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Married with Benefits (Part 6)

Summary: In order to not pay out-of-state tuition, you ask your friend, Steve Rogers, to marry you. Things, as always, never go as planned. (College AU)

Word Count: 1,011

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Steve closed his eyes and gritted his teeth. He recognized the voice even when he hadn’t made eye contact. He knew that the kiss between you and him had been purposely interrupted and he curled his hands into fists, nails digging into the flesh of his palms until he was sure they had made marks on his skin. He wanted nothing more than to punch something, someone.

He took a deep breath before exhaling through his nostrils, the sound full of exasperation and annoyance. His eyes opened and he took you in, biting your bottom lip and looking quite embarrassed. But you hadn’t moved. You were still so close to him. And this made him smile.

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Imagine : Being Hope Mikaelson’s Twin and Kol blames the Family for constantly ignoring you (part 2)

I am sorry for not having this sooner please forgive me senpai 

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Young! Reader x Father ! Klaus

Young! Reader x Uncle!Kol

It had been a week since the incident with the Kidnapping . So far every one is slightly shaken up that something like that can happen to their dear hope. Or well every one would if Kol would forget about the person who was actually tortured like everyone else did to  Y/N .

She hadn’t really spoken much since the incident . But her screams in the night , showed her true emotions .

But it seemed like tonight was not one of those nights thankfully. Kol didn’t know how much longer he could stay calm , her leg was healing nicely.  Well nicely enough when your ankle is fraktured

The originals tried to give her blood but every time she would pretend to drink it or just not enough to heal her completly.

But she was healing as her family tended to Hope’s crying. Kol watches at (y/n( , whom gasps as her sister nearly falls on the steps but doesn’t move from her seat . “Hello darling How are you ,” he says walking up to her. “I am fine uncle Kol , how are you ?” He could tell she was trying to be happy but her smile didn’t reach her eyes or heart.

“Come on love you can’t be sad forever . I am sure your parents were al–”

“Already taking care of Hope and tending her needs . Its fine Uncle Kol , they were just to busy doing other things . they couldn’t focus on me and Hope. I am just glad You we’re there for me when I needed you ” she then gave Kol a hug making him smile for the little girls sake , but he knew deep down its was going to take more than a hug to comfort the young child . 

“ hey get dressed Aunty Davina wanted to give you a check up ” he says, making a smile whip onto the small girls face as she goes to prepare with her  crutches in hand to support her body.

“So do you intend to steal away my daughter every time something happens to her ,” scowled Klaus.

“I told you already Niklaus . it isn’t stealing if she want to Come with me . It’s not like.your trying you job when it comes to taking care.  Of her .” kol says. “I am taking her to the cauldron to see Davina wanted to check on her leg . ” he continues.

“Do you intend to take her to some outsider , when Freya is hear with more magic and  knowledge,” he says, as his anger rises.“Thou Davina isn’t as powerful Freya. She is more around and loving to her” 

  ” Is that so brother then tell me who is the person that helps wrap (Y/n( bandages when  Hayley isn’t around , or when Y/n needs help reaching her courtches.“

"Y/n wouldn’t even need crouthes if you even batted an eye at the girl. You fear they will both push you away when they grow up. But they have nothing to push away if you don’t care for the both of them ,” Kol says walking up to Klaus . Both of them were so angry they didn’t notice that Y/n walking into the room.

“ If its such a problem that I go out with Uncle Kol then I won’t go. No need to fight over anyone . ” she said then makes her way back to her room leaving the two grown men alone .


“Oh its you,” she said walking into the room . “Must be  horrible being a human . You know only to live ,survive only to be killed ” she says.

“What do you want Hope” Y/n says holding on to her sketch book. “What can’t I just come and check on my twin” she Scowls at the word . 

“I mean after all I need to be a bigger person here,"she pushes off Y/n’s crutches from the bed and snatches her sketch book from  her .

"Hey what the fuck,” Y/n said as Hope sits down and Klaus comes to the room.  Klaus gasps at Y/n words.

“So you expect to go out with Kol ,with that kind of language ,” he yells walking up the the human child as tears brim Hope’s eyes .

 "You and I are going to talk about this ,“ he said walking away with the fake crying Hope from the room . Y/n glares at her twins walking form and sighs knowing that they won’t believe her story .


I take a deep breath trying to calm my nerves but nothing is working.  "Little brat” I say noticing that my sketches were all torn out .  I place the now empty sketch book on the bed side table . 

I was about to try and pick up my crutches when Uncle Elijah and Klaus walks into the room and locks the  door.  "Y/n please tell me what your father heard you say isn’t true ?“  Uncle Elijah asks. 

Uncle Elijah was always there for me when Uncle Kol wasn’t around or in this families case awake or alive. I could tell he wanted to give me the benefit of the doubt but he knew I would be lying to him .

"Hello Y/n I believe your Uncle asked you ”

“Yes Uncle Elijah I did curse at Hope ,” I said cutting off ‘my father ’ if I can even call him that . He is more like the sperm donor who didn’t leave the baby mama.  Yeah that’s it.

“And what was this reason you attacked your sister,”

“Its not an attack all I said was 'what the fuck’ is exactly like say ’ what the heck’,” I say staring dead at them.

“Are you sure that is all you said ,” said Klaus

“Are you sure you have sensitive hearing cause you sure don’t act like it ,” I cross my arms , making Klaus huff in anger . “Y/n you are not allowed to go read or practice magic . When you go to school . You go and come right back . Nor are you allowed to meet Davina at all or go to Marcellus ,”

I felt like my was heart being stabbed repeatedly . “ wha- are – Fine ,” I say knowing that arguing with the two of them is useless. Everything I loved to do and take it.  

Yet if it was Hope they would let her off with a warning . I release a sigh as they walk out the room with not another word . Yes I know what I did was wrong –

My thoughts were interupted when I notice Uncle Kol walk into the room . “Hi Uncle Coco ,” I say as he picks up my crutches from the ground and leans them on my bed side tables. “I heard what happened ,”

“Not like you wouldn’t someone would off told you eventually,” I say , my sounded sad and defeated but its not like my voice should be for from it cause of everything .

“It wasn’t such a nice thing you said to Hope . ” he sits down onto my bed . I look down to my F/c bed sheets   . “If you heard what she said you would think what I said would be angelic ,” I say leaning on my head board .

“And what would that be darling ,”

“She said my purpose in life is to grow only to killed only to be killed .”  the feeling of wanting to cry engulfed me . My own sister wanted me dead . and doesn’t even think off me as a person. 

“My sisters thinks I am made to die . Maybe those people who has kidnapped me should of killed me , or better yet  ” I didn’t notice tears were coming out my eyes until Uncle Kol pulled me into his arms. Thou I am with him I feel alone .

 * Maybe I should kill me self* I thought as he rubs my back. *But  I can let Uncle Kol know my plan * I thought hugging him back. “ Are you OK little bird ” he said putting his chin on my head. I wipe my tears and snuggle into his chest . “Yeah I am fine ” I said knowing I won’t be able to bother anyone any more .

we are all liars

in which eijun and kazuya are both in denial and pining like clueless idiots

“You’re one nasty bastard,” Eijun says.

Kazuya takes the insult completely in stride; it isn’t something new coming from Eijun’s mouth after all. He loops an arm around Eijun’s neck and tugs him closer, pulling Eijun flush against the hard lines of his body. A corner of Kazuya’s mouth twitches when Eijun reflexively struggles against his hold – though it’s obvious he’s not really putting that much gusto to wrestle away from Kazuya. “Who’s the one asking for extra practice today, hm? Learn to be nicer if you want something, brat.”

“I bought you the stupid salmon onigiri you like this afternoon.” Eijun scowls up at him, his fringe parting in the middle of his forehead and revealing annoyed, brown eyes that were previously partially shielded by his hair. “That’s nice enough.”

“What about my coffee and slice of cheesecake?” Kazuya asks, a lofty lilt in his tone. He continues resting his arm on Eijun’s shoulder, who’s by now given up any semblance of resistance as they make their way to the clubroom. 

Eijun scrunches his face up in distaste. “I’m not part of your fanclub, Miyuki.” 

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Soccer Mom

A/N: I was going to post more than this but I am still on the verge of death. So please take this one shot as a peace offering. Also thanks @greeneyedgirls4 for being my beta

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1174

When Katie told you she wanted to join the soccer team at her school, you didn’t think much of it. She was 13 and trying to figure out what she wanted and liked in life and you weren’t going to get in the way of that.

Granted being a single mom of three- Katie and the twins Matt and Josh- made it harder for her to get to practice on time and you were always a couple of minutes late for pick up. You never really thought it was a huge problem, you knew Katie understood your crazy schedule.

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Y’all loved Paladin Danse-Senpai, right?  Then let me show you something.

This is my contribution to the Fallout 4 fandom and I hope you will like it as much as I do @smokeauditore & @bloodymarietv :D

Now everyone get ready for… The “Notice me Sole-Senpai! Squad”

With its number one fanboy… Paladin Danse-Senpai!


Followed by our loyal nanny…Codsworth-Kouhai!

«Even at the worst of times, things aren’t so bad when                                        you’re around, Sole-Senpai.»

A round of applause for… Preston-Kouhai!

«A settlement needs your help, General-Senpai. Here, I’ll mark it on your map.»

She’s square but beautiful…Ada-Kouhai! 

«Traveling with Sole-Senpai has proven to be quite…uplifting.»

Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boooyy? Yes you are! Give a hug to this fluffy benediction…Dogmeat-Kouhai!

                                              «Bark! Bark!»

That girl sure knows how to get herself in trouble… Piper-Kouhai!

«Thanks again for sharing your story, Blue-Senpai. I’ll make sure no one forgets what happened.»

Let’s not forget our favorite detective… Nick-Kouhai! 

  «Well, if it isn’t my favorite former icicle, Sole-Senpai!»

That girl is an ass kicker…Cait-Kouhai!

«I know this must be difficult for you… I… I’m here if you need to talk, Sole-Senpai.» 

An angel who fell from heaven…Curie-Kouhai!

