it's like a cause and effect thing

I’ve been thinking about liminal spaces a bit tonight. And truck/rest stops are often considered to be liminal spaces. Having family a few states over, I’m no stranger to family road trips and, by extension rest stops. There is one thing about them that I’ve thought about for years

People work there.

There are people who are not just passing through, but show up day after day, clock in, work for hours, and then go home. Where do they live? What are they like? Are these liminal spaces no longer liminal for them? Its a set destination for them now.

What sort of weird shit do they see every day that they just sigh and return to mopping the floor? The unusual that is just another day on the job. That weird otherworldiness at 3am but whatever I’m on a break. 

Perhaps they are immune to the effects of the passing spirits mixing with the mundane, cause how can you be in a liminal space if its your job? Maybe they are special caretakers that keeps the spirits moving on their way, giving directions to things no one else is supposed to see.

Either way they aren’t paid enough to deal with this shit.

Talking to the Moon: How to Get Somebody to Change Their Mind

We’ve all got one in our lives: that person we love dearly but for some reason, they just don’t seem to hear us when we talk. If you follow astrology, you probably know that Mercury is the planet of communication, but even more so than that it shows how we process information and how our thought process works. Now, perhaps you and the person that comes to mind have compatible Mercury signs, perhaps you do not, or maybe you don’t even know what the person’s Mercury sign is. The point is that when you want to get a message across to somebody, particularly one of an emotional nature i.e. “this really hurts me when you do that”, “I need this to feel happy”, “you’re not hearing my perspective”, or anything similar to those statements you don’t want to talk to the person’s Mercury.

Mercury is our analytical brain and even when it is in a water sign where it tends to be more emotional, it still is an objective, logical process. If you REALLY want to get a message across to somebody when they just don’t seem to “get it”, you talk to their MOON. Now, I typically don’t advise using astrology (or any other metaphysical practice, for that matter) to pretend to be something we’re not, but in cases of communication, sometimes we absolutely MUST get a message across to somebody and the ONLY way to do that is to phrase it in a way that they can understand. Here is a guide on communication styles that are compatible with each Moon sign. I recommend trying more than one, as other factors in the chart, such as aspects to the Moon, can change the results of using each style.

Fire Moons: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Now, I don’t want the fire Moon people out there feeling like I’m bashing them, because we need fire Moons to inspire us and provide us with a sense of directions. It is imperative, however, that when you want a fire Moon to understand something, you have to make it about them. The fire element responds really well to arguments and ideas formatted in a way that it reminds them of how they do something, how they feel, or how they are affected. They tend to be able to empathize best if you can give them a scenario in which they would feel the same way. Using a fire-based way of talking generally requires a bit of rallying where you present your argument in a way that gives them something to do.

Specifically for:

Aries: Give them an action correlated with your argument. If you want them to do something, tell them EXACTLY what it is you want them to do and why they should do it. Don’t expect them to know any of it, lay it out for them. They instinctively crave direction and do well with open doors. Aries Moons are notoriously hard to get to change directions once they’ve picked something and patience can go a long way since they tend to change paths from time to time. Often times, they’ll spontaneously start following your idea as if was theirs if you give them enough time.

Leo: Appeal to their sense of dignity. Leo wants to feel special, and if you explain how seeing the way you do or acting the way you want them to makes them more magnanimous, they will likely oblige you. They instinctively do not want to be like everyone else or average. Challenging a Leo Moon by saying you know better is the biggest mistake you can make, so if you can lead them to making the decision themselves you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble.

Sagittarius: Ask them why they think things should be done a certain way and challenge them to expand their horizons. Sagittarius moons are likely to feel like they’ve figured life out, but they’re always intrigued by the possibility that they haven’t and if you offer them an expanded view they will likely hear you out. You cannot, however, treat this expansion like it your doing. Sagittarius Moon must connect the dots for itself to feel like it can truly follow the path you’ve presented. Using an analogy so they can make the jump themselves is often very helpful.

Earth Moons: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Now, I don’t want the earth Moon people out there feeling like I’m bashing them, because we need earth Moons to ground us and keep the world running. It is imperative, however, that when you want an earth Moon to understand something, you have to make it about what’s best. The earth element responds really well to arguments and ideas formatted in a way shows them, in practical terms, how something is more reasonable or realistic. They tend to be able to empathize best if you can tell them why, with real-world examples and a plan, why your idea is worth hearing. Using an earth-based way of talking generally requires a bit planning and thinking through the steps of what you’re suggesting so that the earth Moon can take you seriously.

Specifically for:

Taurus: appeal to their sense of materialism and be consistently patient. Taurus Moons are notoriously stubborn when they find something that works for them, and getting them to change their mind is not an easy task. Taurus moons, when they care about you or anything else, want you or it to feel valued and if you explain to them that doing what they’re doing will yield no harvest, they will slowly but surely change. The harvest does not have to be literal food, but if you explain to them that they won’t fill up your “love tank” or get what it is they want by staying stubborn they are capable of immense change.

Virgo: appeal to their sense of order. Virgo Moons like things to be neat and tidy so they may instinctively reject information that has to do with anything other than worldly affairs. If you want a Virgo moon to change its mind, be prepared to give them a list, in order, of your arguments. They respond well to formatted, organized arguments (even about things like emotions and zest for life) so providing them with cause and effect arguments works well.

