it's like a test for style and coloring

I cant believe I have forgotten how much I love Journey and have to mix shit up to remind myself

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Dude I've followed you for a couple years, and I hope you don't mind me saying but your art style has gotten just CRISP as fuck!! It's gorgeous! Those color tests like, moved me! Keep up the good, hard, amazing work! Take care of yourself! Ya got some hands!

Hey thank you!! I’m always amazed at people who have stuck around following my art for that long, it really means a lot!

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I really like the new style! It's super duper cute and the coloring style is on point, although I do have to say it might benefit if you color in the hair more, I understand it's supposed to be shine but it might look overall more pleasing if you did? Maybe do a few tests on your own time or smth. But still I super duper love the shading and overall style so do what you want with it!

Thanks! And yeah I understand, i used to do it on another artstyle but I do think it will work better if it’s more colored


two color tests desert style

also I feel like everybody who does fanart for journey has to draw the corridor at least once. its mandatory at this point and also no one hates joy

Here is a style I wanted to test. I based the coloring somewhat similar to Atryl (actually pretty far from that) and tried to imitate TJ Pones drawing style. I’am aware that this isn’t perfect but meh* is not like if someone was actually interested in what I draw anyway ‘cause I ain’t internet famous.. screw that. Oh and about the OC, its just something random I built while sketching “TJ Pones” style, I think I will put her a generic name as well like “Bumble Lily”.

Color make the difference. Vibrant and bold hues add a cheerful and energetic feel to this living room. Pollen yellow reminds us of soon-to-be spring with its green undertone and hints of brown. If you love the punch it adds to the space, balance this bright beauty with neutrals like beige or metals like aged bronze. Remember to always test your color in your room to ensure its the perfect hue for you.