«It is so hard to wrap my head around what I feel for Sole-Senpai. Before, there was only duty. Now, something more.»

He stole many hearts and is kind of a badass… Hancock-Kouhai!

«Come on, Sole-Senpai! Let’s get this freakshow on the road.»

Is he really a synth or is it just another lie? Deacon-Kouhai! 

«This will be our finest hour, Sole-Senpai. Tales shall be told of our fight versus the rad roaches.»

He became what he hated the most as a child, a mungo… Maccready-Kouhai!

«For once in my life, everything’s going right and I have you to thank for it, Sole-Senpai.»

Gotta find that human milk…Strong-Kouhai!

«Sole-Senpai good leader. Better than Fist. Strong follow you always.»

The guy is more comfortable shooting people, than talking to them… X6-88-Kouhai!

«Yes, Sole-Senpai. Designation X6-88. I’ve already neutralized the perimeter guard. When you’re ready, we can move on the main flotilla.»

There goes our favorite raider… Gage-Kouhai!

«So far, you make a pretty good Overboss, Sole-Senpai, and it’s been fun running with you.»

He’s old but he can still kick your ass… Old Longfellow-Kouhai!

«You’ve got some grit, Sole-Senpai, I’ll give you that. Can’t say that about most folks I know.»


Elder Maxson-Senpai!

«You truly have become one of us, Sole-Senpai!» 

Knight Rhys-Kouhai!

«I can usually size people up a glance but you, Sole-Senpai…you’re different. And it’s bugging the heck out of me.»

And my favorite, the one and only one… Dovan my Sole-Senpai!

«I know my words aren’t worth nothing but crap to you, but let me give you an advice i should’ve followed myself when I was younger. Killing won’t bring your loved ones back. Killing won’t bring you peace. It is a poison that devours you from the inside until it is too late to be treated.»


Now, I am kinda curious to know what your Sole-Senpai looks like and what’s their own favorite quote. Please feel free to post pictures of your Sole-Senpai and their kouhai! :D 

Use the tag #SoleSenpai if you want to do this ^0^ I swear this is probably one of the best ideas I ever got.

***Every single screenshots in this post are mines except the Danse ones who originally belongs to @smokeauditore and I had a great time at making them more “kawaii”*** (I literally forgot to mention it. I’m sorry >o<)

Accurate Hamilton songs
  • Alexander Hamilton: the hype song. you hear those first few chords and you turn tf up. 10/10 opening to a show.
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: how to deal with fangirls: a guide by aaron burr, BUT ALSO: song named after burr gets hijacked by laurens, lafayette and mulligan: a metaphor for burr's life
  • My Shot: hey this new kid is kinda cool. this is how you make friends. a masterpiece. 10/10.
  • The Story of Tonight: drunk revolutionaries, drunk politics, is this what having friends feels like???
  • The Schuyler Sisters: are we talking empowering women in the revolutionary era? hell yeah we are! WERK!
  • Farmer Refuted: street preacher gets REKT
  • You'll Be Back: the king is terrifying, but like, in a really cute way.
  • Right Hand Man: how to get senpai to notice you: a guide by alexander hamilton. also, fuck burr.
  • A Winter's Ball: burr is salty, but admits alex has game. hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey
  • Helpless: eliza schuyler is too pure for this world, but also: y'all got married after two weeks????
  • Satisfied: angelica schuyler chooses her sister's happiness over her own #queen
  • The Story of Tonight - Reprise: drunk revolutionaries the sequel.
  • Wait For It: aaron burr has an existential crisis.
  • Stay Alive: I'M A GENERAL WEEEEE!! also a lot of people die. CHICKAPLAOW.
  • Ten Duel Commandments: counting has never been so cool.
  • Meet Me Inside: daddy issues.
  • That Would Be Enough: gdi alexander stay with your wife and unborn child
  • Guns And Ships: MOTHERFUCKING LAFAYETTE! also daveed diggs is a gift to humanity
  • History Has Its Eyes On You: I fucked up, but I won't let it happen to you.
  • Yorktown/The World Turned Upside Down: immigrants, we get the job done. HERCULES MULLIGAN!
  • What Comes Next?: the king is terrifying, but also sassy as hell. AWESOME, WOW.
  • Dear Theodosia: "i had daddy issues, but i promise you won't". breaks my heart 10 times out of 10.
  • Non-Stop: alex is a workaholic and i'm mad (and so is burr)
  • What'd I Miss: jefferson is back after an exchange year in france and he's better than ever (not really, he still holds slaves)
  • Cabinet Battle #1: what all political debates should be like.
  • Take A Break: gdi alexander spend time with your wife and your 9 year old son, which your wife had to remind you is turning 9 TODAY
  • Say No To This: alex didn't have time to go on vacation with wife and child but he had time to cheat on his wife *slow clap*
  • The Room Where It Happens: burr has a serious case of FOMO
  • Schuyler Defeated: "they don't need to know me they don't like you" aka burr finally decides to do something but fucks over alexander in the process (not that burr cares)
  • Cabinet Battle #2: what all political debates should be like, the sequel
  • Washington On Your Side: jefferson, madison, and burr are all salty af because hamilton is washington's fave
  • One Last Time: washington steps down and tells alexander to "deal with it"
  • I Know Him: the king is /still/ terrifying, and he's also a washington fanboy and tells john adams "good luck :):):):):):)"
  • The Adams Administration: the adams administration is a shitshow unlike any other
  • We Know: u done fucked up, alex, and ur enemies know
  • Hurricane: alexander hamilton's gonna prove to everyone that he can write his way out of a crisis. WRITING ISN'T GONNA SOLVE EVERYTHING, ALEX.
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: aka hamilton never gon' be prESIDENT NOW *jefferson makes it rain* also poor eliza
  • Burn: eliza won't let anyone know how she reacted to alexander's infidelity #protecteliza2kForever but also damn now those letters are lost in history
  • Blow Us All Away: how to graduate, schedule a threesome, duel someone, and die in one song: a guide by philip hamilton
  • Stay Alive - Reprise: he ded
  • It's Quiet Uptown: fuckin heartbreak goddamn i cry 11/10 times, also eliza forgives alexander and everyone wonders why
  • The Election of 1800: jefferson is tired of the feels and wants to talk politics again, also fuck burr
  • Your Obedient Servant: a sass battle between hamilton and burr. a.ham vs a.burr
  • Best of Wives and Best of Women: eliza just wants to sleep
  • The World Was Wide Enough: "I JUST KILLED MY BEST FRIEND" "and your worst enemy" "SAME DIFFERENCE"
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: Eliza Hamilton is goddamn queen god bless her, all aboard the feels train! YOU GET SOME FEELS AND YOU GET SOME FEELS AND YOU GET SOME FEELS
Things Asiaboos Usually Do:

Asiaboo- A person who has an obsession with (normally) East Asia, going as far as wanting to be Asian and appropriating Asian culture. Other names for asiaboos are weeaboos (people obsessed with Japan), koreaboos (people obsessed with Korea) and chinaboos (people obsessed with China). An asiaboo can also be called someone with ‘yellow fever’ as a synonym. Asiaboos are also not always a specific race, even though the majority of asiaboos are white. Other POC (people of colour) can still be asiaboos, but are less likely to be one as they have more respect of other cultures and they understand first hand discrimination and fetishisation.

[Just a PSA: in the following paragraphs only Korea, Japan, China and India will be mentioned. This is no meant to cause offense to other Asians, it is meant to show how ignorant and unwilling asiaboos are to other Asian countries that aren’t Korea, Japan, China and India. The countries names can easily be replaced with any other Asian country. Also Trigger Warning: slurs towards Asians will be used but censored.]

Disclaimer: all the events that asiaboos ‘might do’ I (asian-asf) have witnessed first hand.

-Asiaboos do not care for actual Asian culture. Instead they care for the romanticised version: whether it be Korean boys professing their love dramatically, Japanese school uniforms and senpai-kouhai relationships or dramatic Bollywood-style scenes of (again) love. They do not care for the history of Asian countries or actual culture. They do not care about the discrimination Asian people receive.

-When it comes to discrimination towards Asians, asiaboos are uncannily silent. They want to be us, but they don’t want to be treated like us. When witnessing racism towards Asians, they say nothing, and laugh it off. When called out, they will say “Of course I stand up for Asians! I have Korean oppas/ watch anime/ like Bollywood dancing! I can’t be racist!!” but dearie, liking a specific part from a specific country does not excuse you for being racist. Doing ‘ch*nky eyes’ and then saying ‘I have oppas and unnies I’m not racist!!1!” still makes you racist. Liking the pop culture of a country that is not yours does not give you a free pass to be offensive and racist, and then you do not get to use said pop culture to protect yourself from people who call you out. As well as using Asian pop culture to your advantage, you are ignoring everything else that has happened to reach the current state of the pop culture. Ignoring the history means that you help to contribute to the erasure of history, and they make the culture into another consumable product for the Western world to enjoy. If you do not stand up and speak out about the racism you’ve just witnessed, you are aiding the racist. If you ‘love Japan’ but use ‘ew I look Asian’, you are being offensive. If you specifically trawl through Instagram looking for Asian internet friends, you are being offensive. Asia and Asian people are not your products. And most importantly, Asian culture is not yours to consume and be apart of.

-Now, I’m not saying its horrific if you have Chinese takeaway every Friday night, or if you go to YoSushi to have a meal with friends, or if you go to a Tandoori place as a treat for you and your family, but I am saying its disgusting if the same food you enjoy you also throw away as an insult, or you try to prove something. Quite frankly someone who’s a ‘curryface’ should go to the doctor and being able to use chopsticks does not mean you’re ‘basically Jackie Chan’. What, you love sushi? Does not make you Japanese. It does not give you a right to say “I’m so cultural” or “I’m practically Japanese inside”. Because you’re not.

-The thing is, quite simply, asiaboos think they have respect for Asian cultures, so they think it gives them leeway to act like its theirs. They have little respect for the people of that culture, or the history of that culture.

If you like South Korea, you still don’t get to compare North Korea to your parents midnight curfew.

