like Mullins at all ( her tone of voice for example). So yeah Abby is pretty assertive but not the same as those characters at all. In fact it was a good change.

-Holtzmann have great lines and she talked more that I have expected, it was awesome, also she have several moments when she is a little more calm and serious, making the character a believable weirdo. At least for me.

-I was happy to see some actors from other Feig movies: Zach woods, Michael Mcdonalds, Nate Corddry (and Katie Dipold!)

-Abby´s flyers joke was one of my favorites.

-Holtz flirting with Erin the whole movie, and the swiss army knife was pure gold from beggining to end (badass Erin!)

-The action scenes where so cool!

-Never ask them for good things in life (LOL)

-Dr. Rebeca Gorin, not gonna lie if there is a sequel I want to see her again BUT not at the cost of the screentime of any of the 4 Ghostbusters.

-Kudos to Paul to make an awesome credits sequence again (like in The Heat and Spy)

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I'm pretty anxious about all the hate Pearl's getting but Matt said on twitter that "This is a very big Pearl arc, I believe the message we're trying to convey will be clear by the end" and that made me feel a little bit better. I didn't see much Pearl on the episode descriptions though so this is going to be interesting.

There’s a comment Matt made in a thread on the SU wiki (he went on there to ask people to stop posting leaks) and he said something along the lines of “enjoy this plot thread of Pearl hitting rock bottom” so it really does seem like this arc is very much a ‘low’ in Pearl’s story arc. It can be painful to watch a character screw up that badly but it makes for a good story and great character development.

I have a lot of trust in this show’s crew to respect all their characters. Like, I don’t feel like they’d be making an example of Pearl just to make an example of her, she’s going through this plot because its good for her character and she’ll be better once she comes out the other side. I trust wherever they’re going with this

the raven cycle & birds

re:  italian is a terrible language where everything is an innuendo

useful info before i start:

‘bird’ in italian is an euphemism for dick

now that we got that out of the way - let me tell you something

as an italian person who speaks english kinda maybe well and read the raven cycle in english, at first i didnt realize the potential for dirty jokes because tbh my brain was still processing how great the books are (i read them all in one go)

but now. oh boy. now i cant help but snort every time i read something along the lines of “ronan’s bird” because im actually twelve AND a terrible person

like yall come up with stuff like ‘omg what if one day chainsaw disappears and ronan gets hella sad so adam helps him look for her like ‘come on lynch lets go find your bird’’

and i just. im human. there’s only so much i can take im not saying its not a cute headcanon because tbh IT IS and i would read a fic abt it but like. my first thought was ‘have u tried looking in his pants’

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min really likes you. i know shes all acting like its okay and everything but shes probably real sad now. like she told me about it and i was like r u ok? and she was all like meh whatever. so yeah shes a great girl. just because shes kinda ugly doesnt mean u have to reject her or whatevs

Okay, I’m usually nice about this stuff but this crossed a line.  
I honestly think this isn’t your place and she isn’t ugly at all. 
I am not emotionally available at the moment I have other things going on in the romantic point of my life.
I am very hyper aware that she is probably very sad. I know she is a great girl. She is wonderful, funny, sweet, and kind. 
 I do know is this isn’t your damn place to be telling me these things this is disrespecting her very much. So in the nicest way I can say it possible, step off bitch.