it's like a maze in there

snake emoji reviews!

A solid snake. looking mighty and fresh. Kinda ugly shading though: 4/5.

very cute style and i would be glad to adopt this snake: 5/5.

Disgustening…… what is happening over here microsoft!!!! this looks like a maze: 0/5.

A very happy snake but also looks like a scary frog: 1/5.

This is like Apple’s but better: 5/5.

Too flat. Looks like a school mascot: 2/5.

this one is so tiny…..but cute! like a small dragon: 4/5.

Slimy guy…very handsome and swirly. the perfect snake: 5/5.

Its head is facing the wrong direction this is so awkward!!!!!: 0/5. i hate this

this one has teeth! but is a disgusting color and looks squishy: 2/5.

Cheer Up Buddy………   1/5.

What The Fuck….. 0/5!!!!!!!

Fun ways to use the Gelatinous Cube in your game

This is a monster that behaves more like a living trap: its translucent, its potentially deadly, and involves skill checks to escape. Below are a few examples of the ways you can use gelatinous cube, apart from the other oozes in the Monster Manual. 

  • Players are in a maze occupied by several gelatinous cubes. These cubes follow a predictable path that loops. The PCs  can learn the safe routes by following the paths that are dirty or covered in debris. Paths that are spotless are the trails the gelatinous cubes follow, since they digest everything else in their path.
  • The players stand at the bottom of a steep staircase, unknowingly standing over a trap lid on the floor. When a PC triggers a pressure plate on one of the top stairs, the staircase will fold into a slide and the trap lid will move away to open up to a pit in the floor which contains a gelatinous cube.
  • A gelatinous cube has a magnet stuck in its body, and PCs that get within 15 ft. of the cube (while holding another magnet-like object) will have to beat a STR DC check or be pulled into the cube.
  • A gelatinous cube contains a downward-facing sword in the middle of its body. From a distance, the sword appears to be floating as if by magic, though checks to identify magic would fail since there’s nothing there to detect… unless the spell caster picks up the magic of an even smaller magic object instead, like a ring. 

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Every Fangirl's Most Likely Future...
  • Me: *Reads a book*
  • Me: *Joins its fandom*
  • Me: *Stays up all night reading the books again*
  • Me: *Spends the whole day reading fanfics and blogging about the fandom even though there's an exam the next day*
  • Me: *Fails the exam*
  • Me: *Ends up living with parents unemployed 10 years later*
  • Me: .....
  • Me: My life's a mess.
Boredom is different nowadays. It’s about super-saturation, distraction, restlessness. I am often bored but it’s not for lack of options: a thousand TV channels, the bounty of Netflix, countless net radio stations, innumerable unlistened-to albums, unwatched DVDs and unread books, the maze-like archive of YouTube. Today’s boredom is not hungry, a response to deprivation; it is a loss of cultural appetite, in response to the surfeit of claims on your attention and time.
—  Simon Reynolds, Retromania: Pop Culture’s Addiction to Its Own Past

context: Our DM is a mad genius who likes to design puzzle dungeons, which is usually okay because everyone in our group loves his puzzles, but last session we got trapped in a maze (its structure was magically altered so walking down one hallway could lead to a completely different part of the maze, sometimes with no direct way back) and he spent a whole hour trying to explain the layout of one single segment of hallway to a group of very confused players, even getting up and doing a little dance to demonstrate what led where.

Player to DM: “What the heck did you smoke to come up with this?”

  • me @ all my favorite characters: ʷʰʸ ᵗʰᵉ fᵘͨᵏ ʸºᵘ ᵈʸʸʸ'ⁿ, ʷʰʸ ʸºᵘ ᵃˡʷᵃʸˢ ᵈʸʸʸ'ⁿ, ᵐᵐᵐᵐᵐᵐ ºʰ ᵐʸ ᵍºᵈ ˢᵗºp fᵘͨᵏ'ⁿ ᵈʸʸʸ'ⁿ

A/N: I don’t know if you all know this, but it is actually pretty difficult to find a newt gif haha so if any of you have some and would like to share???? maybe haha anyways this is all just fluff and cuteness.

Request: 'hello love’ can you do a reader (girl) x newt. pretty much, he has a really late meeting, and he leaves his sweatshirt at his bunk. once he comes back its gone, and he freaks out, and is looking around in everyone’s hammocks. he runs into y/n and sees shes wearing it. you can decide the reast.

Newt x Reader

Word Count: 657

A gust of wind blew about the glade making the branches on the trees sway back and forth and the fallen leaves to dance around you. I should have worn a hoodie, you thought to yourself as a shiver ran through you, producing goosebumps over your body.

Rummaging through your hammock, you stopped and sighed, remembering that you had sent yours to the wash. Tapping your foot, you scanned the other hammocks surrounding you, looking for a sweatshirt to take. Apparently, everyone else was prepared for the wind.

Not giving up, you wandered over to Newt’s bunk. He was in a meeting so there was a high chance he didn’t have his hoodie. You smiled, noticing the (y/f/c) piece of clothing laying there.