If you like Japanese culture it does not give you a right to wear something that is not yours: ie, a kimono with or without Japanese makeup (which constitutes as yellowface, which a whole post will be written about later). It does not give you a right to incorporate ‘kawaii’ or ‘senpai notice me’ or ‘baka’ into every sentence that comes out of your mouth.

You like Chinese culture? Then don’t act like having ‘Chinese eyes’ is an insult.

You like Bollywood? That doesn’t give you a right to have a laugh by mocking the accent.

You like Thailand? Doesn’t mean you get to use the stereotype of Thai prostitutes as the butt of your (offensive) joke.

Next post to come: How To Not Be An Asiaboo.

[miyusawa] the wings of gold

The first time Eijun saw the words messily scribbled across the line of his hip he was nine. The letters were too small to read then, just a squiggle of black, but four years and a big magnifying glass later Eijun could finally decipher the writing.

on the wings of gold

And he loved it ever since. Wings sounded cool even to a kid, and the wings of gold? Double cool.

He was proud and excited, and he could hardly wait to meet his soulmate – the one to possess the mark of Eijun’s golden wings. Every new year when the classes were shuffled new faces replaced the old and Eijun’s expectations grew. He wanted to find his mate, that special someone who would remind him of their wings, someone who would stand out from the crowd, bright and unmatched, and Eijun’s.

And every year he was left to wallow in disappointment.

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eisschirmchen  asked:

To the people calling you out for not posting that much lately: don't listen to them and don't let this affect your happiness Mak!! ;o; This is awful and toxic and every sane person knows that you also have a life beside your blog, in which you don't have time to draw - this is totally normal! Other things might get in the way, art blocks hit you like everyone else or just a busy schedule, this is perfectly alright and normal. I think it's uncalled for that people give you shit for that

“ I also think that you post pretty regularly, when I take myself in comparision, you really put out one piece after another out there and that’s amazing! You do so fine with your work, people shouldn’t get their pants in a twist when you happen to not upload something in 2 weeks because school and test and exams are happening and you have friends and family that probably also want attention and you just doing other things.

It annoys me that people don’t give you the respect you deserve for all your hard work, let me tell you that you’re a bright sunshine on my dashboard whenever I see your art and I’m so proud of you how far you came already! Don’t let this drag you down, block these people who says mean things that puts you into a terrible place feeling-wise, it usually don’t get better from here on out, that’s my experience at least. :( Love you and your hard work! ♥

Also please take care of yourself and don’t rush head first into a bunch of work, do it all in your own pace and never forget to have fun. ♥ It’s something you do in your free time after all and when it all feels like a chore, you will be discouraged and what’s left then anymore? :c”

((i dont know how you look like recently?? but i saw a few of your posts of your face a while back so i based it off of that?))

a huuuuge chunk of replies for @eisschirmchen in the keep reading, but basically:  I will definitely come back with arts, but not too regularly, of course. 

And guys. Follow Eis​. She’s the purest being. Love her art and her posts. I hope you guys take care!!!

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Life; Meaning and Purpose

What is life?

Atsushi had been searching the answer to that question for a long time.

Ever since he can remember, he’s terrified people with his ability.

It makes him want to chuckle because really, tigers are all right. There’s nothing to be scared.

But humans were always baselessly scared.

Be it Mori, Chuuya, or Dazai, all humans had baseless fears.

Why live?

What is life?

He believes he’s almost found it, in the form of Akutagawa Ryuunosuke.

When he finds that the Armed Detective Agency, the Port Mafia’s biggest rival had a new and engaging member, he immediately ordered the Black Lizard to attempt a raid and he would fight this Akutagawa for himself.

Atsushi chuckles as the exhilaration rises in him, the exhilaration of finding a new opponent.

“Senpai…should we really do this?” Hiugchi Ichiyo asks, hesitantly.

Atsushi scowls at her.


“What, don’t feel up to the task of taking down one of the Port Mafia’s biggest rivals?” He asks, tauntingly.

Higuchi gulps.

“That’s not the problem, senpai…I mean, I don’t recall the boss approving it..”

Atsushi waves his hand languidly. “Who cares about the old geezer, he’d be just as happy if the Agency was taken down. This Akutagawa guy is supposed to have some insane power.”

Atsushi licks the side of his cheek, smirking.

“I’d like to see that power for myself.”

All Akutagawa Ryuunosuke wanted to do was live.

And forget the misery his mother had inflicted on him.

That was all he asked for, nothing else!

So when he gets cornered by a woman who is actually part of the infamous Port Mafia, this is what he’s thinking.

First she comes to them and asks for their help in dispatching some goons.

So he goes, taken in, along with the Tanizaki siblings.

Then she leads them to a dead end.

Then, as if it wasn’t enough, she calls Nakajima Atsushi of all the people, on the phone.

“Nakajima-senpai, target apprehended.” She says, mechanically.

“Great! Leave Akutagawa to me, dispatch the others off if needed!”
Is what Akutagawa hears from the other side of the phone and he is immediately alarmed.

Akutagawa has got good reason to be alarmed.

Because, if he hadn’t swallowed the space before bullets using the one boon God or some heavenly being had given him, namely Rashomon, he was pretty sure either of the siblings would have been blown to smithereens by the onslaught of bullets the young lady unleashes on them.

“Despicable, you’re letting your sister protect you?” The young lady spits at Tanizaki, who scowls at her.

“Naomi, back off. I’ll take care of the bitch. That goes for you too, Akutagawa-san.” Tanizaki says, coldly.

Akutagawa feels worried.


“I’ll be all right!” The younger snaps.

It goes well, if Akutagawa does say so himself.

Tanizaki did manage to trick the lady with his ability and strangle her, but as if someone, namely fate, is mocking them, Tanizaki lets out a groan of pain, and falls down, bleeding heavily.

“Tanizaki-kun!” Akutagawa yells in alarm.

“Is that concern in your voice? Touching.” A voice drawls from the back of the spot where Tanizaki had been standing a few minutes ago.

“Senpai,” the girl starts, before the source of the voice, a teenager with choppy black hair, pushes her aside.

“You’ve done enough. Stand back.” He orders, and the girl doesn’t speak anymore.

Akutagawa is able to see the other much more clearly now.

He’s wearing a pure black shirt with a tie and short black trousers. His eyes are red, and his young face shows a confident and bloodthirsty smirk.

Akutagawa can feel Naomi’s terror as well as the teenager’s blood lust.

“I’m Nakajima Atsushi, Port Mafia Executive. Nice to meet you, Akutagawa, was it?” The teenager asks, casually.

Panic doesn’t even begin to describe what Akutagawa is feeling.

“How do you know my name?!” Is the first thing he shouts out.

Nakajima waves a hand casually. “Come on. I’m an executive. ‘Course I know what’s going on in Yokohama. Right now, I found out that you have a rather troublesome ability and I’m here to bring down the Agency. Story over.” He says, languidly.

“'Bring down the Agency’? It hasn’t done anything to you!” Akutagawa yells, coughing a bit later.

Nakajima rolls his eyes. “Come on, you gonna use that ability of yours instead of your stupid logic? I’m not here to attend a debate, okay?”

Akutagawa grits his teeth.

This was it, like Kunikida warned him.

But he’ll be damned if he runs away from a murderer.

So use Rashomon he does.

Willing the beast inside him, it aims for Nakajima’s leg, who jumps back immediately before Akutagawa could blink.

“I don’t think it’s going to do anything!” Nakajima says, bored.

Akutagawa shakes his head. What was he doing?

This wasn’t the time to grant a murderer’s wish, he had to take Naomi and Tanizaki to safety.

Nakajima narrows his eyes. “I didn’t come all the way to just dodge and debate you know. Guess what, the next target is going to be the girl.”

His speed, Akutagawa thinks, is incredible as Nakajima jumps towards Naomi.

Regaining his senses, he wills Rashomon again to eat up the space just before Naomi, just before Nakajima could take her heart out or do something worse.

The end result, was that the executive’s face only said hello to an invisible wall and he slid down.

Naomi, who had been shaking in fear, sighed in relief.

Akutagawa did the same.

Just then, he noticed that Nakajima didn’t have…
Normal legs. He had tiger legs.

Akutagawa widens his eyes. It made sense as to why he was so agile! So…

He could turn his limbs into those of a tiger’s.

If that wasn’t terrifying, Akutagawa didn’t know what was.

At least he was unconscious-

Nakajima gets up, as if to prove Akutagawa’s brain wrong, blood is dripping down his nose and he chuckles.

Akutagawa widens his eyes again.

Good lord what had he done-

“This is what I’ve been waiting for!” Nakajima says, with a maniacal edge to his voice as he lunges at Akutagawa with a tiger arm, who only lets out a guttural scream as he feels strong tiger claws sink into his neck and is pushed into a wall.

“Akutagawa-san!” Naomi yells, scared.

Akutagawa coughs out blood as he stares down at Nakajima’s leering face.

“What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue? Or should I say, your ability.” Nakajima teases, smirking darkly.

Akutagawa, despite the situation he is in, manages to cough out a retort.

“I only see an overgrown beast, I see no cat.”

Nakajima makes a bland expression.

“Come on, you gonna let this end here? And here I thought people struggled for their lives.” He states, genuinely curious.

Akutagawa swallows bile.

Why couldn’t he do anything now?

Tanizaki was bleeding to death, Naomi was terrified and he was caught in between the devil that was Nakajima and the blue sea that was death.

Is this…the end?

Akutagawa feels the beast inside him roar defiantly, and without his knowledge, it rears it’s head out and punches Nakajima’s face with all it’s got.

Akutagawa staggers down as Nakajima falls into the ground.


“Don’t, come any closer-” Nakajima coughs out, spitting blood.

Akutagawa looks at his coat in wonder as Rashomon glared at Nakajima.


The bestial ability only growls and nuzzles Akutagawa’s shoulder.

Nakajima gets up and Akutagawa is filled with a strange annoyance.

“Looks like-”

Nakajima’s interrupted by a saw touching his back and turns to scowl, only to look into the familiar face of Dazai Osamu.

