it's like a family picture

Lance would be the roommate who finds a family of raccoons living in a storm drain, but Hunk is the one who’s actually brave enough to toss food down there

I feel like the family dynamic between Ciri, Geralt and Yen would be Ciri is the kid who would ask mom for permission if dad said no but if mom said no, Ciri wouldn’t even try to go behind Yen’s back and ask Geralt and just be like “yeah that’s a definite no.”

Fan asks where all the presents fan gives him go, including hers. He says hers is at the center of his mantle, they have a morning ritual to it. They take it with them on trips and take pictures with it. “I feel like its brought our family so much closer, it’s inspired us to do so much more charity work... it saved our marriage, steamed up our sex life” (all said sarcastically)