Capricorn: appeal to their sense of discipline. Capricorn moons are often the tough-love type and are naturally ambitious. Getting these ambition-focused people to hear your point often requires that you explain the benefit of what you’re proposing to the overall bottom line. While not all Capricorn Moons go into business, they often act as if they had, so if you haven’t thought ahead about the consequences of what you’re proposing they don’t want to hear it.

Air Moons: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Now, I don’t want the earth Moon people out there feeling like I’m bashing them, because we need air Moons to keep ideas in circulation. It is imperative, however, that when you want an air Moon to understand something, you have to be very careful how you phrase it. The air element, since it tends to understand emotions by observing them rather than feeling them, responds really well to arguments and ideas formatted in a way shows them what something looks like and why it looks that way. They tend to be able to empathize best if you can tell very concisely and using step-by-step logical descriptions of how an idea takes place. Using an air-based way of talking generally requires a lot of clarifying, so if you want to get your point across to an air Moon, be prepared to make your point multiple times in multiple ways until they can understand it on an intellectual level.

Particularly for:

Gemini: appeal to their sense of curiosity. Gemini Moons are constantly updating their vocabulary, so don’t assume that just because you know what you meant that they do. They need you do not only tell them, using words, how you feel but they also require that you use comparisons. Gemini thrives on information, and while they’re likely to point out differences in any analogy that you use, with enough of them they will likely isolate what it is you are trying to get across to them. Be patient, as Gemini Moons can be infuriatingly full of questions, but it’s just because they want to really truly hear exactly what it is you mean.

Libra: appeal to their sense of balance. Now, of course, many people think that Libra is an empathetic sign, and while it is incredible at observing and figuring out how to blend in, its understanding of other people is still air-based rather than water based. Libra is incredibly sweet and of all the Moon placements is the most likely to want to hear you out if you tell them that they’re not hearing what you’re saying, but they may feign understanding to avoid conflict. To avoid this defense mechanism, ask them how they feel about something and to explain it and they’ll return the favor by listening to you.

Aquarius: appeal to their sense of humanity. Aquarius Moons are objective, but they’re objective in the sense that they think everybody should be included, so they don’t want you to feel left out. If your argument explains what you need to feel included or that your argument has a place in the grand scheme of things, Aquarius Moon is much more likely to hear you out. They may not implement your idea in exactly the way you want them to because of this placement’s natural inventiveness, so you may have to give them a few tries to get it right through trial and error. But, make no mistake, they will continue working until you or your idea has a place.

Water Moons: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Now, I don’t want the water Moon people out there feeling like I’m bashing them, because we need earth Moons give our lives meaning and feeling. It is imperative, however, that when you want a water Moon to understand something, you have to make it about how something feels. The water element responds really well to arguments and ideas formatted in a way shows them why something affects somebody on an emotional level. They tend to be able to empathize best if you can tell why something means as much to you as it does. Using a water-based way of talking generally requires a bit of acting and showing some emotion about a topic so they know you’re serious about what you’re saying.

Particularly for:

Cancer: appeal to their sense of nurturing. Cancer moons are natural mommy-types and want to take care of how you feel. They’re generally care less about what you’re saying but more how you’re saying it. Showing tears of frustration will almost inevitably get Cancer Moon people to at least slow down enough to hear you out and they’ll want to do what they can to help you feel better. They may not be able to understand super logical arguments, but if you can express to them importance they can understand that.

Scorpio: appeal to their sense of healing. Scorpio Moons get a reputation for breaking people down, but their intent isn’t to obliterate somebody; it’s to give them space to rebuild. Because of this, Scorpio Moons may test ideas that come their way in ways meant to elicit a frustrated response from the messenger. Changing the mind of a Scorpio Moon is a long-term goal, as if requires that you show endurance and belief in what you propose to them. Once they see that you’re committed and there is nothing left to break down they can change their mind.

Pisces: appeal to their sense of empathy. Pisces Moons can be frustratingly difficult to get an opinion out of, but as a result their also very non-combative. Pisces Moon will generally give in simply by you asking. The trick is you have to consistently remind them because other people can change their minds too. Pisces Moons really don’t want to upset anyone, so showing them that them not changing their mind or behavior is upsetting to you will almost always elicit a response.

As with anything in astrology, always remember to take the whole chart into account, these descriptions do not account for aspects to the moon or the house the moon is in. Be sure to subscribe to my page for more astrology content and if you have anything you’d like to ask me about, send me a message.


Let me tell you something about power imbalances

Since the Otayuri-discourse is getting really annoying, I would like to tell you something. Power imbalances can have an effect on every relationship. Romantic as well as platonic. A power imbalance can turn into an unhealthy relationship of any kind. But there is one thing, that everyone seems to ignore: A power imbalance itself does not cause abusive behavior. On its own its neither good nor bad. Its the way it is used, that makes the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationship.

A power imbalance is like a “tool”. It can be used by an abuser to take advantage of its victim. The abusers keep themselves on the higher level to maintain the imbalance. This can lead to physical and emotional abuse. The abuser can easily pressure the victim into doing things that they aren’t comfortable with. For example: Older friends pressuring the younger one into drinking alcohol/older lover pressuring younger to have sex despite them not being ready for it. And this is obviously a horrible thing.

But a power imbalance can also have a positive effect. In a healthy relationship the more powerful part tries to minimize the imbalance. They don’t see the other on as lower. They want to be on an equal level. The imbalance can be used to help the younger one grow, while also making sure that they are safe don’t go over their limits. It can be reassuring to have someone more experienced that can help you in life and share their experiences. One great example for a healthy relationship with a power imbalance in the beginning is a ship you all love: Victuuri!