“Hey, Atsushi-kun!” Dazai greets cheerily.

“You.” Nakajima sneers, disdainfully.

Akutagawa’s honestly never been more relieved to see Dazai.

“Yeah, me.” Dazai says, casually.

The girl makes to point her gun at Dazai but Nakajima raises a hand.

“This guy’s bought reinforcements. We’ll be outnumbered.” He warns.

The girl looks at him in bewilderment. “But senpai,”

“We’ll just raid the Agency later. You’re not going to harm me, Dazai, put that saw down.”

Dazai smiles cheerily. “I can’t, yeah. But you can’t defeat the rest of the Agency.” He says, as he takes away the saw.

“Obviously. But make no mistake, we’ll be back for this guy.” Nakajima snarls just before the girl can open her mouth, jabbing a thumb in Akutagawa’s direction.

“Hope to see you try!” Dazai says, his eyes getting darker with each second his voice grew cheerful.

“Whatever. Higuchi, come on!” He says, irritably.


“Ryuu-kun, are you all right?!” Dazai shrieks, running towards Akutagawa as Nakajima and Higuchi (was it?) walked away.

Akutagawa sighs as he considers taking back his words about being glad that Dazai came.

(Written for the wonderful Taisho Stray Dogs AU by @akutagawaprize!)
(Uh, hope its okay to tag you and I’m not disturbing you or anything-)

A Thousand Years

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Pairing: Iwaizumi/Oikawa

Words: 2083

Dedicated to: Vika, because you’re the main source of all the angsty headcanons and you brought that on yourself with all the sad music you’ve given me. Always here to brighten your evening. 

A/N: inspired at midnight by Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years. I’ve definitely listened too much to this song, but it’s so atmospheric I just can’t help myself, not really. This one is kind of angsty, I guess? Read while listening to the song for the best impact. Sorry for shitty formatting and possible typos, it’s like 3 am over here. The idea just struck me down and I’m trying to drag everyone with me, senpai being the first in line. I’m going to make a full-sized fic out of this once, or even a series. But for now, enjoy!

Oikawa puts the disk into the DVDs with a robotic movement, his hands shaking nevertheless. He turns the program on, quickly clicking the necessary settings. His fingers feel cold and numb, his chest empty, as if his heart was ripped out of it, leaving a huge hole, not meant to be mended.

Am I really going to do this?

He knows that he is, he doesn’t have any choice. Oikawa’s mind refuses to acknowledge it, though. Denies the fact that the disk is already in the player, that the program is about to open and the video is about to load, headphones on his head. It can’t be, and yet it is. His heart misses a beat, as if mocking him cruelly.

Who would’ve thought it’d end up this way, huh? 

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Notice me

This is my first fanfic like this. Its short and my writing is pretty crappy. And please don’t judge me based on what I write. I’m just being me. And remember, it’s called fanFICTION for a reason. Don’t take it that seriously. Enjoy.

Fanfic: Septiplier, tickle, swearing

Summary: Jack is looking for attention from Mark and he’s going to get it. One way or another.

“I’m bored.” Jack though.

He had already finished recording for today and was looking for stuff to keep him occupied. It was rare when Jack got bored but when he did, he did one of two things; Eat cookies or bug Mark.

And they didn’t have any cookies.

The Irishman searched the house for his boyfriend. Eager to try and mess around with him. He found Mark laying on the couch watching some anime. He walked behind the couch and kissed his lover’s cheek.

“Hey.” He said.

“Hi Jack.”

“Whatcha doin’?”

“Watching Legend of Korra.”

“Oh well I was wondering if yyou wanted to do something else? With me?“

“Sorry. Not right now.”

Jack pouted. He was bored, there was nothing to do and Mark was ‘busy’. He couldn’t just sit around and do nothing. Its unnatural.. for Jack that is. “Mark, come on. Play with me.” Jack pleaded. “Later. I promise.” The america replied. 

“No. Now!” Jack whined. “Mark, notice me. Notice me Senpai.”

“Is that supposed to be a Yandere Sim. reference?”


“Well, its not going to get me to play with you.”

Jack groaned. He pondered a way he could get his boyfriend to play with him. While he was thinking he had begun to tap his fingers on the edge of the couch out of pure boredom. Until he accidentally poke Mark`s side causing him to giggle and squirm away. Curious, Jack did it again receiving the same reaction. A mischievous look grew on Jack`s face. He walked around the couch and sat on Mark’s legs, some of because Mark was taking up almost of the couch but mostly because it was part of his idea. "Are you sure you don’t want to play with me?” The Irishman said with an evil look in his eye, oblivious to Mark.

“Yes, I’m sure.”

“Okay then.” Were the last words he said before putting his plan into action. He moved his hands gently to Mark’s sides, ready to strike.

“Jack, what are you- Fuahahahack! Hehehehey!” He giggled as Jack`s fingers wiggled against his skin.

“What’s so funny Marky? What’s the joke?”

“Jahahahahack! Stahahahahahahap!”

“What’s wrong Markimoo? A little.. ticklish?” The younger man teased.

“Shuuhuhuhuhut uhuhuhup!” The older man was squirming and shaking to get free while trying not to completely break. He couldn’t say that he hated being tickled, but it wasn’t always the best experience. 

“All I wanted to do was play. And you ignored me. So now, you must be punished.” He moved his hands so that they were now scribbling up and down Mark`s ribs. “Shihihihit! Nahahaha!” Mark shreaked at the change in spots. As Jack continued to torment the man’s ribs, starting to notice that the higher he went, the more intense his boyfriend`s laughter became. He slid his hand up so that they were resting right underneath Mark’s arms.

Mark froze.

“Good spot?”

“Jahahahack nohohohoho, plehehehehease.”

 "I haven’t even done anything yet and you’re already laughing. I’d hate to see what would happen if-“ "Jahahahahack dohohohohon`t.” “-I did this.” He said now scribbling his fingers under his Mark’s arms.

“FUAHAHAHAHAH- NAHAHA- STAHAHAHAHAP!!!” The man couldn’t even begin to form sentences over how much he was laughing. Now kicking his feet, shrieking, thrashing from side to side. “Aww. Is this a tickle spot? That’s adorable.” The irishman taunted. Mark couldn’t respond though, his laughter still booming through out the entire house. “Wow Mark. Your so loud, I’m suprised the neighbors haven’t complained.” Jack stated.


“Aww. But I’m having fun. Aren’t you having fun Markimoo?” Jack said scratch ruthlessly at the hollows of Mark’s underarms. 

“NOHOHOHO!!!” Mark blurted out.

Tears of mirth started to form in Mark’s eyes as one of his worst spots was being exploited to it’s fullest. Taking the hint that he had had enough, Jack backed off. Mark sat there, trying to catch his breath.

“See. That was fun, wasn’t it?” The green-haired man smiled.

“You s-suck.”

“Now. Do you want to do something with me, or are we going for round two?” Jack asked wiggling his fingers in the air.

“No no no. We can do something.”

“Lets watch a movie!” Jack said excitedly.

“Fine with me” They sat together and watched movies for the rest of the afternoon. 

irrevocably-delicious  asked:

For fanfic trope? Yo.... yo... gimme soul mate au. It's so cliche (i.e. I fucking love it).

fuck ha ha i know you like the free bois so……..rinrei?

Rei hates the soulmate business. Its really not beautiful. The fact that you age until you are 18 and then stop, and then age normally after you find your soulmate is stupid and incomprehensible. Like HELLO? How do you decipher whether you aged or not? After 18, the results wont show immediately so you gotta wait a few months to see if you have changes in your appearances or your height or build etc etc and it frankly boggles him. And by that time, how would you know who exactly??? is your soulmate??? It could have been anybody by then??? The exact pinpointing factor doesn’t exist and it makes him so confused that he tries to avoid the topic at all times. Lest he rants too much and gets nick named as the guy who didn’t believe in soulmates. Its as confusing as swimming to him. Only Nagisa has been privy to his rants.

Until of course, swimming happens. And more so when Haru turns 18. 

“Makoto-senpai? Is your shoulder width increasing?”

“Ha ha, really?”Makoto shrugs, beaming a smile outshining the fucking sun.”I didn’t notice it.”

No one is surprised when Makoto and Haru age normally. When they move about their life in Tokyo after college in that weirdly we-were-already-kinda-soulmates-from-birth-so-we-dont-particularly-care way. 

Its something beautiful and makes him yearn for it. 

He starts pursuing it. Dual major in Medicine and Soulmate Studies. He gets a chance to move to Australia for his final year, and continue his PhD there which he takes. And whereupon he contacts the one person he knows who lives there.

“Rin-san, I am……how do I say this? But can I …..move in with you?” He holds up his hands, palms forward, flushing. “Ahh, but only for a while! I promise! I will move as soon as i get-”

“Rei, come on man. You can move in ha ha.” Rin gives his trademark toothy smile. “Just shoot me a text when you take the flight.”

So they settle. Friends because of a healthy rivalry become roommates who……surprisingly blend very well. Rin who doesn’t get along much with other people, suffering his life with Ai’s messiness, Haru’s dazed and one mind thinking, Sousuke who steals his bed and cola just to piss him off, gets along swimmingly with Rei.

The guy keeps his things neat and precise, works hard at what he wants, and most of all has classical music taste. Sure there is a few terrible pop rock and hard metal thrown in there but Mozart hits the right notes after a gruelling workout. Food is terrible though and Rei’s “I am fabulous and I know it” fashion sense is actually pretty cheesy and laughable. But meh he loves it. 

They go out to a few places which Australia has to offer and search for food spots and play with Winnie from time to time. Russel and Lori love Rei a bit too much in his opinion.

All in all, he likes hanging around with Rei more than he ever thought he would. He could probably live with Rei forever and wouldn't think twice about it.  

“What are you doing? It’s saturday night.”

“I am looking at some old photographs.” Rei’s face is screwed up in concentration before he looks up. “Don’t you have training?”

Rin scratches his cheek. “Yeah… got canceled. Its a fucking holiday this weekend and the pool isn’t open so I am staying put inside.” He sits beside Rei and picks up one of the pictures. “Why? Whats this all about?”

