it's like a little jungle now :)


Concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There’s nothing you can’t do
Now you’re in New York
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you
Let’s hear it for New York

Ever Since New York
Chapter Four - New York State of Mind
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Water Spirit

Henry Turner

Fluff, romance, happiness

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean

Request: “Henry Turner and mermaid love story?”

Word count: 1069

gif is not mine.

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this is judas’s tank right now, i trimmed it a few days ago. i purged so much water sprite i have like a million dollars worth of it. its crazy because my water sprite started out as just 3 little ass stalks and now they took over the right side of the tank. my wisteria were just a few little stalks too back in november and now look at them lol. the dwarf hairgrass is actually carpeting i think and im really happy about it. im trying to cut back the water sprite so my brazilian pennywort is more visible. im also gonna get reineckii mini so theres more color. judas spends half his day sleeping in the plant jungle he is literally living in the lap of luxury LMAO

Rose Garden

“Rose Garden”

I’m still pretending that you’re mending your heart

The condescending organ that tore me apart

Ripped it to shreds like a shark to its prey

But today I have recovered from those events last May

The quiet gardens where the flowers did bloom

Into orchids and daisies and intoxicating fumes

Still continue to flower and to thrive

Despite the love in our hearts that have died

The butterflies hover in the wind

Pinned against walls they rest on my skin

As I model and watch the leaves here alone

In my garden isolated in the back of my home

And I still remember exactly where you sat

Relaxed and reclined as your eyelashes bat

But now the breeze has replaced the ghost of your shell

And an outline of your body is all that it spells

My garden has become haunted with memories

Eerie drops of rain continue to beat down on every

Flower in their beds where the soil is wet

Where I can never forget the day we first met

Where I kissed your lips as soft as the petals

On the most vivacious sunflower shining like a medal

Won by the prettiest rose of the batch

Or by those dandelions and daffodils with passion to match

The sun in the sky or like the aquamarine in your eyes

That float like water lilies down the rivers of time

Your lips were as pink as the carnations in sync

With the asters and hydrangeas which use water to drink

The snapdragons are filled with as much fire in your soul

As the birds of paradise soaring higher as a whole

And now all the little flowers have formed jungles to atone

For all the little creature to build their homes and roam

But the wind has arisen blowing flowers into vision

Forming rainbows in the sky with accurate precision

The irises and lilacs they loft in collision

But each flower remains true to its color’s division

And I my dear wish you were here to see

Such a spectacle of beauty dancing in the air with me

For each color in the sky reminds me of those times in May

Where you promised me forever you would always stay

But like these colors cascading through the air

Sparking a signal flare of caring feelings to be shared

Can love truly blossom like the flowers in the ground

Through the snow and thickest dirt mine are somewhere to be found

A Day In The Life Of Furball

Hi guys this is my entry for choicescreates round 22. hosted this week by @ravenclawpokegirl25 and @hollyashton Prompt: Animals

Summery: what was Furball doing in the moments before meeting the MC and the rest of the ES crew.

Authors note: I’m surprised I wrote a fanfic, haven’t written one for a while, not since week one. This fic is written in Furballs prospective. I usually write in the third person but for this I felt that it would fit better written in as the first person and hope it doesn’t sound stupid. 

800+ words hope you enjoy. sorry for any typos, spelling and grammar mistakes.  Also enjoy this cute little drawing of Furball I did for this.

It started out like any other day. I woke up inside my warm cosy den deep within the jungle of La Huerta. Once all stretched out I cautiously exit my den to make my way down to a nearby creek for a drink.

I like to sniff anything and everything As I trot through the Jungle. My favourite thing being those brightly coloured, glowing flowers. I’m always intoxicated by its sweet smell, but somehow it always makes me sneeze


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anonymous asked:

Ok first, welcome and I'm lovin the name. Can you please do regular couple imagines for the main boys ? How they spend time together, how affectionate they are etc. Do whatever you'd like and I wish you luck on the new blog ! ❤

Thank you kind anon~ Oooh I was hoping to get an ask similar to this! I love to do headcanons tbh but I am pretty sure they always suck. Well, here you go, the main boys, coming up! ~Lynn


  • please protect him, he’s trying his best
  • cuddling is a yes, he always up for it
  • is he stressed about school? here’s a solution. cuddles.
  • he is probably paranoid that you’ll start to find him annoying or get sick of him
  • but he’s so cuddly and cute, why would you ever leave him????
  • okay but I am sure a lot of you including myself would love trying to game with him
  • he so passionate about his games, and he loves you, two of his favorite things in one?
  • it would totally be cute if you didn’t know how to play
  • because DAMN you are so cute trying to figure it out and asking the cutest shit
  • extra smooches if he’s jealous
  • extra smooches if you’re being cute
  • and if you’re tired after work, he will rub your feet and make you food
  • like?? why aren’t you married to him already???
  • he’ll be playing LOLOL and you’ll be on his lap and he will go from screaming into his mic to giving you little compliments and I love you’s
  • “NO! HE’S TOTALLY A HACK HE COULD NOT KILL FROM THAT FAR!” *two seconds later* “MC you’re so cute~ I love you~”
  • help him with his homework he tries so hard but he gets distracted okay?
  • study dates
  • naps with him would be gr8 tho
  • bc he’s a lil pudgy and laying on him is so nice
  • husband material much?