At the start of the show Yuuri is a loner. He doesnt have many friends and the only thing he really cares for is skating (and Victor of course). He has huge anxiety and really lacks in confidence. He idolizes Victor and therefore sees him as above him.  Also, Yuuris love life before Victor is pretty much non existent and he just becomes a blushing mess at the mere mention of eros. On the other hand we have Victor “Sexiest-Man-Alive” Nikiforov. He is way more experienced and confident than Yuuri and has had a few relationships in the past. All this puts a huge imbalance on Victors side. We see this in the beginning, when Victor was really pushy, thinking Yuuri was still as confident and flirty as he was at the banquet, making Yuuri feel visibly uncomfortable. When Victor sees this, he tones down the flirting to keep it at a pace that Yuuri can comfortably move along with. We see Victor helping Yuuri becoming more confident in his abilities and more comfortable with his sexuality. Victor used the power imbalance to turn the idol-fan-relationship into a loving relationship between two equals.

This concludes, that a power imbalance itself does not automatically make a relationship bad. Its the mindset of the more powerful person, that determines if this imbalance can be healthy or not.

Now lets talk about Otayuri!

First of all, Yuri is not the pure, innocent, little child, that needs to be sheltered from everything, that you all seem to think he is. We are talking about the “kid” who wanted to skate to eros, because he thought it would fit him better. The kid who watched Yuuri and Chris pole dancing and kept tons of photos of it. The kid who told Mila to stop acting horny after breaking up with her boyfriend. Most 15/16 years old boys are not innocent angels…  Also, Yuri is actually quite mature for his age. Yuri moved away from his home to St. Petersburg when he was around 10 years old. He is the main provider for his family since his junior debut. Growing up away from home, with this high responsibilities makes you mature faster. He committed his life to figure skating. He had the determination and disciplin to win GPF gold on his senior debut. This level of dedication, endless training, without complaining, to work towards a goal, is a sign of maturity. Sure, sometimes he acts childish and on impulse, but so does Victor, the guy who pauses his career for a year, travels to Japan and suddenly shows up naked at a hot spring, because of his crush on a drunk Yuuri.

We have seen Otabek and Yuri both supporting and admiring each other. We see Otabek helping Yuri to grow. Yuri doesnt act like an angry brat with him. He is much calmer and happier around him.  Kubo even said that Otabek sees them as equals. There is only a small power imbalance between them. Its even smaller than between Victor and Yuuri. And since their relationship is based on mutual respect and support, and Otabek wants them to be equal, there is not even the slightest hint, why this relationship would be abusive in any way. To me this looks like the perfect base for a healthy relationship. So what makes you think that Otabek would be a predator? What makes you think he would take advantage of him? Why would he harm Yuri? This is what bothers me the most about this discourse. By saying this ship would be unhealthy , disgusting and bad, you are accusing Otabek of being an abusive asshole. And this magnificent, loving character does not deserve this hate.

This post is obviously not meant to say that all relationships with age differences are totally ok. This is meant to explain, that it is not always automatically bad. There are many unhealthy relationships where both people are the same age or where the abuser is the younger one. Age alone is not what makes a relationship healthy or unhealthy. The mindset of the individual person is!


On today’s episode of Fernando is Extra… @judgynando

I can understand why Igor sanctioned Akira at the end of P5 — he didn’t really have a choice — but holy shit that kid is incredibly dangerous.    Like, to the extent that you have to wonder if Igor would ever take the chance to bring him down.  It was one thing to raise up Minato/Minako with the understanding that they’d sacrifice their ultimate cosmic power.   It’s another to unleash Akira on the general populace.

I mean:

  • Akira was so at one with his own Shadow that he never needed to confront or control it, he only needed to look through its eyes. 
  • Breaking the chains on someone’s heart causes psychosis.  Akira broke the chains on his own heart with seemingly no cognitive side-effects, other than turning Arsene into Satanael.  But doesn’t that demonstrate a cognitive side-effect in and of itself?  Akira has freed himself from conventional morality to embrace self-determination.  A gentleman thief follows certain rules of conduct and class.  The devil doesn’t.
  • Akira has no final arcana.  Satanael remains part of The Fool arcana, the arcana with infinite development potential.
  • In the course of scaling up his power,  Akira was encouraged to educate himself in gunrunning, strategy, traditional media manipulation, social media manipulation, corporate politics, mob politics and regular old politics politics.   His followers are destined to be important people in the corporate world, law enforcement, athletics, the celebrity world, the art world, and information technology. 

So what do we have by the end of Persona 5?  A walking Shadow with overwhelming charisma, incredible godkiller powers, infinite potential for further growth, and an associate’s degree from Mastermind University.

I mean, I know he’s chaotic good, but still.   There is pretty much no way he doesn’t end up as shadowy ruler of… something.

