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Very small update/part I know I’m sorry I’ve been very busy and stressed lately working on other projects so I kinda forgot how to draw the two (ಥ﹏ಥ). Please forgive me. 

Oooo but spring break is coming so I will be able to post the next part in two weeks (hopefully) it will be longer, I promise. 

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Headcanon: @coredesignixandnekonee

By the way I named this comic, “Not Funny”. Get it? Cuz I’m not funny. (._.) 

im mostly trying to get used to making comics

(based on this post by @incorrectmphfpcquotes !)

You know what tuck everlasting would be? A great studio ghibli film. It has all the key points of one:
- lots of nature
- a spunky young girl as the protagonist
- vague magical happenings
- a power hungry old man as the villain
- darkness hidden by a whimsical setting
- an out of nowhere climax
- a weird and anticlimactic ending

I’m only two chapters into the BatB novelization and I can’t help but be annoyed at Lefou’s characterization

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Not to be dramatic but bruh where these spoilers at

patience is a virtue, virtue is a grace; grace is a little girl who would not wash her face. 

honestly tho i feel you. i spent like half of summer school today just thinking about them spoilers and hoping they wouldn’t come out before i got home.
i mean i technically got my wish.

“When conversation with a pupil turned to Harry Potter, the prime minister said: ‘I’ve read them all. They are all very good.’ But she became weirdly stand-offish when The Telegraph’s Jack Maidment asked her a follow-up question about the HP universe" 

And then it goes on about how people are comparing her to Umbridge then it finishes with… 

"It’s unclear why Mrs May wouldn’t answer the question. But surely she wasn’t covering up that she lied to the child about having read J. K. Rowling’s books, because politicians never lie. Ahem.”

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pathologization is so dependent on culture too… in some west african cultures arm flapping is literally a nonlinguistic expressive norm and its considered disrespectful to make direct eye contact….these arent symptoms i even ever had but they are like textbook symptoms of autism for children and its like.. big pharma needs to read a book

I want Jack Zimmermann, after having retired from a long and lucrative career in the NHL, to become a children’s author.

  • Because he tells these amazingly entertaining and funny stories to his kids at bedtime.
  • Bitty loves them and encourages him to write down those stories.
  • After it comes up during a conversation that Jack has turned to writing, Lardo offers to illustrate.
  • So, Jack starts off writing about what he knows: hockey
  • His first book is about Bittle Bunny, who joins a hockey team and has to put up with his grumpy wolf teammate. In the end, both Bittle Bunny and the wolf learn to play fair and work together. It actually has a great message about teamwork, sportsmanship, and learning to trust people
  • The book gets published and it becomes a HIT with the literary community.
  • So, Jack writes more about Bittle Bunny, but slowly adds in more characters to this universe.
  • He also starts addressing other issues such as anxiety, fear, isolation, friendship, conflict, etc. in his stories
  • Jack gets lots of positive feedback from people, especially parents and teachers. They thank him because his books are used to help children understand these emotions and social situations. His stories have helped open up a lot of difficult discussions.
  • Jack is an amazing storyteller.
  • Jack not only becomes one of the greatest Canadian hockey players, but he’s also one of the most beloved children’s authors of the decade.
  • Jack Zimmermann’s name becomes as well known to Canadian children and librarians as Robert Munsch, Paulette Bourgeois, Phoebe Gilman, and Marie-Louise Gay.
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Nicknames: dal
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 5′1
Orientation: Straight
Nationality: Singaporean
Favorite Fruit: MANGO and longan??
Favorite Season: its only summer here lol but i like autumn
Favorite Book: Little Prince + its sequel + HARRY POTTER SERIES ;; + peculiar children series
Favorite Flower: daisies
Favorite Scent: febreeze (legit i love) OR like vanilla scent cos my perfume is vanilla scented
Favorite Animal: Catsss??
Favorite Colors: orange pink and blue ( all in light tones)
Coffee, Tea, or Hot Coco: Tea
Average hours of sleep: usually arnd 6 hr?? 
Cat or dog: Catsss but dogs are cute too :’)
Favorite Fictional Character: Max from two broke girls ( she is my spirit animal / queen and i need to catch up on season 6 )
Number of Blankets: one and it has animals prints on it!!!
Dream Trip: I want to go back to Venice which is such a beautiful place!!! And i wanna go to maybe australia??
Blog Created: 1 HAHAHAH this blog has been w me since 2010? 2011 but it just goes through alot of changes according to my stanning groups and interests
Favorite Song at the moment: Cherry Bomb NCT 
Number of Followers: 2.2k +

Favorite Bands: SVT & NCT ( i listen to other groups but i dont rlly stan )

Favorite Solo artists: Ailee & Chungha

Song Stuck in my Head: Congratulation Day6 cos i was jamming to other day6 songs

Last Movie I Watched: Shit damn its been quite long since my last movie maybe Power Rangers?

Last TV show I watched: I dont really watch tv shows but like last show i watched was nct life?? Like i was rewatching the paju one

What stuff do I post: SVT and NCT my bbys and some gifs

When did your blog reach its peak: SVT era when I was @minghaozz I think i was super active during Pretty U era and Mansae but for boomboom i was more chill like not making gifs then i disappeared off the face of tumblr until their don’t wanna cry comeback

Do you have any other blogs: nopz i just change my main blog i dont rlly like side blogs

Do you get asks regularly: I used to get more when i was a svt blog cos i talked to more people then but then i went on hiatus and like I had little ask until i became more active as @nctragic then i got more ask from nctzens and like made alot of new lovely friends

Why did you choose your URL: Tragic is my life so its putting my tragic life with nct into a url ;;

Following: 400+

Posts: 23k

Hogwarts House: hufflepuff weee like i may seem kinda gryffindor outside but inside im a softie for alot of things

Pokemon Team: Mystic

Lucky Numbers: 15 is my jersey number and 25

What are you wearing right now: t shirt and strawberry short hahaha

Dream Job: art teacher 

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why is that marshmallow wearing people clothes we just don’t know


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what's your favorite childhood book?

“I can’t remember, I used to read so many books. Many of the books were a series of short stories - I remember one had a dog like Milou on the cover, but I can’t remember its name. I liked The Little Prince too, it’s a children’s book but I was 14 or 15 when I read it.”