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Does FFFelix think both Wilf and Dark are Mark?

In a weird twist of things, NO. 
Wilford Warfstache is multidimensional. He can hop from plane to plane. Because Wilford has the power to hop between dimensions, he’s his own being and can be seen as so.  and honestly, that boy announces who he is FREQUENTLY. 

Although, in his own weird weird way, Yes, Felix does see that he looks EXACTLY like Mark besides the mustache.  He would totally point it out and Warf would totally be like “bitch please, I’m way more Handsome than that 2 bit youtuber, I MADE him and his stupid channel.”

But Dark, He definitely just sees as Mark. Darks patience is weird, but he definitely has patience for FFFelix. He hates being mistaken for his host just as much as Anti, but he’s good at bottling it. And FFFelix is such a sweet, moldable, impressionable boy, he’d probably find some use for pretending to be Mark.


💜- A memory about one of their loved ones, happy or sad
💙- A sad memory that makes them cry

Dawn and her late husband Devon, the night after landing on Balmorra. They retired to their tent, but Dawn couldn’t sleep so they started browsing through some pictures of houses for sale on various green planets, away from Republic space. 
Dawn wanted a sunny bedroom for their child - she knew too well how grim and dull a bedroom could get when it’s only lit up by the streetlights outside, like her own bedroom was when she grew up on Coruscant.

Oh man, I’ve been dying to get a copy of this book for as long as I’ve known of its existence. It arrived this afternoon and I honestly couldn’t put it down until I finished it a few minutes ago.

It’s more of a biography/account of the space program written by the “co-author” Henry Still, with intermittent insights by Betty Grissom, but there’s definitely a tilt towards the personal side and every reminisce by Betty is just,, so neat to hear. I’ve had a… complicated? view of Gus’ family, especially on things that happened post-fire, but reading Starfall has completely changed my perspective. I hope someday I can be even half the wife, mother, and woman that Betty is. She was lucky to have Gus, but he was even more blessed to find a woman like her to support and love him through a tumultuous life.

It was written in the 70s so it doesn’t cover the problems they’ve had with Scott since then, and there is maybe some unfair bias against certain people within the space program (take the last few chapters with a grain of salt), but overall it’s an unbelievably cool insight into Gus’ life, how he was as a husband and father and man. He was so, so special and I feel blessed to be able to know him the way I do. I love Gus even more than I did 6 hours ago, if that’s possible. I miss him a lot more, too. It’s full of very poignant quotes from Gus and others, but my favorite might be from Betty towards the end:

“I hate that Gus is gone, but I guess the program was worth it. He wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

Over here, going about my day and then it hits me like an 18 wheeler going at maximum speed… 

Aramis and Anne get to spend the rest of their lives t o g e t h e r

He gets to love his son and serve him a l w a y s

She gets to be genuinely h a p p y

They get to love and be l o v e d

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YES PLS. TELL US ABOUT YOU. Like your name, where you're from, what fandoms you're in, how long you've been writing, and your favorite content/characters to write! But tbh whatever you wanna share is fine! Also, would you mind eventually making your links available thru the app too? Thanks, looking forward to seeing your post! ❤



I dont feel comfortable giving out my name because of a long story that when i finally do tell yall, yall will laugh lol. Please call me mod, or whatever tbh. I wont care. 

Im from a “village” in Wisconsin, I don’t live there anymore I moved to an actual city when I was about 5. But the lil village I’m from didn’t have a grocer or a single stop light.. Granted the next town over which was like 5 minutes away had a grocer, a pharmacy but now that I’m thinking about this the nearest hospital had to have been like 25 minutes away maybe im crazy, anyways. We had like a dairy queen, a school that every kid walked to, a few other little family resturants (like the packer inn oh my god the food is so greasy but its so good i cry, or Binanti’s taste of Italy IM CRYING THEY HAVE THE BEST PASTA EVER)  I lived there with my Busha and my dad until my Busha died and we went to live with my mom and the rest of my siblings.

I’m a libra and I’ll be twenty in a month!!! I’m actually excited for once lol 

I’m in a lot of fandoms i suppose. I want to say im in the Haikyuu, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto and Tokyo Ghoul fandoms. 

My favorite characters ever are Hohenheim from FMA:B, Uta from Tokyo Ghoul (he’s literally my absolute favorite i’d die for him okay), Itachi, Orochimaru, Sasuke, Shinji and Grimmjow from Bleach, and Feitan from HxH

I’ve been writing for about 7 years now, the first piece I ever wrote was for the One Direction fandom,,, it was with Niall in case you were wondering. 

I work as a supervisor/pharmacy tech at one job and i work for a different company that deals with stuff online at night. I hate the first job lol, i hate every single person i work with and i can’t wait to quit there. 

