it's like a rainbow of references

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Out of all the designs you've done for Jwittz's alola and mega forms, which from each category would you say you had the most fun coming up with and liked Tue most? In my opinion Alola Clefable was just beautiful, and I loved the Mega Flygon.

Thanks! My favorite from the Mega Evolution designs was Lunatone because I had to come up with what sorts of design changes for it would reflect its change in type to part Fairy, and giving it pretty clouds and a more opalescent color scheme was nice, but my favorite part was adding the bunny ears crater to its eye - giving it a reference real world folklore (tsuki no usagi)!

My favorite of the Alolan designs was definitely Clefable. Alolan forms are such a cool concept because Pokemon physically change based on environmental factors (and human interference). So I had to figure out what sort of changes like that would affect Clefable. My thought was, “lunar rainbows are such a fairy tale-like phenomenon, I wonder if they occur in Hawaii anywhere?” I learned that Hawaii is actually one of the more well-known places to view them, so basing Clefable’s Alolan counterpart around that was rather fitting! 

I Don’t Remember That Part

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Word Count: 1,103

Warnings: mild language, drunken shenanigans, less than effective comebacks

A/N: This was written for Rosie & Nicki’s Impossible Prompts Challenge. Congrats to both of you on 500! My prompt was: I came to gank monsters and get drunk, and I just finished ganking monsters. I’ve never written drunk anyone before, so bear with me on this @rosie-winchester and @nickiwinchester97. And thanks to my letter checker/constant encourager @hannahindie and my PA for this project @wheresthekillswitch (she helped me word…I love you…sometimes :P)

“A Shōjō? This should be fun!”

Famous last words.

You see, when I agreed to this plan I thought that I’d seen the Winchesters drunk before. After particularly long hunts, when we all wanted to blow off some steam, both brothers tended to knock back one too many rounds. They didn’t have much of a filter with that much alcohol running through their veins, and many a colorful line would have me snorting into my beer bottle as the night progressed. I’d normally drive them home, random complaints and commentary drifting from the backseat.

But this.


This was a different ballgame altogether.

“Y/N! The banana! Give me the… that… Potassium!”

I blinked heavily, focusing on the object in my hands until it came into a slightly fuzzy focus. Yellow, slightly green on the top, just the way I liked it. But…why the hell am I holding a banana? My stomach growled, and I reached up with my other hand, fumbling as I tried to break the peel.

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Okay, guys, I keep seeing people who keep thinking that only a few or some of the characters in RWBY follow the color naming rule, and people don’t fully know the details of what the rule actually is, so… here’s the image Monty released way, way back before volume 2. He tweeted it, and I saved it before Twitter made it impossible to view the full size image.

Knowing the naming rules can be helpful in creating an OC, which is exactly why Monty released the color naming rule. So, regardless of whether or not you’re interested in the rest of the info in this post, I hope you find the above image useful! :D Also…

“Thus all the names in RWBY (Minus Ozpin… for reasons….) follow this rule.” Every single character except Ozpin “for reasons.”

No more of this “Ironwood doesn’t follow the color naming rule” “Glynda doesn’t follow the color naming rule” “So-and-so doesn’t” stuff. All of them do. And paying close attention to the rules will help you understand how they do follow the rules.

  • Be a color
  • Mean a color
  • Sound like a color
  • Make people think of a color

The name can live up to one or more of those requirements, and it can be

  • First name
  • Last name (Example: Lisa Lavender, the female reporter from volume 1 episode 1. Lavender is a purple flower.)
  • First and last name (Example: Weiss Schnee. Weiss means white, and Schnee means snow, which reminds people of white. Or Dove Bronzewing. Doves are white/gray birds, and Bronzewing has the word bronze in it.)
  • A combination of the first and last names (Example: Cyril Ian, the male reporter from volume 1 episode 1. Miles said his full name is Cyril Ian because it sounds like cerulean.)

Below the Read More is a list of all the named characters as of volume 2’s finale and how they follow the color naming rule, as well as my take (shared with many other people, I’m sure) on how Ozpin doesn’t follow the rule.

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Regarding the tweet about Keef unlocking new powers, do you think they're referring to his blade (which he only unlocked last season so we didn't get to see him do cool stuff with it) or do you think it could be about his galra heritage and him having more galra-like abilities?? (bc i have no clue lol)

i think they’re referring to his newfound ability to shoot rainbows out of his gay ass

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Since request are open, what about Bokuto falling for someone extremely shy and introverted but he manages to catch her heart... (im like that and i am head over heels for this owlhead)

combined! i’ve been waiting 84 years to write a soulmate!au and also been waiting for some more bokuto. this also took really long to write because it ended up being long (it’s like 6-7 pages with default ms word formatting lmao)

soulmate!au: where your tattoo is like a mood ring, it changes its color depending on what your soulmate is feeling at the moment and you’re not sure exactly what rainbow means. (source) in this au, everyone’s soulmate tattoos are different depending on who you are (e.g., some have matching tattoos, some have countdown timers, etc.) also used this mood ring color chart for reference. i tried to mention or imply what each color means the first time it’s brought up, but be sure to refer to it as needed.