  • worships the ground you walk on
  • like you a too cute are you a witch??
  • no, but seriously?? are you??
  • he’s not really rich like mistatrustfund over there, but he will still buy you so many clothes
  • he gets to spoil you and watch you were clothes he picked out?? is this heaven?
  • if you get insulted by ANYONE he will start screaming
  • please praise him, he loves compliments
  • he needs attention 24/7
  • loves to go shopping with you and make you try on outfits
  • oh you’re doing homework? nope. not anymore.
  • talking on the phone with a friend? nu-uh, cuddling is commencing.
  • using the bathroom? ZEN FRIGGING GET OUT OH MY GOD
  • showers of love and kisses tho
  • okay but anytime anyone says a bad word around you, he covers your ears
  • “Stop ruining their innocence, you monster!”
  • “Zen we literally had sex last night?? Innocence?? What??”
  • “shhhhhhhhhhh”


  • is so possessive
  • like damn kid chill, I was literally just talking to the mailman for like 3 seconds??
  • “but your mine.”
  • doesn’t like to admit it but he loves snuggling up to you
  • especially loves to lay his head on your chest
  • your heartbeat puts him to sleep
  • whenever you visit him at work he acts all mad bc ‘hes busy’ and ‘i would’ve come home home soon, you didn’t need to come see me here’
  • secretly loves it cause he was bored anyway
  • takes like a million pictures of you with his phone
  • and every one of them is blurry
  • when he comes home and you playing with Elizabeth the Third, he swoons
  • makes origami out of his paperwork
  • “your daughter calls me daddy too”
  • will show you off to everyone
  • *to your mother at the dinner table* “Have you seen my girlfriend, she’s so great *shows picture*”
  • one of his favorite things to do with you is snuggling up to you and watch anime
  • will sue anyone that bothers you
  • “Jumin they literally just bumped into me”
  • “Their reputation will be crushed”
  • not to mention he will buy you anything and everything
  • *watching tv with him* “Hm that’s a nice car”
  • *he’s already on the phone* “It’ll be here by tomorrow”
  • JUMIN.


  • meme kid over here can’t get enough of you
  • smooches everywhere
  • your face, your neck, your nose, your cheeks, your forehead, your hands, your tummy, literally this list goes on forever
  • he overworks himself please help him
  • but it’s not hard to distract him and get him off the computer to come play with you
  • sit on his lap? he’ll push you off. lay on his keyboard? moves you to the side, stop it MC. start playing with his hair?
  • “okay I guess I can spare a few minutes”
  • ends up hanging around with you for like 3 hours
  • you guys do the dumbest shit tho, I don’t believe for one second that he’s in his 20’s
  • if you have stairs in your house, “grab a mattress we’re goin’ sledding”
  • if you have a tree in your back yard, “cmon MC! let’s build a tree house!”
  • and let’s just say you guys have had quite your share of blanket forts
  • tickle fights and play wrestling everywhere
  • brings you to the gym and woah there Saeyoung you’re like 7 years old why do you have abs
  • probably does push ups with you on his back and the both of you end up on the floor giggling
  • let’s be honest, you guys go to the park and play on the jungle gym too
  • but all jokes aside you guys have serious moments two you aren’t children all the time
  • sometimes the both of you just laying in bed facing each other
  • you don’t talk much it’s just a comfortable silence
  • Saeyoung likes to sit on the roof with you in his arms and just stare at the stars talking about anything and everything
  • “I love the night sky. It’s like its saying that there is still bright things out there. There’s always hope. Y’know now that I have you MC, it’s like I have my own little personal star. You light up my life!”
  • love this grinning babe

I hope these were okay!


Some ideas about a “xavier’s school” TV show.
- it would be Harry Potter meets Skins meets Misfits meets X-men Evolution.
- Each season the cast would change and the show would focus on a new younger class.

season 01 / the new mutants
season 02 / generation X
season 03 / the new x-men
and I still need to figure out the casting for …
season 04 / the Jean Grey Institute

I know every fanboy/girl and their grandmother have done it, but tell me, what do you all think about this fancast? Now that Gotham will have its own show, I think a Xavier School show would totally work!