Rei furrows his eyebrows and looks down at the table, strewn with pictures from his childhood. “Its…..confusing.” He mutters. More to himself. 

Rin pokes through a few of them. Rei looks adorable in this one. No better in this one. No even better in this one. He smiles easy looking through all of them, kinda wishing he was there to see it all. Rei was so cuteHe is always cute, even when he had ketchup on his nose and a soggy burger in his hand. Somewhere in the back of his mind, a little alarm bell rings.  

Then he stumbles on some pictures where he is there. Standing next to Makoto, arguing with Haru or putting an arm around Rei and teasing him or having a glaring showdown with Sousuke. There is even one when he had his 18th birthday party. He is sitting on his bed, down with cold and all his friends around him. Cake on his bed and popping confetti in the background. He is glaring at the camera, prissy about being sick. He chuckles.

Rei starts. “What is it?” 

“Oh nothing. Wow we have changed huh? All grown and gone separate ways…”

“Rin-san.” There is terseness in that voice that Rin notices. “We have changed.”

“Yeah thats what I sai-”

“No no.” Rei points to the photos he had in his hands. One from the birthday party and the other taken last weekend when they both had gone to the zoo. Rin and Rei have their arms around each other’s shoulders and taking the selfie wonkily. Rin notices how happy they both are, and how close. He hadn’t noticed that before. The alarm in his head is banging a little louder now. Nearly drowning out Rei’s voice. “We have changed. You and me.”

Seirin Road Trip

• the second years fight over the rights over the radio for a good ten minutes until papa Kiyoshi gives them the amazing idea of drawing straws. Koganei wins. They’re forced to suffer through shitty ass country music for the first half of the ride
• the first years are awkwardly squished in the back. Kagami’s crushing Furihata. Kuroko’s been locked in an intense staring contest with Kawahara. He hasn’t blinked in 5 minutes. Kawahara’s starting to get scared
• to pass time papa Kiyoshi thought it would be a great idea to play ‘I Spy’. Everyone reluctantly joins in and the games going pretty great until Izuki says, “I spy a little fucking bitch who needs to calm the fuck down and take a god damned chill pill” Hyuuga and Kagami get into a shouting argument over who they think Izuki was referring to
• they accidentally forget Tsuchida, Kawahara and Fukuda at one of their pit stops (??? who r they??? unimportant side characters lol) and it takes them a solid fifteen minutes to realize theyre gone. When they get there tho, they find out they were doing alright. “met a couple of bikers, accidentally joined a gang, befriended a lizard we found in the urinals…y’know the usual”
•izuki spends about 20 minutes on the phone, whining to Moriyama about how this was the worst trip in the world and how badly he wanted to throw Hyuuga out the window and begging his boyfriend to come pick him up. Kiyoshi gets tired of listening to him pout and whine so he grabs Izuki’s phone and tells him that this is ‘family bonding time’ and he needs to have face to face conversations
• Riko does that really annoying thing where she hovers her hands over Hyuuga’s face which pisses him off spectacularly. “I’m not touching you.” She sings and Hyuuga looks like he’s gonna burst into flames
• Furihata and Kuroko were just wandering around a gas station when some classy ass business man walked up to Furi and was like “Pardon me but aren’t you Akashi Seijuurou’s boyfriend?” and Furihata’s just like how??? the??? ever loving??? fuck??? does he know??? and spends like 10 minutes gaping at the guy until Kuroko pulls him away
•Kuroko and Kagami were forced by the team to go and buy them some food from this shady ass place they found in the middle of nowhere, so they’re holding hands and waiting in line when they notice some girl’s staring weirdly at them. She approaches them and they brace themselves for a homophobic comment but she just hands Kagami a business card for a waxing salon and walks away muttering something that sounds like “kids these days, such atrocious eyebrows my god” Kuroko finds it hilarious. Kagami does not
•the car breaks down halfway and they all start panicking. (“WE’RE GONNA DIE!!!! “this is just like that movie you made me watch last night Izuki god damnit.” “Get yOUr fUCkinG FooT oFf MY bOObS” “I CAN’T SEE SHIT” “!!!” “not now Mitobe-senpai!”) so they all take a vote and send Mitobe off into the wilderness to  gp find help. it takes them five minutes to realize that sending the mute guy for help probably wasn’t one of their best ideas
• Kuroko learns the hard way that telling the guy working the sundae bar to “just fuck me up” when he asks how much vanilla he wants on his icecream, is frowned upon in most establishments
• it’s 3am and everyone’s sound asleep except Hyuuga who was forced to take the night shift so he busies himself in changing the stations and talking to himself and wiping Kiyoshi’s drool off his shoulder and its all going fine until Kuroko leans forward and whispers “Hyuuga-senpai please pull over, I need to go to the bathroom” and Hyuuga screams, because he didn’t know Kuroko was awake, which sets off a chain reaction of everyone else screaming
• they do this thing where they make Izuki and Riko look as cute as humanly possible in hopes that they’d get free shit from the 7/11. It doesn’t work most of the time and the one time it did, they ran back to the car, arms stuffed with a lifetime supply of condoms and like 50 bags of cornchips. Izuki had some guys number scrawled on his arm, Riko was covered in feathers. No one was brave enough to ask why
• Furihata eventually gets a chance to ride up front with Kiyoshi for a while and he gives Furi a map to navigate with and its all going fuckin peachy until Kiyoshi realizes theyre not even in the right city anymore but when he tells Furi this he’s just like “THE MAPS IN ENGLISH, I CAN’T READ ENGLISH”
• they all just give the fuck up 3 days into their road trip and call rikos dad to take them home

thelastdoujin  asked:

Hey Jax-senpai OuO I gots a question. What do you think is Better for getting Lean. Intermittent Fasting or Cutting out Carbs and just eating meat and veggies? I want to start the new year off right and Ive been slipping on my diet but MMA has helped me keep the fat in check and your tips as well but diet-wise I need some help? what do you think is better?

Oh Hey Britney! and sure thing. I’ve done both a Ketogenic Diet and I consistently have done Intermittent Fasting for the last 3 years. and I want you to remember this about IF. 

Intermittent Fasting is not a Diet, its just a way of not eating for certain periods of time and then getting your calories in a certain window. You can follow any diet plan with intermittent fasting since all you are doing is giving your body a break from eating so it can burn more fat.

But lets get to it Starting with Carb Depleting

Now with Carb Depleting You cut out starchy Carbs from your diet

So you wouldnt be eating foods like

-Potatoes (unless they are sweet potatoes)

And since you are doing this you are putting your body in a glycogen deficit which is Glucose which we store in our muscles and is one of our primary sources of energy. So when this happens your body will start having these side effects. Your body has to become accustomed to running without the Glycogen and there have been studies shown that self control relies on glucose as a limited energy source. If you read this book

It talks about how when your glycogen is low that you have lower self discipline. And then there are numerous studies for it but enough science BS how does it work. 

Well with this Diet plan you lose a TON of water from the lack of starchy carbs in your diet and for most bodybuilders and fitness people myself included you start noticing more fat loss quicker because your body has to turn to fat stores for energy since its so low on glucose

Originally posted by leiliananimeword

Sweet you are leaning up and losing fat quickly just by eating Meat and Veggies? What could go wrong?

You see there are many annoying Side effects to cutting out your carbs since your brain has primarily been using Glycogen for fuel. 

Side Effects include
-MASSIVE Irritability 

 Also it takes a while for your body to get accustomed to Carb Depleting. On average I’d say about 4 days- 1 week. It sucks LIKE THE WORST HELL EVER

But my God your Gainz will be Badass and you’ll look like a fuckin action figure if your training has been on point as well

This is what most Bodybuilders do before they step on stage and then they refuel with carbs because the muscles get really flat looking when you are carb depleted.


Originally posted by fuckoutthewhey

I’ve gone in depth numerous times on how to do Intermittent Fasting 

Heres a link if you’re interested How to start Intermittent Fasting

All your doing is giving your body a rest from eating so that it can burn more fat and if you are in a deficit for the day BOOM it works better.

If you wanna start just fast 16 hours of the day, and eat in an 8 hour window

Examples of eating windows w/ 16 hour fasts would be




but it could be any time just as long as you fasting 16 consecutive hours. And yes you can drink water and beverages with zero calories otherwise you would eff yourself over.

Originally posted by eternalevangelion

Also Intermittent Fasting is a lot better when it comes to adapting. For me it took 2 days for my body to adapt to it. and I’ve been doing it consistently for 3 years now. 

I notice every morning my body has more lines in it when I do a Strict Intermittent fasting. But if you REALLY WANT TO KICK UP THE FAT LOSS Big Time with Intermittent Fasting you could try the Warrior Diet style that I’ve been doing since the start of this month. 

With this Intermittent Fasting routine you are fasting 20 hours of the day and feeding in a 4 hour window. I’ll say this the Fat loss with this is FUCKIN QUICK like it’ll be dropping off at your ankles when you see how fuckin fast it works

For me the way I do this is I make my eating window either

12pm- 4pm


1pm - 5pm

and then I have a BIGASS Feast in 2 meals and then Im good the rest of the day.

Now if you attempt this one you may feel like you want to skin an elephant and eat it at first but the results are fast But be careful the results are really fast and can make you look like skeletor if you go too far with it and you are not adequately feeding yourself.

But if you are asking which works better test on your own body and see which works best for you. I love IF so thats what I stick with but a lot of my friends still do the low carb diet so find your own path. and Good Luck this New Year

Touken Fic: It’s coffee again

Prompt: Nishiki teasing Touken as Kaneki tries to help around re:

Requested by anon

Title: Its coffee again

Guys if you are reading this fic, listen to this korean song, its beautiful! Hello by Sunbee

* * *

The cafe was closed, but everyone was working. In the far corner, Nishio-senpai was cleaning the book shelf while Ayato was busy trying to clean the table tops with a sour expression on his face. Yomo-san was writing something at the counter and she was cleaning the floor, wearing her re: uniform.