You were enveloped with warmth as you shrugged it on, making you sigh with relief. Taking a deep breath through your nose, you smiled as the scent of the gardens mixed with Newt entered your nose. You didn’t know why but you loved Newt’s scent.

Wrapping your arms around your body, you prepared yourself for the wind that waited for you outside.

Newt stretched, relieving the tension in his muscles from sitting still so long. The meeting had gone longer than expected, well, way longer and he just wanted to get out of there. Walking outside, a blast of wind made his step off balance. 

Rubbing his hands over his arms to get warm, he started walking towards his the homestead, remembering that he left his sweater on his bunk.

Ready to get warm, he reached his bunk only to see that his hoodie was gone. He scrunched his eyebrows together and tipped his head to the side, as he tried to recall the last place he had it and after thinking hard he distinctly remembered leaving it here.

After trashing his bunk, he started foraging through everyones hammocks, trashing them as well but still not finding anything. Letting out a low huff, he marched out, keeping his eyes out for the culprit. 

Spotting Thomas, he walked up to him, “Hey Tommy, have you seen my…” he stopped mid sentence when he noticed you. You were standing there in his hoodie which was way too big for you. It went down to about the middle of your thighs and the sleeves were too long, covering up your hands. 

You shuffled uncomfortably under his gaze, looking down and biting your lip. “Uh..I think I’ve seen it.” he watched you as you became flustered, your cheeks turning a light shade of red. He couldn’t help but think you looked adorable wearing his sweatshirt. 

“You think? (Y/n), you’re bloody wearing it.” he gestured at your body, a grin making its way onto his face. You giggled and looked down at yourself. “I couldn’t help it, mine was dirty and everyone else was smart enough to take theirs…” you stopped when you saw Newt’s eyebrow playfully raise. “So, you’re saying I’m not smart? Okay, give it here.” he reached his hand towards you, his palm facing up.

Biting your lip to restrain your smile, you shook your head. “(Y/n)…” he warned, but he couldn’t control his smile any longer. Taking a step forward, you automatically took a step back. 

Thomas couldn’t help but smile either as he watched you go to run but Newt quickly grabbed you making you squeal with laughter. You squirmed as he picked you up and threw you over his shoulder. “Newt! Let me down!” you yelled but you were only answered by Newt’s laughter. 

Newt turned to Thomas, who was enjoying the amusement that was happening in front of him. “This should teach the slinthead to stop stealing people bloody hoodies, don’t you think?” Thomas belted out in laughter and nodded. He watched as Newt made his way to the homestead, laughing as he pretended to almost drop you so you’d scream and clutch onto his shirt.

what is right and what is easy

Summary: Midoriya Izuku is not chosen to represent Hogwarts in the Triwizard Tournament. He does not slay a dragon, or rescue innocents, or brave a maze of dark magic. He does not win accolades, or fame, or glory.

Instead, Izuku meets the son of the greatest dark wizard of the age, a Durmstrang student with hair like a sunrise and eyes like a war. And maybe, he just might win something else.

(A belated birthday gift for the amazing @thaidoodles!! I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you, Lea! Hope your day was incredible.)

Izuku is in the library working on a Transfiguration essay when he hears the name Todoroki Shouto for the first time. The whispers are passed between the tables, hand to hand, mouth to ear. The son of Endeavor is coming to Hogwarts with Durmstrang delegation, they say.

How dare he show his face here?

Is he a dark wizard, too?

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anyone else write fanfiction in their head and its so good and you zone out and smile and others around you are like why are you smiling creepily at the floor like that

i think one of the things that i love abt lucifer is that like…. there’s little to no animosity between dan and lucifer?? like yeah they give each other shit but they’re lowkey friends, and lucifer knows dan is a good person and vice versa. there is no #teamlucifer or #teamdan shit. i just find that SO refreshing honestly. and just all the characters are so enjoyable, there is no one that really grates me except maybe lucifer’s mother but i think that’s the point. like maze, amenadiel, trixie, dan and linda are all such good eggs.

when the stars whisper

Originally posted by 1980vibes

Genre: fairy!au, based on @lthyl ‘s request which i delayed for a decade and half :*

Pairings: readerxjimin

Words: 3.5K

Summary:  When did we stop believing in fairy tales? 


There’s something whimsical about tonight. Maybe its  the way the stars appear brighter than usual, adorning the inky night sky like sprinkles of gold dust.

Underneath the vast expanses of the starlit skies, the city hustles and buzzes with life. Jimin watches closely, the way humans scurry around like ants lost in a maze of concrete jungles and streetlights. From where he sits perched at the very edge of a skyscraper, wind blowing his golden hair, he feels a certain longing bloom, unfurling its hopeful petals inside his chest.

 Hope is a treacherous thing and he’s afraid of the dangerous desires brewing deep within him.