It’ll be a shame if he isn’t referenced in subsequent entries.  I kind of want an Ultimax sequel just to see how he’d fuck with Mitsuru Kirijo.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I want to create some fictional (perhaps even fantasy-esque) drugs, but I don't even know where to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Firstly, the drugs need to do something good that “hooks” people. No one’s going to keep taking a drug that sends them to the twelfth plane of torment or one that makes them totally colorblind. You can sort most drug effects into four categories:

  • Happy (MDMA, heroin). The user experiences extreme euphoria and contentment. This may be accompanied by feelings of kinship with those around them and diminished anxiety. Users may achieve a transcendental state. It may also reduce inhibitions.
  • High (cocaine, alcohol). Users experience a burst of energy, confidence, and feelings of sexual prowess. Inhibitions are reduced. Users sometimes become more aggressive.
  • Mellow (marijuana). User feels calm and relaxed. Everything feels “taken care of”. Again, may induce transcendental state. The user will also experience mild euphoria and anxiety will diminish.
  • Trippy (LSD, shrooms). Significant alteration of sensory perception. People may see halos around objects or believe solid surfaces are wobbling. Shrooms reportedly increase one’s sensitivity to sound. Time loses meaning. Users lose sense of self.

Theoretically, you could make fantasy drugs for any desirable human emotion, like the feeling of being full, orgasm, confidence, love, and satisfaction.

Secondly, where does the drug come from?

  • Natural. Like shrooms, opium, or cannabis, it must be grown and harvested. Who farms it? Is it illegal to farm? What kind of plant is it? Where does it grow best? 
  • Manufactured. Like MDMA and LSD, it’s made in a lab. Who makes it? What ingredients is it made of? Does an organization control its manufacture?
  • Magic. The drug is actually a spell and someone has to cast it on you.

Related is how the drug gets from the lab/farm to you. Who controls the trade? How far away is it? All of this will affect the price.

Thirdly, how do you take it?

  • Inhaling. Includes methods like smoking, where the drug is rolled into a thin cylinder and placed between the lips; you inhale to feel the effects. Also included are practices like huffing, where you inhale noxious chemicals from a container.
  • Drinking. Self-explanatory. You can also anally imbibe drinks to hasten the effects.
  • Injecting. Put it in a needle and stick it in a blood vessel. The drug goes right into the blood stream.
  • Swallowing. The drug comes in a pill, like ecstasy. You swallow it and digesting it will give you the full effects. You could also eat it, like most psychedelic mushrooms. 
  • Absorbing. The body has several areas where blood vessels lie close to the surface of the skin. Applying the drug to the area will allow it to diffuse into the bloodstream. These areas are: the nose (snorting), the mouth (chewing/dipping tobacco), and the rectum (anally imbibing alcohol). 

Fourthly, what are the side effects? There will be side effects unless your magic or technology is advanced to the point at which you can reverse severe neurological damage. 

  • Mild. Reddened eyes, headache, dehydration, dry mouth, nausea, sweating, hunger, loss of appetite
  • Moderate. Memory loss, insomnia, diarrhea, vertigo, suggestibility, vomiting, hearing loss
  • Severe. Necrosis, muscle rigidity, convulsions, bad trips, physical disfigurement (eg “meth mouth”), psychosis, HPPD
  • Chronic. Depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, dependence on the drug, irritability, fatigue, rage
  • Way down the road. Cancer, emphysema, COPD, heart problems, lung problems, liver problems, kidney problems, Parkinson’s, stroke, high blood pressure

If your drug is fantastical, then it has more variety as to the side effects. For example, it turns green-eyed people into rabbits, slowly turns one’s stomach to stone, causes users to go back in time, and has a 2% chance of exploding your head.

Fifthly, how does the culture view it?

  • Illegal. No one can use it for any reason. In which case, the drugs will be controlled by an illegal group like a gang or cartel. There will be harsh laws against its manufacture and spread. People who don’t take the drug will look down on people who do.
  • Illegal with exceptions. It’s been shown to aid things like concentration or alleviate the symptoms of that disease. People who can use this drug must obtain it from special makers and carry permission with them at all times.
  • Legal with exceptions. Like alcohol and tobacco in the US, you can buy it and use it in most areas. However, you can’t buy it if you’re under a certain age, can’t use it in buildings, and you can get in trouble if you use it at the wrong time (drinking and driving).
  • Legal. Everyone can use it. There are no restricts on when, where, how, or who.
  • Spiritual. The drug is used as part if a religious experience. Only those undergoing such an experience can take it. The drug is a gateway to another world, frees the conscience, or some other esoteric thing.

Finally, how does that affect society? You should consider,

  • How much it costs. Illegality and the amount of time/money it takes to manufacture will affect pricing. It may also vary by the time of year. For example, if it’s natural, then maybe the drug is cheapest immediately after the harvesting season and really expensive during the winter, when it’s impossible to grow. You also need to factor in how people will get the money to buy the drug, such as stealing or prostitution.
  • Support groups. People will get hooked. How can they get off? Family and friends will certainly try their best, as most drugs do not improve your working or home life. Are they the only methods of support or are there rehab organizations as well?
  • Laws and their enforcement. (Don’t look at this is if your drug is totally legal or legal with exceptions.) There will be laws against its use. How are they enforced? Do the laws go after distributers as well as consumers? How are the consumers treated in court - as criminals or as victims? 
  • Who takes it. In our world, most illegal drug users are lower-income. It’s “shocking” when someone of the middle or upper class is addicted to drugs. The lower-class reputation has led to other classes looking down on drug users as poor, filthy, and needy; and on the lower-class as drug-addicted degenerates. If the upper class took it, then perhaps taking the drug would be the cool thing to do and being high/stoned/buzzed would be a status symbol. Only peasants have lucid thoughts; true nobles don’t know what they’re doing 90% of the time. 
  • Media. The US government banned smoking ads featuring Camel Cigarettes’ mascot, Joe the Camel, in 1997 because he appealed to children and people don’t like their kids lighting up. You don’t see too many cigarette ads in the US anymore. On the other hand, the media glorifies alcohol. Drinking makes you a man. Drinking makes you sexy. Many can’t wait (or don’t wait) to turn 21 and engage in this manly, sexy world of alcohol. So please, please remember that how the drug is presented will affect who consumes it.

so I saw this post earlier that theorised that barry saying “I’m barry bluejeans” at the end of every sentence in the first arc was because of the voidfish and he was suffering with a lesser version of what davenport was going through and it just occurred to me that “magnus rushes in” and “I’m taako, from TV” / “taako’s good out here” are maybe caused by the same thing ???