That uniform looked nice, it was different from the ones they wore at Antieku. But it strangely made his nostalgic. Just like everything about her did. After that thought came, he mentally slapped himself.

‘’Why are you here?’’ It was Ayato who first saw him,

He scratched the back of his neck and offered a sheepish smile, feeling her gaze on him, ‘’I wanted to come and help around.’’

Ayato walked over to him and handed him the cloth, ‘’Sure, you can help.’’

‘’And where are you going?’’ Touka asked her brother, not looking pleased,

‘’I’ve been cleaning since an hour now, I need a break.’’ Before she could say more, he ducked and left, leaving him with the cloth.

‘’Its okay’’ he assured her, ‘’I’m happy to help you.’’

‘’Are you sure its not an excuse to be here?’’ Both of them looked at Nishiki who had his back turned to them and then exchanged a brief glance before looking away quickly. He began to assure himself that Nishiki was just joking around like always, but when he bent down and began to clean, he couldn’t help but glance at her.

She was wiping the floor with the mop and stray locks of her hair kept falling over her forehead. It was irritating her, he could tell by the way she kept pushing them back. His fingers flexed and he wanted to reach out and brush them aside from her forehead. Instead he let the thought died and focused on working.

‘’You keep leaving dust on the surface, did you forget how to clean?’’ It was Nishiki who pointed it out.

‘’Oh’’ He noticed it too, the table was not cleaned properly, ‘’I’ll wipe it harder.’’

‘’Yeah, we can’t let the manager get mad at us.’’

‘’Shut up four eyes!’’ Touka retorted,

He resumed his work and cleaned it all. It wasn’t that good and he wondered as well if he had forgot everything he learned from Anteiku. He dumped the cloth in a small bucket beside the tables and cleaned his hands by rubbing them against each other. Touka was still moping the floor, he walked towards her to take the broom from her.

‘’Should I do it?’’ He asked and his hand brushed hers on the stick. A gaze transpired between them.

‘’I’m almost done.’’ She replied, taking a step back from him,

‘’I know you wanna help manager the most but why don’t you make us coffee instead?’’ Nishiki said, he looked a little frustrated from working as well.

‘’Um, can I?’’ He was asking her,

‘’Sure’’ He washed his hands and went towards the counter. Yomo san gave me a cup and the coffee. It was the same brand they used at Antieku.

‘’You remember it right?’’ She asked him, after putting away the mop and cleaning her hands,

‘’Er…’’ He remembered, it was one of those things that Yoshimura had taught him but he knew it wasn’t going to good. It had been such a long while since he had amde coffee himself.

‘’Let me help.’’ She offered and came to stand beside him, taking the coffee from his hand. This time when their fingers brushed, she didn’t look at him. But his situation was a little different - he couldn’t look away.

She stood so close that he could feel her scent flooding around him.

‘’You need to pour the water slowly, to get the full flavor.’’ She was saying, or rather teaching him. Only, he wasn’t listening to her. How could he? When she was standing so close? When she was looking so pretty? When he couldn’t even stop staring at her face?

‘’I’m not sure he wants to learn that…maybe something else?’’ Nishiki interrupted him for the tenth time. Kaneki tried not to feel irritated. Instead, he felt suddenly flustered. The girl beside him wasn’t fazed, she glared at Nishiki,

‘’Do you want coffee or not!?’’ then she turned towards him, ‘’okay so you…’’

She made the coffee, and he could smell how wonderful it was. Touka placed a cup for Nishiki and she was about to leave when he grabbed her wrist lightly, startling both of them. He noticed that Nishiki had left to clean his hands and Yomo wasn’t there either. The air began to feel warmer.

Her eyes widened suddenly,

‘’I was thinking…can you make me some as well?’’ He asked smiling a little, holding her gaze.

‘’Yeah, no problem.’’ She replied. He didn’t leave her hand until Nishiki came back, coughing and smirking slightly.

jeshaki1  asked:

Last one I promise>.< a scenarios where the knb s/o is running to them to give them something they forgot at home but then a basketball hits her before she gets to them and falls down, and tries to tough it out but is about to cry

My dear, I’m so sorry this took so long. Blame school for the delay.

By the way, I kinda tweaked this a bit. The scenario is that the s/o enters the gym to bring the boys what they forgot then a basketball hits her. I hope that’s okay.

-Admin Katana :*

Kuroko Tetsuya:

Kuroko had spent the night at your house, because both of you agreed to study together for the final exams and before you know it, it was already dark. Your mother was the one who insisted to let Kuroko stay, and it’s not like you’re complaining.

Kuroko left early because he had to go home and change into his uniform, but he left you a letter. You smiled at the consideration, but noticed his wristbands that were sitting on the floor.

You know how much the wristbands meant to your boyfriend. One is from his friend, Ogiwara Shigehiro, while the other one is from Seirin.

You were on your way to the gym, clutching the wristbands on your fist. You were just one step inside the gym, when a ball hit your stomach.

“______-chan!” You heard some members running to you.

The impact caused you to curl on the ground. Your arms wrapped around your torso, your eyes shut tight. You tried to swallow your cry back, which you did not so successfully.

Another pair of arms wrapped around you. He let you lean againts him as he rubbed your back. “______-chan, let’s get you to the infirmary.”

“Oh shit, _______-chan I’m so so so sorry. I swear I didn’t do it on purpose!” Kagami frantically said. “Oh god I’m so sorry. ______-chan.”

“Look at what you did Bakagami! I told you to be careful with the passes!” Riko slapped his back!

“I’m sorry!”

“Kagami, how can you hit a girl? Are you heartless?” Says Koganei.

“No but–”

“You idiot! Run fifty laps outside!” Hyuuga ordered.

You smiled at them. “No, it’s okay. It doesn’t hurt that much. Anyway, you left these, Tetsuya. I came here to give it to you.”

You showed him the wristbands and he took it. “Thank you, ______-chan. But I will still take you to the infirmary. Just now you were curling on the ground.”

“No, I’m fi–”

“Please, _____-chan.” His puppy eyes were something you can’t absolutely resist, so you sighed and gave in.

Kuroko carried you bridal style since you can’t straighten up but before the two of you can exit the gym, Kuroko looked at the coach.

“Coach, please excempt Kagami-kun from practice for the rest of the afternoon. I’m sure he will take care of Nigou just fine.”

Needless to say, Kagami never held a ball whenever you were in sight after that day.

Kise Ryota:

Kasamatsu had finally done it. Moriyama and Kobori always told him to just kick Kise directly if he wanted to hit him, and not throw balls around.

He should’ve listened because now, your waist hurts from the ball that hit you. You’re a volleyball player and you were excempted from this week’s practice because you injured your waist in a match. You used the opportunity to watch your boyfriend’s practice and give his water bottle that he forgot.

You immediately dropped to the ground. Tears spilled from your eyes as you winced in pain. “_____-cchi!” Kise’s voice was laced with worry and concern.

Kasamatsu was panicking. He couldn’t talk to a girl, much less hurt one. He had never ever imagined that he could inflict pain to a specie he had trouble talking to.

“I-I’m s-s-so s-sor-ry!” He stuttered before bowing 90 degrees repeatedly. “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry ______!”

Despite the pain, you managed to smile at your senior’s actions. “It’s okay, Kasamatsu-senpai. You didn’t mean it.”

“Ho(w) can y(ou) hu®t a gi(rl) Kasamat(su)-san?!” Hayakawa said, although nobody understood him.

“You dare kill a beautiful girl, Kasamatsu?” Moriyama pouted.

“Shut it, Moriyama.” Kobori sighed. “Kise, go take ______-chan to the infirmary.”

Kise carefully secured you in his arms, knowing that the smallest of movements can hurt you. You clutched his jersey to ease the pain. “It hurts.” You hissed.

“Hang in there, ______-cchi, okay? You’re going to be alright.” Kise’s voice did its magic, somehow making the pain a bit bearable.

“I-I’m so sorry.” Kasamatsu sounded so guilty. Even if the blonde irritated him, he knew how much Kise loved you. If you were hurt, he was, too.

“Kasamatsu-san, be careful next time.”

Kise’s voice was plain and even, but threatening. He didn’t call Kasamatsu ‘senpai’, indicating he was pissed. But he’s still a senior so he can’t really attack him head-on. Not sure if he still won’t if it happens the next time, though.

Kise exited the gym and brought you to the infirmary. Back at the gym, Kasamatsu sighed and went back to practice.

During that month though, he cut some slack on Kise and lessened his training. He also apologized whenever he saw you.

One month later:

“_____-cchi! You can do it!” Kise cheered. You had a practice match againts a powerhouse school in Kaijo. The basketball regulars decided to check it out (mostly because Moriyama forced them to watch it with him to check out the ladies).

You facepalmed at your boyfriend since it was still warm-ups, but smiled back nonetheless. However, when you spiked the ball, the doors suddenly opened and hit Kasamatsu right in the face.

Your eyes widened and ran to the basketball captain. “Oh my god I’m so sorry, senpai!”

From the bleachers, Kise just shrugged. ‘Well, I guess that makes it even.’

Midorima Shintaro:

The ball had finally rang, signaling that classes were done. Gathering your things, you noticed a ceramic frog sitting on the chair next to yours.

‘Ah, Shin-chan forgot his lucky item.’ You thought. The basketball team regulars had to be pulled out whilst classes were going on, so Midorima wasn’t with you as usual.

You decided to stop by the gym to give his lucky item, plus the notes you took for him from the lessons he missed.

“______-chan, let’s go home.” Your bestfriend called.

“Ah, sorry you go ahead.” You gave her a small smile. “I have to give something to Shin-chan first.”

“Let me guess, lucky item?” She grinned.

You nodded. “I don’t know why you still stick with that four-eyed carrot. He’s weird.” She said.

“Oh come on, just because you and Takao are having a lovers’ quarrel, doesn’t mean you can take out your bitterness on my four-eyed carrot.” You smirked.

Her grin disappeared and frowned. “I’ll go ahead.” You laughed and made your way towards the gym.

The sound of squeaking shoes and bouncing balls got louder as you were nearing your destination. The moment you opened the door, you didn’t have much time to move out of the way as a ball came spiraling towards you, hitting your chest.