It’s funny, he thinks, how humans waste away their lives longing for fairy tales and a life of wandering amongst the stars, but the stars don’t hold Jimin’s attention tonight. The only thing he painfully longs for in vain, is something further away to him than the stars are to the humans on this particularly starry night.


There seem to exist certain blank spaces in between the events that you cannot recall for the life of you, and as you stare at the blossoms of blue and violet underneath the skin that stretches taut across your wrists, you can only hope that the you from the night before hadn’t really been involved in anything life changingly stupid.

Being the ever studious and ever so meticulous university kid you’ve always been, it’s hard to decipher what exactly had possessed you the evening before an extremely crucial test to give in to the whining persistence of your sometimes annoying best friend.  

“You’ve been glued to your desk for days, Y/N!” You remember her complain to you in her chirpy voice over the phone. “You need, like NEED, to blow off some steam before you self implode…  explode whichever.”

You spring off the bed, warily approaching the full length mirror that stands in the corner- it’s metallic edges, glint silver in the bleak morning light that now filters in past your rather translucent curtains, throwing a weak yet mesmerising spectrum of iridescence on your white walls. Giving into her constant whining had obviously been a bad idea when she had waltzed away from your side quite early into the night never to return again. Dancing had never been your scene so you groan somewhat remembering yourself flopped at the bar closest to the dance floor instead, as you tried to hold a pretty slurred and very much one sided conversation with the poor bar tender about the beauty of trigonometry.

Assessing your haggard reflection, you’re quite surprised that your drunken self from the night before had somehow held enough decencies to have at least changed out of the skin tight dress before losing to the sweet oblivions of sleep. You inspect your skin closely, twirling around in your ivy blue nightie that barely reaches the top of your thighs, and you’re genuinely pleased when you see no other bouquets of shameful violet decorating your skin. But apart from that, you’re a mess really. Your hair’s a hay stack- with your artfully styled curls resembling more of a bird’s nest now, and your eyeliner’s smudged, as if you had been crying your soul out all night. All that remains of your bright lipstick, is the faint residue of dusted rose that sits engrained within the delicate grooves and creases of your lips and you surely look like a character straight out of some low budgeted horror flick.

In that moment, you halt all movement, surprised when in the wake of a very faint memory which is enshrouded in a brilliant brightness and yet too fuzzy and unreal for you to be able to actually focus on. A slight tingle rushes across the plump flesh of your lips and you bring your hands to your mouth, running thin fingers over them, as you feel your heart beat quicken, for well, seemingly no reason.

“Well, well now-” A sickeningly sweet and ridiculously melodic voice, rings out across your room, and you jump, literally jump a mile out of your skin as you whip around.

“How good of a kisser I must be that you’re still feeling the after-shocks of last night, eh?”

Your mouth falls open in silent terror when your wild eyes finally find the boy, the absolute stranger, who lounges lazily on your bed as if he very rightfully belongs there when you definitely remember waking up alone. He stares back at you, a shamelessly wide smile stretching on his pretty lips, and the smile screams trouble and is nowhere close to sincere. You slowly back up against the wall, your trembling knees seeking the support of something stable because they threaten to give in otherwise.

He rakes a hand through his dishevelled hair, golden strands threading in between his slender fingers before slipping through like fine silk and despite the bubbling fear, you feel your heart flutter in a manner so strange that it’s novel. It thumps like a bass drum against your ribcage- and you’re almost certain that none of it is just because of the adrenaline that pumps alongside fear in your veins. You only watch mesmerized- so thoroughly smitten by the strangers beauty that you actually find yourself almost forgetting that you’re, infact, supposed to be scared, and, no matter how useless an attempt you should be desperately yelling for help. 

“W-who-wha-you?” You stammer out incoherently and your voice is an unfamiliar squeak. 

However he seems to understand, smirking devilishly in response as he, without a care, without a shame, locks his arms around the back of his neck only to lean back comfortably against the head board of your bed. His eyes never leave yours the entire while and you find yourself, withering away by the minute under his intense stare.

“So you don’t remember me? I’m kind of hurt here.” He sneers, smirk wiping clean off his face as a feigned hurt takes over his perfectly sculpted features.

 "I’ve n-never seen y-“ you are cut short and your claims still hang in the air with an empty hollowness because just then he moves so fast, you’d deem it humanly impossible.

And within a flash he’s standing in front of you, grabbing at your wrists  the moment you throw your hands up in defence. With an iron clad grip he harshly pulls you towards the bed, all along treating your body as if you were no more than a life sized rag doll. You let out a piercing scream that’s cut short when you stumble, helplessly falling flat on top of the mattress. Air whooshes out your lungs in a loud huff and alarms go off in your head as you take in the predatory stance with which the boy then leans down, hovering on top of you- trapping you like a defeated animal within the cages of his strong arms, effortlessly barring all your escape routes from underneath him.