Just travelling with the FFXV boyz things (Pt. 2):

[battle version!]

(read part 1 here)

Originally posted by thelimefactory

  • Intense concern for the mental faculties of these young men because YOU ARE MEANT TO KEEP THE PRINCE ALIVE WHY DO THEY ALL LOOK SO EXCITED TO TAKE ON THAT THING WHICH IS THREE OR MORE TIMES THE SIZE OF ALL OF YOU ALL PUT TOGETHER. Perhaps the stress of  this journey finally taken it’s toll. Eventually you just learn to roll with it because somehow things always end up okay in the end.

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A Fun Classpect Idea™

Instead of “one class/aspect/title is inherently stronger than others”


“it’s easier to see the strength of one class/aspect/title than it is to see the strength of this other class/aspect/title”

Sure, Hope is a powerful aspect and, when used properly, can be used to turn the tide of battle through pure belief, but have you ever thought about the possible implications of a Blood player’s control and knowledge over connections and relationships?

Borrowing from a headcanon @johnstriderknightofspace mentioned, a Blood player could alter the relations and connections between items and people.

This means that a Blood player could alter the correlation between objects, causing one thing to cause something seemingly unrelated.

When used to its fullest potential, this could mean that stomping on the ground could knock the weapons out of enemy hands, doing mundane actions like waving your hand can make rocks fall from the sky, or whatever other absurd ideas a Blood player could produce.

They could also effectively produce voodoo dolls with one object being connected to a target, and whatever happens to one, happens to the other.

And sure, it’s easy to see how a Time player can just go back and prevent you from even existing, as time travel and seeing the future is a well-explored and easily comprehensibly powerful tool.

But Heart players, Heart players can be incredibly powerful if they know how to use their abilities. As much as humans value logic and reasoning over emotions, many even actively suppressing the expression of emotion, emotion is a massively powerful motivator and controller of our behavior.

So, knowing this, a Heart player can play directly to your drives and passions, knowing exactly what to say to give you a change of heart, making you empathize with them and join their side, driving you to the very top of your passion, causing you to act without thinking, or simply take away that passion and leave you without motivation, sitting and doing nothing, while they simply walk past you like you were just another conquered castle.

And Classes, Classes, while different in how they utilize their Aspects, can have markedly similar results when all is said and done.

Sure, a Witch or an Heir of Mind can just change what you choose to do, following the path that they believe works best in their interests. A Mage or a Seer, however, knows exactly how you think, they know exactly how to bring you to see their perspective on the subject. They can seem like the utmost authority on logic and sense, and they very well may just be. They’ll pull you to their side with words and reason, and bring you to the edge of a cliff and make you cast yourself off, or they can bring you to the peaks of victory, to revel with them in the glory that they guided you to.

So, in summary, there’s so much power and potential hidden behind both the neglected and praised aspects, if you’re just willing to dig a little deeper and think of some creative ways to apply the abilities of a Class, Aspect, or Title.

Some titles might be universally seen as powerful, but if you can see past the easy interpretations born from glancing at a title and waving it off, you can find some truly amazing interpretations with just a bit of unconventional thinking and a touch of creativity.

Love life tips: Dealing with crushes

So, I hear sometimes people angsting a fair bit about crushes. Fair enough, man, I’ve spent a long time in my day angsting over crushes. I still get crushes - metric tons of them, you have no idea how many people I crush on - but they don’t bother me so much anymore. Here’s my tip:

Stop playing the “imaginary relationship with my crush” games.

You know how when you’re playing sports coaches will always talk about visualization and all that junk? Playing through those scenarios in your mind *has an effect*. It lays down some pathways.

When you spend all that time daydreaming about an imagingary relationship that doesn’t exist, it deepens things, makes them more serious. And when it conflicts with the reality that you *aren’t* dating, that is what, I find, causes the serious pain.

And if you do end up dating them? Then you’ve got the conflict of what you imagined your relationship with them to be like versus what it actually ends up being, and that causes some pain on its own.

I’m not saying suppress the crush. Like, I still think about someone and go “Damn I’m attracted to that person, I really wish they were available/interested/appropriate.” You can think about how awesome your crush is, because let’s be honest - fighting it often is a struggle that just takes up more energy.

Just stop playing the “imaginary relationship” game with people.

crutchie and polio

hi everyone! time for an educational post on crutchie and his leg (and the rest of his body!) and the effect polio had on him. i see so many people writing him w scars or like, i twisted up mangled leg. similarly, i see people acting like hes 100% fine other than his leg. this isnt necessarily true! 

to make all ur lives easier, im gonna give a bit of a rundown on polio as far as ive learnt from the documentaries ive watched and the research ive done, and also how it likely affects crutchie. long read ahead!

