it's like a tie


Hey y’all remember another big guy dragon nerd?

-I’ll see myself out


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I can’t decide what my favorite thing about Rogue One is: that Darth Vader makes dad jokes, that Darth Vader’s lava castle is canon again, or that Darth Vader turned off the lights on his chest to make his entrance more Dramatic™


So let me talk about this my friends 😭 … First now as can you see Kai was wearing it before in Nov just when the winter start ( now we know who was making sure that Nini will be warm and safe ) the same scarf and in the same way too , then after weeks Ksoo wear it , the same scarf and in the same fk way too !! That really means one thing , Ksoo was dressing Kai or Kai was Dressing Ksoo but since we saw it before like Ksoo do Kai tie and clothes too .. Then its simple , right ! Do I even have to say it !! When they went to Osaka Ksoo wear that scarf but when they went back from Osaka it was there hugging Kai neck just to make him warm and Gurrllls ❤️ I am freaking now cause I can see Ksoo doing it to Kai and saying to him to not catch a cold since he always take care of him , Not to mention he is wearing backpack while Kai is not and yeah Kai things are inside with Ksoo belongings , just like the old married couple .. T-T .. Sorry but I am so emotional today

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*slams down offering and yodels*

slay me @cubert‘s WD & Aster is just too cute for my heart what even is this, I am so captured by these tiny fonts what the s h i t.

a+ content for the soul, they’re just delightful. 10/10 would draw again. 

(super fond of the smols but also dang the tols are hella cute. gdi.)


Also, idk, worked up some small dumb headcanons for ‘em along the way? mmmight as well share..

- WD’s left handed, Aster’s right handed, Gaster is skilfully ambidextrous?

- WD does the pinky thing to steady a long pen stroke.

- Is also the more ticklish of the two?

- And pokes his tongue out when concentrating.

- Aster thinks it’s all freaking adorable idk

*shrugs self into the void* ahahahaahhh hhhh

remember when the mangaka said kirishima’s character was created to tie the class together with his personality or something…

so by that… doesn’t it basically mean that kirishima was created for bakugou ????

like to help tie bakugou with the entire class ??? so since kirishima gets along with everyone, bakugou was able to connect to the class through kirishima ?????

kinda like “baku - > kiri - > everyone - > kiri - > baku" thingy

i dunno.. i feel like without kirishima, bakugou will probably be a loner or something

like think about it… everyone in Class - A (minus bakugou) looks like they’d get along just fine even if kirishima isn’t there to tie the class together…

so why is kirishima (the guy that gets along with everyone) there ? to be bakugou’s friend, right ?

sooo yeah when the mangaka said kirishima’s character is there to tie the class together, its kind of like a subtle ‘kirishima’s character is made for bakugou’ thing

hahahahaha i’m so sorry.. i don’t even know.. but i think about this a lot..



I need help picking my new editing style! I’m an idiot and haven’t edited in so long I don’t remember what I’ve done to my pictures thus far! So, I’ve decided to change it up.

Top most picture is completely unedited. Bleh.

Middle picture is a warm slightly faded edit. I had something similar to this.

Bottom picture is a cooler not-as-faded edit. Not sure how I feel about this.

So, you tell me what you like so I can play and get to editing ASAP!