“Humans are awfully forgetful.” He accuses, voice sounding a bit breathless. A thin veil of nonchalant calmness masks a desperation, an urgency much greater than what he shows. You swallow, shrivelling like a dead leaf under his the venomous gaze. You’re scared out of your mind, finally realizing how utterly helpless you really are. Lying underneath an absolute stranger in your own bedroom which had suddenly started to feel so foreign in his unwelcomed presence, you’re too afraid to envision the various blood stained scenarios that threaten to conquer your consciousness.

You whimper softly, a lone tear leaking down your face before you can even realize. Past your blurry vision you try to read the expressionless mask the stranger wears on his beautiful face, but it gives off absolutely nothing. Seeing your pitiful state, something seems to shift in his gleaming eyes, and appearing almost apologetic he straightens up, releasing you from his stronghold with an exasperated sigh. He’s obviously irritated by your inability to recognize him but no matter how hard you try to reach out for the memories that might hold even a fleeting glance of his face, his presence, you come up with absolutely nothing.You wipe your eyes, roughly with the back of your hands and as your gaze shifts up, you very embarrassingly notice, for the very first time the lack of clothing on the boy. He wears a pair of tight black jeans, hugging his thighs just right and ripped artfully at his knees and thighs, but other than that his lean yet muscular torso’s completely bare. It’s strange but you can’t help but notice the way he wears his own skin, with a kind of poise that makes his part-nakedness appear absolutely normal. Infact he even appears regal.

He begins to pace the room lazily, his hands covering his troubled eyes.

When he pauses for a moment his body facing the window and the streaming sunlight at a certain angle, it is as if you’re really looking for the first time and your eyes land on something you absolutely don’t believe seeing. Shaking your head, you blink rapidly- but they refuse go away; they don’t vanish into nothingness like they should, for there was no way on earth that they were real.

But given the angle they are at, growing like giant petals from his shoulder blades are the two thin membranes, fluttering a mile a minute. The boy cocks his head, turning to look at you over his shoulder, as if somehow sensing your bewildered gaze boring into his back. You find it hard to wrap your head around the fact that, indeed there are wings protruding from his back. W.I.N.G.S you spell out in your head for your sanity’s sake. For a moment they still, letting you see the network of veins running all throughout them like threads which glitter like gold everytime they catch the peeking sunlight.

"What are you?” you ask shakily, after maybe minutes or maybe an hour of being rendered speechless.
“A fairy.” He replies, as if he’s only stating the obvious and as if you're nothing more than one those difficult five year olds who only question the most self-explanatory things.

And then it hits you like a ton of bricks, the memory seeping in behind your closed eyelids like the same golden glow that that had lit up the darkest of alleyways the night before, as if the sun had descended down to the earth, merely to brighten that narrow strip of the world around the two of you. The memory comes with the soft sensation of his plushy lips, gently moving in sync against yours, the motion being so sweet, so full of emotion that you can physically feel the butterflies erupt in your stomach like a volcano. You can feel his harsh grip on your wrists, an action contrary to the ministrations of his gentle mouth and you can almost hear his ragged breathing, the thumping of your hearts. As the kiss gets fiercer with both passion and raw desperation so does the blinding light, which seems to be emanating from him somehow, grows brighter by the minute.

The memory comes to an abrupt end the same way the glowing boy had vanished from underneath your touch the night before, leaving you-reaching out for thin air, only to find nothing but the cool damp brick walls and the eerie darkness of the night.

“You’re the guy from the club last night!” You exclaim, cringing at how loud you were being.

He clicks his tongue, chuckling slightly as he turns to face you. “More like: You’re that absolutely breath-taking guy I made out with last night.” He corrects slyly, watching you become a hot mess with your blushing cheeks and indignant huffs.

 "Who also happens to be a psychopath, who calls himself a fairy.“ You retort.

But then your face is serious again, your eyes wandering over to find the tips of his wings,  rising from behind either of his shoulders, the very reminders of the queer possibility that the boy who stands in front of you might not even be human. "Fairies don’t exist.” you state bluntly, not wanting to believe any of it in fears of losing your sanity the moment you do.

“Yeah, the same way your brain doesn’t.” He mocks openly, eyes alight even though his face is deadpan.

“That’s it. Leave now or else I’m calling the police. Hell how did you even break into my room?” You threaten, trying to sound as convincing as possible even though you know your phone’s probably still in your bag which is very conveniently nowhere in sight. You’re sure he senses the emptiness of your threat as well for he shrugs as if to say go ahead, challenging you to do something you obviously can’t do. You don’t move an inch not knowing what to do really. Your eyes keep returning to the wings and you ache to touch them speculating whether they’ll vanish like a dream even with the slightest of your touch.

“What’s holding you back babe?” He asks you the obvious, enjoying your discomfort more than he should. “Just a quick reminder though… most normal humans don’t really see me. Also you should stop staring so much. ” He mutters the last bit and shocked you avert your eyes cursing yourself silently for being so stupid.

“Why do I see you then?” You ask wondering if he was only bluffing you just to keep you from calling for help.“That’s my question to you.” He says in response baffling you even further. “Why do you see me Miss Human.”

