it's like a family picture


My family living in a Kurdish neighborhood pictures taken in pre-war Hesekê

From my family photo album

Winter was a little…rough on my Echeveria but everyone else is looking pretty good (featuring my new orchid, courtesy of my neighbor)

Over here, going about my day and then it hits me like an 18 wheeler going at maximum speed… 

Aramis and Anne get to spend the rest of their lives t o g e t h e r

He gets to love his son and serve him a l w a y s

She gets to be genuinely h a p p y

They get to love and be l o v e d

I did my internship in Wisconsin. I was only there for a year, and at the end is when I felt like I was making relationships.
Three years later, some of them are posting pictures from a large fundraiser.
And I can’t help but think of all the relationships that were left.
I think I left part of my heart behind in Wisconsin.

It just took me three years to realize it.

Im so… what…

anonymous asked:

Hey! I keep trying to come back to worshiping Greek gods, but I can't help but be terrified I will upset them in some way. So many of the stories paint them as being vengeful against followers who make even small mistakes or do something wrong. (Like the story of Medusa) How do you manage this? I love Apollo especially, but I am terrified of offending him in some way accidentally. This has kept me away from Hellenism in the past. I know some are just stories, but end up so uncomfortable.

Okay so i have a lot to say on the matter so i hope you are comfortable! This will probably be a bit long and most def be rambley bc thats just the way i roll! XD

First off, i look at the myths as snapshots of the gods. They give small glimpses into who the gods are and how they behave but they don’t give the full picture. Its kind of like how your family tells all those embarrassing stories about you and people decide to judge your entire character on those stories. Not particularly appealing, right? Lol! Yeah thats how i see the myths.

Its also important to keep in mind that myths are told by humans. They also change a bit depending on the source and not to mention they were first passed down orally, so who even knows how much was lost or exaggerated. Even today the myths are greatly open to interpretation. Do you see how much we all fight over the Haides and Persephone myth?

I also don’t like to judge the gods too harshly on the myths bc those stories took place in a different time, a different place, with different people. The gods know this. They know its 2017. The ancient greeks are gone and now people from all different cultures and countries are worshiping them. They are clever and can adapt to the ever changing world around them.

Ive worked with a few of the Greek gods (Aphrodite, Persephone, Apollo, Hermes, and Dionysus) and i never had any issues with offending them. I always got the impression that there are really only 2 things that would really upset them. The first being not keeping your promises. So if you tell them you are going to do something make sure you actually do it. And the second being saying someone is better than them at something. So for example, being an Aphrodite devotee i would never EVER say anyone is more beautiful than Aphrodite. Just no. Not if i ever want to have a successful relationship.

So really as long as you are respectful and keep your promises to them, theres nothing to worry about.

But its also just as important that you are comfortable. I know you said you feel drawn to Apollo, so if you want to talk specifically about him i can absolutely try and help! Ive worked with him before and he and I have a long history (longer than Aphrodite actually). So if theres any concerns specifically with him that you want to discuss im totally opened to it!!

I hope that all wasnt too rambley!