it's like a hot pocket hot pocket

  • Bianchi: Hayato, have you perhaps considered never using that exact phrasing again
  • Gokudera: Look sis my hot pocket dumped its load onto me what the fuck else am I suppose to phrase it as you ignorant cockmunch
  • Bianchi: “well shoot, some of the sauce from my Hot Pocket™ spilled onto me. I suppose I’ll head over to the faucet and wash the sauce off my hands. perhaps a change of clothing is in order, as well. drat, this really ruined my day”
  • Gokudera: the day i ever talk like that is the day i hope you fucking shoot me.

What if you were about to eat a hot pocket but when you took a bite it was just filled with water
like the inside was just soggy bread with no filling but water filling and you look at the box and it was ice flavored and you werent supposed to microwave it because now its just water inside
how fucked up would that be why were they making ice flavored hot pockets that wouldnt even be HOT it would be a cold pocket
but now youre just sitting there with a soaking wet lap and everyones laughing at you calling you a fool and i hope whoever invented that flavor gets fired i swear

sometimes i stop and think about just how unnecessarily large black temple is and i always tell myself “oh well illidans like bigger then me so itd fit him” but i always get up to him and realise well no hes actually not that much bigger

this place is necessarily large for him and id like to think it affects him in the dumbest ways such as having to go all the way to the kitchen to microwave some hot pockets, then takes them all the way back to his room, hes in a hurry because he knows he left on a commercial break but the shows gotta be back by now, gets all the way back to his room, takes a bite out of the hot pocket and realises its not cooked enough so now he either gotta shit and cry through eating half frozen hot pockets or haul his big gay ass all the way back to the kitchen which in my opinion would be about here 

also lets just imagine maiev ringing his doorbell and running away, just pissing him off cause he gotta put down his penthouse mags, hike up his pants, waddle all the way to the door, boner very obvious and everyone in the place noticing, only for no one to be at the door THIS PLACE IS OBNOXIOUS