“___! Your tattoo! It’s rainbow!” your friend Aiko exclaims. She points to the circle on the back of your right hand, her mouth slightly agape.

You stare down at your tattoo. It takes up most of your skin there, but you’re used to it being colored only solid hues. This is the first time it’s ever been more than one color, let alone all of them. You wonder if maybe it’s similar to how when you get an actual mood ring too wet, it stops working. But that can’t be right either; they just turn black when that happens. You fling your hand a few times to see if it the tattoo will reset itself, so to speak, like you might do when a pen’s running low on ink. However, the vibrant gradient display remains.

“What do you think it means?” you ask nervously.

“You don’t know?” she questions with a raised eyebrow.

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My first attempt at drawing SnowBaz! I am actually really proud of this one! ^.^

I know Baz is a vampire, but I wanted him to look a little like his mum, so his skin is a few shades darker.
(I actually like the idea of his skin getting paler the longer he goes without hunting? And then returning to its natural color? Idk what do you guys think?) Also, shorter hair for Baz and tamer curls for Simon are just my personal preference…oops

Per usual, I have a transparent version as well, so send me an ask if you’d like to see it ^o^ I did use some references, but none of them had a credited artist :(
Don’t repost without credit/permission please! (As if you’d want to lol)

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I'm planing on going to a pride parade soon and I got a question. I know the rainbow flag is for gays but isn't also for lgbtq+? Like I wanna buy a bisexual flag for the parade but people keep referring to it as a Gay Parade and its all rainbows.

First of all: the rainbow flag is for the entire community as well, so you can totally use it if you want.

Secondly: calling it “gay parade” or “gay pride” is a prime example of bisexual erasure… and lesbian erasure, trans erasure and ace erasure, pan erasure… and every other queer identity that isn’t Gay.

That’s not on you tho and you don’t have to worry about it because you definitly belong to Pride. By all means: go there with your bi pride flag. Show everyone that we exist, that we’re there, that we are proud of who we are and that we belong in the community and in Pride Parades! Show everyone at the parade and everyone watching it: there are more than just gay people in the community!


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bismuths are butch metalheads while leads are femme goths who wear 22 pounds of chalky white makeup and flowy black dresses that's how you can tell those metals apart, aside from the lack of rainbows on the leads. i don't know if lead gems could exist but if so i hope that's true. there's so much alchemy lore i want more metal gems

personally i want a single francium gem (not a reference to the one tumblr blog) that has an extremely short temper, especially around water based gems (theoretically, francium would explode supremely violently when in contact with water, but its EXTREMELY rare and its half like is like 35 minutes or  something)
or a gallium gem that cant hold  her form together very well without melting 

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You can have whatever opinion on Sasha's rainbow look but i wanna just explain what I think she was going for bc she mentioned how it was inspired by the wizard of oz. I feel like the outfit was sort of inspired by the evil neighbor/wicked witch because it did sort of remind me of her outfit before they went to oz, and then the little house represents obviously the house dorothy came to oz on and she went over the rainbow. If that's what it was it's a pretty deep reference haha

its was still boring imo

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Do you have any information about Dylan's red Chem Bros shirt with a rainbow? Devon mentioned, and in a couple videos Dylan is wearing a red shirt with what looks like a rainbow so I assume it's the shirt she was referring to. Can't find it online.

“Dressed in jeans, and a red Chemical Brothers T-shirt with a rainbow, he gave Devon her presents before the (Devon’s 16th birthday party) started because a couple girls he didn’t like were going to be there.”

The red rainbow shirt Dylan is wearing is an out-of-print Chemical Brothers promo t-shirt from the Dig Your Own Hole LP Setting Sun tour 1997.  Essentially, what that means is, this particular shirt was made for this Setting Sun Tour and after that tour had ended in ‘97, the t-shirt was never produced again (nor duplicated by any t-shirt printing company since). So, it’s super rare and veeery hard to find.  Much more difficult than locating a NIN Downward Spiral 90s version tee but perhaps not as hard as the KMFDM Symbols American Tour shirt or the DJ Spooky Tee Dyl is wearing on 4/9 at King Soopers (another one-of-a-kind promo concert t-shirt he acquired from attending that particular concert). 

It’s interesting that the shirt is very bright red and basically goes to show that the nineties video camera they used (plus all the duplication of the tapes over the years) is very pixelated and low quality so it doesn’t translate the actual colors of the boys clothing in their video productions. Dylan’s shirt in the video, at times, looks like a dull burgundy red and the image of the rainbow, a muted hint of one with no discerning nuance of colors.  In actuality, it’s a very bright and cheery, pretty even, t-shirt. And it’s got that Dyl hippy vibe going on. Gotta wonder what ol’ Rebby thought of his best friend wearing it with a tough-guy trench. 

Just goes to show that yesss, real (Hit) Men aren’t afraid to wear bright red with multi-colored rainbow t-shirts to school. ;) 

Back of shirt..