You don’t know whether you should laugh, at the sheer absurdity of it all. Not only was a psychotic full grown man telling you that fairies exist, but apparently you were a psychopath as well, seemingly gifted with some supernatural vision of sorts. What were you? A ghost whisperer for crying out loud?

“I’m real” he says, as if reading the turmoil that’s churns loudly in your head, his words looking to reassure to you, your sanity in this absolutely mad scenario. You give your head a shake when you find yourself almost believing him. No way any of this was real.

“Why are you here then?” You ask, standing your ground now more than ever. “Shouldn’t you be fluttering around in some magical meadow tucked away in the forests of never land sprinkling gold dust like confetti?”

“Well, yeah I truly should be.” He replies sounding rather honest, and it takes you aback.  “Also the pollution of the city is affecting my health- I don’t get how you humans live in such filth. Also Namjoon must be missing me.” He completes, saying it all more to himself than to you. You do not understand, neither do you wish to. You were an ordinary girl in an extremely ordinary world. You plaster an awfully fake smile onto your face. “You don’t wish to live in this little pigsty like world of ours, right? Then maybe you should just leave.”

 He chuckles and it’s a rather beautifully troublesome sound.

“Not just yet. This world might be a pigsty but I think I just found my favourite little piggy.”


Time waits for no one.

Neither do you, Y/N- who won’t allow a strange nonsensical fantasy to threaten your very sensible reality. Y/N has never been late for a lecture in her entire 20 years of living and today was going to be no exception.

You storm into your bathroom before he can react, his little term of endearment grating on your nerves as if it were steel wool. You make sure to lock the door behind you (not sure if it were enough to keep a creature like him out though) as you turn on the faucet getting ready to shower. All by yourself, you somehow try to restrain the flurry of emotions threatening to claw out of your trembling heart and driving you berserk. You push fear and logic aside, instead contemplating idly as to what might have lead to you getting caught up in such a sheer misfortune spelled out like a curse on you.  Had you woken up on the wrong side of your bed? Or, had the foolish you assassinated the emperor of a holy land in cold blood sometime in your previous life? Either ways fate had finally latched on to your throat, deciding to make you pay in the most insane and mythic of ways; that was for sure.

Somehow pulling together a somewhat decent outfit and pulling your unruly hair back into a pony tail you stumble back out into your room. For a moment you hope to find the place empty, hope that the fairy had finally crawled back into his fairy tale where it rightfully belonged; but to your disappointment, like an embodiment of every single misery of your own, he stands there, arms crossed across his still very naked chest, in the very middle of your room. The memory from last night trickles into your mind and your heart beat grows erratic once again. An irrational part of you aches to be that close to him once again and that irrational you aches to feel him against you in a way where it was hard to tell where he began and you ended. A shameful blush blooms across your cheeks and you can only hope that it slips his attention. How many eons would it take to grow immune to his obvious good looks?

“Definitely not as sexy as last night but I still approve.” He sings and he seems to be scrutinising you the same way you’re doing him. And the sinister smirk on his astoundingly beautiful face makes the last of pink from your face fade. You literally growl at him in irritation, wondering if a human was strong enough to rip a fairy’s annoyingly pretty head off. However, violence wasn’t an option when your race against time had no intention of losing its pace and if you didn’t hurry you’d be late for your test.

“Go back to your mythical land you useless creature. I’ve got reality to attend to.” You sigh dejectedly, not knowing what to do or expect. How long was he planning on lurking around here? And it’s only for a moment but the smugness falters from his face, and you catch a glimpse of regret and something entirely else through the cracks.

You turn around not wanting to see anymore. Grabbing your house keys from the nearly shelf as you head towards the door to your apartment, you half-heartedly hope that a fairy would have better intentions than burglarizing the flat of an already debt ladden university student. “Well then I hope you enjoy your stay here. Just make sure you disappear by the time I get back.” You say without turning back. Your words are met with silence when you had very much been expecting a lame sarcastic retort and you whip around, your eyes searching for the fairy but finding him nowhere. Maybe you had hit a nerve with your sharp words, maybe you had been a bit too harsh. He was gone.

You should be rejoicing, truly rejoicing. Afterall, you had finally woken up from your rather drawn out nightmare, but you fail to understand why instead of relief your heart gives you a painful squeeze, leaving you slightly breathless and uneasy. You think back to the inkling of sorrow you had witnessed on his face a few moments ago and you find yourself curious as to how devastatingly beautiful the curve of his plush lips lifted into a genuine smile would look like. You didn’t even know his name, that is, if he had one.Guess you’d never know now and maybe it shouldn’t bother you this much. He was gone and this was definitely good riddance.

You’re not convinced.

“What’re you spacing out for?” His voice rings out once again but definitely not from where you expect it to come from, but you feel the cool touch of his hand as it wraps around your own and you almost immediately jerk back in absolute shock, either from the sudden charge that cackles like electricity where his skin’s comes into contact with yours or from the fact that he’s standing outside your door instead of inside your room- a door he had definitely never gone through. Of course you think.