“_______!” Midorima, Takao and Ootsubo yelled in sync.

You were precious to the basketball team. You gave them winning tactics and strategies, like how you gave Takao the idea to pass to Midorima mid-air, or how you hook Ootsubo with girls, or how you prepare pineapples for Miyaji.

Ootsubo can’t get angry at the first year who threw the ball since it’s an accident. Midorima glared at the said first year, before making his way towards you.

“H-hey Shin-chan.” You greeted him, but sounded weak than you intended to.

You tried toughing it out, gulping hard to stop the tears from flowing. The impact hurt, a lot. It was definitely going to bruise.

As an aspiring doctor, Midorima is quite knowledgeable about first aids. He knelt to your level. “Let me see where it hit.”

You instantly blushed. You can’t just reveal your chest infront of the basketball team now, can you?

Midorima realized this and blushed a deep red himself. “I-I didn’t mean it like that!”

Takao was snickering at the side while Kimura looked away. Your chest, after all is… say, bigger than Momoi’s. And he thought Midorima’s so lucky you’re his girlfriend.

Unbuttoning the first two buttons of your blouse, you saw a prominent deep red amongst your pale skin.

You heard your boyfriend sigh. “You need to put ice over it, nanodayo. It’ll lessen the sting.”

“I-I guess so.”

“I’ll accompany you to the infirmary.” He said as he helped you stand up.

The next day, you met Takao along with your bestfriend at the school gates, holding hands. It was unusual since Takao usually pedals the rickshaw to school at this time of the morning. You decided to ask him.

“Seems you two already made up.” You gave the couple a teasing grin.

“Yeah, can’t really sleep with her mad at me.” Takao said, which resulted to your bestfriend blushing. “Where’s Shin-chan? He’s still not here yet?”

You shook your head. “I was going to ask you, actually. Don’t you usually pedal him?”

Takao looked up, as if thinking about something when his eyes widened and bursted into laughter. “Hahaha! What a slowpoke.”

You looked at him, waiting for a further explanation. “I’m off duty on pedaling for a month, _____-chan. Remember the first year who threw the ball at you yesterday? He’s Shin-chan’s slave for a whole month. I’m betting he’s already running on steam halfway here.”

You did not need a further explanation as you saw a familiar rickshaw with a greenette on it. The first year boy was sweating beads as he parked the bicycle and dropped his head.

Takao’s laughter echoed throughout the school grounds.

Murasakibara Atsushi:

’______-chin. I’m out of snacks. Coach won’t let me leave the gym until practice is over.’

You chuckled at your boyfriend’s message. Standing up, you headed to the convinience store and bought a bag full of Murasakibara’s favorite snacks. It was fortunate that you reached the gym just in time when the coach announced a 15 minute break for the regulars.

“Atsushi.” At the sound of your voice, Murasakibara’s head whipped towards you.

“Waaaa. Thank you ______-chin.” He said with his usual lazy voice and gave you a small smile.

“I want to have a girlfriend!” Okamura wailed in the background.

“Get rid of your double chin, gorilla.” Liu said, resulting to Okamura sulking even more.

“No slacking off first years! Practice that chest pass! Go go go!”

You sat between Himuro and Murasakibara. “Fukui-senpai is really strict, huh?” Murasakibara rummaged through the bag and his eyes lit up when he saw a box of pocky. The sound of a carton opening and munching made you smile.

Himuro chuckled. “That’s just how he is. But he’s a great leader along with the captain.”

After chatting a bit with the players, you stood up and patted Murasakibara’s hair. “I should get going now, Atsushi. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Eh? Can’t you stay here?”

You shook your head. “No, I have to study. Besides, I– OOOF!”

Before Murasakibara can even react, a ball came spiraling towards you, hitting you square in the back of your head. The impact was so strong, your eyesight went blurry and lost your balance. Murasakibara caught you before you hit the ground.


“Oi! What have you done?!” Fukui’s angry voice were resonated throughout the whole gym.

It took you a full minute before you could comprehend what’s happening around you. “______-chan? Can you hear me? How many is this?” Himuro held 2 fingers in the air.

You squinted your eyes to see better. “2…” The world was spinning and you shut your eyes tightly before opening them again to clear your sight. Whoever threw the ball must’ve poured all his hatred into it because dang, it hurts.

You heard him sigh. “That’s good. But still, you might have a concussion. And– ATSUSHI STOP!”

Himuro’s distressed voice with the mention of your boyfriend’s name somehow brought you back to reality. Whipping your head towards Murasakibara, regretting it for a second as pain throbbed in your head, but soon found yourself standing up and sluggishly walking over to your giant boyfriend.

He was holding a boy’s head with one hand, which you immediately concluded that he was the one who threw the ball. “Atsushi, stop. It was an accident.”

At the sound of your voice, Murasakibara had calmed down and released the boy. He turned to you and carried you bridal style without another word.

“A-Atsushi! Put me down!”

“No, ______-chin. I’m taking you to the nurse.” Seeing that you were about to retort, he shut you with a glare, but you both know it wasn’t of any ill intent. “I’m not stupid, _______-chin. I know it hurt and… and I’m sorry.”

You were surprised by the gentleness of Murasakibara’s tone. “What do you mean? Why are you apologizing?”

“Because I shouldn’t have told you that I’m out of snacks, so you wouldn’t have gone to the gym, and this shouldn’t have happened.” He literally sounded like a 5-year-old confessing to his mother about something he’d done wrong.

You sighed. “It’s not your fault, Atsushi. No one saw it coming.”


“Shhh.” You placed a finger over his lips. “That’s enough. It’s not your fault, okay? I love you.”

The look on his face meant he was giving up and just nodded. “Okay. I love you too _____-chin.”

Aomine Daiki:

The moment the ball hit your back, in the spinal cord to be precise, Aomine rushed towards you and cradled you in his arms before you hit the floor. He was just a second too late to knock the ball away.

After losing at the Winter Cup preliminaries, Aomine had began attending basketball practice. Not everytime, but at least little by little. This was one of those days where he just felt compelled to attend practice, and he was never more glad that he did.

“O-ow.” You winced.

The one who had accidentally threw the ball at you was a first year who’s just new to the first string. It was no use toughing out the pain, the impact was hard enough that you’re sure it would leave a mark and it’s just plain painful. A few stray tears trickled down your cheeks.

“Oi! Don’t just stand there! Apologize!” Wakamatsu ordered (yelled) the first year who was about to piss in his pants right now.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Sakurai yelled in a distance, repeatedly bowing 90 degrees.

“Not you, Sakurai!”

Looking behind Aomine, you recognized the first year who had thrown the ball. He is your most persevering suitor, even though you’re already taken. His intentions were clear; it was to sabotage your boyfriend. The look in his eyes were enough of an explanation.

You happened to be Coach Katsunori Harasawa’s only daughter, and even though he’s cool most of the time, he’s very protective of you and would no doubt beat the daylights out of anyone who dares to hurt you.

That said, Coach Harasawa had to attend a teacher’s meeting so he entrusted you with the job of managing the basketball team just for this day. It wasn’t a problem to you, actually you’re a natural leader and you’re excellent at organizing and leading teams. If you were a guy and you joined the basketball team, you would be the captain, no less.

“Oi, _______, are you okay?” Aomine asked, to which she was smacked by a clipboard, courtesy of Momoi.

“Dai-chan, _____-chan almost collapsed on the ground, she’s wincing in pain and you ask her if she’s okay?” Momoi deadpanned, but her facial expression shows she’s worried about you.

Clicking his tongue, he carried you in his arms. “I’m taking you to the infirmary.”

“N-no need, Daiki. I’m fine.” You said hoarsely.

“You need to go to the infirmary, _____-chan.” Says Wakamatsu. “For one, that hit was hard. Second, we value our lives so as to not get killed by your father if he finds out that–”

“What’s going on here?”

Everyone in the gym froze in their spots and one thing crossed their minds altogether. Holy shit.

“A-ah, c-coach! W-what’s up?” Wakamatsu wanted to bury himself 6 feet below the ground for stuttering.

Harasawa raised a brow. “Where’s my daughter? Where’s ______-chan?”

Hooooooly shit. That’s it. We’re so dead right now. Wakamatsu was about to get a pen and paper to write his own last will testament. Aomine couldn’t care less. He stood up with you in his arms, Momoi behind him.

“Coach, before you get hysterical, what happened to _____-chan was a complete accident.” Momoi was the only one in the room who could bravely speak to the coach. “Take ______-chan to the infirmary Dai-chan.”

So he did. Back at the gym, Wakamatsu - the one Harawasa trusted to look after you besides Aomine and Momoi - explained to the coach what exactly happened. Surprisingly, Harasawa was calm, like the man he is, but Wakamatsu wasn’t fooled. There’s some hell after this.

In the infirmary, the nurse had you take off your blouse and bra so that she could put an icebag properly on the affected area. You were laying in one of the beds on your stomach, while Aomine gently pressed the ice bag over your back.

He had been gulping many times ever since you took off your top. To be honest, Aomine had seen you half-naked before, but that was on accident. He’d been ogling at your sexy backside, blushing at the sight of your large breasts being squeezed under your weight.

You got Harasawa’s good looking genes. You’re physically drop dead gorgeous, yet very kind and compassionate. You’re one of Too’s smartest students and you have a fearless look in your eyes. So ever since you and Aomine started dating, a lot of guys had been glaring daggers at your boyfriend, but no one was brave enough to mess up with the both of you.

No one except that damned first year. Aomine clenched his fist; Maybe he shouldn’t have dated you so that nothing like this would happen again. The bad bruise at your back was enough for him to think that you’re risking your safety with him.

“Daiki? Is something bothering you?” You asked, tilting your head to see him. “You’ve been glaring at the floor.”

Your voice brought Aomine back to reality. “I-it’s nothing.”

Knowing how your boyfriend thinks, you sat up. Your long hair covered your assets but only barely. “It’s not your fault, you know.”