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japan’s animal welfare laws and outlines are vague and poorly enforced enough to where they effectively carry no weight. the terms “humane slaughter” and even “proper pet care” are not defined or specified, few animals are protected under those provisions, and the punishment for violation of those laws or failure to meet those standards is horrifically lenient. the import of exotic animals for the sake of petkeeping is rife, primarily illegal, and yet its all but swept under the rug due to those weak laws and a general lack of caring.

causing a huge fuss over things like the taiji dolphin drive and whaling is just tackling the symptoms of a much larger and much more significant issue, here.

Reyes Vidal for the Reyes Vidal appreciation week !

Te/Ti: Observations and a sort of analiysis


I’ve been typing characters and people for a long time now, but for some reason, Te vs. Ti still trips me up from time to time. Usually I just go by default “He’s ESFP so he uses Te…..He’s blunt and tells it like it is” Likewise “She’s INFJ so she uses Ti…….She’s blunt and tells it like it is”. So yeah, kinda shallow and not much difference there. 

First, we need to rectify some of the common descriptions.

Ti is is often described as a mental blue print, inner logical consistency and categorizing things. I find this true, but mostly in NTP types. NTPs are usually easy to spot. Have you ever seen one getting their hands on the latest technological gizmo? They won’t stop at telling you this is awesome and describing one or two of its core feature, no. Instead get ready for a long exposé of every single thing this gadget does, how it compares to previous gadgets and what it means for future development and of course then ins and outs on how this thing works with a good chance of them repeating themselves several times. In either case, they always show some curiosity about how things work on every aspect but in more general terms, NTPs seem to really enjoy knowledge for its own sake. The more knowledge, the more power. They dislike quick judgements and shallow rationalization.

I find that this doesn’t really ring as true with STP types despite being Ti users too. STPs typically dislike academics and learning things that don’t amount to anything concrete real soon, if not now. So the whole “over-analytical, mental blueprint” definition doesn’t seem as accurate when describing them. The way I see STPs is that in their case, Ti is more like connecting mental wires together. They prefer to live in real time and fast-paced environment and situations, therefore stepping back and analyzing things for extended periods of time is not a preferred option, but rather connecting wires on the spur of the moment to figure out what makes the most sense, what will lead to desired results now. This is why I sometimes question whether someone is STP or a TJ type because of their wanting concrete results fast. Hence the King Leonidas GIF….ENTJ or ESTP? (I’m leaning towards ENTJ). For instance, when dealing with someone, an STP looks at their non-verbal: Posture, tone, ticks, movements, expression etc. which Se is excellent at spotting, then can come up with the best way to answer that person with lower Fe. But it is Ti that connects these two functions together. 

Now Te. As of all extroverted functions, this one is way easier to explain. It’s often describe as this really bossy, authoritative function that is geared towards results, organization and more than often, financial success. While I’m sure a lot of TJ types agree with this definition while they are tugging on the necktie of their business suit, not all TJ types can relate to it. Te simply looks at cause and effect in the external world. A+B = C. Don’t like the “C” result? Then fix either A, B or both. It’s just that simple. Anything else will over-complicate things and derail from the objective. Both Ti and Te go for logical arguments but Te prefers arguments that are concise, to the point and hopefully can’t be dispelled. Te is actually born out of fear and anxiety and its purpose is to understand the world around it in a very concrete, logical fashion in which one can then control their environment to not only to alleviate said fear and anxiety but to feel a sense of empowerment and competency. Thus the controlling businessman type cliché. Ti doesn’t seek to control but to understand and/or find the most logical course of action in the moment.

This is why TP types are typically better with improvisation. Because Ti is much more adaptable, what makes sense for that, won’t make sense for this because of different data filtered by Ti. This is more of a struggle for Te types who prefer to just tackle the problem without over-analyzing it. So for all their competence, Te users may look like fish out of water when dealing with on the spot problems. And this is often also because Ni and Si are slow functions that need a good deal of time to synthesize data. They don’t do well with improvisational fixes. So cue the anger and irritation as their sense of control and competency feels like it’s under attack.

This is why Te is better at organizing and implementing where Ni and Si can take time to work their magic and again is what links them often to the “corporate world” where these skills are paramount. 

Finally, let’s look at the way Ti and Te deal with people. Ti for all their detachment and often cynicism, have lower Fe so are often bound to seeing people as part of the equation. Therefore it’s important for them to be heard but they also tend to lose patience with others because of that. Ti types often feel the need to hammer people over the head with their logic until that person gets it. They have a “Why can’t you see how simple this is?” mentality. Which granted doesn’t have to be so harsh if the develop Fe better. Te types however prefer to dismiss illogical and irrational people. Te operates more on a “You don’t get it and I can’t make you get it, so moving on..” mentality. They see over-emotional or irrational people like obstacles that need to either be taken out of the equation or simply to be walked around (often with co-workers and in-laws, you know, people you can’t avoid). 

So in a pretty big nutshell, those are the differences I look for now. 

Unfortunate Truths About Popular Fish

No one likes to admit when a fish they love might have been bred in ways that are a detriment to their health. But with “man-made” fish varieties, this usually seems to be the case. If we think critically, its not difficult to see the problems with them.