“So where are we headed?” He asks, his mask of smugness back on in full throttle and the mischief in his voice as present as ever.

“School.” You mutter brushing past him as you go on ahead before he notices the way a silly grin almost threatens to break through.

“Also… put on a damn shirt you monster.”


happy valentines day @flareflavoredpancakes!

Frypan has no reason to process or think too deeply about the returning memories. They’re not like new revelations, things to which he should respond somehow. They’ve always been there, inside him. He has already reacted to them. He has been shaped by them. 
He’s not l e a r n i n g. He’s not e x p e r i e n c i n g. He is r e m e m b e r i n g

“Your heart has proven to be more of a maze than construction season in the heritage hill one ways from someone who is not from Grand Rapids on their very first days. But me, I paid attention on my late night skates and when I was driving around in my van, and now my best friend who has lived here his whole life said I know the city better than him. He said, Ty, its like the back of your hand, I said Alek I’d trade it in a heartbeat for the backbone of a man. I had to change my way home from work because I couldn’t even stand to drive by her and see her on her front lawn, bikini on, getting a tan. Here’s the thing, I don’t need Fountain or Union street for anything except martha’s vineyard or the bakery. I’ll take the back of the Michigan hill down, Eastern around, and follow Lyon all the way there because this is what I have found: Life may or may not be about finding true love, but it is certainly not about begging for it for someone. I’ll keep doing the things that I do, late nights, fat blunts, pizza pies with my crew, driving home from whatever bar is half-off after two while blasting my favorite tunes, and seeing my favorite local bands at whatever venue. While you keep doing the things that you do, like shifting blame, twisting truth, and making absolutely positively certain that everyone in the room knows the victim just had to be you.”

Power Couple (Part 4)

*Requested: I was requested a Minho imagine months ago and thought it would go nicely with the Power Couple series so I will be mashing the two up together. This is the story of how Y/N spent the night in the Maze. The request was that Y/N got stuck in the Maze but I’ve already written several imagines like that so I hope you enjoy this one. (This is Y/N’s story, and the next part in the series will be a different story from Minho’s point of view).*

You jogged into the Maze before letting your feet pump faster and faster, until you were full on sprinting. The air felt good as it rushed past your body, touching your skin and giving you goosebumps. You felt the blood working to keep your body at its fast and steady pace. It was trying to keep up with your nervous heart.

You had had a conversation with Minho last night about how desperately you wanted to get out of the Maze. The sad and exhausted look in his eyes shattered your heart. He never let the other Gladers see how discouraged he was but you knew he was hurting inside.

“I feel like I’m letting everyone down. It’s my shuck job to get us out of here and we haven’t made progress in years,” Minho confessed to you quietly as the two of you sat in the Map Room, legs intertwined and arms around each other.

“It’s not your fault,” you said but knew he didn’t believe you. You wrapped your arms tighter around his torso and kissed every bit of his face you could reach with your lips.

“I don’t know what to do,” he said and you made up your mind.

You had decided you were going to go into the Maze and stay overnight. You know it’s against the rules and you could possibly die but you just had a feeling you would be okay, and that finally facing a Griever would get rid of your desperation and would lead to some sort of solution to the Maze problem.

You didn’t tell Minho about the plan because he would hold you hostage or tail you the whole way.

“Today I think I’m going to help the Greenie map,” you said to Minho and he nodded. And that was that. He kissed you lightly as the two of you turned in opposite directions and kept running.

Now to wait.


You hadn’t expected the Grievers to come out so late. As the walls closed, you heard the desperate cries of your boyfriend. You wanted to yell that you were fine and that you were doing this for him but knew you had to keep quiet as he finally showed his vulnerability to the rest of Gladers, who were crowded around the opening of the walls.

You just stood there for a while, not knowing what the plan was. Climb up the wall, run, hide, maneuver your way through. Try to find out what made the Griever tick. Literally.

You heard the whir and buzz of the machine a couple hours into the night and stretched your legs. This was your one and only chance to figure out how to get out of this place. How to save Minho. How to make that brilliant, gorgeous boy smile again.

You saw it whizzing towards you and stood for a second in shock. You had never really thought about how it would look. This was a big mess of fur and metal, and you were momentarily frightened. Then you got yourself together and raced towards it.

You saw the switch. That was the only thing that gave any sort of indication that it was defeatable. That it could be shut off. Then you started running. Really really fast. You could hear it behind you and you ran faster and faster still. You thought about Minho and his smile and how tough he was and his touch and you wanted to squeeze your eyes shut and see him behind your eyelids but knew you had to focus on the mission.

You had to survive a whole night with a blood thirsty monster.