——– UPDATE (kind of) ——-

Seeing how this post got many notes in a short time, I feel like maybe I should give a little more insight into why I chose certain actor/actress.
some choices are based on looks only. some on other personal bias.
for example:

Asumi Zdrenka for Surge could seem weird, but when I saw Asumi on Neon Jungle video “BRAVEHEART”, she was pretty punk-ish, and well… really pretty. I thought she could well embodied the spark and rebelious nature in Noriko’s character.

Dianna Agron is indeed looking more anglo-saxon than latina BUT… in the comic there was a retcon explaining Amara Aquilla was really Alison Crestmere, a tourist girl from England that Selene abducted and included in her Nova Roma fantasy city. Maybe it was retconed out since then, I need to check those facts up. And to me Dianna would work well as Amara/Alison.

Charlie Barnett for Sunspot is an odd choice I concur especially now that Andrew Wheeler (hey Andrew!) made me discover the endless gift that is Micael Borges. sorry Charlie you’re out, Micael you’re in!

Now, Jeremy Allen White as Cypher.
Cypher is a difficult character to portray since his powers are really abstract compared to the other kids. He’s often (not always) pictured as vulnerable. I thought he needed an actor who can convey his intellect, his brilliant mind, and curiosity. I admit I am in love with Lip Gallagher’s character in SHAMELESS. he’s clever and a street smart genius without ever sounding nerdy or book-ish. Don’t get me wrong, I love nerds but I think Douglas could be more interested if written as more laid back regular guy than know-it-all good student kid.Just my two cents.

Ali Larter…. oh Ali , I don’t know why you bring so much passion in people’s mind, either for or against. I think her characterS in heroes where the most interesting ones. and She portrayed Tracy Strauss, an ice queen of some sort already, and I think she nailed it. I like her physique of course, but I, naively maybe, thinks she can acts too. Is she Emma Frost good? I don’t know, but I’d like to see her anyway.

Luke Pasqualino is not looking indian enough for some people, and I agree. but I don’t know a lot of yound handsome teen actor from indian origins, and this actor actually impressed me a lot as Grey in SNOWPIERCER. And he would have to wear purple make-up anyway.

Isabelle Fuhrman as X-23.
I already liked her after seeing Esther a few years ago. And for a long time I had Summer Glau in mind for X-23. But then I saw Isabelle as Clove in HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE and I thought : she is so badass and she actually frightens me a lot. Which I think should play well in the X-23 character

Hayley Steinfield as Loa. I am looking for a young hawaian actress but I don’t know any. your help is welcome :)

Callan McAuliffe as Hellion. Well, I see Hellion as this rich spoiled brat who happens to be a good passionnate leader in spite of his own bad temper. I saw some snobish quality in Callan, and a bit of a charmer too, in a Ed Sedgwick/Chuck Bass kind of way. Hellion should look and feel like he’s above the rest of them all. Even if he deeply cares about them.

Maybe cause I watch TV show, but not TV, I’m not too exposed to Jaden Smith. I thought he was the only good thing in AFTER EARTH, and he looked kinda sweet and nice enough to play the well balanced Everett. To those who don’t like him, don’t worry, Everett dies in the end :)

as for the Guthries, I hear you Brett White I hear you. Being French myself I cannot express enough how hilarious this first scene in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER was. Every actor was speaking french with an accent. Belgium. Canadian. even Swiss. So I totally understand you would be frustrated if the Kentucky accent is not well rendered. But so far I don’t really know any actors/actresses from Kentucky. Your help is more than welcome.
(and yes, I did some google research as well. But I have seen work from at least 80% of this kids :) )

okay enough for enough. I’ll be back soon with all those other kids I forgot, like Trance, and Gentle, and for the JGI kids as well.

play nice!

I wanna be more excited about the live action Tarzan film but and I hate to be “that guy” but there is just a part of me that side-eyes them finding the most basic looking white guy(that i’m sure fangirls wiill love) in the middle of the African jungle to be the hero of the film.

and this isn’t me on a soap box screaming racism as much as I like previous versions and the Disney version it just looks a little stupid to me in live action. lmao

Maybe its the Tarzan poster of Alexander Skarsgard looking like 2016 Fabio that has me loling but i’m not all that excited for the film right now.


Well, he certainly hadn’t been intending to be gone long, and he definitely didn’t plan on spotting a lonely little wagon out in the countryside, but there it was, and so was he. This is a far cry from the towering, concrete jungle he calls home, but he doesn’t feel lonely or lost. No, comfort is a simple blip away in his mind, but for now, he’s curious.

So, of course, he flaps his wings, and tucks them in, using them to glide down towards this wagon and its handsome puller, a beautiful mare with coloration like he’d never seen before. Then again, he’d never seen too many horses in the city that couldn’t talk and didn’t have a human body where their head should be.

Touching down nearby, he tilts his head, and cranes to look at this little oddity, an eyebrow quirked in intrigue.