Some examples:

  • Excessive or modified finnage inhibits swimming ability, keeping a fish from being able to move properly and exhibit its natural behaviors. Imagine wearing a ball and chain around that you can’t remove because someone else thinks you look pretty that way.
  • Shortened, disfigured body shapes keep a fish’s internal anatomy from being oriented properly, causing their organs to bulge unnaturally out in what is essentially a distended abdomen. This can impede their form and function, causing health complications for the fish.
  • Some varieties might have modifications to the structure of their eyes, to make them look more “cute” or interesting, that effect the fish’s sight and leave them more open to damage.
  • Excessive modifications overall can alter the function of the fish’s body in ways that leave it more prone to disease and less fit to survive on its own, requiring more attention and care from the hobbyist to ensure their pet’s survival.

We tend to get blinded by the things we like about a fish, and pretend to ignore their faults. They have a charming personality, and these modifications make them better suited to smaller and smaller tanks so you’re more likely to be able to keep a fish you might otherwise not have been able to. The modifications make them look more like cartoons, so we think they’re “cuter”. We like the novelty of them. We see what we like and look past the problems.

Have you been imagining a single fish this whole time? In these examples, I’ve been describing fancy goldfish - a much beloved man-made strain of fish whose popularity almost makes it beyond reproach. Its easy to turn a blind eye to their flaws, especially when they’re so widely accepted, and have been around as a part of our cultural consciousness for so long. But if we look at them objectively, we see that all of these modifications were for human reasons, and not at all in the best interests of the fish. Yet we continue to breed and buy them anyways.

Fancy goldfish are the example I used here, but they are just ONE example. There are even more issues with man-made fish varieties than those I mentioned above, because I was limiting myself to this one strain. I honestly cannot think of one example of modifications bred into fish that aren’t in some way detrimental to their health and/or quality of life. This applies to domestic bettas, balloon fish of all kinds, long fined varieties, albino fishes…pretty much any man-made strain you can think of.

It is a much debated ethical issue in the fish keeping hobby, whether or not it is acceptable to breed these kinds of modifications into fish. There are strong, vocal views expressed by both sides. Next time you purchase a new fish, perhaps think critically of where you stand on the issue and how the fish’s form affects its ability to feed, express natural behaviors, and live a long and healthy life. If you find yourself questioning the ethics of the fish you were considering, perhaps look for alternatives that can be found in the natural world instead.

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For that AU with zuko as the avatar thing - what if instead of aang dying with the air nomads, its more like when he froze himself when running away, he was effectively dead (cause his life just Stops), and so the cycle just goes to the next avatar cause 'hey - this kid's heart Stopped so he's basically dead' and things continue otherwise as described but katara and sokka still find aang and then the main thing is 'whoops now we have two avatars? what do we do?'

yo….this is super interesting and i’m Emotional

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Why do dogs eat non-food substances? My neighbor's Daschund has had their intestines clogged twice because of that and I don't understand why it hasn't learned not to eat things that don't count as food.

Two reasons.

  1. Dogs investigate with their mouths
  2. It doesn’t associate eating the object with feeling sick or getting its guts cut open.

Dogs only associate two events together (eating object and feeling sick)if they occur close together in time. If a dog eats something, and then has surgery to remove it the next day, then there is no way for it to learn not to eat that object.

Dogs don’t perceive cause and effect the same way we do, and you can’t explain it to them. Just like if you come home to find a dog has urinated inside, if you ‘rub their nose in it’ and punish the dog when you get home, the dog doesn’t learn not to urinate inside. It learns that you are angry when you find urine, it doesn’t connect all these events together. Consequently it will attempt to either urinate in hidden places, or will look ‘guilty’ (appeasement behavior) even if it’s not the dog responsible.

Also, dogs are scavengers by nature. They can and will attempt to eat a wide variety of stuff.

It’s hard to justify saying it’s the dog’s fault for eating these objects when the dog can’t learn the consequences. You certainly can’t blame the dog for being a dog, but if it was my patient I’d definitely be having a word to the humans.

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tbh i don't trust feminism that disregards the harmless feelings of men. even privileged men. if the emotions aren't coming from entitlement, misogyny, aggression, etc. then what's the issue? the emotional constipation of toxic masculinity is a known problem, it's a big reason for male aggression and violence, so how is it productive to make fun of mens' innocent feeling? especially crying. oh my god. uncritical "male tears" shit kills me. i hope i'm making sense?

Yeah. Its one of those issues I’m two ways with. Cause like, the “male tears” thing is a specific reference to men being whiny babies wrt to feminism and etc. and also how a lot of media and discussion is centered around the poor feelings of men with little to no regard to women’s feelings.
But it def has been used to invalidate and mock men for valid feelings and it gets out of hand. Like everything does. But yeah feminism that doesn’t tackle ALL the issues caused by the patriarchy, including the effects of toxic masculinity, isn’t considered feminism in my books.
Acknowledgement that men are encouraged to repress emotions and never admit to them or express them should happen when people are making jokes like that so they can examine whether what they’re saying is actually harmless, or reinforcing expectations put on by the the patriarchy.
If someone comes out with a “its always harmless and can never be harmful bc men are oppressors” it’s strayed a little too far into radfem territory and isn’t actually helpful at all to anyone.
So think of it a little less in terms of “men can’t be hurt by women bc they oppress us so anything against them is inherently harmless,” and more in terms of “does this logic/behavior support the patriarchy” bc even if its primarily targeting men, reinforcing patriarchal pressures hurts EVERYONE.