The Griever had gotten stuck in between a shifting wall in the Maze. Who knew the very thing keeping you here was the thing that would also save your life? You crumpled onto the ground and vomited. Your body was exhausted and you felt like you had gotten nothing accomplished. All you did was see a switch. Anybody could’ve guessed that a machine would have some sort of switch. You didn’t want to let Minho down. You didn’t want to let yourself down.

You heard a gust of wind and flinched, thinking it was the whirring sound of the Griever. You had spent hours running from it, and now just the sound of wind made you jolt. You lay on the ground for a little while longer before realizing that the wind indicated the walls would be opening. You imagined Minho standing by the opening, arms crossed, eyes tired, waiting for you to come home to him. With that beautiful image in your mind, you lifted yourself up off the ground and made your way towards the separation in the wall, where you could start to hear the beginning sounds of the Glade’s day.

You rounded a corner and finally saw a streak of light.

“Minho,” you said definitively but knew he couldn’t hear you. You were just glad to be able to say his name. That you had made it through the night to lay your eyes on him again.

He stood there, just like you imagined him, arms crossed and bags under his eyes. He had stood there all night waiting for you.

“Glad to see me?” you said as you made it to the opening in the wall and Minho stood silently. You smiled at him through your exhaustion.

“You knew I’d make it back right? I wouldn’t leave you here with all these klunk-heads,” you said and waited for a response from your silent and sleep-deprived boyfriend. He uncrossed his arms and let out a simple sentence.

“I’m so in love with you.”

Your knees gave out as he wrapped his arms around you.

Birthday Boy - Dylan O'Brien Imagine (SMUT)

Request: Can you do a Dylan X Reader? Like its Dylan’s birthday and had a tough day with filming the Scorch Trials and then reader helps him relax with a surprise lap dance. Maybe some smut after wards please? Thank you!!!
Thank you for your request and sorry for the wait! I hope you like it, it turned out to be a looong one (yaayyy) but not sure if you wanted it dirtier? Idk I´ll let you guys be the judge of that. 
Hopefully I have fulfilled your request. 

Anyways I hope you guys like it and please let me know what you think (I would love some feedback since i´m new at this) and sorry in advance if it sucks or if there are any spelling mistakes or any wrong words (I wrote it on my phone and you know auto-correct) lol.
Pairing: Dylan x Reader
Warning: SMUT!
Word count: 1639

I heard the sound of an engine and quickly ran towards the window to see if it was Dylan. I saw Dylan’s car pulling in on the driveway, he sees me from the car window and gives me a forced smile.
‘What’s wrong?’ I think to myself worried, giving him a warm smile and a little wave.
I heard the front door unlocking and rushed over to the door to greet Dylan. Before he even got the chance to step inside, I ran over to him and gave him the warmest, most loving hug, my hands were around his neck and my face was buried in his neck, my lips and nose touching his skin. I took a deep breath and smelled the scent of Dylan, he smelled so damn good, he always did.
Dylan’s hands were now wrapped around my waist and he held me tight and pulled me even closer, if that was even possible. His chin rested on my shoulder. It felt like he never wanted to let go.

“God I’ve missed you Y/n.” He whispered to my ear, his lips touching my ear. 

“I missed you too babe.” I whispered back as I looked up at him.

Dylan have been filming for his upcoming movie The Scorch Trials, which meant traveling and constantly shooting and no time to hang out with us back at home and that’s totally fine, I understand and wish the best for him but I just miss him so much.
We Skype, FaceTime and all but that isn’t the same as actually being with each other.
Today I’m seeing Dylan after 2 weeks! And today is his birthday too. He got the day off after shooting in the morning and I couldn’t be happier.

“Come on, I’ve got the whole day planned out birthday boy!” I said as I pulled back from the hug and placed a kiss on his cheek.

My hands slipped into Dylan’s hands as I lead him inside. He sighed and in a quick move took off his shoes and followed me. I turned around and noticed that he didn’t seem to be happy at all. 

“What’s wrong? Did I do something wrong?” I asked nervously as I looked into his perfect brown eyes.

“What? No, of course not sweetie. Nothing is wrong, everything is just fine.” He answered while trying to force out a smile.

“Dylan, I know you'r lying to me.. Babe talk to me.” My eyes were hopelessly trying to look for an answer in his eyes.

In silence he walked upstairs to the bedroom and sat down on the side of the bed as he patted on the space next to him, wanting me to sit next to him. I walked over to him and sat down where he wanted me to.

“Can’t we just stay in today? It’s been a long couple of weeks and- and I just feel like doing nothing honestly.” He looked at me with his cute puppy eyes.

“I know babe, my plans didn’t actually include going out since I thought you needed to rest and relax for a while.” I smiled at him and he rested his head on my shoulder.

“Have I told you how much I love you?” He asked.

“Yeah but you can always tell me again.” I giggled and he laughed a little.

“It’s been rough you know, the past couple of weeks. I’m exhausted Y/n. I feel like I don’t know how to relax anymore.” He sighed as he lifted his head from my shoulder and placed it between his hands.

“Then let me show you.” I said with a smile and he looked up at me confused.

