it's like a tie

#honestly i feel like this is such a beautiful metaphor for the trio #the way they wear their uniforms #you got hermione with everything in its rightful place #tie and cape fixed and all #you got harry whose uniform is a little messy and everything is a bit awkward #and then you got ron #nicely not giving a fuck

One of the many things I love about Aleks is he’ll give his friends shit, but the moment one of them is hurt he turns into group mom

  • hux: I don't have feelings and I don't need them
  • kylo: I saw you cry when they released the new TIE design
  • hux, choked up: it's so ugly

What are you doing with them?
At the moment, just keeping them comfortable. There’s no point in torturing them, they won’t give Derek up. The instinct to protect their Alpha’s too strong.

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those are not his eyebrows those are his antenna-i i cant,i canrt finish this im sorry

someone get the bug spray

Hey y’all remember another big guy dragon nerd?

-I’ll see myself out

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victor hates yuuri's tie so much, but one time they go on a date to a fancy restaurant and yuuri wears it. victor "accidentally" spills wine on it and is like "oh noooo babe i'm so sorry... :( ur tie is ruined..." and yuuri's like "it's ok i'm sure it'll wash out--" but victor's already unknotting it, throws it over his shoulder, and pulls out a new expensive one from inside his jacket like "don't worry i got you a new one!"

LMAO smooth move

sorry folks I was busy drawing a gift tonight so I can’t do anything else other than this little thing for the esper pov tag 

after all the swings I feel like we need a small permanently nice thing whos with me

when one becomes an apprentice one gets used to the way things are around the office rather quickly