Here’s the best photos I could find that really translates the color and image well enough. Note, that just like the actual shirt above that the Chemical Brothers Setting Sun logo is faintly visible  in yellow Dust Mites font and directly underneath the rainbow on Dylan’s shirt. :)

Good luck locating this shirt, it was super hard but was well worth it to put this obscure Dylan t-shirt mystery to rest. ;)

Video of the scary rainbow Hitman  lol

161016 Mokdong fansign ~Hoseok

Q1:Which one you like the best? (Mama or Intro)

HOSEOK:Both(he couldn’t pick)

Q2:Hardest choreography for ‘Boy Meets Evil’?

HOSEOK:The rainbow*

*Hoseok was referring to this move:

source rinakookie

~*Star VS the Forces of Evil*~

“Star Comes to Earth”
“Party with a Pony”
“Match Maker”
“School Spirit”

Since the Star Vs sneak peek aired in January, it was nice to recap Star Comes to Earth and Party with a Pony. All I can say about these two and Match Maker is the animation looks smooth and it did its job building the characters and the world.

And now for School Spirit. Funniest episode out of the four so far. It was packed with dark humor, innuendos, and crazy antics. So much that it left little room for story and character development, which is forgivable. This episode sure loved the word “blood” and I think our princess is a serial arsonist. Every time my eyes widened with shock and laughter, I wondered how a Disney cartoon got away with that. Then again, Gravity Falls was pushing that limit already.

                 Star: “No warrior is gonna be distracted by Chantelle’s booty.”

                                              Chantelle: “Wha?”

My first impression of the series is simple comedic fun filled with magic sparkles and rainbows and fire… lots… and lots… of fire. Maybe the series will cater towards an older audience further down the line with deeper characters, references, and a stronger continuity (their teacher remained a miserable troll).

For those who are unsure whether or not to give this show a try, many great shows like Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and MLPFiM started its first season at a slow pace, establishing the characters and setting. Give this seed time to grow, and it might be the next big star.

Royal Guard: “You know you’ve done it right when you hear the neck snap.”

                                                    Kid Star: “Yay!”

Sometimes I think “it would be nice to be in a relationship” but then I immediately cut off that thought since I know I’m only referring to simon and baz’s relationship, one that is almost impossible to attain in real life.

So yeah. I’m content with fangirling over these two.

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Have you ever wondered why the mlp fandom is So memey? Theres a lot of shows with fandoms originated on the internet era, so why did the meme stocks skyrocketed in the brony community?

it might slightly be inspired by the show, which has a lot of its own lingo (most of it horse-related, like how they say “everypony” instead of “everyone”). some bronies really latched onto that, and it’s possible that the meme catchphrases are an extension of that. like a desire to create a vernacular of in-jokes and references for the fandom. bronies love in-jokes

similarly, bronies have always loved pushing their fandom onto others. they often try to do this by turning any funny or cute moment from the show into a meme. rainbow dash saying “it needs to be about 20% cooler” and making the “so awesome” face were probably turned into memes and plastered all over the internet out of a desire to convince everyone that FiM is the funniest show ever and the cutest show ever, respectively

it’s also probably because a lot of bronies come from places like 4chan, funnyjunk, knowyourmeme, and reddit, sites with users very heavily skewed towards the types of memes that bronies tend to like

on top of that bronies have always been heavily invested in fanon. sometimes it’s very clearly out of a desire to turn the show into something less girly and more appealing to adult men. the show also just has a lot of unexplored background characters, and bronies like to squeeze as much content as they can out of the show for various reasons. regardless of their intentions, bronies tend to latch onto background characters with one or two gags and turn those gags into whole characters. but when all you’ve got to work with is an occasionally cross-eyed horse who drooled over muffins one time, well. you get a billion identical t-shirts that all say “muffins” in impact font

this ended up being a very wordy answer for such a tiring topic


Key Scene #2 is now available from the Kingdom Assist Box and Premium Box for 10,000 Charge Munny and 5,000 Charge Munny respectively. This offer is valid until 8/14, when the boxes’s contents will change.

Atlantica Donald is available from the Daily Assist Box until 7/17 for 1,000 Charge Munny.

(Note: The ratio of Charge Munny to Japanese Yen is 1:1, though you will be given bonus CM depending on how much you convert each time: 3,000 - +100 CM, 5,000 - +300CM, 10,000 - +1 000.

For a tutorial on how to obtain CM if you reside outside of Japan, please check out aceofbluehearts’s tutorial)

The Donald and Goofy attack cards are part of a special campaign to celebrate Kingdom Hearts X[chi]’s 1st anniversary. From 7/10 to 7/17, you will receive one of these two cards randomly for each day you log in (both cards are given automatically on the first day). 

This is very good for beginner-intermediate players who may not have the means to obtain powerful cards as often as they would like. If you are able to obtain 6 of either card, you will be able to level it up to its maximum, referred to as High Purity (when the background turns rainbow).