I got up on the bed and sat behind Dylan. My hands moved to his shoulders as I started to rub them, massaging his shoulders they way he likes it. He started to smile. I stopped massaging and Dylan looked up at me wondering why I stopped.

“Don’t worry babe, I’m far from done yet.” I smirked, he let out a nervous cough.

As he sat down and observed me I got down from the bed and turned on a slow song on my phone and put it on the desk. I went back to my birthday boy and stood in front of him with his legs between mine. I leaned over and kissed him, first a few short soft ones then a long hard one. I got closer and closer for every touch and sat on his lap. He pulled me closer by grabbing me by my waist and the gap between our bodies disappeared. His crotch touched my private area and I started to grind back and forth to the music, I started slowly as we both slipped out a moan, then I got faster.

“Fuck.” He moaned. 

We never broke the kiss until Dylan decided to do something else. His hands were still wrapped around my waist, his lips started to trail down to my neck as he started to kiss me and sucking my skin. I couldn’t help but let out a loud moan, god I’ve missed his touch and the way he makes me feel. As I was going back and forth grinding against his dick I felt how hard he got and how wet I was.
I turned around and Dylan stopped and observed. He thought I was getting up but I wasn’t. I had my back against his chest and my ass against his crotch as I started to grind back and forth, up and down. Now he was harder than ever. 

“Shit! Oh.. You feel so good baby..” He whispered to my ear.

The song ended and I turned around to give him a little kiss on the lips then went to the desk to turn of the music player, teasing him a little bit. He looked at me while waiting for more.

“Well now that you feel better. Lets have some cake!” I said and gave him a huge smile.

“W-wait what? You'r done?” He asked disappointed. Like really disappointed.

“Mhm” I turned around and laughed to myself quietly so that Dylan doesn’t hear.

He got up and pulled me into him, my back against his chest and his hands grabbing my waist. I placed my hands on top of his and turned around. He leaned in and we started to make out.

“Please..” He begged, wanting more than kisses and lap dances.

“I was never done babe.” I started to kiss him harder and passionately.

His hands trailed down to my ass squeezed it, he pushed me against the wall and my hand went up to his neck pulling him closer and tugging his hair. 

“Jump.” He whispered, not breaking the kiss.

I did as I was told and wrapped my legs around his waist. His hands slipped under my shirt while pulling me in even more. I pulled his shirt making him take it off as I do the same with mine. 
His eyes scans my upper body, I was wearing his favourite thin black laced bra, a quiet ‘fuck’ slips out from his lips. 
In a rush he takes me over to the bed and puts me down and gets on top of me. He quickly opened the drawer next to the bed and grabbed a condom. I unzipped his jeans and pulled them down as he smirked and then pulled down his boxers and put the condom on. I leaned back on the bed and he leaned against me, I could feel the heat between us. He crashed his lips onto mine while his left hand trailed down my body slowly, I felt every touch, he stopped when his hands reached down to my panties and pulled them down. He broke the kiss and pressed it in slowly. The feeling of lust rushed over me.
As he began go faster he leaned in and his lips were touching my neck, I wrapped my hands around his neck tugging on his hair and saying his name between my soft moans, it made him go faster. He loves it, when I say his name and I love to say it.
He pushed and pulled faster and faster, the room got filled with moans from both of us. My hands trails down his body and I start to caress his chest, he lets out soft moans as I do it.

“Dylan I’m going to come.” I moaned.

“Come for me baby!” He moaned back.

Dylan pulled and pushed, I let out a loud orgasm as I came, I felt the warmth and how wet it got. Seconds after Dylan hits his point and lets out his orgasm as the condom gets filled and me feeling the warmth of it inside of me. He pulled out, removed the condom, threw it into the trash and laid next to me, he pulled me closer and I turned to face him, making our noses touch.

“That- that was amazing..” He breathed out.

“Happy birthday babe.” I whispered to him smiling with my eyes shut.

“Thank you baby, I love you. This was the best present ever.” He whispers back and caressed my cheek with his thumb making me open my eyes and smile.

“I love you too.” I leaned in and gave him a little kiss.

“What do you think about having dinner, some cake, maybe watch a movie and round 2?” I looked at him as his eyes widened when I mentioned round 2, making me giggle.

“Oh and don’t worry, I’ve arranged everything at home.” I announced with a smile.

“Sounds awesome to me! Hell yeah!” He kissed the top of my nose and then my lips and whispered how much he loves me. We decided to stay in bed and cuddle for a while.

The Maze Runner; was released on September 19, 2014 in the United States by 20th Century Fox. The film received mainly favorable critical reviews, with praise aimed at Dylan O'Brien’s (along with the cast) performance as well as the film’s intriguing premise and refreshingly dark tone, and even considered the film better than most young adult book-to-film adaptations, as it topped the box-office during its opening weekend with a $32.5 million debut, making it the seventh-highest grossing debut in September. Since its release, the film has grossed over $339 million worldwide against its budget of $34 million.