A shade of pink spread across Aomine’s cheeks at the sight of your breasts. Looking at breasts in a magazine is so much different than looking at breasts in real life. It wasn’t helping that you’re looking at him seriously.

“Stop staring, Daiki.” You sighed. “But in all honesty, no one could have predicted it happen. That first year… he’s just that desperate. But it wasn’t your fault.”

You cupped his cheek before lying back on your stomach. “Please put the ice bag over my bag. It hurts.”

Aomine did as he was told. He gently dabbed the icebag over the red areas.

“I’m sorry about this, _____.” He started. “I’ll protect you from any harm from now on. I’ll stick with you whenever I can, and I won’t let anyone touch or hurt you again.”

He sounded really serious, and you just can’t help but smile. You were very lucky to have this ganguro as your boyfriend.

There was a momentary silence before you tilted your head and smirked. “So from what movie did you get those cheesy lines, Ahomine?”

He frowned and pressed the icebag a bit harder just to tease you. “O-oi! It came from me! I’m serious teme!”

You laughed at his reaction. Despite this, Aomine managed to flash a toothy grin and he would never ever admit that his heart would skip a bit everytime you laughed like that.

He leaned down to give you a kiss on the shoulder blades then the cheeks before tending back to your bruise back.

That week though, must be the most tiring, the hardest, near-death practice sessions the baskeball team has ever had. Harasawa may, or may not be doing this on purpose. He let you make harder training menus and it’s a miracle that the team had survived it.

Although, when you came home one afternoon, there was a 50-page letter of apology written by the first year delivered on your doorstep.

You shook your head. The things Aomine can do for you.

Akashi Seijuuro:

You had borrowed Akashi’s phone over lunch break because you were cramming to pass a paper due in two hours. Your phone was out of data, so you could always count on your filthy rich boyfriend for times like these since his phone had an unlimited net connection.

After school, you headed to the gym to give his phone back. Seeing that he was still busy coaching his team, you silently made your way to one of the benches and opened a book. You’ll just wait for him to finish.

You did not escape from Akashi’s wide field of view, however. He gave final instructions before telling them to play a mini match, juniors versus seniors. Akashi walked towards you, a smile adorning his features.

“What brings you here, my love?” He asked, sitting beside you.

“I came to return this.” You fished his phone latest model wow from your pocket and handed it over to him. “Thank you, by the way.”

“You’re always welcome, my queen.” He said with a smile. You’ll never get used to the cheesy nicknames that your boyfriend gives you. “Did you finish your paper?”

You nodded. “Yup. Although I doubt sensei could understand my atrocious handwriting from all those cramming.” You unconciously pouted.

“I could’ve done it you know, so wouldn’t have gone all the trouble of rushing.”

“It’s my assignment, Sei.” You said. “Besides, my grades are still high enough to be on par with yours even if I cram a lot.” A lopsided grin appeared on your face, to which he returned.

It was true, nonetheless. Akashi’s grades are all a hundred percent, a feat you could definitely achieve if it wasn’t for your laziness and tendency to procrastinate, which happens all the time.

“I can’t argue with that.” He pinched your cheeks. “Oh, do you remember that book I promised I’d get you?”

Your eyes sparkled at his question. You and Akashi had very similar taste in books, and sometimes, when some books aren’t released in Japan yet, he would get a copy of it in English. It didn’t bother you, as you both were very fluent in the language.

“Yes? Do you have it?” Akashi stopped himself from pouncing on you right there and then because you literally looked like a toddler presented with a new toy.

“I do. It’s in my bag. Wait here for a while.” He pat your head before walking to the bench across where you were sitting.

Your impatience caused you to be unaware of the surroundings. A ball had come spiraling in your direction and hit you in the forehead. A whistle was heard and before you know it, you were on the ground and Akashi was beside you. Mibuchi and Hayama also came to your side.

“______, can you hear me?”

You had trouble focusing on his voice, or the whole world in general. The impact was so strong, that blood trickled down from the side of your forehead to your cheeks. Akashi grabbed a towel and ripped it to make a bandage and gently wrapped it around your forehead. To where he got the strength to rip a thick cotton towel, it didn’t matter. You’re his top priority right now.

It took a while for your vision to clear. “O-ow.”

Akashi, albeit kneeling down to give you first aid, glared at all his teammates that sent chills in their spine. “Whoever was responsible for this mishap, step forward.”

It was impossible to defy Akashi at his state right now. A shaking second year stepped forward, or rather, he was pushed forward. “I-I’m s-so s-s-sorry Akashi.”

The gym was dead silent. Akashi’s eyes looks murderous, not even Mibuchi can talk to him right now. Akashi loves you very much, so whoever dared to hurt you faced his wrath.

Fortunately, the ‘wrath’ part can wait since Akashi sprinted towards the infirmary and took care of you there after memorizing the second year’s face. He has 2 hours to say his last prayers before Akashi came back. Unfortunately, no one had seen Akashi’s true wrath so who knows, that might be the last day the culprit would walk the earth.

The last part meant to be a joke, but you swore that you never saw the second year again. When you asked a member of the team, they would freeze and say that no such person had ever existed.

“He might be in a school somewhere in Africa, who knows.” Was Akashi’s response when you asked him, then kissed your forehead.

Oh Seijuuro.

title: honorific is a heavy burden

fandom: haikyuu!!

characters/relationships: training camp’s 3rd gym & tsukiaka friendship

a/n: apparently tsukishima calls akaashi “senpai” which is honestly the greatest thing ever and kuroo and bokuto proabably can’t live it with so i wrote a disaster of a fic.

[on ao3]

Like many things with Bokuto and Kuroo, this one starts out on a whim.

Akaashi opens the door to the third gym with a quiet, “Good evening” which gets lost among Kuroo and Bokuto’s heated discussion.

“I’m a third year captain and one of the best spikers in the country! Of course I’m a model senpai!” Bokuto hovers over Kuroo, arms crossed and cheeks puffed out.

“Oh yeah?” Kuroo snickers, doing one last stretch and getting up from the floor with a grin. “And how come literally no one uses the honorific in regards to you?”

Keep reading

5 times Hinata Shouyou made Oikawa flustered + 1 time Oikawa finally gets to use a move on Shouyou

A/N: Rival Volleyball Coach AU. For OiHina Monthy, September 2016, “Flustered” but flustered is…used loosely here.

This was supposed to be a drabble haha, just wanted try to subvert the idea that only Oikawa could make Shouyou flustered, but clearly this got away from me.

(I imagine Oikawa to be about 27 years old? and Shouyou to be 24/5) 

more under the cut


In the five years that Oikawa Tooru had coached the four time Miyagi representative, Aoba Johsai High, he had never seen this coach before. 

He must be new, Tooru thought with an eyebrow raised, eying the blob of bright orange hair from across the court. Said New Coach was the coach of Karasuno High, the school Seijou was playing against in the semi-finals taking place now. 

He remembered the old coach for Karasuno, a tall—clearly a retired player—glasses wearing blonde with a disapproving frown perpetually pasted on his face, the real opposite to their new coach…who was currently jumping up and down, gesturing wildly to his players. 

Tooru didn’t what to think about this enthusiastic…person. Instead he turned back to his own players, gathering them around to form a circle. 

“Trust each other,” he said simply. Usually he would stop here and let the captain take over, knowing the team he has built was independent and clever, but it seemed like this year could be different. “They have a new coach, so take your time to think and adjust.“ 

“Yes, coach,” Iwaizumi Hajime, the captain, answered with a curt nod. 

Oikawa nodded at his team, and went to sit at the bench. 

The second he sat down though, he looked up to find Karasuno’s coach in front of him. 

“Hi,” he greeted with a bright smile, sticking his hand out. 

Tooru’s eyebrow found its way up again. “Hi,” he said politely, shaking the other’s hand. It was smaller than his, but when their hands touched it was unmistakable—the callouses, the grip—he was serious about volleyball before he stopped too. 

“I’m Hinata Shouyou, I’m the new coach for Karausno,” he introduced himself. He looked young, certainly younger than Tooru, with his short stature and non-lethal expression. 

“Oikawa Tooru.” Tooru said cooly. Never in his coaching career had a rival coach come introduce themselves willingly; this Hinata Shouyou had to have an angle. 

“Aoba Johsai is really strong,” Hinata said, his chin lowering, a kind of intensity filling his large brown eyes deadly. Tooru was about to thank him smugly until he added, “But my team will beat you." 

“What,” was what came out of Tooru’s mouth. 

The whistle blew from his right, and suddenly Tooru realized they still had their hands gripped together. He instantly pulled his hand away, recovering from his brief lapse of cool. “You can try,” he said, “It was nice to meet you." 

Just as quick as Hinata turned serious, his face turned bright and smiley again. “It was really cool to meet you too!” he chirped, bouncing away to Karasuno’s side of the court. 

What the hell was that. Who the hell was that. 

“Coach, your face is kind of red,” Iwaizumi said. 

“No it’s not!” he protested, turning to face the captain. “Who’s serving first?" 

Iwaizumi pointed at Karauno with his thumb. “Karasuno,” he answered.
Tooru moved his gaze towards Hinata, his team surrounding him as he took part in the team huddle as well. 



Hinata Shouyou was so loud during the match, he was given a yellow card by the near end of the first set. 

He squawked every time his players made a good serve, shouted in celebration along with his two brash players, screamed “don’t mind” when they lost a point. He was so loud, Tooru couldn’t help but look at him with exasperation instead of watching his team sometimes. 

Worst of all though— 

“Yes!” Iwaizumi cried, having just spiked past a two person block. He received pats on his back and Tooru smirked. He turned to the setter, Yahaba Shigeru, and gave him a nod. 

Then he proceeded to turn to Hinata Shouyou from across the court and gave him the most childish face he could muster, his tongue out and a finger pulling down his left eye. 

Hinata’s face scrunched up adorably—adorably?—and returned the sentiment: he squeezed his eyes shut and stuck his tongue out at Tooru back. 

Tooru humphed, turning his face away. 

—he made Tooru just as childish as he was. 

He wasn’t worried at all, it was Seijou’s set point now, soon they’d take the match too and move on to the finals. 

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