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Aromatisse is a smelly pokémon. According to the pokédex, it can produce all sorts of smells, both pleasant and unpleasant, to gain an edge in battle. While scent may not be the first thought that crosses your mind if you’re out to sabotage your enemies, it is certainly an effective technique. Let’s look at some of the plants and animals in our world that use the same strategy as Aromatisse!

First and most obviously, let’s talk about flowers. Flowers are the reproductive organs of plants, and they largely rely on pollinators like bees or butterflies to reproduce by spreading their pollen around. Because of this, flowers evolved to smell pleasantly, which attracts these pollinators to them. Other carnivorous plants, like venus flytraps (Carnivine) or pitcher plants (Victreebel), they smell nice to lure in their prey. In most plants, the scent is produced in their petals. In others, namely orchids, have special organs called osmophores which are responsible for producing the scent.

Having a gland to produce scent isn’t exclusive to the plant kingdom. Skunks have two scent-producing glands at the base of their tail. These glands produce a sulfur-based compound called thiol, which is responsible for the notoriously bad smell. When threatened, the skunk can control the muscles around the glands to spray up to 10 meters away with great accuracy, releasing the awful scent and persuading predators that if it smells that bad, the skunk can’t possibly taste good enough to eat.

Other animals that use glands to produce scents include the opossum, which uses a foul scent to improve its facade when it plays dead. Tasmanian Devils, which produce an odor when they’re stressed out. The lesser anteater, who’s defensive stench is 7x more smelly than a skunk.

Many bugs also have smelly capabilities. The Bombardier beetle stores two chemicals in its body: hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide. When it is threatened, it will mix the two together, setting off a horrible chemical reaction that creates a stinky, explosive, and hot (100 degrees C) spray to ward off its enemies.

Other animals which aren’t capable of producing scents by themselves employ more creative techniques. Some vultures, for example, will vomit if they’re threatened. Vultures are scavengers, so many of their meals consist of rotting flesh. Not that barf smells good to begin with, but I’d imagine that just makes it worse. It’s certainly an effective way or warding off predators. 

Similarly, the Hoatzin, also called the a stinkbird, uses its bad-smelling food to its advantage. Stinkbirds have a unique digestive system, like a cow, which relies on bacteria to break down food instead of having stomach acid. This results in the stinkbird smelling like manure, just all the time.

But not all scents in the animal kingdom have to be bad, either. In fact, some animals smell very peculiar. The binturong bearcat produces a compound called 2-AP in its urine. Coincidentally, 2-AP is the same compound that gives popcorn its distinct smell. So, binturong urine smells exactly like popcorn.

Some stick insects produce a peppermint smell. Yellow ant colonies smell like lemons. Spadefoot Toads smell like peanut butter. Beavers have scent glands like a skunk, but uses it to mark its territory instead of as a defense mechanism. The goo it produces, called castoreum, shares so many similarities with vanilla that beavers have historically been “milked” so the castoreum can be used as artificial vanilla flavors in food.

And yet, so far all the creatures we’ve talked about can only produce one single scent. Aromatisse has a scent for every occasion–and some animals do that too. The sea hare, a fascinating undersea mollusc, produces an ink to scare off predators. The ink is both poisonous and foul-smelling, but interestingly enough, the ink’s color, composition, and scent can be changed based on the sea hare’s diet.

Sometimes, the ink can be very attractive to lobsters and other natural predators of the sea hare. If it gets captured, the sea hare will produce this ink and the lobster will drop the sea hare in favor of eating the delicious ink instead. Another kind of ink it produces is disgusting towards its predators, scaring them off like a skunk’s spray and many other animals’ defenses we’ve talked about. Another kind of ink still neither repels nor attracts predators, but effectively blocks the predator’s nose-nerves from talking to their brains, inhibiting their sense of smell altogether. It basically gives them a stuffy nose, so they are unable to smell at all. This causes the lobster to immediately stop what its doing and focus on cleaning off its smell receptors, giving the sea hare plenty of time to escape.

Bringing this back to Aromatisse, this fairy-type pokémon must have several different ways of producing scents. It likely has one if not multiple scent glands, which produce different compounds and different smells. Additionally, it might use things like its urine, its digestive system and diet to produce different smells. These fragrances have a variety of different uses, from defense mechanisms like convincing predators it doesn’t taste good, or pretending its dead, to blocking off the enemy’s senses to weaken it during battle. Other scents may help attract prey and food straight to Aromatisse. Others may help calm allies during battle. 

Aromatisse is capable of producing many different scents using special glands, its digestive system, chemical reactions and more. It produces odors as defense to scare away predators, and as offense to weaken or attract prey.

Does all of that make scents? Aromatisse does!

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Hi can you please help me? I want to request for a spell. My situation is I had a friend & soon I found out that she's bitching about me to in school. I got depressed bc people were talkin a lot about me. Turns out she will be in my class forthe next 2 years. Can you create a spell to make her change her school. I wnt her 2 leave me alone. If she's in my class she will taunt me. pls help me I know it's bad to ask for something like that bt I'm not strong enough to cause a drama n fight with her

to bind a bully spell:

take a picture of her, or an effect of hers, and begin tying it up with black string or thread. 

i restrict you, you won’t bother me
your words won’t touch my mind
of this spell you won’t be free
until to me you are kind.

repeat the chant until you have covered the entire thing with the black string/thread, make sure you cannot see any bit of the original object.

some mundane advice: you don’t have to go to her to stop her doing this to you, you can avoid the drama entirely. you can talk to your teachers, your guidance counselors, your and her parents, you can even request to switch ot a different class.