I’m learning Polish, Japanese and Spanish. I’d like to say I’m fluent in spanish since i’ve been learning it since I was six but I don’t want to say that because there are still things I dont know. I don’t like knowing this many languages because I’ll somehow forget the word in English and I will only be able to think of the word in a different language. After I learn these ones I want to learn a dead language for the extra challenge. pls wish me luck.

I love playing video games. My favorite games are SSBB, LoZ: OOT, GTA, and Starcraft 

I like writing for every one at different times and i like all kinds of different content. 

If yall wanna know what I look like i dunno what to tell yall. I could post a selfie for .5 seconds and then delete it but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I hope this was enough info about me for yall, and again if you have a specific question don’t be afraid to send it in! 

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IT'S PERFECT. does it mean Tim's family aren't in the picture? like do his parents die? Jason being alive is perfect and can you just imagine jason and dick teasing bruce about tim like "ohh are you going to adopt him too?" "of course not stop it" dick and jason just look at each other and just "yeah suuuuure"

We are like on the exact same page anon (and I’m totally not maladaptive daydreaming about this au right now… ha).

That’s a hard YES to Jason and Dick teasing Bruce about adopting “yet another one”. Jason would probably be like “he’s a bit old for Robin… but I mean I’m sure he’d be great at it.” And Tim is just like “No. That’s just weird. You’re like… ten years too late.”

(Minor detour: Think about how different Damian and Tim’s relationship would be? Because Tim comes after Damian… so maybe Damian would feel a little bit jealous, but Tim has no reason to hate Damian (because he didn’t “steal” his role as Robin)… giving me plenty of opportunities to reconcile their relationship and make them get along in a sarcastic, “you’re annoying but actually not that bad… so I will tolerate your presence” way. Haha.)

Also, YES. So in this version of events actually, I think Tim would be orphaned at age thirteen instead of just losing his mom… because Batman doesn’t go after them for Tim (Robin’s) sake when they’re kidnapped… so both of them would die at the hands of the Obeah Man in Haiti. I don’t know if Jack Drake would have made it out in just a coma if Batman hadn’t travelled to Haiti and tried to save them. 

I think this would cause Tim to isolate and throw himself into his goal of becoming a detective even more. Though he doesn’t go through the same types of hardships as robin!Tim did… he still goes through the deep-cutting loneliness and pain of growing up without parents. I imagine he would be sent to a private boarding school, graduate university early, and prove his worth quickly as a police officer - earning himself the job as a detective in the GCPD very quickly. The nights avoiding sleep and going over police reports and studying pay off. 

Tim overworks to bury the emptiness and pain though. That much doesn’t really change. So getting involved with the batfam is a blessing in disguise. I imagine it would happen because of a really big case. Nobody, not even Batman can figure it out… and so Gordon decides to bring Tim in (who has been placed in the informatics devision down in the basement of the GCPD after unwittingly insulting a superior officer or something stupid… lol. He was running on three hours sleep and too much caffeine so a lot of stuff came out of his mouth that shouldn’t have.)

Tim is inwardly a little nervous and intimidated, meeting his childhood hero, helping the Batman on a case. But he focuses, and within minutes finds a detail that seemingly everyone overlooked. Gordon is swearing and calling police, the forensics Tim is moving in again to do their work over, and Tim looks up at Batman and sees his mouth twist into a small half-smile under his cowl. 

(Tim was adopted from that point on. Let’s be real.)

But the real kicker is when Tim and Batman are standing outside in the rain, Tim shivering slightly as Batman asks him a bit about himself. And Tim casually lets it slip that he knows Batman’s secret identity. He doesn’t name, he doesn’t let anyone else overhear him. But he makes it clear he knows exactly who is under the cape and cowl. 

So of course, naturally, Bruce breaks into his flat later that night and confronts him about it. After a long conversation, Bruce leaves and says he’ll “be in touch”. And sure enough, Tim finds himself being recruited to help out with case, after case, after case… finds himself being shown around the batcave… finds himself being dragged into arguments and movie nights and training sessions with Dick, Jason, Steph, Cass and eventually Damian. 

And, for better or worse, Tim finds himself becoming a part of this crazy family. 

But the only thing he can think about is the fact that he finally has a family that is present. That cares for him. It is a broken, messed up family… but a family nonetheless. A family that looks out for each other and shares each others’ happiness and pain. And that is all that really matters to him. 




This has been bothering me since I first played RE2 a long time ago.

Who is he? I honestly doubt Jill had a boyfriend then she was pretty close with Chris in RE1 okay. Young man suggests it can’t be her father either. My guess is that Jill might have had a brother.

I’m nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?
Then there’s a pair of us - don’t tell!
They’d banish - you know!

How dreary to be somebody!
How public like a frog
To tell one’s name the livelong day
To an admiring bog!

~Emily Dickinson